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Ep. 890 The Pressure is on

2019-01-09 | 🔗
In this episode I address the media’s false attacks on President Trump after his Oval Office speech. I also address the real story behind the new charges levied against the Russian lawyer at the center of the “collusion” hoax. Finally, I debunk liberal talking points on taxes and I address a growing Democrat scandal involving voter suppression.    News Picks: Radical, far-left congresswoman refuses to properly apologize for her vicious attack on President Trump.   Rod Rosenstein is headed out at DOJ.   Are Democrats beginning to sour on the Mueller probe?   Looks like the Democrats have some major explaining to do regarding election interference.   High tax rates were a bad idea decades ago, they’re an even worse idea now.   5 key takeaways from the charges against the Russian lawyer working for the company hired by the Clinton team.    This piece does a fine job of fact checking the President’s Oval Office address last night.

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