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Ep. 848 Are They Stealing the Election?

2018-11-12 | 🔗
Summary:In this episode I address the real reason behind the election shenanigans in Florida and suspicious circumstances surrounding the Democrats’ objections to the acting attorney general. News Picks: Jim Comey used private email inappropriately too.   This powerful app can change everything for the Democrats.    More “surprise ballots” in Georgia.   Matt Whitaker’s selection for acting attorney general is legal.   We are approaching a national debt apocalypse.    This piece address the Trump motorcade story in France.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i love and thereby gino shall we show how are you today wow that's why those weeks again dan where do we start where we had it week last week with the exception of friday and now listen folks my show is for you outside of my god and my family you matter to be more than anything so i always appreciate you being here and they were i because i'm always open way there's no fourth while here ever i while my email by personally male out on my website for you to correspond with the show you a very upset about friday and i totally understand the media's explaining what happened a lot of people an unusual might you know we always get two or three people who would prefer we talked about another thing that this topic but the emails usually very nice i booby wheat almost never thankfully get complaints on the show which makes me very happy but friday a lot
people were upset that we did not address the florida what was going on florida florida at the outside even i'm gonna call to recapture it's not a reach out i have refused it's the reassessment beer they want to reassess the election dates not stop calling it the recap they are not even counting it my opinion of legitimate votes any more because no one can answer a question at all they answer the question about what's going on i get to this then we'll call to recount but i just explain you what happen without wasting your time i had a marathon day on friday i had to go up and do the fire to fly out do the five tape got failed show on the five do talker wake up the next morning do fox in france and in fly back now having said that's what the sum that it's not a pity story i love you i spend ladys but i dont take days off i may next year but i have never in three years mr shall ever anyway day holidays nothing we do two hundred sixty shows a year i am not paid to do that paid on a salary meaning where am
molly paid to do two hundred twenty shows i do to say so it is john i do i do it because i love you i say i don't want to lose my audience and its support for me to get out there having said friday we had a tape early because we had a catch a flight really early the time we had taped and joe when i got to show out the florida information was not as clear yet and i was i never want to puts up out there that i gotta retract i'd rather be so our third and right and first than wrong and i was just the uncomfortable putting it that's the readers no other trick story to it so apologies i never want to let you down and i don't want you to feel like i wasted your time i loved friday show we actually though it was a good one it was but i then to stand joe and i were determined to get you a show no matter what i mean everyone else candidly folks what had just taken a day off or put a gas than there but we don't do that
you got to decide one thing pow what do i need these snyder ready to start secular rested ideas i maybe next year will start taken some time off maybe was better than i didn't do it but i was committed to get new show no matter what so that's it i'm sorry for that but i want to get into that today florida what's going on i so don't go anywhere and i got a lot of information about some whittaker which really go and i what matt whittaker the acting attorney general de gaulle miss for a minute so my sincere apologies i love you to death folks my i feel bad it's been on my mind you my whole weekend for what it's worth tat so those are you you get up all of us we can warning is what i now pajamas upset to make joint policy where you get over this already it's one bad show relax but i can't reach europe you buy are actually much i love my sponsors do i only use products i can use myself not only use recommend but love wax our
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promo code dan a check out for free shipping that's go wax are extra calm down wait you have no idea what you might be missing because of inner ear wax who knows it might just change your life go wax our dot com promo code dan for free shipping don't forget ok folks here's what's going on in florida i now have a pretty thorough grass by fear the situation i've been doing a lot of homework on it over the weekend i felt so bad about let you down on friday with it lets point out a couple things first let's get to the facts ok there are i live in florida i know the system well i ran for office i have voted now four times in florida there the problems in our are not florida problems i wanna be crystal clear on this day brower county which is a democrat county and the brown and palm beach county about democratic counted brower tightly democrat palm beach county leans democrat it pretty much never county why goes republican but brow
palm county of the sixty seven counties in florida the two big democrat counties to the biggest i should say are the ones having problems it is not a florida problem it is a palm beach brower problem this is been a problem over and over and over again did their brenda snipes and a poppies howdy board of elections down there they have any issues as you know from the two thousand recount in others they have had significant problems now i want to give you good news first because i don't want to bury delete here is the good news and up folks i've been down here i ve got back on saturday i've been shaken the trees for everything on this here's what i yet on the ground so you can partially smiled but i want to leave you with the bad news last unlike other times because i want to keep you ferocity i don't want anybody you no sleep on this the good news is this rick sky who's the governor a ninja when it mr this stuff i'm not kidding folks don't let rick scots
domain com i mean we ve all seen him interviewed on foxy string theory he certainly not his passionate as i have about stuff but rick scott wins rixey oh he only winds by some he wins rick scott has not lost the race in florida he's one for governor both times both times it upsets he ran stop it and upset and one this race this race i'm telling you it's over ok now the democrats are going every single thing out of their hats to try to take this thing back rick scott is not having now when i say not having it i don't just mean sitting out there soon got to do with your where he got a thing i mean scott and the republic down in florida learned a lot from two thousand they have lawyers on this case this is what i am hearing ready to go ninja style on this thing they are not messing around they're not screwing around they're not like two thousand where it took days to get the push team down there fix things up and get people on the ground ready to fight is the scott
is ready they arrive how can a role and they have lawyers who know exactly what they're doing i'm telling you this guy is a bulldog do not mess with the guy he gets it he understands they're trying to steal this thing and he has a strong strong legal team not only that folks remember this the pr fight to now the demo that's line going forward which is absurd by the way and you serbia is going to every vote should count no no no no no no no not every vote shouldn't count joe every legal vote should count bingo every vote should count put but a job you know my daughter's actually fourteen is about as you get it is about you want to vote this lecture that i cannot now it doesn't matter democrats at every vote should count yellow is upheld doesn't count she cared vote she's fourteen nonsense send votes can count will you bring about up in all because if you
the court transcript luke rosy acts twitter feed it did a great job luke rosy ethnic we call there our attorneys we're both give em the jupiter real candidate in the damn side nelson the senate candidate running against god who actually made the case ladies and gentlemen in a court transcript can read it yourself that a non citizens votes should been should have been counted you treat the transcript even estate sort of election job ahead in palm beach county butchers now we're getting disqualifies what an lawyers like we object there is a non citizens vote that happen now mark elias who is the democratic for this area the same lawyer who is paid by perkins kui and collect team to hire fusion gps estrogen up up negative information trump crazy how this guy keeps appear and right tried to clean this mess up he said these words yeah junior lawyers so
nuclear joe we're talking about you know because everybody audience i want you to have all the facts here three the audience ombudsman yes lawyers claimed that a non citizens vote should count that is absolutely it gets black and white against the law cuckoo now lively but it was not elias elias who's running the recount operation for the gems the same lawyer the perkins we guy hired fusion gps for hillary clinton drop the eu keeps reappearing and they suspect elections by the way not want me to by the trumps wind was suspect i mean suspect goes about the hilary did not cause what trumped it mark elias said well these were just junior lawyers they weren't authorized to do that folks they did it it's on poor transcript arguing that a non citizens vote should count its there so take a ways i want to leave this impala points for your number one scots team is ready for a battle and they are not
screwing around to say something else understood you got it you understand butter stir daddy they are not screwing around they are in to win it does not like two thousand only took a few days for us to shake off the cobwebs there all ready to rock and roll number two there are sixty what county only tumor problems number three democratic lawyers and a court transcript argued for a non citizens to be able to vote that happen that is indisputable number four brenda snipes jesse waters on the five call their sneaky snipes on friday when i was there brenda snipes who runs the port of elections at brower county we're all these problems are starting to materialise in addition upon each prenticed i can't even tell you what the vote total is ladies why is that the most critical piece of information here because ballots have to be in a had a legal votes had to be cut
by seven p m on tuesday a lot of those early votes and the ones that were in them they had to be announced a half an hour after closing the fact if they can't are you the total is obvious it says what ladies and gentlemen i can add votes no five votes to be clear i am not suggesting a conspiracy to fill out new balance i can only i'm not going to tell you what i can't prove listen anything can i'm going to tell you what i think is happening i dont think they're filling out new balance here's what the problem is folks not counting a giving you a total vote number a cat otherwise a ceiling this is how many votes we received a hundred taken get votes in the mail that were in prague lee postmarked worried sign that they were frankly and valid they were non citizens those which would have been immediately discounted by now if you can give a ceiling on the number can be added to the total later folks you have to vote
are you certain time on election day with europe with your vote by mail which is significant in florida allotted before by mail i did you have to vote a certain day ladies and gentlemen what i'm getting at by not giving a vote total is you somehow suggesting that not only is early voting a big thing in florida jokes but late voting should have voted to two months later scots an opposite said joe armoured cars boost how to florida he's spell it out a ballot i got an email erica all right brenda smart showed its ok this is the i'm a crass line of attack every vote should count know every vote shouldn't cows every legal vote should count your vote as to be in the mail or you they show up at the polls by seven p m on election day it's simple is that it's not hard i would go to the polls the vote and the net was with me she said you know i really wish i could vote in florida and guess what you
can you tell them that move down mobile you can apparently vote maybe up to mexico i don't know how long the poles who couldn't stay open freely stared obviously codes carriages outbreak maybe it's a joke but still is positive the hubert it is it joe created spotty joe ass they reality killing you bet you if this the case our model in that connection right why the total vote count matters yet she gives a total vote count and its it certify a hundred votes taken add more hundred votes she if she needed fifty one votes for the democrats to win she's gotta find them in that one hundred a pool of one hundred votes uk works yet exact but when she doesn't put it this is the genius of not announcing and i say genius in it in a nefarious way but this the genius of not announcing a total vodka officer
here's a vote there's a vow here's a vote to take it back to preparation we found a vote here we found a voter work your palace in the closet there were ballots in the car they were balance and the path to some guy goes in a bathroom any little pet though he's ever depending on their balance behind the paul this balance here all the senses how many bout this twenty five or they were democrat five fifty let's take those balance this is the whole point of putting a hard cap on when you're supposed to vote when you're supposed to vote to timelines up and how many votes are outstanding she doesn't want to do it now you may say okay well what's going on how we gonna fix this stand ok let me give you some more stuff i want to throw out there and what this is what i want to tell you what this is really about i haven't even got to that yet this is not just about scott and this this i my opinion those races moreover scots theme is take this lying down i think the sand this is ahead by healthy enough more
that even calculating and if fraud where we're car i think there i think the scientists and a healthy enough leave i'm not tell anybody not be anxious about it don't get me wrong i'm just giving what opinion this is about something else in my opinion but i want to get too that a second i still got a couple more things on this couple more points you lay tuesday night scots electoral win which it was was jackie to be around fifty seven thousand votes that's election i buy good morning while drops a thirty eight thousand by wednesday evening about thirty thousand by thursday twenty one thousand by thursday evening about fifteen thousand crazy crazy how that happens it's only the republic you lose vote cow keeps going down right here he's really predatory on election night brower county where brenda snipes is in charge over there she said oh yeah there are six hundred thirty four thousand votes cast notice how the victor
revolt tally she never sticks are hard ceiling on it missy she just did can she said six hundred thirty four on election night change show at one p m on thursday will there were six hundred ninety five thousand seven hundred and thirty two to thirty pm thursday it was up to seven hundred seven thousand by thursday evening it was seven hundred twelve thousand we're there are they find these new vote does it a backward vote where that come from i gotta not suggesting people in the back of the truck filling out votes but ladies and gentlemen coming the state of maryland where i was in i'm gonna election she some suspicious activity in frederick city where people who word who claimed jury duty form they were not citizen somehow managed to vote let me tell you some weathers appears fire and a lot of these cases just remember the allowance outbreak re so do ellen savareen wins the race for governors republic in america overset baltimore city what a twenty seven thousand show that happen that's why
you put a cap on election night all vote shouldn't count legal vote should count bingo now give us susan poker pass in palm beach county either there's still find votes as well reach is a huge county down here they haven't found but he's florida lie it just show you understand to set want to waste your time and not have all this on friday so again forgive me but here we go florida law requires that by mail and absentee oh are accounted for within thirty minutes of paul's closing pompeii county failed to update the department of state done it by it by ten wednesday morning at ten nineteen i am this is it or a violation of war it has a history of this growing balance in twenty sixteen allegations apprenticeships doing that by the way some of the people folks you're upset with brenda snipes are not just republicans there's a democratic
can oval ran against debbie washroom shot he he's an independent now but he's not a republican he's been leading the charge on as we have that video i can't fire i'm just saying it's out of can over what balance be unloaded at the trucks about to leave off this segment of action items i'm going to let you know if anybody can complain about you get a lot of that here's what has to happen if he was with this is really about first use what has to happen secretary of state florida has to come in and take this over and receivership mac aids has been incredible on us we have some sound its four islam can play the hans you a little snippet of but mac gates who is turned into a real bulldog i mean and a good way congressmen than hughes been leading to fight on behalf of the santa sixteen to get this action certified with the wind and it was not the staff that they're trying right here it's suggestions he's right the secretary of state has to come in and take over here take over brain
snipe should be removed she has broken that she's ignored ladies and gentlemen the law means nothing i've been thinking weak and i don't to do if this race is stolen brenda snipes has ignored court orders she is ignored allowing people to come in there by law to view the process she has plenty of cheese just ignoring i don't know any other easy way to say she's just ignoring the law but required heard a report by a certain time right she didn't do it are we going to let this happen she needs to be removed that step one let's get it oh counted the right way now let's get it done let's get it done by thursday if after thursday i'm thinkin about this all week and they try to steal the selection i'm i'm trying to think they in organised way so i can wreck men you some steps and i'd be candid we haven't i you haven't i formulate approach
things not enough folks of any people protests i gotta do anything i'm sorry but you know it's good to get out there can be wrong but gimme some time on this i'm trying to think this through what it can do in an organised way to get a cell back to the rule of law not loudest this to continue but step one the secretary of state is got to move in snipes has to be removed poker to issue figure it out this is outrageous if no priority to grant extensions there's no extensions the voting by thursday or that's it finally europe now what's is really about four this is about sorry i've just poland up summer i tickle i took a lot of notes before the shocks are specialists upset about right it's not about the governors race folks it's not about the centre race they're not gonna win then confident the scott team is is in it too when it ended the santa's team is not screwing around
i believe this is really about is this about the agriculture the secretary of act with the attitude in the agriculture commissioner race down here in florida you may say what the hell they word that compromise version i hear in it this is i know you have an hour this right joe again take the whole weekend i've been shaken the trees for what's wrong we going on down here and the reason i ask that question is the bush igor race was competitive because they re able to three digit race it was a hundred votes what do you want the pudding by five hundred votes in the state of florida you know a state with honey plus million people this it's my opinion they're not gonna be able to abrogate enough votes i'll try somehow get late ballots whenever it is i don't think you're going to do it the agriculture commissioner race is important down here why because the agriculture commissioner does what what does he responsible for i'm not saying it the commission can see
yield carry weapons permits it was a big deal down here in florida ladies and gentlemen that race on election night matt called who is the republic in running who is a staunch defender of your second amendment rights for agriculture commissioner he was by forty thousand votes all of a sudden new brower county ballad started appearing now called wells and by almost five thousand votes jihad that happen crazy here's a ballot there's about it he is about to ballots everywhere a balanced and fair balance here balance ballads everywhere it's not the two races they're trying to kid that the focus on and believe me they'll take up don't mistake what i'm saying they'll take to go but a tory lenin said and if they could steal and yet but they are stay on the likelihood is mill but the like heard of stealing the agri right now looks very good now let me read to you a little snippet
a while back when he was running against the democratic stag commissioner candidate mac cobb again one on election ipod now has mysteriously down because of all these views about there's ballads every ways down by five thousand of these ballots here for you you'd never if they never out of your republic at this from this is from a few weeks ago nicky freed is that mc she is a huge gun grabber she will be in charge of the conseil carry process all look at all the peoples he's got work and for their knowledge actually i fancy the second member from this p freed who has already been in touch with current agricultural commissioner adam putnam regarding the transition this chart is from it this into our priorities he was the only was the republican running its assent said our furry in he was the commissioner said our first priority is aligned with her key campaign points she will get watercress
expanding medical marijuana and conducting a thorough investigation of the background checks and they concealed weapons process while now you go back and look at her campaign stance to our aim will not be in charge of the authorities in charge of anything if we are talking about the inner ear i work mary tv it's on a mystery and work for the entire ray i work for production company that produces shook the shell for i do not work for the i can't say that enough and that am a member of a lifetime member i buy quickly aligned with the second amendment values i'm just saying to you i don't work for the inner ray i never have i work for an tv its production company a produces duffel nicky freed ran against second amendment values big time ladies and gentlemen they are hoping that the attention stays on a gubernatorial and the senate race and this fact of the agriculture commissioner race supplies right under the radar listen to me
only a yard of here first this is what this thing is really about do lose sight of that race either because if they figure out they can this in florida they can do it anywhere just keep demanding recounts late votes of old turns up here vote turns up there just keep demanding recounts until eventually you get the count you won in the agri their hoping everybody forgets about it so this is not just an effort to steal one election it's also a shiny ball moment you know keep your eye on this i need a guy look squirrel and of the aggravates the job you have listened use your intimately involved in deciding communicating with you are we can have you heard of adam called i would choose me i'm at cobo mickey freed now you know one as their that you can't nobody's an aspect but you know nelson and you know the sad this of course you do and everybody knows about the two thousand recount folks that's what this really make no mistake they are managing to flip that race and all the attentions on the other to thankfully mad called wells
taken this lying down armies george le mew very prominent former politician here florida and i think i hope that but nicky freeze already declared she won democrat i guess about judges rob do me a favor that's mac aids has been a bulldog on this i wanna play a quick clip of him i think it's on cnn and gates has been just fireball on this all this you play that got it is hard to get the proof of fraud when the very prove itself as being hidden by the brow counties rise of elections it was an election were eight billion florentines voted sixty five of the sixty seven counties did everything right and had their returns posted according to law only in deep blue brower in palm beach counties famille he had all of us who following elections was there yet another persistent challenge so here's what we're looking for we just want to know how many votes were cast now many of the
i've been represented how many are outstanding all reason i don't think that its unreasonable as are those things so there was a little boy but there that's right and what is it with a song about what is it that you are right you should have transparency on all levels more than we ve never had before agreed but you said something else that i can agree with because it doesn't need to test a logic we can't get the the fraud because they won't let us see the vote that's not how an allegation works and you know that if you have proof of thought actually at as early a allegations were not an anonymous i've noticed something i just want to see that there were three the data and look here but but when lit against us you know as a lawyer when wit against absurd keep on pied evidence or potential destroy evidence there are adverse infinite france is drawn against those litigants joe literally just told me before the show not to stick my finger up until i wanted this and what did i do i stick my finger i think a habit i care
it's gotta be because but that's just that little slip it was not on show that some that an part is critical i'm actually glad you start here we did that end parkgate set is critical gates is no dope he's a congressmen up from the period of florida its cuomo is saying now this is the i'm a they they cannot argue the fact that brenda ip and others are hiding the data because they are because nobody scene it it's like you re playing hide and seek with daughter where's your daughter she hiding now she's a hiding there where she i dont know what either she's hiding or you lost our because you don't know where she is either the date as there is not so cuomo understands he has no argument in africa so what does he do because he's a democratic activists pretending to be a cnn anchor what does he do he has to well do you have proof of fraud and gate says listen they are hiding the data that is a wound proof of at a minimum malfeasance which indicates that they could be committing some kind of an election election fraud on us
how about if you know how to respond only responds back is whether you are proof engaged makes a great point that's why wrap it up with that tat when you litigant when you're in a criminal trial and what is it refuses to turn over against a court order key evident ladies and gentlemen of course that's gonna be used as evidence that there's something wrong did you get you understand i'm trying joe bank robbery as as as it local prosecutor and joe the attorney refuses to turn over jos dna despite a court order there was the they found that the sea do you take the iter it's not going to use that as evidence a trial that job is hiding is dna for reason gates is right what goes wrong now there's it it is marie horrifying fox does this all the time she doesn't we stand what evidences always saying is do you have proof
if there is no nobody as proof of fraud yet there is proof of malfeasance but there's no proof of fraud but that's not what cuomo asked joe cuomo said do you the evidence and gates is right when you argue your friends yes there's evidence is there proof yet no but the evidence of fraud by the fact their hiding me information they have been legally ordered to produce its own opinion is evidence joe does not make sense not turning over my dna the court orders you two were not there when it that's ever so you're hiding something you ve gotta be brought up in court is proof now but it is evidence this is makes me so furious whether you have evidence yes that is the evidence no no no that's a it's not proof and an acre what are you gonna prove you should say gates spartacus we're looking for prove show us that you understand how if you're smart like
it is in this you can't lose this debate we have ever the evidence is they are hiding the vote tallies against the court order well that's not proof point stipulated show me the data and then we'll have if that's what you're saying is right we don't want to show you then ok there's why haven't it's you you can't lose this debate folks you can't we're right they are wrong and feel calm cuomo is just so bought into the liberal activists have he can't even admit that this is a disaster this really bad people a furious down here in florida by the way folks this is i can end well for the democrats it is not i assure you two people are furious
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happen in their basic where the russians on this one year separatism in advance and just ass he strode out there there was this devious cool they cover the government conjunction with the russians of course that's all thence made up by a bunch of our basement dwelling small is eating losers in their basement you no wait for the dinner for mamma you were like thirty years old don't have jobs and probably were for media matters but there was no clue are the riots in the streets right now with the republicans and conservatives all upset the answer is not because it was cool the election and in twenty year in twenty sixty four president was legitimate donald trump on the genuinely democrats took back the house we didn't like the result but it will fail it was a fair election and simple as that will he stood up and so florida arizona haven't even gonna rezoning folks him that's all different issue of that we have some problems over there too but
are no riots in the streets conservatives don't do that epoch save jobs and new families to get through there might be a tea for crowd has nothing to do when they're not tat you know in their basin with their lattes one other quick before i get to whittaker possesses another pressing issue and i want to get too i want to give you that skinny on why their battling its whittaker folks do downplay this clinton twenty twenty talk i wasn't fashion friends this morning came up that problem pollster mark penn who is very well connected in the democrats sphere and space is throw out there wall street up at today that hillary clinton going to run again he calls it hilary four point out how she's gonna now run as a far left firebrand like an elizabeth warren kind of candidate far left big time liberal open borders all that stuff a lot of people laugh about it folks i'm telling you i worked for the clintons i worked for for a long time
do not for a second downplay this i'm serious as tromp presidency in reelection matters to me they ask the question of foxes upset some people that email me they can believe i said it they asked me on fox this morning this hilary if you ever watch i never ever stood joe you see me on tv a thousand times i he's given answer right away i never ever like look stop take a break to think about something do you see asked me this morning right before the end of the cuts the lucy said dan and i heard my ear to the phone line of my studio rights can hillary clinton win at folks it took me a second because i didn't want to give the wrong impression i said yes and i could tell they were shocked that either this was due because they die got a few emails how could you say that folks i loved the president i am actively oh no no no she can show you saw what she was willing to do when the twenty sixteen election
four hillary clinton this woman is unbelievably ambitious do not we parted for a second or she when she's gonna get smoke no no no no no she can sure you saw what she was willing to do when the twenty sixteen election fusion gps the whole spy a drama that one thing and points out which you should not forget say i shall never get through the primary gatt i don't think it let me be clear on this i don't think she will win i think she can saint john there's a difference i the trouble with i think we're we're we're doing pretty wash if the economy keeps motor but i wouldn't well we can win and here's why mark pennies this guy's a democrat folks he said hillary clinton machine has not this aided at all now her political capital has been crushed a little bit the machine is still strong enough and appeal running against her ladies and gentlemen our total amateurs their amateurs you got
parada gives up bearing corey poker booker you got pocahontas elizabeth warrants claiming she's one one millionth native american got amy azerbaijan who nobody knows seems like a nice enough lady but nobody knows are you bernie sanders through the votes gonna be split amongst came in and liberal elizabeth warren amongst the liberal intelligentsia folks their amateurs we're gonna run or cassio cortez day you more patient grateful hillary clinton is very comfortable wiping the slate of amateurs it can but keep my now folks a lot of these racist or poor our plurality racism primaries they're not majorities in out of these primary meaning why many calories just kiss you can win with twenty five percent if there are twenty candidates and their rights koala harris who again during in the cabinet hearings they showed a complete out of touch insensitivity to how bad this was going to the for them they thought they were waiting cabin offer
we got people liked it in the senate the democrats and see coming cluster matures hilary we'll clean the deck with them now is always a chance she'll implode but i'm just saying don't go sleep on this one please joe if you remember correctly and twenty sixteen the same thing happen with trump the democratic right is an area gonna win local winds projected waiter donald trump don't do it don't make the mistake you're not gonna get that on the show anybody you come out rose too so stupid twenty toward a joke it's not a joke also a serious she has a machine of people who are favours going back decades they are not screw around the clinton not mess around they have shown themselves very formidable member would
clinton any idea the arkansas governor he lost that he comes back to come what a broken but they come to combat kid now was his name on that kiss my guys pot i kid stand or politics their dirty i wrote a whole book against them despite agape book i'm just saying i dont want us to making the same mistake on that moving on aid there's a really really good article the conservative tree house guys put together fascinating theory i i can see not in this light i put a new angle on it met with it who is the appointed attorney general the acting attorney general ran out by the way it is a constitutional appointment the magistrates of the text liberal friends now again don't know what you're talking about there's a fair oh vacancies reform act put out ninety ninety eight and from cancun caskeys peace and bright part this is all up in the show notes today it
i'd several rounds for someone to fulfil their duties of important positions while the nomination in confirmation process for a new attorney general plays out you five usc s e thirty three forty five portion to joe allows the president to name a person who has served in that department for at least ninety days and a pay level of gs fifteen or higher essentially attack of a career civil servant or non senate political appointee to serve as the acting officer it's a its aim is it the fine legally this is all bluster now i'm so did he has served for ninety days whittaker and he has served at a level of gs fifteen or higher he can serve for a certain amount of days while the confirmation process goes to the rest of the stuff there telling you it's an illegal appointment is just blot blustering nonsense arcades now if they ask yourself the reason i bring that up job because the left this i've always set in the show doesn't do anything by accident nothing happens by accident why are they make such a stink against whittaker while it could serve
three house guys call him the cleaner and another thing levies bald so mr clean thing next to him pay column the cleaner and bring up an interesting point why would the left objec so strongly to whittaker what we already know whittaker there other by the fact that whittaker is asking questions about the mahler probe by the way in which their perfectly title this is not in any way disqualifying only in the minds of loony to liberals is it disqualify let at people the justice department outside of refusals are perfectly entitled to ask inferior officers in this case bob mahler what the hell they're doing with the special council probe did not the euro you don't like that vote them all out the next election and only you can pick new people in the oj that's how executive our work for liberals who are unfamiliar with the constitution but why all of this rage against whittaker mount now it's starting to make sense a little bit and have an interesting theory there have been a this there has been accused me there has been a
a series of investigative breadcrumbs left behind is anything investigator bread crumbs left behind serious thought i was talking to her that's hysterical nod there have been a series syria go south get involved myself up estimated breadcrumbs left behind that the tree house guys believe whittaker may have had something to do with it and i have spoken about this or in a different context much i'd take credit for their story but weird how this information appeared here we go let me leave for you three things the release of the yard the mark warner was the vice chair the senator intel committee the release the text between him and waldman i'll altai this together in a second just keep these three data points in my these peace information were released with very low explanation and no background and there's been a people that a tough time tied together why
no one was seemingly prodding for them they just appear joe and other work like someone was leaving a trail for us to fight so warner the democratically intel committee he tax at a moment the text were released as a key piece of information that the second piece number to the wolf the wolf charging documents the guy on the senate intel community staffer that is charged with line to federal investigators about weeks pieces of information were led there was around the indictment times so that's easily explainable and a gifted enemies but this other one makes no sense either in july he's an application in reacted form was released and it has not a friday night you remember i was i got you a special about this so you have the pfizer let's go over the data in march you have the mark warner democrat senator on the entire committee text release in june
you have the charging documents were wolf and his you know his his is his is arrest and that stuff comes out in june are you have the final word now let me die together for you ladies and gentlemen is appeared for a long time and this is banned as wives i get so p owed when people tell me you know people think i am not proletariat sessions my whole the whole take it easy thing it is not it was part session i told you the accuser was disastrous had been honest about that from the start and i get black from both sides on it but there are things clearly going on in the oj they are happening swore i get it i get it but there are things why were those things release how are they tied together in those mark warner democrats centre and the entire committee tax to adam waldman there is a text on march seventeen don't forget that eight march seventeenth of twenty seven let me quote you the tax from democrat centre to a lobbyist working
with russians and christopher steel was got connections to that right the taxes hey i just tried to call you but now i'm going into the skiff you spell skiff rung the acronym which is interesting going into this give which is a sensitive complemented information facility so on art seventy joad stop me if you lose me here of in march seventeen twenty seventeen a democrat senator intimately i've been this russia probe is texting lobbyists worse working with a prominent russian or like their pasqua he's also familiar with steel he keeps offering to connect to the guy ginning up the fake information on trumped waters that's thing that lobbyists that he's going into a sensitive facility to look at a document right he's got here too the skiff that's released in february she's me february twenty eighteen everybody was like why would we want to know what mark warner was doing on march seventeen
what's released in june james worth a staffer for that committee is locked up it is being prosecuted for lying about the release of a classified document so now told so the first piece of information released a leading us down a path is ok ok mark wonders taxing the sky about reviewing classified document of march seventeen cup months later another piece of information is released as if their leading us somewhere after our mark warders committee is arrested for lying about the leak of classified document ok ok so now we know it appears that july wow defies application in its rejected form where every day every day job is blacked out except for one a stamp
in the end the document when it was printed out to be true over apparently the senator tell committee what's the date hand next to that stamp on march seventeen twenty seventeen ladies and gentlemen these things appeared a outside of the wolf charging documents again had kept to their fitness together i saw this a little differently but it's a fascinating theory that somebody's leading us down a golden brick road you have this bit about mark warner and is tax and and and they were suspicious but confusing where's mark we're going to march seventeen we didn't have it in february then in june a set its therefore a mark warner's committee where is locked up and is being enough prosecuted for me became sensitive documents just few months later a sensitive documents reached with the date march seventy the same day that border is texting
i'm well hey i'm going to the skiff the review a document folks some he's bringing us somewhere again i'm not i'm not getting to this like thereof no million indictments out i've just tell you things are happening happening slow but things are happening wheels are turning their not turning fast enough i'm a little worried about what's going on but huber to be candid where is the meat love my we're all asking that gets right but i'm here too if you the truth somebody was leading us down this path and ladies and gentlemen it probably would not sessions let's go full circle about the democrats are fired up about whitakers appointment why why would trump take on the political hammer from the left for an appointment
you just gotta put rose and stay in charge and the left with a loved it focuses illegal appointment may i suggest to you that the tree ask as may be onto something that whittaker is the format if a staff may add some role in this invest a perfectly legitimate incredible investigation into massive leaks of information from the senate intel committee into the public it's a fascinating theory that is why the left is going while now explains a lot it also explains trumps trumped up folks don't doubt don't sleep on tromp either i'm serious something chop we'll get a little hyperbolic it's a queens thing but when he said stuff off the cuff sometimes you have to give the trump translator theirs then behind it it's just random
did you notice show any time tromp has questioned about whittaker even put this out on one of his tweet is important he's always sure to personally distanced himself from whittaker judy said on the soft grass somebody said right they asked him bout whittaker he says i don't know i don't know yet so he's got a good reputation but i don't know and then again which was a strict why chumps dumb don't telling the door bell play this game that's stupid he said therefore reason and then he follows it up in a tweet where he said no social contact that's industry members i have not socially but a friend i don't know this guy what i'm suggesting to you folks is that whittaker may be involved in a very legitimate very serious investigation going since gosh last november between dan co the department of justice the director of national intelligence stand coat and a department of justice too we'd out a bunch of leakers
who have been working within the government to destroy the reputation of donald trump and everyone else whittaker may have had a role in leaving those investigative breadcrumbs here's the wanderer textile here's the wolf thing all here's the date bingo its total sense now it makes sense that true would distance himself personally because and i with this likely has not been briefed on this you may say how the house that there was donald trump the president i say it's not briefed on the significant investigation wait wait wait because of these significant overlap between this and they nonsensical collusion narrative it's likely people and justice are probably trying to keep trumpet arms distance so he has not of a but actual deniability i had nothing to do but she didn't you get what i'm saying they probably timber tat
why this constant effort to say i don't a whittaker i've no social content in other words he hasn't breathed me on signing of this stuff he's been doing it on its own is portion of a legitimate leakage instigation it to the government chose this makes sense because this is critical because you out folks you know i i guess wake up every morning and i'm i'm like obsessed with why why why or liberals doing what they're doing why are they doing what it is always a reason liberals aren't stupid don't ever think that that's why try to dissuade them from joke about the thing gets oh it's not funny these people for real if here just think about running she's doing because she has evidence she could win if look also going after whittaker with fang
to doing our constitutional when a car tat arm ever cues it's for a reason the reason is he is probably need deep in this leak investigation which is going to expose democrats senators and others as having been involved in potentially felony leaks to disparage the trump does it make sense now is that they tie that i'm sorry i take that slow but you have to understand that whittaker has been leading us down the golden brick road to enact the wizard of oz not the fake one and a wizard of oz is there are potentially democrat elected politicians and and liberal eurocrats who are knee deep in a felony criminal leak scandal that whittaker it's about that why they losing their minds think about all those appearances of all those pieces of information they appear seemingly randomly
i don't know where all look at these tax about a more seventeenth appearance in this if by water while at what is that of the spanish text guy working for a russian lobbyists y y think why then all of a sudden ah wolf for just appears this guy got arrested and we find out that the document that he likely in possession of was released but the stamp of march seventy the same day democrats centre was going into the skiff who else did he tell about that five application crazy folks all right i'm a couple of things have a story in say show you se by using private email which i just fine sad tragic you know it's just this is
co holier than thou jim call me you know it's interesting he quotes bible versus about his own around i've never seen outside a gym costs that ensure flake a more arrogant self absorbed narcissistic individual than jim call me who apparently was using his own private email to communicate sensitive information now the point on this is that if the stories in the show not please check it out so my website a policeman my email is what email you all these great stories including and i told you buckling cancun caskey and constitutionality the whittaker appointment joad you remember months ago i don't want you think you're wasting your time here i said to you that a source and a good one had told me that this was going to happen i'm not taken a victory lap just telling you remember that show where i told you senior fbi official ass we're going be involved in their own private email scandal i'm sorry folks i don't have the episode i don't go back and listen to go look at me say this i'll tell you what happened i
the conversation comin the only one guarded here first this private email thing is going to get worse the hell was that he was gomer saying hey andy it's gonna get worse that's what it was like up there the upper levels of the bureau was i mean it was embarrassing it is not dislike and here i can't say more now just trust me on this red the call me story ok i shall also brought you by bodies that brick house contrition that one of my original sponsors you know i love brick house brick aspirin it is one of the finest nutritional supplements on the market today but it's real food is what i love about this is called feel the greens now we all know we're supposed the eating copious amounts of fruits and vegetables we all know at every doktor nutritionists exercise physiologist personal trainer mob dad grandma every each or vegetables each year fruit why don't we do it because our hard to pray
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nutrition dot com dan slash dan pickup ajar feel the greens you will not regret it best nutritional supplements on a market thanks a lot while those people in california i god bless you i had a house burned down on tat long island i lived my aunt it is the most horrifying experience of your life you have i know that the crowd subject to saying will pray for you i frankly don't give a damn what they say about that i will be praying for you because the power prayer matters it's not gonna fix or rebuild your house but hopefully you can have the strength by house burned down while i share with my aunt was but everything i had burned with it and i just want you to understand from someone who's been through this even own much back then i am is about nineteen or twenty when it happened but you don't even know what you lost yet because the scar of it goes on for a very long time there were
it was about a year later i remember saying to myself hey you know i need that was it i need a lock it that someone had given me and it was like a little picture in there but i might god damn that burn to and then a couple years later i needed a birth certificate for something like a guy for never got my by that burn ladies and gentlemen you lose everything it doesn't just it doesn't all register in your head overnight you lose everything i'm talking about just the material step stuff can be bought and perched again memories can't i have no photos of my child that i have to get them from my father my mandate all burn everything i had letters people had written to me who all gone and what when you want to go back and ridden relive those moments in those polarized camera polarized they were all gone every one of them your call over my hands and i walked out news is ninety zero couple gettin walked out news is nineteen year old couple gettin ready to eat their food and they were they were looking at it was a two cedar table whether looking at it
you i was devastated by an only say because i was in a diner this weekend i go to them this diner palm city a lot nine enjoy it and its great place i take my family there and i was gonna wash my hands i had an egg sandwich you gotta the old call on my hands and i walk out and it was as ninety year old couple getting ready to eat their food and they were overlooked it was that it was a two seater table where they're looking at each other they had their hands clutched on both sides the testimony of praying and i have to tire before their meal i was so deeply moved by it just this is such a wonderful amazing country and i just if we could all collectively say a prayer for the people in california it's what they ve lost everything and have someone who's been through it
you don't even it's it's just horrible it is it is it is a scar that keeps on opening you don't even know what you lost until one day go where my kids baby shoes gone to so god bless you all you will be in my prayers that matters so thanks for listening folks i appreciate it and i do apologize for friday i just maybe sometimes i should just take the day off i just wanted to get you a good product i really you mean the world to me you always have and negative emails hurts i don't have a thick skin i believe if i said otherwise i see you are my thanks again folk stick you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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