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Ep. 683 The Real Scandal Isn’t Collusion

2018-03-23 | 🔗
Summary: More companies are jumping on the anti-Second Amendment bandwagon. I address how to fight back.    I also discuss some explosive connections between Bob Mueller and people involved in the Obamagate spying scandal.   News Picks: Another company is jumping into anti-Second Amendment politics.    This is a fascinating piece about Bob Mueller’s role in the development of the investigative processes used to target the Trump team.    Painting an asteroid headed towards earth? Yep. Check this piece out.    The budget bill is a disaster and, making it worse, they gave themselves a raise.    Here are the 10 worst parts of the budget bill.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you know i love a vivid amboise gino show produced joe how are you today ready to go daddy you you know is there anything more annoying on the planet and focal fry you know that they ve ever listened in silence third show serious yours talks about it you know falco fry right santa croce kim car dash kind of thing you love to pet my pet poodle always sit out so joe and i before the show sometimes mess around we do a little my check either that's irritated isn't it annoy yes it is so i saw a story i'm gonna put up in a show notes and i usually political stuff but there's interesting story about of an asteroid is coming to earth that they found the new way to potentially divert
the answer is not a joke asteroids track from from crashing in annihilating isolated humankind preparation a proper a lot of preparation i'd sure is at some big it s the right now there is discussion is that how this is like this is de rate comedy i saw other dost thou football always loves it of course they can pay did painted of that requires hiring a lot of painters actually painted dorothy but i put this article is actually pretty interesting from gives motor that if they pay one side of the asteroids yeah different color than the other it'll absorb some more sunlight and divert the pants i thought that was cool a minute there that is shown us take a look at that then it gets interesting listen i got a lot to get through today a very serious now it's gonna be time to dance little but again folks dad's baby
dad's forget the shirts common out soon we got there birds palos work on autumn dad's baby dad's whilst time again so i get to that and i have another piece of information on this case that there is just getting or more puzzling on this rush cap tellin ya man i got i'm crying to crowd source because my audience has been great and my sources are good but their limited on stuff too there are limited to specific silos in the case my one specific guys good on justice department type staff another thing and another guys good on different stuff but in all put in a hole togethers interesting and i have a question i want i want i think have the linchpin to this thanks so i need to crowd source little so i'm that too i today show partly by bodies a brick house nutrition who have been doing just for now no business i talked to miles last night and
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nutrition that comes less than brick house nutrition dot com slash then go check it out feel the greens i saw yesterday so i had to put on a fan gets hot in here quick florida yet the open a window in florida it's fifty eight in the morning sometimes springing up it's ninety five an hour later very bad job we're gonna have to dance a little bit here yesterday banks or citibank came out yesterday with the state and some guy ed schuyler whose their executive vice president and city by what do they want to be politicians show they want to be legislators ok you want to play you want to play ball skill the field baby this once a bond so schuyler who is their executive vice president citibank ones politics and restrictive purchases of rifles and high costs ass the magazines they have yet to define what a high capacity magazine exactly is but city
it has said that if you know you have their cards they're going to restrict purchases those items on their credit cards and this is a duty this it comes out of the totalitarian mussolini type regime in this state statements incredible those you refused to adhere to the new rules for this is that i gave review for my j review but i will put this article in the shown us those refused to adhere to the new rules quoting this echo executive vice president at schuyler said they will need to and i'm quoting here you will need transition your business away from city really ok but you well that's not a boycott we're just listen to the city rag right joe i declare this i about vacated a boycott it all i've just advocate if you take advice rossetti bag you don't with their policy consider i business transitioned away folks
now i keep telling me i know it sucks i get it i let me can i just give you a quick inspirational note here i'd i'd get em i try to be a preacher this isn't a self help showcase it's not our but human being like everybody listening i dance all the time every day joe and i have to get involved in decisions for the show that sometimes involve us turning money down these not ask afraid be sympathy joe and i do very well i'm just saying dances part of our lives and it has to be part of yours it's going to think a little bit some of you may have a city guard you may have occurred car to get a balance on or whatever it is you may have the you may do business with them somehow but i'm not telling you boycott the mob just telling you to listen to city their telling transition your business away from them so i would strongly encourage you to go dance baby its and listen to city bag thank you citibank right shirt transition now i want to
i had a note here because i haven't thanked you you all enough i i've been inspired deeply by all of your emails about you all dance it out they are fighting back i really really have it it is please keep sending ivan sincere apologies for not being able to individually respond every i've tried i've gotten about seventy five percent but i'm getting so many that i can either the more responsive i'd rather read them so i read them i respond to as many as i can please keep sending them they are so incredibly deeply inspirational may that i've had some small effect and the actions of others is very humbling by the way i didn't i really didn't give that ran that day by day and sing it with any intention other than the heirs of grievances i had on people who refuse to get involved albanian ticket inspire so many people to do stuff but now it's time
sounded to again now on this to be fair i dont have city i don't deal would city citibank so for me i can't say i'm leading by example don't lie to my audience on this stop not going to say i'm going to go cancel the car cuz i don't have it did joe you know me well you know damn well i beyond a phone that there would be two sisters clearing up over the afghan going to test tat cut the card buddy spreading around on twitter got the guard i'd be doing it right now what skype would i be doubly put it on twitter but i don't have it i did in other cases and i did after transition my car insurance away and some banking away from other companies at a different time until they changed course that was a pain took me about for hours on the phone i don't think this will take that long but again i'm not encouraging anything other than for you to listen to scare citibank and mr schuyler himself transition business away ok like you said nice forgiveness all direction on that one
now as i've said about dancer before too we don't have to win every single fight we're not the left engages in a thirty front war on us intentionally to keep you track in one direction where they come from the next one but they re a little bit if i may give an analogy there's a friend of mine who i grapple it's in my by the way people ask me what my belt is am i really a belt sky but i am a purple belt and brazilian jujitsu if your interested i've got a lotta emails on that yet and i was talking to one of my buddies last night in a brazilian jiu jitsu school in regards to the left how they take us on a multiple fronts at the same time you tell me a story he's a check guy he's really tough and he said to me did i got into a lot of street fights gonna be disguised like the toughest guy i've ever joe he's a he's a beast he feels he feels no pain i had about a triangle up time so tired of my life i have huge legs like really enormous legs the guys face was like green like it was beyond not tap out he just refuse finally
my legs got tired i'm like i too zooms york i'm like yours i don't get it but do you see you feel painted signora add is that work the guy could not breed for like a minute music tat is a top as guy i've ever met my life so you tell me dora about growin up in the czech republic how he was constantly getting jump and these dear he was a tough kid and that he got you by these six or seven guys one time and he's like listen my theory on this whole thing was i don't have to come here to take a beating here any daddy still got scars from it because one of these guys come in with me so that many daddy just focus now what about me you don't have to beat all salmon guys but he got i feel honoured i've gotta dissuaded them the next time from jump at em again because the six guys they want to be the one of the six guys think you know what i'm saying i have felt the wrath of europe while i poor violence and all forms i just want that out there i mean it but now only itself
france should say all form self defense it's obviously acceptable but i will say this that's strategies and effective one when fighting back against the left and companies that want to do politics you wanna do politics city gray do it safe the country i am not we're going to suggest any government regulator come after you any government official do anything to you are absolutely free to encourage people who believe in the second amendment to trap you is this i've just telling you we will thank you thanks for the advice see you later i have a nice day say farewell we will listen we don't care you are not going to affect outlet that baby will an hour on the phone or so sweet dump your credit cards dump your business me move on to someone else but remain but i told you we don't have to win against all these companies you know folks to be honest i don't know other company
other banks may follow suit tomorrow to save thing that's ok that's ok if you do that eventually one month and transition process they are like we have over time but all we have to do is make an example of one and it is here's the examples obvious because they're telling us what to do wave transition your business way consider us transition folks thank you city remember you don't have to win everywhere you just have to win a few of these things the exporter you're digs widow we think we're going to get around this political fi we're gonna stop assault weapons assault weapons what what what are you so weapons sticks you know the scary ones ok i make sense assault what's what are not assault weapons what do you mean assault there's a category that has no non category right everything that's a category as a non category rabbits a truck is a truck a car now a truck is in a car what's this a weapon ah or not what's a knot of software i don't know you have no
distinguishing category what the perimeter to put a fence around what assault weapon is optics once the ban their sales ok well i'm done with dicks exporting its hedge joe famous line of course that one of the funniest things ever pollack sap laugh it was here that dicks is he loves that what makes you may i be our job done you listen sporting goods it's just as easy for me to shop somewhere else there but to follow suit i'll shop somewhere else after that you're not going to shut us all down you want to let us use city cards to purchase save high capacity but its high capacity me i don't know it just means something that looks long and scary i'm not saying anything i set myself up what can i i know you're not even better i have actually bag is is will pay cash that's ok you're not gonna win because we
at sea here and we will continue the dance every single time you can't win you could try but this is a war of attrition and will end war of attrition it is the side here cause they continue to fight in the face of what seems like in some multiple an overwhelming losses it does sometimes i know what i sense the frustration price don't sense any for every email i get your someone says to me how you know what i'm ready to give up i've had enough of the left the college campuses stuff the spying on tribe the ira targeting getting the taxes the spending for every one of those i get i get twenty more email someone saying to me you know a guy said send me an email you know who you are not going to give your name set me an email last night said he was in a starbucks the tv on
all these little acts man i love you for the sinister bucks says to the bereaved of would i be lists of bristol like whatever their debris says i like the new age term for people who give coffee our hearts we have like you know what it is to ask what what is his name be denied it needs it means mad who serves ass a woman he asked the bereaved the woman or guy he says hey can i can i get there are for the tv it was on msnbc change the default dad's pray right righted small i get in a small i get it i totally understand it small i totally this then but man does it matter these little small act you guys in ladys email me with every day do it do as do it where yoga guy cup
the do it just keep to another one a i go to a new shall remain nameless owner jim grabs me the other day he says a guy can in here in a fox news on an agenda whose guy came in and was complaining about how msnbc was on gmo production gus now we don't worry fake news on here yeah pray do as do all these things at up because what is it do it gives the opposition the ideological left the eighty civil liberties crowd de political activists and city bay gives them the impression over time that dammit this enemy is not gonna be vanquished remember that quote i gave you the other day on the show door and it was there tunic wars the poet who said i
the enemy is not vanquished until he considers himself so you haven't lost until you consider yourself lost the until i ve gotten very lost the and you feel lost you a loss nothin the left what's this fight to end tomorrow arrest couple of civil servants who won't sign a marriage certificate bankrupt some bakers you won't break a cake put on make sure msnbc is propagating fake news in every star box in america they just why you stop you just need you to stop fighting being did you too slowly acquiesce to city ball ok we'll still use your credit card even though we camp i quote high capacity magazines what does that mean we're on our just don't buy em they just why you to give up continue to use the car don't spend an hour to cancel a car if it be too much work the left these will tell you wouldn't like bees
much easier if you just go sit near starbucks watch your msnbc have your coffee and pay your city card that hates the second amendment no problem ferocious give up now i don't think so map novak's i think we'll just get new i think we'll just continue on until the last television in america's got fox news on that's it the last one everything else as msnbc cnn at every airport there's one last tv we're gonna get up and gimme the remote we're gonna turn fox news thanks just to annoy you on the road we are not bank until we consider ourselves so and i refuse to consider myself vanquished bide ok if every credit card company and acts the same policy start do you know what a great what show that would be the greatest thing obviously you wouldn't be able to cancel everyone but our later some company will come out there and say you know what with
conservatives to come on over us they'll get all the business later on and will happen just like funds news took away all play him again oh macho man eventually one copy will commend like fox news did swoop in and take over the whole body it of credit card people but this is a good thing america's too much debt anyway so credit car cup he's may inadvertently job we helping our financial situation in the united states to be nothing better because any what we'd all due to pay me a credit cards ever you probably have to keep one but i will just paid cash we dance baby we will not consider ourselves vanquished despite your efforts to degrade us morally and the public space
bateson thirty fronts in the culture war we will not collapse no thanks not me but thanks for triumph given my life emission remember we understand your here to suffer a little bit every single one of the world's religions has that same central tenet the value suffering when you went stan you here to suffer a little bit not here have a good time screen to look at their kids eyes and see them smile you not here to be miserable joyce a wonderful thing but if you are happy all the time you would know what happiness was forever bernard malamute court i told you about from the book the natural he says we all have to lives the one we from an we live after that the only tat the true happiness is through suffering the only path this fake happiness is drugs price
security when every guy temporary happiness everywhere but the only path to true happiness is through suffering don't forget that take it on know what to do folks spats citibank you know what to do all right i had a lot more to get here so yeah man show you ve given me a voice and gashes in inspiring sometimes there are these the smaller thing is a smoke screen invokes i have never we have been more convinced and i've got a piece of information for you that's quite damning about let me just give you the central tenet the umbrella you're about what i'm operating on so you understand where we're going with this in your crystal clear well madame the bottom there are special council investigation i have been saying for a long time i set it on hannity last night on fox i am thoroughly convinced given my experience some sourcing the book were riding in putting together which is being thoroughly research by our friend
colombo me and i'm writing it in conjunction with that then he spoke while we are spent we spend all day on this case i have never ever be more convinced than my professional pinioning mahler mahler specifically joseph was appointed for a reason he was appointed in other words more was the one guy you how to be appoint a special council because he's the one guy who could run an investigation exclusive we designed as a smokescreen to distress do you from the real case year which as these spying scandal on the trump team yeah but i'm saying you appoint mahler have mahler investigate tromp although trump did nothing wrong as way to use the mahler smoke screen with the media and other people in the general public to distract you from the real scandal which was spying operation on trump i've got some new evidence of this its age
but knew when i think it's gotta be actually pay before i get to that a tv also brought you are by bodies have freedom project academy eight today schools or listen there's nothing like we remember now it's all about safe spaces liberal propaganda safety in learning have taken a back seat which kind of disgraceful folks and even our technology she offers us a lot of new opportunities to learn i do it's been great i think we can i agree that a lot of their traditional moral values at but once woven into the fabric of our classrooms practically disappeared that's why you need our friends if freedom project academy in their fully accredited judeo sure classical online school for kindergarten all the way to high school we love these guys freedom project can we're talking about an incredible active education where students attend live classes live classes folks every day with tee there's a fellow classmates from all across the country we want to talk about real diversity and inclusion that's it not the liberal version right freedom project me doesn't except a penny of government funding it allows a mistake
made the teaching students had i think not what you think this is a propaganda free operation here families can unroll students full time or start with a single class it is entirely up to you but you gotta get their fast boats classes philip really fast roman ends in july go to freedom or school dot com that's freedom f o freedom for school dotcom and request your free information package from freedom project academy that's right for school dot com freedom for school dotcom though forget the town the damp mancino show sent you we love those guys are really be very impressed ok here's how i want a hammer this home about them why mahler was critical to to run this smoke green operation right there are two things i want to focus on scan those that have to be hidden here and why i mahler is the perfect guy to hide these scandals
you already know for those you listen episode six twenty eight on how they d deep spied on trompe no need to reiterate that in the shop the two scandals mothers perfect the height of the verification of the information used to go after the trump team in the pfizer proceedings and the verification of assets i'll explain this i promise the verified you should have information is scandalous and scandal number one mothers the perfect i to hide my say the verification of information i mean how the hell did bogus disk edited nonsensical information contained in that dossier how did tat make it that information make it into the court system the pfizer court system nemo one of the most serious ways to go after any one of us secret court you have by the used to prosecute terrorists and the biggest dogs and animals among us defies the court house
information that was false entirely debunk make it in that system and how did it bypass joe every obstacle to stop fake information from getting into the system how did tat happen this is a critical question now folks its two thousand and one the fbi and the partners just this have tried because they at some issues in the past with unverified information making it through the system too the fbi addio jays credit at the time where's someone in charge when this happens we will get to know the second i want to get ahead of myself since two thousand and one the fbi ideology have tried they ve made a concern an effort to stop facon for me
for making it into the court's ok it's as simple as that for the obvious reason the fbi and the justice system number one it's immoral it's an ethical and potentially illegal if it's done with malicious intent you care a bad information about georgia cos used despite joe harbour costs in a fire and intelligent surveillance court or the judicial system is going to fight back the american people are gonna fight back so they insight due to the procedure in two thousand one joe called the woods procedure and the woods procedure is designed to vat info nation to ensure that information is verified looking before it gets into the pfizer court system ok ok this is important stop try to follow because this is gonna be an eye opening moment when i get to the year of the coup de grace here now the procedure here's a quote about the woods procedure from a piece in the hail it's a little bit older it's a few months old and i will put it in a show notes today please take it
look you know that come i will have this piece of its aid if it's a must must read peace by cheryl atkinson what's procedures design jos pretty simple quote to ensure the accuracy of with regard to facts supporting probable cause so you need probable cause to spy on someone in the fire courts if they are an american citizen that they are acting on half of a foreign agent and invite they should have u s loss of i think joe is helping the russians to collude to overthrow the united states i have to prove by probable cause a series of facts that established probably cause which is a level of society of of evidence shows above reasonable suspicion but beneath me the reasonable doubt i mean our had explained to common sense to it it's a blank of information include verified information points to the fact that shows probably our guy ok it's not a conviction but it's gone be verified information that
accumulated in an end in a collective sense that indicates it chose probably the dude ok it's the best kind of common sense down to earth way to explain this work deja was designed to ensure the accuracy of that information with regard to the facts supporting said probable cause that's always our guy he's a spy make censure procedure in place to make sure if i want a spy i knew that the facts of the facts little joke right now this procedure involves a complex chain of command than the fbi which i'm not gonna go because it's not it's it's that's all procedural nonsense you really care about it it is in essence its by fear office it goes up to the head lawyer and a field office it goes up the fbi headquarters at ease shame amiss command joe knows facts say i say joe joe was avenue in a golden shower moment in russia china like tromp racket shows like really which come out without however i at ease
stage of jos golden shower story as the information is passed up the b i change the someone's post to ask the question well how do you know that well peace as well that is why does he know it it's supposed to be verified multiple chains and the fbi field office command and after you headquarters at a supposed to vat and verify this info this is above or the fall even leaves the fbi where leaves the fbi chain of command joe is where gets interesting it goes over d o j and attorneys from ma national security division are supposed to verify the assertions in it now if you're i give a lesser this shell and you follow this case intently bows
it be going off right now bells whistles alarms paul reveres run it through the streets right now poor and the rich goats are covered this will make sense in a minute the lawyers are coming back their them do well aware zippo why an interesting the fact in this case that were supposed to be verified in the case of the dossier used to spy on the trump team work clearly not now who was running the national security division where quote joe attorneys from the national security vision after leezie fbi are supposed to verify assertions in it who was running the national security division of the oj the time these facts were supposed to be verified while his name was john carlin who is john cow
the relevant nails vienna remember the names john tk i used to be bob mullahs chiefest now i'll be damn this rise so a series of facts used to basically views court procedures spy in the trump team work verified appropriately according procedure known as the woods procedure the woods procedure ends up in the department just this national security division for either a penny ultimate our final sign off right where there close to verify facts which in the trunk case whenever verify the guy run division at the time mothers old chief of staff oh what better guy to appoint as a spur your council decision
all this stuff on the rug oh and by the wager yes just coincidentally let me do you a portion of share lacking since peace a paragraph which you will find us we fascinating about how this woods procedure and verification of facts and who was right possible for the fine tuning at this procedure atkins peace all of this information was provided a congress in two thousand three the fbi directorate time also ordered that any issue as with all that this vote seriously pay attention to this i don't mean to be like a jerk and stop and pay hard core attention to this and remember what we're talk about there was one guy who could be appointed to the special counselor run a smoke screen on everything that went wrong with the spying operation i just talk you how the verification the information and did
international security the vision the fbi was run by bob mothers former chief of staff and the information was false the pie and i'm trying to make now before i read this cause this next sentence is gonna be critical is that the procedure was fine tuned by a very specific fbi director all this information was provided a congress to two thousand three the fbi director at the time also ordered any issue job as do we the re pfizer application was factually sufficient was to be brought to his attention personally who is the director of the b i when all of this careful work was done pregnant pause robert mahler dude dude dude
steel rob schneider's famous you to peace there the thousand ways to say dude there was no better guy to hide a scandalous on verified dossier and all of this step is to verify the dossier that were either skipped missed or may be delivered we ignored in an effort to nail the trouble there was no better guy to appoint a smoke screen sketch special council who is aware of all that then one bob mother tell tell me what tell me where i'm wrong webs tell me where i spend all day on this case my entire i have no life anymore i don't my way ready to kill me do this show i do my energy dv showed five thirty every night i do in it our atv had at one o clock would grant i do foxen
five times when i wake up in the morning do foxen friends twice a week i have zero life my love my life it's great don't get me wrong i about a wine or a modest snowflake and i certainly ain't into safe space but i'm telling you i spend my the entire day on this case tell me what i told you will tell me one fact it's wrong what bawler wasn't there the directive on the institute of these procedures what john tk i wasn't in the oj national security division when they quote joe vera by the dossier or didn't carlin wasn't mothers chief of staff tell me where i'm wrong because are you keep saying is you keep doing this liberals do all the time you go now you know it's just a coincidence how many coincidences are you willing to accept i can't i say this to you were not as a former federal agent because this is important
criminal cases are never prove it they are poor friend beyond a reasonable doubt which is a series of coincidences joe at the scene of a nice thing with a bloody knife does that mean jos guilty now as i said before it could mean some other guy joe fought off the attack with his own eyes but then we and out another coincidence chose the guy's neighbour then we find now joe when the neighbour are involved in a property dispute then we find out shows neighbour attacked this kid a week ago then we ve now joe what's in it sent an email the day before it was they re i'm gonna kick your ass when i see you they're all what's it is as we have no hard core affirm it god like prove joe did it but we have a series of coincidence that build the case for a rest up at the probable us level jos probably the guy based on this series of verified facts and we
but a trial we develop more evidence and you prove it beyond any reasonable doubt the job was the guy we have a video the video doesn't mean what if the videos taken for buying joan i know our is joe looks like elvis but you know oh that's show a video to cairo black hair or looks like our folks it could be get ready for incidents but that's how cases are built you combine that coincidence the email coincidence the fight job with this neighbour jos neighbour of tried to beat up jos kid the other day to plotting if in hand and the coincidence led up to a case develop beyond a reasonable doubt i'm telling you to come citizens in this case are so unbelievable that for you i continue to ignore them it's just you but when the constitution at the window insane i accept the fact that the obama despite our trump and i just frankly don't care that's fine but that's your bag doughnuts now mine i actually
care about the constitution and what happened here folks so that i only got to scale i've been we got the scandal number two so remember they d take it out the thirty thousand failure bob mahler was the only guy who could be appointed to a special council to do with the special council was intended to do which is hide the tyres spying scandal on trump because only by mahler knew the players and the verdict it should procedure his former deeper staff was in the final people to verify the info in the process to verify the info bob mother as an integral piece of developing the process what better person or run a smoke screen on the process that one after trump by then focusing on trop himself who is the victim of this trump what's the victim and now he's the target what better guy bob mahler
everybody's get i'm not scared about mahler be scanned motto care was bomb are going to do not go my during five produce a subpoena come to my ass i don't care everybody's tariffs apollo like we live like it seems like a mob boss or something they are i'm telling you sure everybody these terrified obama he is the most powerful person personal washed in right now he's most powerful personal watching everybody knows polish investigating people that crimes and you could be next mother is investigating russian collusion bought mothers investigated trump everybody around trump there's somebody can investigate bob mahler folks i'm telling you this thing's thinks this thing's thanks to that i got more i want to get on the verification sworn an asset but we do have to pay for the show i always appreciate your patience i mean a lot to make this next part its committee i promise you just this fascinating here we gotta go
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a spy who provided intelligence on a united states presidential candidate that was not very it is i just showed you do the faulty verification information procedure some of that information came from russians a hostile foreign act to the united states that inform me which was document that is false which was which was which was the bunk information made it into our court somehow is christopher steel not under investigation and most importantly who terrified that foreign acid well if you are going to finest swamp creature that had work in the government the entire time who invested in both the verification of info enver in invested by the way and making a lot of this case go away you wouldn't want them king either at the verification of the acid in addition to the verification info the asset with steel folks who is the central intelligence agency director well a lot of this was going on
another noted swamp rat john brennan data one anybody looking into john brennan's role that is why john brown has been lashing out there molly was invested in the information verification process and has no interest job and look into that and make sure you keep the attention on trumped makes sense but other reason there is because the verification of the info was corrupted but to verify you should have the foreign asset and christopher steel was corrupted too did you notice how nobody is talking about this you folks wendy let me familiarize you with how some of this would work foreign assets there would at a minimum be some central intelligence agency input as the veracity of their information why would that be because this is what they do this is what the cia does the cia is on the ground churn
in developing new information every day from sources they cultivate over time it would be extremely rare in a counter intelligence investigation using a foreign sourcing christopher steel sourcing information from russia that the central intelligence agency would have no role whatsoever in authenticating this guy has a legitimate source or is information he's getting it from as a legitimate source now i'll give you the liberal come back to this the liberal comeback will be well christopher steel and work with the fbi before on the thief case the soccer scandal case really they didn't need to verify hemison acid or far there's no no no no no oh no why why i macho man because it was in steals information as anti my he has pointed out this national review pieces so many times
there is no verification of source by proxy steel as in steals info feel said he got the information from another source that's the guy that matters let me give you an example this motion this verification of the source matters and why deliver running from this all steel was a trusted sorts it's not his information if i am trying to get my neighbour put in jail for something you didn't do like you're trying to do to the trump team for this fate collusion charge right i can't walk into what police department talked with detective and say by a while i can but they're gonna have to do their homework to verify this and say somebody told me tat he was pull by someone else that mine a a year ago was a drug dealer now to police farmers free to look into whatever they want but they have to verify that in
what they can't do job what take and i do wish walk into a port swear to a set of facts based on what i just said hey i'm my neighbour johnny bag donuts dance neighbour is a drug dealer we need a warrant both the judges able who told you that damn not the end say a dance said that someone told him who told him the charge would be like that's funny guy that's a good one get out of my courtroom before i have you arrested i deadly sin the judge would laugh you are bought out there so france if if you weren't if you weren't fired the next day the judge would problem they have one of his eyes ass the united states authorities at least the federal level call the field office be like don't some guy my court room again you know what form it should be i'm not getting here now would never happen because no assistance states attorney lawyer for the government would sign any kind of petition to the coup
affidavit they would they would laugh you out of eastern district in new york rise to work as a federal agent so fast would be comical they would oh yeah i'm not kidding they would call your boss the joe conway used to be the aim a guy the assistant united states attorney where i worked in eastern district for as a secret service agent doing counterfeit cases and a financial crimes he call your boss so fast to be they did you send this eighty it in here with an affidavit saying that he heard information from johnny you already from joey please tell me you didn't do that my boss name was marty marty please tell me you didn't come me you were never work a case again do you understand that's what happened in the trump case the fbi we gotta from chris steal all great who do you get from pick out a few guy milly honours up that millions gotta from oh i don't know you gotta from johnny who did johnny
get it from all we got from russian come again where's the russian i don't know this is what happened there verification of information was never done what better guy cover it than the guy who helped draw up the verification of information procedures the our vacation the asset was never done who would be involved that oh the cia who was running the cia o john breton does it make sense now brennan is so invested in lashing out against the president he is desperately desperately trying to keep the smoke screen up and buttressed mahler investigation to keep the attention on trump and famine the real scandal the info verified to spy on trump and neither was the asset because the said was not christopher steel
he was only the vehicle the asset was rush in that where the information in the dossier came from russian raw shen sore says let me say it again liberals raw a ship source is that can like rushing for a fraternity russian like a descriptor of someone from russia the country that place you don't take the cia would have some role in kind of shaken some trees to determine if those russian sources worth authentic made so they had no interest in doing that now maybe that's the real scandal now wouldn't steel if you needed joe when we try to convey can throw a little carbonic sorry if i get confusing run out of time here but
want a kind of put the cherry on after this what if the cia director i'm just asking questions here knew the information was bs what if they said to themselves sitting around a table ok this for me it's probably crap about this golden shower thing at all these trump connections that don't exist but what if we want and found that guy who is work the fbi in the past and will if we used him as the source of the information and am pushed him into the fbi into the court system is the source what have we the guy the f b i trusted who could that be i think any page i think you'd be right thank you daniel
we need a little marla brando here this is a godfather moment i think i'd be carter page carter page had already work with the fbi what if we used him as a com do it as a reason to put a legal face on this spying thing tat would be absolutely terrific he had worked the fbi in the past we you can say he had association with the russians that would be beautiful i served a parity we got ourselves a fall guy it would be beautiful and if what have to verify the information show his step to this well done well what if we had our patsy now we have a view because we have an entry point carter page because his work with us before carter pages work with the fbi tonight a russian spiny periodic off in the past now have the inn but what if as a vehicle to
wide information on our patsy we know is not true cost member that dossier has allegations about trump card or page all this junk in their right what if the info should we use to get our vehicle back into the court system in the pfizer courts he was perfect forgotten what if we use it the fbi's already work with christopher steel as we know he's work with the fbi on the soccer case in the past and then we can say this we could say look information was verified because it came from steel but it these pious cover to get in the courts with the judge because we can say to the judge before what this guy in the past and he's reliable but it's not is info now throw another wrinkling so you got your patsy carter page you got your information patsy that comes from a british by you work from in the past even know it didn't come from em
it's wind up in this whole mix so you pick bob or for the special council to run a smoke screen on hall this verification process that collapsed entirely the trump case you found patsy in passing carter pages an entry point despite the trump team the two hopper over get carter pages emails from half the hop the hop to basically entrapped the entire email text than phone operation the entire trump team then what you do you need to aunt kate information on carter page that's not all authentic so you we find the perfect i christoffersen these already worked with the fbi in the past four cia folks every people work and underneath john brenda knows what if they set themselves let's just and you came from steel therefore joe we can walk away for hear hear them swell lean back on track and away from the verification of the assets because we don't have to verify the asset its christopher steel he's already work with the fbi before fbi guys joe you go take
from here here gentlemen do the lincoln and not fbi as you got this right christopher steals our guy now let me draw up the last and final connection for you here it's going to blow your mind so it's going to cook your bagels here how would you find steel well alexander downer who we know at least according to the new york times australian diplomat with a history of working in the united kingdom also risks honourable in part and signed a government memorandum of understanding between the australian government and the clinton founded for the transfer of twenty five million australian taxpayer dollars to the current foundation we know from pressure what's a downer met with papa apple in a london bar where papadopoulos allegedly told honor about the russians having dirt on clinton
doubters supposedly then contacts american intelligence contacts he has whether its through the australians or not i dont know contacts the american intelligence community who could be contact was john breton how did that meeting happen where was downer on the board of hamlet and company downer was report board of hamlet and company for two thousand and eight to two thousand and fourteen hackers and company by the way by press reports a home for former british spies that doesn't agents gathering on the private side now who is a former british by christopher steel now you may say will you just sit down are left in twenty fourteen year but he still seen at a lot of these gatherings and mixing mingles with these folks so down talk in a brennan they need a source for
formation they know is false but a sorceress provided truthful information in the past he'll be that guy fine information on a patsy they'd already worked for in the past the down no steel downer of puts doubters relationship or christopher steel how is theo connected the down they know each other from accurate to hack with cod actions still how does down or no steel why was the united kingdom trying to hide steals name there are multiple plush reports after this went down to the united kingdom trying to keep steals name out of the press reports why i thought it tween downer papadopoulos care if he was workin for a private company is screwed up as information on a dossier wiped you care why is that i do kingdom trying to hide out information about steel let me ask you one final
and this is where i need the crowd sourcing to sum up the show that's how i started who set up that meeting between down or papadopoulos well from what we know from our research it was a good woman that papadopoulos was dating a woman he was dating who is now i think they're married now they have some kind of is there still with each other now the woman he was with whose work king for a guy to time named joseph miss food who took an who took a slaving interesting pop up was after he was hired by the trump team miss food seem to take an interest in papa thou plus miss food the girl friend worked for miss food how is miss food connected to this entire thing we know miss food as connections in the united kingdom in the government what am i
and ask your phocians is sincere question about where we are firstly working to crack this thing it's tough though there's a lot of people don't want talk did miss food start this whole thing who is the one who's at that meeting up would papadopoulos annette bar knowing that meeting was going to be used as an excuse to contact the cia in american intelligence agencies to stir the case against the trump team to spy on them that was already that have already begun member they need illegal avenue carter page christopher steel is a call for the information what's miss phoebe connection to this entire thing what's that knighted kingdom connection to this higher than this entire thing dismissed food no downer does downer no steel
and how is it by the way that a lobbyist that as contacts which theo who tried to put him in contact with democrats in the u s and a lobbyist that no steel also is a lobby that works from one of the biggest russian oligarchy in the entire country russia that it oh leg thereupon who is a friend a potent how these people are connected how did they all art this investigation the donald trump and how is that bob mahler fines absolutely at least to this point none of this interesting or if he does he certainly not saying because he seems to be exclusively targeting people related to the trump team not people related to the spying scale are i folks interesting webs that have been weaved we'll get to the bottom of it i promised i'm sorry i and get to some of the other stuff tonight maybe next week will pick ups where we left off here but
i was just blown away by some of the information that came unless i thanks again for another great we he's got upon gino dot com my website check out the stories today and i subscribe to my email is naked send him right write your email but thanks a lot actually you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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