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Ep. 769 A Trap Is Being Set

2018-07-24 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the grave error the anti-Trump crowd, and the media, are making after the release of the FISA application.    News Picks: This Byron York piece asks a critical question: Why is Bob Mueller handing off critical cases?   This blog post perfectly describes the differences between capitalism and socialism.    Will Donald Trump veto the upcoming spending measures?   This piece fact-checks the “fact-checkers.”    Why are liberals so concerned about this new IRS mandate?    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan. Bon Jour, my gosh, I can't take it, kicked it the double down there with every single time. I can't stop Jai. Now they cannot stop the lips. There me Bodies, their media boot, Likud acolytes, they cannot stop. My wife just walked in the room here. Job and she's like what he can talk, but then I said I had a whole big show lined up, but I gotta change the beginning around, because I just can't believe how many people liberal media group, balls clowns, jokers non serious people are throwing away any remnant of professional credibility. They had left in an effort to defend this absolute hoax of a case.
incredible and allows or grumbling at their very and it goes ahead or care ignoring. It reminds me gotta that that careful from Leslie we also had the naked gun series. Everything's fine air, folks, there's all explosions going off often a background, nothing to worry about it. I can't get over it. Folks, smile today about knowing trumps Approval is up his approval amongst publicans is the second highest for it. You know an Inter Party approval rating. We ve seen in modern history. The meat its approval ratings are, in the can add people who care about Russia based on poles is less than one percent of the population. Just smile a little because I know it's tough every day get these emails and people say, can what are we do we need the arrests now, I'd, listen! I'm with you I get it. We need investigations if there's crimes. We need prosecutions, I get it
just telling you don't lose them. As for the trees, practically speaking this Entire fiasco has just said the walls have come. Legally collapse, the media has no professional credibility left. The Democrats, cab, immerse themselves in a swamp of fake russian collusion to the detriment of focusing Any substantive issue, Donald Trump approval, is up. The media. It was in the can. We are actually winning here, I will get the way to the substantive investigations to today during the shell, but that I got a lot to get to producers. How are you today you dont are doing. Well, I got through the rain. Ok, I'm in Maryland isn't had a running canoe and believe we were there we were sent out Joe, is telling me yeah man. He called me out of we're gonna make it. Fifteen minutes aims right on time. We start at the same time. Every day, as I have a very heavy foot, yeah
tell I could tell some of the universe troopers out. If you see Jos car it's an emergency, he needs like one of those Yellow lights they give the constructive you don't shop and hop in New York. They do it backwards. The emergency life for cops is red ball around the country is blue in New York is backwards by the cops are red, fire but a blow and Emma Construction people, they get those yellow lights Joe. You need that was his yellow light under the stars key and how much they put the ball. Merger that, like nice, compliment by the way from a listener who thought your? Your drops had been fed, to which I agree with egg it, but so what prompted me then? I'm running this is what I want to start. our crystal lizard CNN, who listen- I don't know they're gonna, it's not personal at all. Who is just it I mean he's is predictions of an entire. be discredited and I treated and back a photo of him predicting tromp had- and I'm zero chance of winning the presidency, why you say something so dumb at that? That's that's! Factually not correct zero! Two trump card
possibly have had zero chance of winning. The presidencies in the race has been a being raise, gives it more than but he died. I tweeted out of washed impose the article he wrote about that, but so is treated this morning say it with me. The FBI investigation was prompted by George pop up was meeting with a professor working with the FBI. Not because of this the odyssey here we go again. Police state ignoramus is like Silesia, who I work for the police state pretend to be media people now, for the umpteenth thousand time, trying to change the locusts of attention away from the card. Page five. The bottle now we're going back to Papadopoulos Papa the Carter page card page Pompidou, Papa Carter, page Carter, page Papa Day. This is the Democrat liberal Visa whenever one thing break span, remember the spy story with how power which will get to in a second when appropriate, because buying up. They flip the Carter page again. Now that the card of page there
of course fallen apart the meal, how dare call it for about what is she doing back there? What is she doing they state? This is the media. This is some as he has. No, concern at all. For his professional credibility in the future, none he will go down this path and emitting Job Papadopoulos K. Stars fall apart again. I want to get too that the second too, because the pop up this case, I'm glad Let us focus on our because that's where the real scandal is the push demanded that falls apart. Don't we write Carter, page Property Carter, page Papa Day, Carter, page Jody. put that to music. This is why this is the dance. This is the dance. It's the two step, it's the liberal media to step down lose one day go right to the other. They lose the other thing. You know you remind me of right, our Joe is actually there is hereby Israel but good? A junior
Jerry Maguire. Does the dance at the kitchen? That's exactly the dead shows doing right now you could visualize that is actually not bad. Either Jos gets a breadth. It's unbelievable! The liberal media to step lose one go. I took the next, no, no! No! No, it's not Cardiff. It will go back to property, Papa dazzle. Lizzie, please, I get a coup. Aren't you could that all about your tweets are going anywhere unless you delete them people five and seven years down the road when the political ramifications of this immediate incident die off as the hoaxes the expose our going to look back on you and mark you. I mocking you now, but I'm Are you in the future? Even the Democrats are going to look at me. Look at you ll be like how are these any it's so willing to fall into this propaganda trap? Oh, it's a disgrace. Ok,
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Here's the problem just to explain again what's going on here, because they don't they don't understand, solicit, does not get that he's walking himself right into a scandal. Worse than the Carter page debacle, I wanted to fight for you, the two debacle in the liberal media propaganda machine Democrat liberal and rhinos too as well to snap now fully understand. Cillizza included included that the Carter page Pfizer Warrant, despite Carter pages a total disaster. Now they keep going back to this same point, which I roundly debunk yesterday. But apparently, although yesterday was the large listen to show on a Monday in our history. We absolutely blew up thanks to you a few, and I do mean a few two or three wheel emails I received were confused You people were confused about what I was getting a about. Why the Arthur Page debacle and the fire, thing is so bad for the Democrats. So, let's taken out to thirty thousand feet
want to go with this next is I wanted described the two step, what the Democrats and Silesia and people in the meteor doing they're going to which seamlessly back and forth from the destructive page narrative, TAT, it was a russian spy when there's no Evan. That's true to the Papa police started it by meeting with this australian diplomat talking about dirt on Hilary they're, both bad narratives, but what they're doing with the two step, and I want to be clear on this joyful, not police, Tommy. What they're doing with the two step is one story gets bad. They want to take the attention away from it in an acute crisis. The acute crisis was this Saturday evening, release of the Pfizer application gets page, which now conclusively proves the thing was the homes and so on. distract from the hopes and the police states by they're gonna, move back to Papa is knowing that it has.
In the news recently and a lot of you have forgotten the details. As people start to bring up the Papadopoulos incident all the scams there in the pushing a fake information into pulling out and the spying operation, and that goes in the new stihl seamlessly move back to Carter Page a month from now hoping you forget what was in the FISA application? Folks, don't doubt me a tip rush. Limbaugh. Don't doubt me for a second. This is what full, as is doing key, doesn't understand the case. What he does understand, about the case he's trying to distract you from it because he's a he's a dyed, no Democrat. He may say he's not. I don't have it what is road registration he's a dyed in the wool propaganda for the Democrats. Now there lie using the debate now over page they know the page stories devastating their defences. Said to you yesterday and confused a few people is where I was going with. This is that where
we don't know what was in the reductions in the warrant to spy on page matter fact, I've seen this echoed Even the daily wire and again I dont understand I'm not I'm not getting this, I'm not trying to take part shots at people again. It's not on live, no interest in doing that. We need a coalesced effort around what we ideologues. We believe in I've just telling you the fundamental misunderstanding of how probable? OZ works, and this is where I think I lost people Joe. I need you here really hooker. Stop me if this doesn't make sound right, Yesterday I was trying to explain that you need to meet in evidence standard in court to get a warrant that evidence standard is probable causes prime, was probably committed by this person. Here is the evidence. Is there are multiple they're just reasonable suspicion, which has a lower level of standard there's proposal. Of evidence in civil court cases in in criminal court cases there's beyond a reasonable doubt. Member. Nothing is ever proven its proven
a reasonable doubt, there's a difference there. You know people aren't in court, there not proven innocent they're not guilty, there's a different meaning they ever there's no one say in their Edison. Did you say me evidence there that wasn't met copy folks, there's a pay, I'm not I'm, not a lawyer You don't need to be to understand the basic tenets of law. I went to multiple multiple cases and cases and and and training courses and meeting evidence and there is not complicated. That's what investigator still now what We're trying to suggest to you is the evidence we see. I'm not The evidence is rejected, doesn't matter, I am suggesting do that. The evidence we ve seen. That's not redirect. It was you to establish that standard that standard its black or white. The standard or you do not whether point
zero zero one percent of the standard wasn't there, because the information was false, ten percent or what it seems to be in the dossier. Forty to fifty percent of the evidence was false. The evidence did not meet Furthermore, I must have confused Our guy email me. Yes, she said I you lost me, I didn't get it! I'm I'm I know explained this in the simplest evidence you presented to a court, you said a light to be glad to see led to DE led to e, which led to our probable cause, finding that this guy probably committed this crime. A b were rejected, be troop. We don't know that reductions. What I'm telling you is c d e and F were in fact. False therefore gee cannot be true Three, the probable caused by the energy makes no sense, because forty to fifty percent of the evidence you use was fall area was unverified. Let me say on very to be clear. Let me say on verify, because precision matters here on verified,
and you swore that it was true and it was in fact not. Verify what you're swear. He too was not the truth. You did not vote The information is the FBI's own words: the FBI, Director Jim CALL, the information they use, salacious and unverified the number two and the FBI. You don't let me the crap analogy asian, less right away: ATV. Shall I use the crap analogy, people that it was funny. I don't need to be kind of a ridiculous are hyperbolic sensational this, but I I some people didn't get this the FBI directors on the record saying the Informations Crap, he said it's quotes away. Dissonant verify the information they used to meet evidence there than others. Here's our evidence. We met this standard. The FBI direct himself, The evidence is there in the application was salacious and verify, in other words the informations crap. The number two with the F
guy Andrew Mackay, the number two right beneath him call me. The deputy director has already acknowledged on the record that the bulk of the document they used to acquire the evidence there that are probably cause was the dossier and without the dossier they would not have met to stand. so call me the info crap. The number two did then opportunity. Fbi said the bulk of the document was the crap in, for me Without the crap information, we would have had the crap work. These are their words folks. This is the FBI. Has it did you there's this yesterday, to the conservatives out there and so called conservatism, Republicans out there and some bar conservatives were attacking. I don't understand that you miss any of this how does the Counter Intelligence Division bill price step, supervising the case when asked about the crap information in the dossier they said. Did you verify the crap? What was his answer?
Now the verification process was in its infancy, meaning that they barely verified the crap. That call me again: knowledge was crap and Mackay biology. knowledge that the document they use that presented to the court was mostly the crag couldn't verified Brad because it was not a bit grab. Every September crab said the crap gets worse. Billy investigate around the kids working underprice, their Peter Stroke, a senior level FBI manager in text messages. He didn't they, Any of us we're going to read when talking about the case to his power. Bores love interests. There LISA page says, says in air No they're they're, so We know the it for me since crap, the crap information was the boy The evidence they used to verification The crap was crap, it was in its infancy and when asked about the totality of crap delete, investigate,
says: there's no there there and there are still people sacrificing their entire profession. No reputations to save these guys and give them the benefit of the doubt when they have not proven us right one time, not one tiny. There has not been one significant com All of this investigation, where the investigators and the au of come clean and actually been accurate, thereby little minor hiccups here and there were. They ve tried to beat us on process that, but the big issues the existence of a spy, the existence of the dossier. Dossier is a substantive cupolas war. There is nothing they ve been proven correct about. Why do you? these people the benefit of the doubt this is for one Carter page. There it is completely falling apart. Now, Solygia knows it other
people know with some Republicans. You hate Donald Trump know it, but their desperate, desperate to salvage the reputation of the D J and the FBI, because They know when this being blows up. Donald Trump is going to have been proven right. The entire time and the egg is gonna, be all over their faces. Now so and in and is liberal media machine and the rhino class in a desperate attempt. Short term salvage, never happy want term their finnish trust me on this long term. This is going to be absolute humiliation, not only are the media folks like so, is going to be proven. At a wrong liars, demonstrably false wires, liars people who now: propaganda for the Russians and other people. There, going to be shown as aiding and abetting a propaganda effort to lie to the american people.
There is no saving them in the long term. There just hoping short term they can average, their professional reputations by distracting you temporarily by doing that democratic step between fork, one in four too, with a k, it was Carter, page replacing falls back. There was Papa Day Papa Day Carter, page Papa Day Card operates at all. They have so Solygia now goes back to the pop adopt this meeting. What's fascinating about this again, because people have seen seem to have forgotten the details of this Papa doubtless meets with this Maltese. Professor Joseph myths said the in
pearl of twenty. Sixteen, this professor tells Papadopoulos after its announced that he's join the Trump team as a foreign policy adviser by the way, a low we'll guy nobody's disputing and no one credible which eliminates so listen lobbies. Other guys, but no one credible, but equally oral question. He had joined the Trump team as a foreign policy adviser. No one is disputing the facts on that. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm telling you the real scandal here is not the poor of information out of Papa Dapple is later solicitors trying it confuse you by inflating multiple different storylines. Any seems to forget that peers. Now, according to John Solomons reporting that the F B, I did not have one case open on open on operation, there operation crossfire hurricane, which started July thirty, first and accordingly, summer
boarding by John Solomon. There was another operation operation dragon where they talk about each member ice addressed this a couple weeks ago, they have tat shade and we can be exchanged listed, the vet people on the trumpeting what what? What what greatly James less between who hears the problem. The meeting with Papadopoulos adopt downer in this bar in London. This is important where downer its alleged hears Papa Dapple is about some dirt on Hilary member Papa, the opt out but saying now there was no mention of emails, downer himself this ought. This diplomat in London meets report. Apples he meets report apple in May says while he told us, he told us about some the information I Hilary whenever it is. He goes then, through the the it was a sharp j in the. U s
embassy and shuttles that information through the State Department to the F B. I remember the information laundering scheme because original visual intelligence. So, instead of doubt or went to his own australian intelligence, passing it on to the CIA inventing the info. That's not what he does Believe, there's a reason for that. I believe it will laundering the information to prevent to prevent if a fish A formal information vetting channels are therefore down. related to the State Department of the in the United States State Department, not decentralized. Jim said she, and certainly not the Australians first, because they would have been laughed at, but I'm telling you Does not the scandal, solicitors playing right into our hands? He has even know the real scandal of this case. not even card of page. That's bad enough. that they spied an american citizen. The real scandal is the push. We are focusing and solicitors focusing on this. All well Papadopoulos met with this guy and said that the rest
since may have had some information on Hilary or whatever it is by the way did it's nothing even remotely illegal about and how that would start. A major FBI investigation is absurd. They could have just interview Papadopoulos, but no one did the interviewed him later in January. The scandals The scandal is not the downer meeting the scandal is the myths should meeting in April months earlier. Why? Because the poll was downer pulling me information out of Papadopoulos, adopt list to relate the state department to launder the information to get it into the FBI. The poor. On the information is, myths should telling telling a Papadopoulos in their April, brawl meeting that, hey you know, the Russians have something on Hilary. According to press reports by the way, what's the problem that the problem with that
is an according them. Contacts who know myths and whose absolutely disappeared, always in tat, convenient job he was interviewed, by the FBI and February's conveniently disappeared. Myths suits own profession, contacts say he's a western intelligence ass at folks. This is the skin, solicit, totally ignorant tennis or Just wanted, or either that or Serbia, so dumb he doesn't understand. Weighing writing today has Carter. I can't wait for but a change in our from Carter page to Papadopoulos, because what we find out, whom it I was really working for now. It's not only that the FBI and and and intelligence assets. Pull the information out of Papadopoulos pay. People in western intelligence may very well have put it into Papa, doubtless by suggesting in the April meeting that they had information on the Russians. Do you see what this that that's the whole essence of the set up? The essence of the set up is, if Miss
Georgia is a russian asset. As Democrats liberals, the media- wants you to believe and potentially so is it, but I don't even think you know so much about the case, I'm just being can't can I ve been almost suit, is the whole Liberal narrative is this Russian, sit myths April meets with a trump adviser. Thousands. About the Russians having information Hilary that pop that Tripadvisor advise. You then goes back entails an australian diplomat boom. We gotta case look some with spying for the Russians, assisting in collusion. Ladies and gentlemen, the linchpin to this entire operation. The whole thing will collapse. Joe is Joseph before the walls. We'll come crumbling down at at at light speed. If it is uncovered, maybe should was not a russian asset that a western it
talents acid play a pity information and Papadopoulos too then pull out later by FBI's people working with the FBI and the State Department. No less do you understand. scandal that is, but so is it doesn't get that thanks. You already forgot about Papadopoulos. Ladies and gentlemen, where's Miss said: where is he. The FBI interviewed him in February he been heard of since listen, I'm not suggesting he's dead, don't both decade to exploit. Stop I'm asking you what practical real world question that nobody can, if you can, email us, if you can answer it, where is Joseph myths, this guy Miss said Is supposed to be the linchpin to the whole case? If what felicitous saying that the I'm quoting him, the
B. I investigation was prompted by George Papa these meeting with a professor working with the FBI, not because of this the odyssey one he's all can feed. As you know, what he's talking about its let's just cause he's confusing the proof. Aye, sir we're down or what he doesn't know what he's talking about, but let's just suggest for a minute he did which he doesn't that didn't now. lab. Romania's new narrative is gonna, be let's go back to. But that was and forget about this page stuff. Forget it. practice they spied, an american citizen on debunked on verified in for Patient accordingly, FBI's onward show that new train of tat is gonna, be let's go back to Fort Papa Day puppet dazzle. Let's go back to bed but these do not know which started with Papa Dismal, because russian age and told him about russian Dirt on Hilary, which he then relayed to an australian ambassador which made its way to the FBI. If that's your new line of attack, I am cautioning use strongly. In the strongest of terms here too
maintain some semblance of historical professional credibility. You are walking into a trap of which you have no idea the myths, thing is going to be exposed. This guy cannot hide forever and at some point they die Kennedy of myths should and who we are Actually, working for he has extensive connections to western intelligence assets. Myths should denies by the way, matching anything about the emails about emails to Papadopoulos. If it is this close that this was a plant the whole time to intervene, with a trumpeting person to plant fake information which they intended to pull out later, through how per and spies and others and diplomats they were friendly with through state depart. Contact. Ladies and gentlemen, you understand this is the essence of this scandal, but these guys don't get that felicitous,
get because he's ignorant to the facts of the case. They don't stand back at all the big scandal. I said this when I spoke at the Florida Sunshine Summit, the biggest part of this it'll, never ever ever get out of your head is the Papadopoulos for the page stuff, not enough. I M not suggesting is scandalous that they spied an american citizen which again accord. the FBI words debunked information. I am not suggesting that's not a scandal telling you this cases show so devastating that the bigger scandal is for two, and you should pray that is the media continues to focus on Papadopoulos, because when Papadopoulos, who push the information in the Papadopoulos if it was a western intelligence asset. It will be absolutely irrefutable that the Trump team was framed. But the media's remarkably on curious about this I want to know where Miss suit is no way,
there's that all no wages in his friend row and others saying while Miss it's, not a russian as cities. Where is that his contacts are what western intelligence agencies none no tryst at all, zero folks, their walking into a trap? I want that euro, yesterday's joke, I get, it can be a little bit depressing. Everybody wants answers, they want arrest, they want prosecutions and investigation. I understand I'm sympathetic but we've you with some good news. Cuz, you don't listen. If my optimistic nature here on this case bothers you, I understand I can't the shows free. I can not going to force you to listen to it. I I I love, love my audience to death. I'm not! I love that you're here. I love it. When people diss Greek, that's why I give out my email, I answer, but I'm I'm just being. That's what he's got an act. We are winning this on the political.
tactical front, we are winning the pole numbers. obvious and don't tell me that doesn't matter. I want people and because really I want people in power, because I want hello, understand constitutional limits of power power. I dont want Democrats in power or police they. Tyrants. If I have to sacrifice You know a couple of prosecutions to maintain. some semblance of political and practical advantage I'm willing to do it. I do want to the investigations and prosecutions, but I'm telling you we are winning. The Democrats are being paid into a trap. Judy bore proof of this. folks Trop could declassify this thing tomorrow, the whole five application, everything declassify it right now, Why is he not doing what I don't it
They are this: how people who believe Trump. is politically smarter than I do. I bitterly I really do. I don't believe everything is done has been politically smart. I'm gonna do golden calf worship for any one, but I believe Trump is are more politically astute and people give him credit for what I don't do this. It is how people think at it in the same folks show in a kind of court. Hello, some split brain experiment that crop is politically astute, but proper is getting played by not declare find a document. You can't have it both ways: people the this stuff for reason, there is clearly a leak investigation going on at the highest levels with sessions justice depart, I get it. The refusal was a disaster. I disaster of apocalyptic I get it, but there is clear as day and investigate.
going on it, you felony leaks and the government. Do you think it was? by chance that that whole ran Paul. Knowing the security leaks thing came out yesterday, John Brennan Susan Rice, eighty Mackay beauty, tat picture by chance these gentlemen, we ve already had arrest of a Senate. Staffer leaking information. I explained to you the significance of the date on the five application in a relationship them yesterday. There is clear as day something going on. I bring this up because again smile a bit The media are getting smoked CNN as a lower ratings than worry woodpecker reruns on tv ass, the media credibility, is in the can less than one.
Kind of America's even give a damn about this. Russian collusion thing and the Democrats are wasting all of their money and time on it. Number two there are things happening. There is already been an arrest rest it. There was tat clue yesterday of the day how you can't miss that there are ready things happening, people are tariff. Unquestionably, I didn't know, I didn't pay up the young, I'm sorry the clearance point on the impact of the reductions to I'm sorry, I this is really important. Diana wrongdoers, it ok number one. Why were winning again? This is a tactical wind for Trump Time is, ladies and gentlemen. The time is not infinite. Ok in infinite. Let's talk about the longitudinal sense, I'm talking about me acute sense. You can,
There's spend ten minutes of your day, focusing on tax reform or you can spend ten minutes of a twenty four hour day focusing on Russia. The Democrats have chosen the latter. Nobody cares. They have wider. That point feeds into point number Why is Trop lot rejecting this because he loves this. This is, Platt Novel winning. It's not even go it's why the rare earth middle level winning by truck he laughs this. These Let's keep going. What's he read, you understand whenever Dax this? It's all over. ladies and gentlemen, if you would have reductive Pfizer up it's over the Democrats, you may say gap but great. We get em, we put a wall in jail and it would be showed how bad the FBI was. Folks, stop stop. I'm begging you! This is a win
People are going to go to jail, but don't worry action stay, because this is there are level trolling by Donald Trump. It is intergalactic in its success. longer this goes on the better. This is for trade. Do doubt, do you follow the numbers I try to be a jerk. I promise you. I have nothing but respect and I adore you, but I sense this Macao atmosphere. I get these emo. Why don't I all going down there going down there going down. Chill it's working. he could rejected tomorrow. You think he's stupid. The same. People email me how wonderful trap, as they say ah, but he's gettin polarization react in a bid to go to jail Y Y ever,
It gets worse for them. Ladies and gentlemen, I can almost guarantee you according to people, I trust with my if the reductions are worse than what you see. Oh yeah,. Why right about now, let him still We got all the funds by the way. Why not? So there we go politically swear. Number two? Why not reject why it's a political wetter keep these it. Its focused on a complete hoax, complete oaks people do nothing else. They have. He stood all of their time and assets on this? Ok number: three: why this security? During the debate yesterday, Saracens, This came out! You because I get people truck. They get confused with Trop man trumps, a tactical Jeannie's preparatory. play it. How come these guys Thorpe Security clearance is how are those two things true? I am on a role today.
My favorite shows every time actually join this so much about even looking at my notes, because I just find new things. As I talk again, first he's getting It not rejecting the seashore, but that point opportune he's getting play. John Brennan clapper Mackay survives so our security clearance is really he's getting play. You sure about that. Getting point. I think you're dead. we confused as to who the puppet master is here. Ladies and gentlemen, there is equally. Investigation going on right now. We know this. There is a person who has already been investigated and has a charging document in a court, James, Wolf based staffer for this Intelligence Committee he's off. There is already a charging document out there for legal costs. What information, by the way the data files if you listen, you yesterday show the actual physical copy is the same day that that Senate staffer, what
according to the charging document, talked with his ease, our rapporteur friend, you take that's it accident. Why produce that's if we want to leave that date on radioactive, maybe maybe a wink, maybe a nod folks, let these people have the security clearances. I am absolutely convinced because they knew they were legal and if they pulled their security, clearances. There would be they would lose. They would lose their cudgel against them. it's their security clearance now which enables them to still if they needed to access information access information they had created in the past. In this false hopes, scandal it is the very maintenance of those security clearance is that is allowed people investigating doing a filter The operation to filter out who the leakers are to make sure But they are still in the leak that they're not the leak that once the rope,
security clearance is our revoke? I'm convinced this investigate, wrapping up that Why? All of a sudden the White House came out with this? This is not an accident came out yesterday, all we're looking at revoking their security curse. You think this is a mistake of age, Thought of this now, after two years. the name's, we're not a mistake either. How are they gonna if they revolt? This security clearances they wouldn't have a charge to violate the security clearance if the people with the security clearance were leading to the media, but the security clearance has been revoked. Are you track in me? Yes, if what a felony leak violation of your sworn statement, so you would uphold your security clearance. Is that you will not lead to the media and annual leave to the media. You may be liable for a felony leak of sensitive information. Now, just because you watch Clarence doesn't mean you still can't be investigated for leaks. Let me be clear, but do you think it's just possible?
They understood. Many of them were leaking the entire time and allowed them to continue to do so to flush out their networks. That's possible, it already happened. Big guy would read them diamond they. Let him rock n roll for months, descended Staffer diet. Allegations are damning, one more point before and last point on this, how we're winning their setting appear now whether this trap is deliberate or just due to grotesque media stupidity is up to you how you I I I don't know what it is on I dont know if the media are smart and they're just trying to temporarily save the reputation of the just dumb but uptown. You people like Salazar, falling in a trap in your temporary effort to destroy from page and constantly to Stepan. I'm telling you wanna put icing on the cake. Before I move on deck.
down the audio wasn't page anymore. This is bad, but it was just a papadopoulos of you are walking into the biggest spying frame scandal set up in Us S. History, you think Trump doesn't know this Read the classified information. There's your question about that. He knows they have nothing. he knows it's a hoax and my guess is: he knows a whole lot more about Joseph Mistook than you, and I do. Let the media continue the games, history, I'm telling you is going to act. Absolutely humiliate them, we're winning, forget it, but what I have said when they say that it is time to go further now It appears the investigation into the least wrapping up based on Sarah Zander statements. Yesterday, it's time to go further, mistake when I said earlier for me not promoting investigations and prosecutions where warrant that don't mistake that for a second I'm
telling you on the political and that these, separate issues and on the political under getting smoke, but where these Lee especially the Fiji potential felony leak in January the existence of the micro and phone call to the russian ambassador. The unmasked case. someone needs someone needs to go to jail for that if they can in fact, prove the add. But, unlike the liberals, we need but the evidence is there. Someone needs to go to jail. There's no passes it's time to go further. Do not let them off the hook, Now that the russian collusion hoax has been finally exposed for the hoax it is, it is time to double down on spiky. Nobody gets a pass. Nobody gets apart. No one. Nobody, you liked to new rules. Democrats justice is coming back. This time is going to be actual justice. Now frauds temptation supports reveries at Brick House Nutrition
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He clearances from Brennan leakers clapper the southern you know me he's gone. Wild about the timing was perfect there. Is an investigation again going on. We know that you may not be happy with the pace of it. I totally understand I get that the government works. Sadly at a glacial pace. I wish it were the private sector work quicker, but don't forget We ve already seen evidence of this thing. Operation has been going on to flush these leaguers out. Remember again. The Donald Trump Junior story out Donald Trump Junior- was contacted by Wikileaks. the code to access information media. We got them now. We got that trumped junior, but what was convenient about that case. They got to date wrong, Wiki Lee
had already already released the information publicly. The date the quote sources got Joe was the wrong doing now. What's convenient about this, don't forget this Is it was reported this fact by multiple sources? Ladies and gentlemen, it is clear as day to me, as a former federal last year to myself that this, along with the toy, bag story in the Might flame was asked to contact the Russians as a kid they take out that wrong to these were all air quote. You credit. all sources that reported this, that that was clearly evidence of some sort of an information sting the flush out leaguers? How did all of these media outlets get it wrong to media? Cannot have it both ways: job they say our one and we use credible sources for reporting about Donald Trump and in all report, two story wrong.
on the other hand, say all what we only have crap sources and that's why the story was wrong. You get what I'm saying you I'm sick. A thing to you that the media sources on a downturn, junior story. He was by Wikileaks. We cryptic information, Sure the information is already on the internet. I'd show cryptic it's on the internet. They gave the wrong date, I'm suggesting to you. The sources were in fact credible. They were just being flushed out combined. I hate to use the Miami vice analogy: gamble important member, my advice, move, you call it fairly Jamie Fox they they're trying to flush out illegal in law enforcement, so they give different dates to different anti he's about a drug delivery. Knowing it's gonna leaked to the drug dealers causes a rat in the police department, but they don't know where it is: the FBI, the air, the Miami police, so they feed information and a feed different dates to differently.
these Wendy information, try and finally gets back to the drug dealer and he calls them up. Ngos, hey, there's gonna, be delivering on September. Fourth September Fort only the date they given. So I think it was the year whatever the matter, but they given different age. You see, folks you getting this decision thing happened in the dark chopped. Junior story on September forth. They discuss was the downtrodden junior keyed access Wikileaks information that was the wrong date picture, called key but by the way down tribunal unit, even answer, would be basically got span by Wikileaks. The information was already public The key to the internet is called. Google big date was wrong, but ladies and gentlemen credible sources swore to win. Maybe those credible sources will be fleshed out. We already have a potential prosecution in this case we are,
You have a guy, they already, I've decided staffers serious allegations here. I'm not telling you not to be upset I've just telling you trust knows more than we do have some faith that behind the scenes, there are things going on and if its trump really thought this was doing substantive damage. He would have rejected this thing a long time ago. Ok, Fine wanna get some stories to get you hey. We got a new sponsor here. Priests still tell them boy, because you know I love dogs, fear, listen. The show we'd like adopted, my mother in law storage. Will they have Albania or awhile, and I'm a little upset little bit be Linda. That's her two names Linda made that the Spanish do not Linda the name like so we ve I'd love by the dogs. I do I want to get one of thinking about getting a german shepherd myself, but I hear they shed a lot so, but I need it.
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Foods made ok an article that was in yesterday's shone out, then I didn't get to cover because we were on a roll yesterday is Byron, Yorks washed and examined peace. I re submitted it in today. Show notes- rarely do, I repeat, repeat: art but it is important to support for you to read. If you read it, yes or a no need to repeat it again. Today, Bottom Byron, Yorks been doing incredible. Work over the washing examiner and He's brings up a fascinating point about the Mahler probe, which is another facet of this debacle that I have explained to you. I'm fully can Now is an effort to just saved the OJ reputation, the FBI, Hillary Clinton, the mother probed, that is, while keeping
tension, Donald Trump, knowing that there is no collusion, so I don't think there's things gonna wrap up any time soon, but Europe brings up a really great point. We kind of alluded to this before to force the weight of federal government. Judicial process works. It's complicated. They have It's kind of like New York, city and precincts the judicial system works the same way There are areas the country that are divided up into the OJ areas of responsibility. So when I was a federal agent New York, if you want an oppressed, You two case in our New York Office in Manhattan. You would have to go to the the district in New York. If you want an opera, Gerda case on Long Island, New York you'd have to go to the eastern District in New York. Their separate court houses, their separate United States attorneys, there's a separate us, their separate uses, the United States attorney separating take people. Now they all work for the Department of Justice and they are federal, federal laws or prosecuting, but the areas of responsibility
Geographic areas of responsibility are different. Now you have to understand that to understand what's going on but Mahler, and why again, I'm gonna make the point that the Mahler probe is going nowhere. Aid is a dog, can pony show, it is only meant to keep the attention on trumped, despite the fact that they have nothing, you need proof. They have nothing red, Byron, York, piece about what they're doing. Ladies and gentlemen, mothers passing off Always cases he's initiating these cases and taking the football. although the case handing it off to the whole Herschel Walker of the Justice Department, the run with it. Why others mandate, ladies and gentlemen, with the clearly investigate Russian, interferes in the election in collusion with potential presidential campaign. That's his mandate. according to his mandate. If he gets cases like this, his team should be the prosecutors. The government attorneys Joe, that our prosecuting the case. You think you would think, but that's not what's happened.
Let me give you some examples so calling for reasons. I still can't understand. When's office is rated Michael Common trumps attorney bodily covered. It turns out. unbelievably, is recording conversation with trumpeters camp, this guy's a lawyer, but that case however, it may have started, was referred. to the southern district in New York, the special councils prosecuting is but wait Folkestone Miss this. This is not inconsequential consequential mandate is to prosecute russian collusion? If this is, Evidence of russian collusion in this is trumps lawyer this. Personal warrior a guy was known Donald Trump for Iams. If there's It's a russian collusion job. Would you venture a guess that the lawyer might know about it? I would think Oh you ve found you would
Why did he or the case out, Ladies Journal the possible Peter Stroke, the lean vesting. It was right that there's no there there and again what what's going on but he's gonna be all we'll get him for crimes, just not the crime inclusion. That's your whole purpose for be. Remember the whole point to this she'll council Joe, was there so the conflict in the Department of Justice that collusion and anything if all the collusion in the Trump investigation has to be investigated by the special council. What why you're refuting point because the case, does that are being picked up by the special council. Joe are being referred, where right back to the standard, the OJ, Geiss Ladys, listen, what I'm saying you get the whole I too, the Democrat Liberal in the rhino argument was that there are two. the conflict in the Department of Justice? We need a special council and Bob Mahler to specifically go after trot. Russian collusion all their cases,
always bringing up he's sending right back to the Department of Justice which defeats the purpose of the special council copies. Sudan, that just one case or no wait, there's more. The twelve russian GR you officer show. Who, according to the indictment, the smaller handed down at attacked the sea and act into it, is a thorough indictment. Why isn't mother investigating that always not? Now, though, is not was referred right back to the Oj National Security division. Why isn't special. I thought we needed Bolivar, but we know now? What goes right back to the? Why don't we just watch the purpose of popular again, it's only two now there's more to Maria potato case and by the way why liberals, It seems that I don't work for the end. Our aid liberals,
you guys are really idiots, but you think you do some basic research where I work for a production company that provide its content and are tv. I don't work for the energy I dont, I don't before they get all right, I'm a member of the Yellow ray I'm. A second amendment advocate. Don't mistake the two, but I don't work for the yet our aim, the Maria boot. In our case, which, by the way Jos conveniently disappeared. Now that we find that the disruption connected person met with a bomb administration officials, the cases conveniently disappear. She's she met with people from the entire re. Yes, you met with them. I'm a treasury officials do different in that case, goodbye see later the opportunities which support be inclusion, all my cause, she knows Russians, shadows, Russians and she met with a gun rights. and Obama administration official. This has to be collusion. Where's that case. or the United States attorney in Washington is prosecuting that not Mahler is all prosecuting Mahler, most Guatemala
Oh man afford with the case also that has nothing to do at all nothing with Trump, but has everything to do with covering up misdeeds by people associated with the Clinton orbit? All will keep that one. has Manafort worked with the pedestrian group? The pedestrian group, all of a sudden now will hold onto that one. Don't you worry to possess the group linked to the Clinton's over years, yet let's hold onto that one Joe, but let's shuttle the rest of these cases right, Back to the old, despite the fact that you told us, we need a Jew and not did the OJ because it with special and we need to invest in clean. We're not special enough to actually investigate the case cash. The preteen a thing is unbelievable
unreal. What she had a picture with people in yet our she met with I'm administers quiet down now, quiet down everybody pipe I that case that what one more thing leaving this is even funnier. The Abu Tina, liberal conspiracy, theorists right deadline of one of them said Joe this. This is for you, gonna get a kick. you're, one of my twitter, the other day, man guys, you know they ve been really quiet about the Russia case. What are you even say about? Yes? Yes, we shall we have been absolutely, gets other Russia. Can you are so terrifying to talk about the russian case. We never talk about it ever show of we
A rush we should be talking about a little bit. But maybe you should write a book on it out. We did that to me. Joe as tyres Sound board dedicated to the Russians, shall maybe we should do a podcast under Russia case. You think if people like it bad it having go. Maybe we should record there's one again and do it on the rush hour within Russia. That's it we're folks. You wonder why, wake up everybody, the laughing Craig Eleven, I'm not kidding you, someone act. but we tweeted that someone Actually tweeted man had been off. We call a policy towards Russia case like the stupid. It spreads
rapidly. It's like twenty. Eight days later, the virus spreading disinfect your homes. Folks, thanks again protested in please check out this show notes at bonds. You know that subscribe subscribe to your email is its growing. Incredibly fast, and if you don't mind described the show. I appreciate you are downloading, show in this name that matters we get credit for that on Spotify and and sound cloud, and I too, Our radio, but when you Scribe click the following three: it's not gonna mess with your phone re, there's no money associated with us all, free, but thats. What she drives us up the charter, I'm humbly ask you to please subscribe Itunes Iheart whenever platform, all of em. If you choose. town cloud? We really appreciate you can always listen upon GEO that come nicely.
I'll see you just heard TAN Bonn GINO? She did more than online in time a conservative review dot com. You can also get dance broadcasts on Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.