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Ep. 708 Explosive New Texts Suggest the Witch Hunt Is Real

2018-04-27 | 🔗
Summary: The new texts, released yesterday, contain some explosive information indicating that the witch hunt against Trump may have been preplanned. Also, I address Jim Comey’s outrageous interview with Bret Baier and recent economic and Obamacare news.   News Picks: Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting: “Is the CDC really banned from researching gun violence?”   Are Republicans giving Obamacare repeal another shot?   An incredible piece which describes a potential intelligence back-channel used to build a case against the Trump team.    Jim Comey can’t be telling the truth; here’s why.    The teacher walkouts are spreading.    Some sour economic news. But better days are ahead.      Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.

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