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Ep. 883 Do Something!

2018-12-31 | 🔗
In this episode I address the immigration crisis and the Democrats’ continued use of absurd talking points. I also address the failure of the GOP congressional committees to address the DOJ and FBI malfeasance. Finally, I address the liberal assault on law and order in our big cities. News Picks: The House GOP ended the probe into FBI and DOJ bias against Trump.    This American hero would still be alive today if we had better border security.   Are we closing in on a trade deal with China?   What’s behind this mystery case in the Mueller probe that is working its way through the courts?   Is this Obamacare regulation killing people?   Did you catch the radical Left’s latest effort to stop you from purchasing a firearm?   This Women’s March was canceled because the participants were “overwhelmingly white.”   Our national spending is entirely out of control.

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