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Ep. 808 If We Don’t Fight Back Now, We’re Finished

2018-09-17 | 🔗

Summary:In this episode I address the troubling tactics by the Democrats to derail the Brett Kavanaugh nomination. If this is allowed to stand, these tactics will destroy Trump’s power to appoint people. I also address the explosive new revelations that FBI investigators may have fabricated the entire premise for the Trump investigation.

News Picks:Do illegal immigrants commit crimes at a higher rate than American citizens?

Another bombshell piece by John Solomon indicating that the FBI investigators knew the case against Trump was a joke

This piece covers the highlights of another revealing Devin Nunes interview

Bob Woodward spent two years trying to dig up dirt on Trump and concluded that the collusion story is nonsense.

This Daily Caller piece indicates that the FBI used media leaks as a “pretext” to target the Trump team

Is this former Obama administration lawyer in deep legal trouble with the Mueller probe?

Andy McCarthy’s new piece provides some ideas about what may be in the FISA redactions

Are the Democrats walking into a Colin Kaepernick trap?

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