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Ep. 901 It’s The Biggest Scandal in American History & The Media is Silent

2019-01-24 | 🔗
In this episode I address the latest attack by Nancy Pelosi on the Trump administration, and what’s really happening behind the scenes. I also address the socialism catastrophe in Venezuela and President Trump’s response. Finally, I address the most explosive spying scandal in American history and why it may be bigger than previously believed.    News Picks: President Trump has a new message in the border wall fight.    President Trump should plough ahead with his State of the Union plans, despite Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to obstruct.   Where is FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka? He has the keys to this case.   The number of murder investigations in Mexico is exploding. The reason will not surprise conservatives.   Only 37% of Americans support “Medicare for All” when they find out how much it’ll cost them in taxes.   What if the same scandalous measures used to attack the Trump team were applied to Barack Obama?   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.

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