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2018-11-06 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the biggest surprises in this critical Election Day period. I also address the ramifications of a divided government and the importance of gubernatorial races to you. Finally, I address some criticisms of my George Papadopoulos interview.    News Picks: Which Senate seats could flip?   A host of reasons to vote for Republicans.   The ten key races to watch.   It all comes down to Florida.    More people died from drug overdoses than from car accidents in 2017.   Here’s a detailed transcript of my interview with George Papadopoulos.   Police unions and police officers often clash when it comes to politics.   Socialists want to limit your ability to escape their high-tax dreams.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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did you know she gave ready to hear the truth about amerika with your host dan bone yes the day has finally arrived ladies and gentlemen welcome to that thereby gino show i have extra stoked beyond the hair i didn't mean that that's likes it goofy radio thing producer joe how are you on this fine data don't it's the day room where you go and after the showed only one vote baby darn righty is in there in the blue state of maryland that as a republican governor and hopefully gets reelected folks going on before i get to the show i just want to tell you just this quick story so you understand how important my ten ten and ten rule is tonight it isn't good enough for you to vote yourself you need to get ten friends the balls i don't care how you do it face
social media email phone call drive on carry him i don't care what you need to do you care dragon that would be a gets a la vita you can get them their voluntarily if they can't get a ride find ten friends this important this is critical i have done my duty i have contacted my ten well maybe aid could show technically doesn't count but i got get to more i have been the gym folks if you now and you know me from the gym as you we place i go i never leave my house anymore right you out people in a jam who listen to me you're waken and not regret have i told you did you vote did you vote did you direct they like me from fox news joe and even they to want to talk to me afraid i'm they're afraid i'm and ass they voted again you gotta vote his election day now just a quick story to show you how you i know you listen to the show right and you all know how its election day everybody knows that no they don't jerk
remember o brien murphy from maryland ran against bob erlich human rights security and music and using this upstart can try new brian well he was my campaign chairman he told me a fascinating story once about a mid term elections i never ever forgot he said he owns a smith island bakery they make these really close mythology nice regular cakes right there delicious thirty august bakery and he was about a mid term gubernatorial election in maryland when larry hoagland is running for the first time the republic in against democratic anthony brown and what if employees and a bakery it was like the biggest thing in maryland or so we thought because he says the one of his employees he's are you voting right the guys like full he's got a governor and a guy goes the governor bob ehrlich folks barbara hadn't been the governor for eight years the guy who form had no i'm not gonna guy about people work for eleven they do stuff politics is my job to point i'm trying to make to you is don't you
because you are informed active you know political person these involved with the issues in the elections that your neighbour whose two who tone assume that people have lives they work they have problems they have jobs they have kids some people may have no idea that's why i'm telling you call your friends age you vote now don't they come just what lot of them have game day registration go take them to the pole get them voting please please one more story i was at a campaign rally a long time ago up in maryland i think it was for cathy's leg i don't even remember and there was a member of the inner re there gave a number and forgive me out of the exact number so but that speech was the agora he said something like there are you know i don't know number of gun owners in the united states are not whatever thirty forty my ad and i'm not going to be the exact number but he said a shockingly something like
percent of aren't even registered devote that's three million people per or something like that even if the number was was five million or one million a million people who are got owners are not voting against there you know against people who are trying to take away their firearm rights like stacy abrams the gubernatorial candidate in giorgio who is can't can't even say on cnn if she'll disavow gun confiscation folks play these do not assume everybody in your neighborhood knows go find ten people and get to the poles this is a critical election sorry about that early story but i never forgot that the guy goes isn't properly to govern barbara like had been a guy who to her very early for eight years haiti years the guy had no idea there was even an election today show brought you by bodies at my patriot supply rainy season the change and sometimes that's not good
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the answer to all of your problems but the cause of all your problems is most certainly the democrats i dont know any other easier way to some that up on a t shirt or a mug than that the gene a p is not the answer to all of your problems the democrats liberalism is most assuredly the cause of it straight read the geo p is the club for me that was so cheesy for that was like captain cheese thats why might by daughter watch the adventures of the secular edges movie when they're like jumping to fight the other guys that they only gathered slow about you think that's a cheesy see them that's up there that light is the cheesy is what up there would be a register remedy intentional cheese i know what you know i know mr prodi maybe you always being it i know it i get it i could say a couple of things that have changed one the cabin accusers member joe here
gang rape is the train rape is the car rapists the media of every kind of rape is really rape me in a car there all these people out there i aren't you that there was very little if any evidence and that everyone has the right to be taken seriously but you do not have the right to be believe we have a court system for that than any accusation could put someone in jail for any reason right and i had said over and over if everyone has the right to be believed then ask you two questions are there any circumstances where people should not be believed and liberals could you i ask that at the political event that was actually the lady looked at me and was like perplexed like sheep have an answer the question if everyone has the right to be believed is there anything come stance where that right to be believes should be challenged and she looked at me really puzzled like she hadn't thought of that everyone has the right to be taken seriously as they should know accusations that's why we have a judicial process what's the problem with the right to be believed some p
couldn't produce any evidence that the stories were in fact true and now too of the accusers of bread cavanaugh joe have since retracted their stories after after by the way trying to ruin the man's life pudding stories out public debt is kids are going to read forever they have now since retracted and are looking fbi investigations for perjury that broke insincerity voting started software those of you who objective the democrats atrocious discuss enemy by the way they get no pass nbc news putting julie sweat make on the sea and putting avenue naughty ivy out the on all the time creepy as you know sepia creepy porn lawyer putting him on they are absolved of any responsibility here either i suspect you're going to see more people retract these stories as well as the threat of an f yeah eye investigation for perjury presents itself the cabinet accusers now this is a them examiner piece in the show us today about these revelations since early voting started i
courage you to read it if you're in any way on the fence second the economy we had a booming boy you mean jobs report that even arid bernstein one of obama's key economic advisers has come out conclusively said was for welcoming we positive i didn't say that wrong it was an obama economic advisor your obama administration work for the vice president biden and others to enter fifty thousand jobs produced wages your wages going up i told you what the liberal i marvel wages aren't going up here they want to three percent while real wages aren't going up indexing disinflation actually they are real rages went up one percent you're just making all this up liberals i told i was going to go down a guy email me said the liberal use that exact argument against them and he was fully prepared that's what i do that's what i do i prepare you the liberal mindset pros new argument while the last twenty years
so the obama administration produced more jobs yet not full time jobs who produced more full time ftp full time equivalent jobs donald trump one million over obama didn't work out jobs matter not the full time jobs while not according to the democrats because when you re donna brazil's emails the former head of the democratic party joe door in that pain she email people on the hilary campaign complaining about what have you i'm administration was creating jobs but they were crap jobs they were part time jobs that couldn't be supported because it that the crap economy that's the democrats talking so what liberal friends say well obama created more jobs during the last year than trop you fire right back really because we're talking about full time equivalent jobs good jobs quality jobs it can support peace support people families support whole mortgage payment a new car christmas some holidays when you're talking about
real jobs donald trump smokes obama by a million jobs from what time ago ok maybe you should tell that to the dnc who clearly in their own e mails understood that the bombing jobs we're not we're not to have full time equivalent jobs they were part time jobs i may bad choices short did it was perfect yeah i didn't even if the signal that use a camel look like i'm ready for a nice that was really i get all time equivalent jobs matter and one more thing if you really believe that while a pot of creating more jobs and less twenty months and actors at your theory on them why at the end of the obama administration where sixty to seventy percent of american saying we were headed in the wrong direction is a country because they were king twice as hard for less money and jobs over they couldn't get ahead that's changed with the trump administration where the numbers right direction run direction are sixty percent in the right direction
i prepare you on the show for liberal arguments be prepared with the day and you cannot lose fault equivalent jobs trump smokes obama right direct the wrong direction smokes obama and their debts crash themselves acknowledge that a lot of the obama jobs created we're not good cause already jobs could support families in their own emails that change the economic report at the age s reports come out the last week and a half since early voting started that of two hundred and seventy people in this caravan not an insignificant number now that had shrunk are high criminals trying to enter the country theirs also been some allegations that they are preparing some kind of molotov cocktails this is in a wash them examiner piece you don't have to take my word for it read the peace and theirs
talk of putting women and children at the front of the line of the caravan case there's a conflict wait what so you want to provoke a conflict between women and children the you may using them as human shields trying to claim asylum against violence your fleeing as everyone is that what we're doing that we're going with this now read that report if that doesn't swear you i don't know what will another thing that happened facebook again i know so we start some controversy or my show i told you they spurred on ground for actual government regulation here that is not big government that is fair is the effie why hell is facebook censoring political adds again facebook king down pro life its vice susan ba penniless knocking now pro life is by marcia blackboard folks i told you so
you're stuck in this company i can't stand it i cancel your i'm trying to find a way out of this but it's tough keep my audience without and at this point near its tough i'm in this in their content creation business it's tough to get off that it's not as easy as it sounds there are contrary since they sought is easy for me to do it because it's bound up in contract i can't explain to me but i assure you without hypocrisy on my prince it's not that simple face censoring adds again you put the democrats in power you think he spoke his eyes catering to conservatives i can't stand conservatives they the liberals in power they're going to love it finally we ve seen epidemic grotesque disgusting level ten attacks by the media again on the identity politics that i could go on all day with it i'm just gonna use one example the hapless don lemon at sea and in just a few days ago suggests
thing that the real problem in this country is white men white men going down right before a lecture on hatred pure racial hatred and division this is what you we expect to four years of if the democrats win but this will not stop say the message get out there take ten your friends absolutely no excuses ok joe you have that voicemail q gimme the ditch folks a let alone a little bit of a lighter note this is the funniest thing you guys you don't play like light heart some eggs and what we should this is worth it because again it speaks to how by experiences were i've said them i'm not going to get into miguel my experience is running for office with the media are different than a lot peoples when you run incredible aces near reach in the baltimore side of the washington post reach out to you you at a really deep flavour for how pathetic frankly
just how stupid alot of reporters are i'm sorry folks i mean they're just ignorant they just do what i do anything stupid probably a harsh words ignorance probably be taken don't know anything they ve never add real job they talk about things like they know them yo yesterday show touched a lot of people paul and i and she wanted me to relay this to you she comes in i'll put her onto my car so she can say what she wanted you to know how much your emails mean to her especially from former attics we love you man you listening to show you know what i mean we love you i'm not kidding big al love you man you're fighting to fight i know it thank you those emails are so touching paula wanna meditation deeply apologize we can't answer everyone but i assure you we read em also the emails about people getting out and voting thank you thank you how much that saying i inspired you to vote if that a thank you i don't need the credit but thank you for doing that thank you god bless you big g god bless you
but on this issue with the media folks the me he a bias is that epidemic levels i was stories yesterday stories yesterday i wanna get too many my personal ones that started but again my faced with the media was atrocious complete ignoramus as they were not attics they were not manual labor is lot of they have been journalism students or a teen and have no experience in the real world and telling you many of them quietly revile you they cannot and you i'm sorry now these balloons and a media called aid superstar candidate for the united states senate in michigan who get out vote john james that i also hopefully missouri has early voting for so make sure you vote josh holly in missouri soup star candidate john james who happens to be blocked
which means less than zero to me or joe but to the left apparently black skin means everything joe unless you're a republic and right that right dad about re right right now that he's a black republican let's keep that lets focus on badal fatal who's not even a sporadic in texas let's go it's on radio the interests of diversity his name is robert france's so wrong but let's ignore it identity politics than a black america superstar john james west point grad running for setting whose pull often upset i hope so what happens this from the media calls in so great greatest story pepper she leaves a voice mail trying to set up an interview for wednesday after election day ripe he tries to set up an interview she think she hangs up but to what happens at the end play the mining is
at all i'm a reporter with the hearing daily tribune embed axe michigan looking to set up an appointment with mr james for some time on wednesday four a phone in her view regarding the election results and probably gonna send an email over to the info edge engaged for senate that come with some details if you invite colleagues outline my number is nine eight nine thank you he'd be her she's don't ladies and gentlemen how is this at the greatest ebay or the history of the eu would guide this
the greatest voice rail i'm sorry this is the greatest thing i have ever heard this is so body because it would brenda battle whatever it avis she forgot staying up this is the meat a belated gentlemen i wouldn't play it again to waste your time i know a trade we later but i'm telling you this is my experience with media people they are totally on serious hard core liberals who i dont understand economics our military law enforcement health care and yet they write about it as if their authorities show you hear what you said joe by the way too there was a reduction for a phone number avi signal on people columnar but the reason that sound the joke nice enough to cut out the reduction in the actual videos long because you must like spell it out twice yearly tightened up yet joe tightened up for you but at the end she uses the lord's name in which she goes athens giant james tat which shock if you want i believe this is the media folks this is
and you're running against this what you're running that's why played at the end of those reasons you need to get out and vote if you in early vote and you're on the fence this is the media we have a west point grad educated hard working i mean like the epitome of the american dream john james who the a fair with identity politics apparently doesn't carry over a few republican like john what is the media latest aimed at which shock you see several why davis and when you get a kick out of the old shock there's your media folks that's what you're running against i got a couple other things to address and want to talk about some key raises some influx options if we lose may not want wanted to be both sides also want to talk about some
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couple more things before we get the key race got a lot of stuff joe we may go a little over today i got a little about the packet if we lose i don't think we will i've already given you my prediction i think we hold the house by a slim margin i also believe we significantly pad in the senate three to five potential seat i'm going to predict we win in florida i'm going to predict weed florida gubernatorial i'm going to predict we ve been in the senate based on my experience out there and talking to people activists list the people's emails i think florida we are in good shape get out vote no excuses having said that if we lose it is a possibility again not a magician wish i was about i did government by a slim morgan muslim margin is not in the disaster people are making it ought to be of course we want to win if what i say by the government because i'm absolutely confident we're going to keep the senate and been pat our lead there there is it ass we lose the house i think if we lose it we lose it by you know very slim margin now
i want you to remember not to take the edge off it get out vote please don't began our vote but remember the reagan administration was dealing with a democratic the entire time and that's a major stuff pushed through tromp has such a powerful figure there's a chance hence we can still push boost push do summer forest unjust just doll like you know that adult tomorrow if we lose by wanted to see all it's all it's not over it's not the apocalypse ok nothing's ever over nothing's over to your dead what did i tell you that that tat quote set an enemy is not vanquished until we believe themselves to be you're not vanquished don t you believe your vanquished in town i've never done no done that new rules we win you lose we lose today we went tomorrow the new rules are not done not done whenever down there's no done there is no done there's only the fight that's all you have
so i made my second book that i met the fight that's all you have finished the race keep the faith but paul secondly even bill clinton under divided government yes bill clinton folks sometimes we have to acknowledge policy successes granted they were largely by new gingrich in the republican congress but a divided permit with new gingrich congress and bill clinton presidency we got welfare reform and we had the percentage of government spending in our lives cut back dramatically so don't i'm just i have to tell you what would have regardless of what happens there's no done there is no done you have as the fight what defines you is the fight the sacrifices you're willing to me remember mallet i hate quote because they're for lazy people but this quote matters we all live two lives the one we learn from and the one we live after that the path to take happiness is only to suffering what life for you and are you still learning or
born in twenty sixteen and then you're in the life after that now you know understand now two thousand and sixteen the fight started if you thought sixteen the day after election day we want it's over boy are you wrong you're still learning for those real life number two who now the life you learn from living in one after that is malamutes said and i ve been the suffering it takes too long lasting change and fight for liberty you understand this never ends it doesn't and today it doesn't in tomorrow get your ten friends get too pulse today no excuses tomorrow we win great the phenomena fight starts joe tomorrow even if we hold the house have a glass of wine tonight then take tomorrow morning already recovery step we have it is great that right they did even pay for that i should get back at a fight tomorrow i'm not kidding there's no done there's no done this
put the done this in the dustbin there's no done there was only the fight you got a sacrifice man you know that you know another reason i get out vote the democrats are talking about changing the rules again job they lost the present and so they like the popular vote tally while they liked it but they didn't like i worked out they didn't like the electoral college was a russian trader i've i've had enough of this ladies and gentlemen now as recline vox loony tune who just a constantly attack the constitutional republic put out of yesterday this box is it's almost sofa it said it really is not only to let its tragically said these are the these are aid democratic loons right for far left such whenever they lose they want to change the system right as required put out a tweet suggesting joe
if they lose the quote house popular vote in other words for the house of representatives and i say that because never heard of the house i don't even know what that is if they lose their house popular vote and they we or if they win the house i choose me if they win the house popular vote i don't wanna house majority that like some it's got a change after that we made these gentlemen i don't even know what as recline is talking about is no job let me ask you something what will you go to vote for your congressmen and your district does your race matter to the congressional race in the brass get now let me just be clarence you are not a civics teacher correct i am not a civics to you not a constitutional lawyer i am but you know this right you you are aware of this that jos vote in maryland congressional district ever district ease into whenever it maybe has no impact whatsoever forget about that chosen
joe doesn't joe doesn't vote maryland keep district district six are we not because i know very little but that area split so to hear that is both matters it is this is this is this hard for as replying to figure out me to these guys so now there tibet in other words the national house poppy which is not a thing it's like fetch for mean girls folks it's not a thing you can make it a thing there is no house popular vote the reason why this is so dumb this is so dumb the dumb this this is so dumb that i'm dumber telling you this the purpose ladies and gentlemen to the legislative branch of government having to say hers a house of representatives was federalism state inch were protected in the senate low
interests interest were protected in a house of representatives dependent on population what the hell is this guy talking about the house popular vote there is no national house popular vote none is it is doing this is because the left is obsessed with the idea of a direct democracy you may show that sounds great does it really you want people and a forty of voting away your farm rights and was constant oh no i don't want that ok that's why we have a constitutional republic folks and not a direct democracy we have a representative democracy not a direct one and that report and it is democracy protects local interests against a federal government absolutely determined to take away your money your freedom your health care and everything else because the people in california some of em and a lot of people in new york believe in big government this is what your voting against the tyranny of the majority that as rico
i want to change it wants a house popular i've never heard of an idea so stupid in my life house of representatives is already population based z not know that my cost liberal writers are likely to ignorance ears is its epic it's like it's it's exponential i some races to watch house races i'm not going to go to deep i just want to tell you why their important and some of them are going to close early so there orton because they speak to larger issues kentucky six andy bar amy mcgrath republicans get out vote randy bar why is this race important because there crafts have a significant voter advantage in that race over the g opie yet the bars done a very good job staying in that seed is a republican it
matters because ran paul actually lost that congressional district ran paul in the senate race but donald trump wanted andy bar as align themselves with trump and conservative agenda folks you i cannot vote for if he loses this race matters kentucky six as it will be used by the democrats as what show a repudiation of travelling long walk lucky align themselves tromp any loss i'm just saying virginia ten barbara constant comstock jennifer wax them why does this matter barbara comstock again we talking about the most diehard conservatives year now are we talking about far there are alternatives how yeah why does this race matter its virginia suburbs we ve some trouble in the suburbs why we're having trouble in the suburbs is largely do i believe to the media's nonstop focus on false allegations of racism phobia phobic is
if and everything else and trump being a potential a russian trader not and media stories for some reason or taken holds in the suburbs business or brace virginia ten comstock needs to pull it out just trail and in the pulse get anvil california forty eight roar backer router why does this matter raw that seed awhile the g o p outnumbered dams outnumber democrats and district by hilary one the district meaning we gonna need massive turn out get out there california i also won broad glum abbe think an hour trumps the first person a win i will one it's a democrat leaning district how by europe looking now rod blum good guy by the way the first person to win that congressional district joe eisenhower again it's going to speak to the power
we support the present the conservative agenda you're in iowa get out and vote rod blooms your guy mercosur powell wisest district matter it is done current i'm just saying the media the hates tromp they're not interested in the truth are only interested in taking down drop our two twenty six carlos coelho and mark a cell power why is this district matter it is done aided by hispanic voters hilary one there overwhelmingly by double digits kabila's ahead in the polls the republican again we talk and hard conservatives now is he a far better food for that district and a pretty gift politician for his district yes what he can have over the other one we can vote for the further mercosur staminate by hispanic voters car bellows up and also we need to hold they see why is it important we ve been told that hispanic
there's vote like automaton like the liberals wants you to believe which is dumb and frankly staring typical and racist in and of itself but liberals can't be racist cause they're liberals bright it's not possible and amelia would have you believe i believe hispanic voters vote like robots clearly they do not this cabello race is important for the twenty six are a couple of things just get this framework and i appreciate you pay these are sponsored a great deal left to be here they'll have talked you break out patricians one of em they are our regional sponsor best product for i'm serious for some messing around the foundation es nutrition product i've ever taken when i run out i e mail miles immediately miles get me more foundation why does it matter wisest of good why would even like well what's up for some workin out or nutritious up to look better feel better what if i told you this does both this does both no i mean dramatically look better founded creating atp blend it's like having to extra gas thanks in the gym fossil
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pick up a bottle of foundation today you will not be disappointed i for those eu semi reviews on it you know who you are i got another's absolutely fantastic one less i send the right onto the present accompany his personally about he loves him this stuff is legit brick house nutrition that calm slashed and pick up foundation today ok one more quick point in the election before i get to the papadopoulos thing ladies and gentlemen these governors races are critical have a number of governors races on the ballot the ads south dakota christie nome florida the santas georgia your brain camp do you have a ton of other it larry hogan in maryland are these are chris go critical races origins turned into a oregon excuse me turned into a really tight race are the republic as a chance there folks please these get out in vote now you may say ah well you know what i'm not i'm not saying mama does not only this is an insult but sometimes they do get this from people who are looking
a reason presently not to vote i dont know why that would be but they are nicolaus governors raises other nobody no really affect us nationally so why should we worry about them no you should because its be the governors in the state legislatures in twenty twenty that do what all carved the map nationally for the house of representatives otherwise known as redistricting you think this doesn't effect you ladies and gentlemen if democratic governors take the majority of governor ships they are going to carve up their states into oh well mainly democratic congressional district at the federal level the states do that did you know that right most of you do i'm sure this states carve up even the federal map why is this a sensitive topic to me because in the deep blue state of maryland is joe well remembers that has eight congressional representatives
or of them used to be republicans yes i said that right for members the house of representatives at the federal level in a deep loose state of maryland used to be republicans yep what happened the twenty ten census came around redistricting came up and what it marked normally do joe martineau how came in and carved up the state using a computer program and knocked out every single one of em but one now some of whom were out before that to be fair but roscoe by was the last man standing out just go on there yet roscoe and bartlett was caught right out of that seat delegation in maryland is now seven one seven markets and one oh you don't think that affects you you three congressional seats is no big deal imagine it happening everywhere across the country republicans
never have a majority get now the cells election of democrats living in cities and the massive over vote does kind of keep republicans least competitive but the democrats give them control of of gerrymandering redistricting all boys it going to be ugly they carved that sea down to the district roscoe bar in the old seat the republican before jerry man than it used to win that sea by ten twenty points they jerry that amount he lost by twenty why almost one that seat i lost by one point we actually want on election day but believe me it took a lot of work and its being candid folks even if we were to pull it out on that absentee count we probably would a loss than reelection sad to say but the did that's all that's how uncompetitive they made that district folks if you don't get the governor then if you lose republican governorship these states are going to be carved up into a democrat court
you copy of liberalism we will be dealing with it at the federal level or again maryland they are congressional seats are gonna be voting against your federal interests don't mess around eighty we gotta get out and vote get those governors in their get him in there ok couple mostly but i want to get this want to forget i'm there's been a lot of i really sincerely appreciate all your feedback on the papadopoulos interview we got a feedback he's been incredible the episode is just explode i'm seeing that everywhere and read it nor other kinds of places and people are tweeting about it and sending it to libya i'll let you need to listen to this thank you i ever considered myself joe knows it's a good interview i just don't i mean do you my audience i never lie to you i'm that's why we don't you guess because joan i have chemistry but i don't really have chemistry of people i just out of georgia's the nice guy i don't know joint personally have spoken a couple times show has but we're not friends i know mean in a bad way i'm just being can't that i lie i like em a document i think
this rain but my interest in georgia's story is his story i'm looking for anything else from george but shocking i've seen what a couple people out there who have analyze the interview and some of them have a the conclusion conclusion i'm knock and listen you're free to your opinions obviously the interview was put out there not just for affording audience but for people or critics do that's fine but it doesn't mean it doesn't given the fact that your analysis of the universe bizarre the analysis goes like this there are couple folks at this ain't here this is a region of you and now it's become clytie pretty clear to me that george poppet apple is himself was a plant within the twenty what what how the hell did you come to that analysis now i'm just say in a lot of this all you now this comes for people without experience in then again i'm much trying sound like the media people but
i think they understand the law enforcement intelligence gathering press at a process i am my only conclusion let me point to five specific things here to refuse the theory so we're clear let me not bury the lead to refute this bizarre theory that george pop that was a plant within the trump t number one if george pop up was working against the trump team is a plan why the hell was be targeted by the mother came the butler came as shown absolutely no evidence whatsoever mahler is a white hat in other words a good guy is the i'm sorry that thomas theory i have ever heard my life there is zero zero evidence of that at all zero none michael cohen mike flynn there of a stone papa that there is no evidence at all of that this fear
out there that mother who is unquestionably working against trump nodded its collusion he has no evidence but it gets trump why but he target papadopoulos papadopoulos with some relaying information to people in the eyes of the law enforcement community to attack trump folks does that make any do you understand how like tinfoil cap you have to be no job its triple dry paying reverse psychology they arrested but that was to provide cover for oh my god ladies and gentlemen i worked for the federal government i developed sources i use sources worked with the icy on many foreign troops overseas do you really believed the federal government is smart man the craziest theory ever and in what papadopoulos enters a false plea so puppet applause enters a false plea to the thousand one charges the false they which are perfectly explainable i'm not saying it
right you shouldn't done it don't lie the fbi right right not suggesting that i'm saying its export its explainable here confronted by the fbi about meeting with this professor he has no idea who the professor is he thinks he's in trouble the professor could be anybody so we live about when you madam you noted to cover for the trip big it i don't know who this guy is right no wrong unquestionably but explainable easily folks outcomes razor when in doubt the explanation that requires the least matter the amount of explanations and you almost never be wrong also known as he put simple stupid kiss you we believe that layered absurd explanation no no evil plant and he was arrested to cover for the poor folks that's just sorry that's just dump it is just dumb any
it's a false plea in court no no no no i just big fat no one that ok here's number two why george proper that this was not a and in the twenty five how would the i see me fbi target their own assets a big any sense i play when the trump team to get information and up i then said bob mahler and they end these department of justice special investigators special council on papadopoulos the target my own asset this epic any sense folks comes razor keep it simple does that make any sense to you know no doubt all there this is why they did that this is all i know its not they targeted papa
because because they needed to shut this guy up because he was part of a rather obvious scheme at this point if they are targeting the roan assets to cover for them somehow which is the dumbest theory i've ever heard why is that help or not making media appearance as to why is a known intelligence asset in step in our project why angel why did interview i m not all they all yet the viewed papadopoulos as an asset because fill in the black with another dumb reason it is perhaps not in jail why is help or not investigate a you don't know daddy could be being investigated really so we ve got leaks about everything including with donald trump where's when he watches foxen friends but we i've been any leaks that that makes sense you folks please i'm that listen this is small portion of it but i i i i can't leaves the analogy its absurd the analysis number three joe
you're an intelligence asset george papadopoulos accorded this bizarre theory right working against the trump team planted in the campaign you then get a as stated by the people you're working where did that the agenda the icy which again makes no sense and eddie you decide later on to become a public figure on twitter speaking out against the investigation that you were involved in folks again is to make a few rationalists make any sense so papa who supposedly some kind of icy ass it is now they unlike everyone else involved in the case everyone else like how poor and others how are you haven't heard a word from myths disappeared you haven't learned a lot from their pasqua since that up at all of these people have gone quiet except for papadopoulos he's the asset oh my gosh
this is this is like that movie with common feral and but you know the recruit like here the movie was so ridiculous i mean number four so pop doubtless was a plant in the tree was not you believe he was a plant the neutrality joe where papadopoulos when a lot of this went down london or the united states is in london on friday was brother where was donald trump so the time campaigning london or the united states and a good all u s aid package shout out clear let me clarify this because i have to set this up for the outcomes raise your people are getting you are not member of the tribe team correct no i'm not in now supporter of job but you are not a page campaign them but you are well aware of the fact that donald trump was campaigning in the united states for the united states election right yes i can say that with some surety de keyser junius joe he always pulls it it's out and tell you this guy poles and answer every taxis always right now joe if donald
progress in the united states campaigning for the presidency the united states do you think it's i spoke about a lot of the campaign members within the united states within the united states as well just darwin it out there and i think that the most likely scenario that thank you joe again so let me just ask you one more cause he's not a lot forced manoeuvres joram across or an icy member tells me i d an asset like pop adopt less you secrete himself inside the trump campaign do you want that asset where trumpet his campaign team members are or do you want that asset overseas in london i'm just asking them to start that out there i'd like to be where the action is baby folks i get it your response could be well he could email them guys please yes he could he could also have personal interactions with the president himself where it's more than likely outside of that one meeting had papa that was never even met the president outside to beat you take this guy was was the
as from the recruit and not official capacity a host an arc whose dinner they what it's not for example is this is dumb here overseas most of the time i have a note next to this one plant over like he's the plant overseas with a question mark right next one issue here joe it's stupid the theory of all my gosh finally number five and the last one isn't it if if papa papadopoulos is this plant inside the trump team why is it that in the texts in the tax he's not or two at all between stroke and lisa page in any kind of capacity like that why i and the bruce or notes does not appear but you could say on the text maybe he's the colonists lore the outside of the
the united states or you can but we don't know that and the chances of that seem pretty swim given the role of steel given the role of myths should and given the role of others downer and the meetings in london but forty take a prominent role in anything other than a new york times peace in december geiss ladies it's just i don't want your waste your time that doesn't make sense i'm sorry it just doesn't make sense keep your attention on the myths said meeting the meeting that starts everything if myths say western intelligence ass at the whole collusion stories that it's dead now but it's formerly dead and not only is it dead fact the trumpets team was set up is now the story that's where the attention should be again i don't know this guy folks i have no skin and that game at all none i dont how am i don't talk to him on a regular basis i might
the name is purely in this case keep your attention on my match okay a couple more stories i wanted to get you on election day here i want to pack this all in story i came across before it's not the shown us but it's just interesting on a rather for those eu voting especially those in california i just want to put out something i address often having left the northeast high tax northeast states for florida for different reasons but it didn't they didn't hurt that i got my tax bill you know caught largely moving to florida i said today one hundred thirty thousand more residents left california they came to the state since two thousand and one four hundred and ten times more people have left california i've left california then arrive from taxes have left california for taxes than have arrived from texas the california foreign to ten thousand more what does that tell you folks they tell we liberals are right and your voting liberalism to send a message to donald trump the wire you voting what your feet saying otherwise why be a hypocrite if you love me
states so much that are dominated by liberal policies then why is it that significant swaths your first we're not talking about small juncture people we're talking about hunt of thousands of people the camp liberal state to move to florida in texas why are you voting those same garbage policies or trying to vote those same garbage policies in states you flat i'm just asking i've the numbers speak for themselves look in the mirror and answer that question honestly if california and new york worse such utopian havens of liberal utopia why the hell do you keep leaving why is virginia the main beneficiary of maryland hours because they leave to get away from the high taxes the numbers big for themselves i just gave you them think about on election day if what you say it is true how come the numbers don't reflect that because like every
the liberal say it's not true it's garbage bs you're making it up it is not true liberalism so great i can't escape quick enough i've polonius iraq erroneous on all counts it's like snake political for you can't escape from new york quick enough and yet they should that liberalism works so why did you leave it if everything else with works in theory not in the real world our approach you in the face with their teeth in some cases little oh you woke up a bummer story want to get too is important gosh i may actually titus up on time which has never thought i'd get all this expect a couple things after election day i'm not really big on predictions but i want you to be surprised by anything regardless of the outcome of today
are two things i want you to be ready for this i need you to be prepared number one expect pretty massive staff shake up in the white house i fully back jeff sessions time to be up you may see other cabinet officials gone as well you may see that the age s secretary kirsten nielsen leave i fully expect significant shake up in the white house i want you to be prepared because if it was the obama white house what would they say joe strategizing obama's genius they're doing swat analysis strain weaknesses opportunities threats strategizing eyes open is so strategic what will be the story for tromp after election day when people leave other places helena handbag dan i wasn't gonna leave that he has carried out we have to take
controlled com garden to the white house but he's resigning may well be like five people everybody's out it's over you're all jobs by jo trappers and await us by himself the white walk left the white house communication to buy our ship is gone trust my waving after my readers will be ready for debtor there is not even a landscaper trumps outside with a hedge cover mowing the moment alone on this outboard trumps clean it up with those that are worth there's nobody left folks you laugh you know you this is the media are hacks these people are ignorant zeros complete zero they have no interest in the issue if it was obama strategizing because his genius because he's about trop i'm telling you stories gonna be complete utter chaos opera is all alone in my watch the headline listed debate with sitting because i love you to death
take snapshot of the headlines and treat them to me you will even after election they were people start to leave chaos trump incorrect is you will see this guarantee folks please take this this is one i garrett send it to me when you find it here it is right now trump increasingly isolated in the white house again came down kay brothers and sisters find it send it to me their election day trump increase we alone isolated or he's a sick man said they tell me you will see it don't you see a first will send it to me i will put it out my email is chaos their share tromp increasingly isolated guarantee second up second ready for you will see a report how quickly after election day i'm not sure folks there is no
the collusion thing is complete nonsense it's a ridiculous it's an absurdity i eggs ecstasy imala report i think they're focusing heavily on roger stone i believe that worse than the case will fall apart as well i'm i'm sorry suggesting to you that expect the mulder report expected democrats to use it for ground four impeachment if they pick up a majority in the house they will lose an embarrassing and humiliating fashion in the senate but expect him report expected to be a nothing berger and expected democrats to run with the various nothing burgers in there just like they ran with the taxicab confessions case michael cohen george papadopoulos a fitting about a date as that was a that was russian collusion it will happen expected see it i just i want it i don't know how soon maybe they'll give it couple days maybe a couple weeks but you will see your mother report come out soon and it's not gonna look for them all other media will painted as the biggest thing ever wow basically i showed posting
olaf roy you support today is the day i just want to finally say and i mean it you know action matters talk does not change the world talk motivates action we need you devote your country need you your kids need your your future need you we need you your ex make liberty your healthcare liberty school choice it is all on the ballot somewhere energy freedom we have medical marijuana things on about no matter how you feel about folks get out and vote please god i'm not using his name in vain i am humbly imploring you and begging you if not for you please do it for your kids get out vote shocked the world and i'll see you tomorrow where we'll talk about it god bless you see you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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