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Ep. 903 The Democrats Have a Big Problem

2019-01-28 | 🔗
In this episode I address the political problem the Democrats have created for themselves in the shutdown fight. I also address the reason that the Roger Stone indictment is devastating for the collusion narrative. Finally, I address the catastrophe in Venezuela and the liberal effort to cover it up.    News Picks: Debunking liberal lies about Venezuelan socialism.   Andy McCarthy’s new piece is a devastating blow to the “collusion” narrative.   The discovery process in the Roger Stone case could be devastating for Mueller.   The Supreme Court will decide a critical case in defense of the Second Amendment.   Roger Stone’s indictment is a big flop. There’s still no collusion.   Big move by President Trump as he remakes the federal court system.    Is Hillary going to run again?   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.

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