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Ep. 647 The Entire House of Cards is Coming Down

2018-02-02 | 🔗

Obamagate is the most significant political scandal of our lifetimes.

This piece lays out the role of the fake Trump dossier in the investigation against the Trump team.

Are the Obama Hillary emails coming out soon? This could be the next bombshell.

Getting a FISA warrant isn’t easy, here’s an excellent piece that explains the process.

Former Obama administration Director of National Intelligence keeps stepping on himself and changing his story.

Trump approval pops to 49%.


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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wonder they thereby geostrategic our unity man do a great dan admiring oaks yeah that's gonna be a busy day even at a step on shouting prior to this the memos coming out any moment so here's what we're gonna do is the way i plan on doing the show today i am going to set you up with a great peace by came struggle in the wall street journal on how to read the memo and what to look for some regard so what happens is show is going to be important and advanced probably the right move rachel yes good way to do it you i'm gonna give you a couple bullet points i think she did the best job of saying here's how to read this thing and here's what to look for when i have always been released if its released storing show i will we're gonna have to lifting shift if it is released after the show joe and i will immediately be back with a supplement to this show too
if you take a ways and what we think are so you may get too for the price of one today are please please please listen to both shows folks or if one if its released during the shell because i know exactly what to look for you hey quick note administratively speaking there our people on youtube that are stealing our content now folks i dont typically care of people distribute my my information or my show notes but you know that no is paid for by very generous sponsors you pay to be a part of it there are people on you to bore quite literally copying our audio and putting it on their own channels and we're getting complaints from people saying why this is a super looking channel we have a u to channel and the one probably listening to you on youtube is not ours here the channel on youtube please i'm asking for this is very important it keeps the show free for all of you i mean this is not this is an expensive production we have here the channel here's the official link it
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count anywhere else get five percent off right now it man creates dotcom slash dan that's man creates dot calm slashed aunt folks assistance for company we love him that that ok so before we get to the how to read the memo portion i want to do a couple of things here the demo rats or now again in a panic i say again because i ve been in a panic now for months met effect they ve been in a panic since trump won the election in an effort to cover what again for the umpteenth time trying to tell you the obama themes spied on the trump team wench i've got elected they panicked and now they have to go back and reverse engineer a crime to cover their tracks now they have tried everything try to justify this investigation which had no business being open in the first place folks as i support explain to you on yesterday's show in order to swear to a warrant in court to spy on people what we have to do is you have to prove one of two things that there is proper
but will cause of a crime meaning you have to pay use elements that there's probable cause that a crime was committed and does the investigative tactical wiretap you're gonna use to uncover that crime or in a pfizer warranted tap phones or read into communications you have to produce evidence probable cause that person is eight acting on behalf of a foreign agent in violation of u s law this is important it simple because i don't have that they don't have any evidence of a crime folks they don't i have it the man for staff to the papadopoulos stuff the flint stuff so all either process related or relate two things that happen way before anybody was involved with the trump team none of them afford crimes and make any mention whatsoever of his involvement with the trump team are we clear on that now that's important i'm trying to rewind the tape just a poor you
winding to tape to explain to you the obama team spied on the trump team and had no evidence to do it now why is that critical its credit go because now that the democrats joe have acknowledged that they have absolutely no evidence to sit or this massive counter intelligence investigation at the trump they are desperately trying to rescue the dossier the dossier and what's gonna ibm absolutely convinced will come out this memo today which discussing shortly we're going to find out that the dossier was used in part information in a court where someone in the f b i swore to this information as a reason to start this can to counter intelligence investigation to trump and despite its communications in order to do that they
i'll have to rescue the dossier and make it somewhat credible you issue see m going to show short they had no evidence the memos be exposing that the evidence they used to sit yea now that they are running for the hills i have to say something they can't just say ok the dossier is garbage all time we knew it we swore to an open court and by the way is paid for by the couldn't campaign they can't do that because its goal to open them up to massive civil liability if not criminal liability so they are on a rescue mission from the dossier now to prove to you that they were caught ok this is gonna get a little complicated so follow me the chronology of events with former director of national intelligence jim clapper and his constantly changing story in the media is indicative of the annex i'm telling you about i wanna play for you first
which you ve heard before in the shovel be shortened it up we ve tightening up a bit because this is gonna be good this is going could be a clip of jim clapper talking to chuck todd earlier in la last year talking to chalk of nbc news being questioned about the distance of a warrant against trump now keeping right around this time there in a bit of a about the fire a warrant because it's right around the time we're starting a leak out that this fight of war was paid that the dossier was paid for by the clinton campaign so they say they can maybe make this thing go away and squash it so listen to clap or trying to cover his own but when asked the existence of a fire of warrant at against trot all play the cut with that the information you would know are not now yes you would be told that i would know if there was a vice a court order on something like this something like
and at this point you can't confirm or deny whether that exists i can denied now how interesting now remember when this is happening conversation is right after the is its right around the time trump tweets out he believes zebras wiretap so now the obama team is in a bit of a panic they don't know what to do because they know the obama team that defies a warrant they did have don't believe comical me knows there is a warrant that's all nonsense ok but he just set now they know when they start in a panic because trump knows a name with a fine words based on crap so the first thing to do is to lie about it just say it didn't exist you see go with the show let's turn version we just say didn't exist maybe the medio be compliant the story or go away neighbours our way maybe it'll go so let us be clear clapper who knows the entire story he knows
at the set up of donald trump which i described them the trump are on the eve of inshore last night where fill in all of these points bull approaching the trump team reporting diffusion gps back to hilary any information getting to the fbi he knows about this whole thing he knows the five what he's now denying it than i can i make pretend this going to go away here is a recent interview with jim clapper with jake cap or on cnn where again call uppers asking him but the pfizer warrant heat a short time equipped by i just played for you didn't exist joe play that caught it was too much too much reliant upon bat and was now disclosed and that devise a warrant was obtained in a shady and less best way than it should have been well ma experience with fighter request for pfizer authorizations as this is not a casual process
there is great rigour put into this and the basis for the request must be corroborated evidence and by the way that the fisa court is not a pushover there not a rubber stamp they are my character nation of other demeanor and the way they comport themselves is one of a respectful scepticism again please show you natalie portman be like a crazy person are you you're crazy person you just told us when its ago when our show that you absolutely sure there was no pfizer war now jake apple asked you about defies are worn and you go to this be process describing he doesn't that i too so tapirs sympathise war instead of saying that listen jake there was no pfizer war he goes into
this lengthy description of how the fires of war and the fire process is robust and vibrant and don't worry there be nothing nothing on toward here folks this is a bomb as director of national intelligence this is one of the you people in the federal government who is aware of all of the compartment information all of the intel streams who collectively understands the entire scheme to setup trump now you're prob we asking why is he changing his story he's changing this story because now the memo coming out and its obvious that their efforts to lie about the existence of the five warrant i just plain it for you i just pleaded for you don't jim clamours own words are not dance on gmos interpretation of jim clapper zone words jim clapper cattle oracles denies the existence of a fine warrant he is now explaining away months later
strategy number one for the democrats was denied the existence of this thing altogether we did not tapped the trump t why because they knew what they were doing was not based in criminal rules of procedure or pfizer warrant rules of procedure they had no evidence spied on an innocent american citizen with no evidence zippo a thing kristen i then i then i counter accuse what was the counter accusation joe collusion work trouble but the russians pay no attention to the spying scandal only the big spying scandal in american history now class whose realizing he's liable in this is well he in a panic he does this interview with tapir just recently
now he realizes they're going to have to acknowledge the fires of worn exists why joe because the memo coming out there's going to be no denying it fast so not partisan folks either eyes a warrant exists or it doesn't this is u understand forces is easy to prove we can have legitimate political arguments about abortion about firearms a bill of rights whenever it maybe they're alive opinions here and there but facts are facts but the euro democratic republic and joseph that pfizer warrant exists to spy in the trunk team or does not now jim clapper knows that is lies that he told the chuck cod are not go to stand when the mammals released so now the effort listen that caught again remind the tape a little bit now the effort is on to rescue the dossier they previously denied existed at all because
they cannot rescue the dossier is a semi credible document joe what is it prove what i've told you from episode six twenty eight on the obama game spied on the trump team with absolutely no evidence at all you only have to yes scandal in american history folks you think i made all this up i'm using their own words now i have another portion of this one final com jim clapper keep in mind the obama a team spied on the trump team they had no evidence com per knows all of this class our first tries to deny encounter accuser there's no pfizer warrant russian collusion look trumpeted he now nobody's gonna have to acknowledge the existence of it so what does he do first this guy's a savvy dog first he tries to rescue the pfizer process saying oh no no here's
the fires of warrant really went through the process trying to rescue the process giving its credibility because now we know it exists any better but because job if he doesn't rest which credibility the administration credibility goes down the tools because they not knowing the use false evidence so he's gotta somehow rescue the process step one was the process defies the process is very complicated jake this is how it works in other words look we weren't dumb maybe somebody tricked us but we tried and we read the process was legitimate it pleasant but part to this there are sound cut we have here is even more fascinating for he tries to rescue the pfizer process now key a purse trying to rescue the dossier knowing that now they can't run from it that memo is going to show conclusively that they use the dossier in the process so folks just to be crystal clear clapper
to rescue the process first so he can blame the process you know what i'm saying joe you could say in other words you know what i wasn't fault we want to a rigorous process and we just got scrutiny and they did not go to rigorous process they had no evidence he's too going to lose you in the mechanics and complexity of all its very rigorous look what happened we want the while they stop there had to be certain their joe the process was strong he also has to engage in part to which is rescuing the information in got involved in the process which is the dossier that we all know is fake he now has to give it even the slightest air of credibility list very closely to how he talks you play the nerves of a pretty high bar that you have to pass a get pfizer authorization requests approved in the first place as i understand this was simply an extension of the risk pfizer request meaning that or implying that
apparently there was information that was considered valuable that was being obtain via the initial pfizer request rises have finite it's in other words they have deadlines they are an indefinite so one when the time is up for rigidly initial fighter pfizer report pfizer request it was time to get an extension so on its face i don't i don't know that the dossier played in this very much at all it could be he considered corroborating and by the way although we did not include the dossier in our original and it tells greece assessment we publish last january and a summary as an annex we but it was separate from it be gradual of we couldn't already the sources however
of what was in the dossier was corroborated in our intelligence committee assessment with went from which was derived from other sources of information which we had confidence so i shouldn't dismiss a totally what's in the dossier you said it was regarded as a credible a former a retired professional intelligence uk intelligence service boys ok folks this is what i'm here for for you i'm here to translate what was just opposite joe a minute and fourteen seconds of jim clapper gobbledygook he does few things there sky is a savvy cat this who knows exactly what to say to do the kabuki dance here ok first he starts out any says well listen there's
process here and this was just an extension of a pfizer application why does he say that this is we're here for to translate obama language the ec tension part he puts in there because the effort now folks is going to be to shift the story on two blaming carter page carter page according to the original new york times reporting was a trump our policy adviser who had travelled to moscow carter page features prominently follow me here in the dossier the information on carter page in the dossier is false the only
yes that was verified is being authentic is in fact they carter page did take a trip to moscow now there was business trip that was open so information it was a speech i dont know carter page i'm on defending carter page i've never met the man i'm just telling you that the allegations in the dossier that he met with barbara business executives and it was a trade off they are cattle correctly false they are not true these meetings never happened please understand what i'm telling you so shall we track and me here i'm gonna make sense in a second time he uses the word clapper that this why so warrant that he said previously didn't exist then he defends the process now he's got a rescue the dossier he says don't worry you it's just an extension why is he doing that because the dossier features prominently carter page if information about carter page in the dossier is false
opera is setting himself up in the fbi for very serious problems because they went in es the in front of a fine court about targets a guy named carter page based on information at a dossier that was i gotta clean false where it is the extension part come in extension that wordy uses is important because come page was previously under investigation years earlier was part of an investigation in i'll russian contacts on russian contacts apparently tried to recruit carter page earlier for he joined the trump team is very important folks because the damn crash or now relying on this to salvage both the dossier in their reputations you so if you here's a little test for you if you're on twitter or the internet just put com her page in a search engine or burn the search bar on twitter watch all the damn
crafts now trying to throw carter page under the bus here's why there are new theory is well investigation was legitimate joe because carter page was already under investigation by the fbi prior to joining the trump team so when he joined the trump team clearly it was evidence of russian collusion portieres the problem why isn't our two page and under arrest if arthur page was a russian spy folks and yet i've been working him in some complex investigation for years wizened carter page on the rest why quarter page out there on cable news doing all kinds of appearances why is you fbi not to engage in any legal proceedings against them outside of spying on the ants raise because he wasn't a russian spy patently the russian study was an idiot no talk
that's an actual quote i dont know carter page i don't know anything about as iq or anything the russians approach carter page tat he was a very it he was not a russian spied that's the problem if a inspire approaches joe when the local bagel store and joan does very idea what's going on and it never been the way carter page cooperative this is of incidences of significant interest in this carter age cooperated with the fbi when they asked the interview and this was not a guy who was any way worry our concern about the fbi investigation cooperative forces is all on the record the he was not a russian spy but did democrats see incense and opening because they know the russians attempted to recruit him
oh there why now joe and if i'm losing buddy you got a story here you're good you're good democrats need to rescue the dossier now because the memos gonna show it existed and was used in court if it is to be categorically false and people the obama administration including the fbi testified to what they are all going down so now clapper who previously categorically stated the pfizer warrant didn't exist lie like counter accuse it didn't work too so sad now he asked the rescue the process and he the rescue the dossier and the way they're gonna rescue the dossier joe is you're going to say that does yea wasn't that critical it was just an extension of an investigation that had been all ready ongoing joe into com your page
a book is you really want to die on that hill for carter page look the russians try to recruit a wall while did they no they didn't recruiter many metaphorically spoke with the area but that doesn't matter don't little inconvenient facts get underway now that's part one of the collapse or statement okay this is critical pensions the word extension because if he doesn't mentioned extension as if this wasn't part of an ongoing carter page process they have less than zero they know they have understand folks they know they have nothing the question is how do we create and reverse engineer evidence that doesn't exist i got an idea harder pay it was part of a russian intel investigation earlier that bore no fruit carter pages not under arrest he has never and accused of being a russian spy but let's
back and say the russians tried to contact them and then we just extended that information into the dossier later so what does it look like the dossier was the only thing we have set makes sense near you like that yeah are you like them apples is that lady says cash be outside you watch doktor phil shout red folks they are in a world the pain right now is more at the end of that clip you can rely on the pod castle is due to get if you like support one of the clip i know it was a minute fourteen second but there was a time in their cause he gives up today rats entire begged doughnuts first it's going be this was all about carter page it was stanchion of an earlier investigation because they ve got nothing page did it beavis and butthead when mr andersson used to catch them together kids that they need other kids who is the
kids are which carter page the public is you wanna diana hill carter pages approach by a russian aging what you guys really backed up when our backing up anything we're just asking produces scintilla of evidence that the spying scandal you started was based on evidence and not political means political goals i should say secondly he does say at one point that the dossier was set uses the word separate and was used to corroborate what was already ongoing remember carter page so his law if attack is gonna be donor card a page did it this this spies of war we got in october which is an extension of an already ongoing investigation into the shady cat why does he say that because the memo is going to absolutely conclusively show
the dossier was used ladies and gentlemen whether the dossier was used in part or in whole to justify pfizer warrant is absolutely entirely irrelevant when you go a federal agent i did this when you swear in court to the facts of occasion where swearing that they're all true not part of them if i go into court get a warrant for joe felonious mulberry on the open seas and the war piece of evidence that's the most damaging that warrant turns out to be categorically false but i swear it's true you got a serious problem either the darcy listen to me forces this is important because this is be tactic number juice or tactic number one oh this is extension of an early investigation carter page did it tactic she was gonna be gathered dossier may have been used in that extension of spying joe but that's it
we due to the fact that it was just in part it wasn't in whole a dozen folks listen to me it doesn't matter it is entirely irrelevant the fact it was used at all and sworn to is all that matters now this is important too because in their effort than to rescue the dossier at the end because remember first the ear he doubted is it he was all this was an extension of an early investigation but if you notice again you can listen back happy and joe even though he says i don't know if it's just an extension of an early thing that that's the way it was meant for daddy and what does he do he perceives to rescue the dossier what does he say well folks christopher steel was a reputable guy and by the way he saw that he goes thereof parts of the dossier which were corroborated all while he's right folks parts the dossier yea corroborated two lines of it two lines not two pages
to light you know what those two lines were that lines outside of the carter page trip to moscow where that the yard putin had animists towards hillary clinton if if you're saying yourself right now what will come again no i'm not kidding that vat is those are the two lines of the dossier he's claiming corroborate work were corroborated that job papoose didn't like hillary clinton if you're scratching had renault let me get this straight somewhat what in court and swore the contents of a dossier because they can operated two lines of it that said that hillary clinton was not liked by vladimir putin yeah that's me scratch in my head and i will go and come again please folks i'm not kidding tat is what collapsed
bring about because now even though we deny the existence of the fire a warrant earlier he now has to acknowledge it existed any now has to protect the dossier and he's protect the dossier to wait until i sadly comply and j tapir i've met you for multiple times is a very nice guy but i gotta tell you i'm very disappointed here this was a horrible interview first question should have been joe you corrupt greater parts of the dossier what do you think the questionable which which hard exactly which part what line how did you do it and then for a follow up question why was that part that putin didn't like hilary which is basically opensource nonsense that was here's to corroborate all other portions of it is well post this makes absolute no sense key mine here's what's going to happen going forward after this mammals release today they're gonna blow john carter page
you're going to say this was an extension of an ongoing investigation although there's no evidence page was a russian asset at all none he's not under arrest as far as we know is not currently under investigation he asked been prosecuted he hasn't been charged and he operated with the fbi i dont know guy i only know the facts so part one layman on page part two gonna be we can now no longer deny the existence of the fine work as a members out there so we damn well better protect that dossier and we're gonna say parts of it had been corroborated you're fired question to your liberal friends should be which parts you mean the part about the russians are lagging hilary because a meteor you're going to pay me the millions of dollars that fusion jp s was paid for up or research you send me a czech i'll write you two lines to the rest
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let's get back to this sum kim strasser piece in the wall street journal tenacious exxon oh oh oh by the way i'm sorry please please join my email is today because one could not forgive me focus gonna there's an already neglected to miss this there's an article outweigh the hell by john sound or be it the show notes upon gino dot com please please subscribed to my email list and i will send you these in your inbox a bunch you know that big link their subscribed to the email is ok it's a terrific must read piece in the hill by john solomon and let me just read you a quick snippet of it again to just discredit the dossier what happen quickly this from the help ease but read the pieces out my website from solomon does as the investigation was unfolding steel forwarded the fbi new piece of information would substantially similar information is that contained in his dossier here what makes us even worse folks sources
it gives the fbi his fate darcy at which we were talking about member that the debt clapper trying to rescue this is where the information gets even worse about what the f b i may have sworn to accord the sooner this won t have yeah i learned that in from that that in patient came from a private investigator this is the additional information steel sending in addition to this dossier folks the f b i learn that that information came from a private investigator with law long time ties to the clinton inner circle according to sources familiar with the evidence the source declined to provide the private investigators name though british papers have suggested a clinton supporter named cody sheer may have offered steel information about trump and rush do you see what is going on here crap is dead your dark right so wait let me get this straight now the bureau may have sworn in court tonight we ban information from a former british spy damn with the only thing they verifying is information was that russian as like us but
how they may have sworn in court the information given to them by a known clinton ally peace peace in the hell is going to blow you away it'll be in the show notes today email right to your inbox you subscribe to my list they're okay getting back to this story for she's so much going on right now of course i know driving me crazy but we're not patting ourselves in a back by doing this i'm just trying to establish some kind of a chain of events a couple of apis it's a girl while we ve been covering the obama gay chronology here i said to you that the next big shoe to drop let's say is go to be the discovering hopefully in the release of the obama emails remember me telling you had i dogma and hilary email each other that's not in dispute on hilary private account than that
happened is not in dispute which in the emails is we don't know yet it said to you that those emails exist don't believe it that the thirty thousand e mails hilary about our we deleted thirty thousand emails on why am i bring i have another article ten in the show notes don't miss it it's a great one senator ron johnson now maybe even listening to our shell who knows better raw johnson now he's been poking around about that there is a quote from this peace today is an american majority bits into shone out his peace read this one a short sweet they say johnson may get the last laugh he has now i think the search of communications from top fbi officials including former director james call me member on yesterday's show folks re told you indeed may caves emails and tax may be the most fascinating of all as was demanding email sent between president barack obama and hillary clinton when
then secretary of state was in russia boy somebody's listening to our show where somebody's listen to our shall pass it on i tell you i told that was gonna be the next day khan six thousand four hundred and seventy two explosion when the bureau i gave some of those really that's not the way they ve guide all it's a joke i doubt it i get it but it's still funny either that is going to be the next there explosive in this case so somebody's listening i finally moving out sorry about their folks but this is really important stuff and i have a lot of information to get you read the memo today because will be how can a little while kim's
source peace is excellent i can put it in the show knows because it subscriber only people just go crazy they semi email stop sending me stop i have subscribed its right of obvious redruth and will make it real they do they go nuts about it i don't blame you ok first she says listen look for the rationale this is a the this is the great synopsis joe eight points you makes here is if the memo describes the rationale for opening this investigation into trump as syn lee being this drunk conversation in a bar between papadopoulos and alexander downer about the russians have endured unclean we got a serious problem yeah drunk conversations in bars happen all the time folks the question is do they all lead to significant our intelligence investigations against presidential candidates in other words why was the rationale for spying on trump that's all you got that a ban
venture third rate foreign policy team guy was in a bar drunk in london said the russians may have dirt on hilary that's the story start a counter intelligence investigations the trump if that's the best now you ve got we're in trouble so while reading a memo look for the rationale and the reason they started this investigation secondly tools and evidence now i can i hinted at this for when they say tools in evidence look for the tools and evidence used to gather that was used to gather evidence in the investigation in other words was the dossier a tool or what was was it evidence and the dossier used in part today knowledge it was used in part or was it the entire basis for the fine work i too you before me too so it doesn't matter the bottom line is a swore that was true but look the tools was fire was fine words used and in
five war was the dossier part of that and was in part or in whole you see go with discharge showed a third look for material omissions in other words did the b i swear in open court information that they knew was being provided by someone working for hillary clinton i e the first theo in cody sheer who told you about before long time could not where they feeding information to the fbi if they were this is important as is the emissions part look for the omissions dana tell to a fisa court judge only most if they didn't tell that finds a courtyard jai we also find the court series of jet i would be really pissed off let me get trade you found the judge you walk in my court you give me a basket full of information paid for by democratic operatives and you don't tell me that that's where it came from
now you see why people are panicking maybe some civil liability here some jobs lost potential criminal prosecutions no you don't have macho man three we have heard him in a while we gotta get him back shall we get a rescue year one of those moments ok there's i'll look or material omissions another part look for duration of surveillance this where relates to carter page if the memo includes the duration of the surveillance how long did this go on folks i just told you i don't know carter page i've never met carter page but if carter page now the impetus for this because member joe the democrats are trying to rescue this president carter page that there was an investigation before one of the investigation turn up oh nothing
now this is where stressful been in a brilliant pieces what what was the duration of the surveillance than in other words if extension joe is your key are this was an extension of a prior investigation well you keep extending it what the duration of the surveillance if you didn't find anything by it carter page in jail in other words you had to say you sure what is your business surveillance continued on and on and you kept asking for an extension where was the evidence that you actually had something you are investigating folks not the way the criminal or pfizer process works it has to be extended in time blocked because if you don't find any evidence to person gets their civil liberties back they don't to be spied on anymore was the duration of surveillance how long were you spying on page and if and find anything why did you
keep going back to the court possible you are looking for page at all we're just using page to get into the trump team who finally this is my edition but she alludes to it i don't take credit for this is i want to be very specific about this part who verified the asset the first theo was an asset to the fbi that's jargon inside baseball talk for basically someone a source for the fbi there is a year within the fbi a you tat verifies assets show this very important you can't walk in the fbi with terrorism information and start a counter intelligence investigation why because you the be chasing is taylor time there a lot of people who want to go my neighbour joey beggar don't it's a terrorist well how do you know i don't know i saw him when they walk outside with a copy the koran that's not good we
do that here ok folks this is a constitutional republic that's out terrorism investigation stereo typically nonsensical baby you're ok on europe no i'm serious about it do just don't do that to free country freedom thankfully whatever religion you want there is a process there is an set verification unit they do this verified the asset who verified steel the john brennan in the sea i have something to do with this weekend in an folks look for brennan's name look for bread his name in the memo see where it comes up brennan a known political players entire life and in the cia director under obama very close to obama for brennan's will be and i find that asset
the bread and knew anything about it too important i folks were not done for i get a busy day but when this memo comes out whenever time give us about joe forty five minutes afterwards let me read you let me pick out what i think critical and there the a bomb shells in it which i am sure that will be and i will be talking again real quick but please go to my website bunch you know that come so my email is i will get you these articles today there really good we'll be back do you know the while you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance broadcasts on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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