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Ep. 789 Liberalism and Socialism: What's the Difference?

2018-08-21 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the liberals’ growing love affair with socialism. I also cover socialism horror stories from around the globe. Finally, I cover some suspicious communications that Bob Mueller’s team appear to be hiding.    News Picks: All roads lead to Hillary when it involves Russian collusion.    Was the Trump team “reverse targeted”? This latest Jeff Carlson piece addresses this question.    This Chuck Ross piece addresses yet another suspicious approach to George Papadopoulos.    The Oleg Deripaska story gets stranger by the day.    This international diplomat is shamefully trying to blame Trump for violence directed at the media.    Here’s the complete list of the vicious personal attacks on Donald Trump.   Senator Elizabeth Warren is introducing legislation that would effectively bankrupt America.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.

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