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Ep. 649 More Disturbing Revelations

2018-02-06 | 🔗

Was there a second dossier?

Was the Steele dossier really the Clinton dossier?

Here’s a copy of the Grassley memo which asks some disturbing questions about Hillary’s campaign and their role in the dossier.

This 2015 piece about these Clinton insiders is necessary reading for understanding how political information made it into the hands of law enforcement.

The real “sources and methods” that were exposed in the memo were the Obama administration’s sources and methods for spying on the Trump team.

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Then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about America with your host Dan Bone, thereby GINO shall produce Joe. How are you today, as well as always Dan, it's great to be here with yeah yeah lot to cover? breaking news breaking all over folks, I wanna get there. Couple things, don't panic about the stock market without a correction. I I've been covering the the the Trump Russia Fairytale and the Obama Gate spying scandal nomadic continue to cover their tax has been some. You know incredible breaking news, this incredibly disturbing, but just a quick note. For those you who irregular listeners for three years now Jonah You a lot of economics and stuff like that on his shoulders we enjoy, and I mean I was a finance guy in graduate school. I love it it's my thing. Don't panic
I been very low interest rates for a long time. Monies been very cheap people were borrowing money. There been a lot of margin, calls made people borrowing money, be to basically its yield than the stock market. There's gonna be some profit. Taking this Be some margin calls I'll Really, I wouldn't be surprised, this correction of another three four thousand points over the next couple of months. No panic! I don't you know this. but after the two thousand three Bush tax cuts right. Similar scenario were now big tax cut is the Essen p drop by nearly five percent over the coming months and recovered and grew fifteen percent. Without ever that, unlike that, yeah yeah everybody take a chill pill. Relax, it's gotta be some profit, taking don't panic we're in we're in better Jape than we were under the Obama. Yours, I assure you, I mean to try to get it to some details on that. Why matters interest rates and stuff? I will at some point the sweet, but I've got a lot to get you just a couple, quick announcements.
For those you been going to my website. Bungee no doubt come and look for the articles. Forgive me it's under if you, for the website, it's pretty easy to get to the homepage, punch you no doubt com. It says you know. Podcast did it's under just click podcast and all the articles are there. It's under show notes. I keep column news picks, but my email most of you join. My email is not to confuse you, but I send out his newspaper. So that's why somebody some for news pics on a website. That's if you're I m. L s. If you go to my website is under podcasting you'll, see it under the show notes. So maybe we need to change at the news, picks, I'm sorry and growing from it. For I ve been asking me about what my next step was. I am very proud to announce. I have joined up and are a tv, so I will be on every day at one o clock eastern time with grand stench real do in commentary. Please go to end our tv thou com check it out, you're, not gonna, wanna message. Also, Facebook live. We We do have a lot of great work over there and we ve got some more announcements coming at a future so
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get balancing act here, because what I'm trying to do is what I've seen. Sadly, some others do in this movement who are seemingly more obsessed with who gets credit for Making information and actually breaking story wide open again, I can't say enough: I think we have very fairly credited some really terrific people out there doing great work. I'm just what are the show out any Mccarthy Byron but I dont Sarah and I no one, and I say that because I am genuinely not trying to do any kind of hey look what we said and we did this. We did that, but I think its support have you been a listener? The podcast that a lot of us it's happening. We told who was going to happen not because where You know Joe, and I respect a clue so, but because people have told us instead expect this content. Now, broke yesterday is vindication for us as well. We said to you a long time ago, Joe, and I doing the show- I don't know- six hundred and thirty or so six hundred and thirty one number six number, six hundred and thirty Maybe ran around there that the critic
a piece of information in this entire case was the information superhighway? That's what I'm calling it. I just sorry, I can't think of any more snappy of an ape, and what do I mean by that. how was information on Donald Trump and his team getting from political people, Hillary Clinton and others running for office in federal law enforcement hands folks this is critical care. Question this is this but the whole case focuses on how was it that a political campaign? gathered information on their opponents that some I made it into documents in law force maintains that were used to swear on warrants to spy on them. Phocis, don't answer that question we're living in a banana republic, I was what happened there, that information superhighway that we talk about all the time how the
information on this highway may it from their Hillary Clinton exit to the FBI exit I'm doing a little visual for How did tat happen? There are support still be firewalls there? Those our walls, our judges, who, when FBI agent gets up and swears to information given to them by a police. campaign those. Judges are supposed to say which get this stuff those fire walls were breached. The question I ve been asking from the start, showed you remember the episode about the information superhighway. How was it that way? an intermingling of political and law enforcement assets. Folks I tweeted out this morning. I meant every single word of it when I was religion, a cop, no matter how bad of a month you were when I read
Did you? I know this sounds weird I even put in a tweet. I know it sounds strange weird. I felt bad for the folks we arrested. I did, without an I would have made me a worse. I don't know I don't care about really interested in people. Opinion on my mandate as to be honest with you, but I did Joe, I felt bad for them, put handcuffs on people, no matter how big of a dog they were, that look, genuine fear in their eyes at their freedom is loss was hard to say it. Just wasn't me some of my kids and I mean member this one guy wee wee We hit him at his house early in the morning, but not hidden fitting way. Maybe Give me the arrest early in the morning was about six thirty, and the guy had kids and it was just tough to see. I mean they know their life is over. I mean he did. really bad things. Folks and I felt awful about it. You know that my head forever. Maybe that's why I'm here
Libertarian leaving conservative that's. Why may maybe that's why government scares me so much? Maybe that's. Why what's happening now, with this Obama, spying scandal in the trunk team Bob me so much. Maybe that's why even some you know fake. Servitors out there on Twitter decided to make me a target, maybe because our words, penetrating and, moreover the target I dont know, but first genuine. This is not you like showing for listeners. Ok, what we don't Jonah! fine. The leave me with five more than five. This is frightening there is never ever supposed to be an information superhighway from a political point, pain to law enforcement without intermediaries who were supposed to vet. The information first judges, FBI agents, Assistant United States attorneys, Joe District attorney, who is supposed to say what is the then what is the motivation for this information? Ladies and gentlemen, let me be clear on one thing: it's not:
Because information is invalid and I'm that adjusting to you that, because Hillary Clinton campaign found information that it should never be used, I'm not no that's challenge. We are here to it already coins care pain, had uncut. The information that someone on the trip team had murdered? Someone was legitimate votes that in forget dead, formation is tragic and horrible and should absolutely find its way to law. Enforcement it should be done so within us standing about how which found so that the FBI, when Determining the rigorous authenticity of it understands that there is an actual power motive for some, produce that information, the power what is that person obtains power by getting elected while destroying their opponents meaning informations false the problem, with this case and the information superhighway is there
there's, almost nothing done to verify the authenticity, the information knowing the motive was to destroy the political opponent. How do I oh that, because bill price there himself, the number two with the FBI when asked about the dossier in the verification process set, it was o in its infancy, author indication projected you see what I'm saying then I'm going to encounter until the FBI has acknowledged on the record that the verification of the information superhighway from the Clinton's to the FBI is in its infancy. Push you don't have a command of the degree of the that in its infancy me it barely. It was used an English degree to understand that in its infancy mean it barely started, but it was used. You have Andy Mackay, saying the information it that opportunity. If we had information in that document, if that information, didn't exist, it would have been no more to spy on the Trump meaning.
It was a central component of their affidavit to the judge you have call me, the FBI director himself, Joe in Trumps Office on the record, say me, information was salacious. Do you understand why I'm so concerned about it information superhighway between political campaigns and people who can put haricots Zanu Duke I mean I know my audience gets it, but for the lip processing. You understand why this concerns us these grow task abuses of power and by the way, one more thing here, just too quickly pushed ideological bona fides with you. This is new for me just me up during my campaigns from political office. We look at the speeches I gave on the Eastern shore Marilyn running for set it in two thousand and twelve. When I spoke doubt against the Patriot ACT and a business records provision and seven or two, this is new.
This is not new to me. The Patriot act was signed by George W Bush. I was for us as a Republican. It was attacking what I thought was going to be an abuse of power. So please spare me the nonsense. This is not about Obama. It's about. Obama did to abuse government in stopping it in the future. Now, sorry for that, but I think important we go back to the big principle it is it is. You need to repeat that yeah yeah by the way? Someone asked me: why don't ask you for commentary more folks, you and Joe is never designed to be here. For so, does it sound engineer I just like talking to Joe? He I think they think you're, like it's the Joe and Dan shall The danger is going to do about every shows that producer I just enjoy Joe talking too, because he's a great guy, I'm sorry, you know just someone said be you need to get jobs for harm, didn't show talks with everyone's. That's the way, this roles We got a lighter too, but I seriously get back to this. We understand.
which, before that one of the information, superhighways and conduits to it? Why Nellie or not we or who was the wife of Bruce. For now, we all We know that the again this is a to b, We are about we're discussing discussing how information got from the Clinton campaign and Dnc to law enforcement without going through intermediaries. First, that would have appropriately vetted the information. The Superhighway is the topic of conversation today, and I've got some damning who's about it, earth. Laying the super highway was addressed. I see, a deputy attorney General Bruce or who worked in the just department at a management, upper management level who had act as to the same players involved in the surveillance of the Donald Trump Team, whose wife employed by fusion GPS as all, the dossier information gathering was coming to fruition.
there are allegations out there now that this I have been an effort by fusion GPS was hired by Hilary to buy influence within the Justice Department higher this guy's wife, wife ass, his information, a husband it gets around. All these firewalls makes its way to the FBI that we discuss that's information superhighway lay number one was experts. was yesterday's possible? Lay number two is absolutely damning. Now you may, have to listen to this twice, because this is gonna, be egg, scrambling information for your brain. What was both yesterday in a release in the chalk rashly and each a grassy member would portions of it, which were unread, acted, Chuck grass The is odd Senate judiciary, please the chair, gradually and they ve Committee wrote a memo to do
and see the Democratic National Committee asking for information, and in that memo are sums stunning revelations. Some of the revelations in that memo include fact, and by the way the memo will be up at Bonn, GINO dot com. I will put the lake we'll be in the show notes. If you subscribe to my email, lest it will be there today to be like a script file. You'll see, read it it's only two pages, so bread acted, but it's it's damning. There is apparently some information out their Joseph that there was another superhighway that the other superhighway where individuals in the state department that were briefing the first steel as he was putting The dossier together, wait wait come again, there
state depart now. You may say we're, whereas the state Department getting the information from this. This is that's a slight no way they were good. The information from a cod feed out of Hillary Clinton they. What ok? Let me read me why he drew. This focus is gonna. Get a little bit confusing sober New York had reported a couple of weeks ago, and I put this this articles and yesterday shone out. That's is a quote from his peace. I read this yesterday to support that steel Christopher steel was regarded by the State Department is credible between twenty fourteen twenty sixty steel or more than a hundred reports on Russia, Ukraine, these were written for I've had but shared widely within the state Department, sent up to John Kerry and assistance. her state Victoria Newland, who was in charge of the response to the Ukraine crisis, leave steel secret sources with the same sources which supply information on Trump. Ok pay attention
the name's matter. Victoria Newland is being briefed. Allow with the Secretary of State John Kerry, there being briefed by Christa steel, the same person who is drew out twenty fourteen to twenty six teacher, there's a relationship that steel is briefing them. some of the same sources he's briefing them on Russia. Ukraine are the same sources, he's using two brief them on Trump, who the hell of those sources here were the story, gets absolutely mind. Blowing and fascinating theirs. Allegation now that the resources were provided by Hillary Clinton. Coffee knots herself think about what I just, but I'm telling you here. Hillary Clinton connected people with an obvious political motive to destroy Trump. Our briefing Chris, The first steel, still
Who is breathing the State Department, the state? Apart it is then passing information through the FBI, whose briefly a federal our intelligence court, judge to spy on Trump folks. That is, an absolutely astonishing revelation, and I have to tell you I don't for the life of me. I cannot understand where that liberals and the civil rights activist sovereigns if the distant did, by the way, very little of this is even open for interpretation. There isn't reputation as to how much of the dossier was briefed by Clinton. People who brief steel, there's, no there's no disputing the fact that this actually this information superhighway exists. Now we. are the civil liberties advocates on this week, Are you where folks are? We bow
to the J Edgar Hoover days of developing files on politicians to intimidate them and your for this. Here's where the story gets crazy. A connection to what happened in Libya here, I'm not over generalizing, I'm not getting into anything exotic, I'm just trying to tell you what the connection is folks based on reporting. It's already out there. If you want to make and actions on your own I'll, give you the information. You are more than welcome to do so. I'm not comfortable making some of them, but I'm going to tell you some stuff that maybe a little disturbing person getting briefed by Christopher Steel, who I just would is Victoria anew and whose an executive in the State Department, she's the assistant secretary of state, one of Victoria Newland is a comment: She has been tied the hip deal. We Clinton for a very long time
They share some of the same contacts. Victoria Newland was the chief of staff to the deputy Secretary of state in the building. The presidency, a guy named Strobe Talbot, stroke, Talbot brother in law is it Name Cody, sheer cell, Victoria Newland, and sheer are from oh you're, with each other through Strobe Talbot, who was bill. Clinton's deputy secretary of State Coty, Sheer, remember, remember the names. Coty Sheer and I will put a two thousand and fifteen. This is the great part about our news picks and our shone out a two thousand. Fifteen national review article I will put up in the show notes today by was it Brandon Borderline, though I've seen it
and I know very well- but it's a good piece it from two thousand fifteen. an article about Coty Sheer. Whose Coty Sheer and why she matter remember we're talking about how information made it. Political operatives to law enforcement, laundered, As my co author of the upcoming book, we have coming out Map Colombo, causing some money laundering, its information laundering, how their laundering information through who credible sources to make people believe it's, not political, occasionally laundering. Through now, the State Department Christopher Steel makes it was there. Was But who is being paid by fusion gps? Yes, but he was a former british spy. This information and air of of of and of of non partisan proper gave it like a deck? It was Prince but they cannot serve as a former spy. Of course, he wouldn't lie. That's not where it came from. going back to Cody, sheer
two thousand and fifteen peace and national review gonna put in the shown us that describes Coty shears relationship with one Sid Blumenthal, who sit Blumenthal Sid Blumenthal otherwise known as Sid Vicious is here hurry Clinton and Bill Clinton's enforcer since a guy who is operated on the outskirts of General moral and ethical activities for a very long time he's vicious he's are the name said, vicious and he's acted on behalf of the Collins and with the Clinton's for a long time, and thought was so dislike. Even amongst Democrats, then, when Hilary was when Hilary was appointed Secretary of state and confirmed by the I'm administration and the Senate, she asked the Blumenthal be given a job, and even Parag Obama said no bags. Well that,
how much Sid vicious was hated even democratic circles, folks don't lose me here. This is import. We're stuck good Sid, Blumenthal, researcher briefer, P, partner in his activities. Is Cody Sheer so blooming, all as the current enhancement They want to goes out there in. What stories in the media and does stay? You know gathered information into the information for the Clinton zany in this too. Two thousand fifteen national review article. There are some stunning revelations that way happened in Libya prior to Benghazi situation, Sid Blumenthal is over getting briefed by people in Libya, while bloom of dolls working as a consultant for a cup, That would basically benefit from war and chaos in Libya They are.
Well, I don't want to name the name of the company. You can read it in a peace, because I'm just know this war CHAOS, Sid Blumenthal company would have benefited significantly from it blooming All is sending emails to Hillary Clinton about the situation in Libya. Now is the time for They should accurate again, I am not sure all em you is Blumenthal benefits from the information. If it causes me Terry intervention in Libya, where Benghazi Located- If we can get weapons and arms over there, the cup. these working for this will benefit their operation, who, producing. The briefs were Blumenthal he's giving the Hillary Clinton Coty Sheer.
Cody, sheer is deeply embedded in produce, seeing briefing documents and quote intelligence for did Blumenthal to give to Hillary Clinton. Dont lose me here. Shears information: now, if you read the grass Lee Letter its fascinating who they asked for communications from the gradually letter which gonna, be in the show. No, it's not hard to read make sure you re the last portion of it. They lay out some bullets. I think there's like eight to twelve, whatever it may be Joe, and in the last portion grass we demand the sea communications between the Dnc and he lists a series of names. one of the names and their cody Sheer now. Folks,.
Is it possible that Cody Sheer working on me? after the coincidence and Blumenthal, is the source of this dossier, the entire time. Now may say why that's a big leap down right now: you're saying that what the dossier was produced by Clinton comfy not given give it a steel. We already know steals briefing the state Department we do you know, their relationships and people at the State Department which year We know. Sheer is brief point than in the past. You said Blumenthal now you may say: okay! Well, those are independent. Folks, remember in all cases, and other cases are made on coincidence right. It shows that the scene of a murder with a knife in his hand, so I can see it. I don't know when your bird is a guy. While I know is this night Poles and Joe's got a bloody knife in his hand. Is it a coincidence or all of these? sentences are met
produce more evidence that who knows we'll see you can put two and two together. Ok, let's see here we go. Or from the daily mail peace by David Martin. This is star was his yesterday. Buried in that this is a quote from the peace buried in the referral they're talking about the grassy referral here, Joe read in the referral is the revelation that steel second memo? In other words, he writes a second memo. There's nothing One day was based information from a far in source you sent to him through an unnamed Clinton confidant care. Who was that and then Obama's Department, official, the garden, reported last week at steel gave the result to the FBI. In October of twenty sixteen steel gave. information to the FBI, provided by a what, let's quartet again a Clinton, copying
Obama, State Department. Official, let me read you something else Victoria New and has an interesting, interesting passed here. Let me read. A little snippet from a piece I read yesterday in the shop present as announced plans to promote State Department spokeswoman Victoria Newland. No one has been accused Our public of helping mislead the public about the attacks that killed for Americans in Benghazi ha. Why? Why would they So shares in Libya, Pierre, partner here, Blumenthal, Colinton, coffee and a writing memos among those that you know tat, but CHAOS and Libya that Blumenthal would benefit from because of his company. Newland is at this stage. I mean no wind and quit and go way back. Newland
the chief of Staff or Clinton's deputy secretary of state all who, by the way, was Coty shears brother in law, wholly crises- that's just crazy. I will this happen. Man, Benghazi, turn do a total mass Nolan. Covers it up with nonsensical, sensible talking points shears, providing information that that that would have clearly been a faded, his group financially, if they ve chaos and Susan, Benghazi and Libya, which it did later, these talking Boys get to steal from a coincidence, coffee, not an estate department official who theirs fabulous relationship- and we already know newland- is working with steel in the past, because it's already been reported folks. If you listen to the earlier episodes, I suggested to you that anyone who attend the Thai this up in a neat little bow will be disappointed because the item I can always tell a conspiracy theory by the way,
when there is a need answer to it, because my experience in government is that people are to stew but the pull things off and neatly package him up and about they I'm sorry they are. You may sympathy in Utah in about a big conspiracy theory? How can it be so stupid, I again they got caught. This is why we're talking about it there too, dumb to figure it out it. That's why oh boy. This result poorly designed spying operation on Trump, that this is my people are too dumb to cover it up. Folks. This is not going to be tied up needed There are a lot of players who says my point on this score. I may lose you here. My point on this is there were so many dirty players in the Obama administration that had so much to cover up, promote sure of CHAOS and Libya that lead to possibly the death of Americans
uranium one deals that we're never brought up in front of serious. As we saw the uranium to the Russians and I read and deal a corrupt. I ran deal cash payments be made. There was so much that needed to be covered up by so many. My point is this: don't ever forget this everybody put there rational credibility. Everybody involved in this scam the spot, scandal on Trump put their professional? credibility on the line to dirty up trump, because they all had something lose Newland covering up the Benghazi talking point: sheer producing briefings on Libya than ever made around. We had a terror attack and been gauze every but he had tracks to cover it. Donald Trump was elected. He was never go play by the rules. understand what I'm telling you Donald Trump
most disruptive political candidate and modern political history. I said during yesterday's show that there is a real swamp meaning conservative activism, commentary, cautious, my twitter look at all the fake conservatives come after me all the time. It's not a pity story. I live in poverty, florid everyday, look outside of some twitter wars that affects me. Little cannot accept the way, some of my time, the Standard republican candidature would have done what they would have gotten elected, It was President Joey Beggar, donut senator from whatever onawandah impunity, but his reputation, he gets alike, if he beats Hillary Clinton worship you ever maybe, and they do every swamp rat republic. It has done in the past. It's all over folks. Lots of these people go it's no big deal, because why they don't want to set the media. They don't want to upset the apple cardinal, certainly don't want to upset the deep state. The Obama
team understood the entire time Benghazi the irish scandal uranium? What the uranium one deal, the Ariane Theo folks. These are things that actually happened. There, not conspiracy theories. There are dead bodies in Gaza. This happen. the Obama administration. There are multiple players who had something to lose here. They all had a stake in ruining their professional reputations to make sure trump never This never saw daylight. Because I'm getting a lot of questions did the motive we should, for today's, showed you, sir, you clean well there's a lot of, but one of the emails I got yesterday and I feel like. Maybe I did you with the services some of the people, but why Carter page? I don't understand if they were going to go after the Trump team. You know why, Carter page later on folks. do you understand. I'm telling you that there were more pull levels
the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton people in power in government that had it. engaged in questionably corrupt activities for so long tat. They all, had a stake in making sure the Trump team went down. So why Carter page, because they had nothing else. Do you understand they had nothing else. If Russia in collusion had existed. There would be a fine warn against Donald Trump or Donald Trump Junior put there's, not the old, we think they had was a I named Carter page who had worked for the for the FBI in the past folks, its Look up the case yourself, you s she's, very Yakov who had worked. Isn't it format for the FBI, the past too narrow a russian spy. They turned on him He was the only thing that they had nothing else. What else
you gonna do. The does Nothing else the dossier. If you read it is, already plus pages laid with Carter, page information, it was the leaping and afraid dossier they could use they had nothing else. Nothing. Joe, is making sense. Yeah, there's really there's nothing more to it than that. They had not getting. Something else read the dossier, but over wellmere portion of the dossier is about quarter page and its fake, They didn't have anything else. Folks, put you cells for a second in their shoes, MA, to pull layers of the Obama administration, bureaucracy and their political appointees are a deep and at a minimum quest,
probably corrupt activities. The IRA a scandal. Bank, Gaza, Europe, the approval of the uranium one deal they moves. The primary and I say, I mean the swamp, the Donald Trump because they all lost there. Unlike wholly crap. If one of these other republican nominees we're gonna when it got elected, what would it happened this week. What happened? Always it, but it just went away. We be ok right now, you have this major league tier One disrupt the renewed who doesn't get us need money, does it mean daughters doesn't need anything? It s absolutely committed in debates to taking Hillary Clinton down their panic. They need the dirty this guy up, but folks they can't. blatantly light of a court to The veil on the foreign- it tells you surveillance core without some legal patina cover, they need something that fakes it, something that at least looks
We can't just walk in and go hey. We want to spy on Donald Trump likes me. Don't like some One gets the idea he Carter, page work with the FBI. Hey I've got an idea. If we produce a dossier pay attention here? If we produce said dossier and a second darcy, but we do it. The way quote: british spy. But we feed him the information from the Hilary campaign, Hilary People in confidence feed this british spy a look official by the way. Did you know this british spied worse with the FBI before so he probably has contacts that would be crazed. So how bout we spoon feed him information on far in briefing information about Donald Trump from the Russians. Member Brian York peace. deal same sources on Ukraine. Russia, with the same sources, aren't trump.
All of a sudden at information makes it the steel steel present. to the FBI is zone. The FBI says we work with this guy before he's credit, If you listen yesterday show what did I tell you? There is no by carriers, credibility. Steel did not see any of this himself? The FBI's big stake, was assuming steel saying he heard it and steel was Credible means information credible. There is no such thing is vicarious credibility. Steel cannot. ouch for someone else. He cannot. Listen yesterday, show if you miss that it's a critical piece, Anti Mccarthy disgusted it's in my show notes for yesterday. there is no such thing as vicarious credibility. The FBI's mistake was not was an I am not willing to say this ship. There are only two possible solutions here: the FBI's fake was either ignoring. Knowing that the information was given to steal from power ethically motivated sources or
not knowing and not verifying their assets. I folks I have more. Yes, I've gone kind along, but I do have to get the summits resist that don't go there. Much here, I'm just my my apologies, I'm just very passionate about some of the connections were uncovering and they are very very disturbing. I got more today show also brought about He said I talk it. Folks, I target is one of the best our systems for proving your marksmanship out. Ellison anybody can fire fire, I'm ok, the question is: can you fire it accurately? I've the secret service for years we used to shoot monthly, but listen arranges expensive, because a lot of money you gotta by ammunition, you gotta clean your weapon. You gonna get there and I'm not suggesting you shouldn't go to the range, but it's tough to get to everyday. Ok, you want to practice safety and security for of your own home. This is the best system out there doing the web it is the letter I I target products comp. That's I target products com, it allows you to dry fire, but take your try fire practice to the next level site alignment, your grip
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interesting. Lady has an air when he in the inn, harks back to what were discussing. Antennae shall remember the overall thematic issues, the information superhighway? How is it that way? medical information, made it into the hands of law enforcement by passing off of the obstacles that we set up in this country, so politicians can target their enemies. I suggested to you First Avenue was Bruce or the justice upon whose wife work for Fusion GPS, who was hired by Hilary to get it for me Donald Trump entire show. It's been about the second superhighway, which are a step most relationship between Cody Sheer Victoria Newland at the State Department, Victoria Newland brand John. Are we getting breeze from Christopher Steel, Christopher Steel, getting information from a quote Clinton confidant that collecting feed on is likely going to be Cody, Coty, sheer or beset Blumenthal folks, they were creating the dossier
for how damning marries weeping operating the entire time, and I will of from some of my beefs with lately unnecessary by the way, but I will give a credit to him, the guy's, a conservative tree house, because a while backward I did some one of em wrote a piece of someone sent me there while go where they had suspected a while ago. I don't with sourcing they have they doubt but had suggested that Thickly dossier may have been under the control, the acquaintance the whole time, so they must have had a pretty decent source and because that certainly appears to be the case now that this time yea weeping operating under the premise. The whole time show that this was a up independently produce, document by Christopher Steel. Do not depend if a financial motive Hilary paying fusion GPS for severe to go, gather bad stuff, but we ve been at least the premise this guy was a legitimate former. Am I six guy who had sources now we're finding
but the entire time. The dossier may have been a product of pillory Collins Intelligence folks. This is really absolutely stunning stuff. Now what do they get back to the green? your piece, the opening paragraph of his peace in front page mag about this. The soft coup going on here is stuff and he's absolutely right. He said you know with the competing narratives where we discussed yesterday that you can't have it both ways by the way, the democrats- one case wanted you to believe on Friday before the release of the memory of this working to jeopardize national security and an by Saturday of telling everybody is nothing to see here is a big dutch Greenfield says now. They weren't there. They were right you, the Democrats, their assertions that this was going to hurt our sources and methods, in other words the intelligence, sources and methods. We released it Greenfield premises. They were absolutely right there Try telling you who those sources and methods were victory it. going to expose Obama's sources and methods for you,
in a police state to attack their political opponents and no sources and methods worthy Hillary Clinton campaign paying their can signally areas out their gathering information on Donald Trump she's folksy wonders Without damaging nourishes gush, now Will you following me, Joe yeah? I found you all the way on that you that's why I'm shaking my head, like I am just a re, establish year, Some relationships in the connectivity, people. Victoria Newland at the State Department Assistant Secretary State is getting brief. Things from Christopher Steel whose being paid by the quaint campaign to join up information on Trump, which it at some russian sources, supposedly and its fake me the information to get to the FBI. The FBI will not be able to take information directly from the Hilary campaign
We now know that steel is getting briefings from Clinton quote copied. I'm telling you. There were connections here as well Newland works for Strobe Talbot, the deputy secretary state under Bill Clinton, whose brother and Laws Cody Sheer, who is you think said Blumenthal who is Clinton's best party enhancement whose used to providing briefings about Libya in the past? Nolan. Obviously, Benghazi happens this approach owing to set this up that everybody has an interest in making this story go away. Newland After up some of the talking points on Benghazi afterwards, now here's the story gets really interesting. Holbein. I got to read to you a peace here. This is work is fascinating.
By the way Victoria Newland, as I said yesterday, leaves their position voluntarily when Donald Trump gets appointed Gee. I wonder where that happen. I saw at me gonna clapper, forget that, second, now, Here we go folks again in case you think I'm making this up and we'll get no tinfoil cap. peace from the wash imposed by Josh Rogue who, by the way, is trying to rescue the FBI in their mismanagement of this case, he said, not trying to indict declines. But is a peace from the Washington Post from twenty, fourteen to twenty. Sixteen steel did send periodic reports containing his own intelligence and analysis of Russia and Ukraine to carry state department. Officials confirmed to me this is Rogan talk from the Washington Post. The connection was through State Department, official Jonathan Weiner
where's the? U S special envoy for Libya, from twenty there deed to twenty Sixty get a load of? Is you oughta really cook Europe? This is over easy, fellows lateness I know had a prior friendship with steel and passed on the analysis as a courtesy to the State Department, Europe, Europe led at that time by assist Secretary Victoria Newland. The state department received Finally, one steel report a month, a couple dozen in total official said. Let's see who Jonathan wineries, Jonathan wider from a speech he gave it a conference, wire consultant and diplomats from Maryland. Wine is a lawyer could sell the diplomat who served as a state apartments. First, deputy assistant secretary for international law enforcement from one ninety four: ninety ninety nine durango.
administration and it January, twenty seventeen as the EU, a special envoy for Libya in the open, administration. Why come again so Weiner who, by the way the Washington Post is already acknowledging already acknowledging sent the information on to the FBI is tight. Victoria Newland, who prepare The Benghazi talking points our Weiner with special envoy to Libya and wider. Got a friendship, would steal whose being brief by Hillary Clinton people Fox is this meat. Is your mind as your brain now in fish we upside down This is confusing to you, listen again because there's if I on in future, for you we're getting into the conspiracy theories that remember what I told you when, when government
people are really some of them. I'm not knocking the rank and file workers. Please I was a secret service agent. I love them there alone Doping in government government not organised in a way smart enough for effective enough to keep secrets there. so many people with Sir many fingers in this that had so many reasons to make Trump go away. Tat. They all forfeited their preferred snow reputations to do so here from the Washington Post Carry didn't, hear, steals name in connection with trumpet too late. Twenty sixteen and other former senior state departments official said this from the Washington Post in late September or early October. This is unbelievable. Weiner prepared, two page summary of information campaign, from the series of steel memos on trumped Russia and connections commonly referred to as the dossier. Whiners, too page summary was brief to carry an early autumn. The official said by that time carries
if a determined that the dossier was already in the the ice possession as such care took no action according to the official folks, that's the Washington Post. insisting that carry took no such action as wine or prepared this brief about Trump Russia guys come on. Are you there already Acknowledging their wish to exchange of information between the State Department, any FBI, Nolan, are the reason I bring this up as newly and Newland one on a tv show this weekend and already set. They gave the information to the FBI. So what is it? Is the washed impose right and all they were getting breathed by this guy Weiner by the way who knew steel? Who was getting brief by Hillary Clinton that didn't go to we are always Nolan right in our talks. Your appearance is weakened where they said that all we got the information we pass, that on to the FBI, because, basically be to know what to do with it.
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it's not that long. The relationship between Cody Sheer instead Blumenthal and just have some up where we were, because I want to take this somewhere else for a second here. I'm reading my stuff, you as we go along because it so complicated. the essential premise we're talking about at the beginning you show is: what was the information superhighway between the Clinton's, the Clinton team and the FBI? The second question: I haven't caps here that I want you to leave the show seriously. Pondering was this deal dossier which the FBI I swore on in court to spy on trumped. He was the the old RCA, really the Clinton dossier the entire time. If that's the case, you have an active policy, A campaign that sabotage their opponents by feeding information to law enforcement that was not properly vetted and that The team was spied on now for them
You can ask you what why Carter page again, they had nothing else. The dossier was largely about corridor page folks. If Jeanne collusion existed, it would have been in the dossier. It wasn't there. That's why Carter page they needed an end. Despite tromp he's the only thing they had. That's it, they had nothing else to support, makes sense everything. Yeah right with the other connections disorder and leave it. You know that Simple reason: they have nothing else. They have nothing to believe. It's just too easy at this. The other line from my co author on our upcoming book, which, though we're almost done folks. This is all about information laundering night right, they had a guy, information from a political campaign, a hell of a campaign in the Dnc too, FBI without letting affair judge no was political, that's what this was about. sheer Blumenthal Brief State Department, people same statement,
people getting brief by steel, steel as a relationship of wine or at the state Department. Wider over in Libya, whose doing pre some Libya Coty Sheer, whose feet I'm through Should Burma Doll who profit chaos and Libya said Blumenthal: what's it emailing Hilary about chaos in Libya? What happens in Libya CARE spend gauzy breaks out. We gotta make that go away. Victoria Nolan precept the talking points, a faint talking points about Libya, Victoria Nolan is getting brief by Christopher Steel, Christopher Steel. knows? Wiener Jonathan, wider, cheerily, wiener, there's another way that wider and wider Praetorian always get raped by Weiner Whiners Briefing CARE carry saying we didn't pass to the FBI New ones. On cable news is, we can say we passed to the FBI by the way, the grassland which you have three just so you understand the connection, because I understand you say: ok, Pierre
a dollar briefing Colinton on Libya to people in Libya, are, I'm getting information from Steel State Department officials who deal with Libya from steel beggar the breaks up, we gotta for this we gotta make this go away. All I got an idea. We get this guy Christopher, steals. Putting together this dossier and trot trumps going, expose everything that happened in the apartment ministration. We all have our finger prints in this. I got an idea. Lets. You shears information on Trump in this second ass, you will give it to steal, tells the ATA put in a dusty, because he was a former british by it'll, make it look like a thick he's work with the FBI before and Give it to the FBI is genuine non political information. Real, the grass we memo. read the gradually memo The assertion in there that the Clinton campaign was feeding information through a Clinton coffee onto Christopher Steel is absolutely damage the hill,
Clinton campaign managed to make its way in a federal court. Despite your opponent, by the way What's one of the other names in the grass we memo grey these demanding communication in the memo between the Dnc email traffic between the Dnc and these people. Told you Coty shares one of the names whose one of their names right after Sheer Jonathan minor folks is things deep, It's complicated, it's also the most disturbing scandal in United States history. Now I want to wrap this up and I want to go back to Jim Clapper for a second now The reason I want to do that to be clear again, the first for of the show was about the information superhighway, and was this Neil Dossier on Brennan Obama inhalers may be the few people who really know the entire
upper during this scandal is the dirt. through the Odeon. I the office of Direct, your national targets. He is the guy Jim clap or overseas the entire intelligence operation screen the United States clapper knows everything matter of fact: M clapper John Brennan. Obama. Hilary may be the few people who really know the entire story Well, Hilary maybe even did know the entire story seriously I mean she may she may have had a large majority of it, but clap on the intelligence front. On the spying operation on trumped clapper no show we have been focusing on lap a lot. On the show in case, you are wondering why we keep using soundbites bigger clapper knows everything
if you notice, if you ve, been listening, you chose the audience Ombudsman Joseph this makes sense or doesn't let us now, the soundbites we ve been playing, clap and I've been sending you to produce for the audience here. Did you notice on all of them? If you ve been listening to show six twenty eight on every down by is Jim Club? for always hedging idea, but I was told me. Maybe I do by kinder. Maybe Sworder did you do this every thing? Why is for always hedging this media appearances he's head because clapper knows all of this cooperation, World, a trouble. Clapper was the as the head of the D. He was the head of the Office of national intelligence. He knows everything. Play sound bite for me, Joe Number one. This is a c span clip from May of twenty seventeen folks, it's a little over minute, but please listen and you're listening to Jim Clapper, talk about.
Counter intelligence cases, whether spying on american citizens up Carter, page, maybe list to all the caviars he puts in about what he knew when he knew it and how he just kind of pass the buck to the FBI. This is damning. Listen to third is the issue of counter intelligence averse additions conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Well, I can't comment in this on any particular account or intelligence investigation. It's important Understand how such investigations fit into and relate to the intelligence, community and least the general. practice. I followed during my time as dna with respect to FBI, counter intelligence investigations when, until really obtains information, suggesting that a U S, person is acting on behalf of a foreign power. The standard Caesar is too that information with lead investigatory body, which of course is the eye. The bureau then decide whether to look into that information in hand.
any ensuing investigation. If there is one. Given it sensitivity Even the existence of a counter intelligence investigations closely held, including at the highest levels, my tenure as Dan. I was my practice to defer to the FBI director both smaller and then subsequently, director, call me on whether when and to what, tat, they would inform me about such investigations, This stems from the unique position of the FBI which straddles both intelligence and law enforcement and, as a SK. Once I was not aware of the counter. Intelligent investigation director call me first, or to during his testimony before the house, from its like many for intelligence on twenty four march and that comports with my public statements, really, so you were their head of national intelligence under Barack Obama and you who did know nothin about nothin kind of fast, maybe because he's out in front of the media all the time talking.
About how they had information on this dossier, which was the central component of this counter intelligence of us here? Are you don't believe me soldiers To be clear in May of twenty, seventeen testifies in front of Congress, saying I pass that off The call me- and you know they discussed the window where the. Why and how and if they want to tell me they tell me, but No, nothing man. Fascinated play. Jim Clapper on October of twenty seventeen talking there Erin Burnett on CNN. Discussion of the dossier comes up, and answers are even more fascinating. Just now refers to as the fake Darcy ACT, which is why I want to make the point that some of it has been corroborated, but far from all of it. Do you think more for most of it is true, or would we know that by now I dont know that first, They want to comment on the pedigree of financing. The audit trail air
We did our until it assessment. We were aware that there had been research done and at some republican candidates, as a matter of fact it had contracted through. I think, fusion, GPS, to obtain what it later became much noise, Adasa pay for parliament and have been started out with applicant work was, as I understand it was handed out later to the who the DMZ. an end or can't Laughlin campaign. So I think this is something that bears an audit trail by experts in finances that can track the auditing for this and to see who is ultimately scars before. I think with respect to the does itself. The key thing is the man who paid for its what but what the dossier said ended the extent to which it was it's it's corroborate or not. We had some concerns
from the standpoint of its sourcing, which we couldn't corroborate, but this sometimes in some of the subsidy, some of the sobs of content, not all of it, but some of the subsidy can't content of the dossier. We were able to right in our entails community assessment, which, from other sources We had very high covers when the present just were first so to speak dossier. That is false. Ah I I don't think that's by the agri legislation for the entirety of the dossier. Wait wife there so much of so he says at the end. This is fascinating Joe, we were, corroborate portions of it from other sources who those other sources sources Cody Sheer Jim, because in a clip two minutes its earlier on my show when you spoke in front of Congress, you said you didn't know nothing about method now, all of a sudden, you knew about the the dossier manner. Your assessment was,
it was research being conducted by the GEO pay that was passed off the Democrats. As you understand, I don't. I don't understand it. I dont you passed After Jim call me save our lost Jim Karadzic, workers lost right. Clapper That's because he's clearly trying to up gate here. Please try and noticed what he says by the way he says it s at the less Porsche that he goes well formation was corroborated by another source. Was that source code each year. Because of this Coty, surely was workin for the Clinton campaign was briefing steel, so steel Christian a brief steel formation? That's the produce the dossier, then clapper thinks the information is verified because it another dossier by Coty, Sheer, which was the briefing document used to produce the steel dossier. Then he says, I've very telling this is Jim Clapper constantly covered his, but he goes
what does it really matter? Who paid for it. You think, you may have said that, because you are aware that it was paid for by the Clinton's the entire time folks com where is the key to this whole thing, opera is the key to this whole thing, because he's one of the few figures who understands the entire depth of the operation and what happened to your clapper is desperate to me this go away and covers, but watch his appearances. They are damning. Every single time. He steps on himself. He tell stories that contradict each other. I didn't meeting I turned it over the FBI. He says in the first and the second is sound on tape clip there. What does he say in the second clip all what we got information, initially from Republicans who prepared the DAS yet not true. There are public asset, can you do with the dossier at all that was exclusively a democrat project opposition research was paid for by Republicans, but that stop after one? The dossier was exclusively a democrat project. How
you know that if you want being briefed on what was going on? How did you know that what we got But I understand everything's a caveat with this guy it doesn't paid for why, because the coins paid for it. The information was verified by another source, who was that other source code each year working for? We must all work of Raillery Glenn folksy people are in a world of trouble, and this guy is the key to everything. Each time a aren't. Let me dad just hit one last thing here, because this is important on the stock market, because this is this is critical in nation and a rough time. You folks, I said the beginning in the show and address the script. Don't panic he hears what's been going on for a long time now. Interest rates by the Federal Reserve suppressed through quantitative easing the buying of assets using our Federal reserve, interest rates have been suppressed. What's it and is an interest rate and interest rate is essentially the price of money when
these cheap, like anything else, people are gonna consume more of it. A lot of people have taken money at low interest rates is enough to pay high interest rates and a purchase stocks chasing deal chasing a return. Some of that borrowed money is an accounts and margin accounts that, as stocks go down and decrease, people have to sell off in order maintain a certain level of money in that margin account you're gonna the correction over time, I would not work about this too much. I think this is going to be. If, if, if any traits we're going down which they're not they're going up. If interest rates were going down, the cost of money was going down. The stock bark was going down to. I would be very worried because would mean Joe think about people offering you money very cheap and you're still alpine stocks. You know what I'm saying it yours you're goin up the cost of monies gonna go up a little bit. There's gonna be a correction in the stock market. Stay for. based on the long term and amount of financial adviser, I'm just saying the Trump taxes
we're a really good thing. We control government spending, I think we're on a good growth path and I think the Prince the future energy. These companies are gotta, be just fine. I wouldn't panic get to work over crazy about this there's gonna be a correction. I wouldn't be surprised to see little volatility over the next few months, but I think it more to do with expected, within the economy and its great going up when it does anything else. At this point, been a lot of exuberance to steal my favorite guy Guide, Alan Greenspan work. There's been a lot of exuberance about stocks, The correction- and I wouldn't worry too much- means across the money goes up. It's gonna get hearted, require money and harder to purchase assets with it. If you borrowing it, so it's an really that unusual gypsy, some kind of a mile correction, so dont worry too much. I gotta enough! Folks, I'm sorry! I so many other stories and things are going on, but this is just such a critical case that I felt the need to really go into this. I don't make censure yeah. That was going to do you need to go in that direction
as usual. Archie at this information superhighway is everything in this case how judicial restrained how normal firewalls breached during your mom administration to spy on the trumpet. I folks Thanksgiving please go to budget or that calm sign up for my email, the stair really appreciate it make sure you read the show notes that you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dont com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.