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Ep. 726 There Will Be Order Here

2018-05-23 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the real reasons liberals are losing their minds over Trump’s comments about a violent gang. I also discuss the panic breaking out among former Obama administration officials as the Spygate timeline comes together.    News Picks: Today’s edition of liberal myth-busting.    Andy McCarthy’s terrific piece about the constantly changing origin story of Spygate.    Byron York also addresses the Spygate origin story.    Are FBI agents going to blow the whistle? Here’s what may be stopping them.    Denis Prager’s piece explains the real reasons liberals are enraged that Trump called violent gang members “animals.”    Big wins last night for anti-establishment candidates.   Support for “gun control” fades.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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then bungee notion give whether you to hear the truth about amerika with your host dan bone work of the devil gino shall produce joe how are you doing good for a wins light in biggest show ever yesterday you thanks to you thank you thank you very much i deeply deeply appreciate from the bottom of our biggest show ever we are now ah explode into the stratosphere downloads we're actually numbers a joke at a test of this being in terrestrial radio as well for his morning job didn't want to say day job just gets up at like two a dot m we are beating most major hit radio stations listener ship which is insane so thank you sir
what you all the best hey i have an explosive show for you today explosive i do sometimes you u objective my constantly who said but i can't think of another adjective lips are freak out i told you all i monitor very select liberal on twitter put it out of the show because i don't want him to block me that's why somebody's they give us the accounts do i can't because our block me i want some of these accounts on twitter these liberals and i can tell what's going on within the liberal movement and the level of panic joe based on the response from these select lives let's say some of em like media matters time some of former american pressure jennifer american progress type but one guy who as this one is not one specifically i'm entrepreneurs tipped off too by someone who is freak out on twitter right now a guy named max bergmann known liberal is panicking that core democrats are
but losing their political fight over the russia scare the yeah i told you the tide was turning because the truth is coming out and the true don't lie to me that may not be a yogi bearer ism but we're gonna make it one member go to people's funerals or else they will go to yours we love yogi bear as a threat that true don't lie democrats are panicking max men noted layer blackie is free out because the truth is coming up the kurds are losing the narrative gosh spy gay is being exposed in order makes me think of job you remember them rita italic everybody scene it you know that leonardo the cap your cape winslet movie theirs seen at the end when the ship is sinking everybody starts to panic and now
everybody charge starts to jump on the few remaining lifeboats and there's a ship i can officer on the ship who has a pistol and he shoots around me any goes on there i will be here there we'll be order here reckoning is coming to quote tombstone he's not look for range look afore reckoning its common smile little bit justice just this is happening i'll be it slowly but it's happening and that's why it is so important in these amid terms we had some good not establishment candidates winning primaries lesson i including chip roy out texas congratulations for congress orders coming that's why these mid terms are important you lose the house of representatives we are in a world of
but because we're gonna lose chairmanships and all this momentum is going to stop or on it will be order orders common and the left is freaking out now i've got some more neutron bombs for you about three for duties i wanna had tipp under cover you who burn this count on twitter which is caught suggests i don't know this guy is i've never met more woman no idea but they ve got just juicy tidbits a couple of which he put some links together i hadn't i mean so had tipp to him and i want to get to that but i got a couple other stories to i want to get too including it at your men its appearance by dennis prager this morning on our fox in france all right today show brought you buy i target we love i target anybody can own pistol our fire on but you have to own it and you have to know how to use it and use it professionally one of the best ways to pray this review firearms in the safety and security verona by dry firing that is when
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sir available at bonds you know dot com by website if you subscribe to my email is which i again greatly appreciated i will email you these articles every day along with other fantastic fines on the internet web to joke section four levels i know you're a little slower that's ok progress is peace talking about trump and his s thirteen animals comment and i could not agree more with the peace he's critique king a washing deposed peace by the clueless e g d on who is just a train wreck and in this washington post peace by the areas we shouldn't call anybody animals oh my gosh while we should when they act like animals actually really is an insult to animals because even animals don't gang tattoo themselves and torture brother animals so it's really kind of an insult animals but prager calls out die own and it's this just terrific peace national view about why it is absolutely necessary to
whose adjectives like tat to describe inhuman behaviour because it defines what humanity is and puts a perimeter around the fence of acceptable behaviour of which show surprisingly tat ye j d own outside of the and subhuman bay viewer is torture control and rape which is the motto of m s that's not what we defined as human ok outside of that we defer and that is outside of human therefore animal is thick indebted each ay clueless the not bag writing for the washed imposed not job but prager one on facts and friends this morning and i'm watches prep and for the show and i actually start with something else but his appearance was so good he so good he so talented dennis and its ability to distil difficult concept easy talking point i like manna going to cover the sun the show he said something today and i was like that is nice and it's something
oh you when i tried take credit for denisov idea don't take this the wrong way it is then you and i have been trying to explain for a long time that candidly i think he just explain better said talking i d j d on the washed imposed liberal not job objecting emma s thirteen gang members being called animals he said the left hates people who fight evil and i thought that the there you go then going big big what to check a better we got someone on ethics to explain this using various thought leaders some explanation of why live rolls align with malaria went malignant malicious evil groups i get the question level i dont get it like the liberal the line with algae bt groups but then arise in line with i ran in the ariane deal that throw people were gay off buildings right joanna like tat i get this
after all the time tat we get a josie suddenly emails we're like their deerlike otto get it it doesn't make sense i dont liberals are for gay rights no no no no no you missing the point i've tried to explain it using dare david horowitz is paradigm of the anti anticommunist that liberals believe in he stayed tyranny we believe when freedom and individual rights in order for the to advance their police state big government tyrannical agenda they have to combat individual liberty and individual fought at any moment so david horowitz as the anti anticommunist approach that liberals will align with anyone no matter how evil as long they combat individually the liberty and there are certain components of is i make radicalism of the united states fervour in the end i ran in the united states is a symbol of individual liberty that peace is people executed we appeals not a pieces of does a peace summit appeals
the people on the left because they are where the anti communist and they are the the iranians and others are the anti anticommunist there again started so there are natural ally get it how that's a little bit of a complicated convoluted explanation but it's a genius one on prager just at best this morning and simplified it even more the last page well who fight evil why and i thought about it that's crazy had tipp dennis the left and i'm not talking about all democrats you and i'm gonna be crystal clear might be talking about all liberals here i'm talking about the radical far left joe complain a radical far left it knows exactly what they are doing it's actually a realm did small sliver of the democratic party unfortunately that slivers increasing size the left page we will fight evil to quote dennis prego because the left needs evil the radical left joe needs evil but it me
evil to rebuild be redefined as anything other than evil think about what i'm telling you is very important the farmer radical agenda is to wipe out the individual rights in favour of rights granted to you by the state and only rights granted to you by the state in other words your money is not yours it's the states they'll give you what they choose ten percent twenty percent they'll keep eighty ninety but your mind for them to convince you that your money is their money they have to convince you you have no individual big our right to the fruits of euro labour makes sense gioia your health care in order former government run health care the left has to convey you that you have no individual right to europe well being that your health care is a collective responsibility that you are a burden on the state when you get older and this state will impose upon you a
care system that fold you went to the collective agenda not your individual agenda which is to live education your case your kids it's not your job it's a stage job sex education liberal education the indoctrination this is this each job the public school system is a vehicle for them to do that europe education of your kids and yourself is not your responsibility to state in order to do that the state has to do things that are evil that are just plain evil what are those things but you can call them evil you get a job in the left needs to read them i'm evil and they don't want you to recognise evil because if you recognize evil is a bad thing and you talk about it by calling people animals the left doesn't want to reckon nice evil at all they just want to talk about it as if it some means to a greater it's just plotted be inhuman damage is put you in human it's the dumb
in down year of morality so the left hates people fight evil because and i haven't calves here because they recognize evil number one people fight evil recognize it is bad but the left needs evil needs to redefine it on its turn right therefore they don't i called out and defined by conservatives now if you read the work four friedrich kayak in the road to serve them we talked about how you can make freedom and political freedom are always mary together really matter who you vote for if everybody you vote for controls the fruits of your labour and everything about your life doesn't matter i vote for joe i vote for bob but they're both communist tyrant who control everything about my life now my economic freedom is there doesn't matter you vote for political political freedom and economic freedom are married but he all mary together and always will be but he asked talks about in the book how the eye
here that a government can treat people fairly notice how evils redefine this fairness rico irish people to be treated unequally in other words if joe and i then forget me joe the item by item at disparaging your work in this but i need you for this example so role with the ponchas rural if joe when i buy ache communist overseer who we live in his little island there's just three of us determine joe and i to be treated fairly and make the same amount of money although our skills as their transmitted off the imo whatever they may be joe produces you know cocoanut milk i produce and and airborne podcast product that makes it out over a satellite through the main island and those skills or value differently by people i still say are worth hundred thousand dollars jos fifty but the car just to oversee the answer is no no you must be treated fairly that require that communist overseer to take me
for me that i had earned and but to joe to level out our salaries that is inherently evil ass right it is either the idea of the taking report you didn't learn and them it takes a cut for himself to the communes and if you know comply they kill you that's the essence of communism hundred million plus debts because people don't want to give up the fruits of the roma where they want to feed their own families first day care recognize that the left care recognize that is evil but left can't read nice s thirteen as animals or evil because they want evil redefined and dumb down what's recognition of evil there's a recognition that human beings can be evil that human being to run government can be evil and at the inherent rule over other people by people in a government who have a propensity towards evil themselves is evil
it was a critical critical point these the illusion the government could treat people fairly means that people have to be treated unfairly because somebody has to work extra to support somebody else who either doesn't want to work or didn't put in the work to produce skills valuable enough to earning money for meda level out the playing field between bobby and henry when bobby and we don't work the same amount and don't have the same skills means i have to steal from bobby to give from henry which if its defined this evil people one vote for it therefore the left hates any recognition of evil at all and any recognition of individual human differences swath gluttony whatever it may be they can't stand it they know what people who fight evil and i thought it was an absolutely brilliant outstanding point by dennis prager
and when you combine that that the recognition of evil means that people in government can be evil therefore the government can do evil deeds in its in its in its lost to treat people eat lee which really means you have to treat people unfairly when recognize that it causes people to question everything they don't want that well put combine that yeah it makes sense right you combine that with david horwitz is eighty anti communist theory which is right about that we're the anti communist we believe in individual liberty and freedom the at the end communist will align with anyone evil or not to fight against individual liberty in their quest to squash it to empower or an and grow the state which the calm at your expenses that at all except it's a really really wonderful piece national viewed short savary long but craig are always has a way of doing that i heard about this morning and i just thought
great and i just want to also on the animals line while we're on this topic i want to again applaud and send a big tip to the trump administration for joe again a given that we'll barreled middle finger to deliver media liberal hat up on the hill establishment swamp rat geo p cowards with no gots anna spines made a ball so would i want to applaud the trumpet you think i was dramatic enough thereby applaud the trumpet duration trump call me gang members animals they are animals there savages there the pigs of pigs these these beasts calls amount for who they are and the the bureau media flips out again you know the whole storage explained it would prager liberal media freaks out because i want to recognize evil anywhere cosette so they are including each day on and what it promptly joanna did you see this he's alive but a story in their dinner the out about it today check this out
the white house script classic stopped it administration puts out a press release i think it was yesterday puts out of here police titled thirteen animals like why their animals i'd like value that lacks job job instead of coward republic in balsam would spine chumps who in the past week a man by really fiery waste why i recall the battles but we really mad that's not will we so i put out a press release fellers airbus thirteen animals why their animals i love this guy and and let me tell you something a little bit of advice for you out there if you're gonna get in this arena if you are can it be an activist if you are going to run her office as a conservative fewer gonna get to the content space writing podcasting radio television talking had work let me give you a warning don't ever forget this if you
are not wrong don't ever apologize now grey there are things you're going to say sometimes at you wish you could have worded better annual you know there's nothing wrong with that it's part of being human but if you are wrong my trunk was don't ever ever apology that was a question to trump i believe in one of the debate about him very worrying sorry for something new and he was like basically not let us remember that and you know i'm not now i dont disagree with this guy strategy right if you if you haven't done anything wrong like this animal scum ever been i'll tell you why the minute these labour oh goons in the media and these establishment g p swamp rat sniff it's a sent a mild waft thing of weakness you you become a perpetual target enemy tat some i know this from my twitter i doubled on liberal gounod all the time you come
after me you are getting mauled all day relentlessly nonstop and hennis asymmetric warfare because i am more followers than mostly you will never stop aden mcgann i could for media i'd that's what's it did the effort the other guy for media matters east another guph i forget his name but when they come after i relentlessly filet these people all day i expose their dare silliness don't ever ever given again if you're wrong you're wrong if you're not lay trop don't ever apologize double triple quadruple down and i'm telling you these liberal i've no heart they are not ready for fight i know it they don't know what to do job they have no heart i mean it on that democrats want to be clear proposals have no heart guys these they have no fight day been neutered they have in training to be weak they have grown up in
condemning institutions in many cases around liberal friends in some cases around liberal families that have taught them to be perpetual victims what is the motto of conservative tough guy the tough women out there don't be a victim be a sheep dog the sheep dog against the wolves to quote david grossman from his book on killing which is an amazing book be a sheep dog be a dog and fight what that's our motto this is why i encourage you don't ever be don't don't ever be dissuaded from from getting in this fight don't ever sit there and depression mode in one flew over the cuckoos nesta you know don't ever get into that it the cycle actually disturbed mode it we're look you're not losing we're winning there not ready for this fight they have been taught the victims and you have been taught to be sheaf dogs every time you have been taught to fight back you
been skill them the facts you been scale than the data you been earn it in the data you ve educated yourself you read the books you understand what's going on liberals have taught themselves to to retreat into crying rooms with color forms every time there's a fight when they attack you and you flip on the double bird and go on a full frontal thirty front assault against them they don't know what to do you know what i see it on twitter we cry cried the whining crowd dare not ready theirs no flakes your sheep dogs have no fear this it is not in any way over they are in this war of ideological attrition they are why are we not ready they are playing totally wink well you're involved in into trench warfare yeah we're all my gosh their winning re argue that winning what hollywood's did the ticket receipts for hollywood are down twenty percent colleges
take this liberal goofball approach are losing students like crazy you read that article in the wall street journal today about evergreen college a liberal col that decided to go even further left let me just quick me a didn't it ever green college show they decide a while ago that they were going to do this no white people allowed on campus dandy yeah it wasn't like sanctioned by the college but be sanctioned by a group and a college did nothing to stop that here so this professor why is this said bs i'm going to compress a teacher michael's while he almost got assaulted on campus this is pathetic bloated in their face look at the article three the tehran people leaving school there apple patients are down dramatically folks it what you will losing the now fell all they decided they decided to get in with the cry room people into color forms what happened nobody's watching go out of business but they do want a business they were doing
their story can i show you a winning show anatomy bigger they have shown oddities now the number one radio shows in the country talkers which you are familiar with has you better not has overtaken this is crazy russia's pin number one russian boys great two forever article three had an now number one part of the euro we flips the double bird to color form liberals and crimes are ready for the fire right nice job shown yeah he's number one his show at my number one as you routinely foot these idiots off the ground media matters debate joel kid i don't even that was you media battery remember that other goofball always goes after you lose you lose we win the sheep dogs there sit cry rube we're out there with kettlebells reading no books fighting to fight training ourselves for a
perpetual now ideological fight in the long run your hardened your battle scarred you been insult in college you been ripped by your neighbors you ve been portrayed as a bunch of neanderthals on tv you been told by sophisticated academics how stupid you are when they tell you to push to weep was five you ve been told all this you been laughed tat you ve been mark you ve been insulted on twitter you took your skin is six inches thick by these color forms playing with them paint by members in the cry rooms you win a lose you're not ready for this there not ready don't ever forget that that took a lot longer than i have guns abandoned and i'm edward twenty five minutes into the shell but it's important i need you to understand that because i can allotted depressed emails what are we gonna to do just remember they are panicking this effort efforts me
chuck ross lee smith molly hemingway the federalist have shown davis sarah carter sean hannity mark levine relentless efforts to expose spy gate despite john bruton was it you see em unite de jong time roofless attacks on us whereas there is not big despite the fact that we can we quote left leaning sites have we source everything we talk about on the show punch you knows spears either they are finally realise that they have lost the narrative its lost by gate is now the story russian collusion is dead because of a long protracted thick skin fight you tough guys and tough woman out there were willing to fight while the collar form crying room crowd sat in regard to fear a faint there i bear them so much anymore is it
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has a peace so good i know i quote is work uses work a lot at its it this one is just the minutes at the pinnacle mccarthy as a piece of national review yesterday it's it's a little shorter and comparative some of his comparable comparable some has other work but it's a piece about the can ethics simply changing narrative about how this investigation started the investing the spy bing operation at the trump it is amazing i can't courage you enough to read it there are multiple tidbits and gems in this thing i'm gonna do still it down to some of the main points but i can encourage you strongly enough to read its available at my shone out but you know that come couple points why does the timeline keep changing in this case i am and i thought after i read unlike the way explain this to my audience and take it out to it please digestible thirty thousand foot future right and i
this to my co author on the book yesterday i said i got here it is when you understand that the hiring of carter page and george papadopoulos by the trump tee as foreign policy advisers where view by the obama clinton access as an opportunity and not a legitimate threat from russia the whole thing makes sense think about what i just told you explains everything we have been told repeat of explains also why the timeline keep shifting show this does it make the fbi need to explain this way because they spied on a presidential candidate you damn well better have a good reason why does mccarthy goes do the in first that all was border page who started the and the fbi investigation because why folks white why does the
we need to explain this way because they spied on a presidential candidate you damn well better have a good reason why is that keep changing one when i get to that effect the first explanation was carter page took a trip to moscow and f b i found that suspicious therefore the operation to spy on trump yeah exactly to get started i did that explanation fall apart that explanation fell apart because the information about carter pages trip to moscow and why it was so dangerous was all in the dossier which turned later tippy fake so the f b i was wrong what do we do now we can't tell the american people we spied on a presidential candidate because of our summary piece of paperwork that's fake so
then we learned from the compliant hacks at the new york times it was an hour nothing more than probable you take the new york times seriously shame really shame on you hasten he is going to embarrass these people they are there nothing more than a russian propaganda that now there a joke right the new year times people the fbi managers the fbi and political hacks realised that the carter page stories now bunk they need a better reason given none of these are the real reason i'm gonna get to that the second i'm telling you what we were told carter page he did at the bar they moved on then to our another trump foreign power see adviser george ok here the ass joe he met with this australian in a bar and mention something about hilary females that's what started the whole thing meeting in may ah ok all right ma george papadopoulos did him now we find out the dat narrative is changing as well because
stairs no they did george papa this story has entirely collapse if george papadopoulos had access to the dnc emails that were hacked then why is it that papadopoulos when he this contacted by joseph myths are not get to the settlement at the worry wasn't told but the unseen males he was told about hilary see males in other words if the fbi right you follow me joseph this is import if the fbi story about papadopoulos is true that the russians hacked the dnc and try to work with trump at those hacked emails are to embarrass them until the election and you're saying that the pop adopt alice meeting with alexander downer is the one that star this investigation into russians hack into dnc now we find out that papadopoulos
i was told by june if miss another questionable character i get too in a second at the emails that the russians had dirt on hilary papadopoulos it i assumed he meant to a thousand emails that hilary claims are missing still joe are you following me here they are talking about apples and arduous department apple is storing fell apart how could papadopoulos peace russian polluter on b and c hacked emails if the fbi whole story is about a conversation popping up was didn't even have about the dnc emails it was about hilary z and by the way someone pop up was that make it up ok the bureau saying this is about happy dnc see therefore started investigation based on papadopoulos he wasn't about actaean z males he was talking about hilary z there are two separate things pillory server was in our house
does it was illegal nancy server was at midday and see these we're not connected they are deaf cases all together right right right pillory server was probably hacked by the russians because it was a private server in your bathroom today see server hack is an entirely different case that story fell apart so the but that police story the new york times and there you know that the problem that times in or other people how to change stories again now they're back in a wave master while so they backing away from that story because now in the neutron bomb bob evolved neutron bomb explosive revelations we find out if you listen show you found out marge buddy you read the mainstream media you just found out this week there was a spy i still a spy working for
fbi making contact with the trump orbit why did this further the collapse of the populace narrative because if case started on july thirty first when the fbi open the case member there saying the second story was we started this case on july thirty first because that's when we were notified about this may meeting between papadopoulos adopt doubter follow me is important we open this case about the dnc hacked emails and russia collusion on july thirty first this is up i story number two because we were notified by the australians about a meeting between papadopoulos downer we're papadopoulos said he had a dirt on hilary while if that happened then how is it that the spy that was workin for you helper contact with carter page two weeks earlier oh oh oh you did
yes in mid july the case four july thirty first how is it that you recruited or is there an already recruited fbi intelligent spy asset you got him on your payroll you read it for this case adam going in the middle of july your case was open july thirty first show hasn't happened twilight zone you to be a soccer to believe this that i'm why doesn't work mccarthy walks this is pieces a gem and he says what let me give you a proposal on what i think the real story is now let me go to my thirty thousand foot pull it off for me when you understand and that the hiring of carter page george papadopoulos in march by the trump team
as foreign policy advisors is viewed as an opportunity a russian threat everything makes sense now keep in mind and want her feet yesterday this important these umpteen could not hire a lot of known foreign policy people who familiar with the workings of politics because i've been scooped out by these seventy five thousand people running for president from lindsey grant marco rubio view foreign policy people for trump woodwind so they all jumped into the campaigns that candidly they'll tell you this now they probably had a scoop the bottom of the barrel to get credible people trump goes up to an editorial board meeting they question and nobody wants to join you this actually happened nobody wants to join you campaign in the foreign policy side trump whips out a piece of paper is meaningless now i've got these guys whose names around there repaid georgie papa day
the names are out there the names make it back somehow to the obama administration carter page and already worked with the fbi as an informant for the fbi to nail a russian spy demand oh a russian spy not the other way around george apodaca list somebody probably said george papadopoulos disguise never done anything in the past we can hammer this guy when you understand the hiring was viewed as an opportunity because the narrative weep and told the whole time was page and papadopoulos were unique threats to the country because they could be in by the russians looking to collude to win the election that this threat was so great that we had a spy in the treaty that is not what happened
nobody seriously believe that carter pages only role with the russians was to get a russian spite locked up put the fbi what reason a person sits in a room at the white house at a meeting for out there carter page and george papadopoulos are now working with the trump team is foreign policy if i they can't get anybody else and goes on gas these are definitely russian spies how does that even make dense pop about what had is resume was is light is it can get he had a fabricate poland's of it four pages only role with the russians was he wished to try to recruit and the f b i use them to arrest the russians this hat let me get this straight he's a russian spy working to lock operations that big sense that you idiot look up the case here any period of carter page person one carter page by the way
hu the russians referred to and mccarthy points this out is peace as an idiot in the indictment i'm not kidding so he's a russian spy helping the fbi i got russian spies who the russians call an idiot and this is pressing don't you think the russian spy so you have to spy on the job get me my gosh how stupid are you if you believe this go back to my thirty thousand foot when you understand that that meeting and i get to that the second because this is where mccarthy really just drops it the hammer big tommy drops they ve twelve hammer like i've never seen catch fire of course when you understand at the me that when the names carter page and george papadopoulos came up this was viewed as an opportunity to insert assets into the trump
orbit and not a legitimate russian threat the entire case makes sense and that's why the timeline never works out and why nobody will agree on the genesis of this case because nobody wants to say what is categorically true right now that there were as no threat from the russians the threat was hillary clinton was gonna lose the election that by the timeline keeps changing now mccarthy proposes a what actually have it's so member carter page was the original story newport couldn't have been the story f b i was using it based on the dossier the dossier was fake so they ran from that story times helps provides no was papadopoulos talking a downer interesting because he wasn't it talking about the dnc emails any information he got from some other shady catnip miss it
talking about hilary gmail also the dead apple story makes no sense because of how could pop up less the case of started on july thirty first if the fbi spy contact that a member the trunk team two weeks earlier than july thirty four does it make sense the timeline keeps change because there was a meeting this national security coalition council group of national security leaders joe the date of this meeting this it's going to be the radical break at a stone of the case eight of this national security meeting is going to be key what's the problem joam nobody will give the date everybody was was involved in this meeting and we don't now who is there were guessing it was call me clapper based on a broad based on who would attend these things traditionally call me clapper brennan the the
ager puppet masters in this case everyone keeps talking about a national security meeting joe in late spring where the top of carter page came up remember the higher page is viewed as an opportunity hence in march people when the white house and other people in the clinton campaign brand in these others carter page transpired him any work with us on a russia case once we gotta anti tribe story russian collusion got it gotta get it you get it it's this happens in march ok what do we do when we et spying pays of any evidence or we can follow evidence if the clinton team pays a british spider go get fake evidence that's do that brilliant broadway for that was against commercial beginning yeah i got it back for minorities is great you ask a question seven thousand methyl bromide let's do this what just make up the evidence
let's have hilary steam pay a law firm perkins kui hey fusion gps to pay a british spy to go get vacant patient from the russians and then we'll spying harder page based on that and it will leave information to reporters and will use the reports they write about the dossier to purchase the fact that the information policies corrected court file is way what come again i want to lose you though here now you're good this clearly he gets hatched at this meeting the meeting to meeting the meeting where according to multiple counts the carter page issue comes up this national security me we're all the major co conspirators or their joe why does any body remember the data that mean job let me ask you something which are one iota put together like a bomb gate shall with pieces stuff but if i use you to go back and polish show you know if i said joe
number that show we did about the fawn helper how long you think you could take you to find that our two maybe problem maybe even less right propolis you think if a major national security meeting happen between com but we happened right i mean i can tell you when i did the advance for president this meeting happen and of whether you think there might be an email excel spreadsheet google calendar amongst just one many people who attended about when and where that meeting actually occurred you think i am sure yeah you think that would probably happened right i mean i can tell you when i did the advance for president obama in indonesia can give you the exact dates and who was their irony we're going to prague for the start treaty you think a national security council meeting where all major players are present and they're going to talk about today
hiring carter page how this was such a quotes devastating threat to the country that someone would remember the day but mysteriously joe nobody can remember it nobody nobody i can remember the date wow why do i think i can tell you that date might butter put her braces omnibus live in its verona park marilyn but nobody can remember data this critical meeting where this entire plot was hatchway is that why does but he keeps saying again had to pay the mccarthy pointed this out always late spring late spring because they don't want the days to come respond with the hiring of carter page beak when it comes out that this meeting occurred after tromp hired carter page papadopoulos with zero evidence that either one of them at any point had been corrupted by anything
it will become clear this was a political head job not an intact budgets and law enforcement wanna you track and what i'm saying yes sir i am dossier on carter page wasn't available to them until the summer days have the fake information to spy on him yet the meat between god george papadopoulos down or doesn't happen ptolemais the meat between papa and myths sir where mr tells him about dirt on hilary doesn't happen on april twenty sixth this national security coalition so meeting of principles joe happened today after the announcement of corridor page and papadopoulos with no information at all that they were involved in any nefarious activities all of these clowns we're gonna go down because it's gonna become obviously this was a political head job based on no information that they were
polluters because none of that information was available it's why nobody will give you the date late spring joe happened too late spring late spring what does that mean folks this is the biggest political hatchet job i have seen and i tell you you are a colossal soccer if you are a liberal and you believed that this thing is legit so i mean i'm not a shout and fraud guy but gosh watching the collapse of liberals in their cry rooms as they realize they have completely lost control this thing is the finer moments in my life up there with the knight of the trump victory walking out of that conservative review tv headquarters there right outside of the hill then in d c and watching the just complete panic on the streets and washed the dishes this guy for chicken little everywhere it was just a beautiful thing there
i kinda hotel switchover from cnn the fox news ass i walked into the lobby as a new tromp was gonna win all was it great almost create what a night are you track him i'm telling you that when i got a couple more things i want to get together no rush i am that was well done followed at the timeline kit thank you the time i'm keep changing i'll cover this on my internet tv show to night five thirty pm eastern time life and are to be thou com it's free but the time and keeps changing because they don't want to how the case really started the case started when com the page and papadopoulos were hired boy they saw it as an opportunity to spy not illegitimate threat when they were hired they had no information at all that these guys were threats russian polluters anything you understand this they started investigation based on nothing nothing into these two people and inserted a spy and had no
information whatsoever that these guys were russian polluters none that's why all late spring late spring they will never give you they earn you know they have that day you know it has to give us the date right tat i shall also by filter by its wrinkled in time unlike trumpets cleaning out corrupt officials you can clean up the air you breathe and make your age vat system great again and folks don't procrastinate otherwise dust mould and pollutes will clog up your eight track system in a become inefficient and and of causing you a lot of money sounds like the federal government clean up your system with my friends a filter buys a great company america's leading provider of each rack filters for homes and small business they carry over six hundred different filter sides we all need air filters this is your company including custom options all ship free within twenty four hours plus two manufactured right here in amerika filter by offers a multitude of merv options all the way up the hospital gray that some clean air there
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agent what's going on here because i we get this email alot knits a legitimate question people say to me down i don't get it if you saw corruption in the secret service would you speak out in the answer is yes of course and this fairly enough somerset me will where all these fbi guys and women clearly people know about this spy gate abomination what happened where all the whistleblowers folks read the cat we pick it peace at all make sense i know i know how this works whistle blowers or afraid afraid that come from that making excuses for any body don't mistake what i'm saying i'm just telling you these are people with jobs and families who are terrified the picket peace stuart and i can tell you what happens in the federal government by the way when they want to expose whistleblowers sometimes for not so terrific reasons not words oh you run the abies a federal agencies want foresman there's misconduct going on it's not in your best interests to have the misconduct expose so what are they
they try to prevent whistleblowers and aid called my leaks and what do they do they start polygraph and everyone i'm telling you someone who's been brewer polygraph twice its hard to beat folks oh it is it is really really difficult if your polygraph annually information even if it is to the benefit of the general public and exposing corruption you're gonna be caught your power they'd be fired and have to sue later to get your job back and claim whistle bureau protection all that other stuff you track image out yet that's one of the reasons pure why not just call the media because they're gonna polygraph everybody the minute lee comes out you're gonna worry the one going down that's why is important the picket pieces so that it can maintain the cards by the way you listening that if congressional subpoenas where start to flow joe to people involved in this thing i know one specific person who could probably use one right now that all of us
sudden these fbi agents would be more willing to talk because they would have protections from congress and they would also have most of their legal legal avenues covered by the fact that congressional subpoena i'm not gonna get to bent story i'd like you to read it but there is a little ain't that people in congress who are listening that there are people five than is who if you would drop a few subpoenas maybe be willing to talk get what i'm saying the pie a graph sir flow and fast and furious and people don't want to lose their jobs and the sooner we get him back ok now are we have that clipped show this is important this is my hat tipped that undercover huber account on twitter which has been doing some really terrific i've no i got no idea this man or woman is but it's really good stuff i saw a jam on their yesterday let me just read it to you and i want to tell you why this is so important and why you need to know it and most importantly why the swamp is freaking out why the panic level now swap i'm not talking about the same
romania acts i was talking about before the liberal media hacks on twitter like deck i opened up the show it was a bergmann their freaking out because they are interested in the maintenance of power maintaining power the advancement of the deep state the big eight the biggest government and need diminishment of individual rights and to do that they need to some point when elections and when the presidency when they the narrative they're afraid the politically they're losing the advantage here that's why they're panicky john bread and jim clapper and the hacks out their johnny fabs than the rest of us are we can out because some of them have viewer criminal liability in this folks criminal this about politics to them it's about politics to the radical left and power to them it's about some we're going to go to jail why because there were felony leaks of information now i want you first to play this cubby played before but it's an important cut
jim call me testifying on the hill i want you to pay particular attention he's talking to rapid lease the font had to the conservative we ask as you pointed this out a while ago and represented least defining a republican is asking jim call me about hey when there's an existence of cia investigation onwards investigations the drum what's the procedure notifying congress and in the second caught watch jim oh me stammer as to why he didn't notify congress and then i'll get into the leak it'll be important play the cut thank you mrs crawford mr fox mr chairman thank you director comin admiral rogers for your testimony today my first set of questions are directed at director call me oddly when the fbi has any open counter intelligence investigation what are the typical protocol or procedures for notifying the dna the white house and senior conversion
leadership there is a practice of a quarterly briefing on sensitive cases to the chair and ranking of the house and send intelligence committees and the reason i hesitated thanks to feedback we ve got we're trying to make it better and that involves a briefing of the department of justice leave the day and i and ii some portion of the national security council at the white house so if that's what you wanted we stand before congress has so it's quarterly for all three then senior congressional leadership the white house and the day and i think that's right now that's by practice not by rule or by written policy which is why thanks to the chair in rank and giving us feedback we're trying to tweak it in certain ways gotta three major take away the least the fabric when do you breathe congress and others about any annie
open sea i investigation well we brief them quarterly liberals out there that means every three months i know you have a tough times about sensitive cases so the fbi supposed to brief congressional oversight quarterly every three months on sensitive cases he says then killer there though that i haven't seen anybody pick up he said out we we brief the national security council typically before congress each make sure to put that in their why was at the same national security council in the late spring briefing why he makes but to put that in their joe we notify the vienna see first and it may be congress smile so you notified congress quarterly not so much so since in your opening statement you confirm that there is a counter intelligence investigation currently open and you also of reference that it started in july when did you notice
i the dna the white house or senior congressional leadership question congressional leadership some time recently they were briefed on the nature of the investigation in some detail i said i was a department justice have been aware of it all along the dna don't know what the dna knowledge of it was because we didn't have a dna until mr coats took office and i briefed him his first morning enough so just a drill down on this if if the open astrogation began in july and the briefing of congressional leadership only occurred recently why was there no notification prior to the recent the past month i think our decision was it was a matter of such sensitivity that we wouldn't included in the quarterly briefings so when you state decision is that your decision is that usually your decision what gets briefed in those quarterly updates notes
the decision of the head of our kind or intelligence division andrews again to get their detailed on the record why was the decision made not to brief senior congressional leadership until recent when the investigation had been opened since july a very serious investing why was that decision made to wait months because of the sensitivity of the matter who are we go there we go there grave so unclear number one rewind if you miss their click the fifteen second back but jim how do you brief congress about investigations countered tell just message we breathed them quarterly unquote sensitive cases hey why didn't you congress for eight months liberals eight months that's greater than three months three months is quarterly we have twelve months in a year just do the math worry i know this is stopped so i a jimbo why didn't you prove congress for
months after you breathe the national security council that at a late spring briefing nobody seems to remember the date for why didn't you brief them for months later five months after when you were supposed to brief them right well depends on when it would happen right could have been more could have been a little less right why did you wait eight months ago ethical question no no it's big question you not glad why didn't you breathe for eight months when he was supposed to brief them quarterly because of this its activity of the matter after he just got done telling our that brief quarterly on sensitive cases that's it doesn't call me so more disguise a fraud he's a total liar now what does this have to with anything why is call me panicking right now with clapper and brennan and he's other deep stated it isn't the politics they know they have the the media to cover their botz some
but he leave this to the new york times somebody committed a felony had i know this had tipp the undercover hooper guy being shot from the latest new york times peace joe keep em in the timeline the cases bindon july of twenty sixteen july thirty first of twenty sixteen interesting because spies reached out to the trump team sooner than that fascinating how that happen cases open in july this post a brief congress of oversight quarterly data step two brief until march way way past the deadline but they ve told the national security council and a and in a meeting that nobody can see to remember the day joe late spring ass she kind a sword but what off the edge things in that july to march period of march
next year july twenty sixteen march twenty seventeen where jim com doesn't brief congress on sensitive cases because the case is sensitive to widen say that wrong that's his words i drank some silly hopefully the new york times gets a scoop from the latest near times peace and i quote in late october in response to it since from the times law enforcement affair shows acknowledge the investigation but heard stories straight they said they screw dies of mr schwab's advisers but found no proof of any russian hacking the resulting article on october thirty first reflected that cost and said that agents had uncovered no conclusive or directly between mr trump and the russian government is it dad incredible so congressional oversight no donor we're not going to notify them about a sensitive case when they get notified about sensitive cases because it sensitive but according to
new york times when they call joe in response two questions from my time in response the question from the new york times long for from an officials fbi work a okay with tell them about the existence of the investigation some body may be looking orange jumpsuit ah ah where are we i'll be order here justice has come just be a little pale i'll see you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than online in time a conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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