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Ep. 912 Is the Green New Deal a Bad Joke?

2019-02-08 | 🔗
In this episode I address the outrageous, ridiculous “Green New Deal.” I also address the astonishing new revelations in the collusion hoax being used to hit the Trump team.    News Picks: How expensive would the ridiculous “Green New Deal” be?    More absurdities from the ridiculous “Green New Deal.”   Just 13% of Americans approve of “Medicare for all” when they find out private insurance plans would be banned.   Hypocrite, and conspiracy theorist Adam Schiff, makes a fool of himself again.    A senior FBI lawyer did not even read the FISA application.    The Senate Intelligence Committee Chair says there’s no evidence of collusion.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i rather better thereby jean i shall produce a jail how are you today what europe we excited this morning you ok that's my eight emerging new adult soldiers before you to areas that it did you read the green new deal less europe united about how we're gonna build trains over the ocean is tat you don t trades trades under the it maybe we build them do tunnels other need the atlantic and pacific what do you think that's pretty granted it don't work as the rapporteur how are you doing ok when well daniel about you man yeah yeah yeah i'm doing great
new deal was introduced i saw the all our problems were going to have ocean train we're going to be awkward dozing underneath the atlantic ocean high speed train from here to mars we're going to get bean talk like jack in the bienstock the little things that are going to give us little space elevators from here to mars who joe oh no we don't need this space shuttle and and mars lander who needed area that we have jacket bienstock like space elevators we can do space trains air travel jellybean factories i've got a bunch of missing things that they left out of the red curious outrages green new deal add that i do so don't go anywhere i got a statue of red today focusing on that i've got major major breaks in iraq a gate spy gate hoax this is this is going to really blow your mind it gets mixed up today show brought you by our bodies a brick ass nutrition they make the finest nutrition products on the market there supplements are amazing i use them
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flushed and look better feel better check out feel the greens you will love it brick ass nutrition dot com slash than okey doke ah the green new deal released last night if some of you missed it far left ethical socialist alexandria okay seo cortez you we ve given a fair shake joe joe have we not acknowledge many times it is difficult to win a seat in congress she pulled out ah you know listen i tried it's tom she want to seat in congress you no good far but now the response stability without with a woman with such significant power are she has an answer this following dom is too so we know stuff but after last night i become vince that sadly that in the knowledge that i ve been about how the world works her then the people running our sadly lacking thing last night they put out this green new deal for those you missed it was a path gauge of proposed it was a resolution so was not a formal legislative bill but what
resolution she's looking for a vote for the house for that chain joe he described this we tried to be somewhat respectful here trains contains some of the most ridiculous outrageous not even pie in the sky there's no pyres those guys and other things ever seen in my life the fact that it was put down on paper not and so in just as part of a comedy act is one of the saddest things i've seen to emanate from the swamp up on capital hill in a long time said last night job i resign not handed either tonight debating my friend jessica tar la a really nice person but we just have different political views but dad this surely is an effort by the democrats the troll us patrol us in other words they get a response it has to be there is the way this is serious serious job but you and i
the education issue our education system has failed us anyway far more profound than i even though i am in the education system is if this is real the hell let's get right to tell you i'm trying to take preventative cortez seriously i have given our due respect our i've tried trying to not make this personal but this is so ridiculous that it is it's it's it's it's hilarity let's go through ladies and gentlemen because joel i do facts and data here you know whether now drop some humor and sub dies we could get a you know geller passion about but let's go over the facts of what she's opposing and how utterly ridiculous and absurd this tough really is joan whatever our signature proposals in the green new deal is to rebuild rebuilding in the united states so late simple math i wanna have a guy scott parker on twitter who had put this up first
i did some homework is numbers are accurate job revealed every built every room every building jollity united even so let's do the math on his so there were if a hundred and thirty plus million home units home structures in the united states and roughly five point five five point six million commercial buildings in the united states so to rebuild every building in retrofit them too what she believes are modern standards and varied forget about the difference between construction demolition costs just to rebuild the job that you're a handy guy doesn't get a load of this who here we have to build thirty more than thirty thousand buildings every day for the next ten years yes yes that's there you go there no pie no sky there's this is one of the dumbest things i have ever heard at listen that say in a lot when it comes the democrats this is one of the dumbest i urge
i like those could very well be the stupidest person on the face of the earth anybody in her office you put this together and the other folks congress represented congressmen had marcie from massachusetts did they even do the math on this so every day for the next ten years we're gonna demolish and rebuild or retrofit thirty that puts the debt is a calculator and so this is not a calculator remote for the family but there's somebody gouts let's see one points five point six million built one hundred thirty seven million home unit three that that's thirty thousand bellies did somebody even do not even worse job if they did do that if they do don't get whipped out the calculated as do the math who did the room didn't stop and go miss cortez that would require us to rebuild thirty thousand buildings a day for every ten years so is only two scenarios
first scenario is they put out this proposal resolution that they want to house what that nobody even the basic math ought that this guy scott parker figured out on twitter let it kid he split or job scenario number two they did the math came up with thirty days buildings are day and even more ridiculously agreed that this was probable unlikely yes a thousand buildings a day for ten years just funny and a sickening kind away in a tragic sad really horrible kind of utterly funny like you know that the true majority that where you know he's the subject of these big joke jim carrion mohammed alan that's just one so i i called these the low lights because there are no highlights two this ridiculously stupid plan at listen some of you may jack somewhat to the humor we use in this but i'm being candid here when i say i don't know any other way to talk about yeah i'm giving you the floor send data so you have tangible data
to use when arguing with your left his friends who support this monstrosity this ridiculous proposal but i they don't know any other way to talk about this other than sarcastic because it's so dom frankly offended that same people put this out there really is that still that's what this thing goes on i'm not done i've got a lot more to get through so i should judge motor ahead she wanted i discussed this a little but yesterday so i'm not gonna beat that horse on this one but you must move to a non carbon zero emissions type economy but at one point in fact she'd be energy economy at what point in our fact she joe says listen we can fully get to a zero emissions energy economy a clean economy right away joe and i'm not kidding because if this is not joke ladys job this is real this is in their factually because it would be very hard to eliminate far cows and air travel that's not a joke that's how to job that's in their fact she so there's gonna be
what mass assassination attempt of america america's cows us of your listening this is like you know those voyage eat more chicken you're gonna have like chick fillet type kyoto seen em right yet the cow and a billboard it's gonna be you're gonna see like a counter to build save us from a yo see on billboards across the country she wants a mass assassination of cows at fort now if you don't fart and eureka germany is not a joke this is in their think right that's why i'm telling you i can't talk about this without being archaic as is actually india if you're a cow that does you have a gas problem you mean if we say but tried being oh maybe to be no for as we always sponsor veto any around two shows it might be know that companies will be no cows will become a huge industry because if you're a cow that has a gas problem eo sees common for you because she says and a they can't fully
get to a zero missions that guy until they eliminate farting com because remember they methane in their emissions their flageolets this is a unit this actually happen being o forecasts it get in honest folks get an honest veto create something for cows you can save them from a oh say but that was only part one joe with a fact sheet of why they can get doing zero emissions carbon free economy that we just bar one part too is there i have a really tough time eliminating air travel so they prefer those trades oh yeah so simple just like you know what i'm why joel when i must be really dumb why didn't we think of don't drink everywhere listen if you put little bridges across the atlantic i mean did anyone else think of that trains of course you remember we had the concord
from the uk to new york at a j f k edison stop why and after the accident who needed the concord high speed rail put a little trick maybe like i knew when i lived in new york they had the el you know the elevated train plant but put it elevated train platform over the atlantic highspeed joe you and i already it's we should have thought of this very stupid i gotta go we ran limit of thought of this year we are without we missed the ball i mean a lot get all couple bucks invest in a drain we're elevated platform over the atlantic i got an idea dude here's your better you can settle like fishing stop through they can start in the middle of the cat all ok this thing right why not you gave me a big more ladys are whatever may bring upon the train go over the united kingdom let's get up we can get trains to vietnam to japan should be great the trip would only take seventy five days but it's ok fish were more
whilst some fishing paul's cast a dose of that's out programme on the train see listen that's great solid move i'm afraid for the farming cows the trains everywhere was brilliant why did we think that let me just go a personal anecdote on trains by the way because on a serious and she is proposing high speed rail and trains everywhere so forget the hyperbolic trains lastly we have as you know that stupid the fact that she's even senor waiting they would need to do something about air travel in an economy depends on it is bizarre and silly in and of itself but your let's safer a minute just for a moment here that i see as suggesting just a network of veins and arteries of new train tracks across the united states let me tell you can very real story is not a joke i we have in a fifty fifty congressional district when i say fifty fifty i mean it's been governed by democratic
patrick murphy republicans alan west and now brian masters republic it but the district is almost perfectly split fifty fifty rather than martin counting it's what you call i guess a very moderate political place right hey we're gonna there is already a train he forget about billy new trains job there is train him there's a company right line that wanted to just increase the volume of trains on attract joe listed them here it already exists the people down here even the democrats one crazy because you know what happens showed the train tracks bisect the county so don't get four one side of the county other where a lot of the schools and businesses are you have to cross the train tracks so just what are you thinking since every morning during rush hour about nine o clock when a train
ten minutes to cross the track pass i think we'd get entrapment worrisome serious situation reared lots of costs and go back to the lab that guy does it do not open your windows if you're sitting in traffic next to people their powdered honesty airmail this is in new york where i used to live where we all power but there was this is florida forward everybody's kind of killed over the people lose their minds they wanted to just in greece the trains or by a certain that more of them on track salary exists the democrats one crazy now ladies and gentlemen let's take serious for a second this absurd green new deal this farce and you're gonna build train perhaps in a neighbour and i've never even seen it before bisect and cut of entire neighbours from their business districts for hours while trains or criss crossing around the country and across the atlantic pacific we every we have reached peak
stupid you understand this our education system is completely failed the fact that it is bad enough that someone daughter this but that they had the nerve to actually down on paper and humiliate themselves like they did is the horrifying i can't believe one seriously put this down on paper however that must go on you have really i gotta let together today so dick laudonniere non are not energy choose me not zero carbon zero emissions planned job of reason magazine i have by the way the show notes that a police are a must read this reason dot com peace is so good again we faction data here a little bit of humor but it describes on her zero carbon planned zero missions planned job the actual now
birds on the square footage of land it would take joe for wind turbine and solar to actually implement this planet you track and me ok so aol see once they get away from oil and natural gas and nuclear buying away why to go to solar and wind so real and i have this article up it by show not subscribe to my email is thou email and write to you but read this article it talks about the roughly the land mass and the number of photovoltaic cells and wind turbines you would meet here's a quick back there situation again had tipp became straw so the wall street journal pertness honour twitter feed it would require job three hundred thirty five thousand onshore turbines on her so now you're not only gonna have train tracks zipping through your backyard across the atlantic and pacific everywhere you are also joking
a wind turbine you didn't even what somewhere close to your ass ever they have given new areas in addition to the trade zepplin through twenty four hours a day so not only to be no do you need to be no for cows to save the cows from the desk sent out to kill the fort and cows you're also they need earplugs unlike some i'm your land or whatever so loosely bade will be because you'll have humming wind turbines ensure hayden zipping through twenty four hours a day and you're out great job this is awesome this is the best part of our it's actually that job it's gonna require a hundred and fifty four thousand of wind turbines watch i just told you this story the other day they had to wind turbines too to not two hundred and fifty four thousand they would need offshore to offshore massachusetts and form massachusetts and whether the story you show a few days ago and the liberals in math
juices how did this may as well because these two turbines were given people headaches and kill and birds and drive and crazy so far but don't worry those two turbines are coming back in addition to we three four hundred more under alexandria exaggerated cortez is green new force now this space go on land for these turbines and solar cells i can you do the wholesale on because i love economics and i loved dummy economic smell of exposing slide here deliberate take job fran five five hundred thousand square miles of space covered in photovoltaics solar cells and wind turbines to produce this energy now to put that in perspective what how big is that it's basically the size of the entire state of texas and california so you would have been i listened in addition
texas in california when we're not running trade track through your backyard now we're ripping down your day while i figured it out just forget about me don't think thirty thousand building today under our retrofitting point let's just rip every laying down a california texas and we can blanket the whole state in solar cells and winter by john john should we not put in appendix i understand what you call it by juno armoured cars dependent here's the plan by sadly stupid i made i want to give him any ideas demolished texas in california late what level a place and you can replace the state would solar cells and wind turbines and that'll take carrier thirty thousand buildings or do you want me to do that because california texas won't be innovation there we go there we go we solve the appendix by gino the armor costs budget a warmer cost appendix we fix your whole problem for you
elementary why didn't we think some simple how did we you want i missed the golden operative we be the next job pesos we'd have all this money would be the bill gates is of broadcasting we didn't think of and the atlantic trains with fishing expeditions being all cows and samuel lobby aliens at night so you cannot leave successors trains and wind turbines in their backyard we lie some lobbying whenever they held a name is wicked trademarked savio lobby maybe we'll put that on a teacher now job if the trains back yard and a wind turbines hub in twenty four hours a day are keeping away and the stench of dairy cows from the cash cow debts at assassination squad right if that doesn't drive you crazy even worse she wants the point quote build charging stations for electric cars quote everywhere so all right so now
it's true to three o clock in the morning just stench of dead causes and keep you awake the train that after your house twenty minutes ago has woken you up yet and now i mean wind turbine humming twenty four hours a day is not by you ve taken your samuel abiola right the cow in your backyard is saved you gave him bina now you gonna have a charging station on every block in front of your yard so jolly bag oh that's honest trip down to florida needs to refuel he gets a free pass to the electric grinned funny or ass so he gets it there he's got his metallica blair of defined here oh the day and i oppose opened his car takes out the charging stationary blast in his music as you know what i was running for office in florida over in naples gotta condo over there i my door are we staying with me for the weekend to go not god doors and my daughters the front room in the candle and i'm in the back bedroom and she comes in the middle of the night she goes tat to someone
outside and i think they're shady and i'm like why at all it was someone blair and music outside of the house and i think it man kid you to grow up in new york like an idea that this is a shady she was worried that some was breaking exert blasphemies though are you can have that twenty four hours a day now because there's gotta be charging stations everywhere so you got metallic applied metallic you got no less than twenty four hours a day forty or so listen samuel opulent creators i want to royalty on every sail of sleeping pills had been offer farting cows because this is going be a huge business ok perhaps the his there's more jobs yet you don't let me do this because i want to give you this but this gets better phocis is like this is that governments but there's some stuff that so rich because i thought it was a joke when it was put in this but it's not it's real i had to go find the screen shot and take it to make sure i did make a fool out of myself reading this stupid ok ratio also brought you buy a tool
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logical because what we got it we got the value not only gonna have a train run it through your yard twenty four hours a day the stench of it fascinated cow far too much if you're not only gonna have metallica guy in his car genius electric electric what is it with the toy yoda what's stated that the hybrid cars to area is very much the little many diana was going to call the profits the priest rushed out we cannot metallica guy in his previous sit down forty or ass a charge is now you're gonna have to get to guarantee access to nature now she never says what that means because liberals ever really describe anything in detail but let me just throw i pathetic lot yet so it's now the clock in the morning metallica guy left there's not a tree till six and yet you ve become accustomed get the stench of assassinated farting cows and now joe you happen a nature preserve back your house matter of fact there is
given a neighborhood in palm city that has an area called the preserve which is a h are preserved by county law you're not allowed to build on and show you you see no together all maryland knew all over the place she would show lives near near the water in maryland with his inlets everywhere all there are areas you cannot touch ripe so now you're gonna be given access to nature so if you have that your backyard now you finally get to sleep it's three o clock in the morning and joey back i don't so this body are setting up a middle of the night picnic in your backyard because they have quote access to nature and nature happens to be in your backyard and if you don't get that don't worry the county declare your backyard a dog park or something to open the dogs so you'll have you'll have
we can fight oh and birch and your backyard wrestling with dog bones in the middle of that i show even after joey bag doughnuts at its picnic user now guaranteed access to nature even have to joey beggar doughnuts is buddy you're double their picnic in the trains have done and the stench of the dead cows is over you gave him the bean oh your cow is ok the car guys there he left charges caught the picnic is over don't worry they'll be a dog park in your backyard we're everybody can come at six in the morning when they loved to walk their dogs crap and over yard and fighting for a t bowed the day you got this is great is the day the teddy bears have their pay nick this research it's a buck gino musical huts this is the craziest thing do heard my life i've end but when i saw you know function
due to show to keep a tight on the news because we launch like forty five minutes after we're done recorded jos soup these ganda system down we do any reason although the shows not live we want to keep it really really time since i have news breaks at eight a m eastern i want it on my show when it launches at noon i right but i gotta tell this came out last night and i had to do nothing this morning nothing i'm not kidding i fear it is hereby you see it i wrote all of this last night that none of this was written this work because this thing was such an endless source of stupidity i was like there's nothing else we can cover nothing by do got two months have been aren't let me just been so there is a lot in this a couple other things be remiss if i did mention she wants to give a guarantee jobs benefit joe folks and guaranteed income to our our consumers
willing to work i really to work joe laboratories up i love this chopin there's a guy to job about which i think it's pretty cool this become unwilling to work that so that let me get this straight the federal government gotta pay me taxpayers money for other people who are not willing or of course i don't think that's why these stupid his idea ever but they actually put these that at least there be an honest now at least every year on the house now data liberals don't only want to give better it's the people they think are needy who fall into this up a fall into the safety now because whenever they lost their job now you don't have to be willing to you just have to basically give a double barrel middle finger to the entire workforce site works work i do in that crap joe declare before you is as the audience by understand i need an honest answer journalism if you're gonna get paid by taxpayers who are working
and you are unwilling to work how how long do you think before people who figure it out that they are working for other people are willing to become unwilling to work themselves to get money from someone else probably three days somethin like that sport is i'd say you're being generous i hear they probably ten minutes form of people figure out the let me get this straight work in i'm tommy bag a donut our work in my caboose off and yet the neighbour quit his job because he's got a federal income guarantee he's entirely unwilling to work and i'm fine it's against gays but i think i am to work to this is in the document this is that they put this on paper folks this is actually down on paper unbelievable do did you ever think you would ever ever ever ever hear this in america man ah you all candidly i was worried about it am i just thought that
be a little more savvy really i mean it i thought they would be a little our cryptic about it i mean what did you and i address yesterday democrats standard way of business like this in the past was to never openly express with their real agenda is no matter how ridiculous it was these two say don't vote for us vote against the republicans because their homophobia in racist there that's what they they made that stuff up but they did it to get you to hate republicans enough to vote for them but you never really put forth their own agenda i didn't think they would so equally not abandon identity politics they're all over that still but good question joe i didn't think they would be so quick to a ban then any sense of strategic scruples to put this kind of stupid down on paper and let me tell you why
again i have been very respectful of miss cortez having run for office myself i mean it is hard to do but i think what happened joe is you have a young a young woman who's has done a lot but who i mean and getting did the congress and again i'm i'm i'm i'm trying to be very candid about this but real world experience is very limited and i think that gives us the ability to be a renegade out there because she has nothing to lose but the album here she's really safe democratic you know what i'm saying again she has not actually like those of the most dangerous ideological people on the planet are the one they have no perceive penalty for their behaviour and her i shouldn't say behavior i should say her advocated principles is probably a better way to say it she's advocating for principles that would effectively destroy the united states i mean i think that's obvious
it's in no way hyperbolic we have no economic or or financial a workforce ability to do any of this not any of this is not that it would bankrupt us within months we be but she is no penalty bargia that's why she puts down on paper there are you know that's pay people who unwilling to one willing to work itself even it's ridiculous she also puts an end to health care all i said debating my friend jessica tar last night it again yesterday few members yesterday show health care for all conjunction with this green new deal package we are talking about the employment patient joe in nearly ninety percent national sales tax a doubling if not tripling of the payroll tax you pay now and an income tax double or triple what you're looking at now so again for i'm not just beat a dead horse on this one but you're talking a tax rates about tax which would affect you in the middle class close to double in tripoli
paying now in addition to national sales taxes and vats value added taxes so that you know that's conveniently left out but that's what i'm telling you it's gonna be the cost for healthcare for all finally she talks about and i want to i want to make some additions to this they do because i had some ideas for as well she wants to do it i shall have to pay for it she shares and put a price they are gone at which is smart because she knows it would be ridiculous but she wants to pay for by extending fair raw federal reserve credit essentially printing money now job no that's worked really well in the past you know the why more republic only you know a bit by bit in places all across the africa where they ve printed money it's worked really well by really well i mean it's been incredibly destructive destroyed the economy bankrupted the citizen's right to show up to buy bread with wheelbarrow swallow money that was absolutely worthless i'm here now seeing the same thing happened in venezuela lifetime but again to wrap cortez dont let facts in history
i cracking a book on history about what actually happens when central banks endlessly print money or credit i don't like history books actually get in the way of these of these outrageous absurdities you put in this green new deal so here the mother ideas for the green new deal joe again before i think we should do this space elevator to mars you know i don't know what do you want i can i find it sad i know it all we need is credit from the long overdue long overdue and i d along a bright said she's extending fed credit the fed can just print up there billion dollars it needs give it to you and i you know we can you start a bank you know what i'm maybe a credit union or something and we can build a space elevator to mars is joe said long overdue we could save the up there all all the your we need for the rockets in the space shuttle and mars lander which is that we do need any of that and enough space elevator perfect so if
if a o ceaselessly can we put that in their i'd appreciate that i kind of hit that this reform is a great idea java jellybean factories in every way yard where do they get that but don't bother about before you answer is it it can only use organic sugar that was no way connected to farting cows and also in the jelly bean factory it has to be powered by the wind turbines or the photovoltaic cells taking up the entire state of texas point because we can't use electricity how do you feel about that is that a solid proposal said nothing he's got some real possibilities i mean is it really hit the has is that is that long overdue to like the space our deserves a little thought it here just a second somebody's gonna pulleys that's good enough this show today you can't pull a combination of both worthless ok we ve had some good work
this list is just i told you i did the show less aren't you going they finally is was a simple one they wanted to by joseph long overdue ideas job friday that's just that where are the federal all what does this friday but today every friday why how did we not think of this yeah right here's the deal and when you when you get it guaranteed income if your unwilling to work you get double time on right acres it's a federal olitic do that jitney do members should i just get about six thousand ways to say do you know you the coroner you see the serial killer dude you know your little kids at that your surprise dude lilies this is one of those big dude is used when we found it astonishing good idea dude do this is a great idea fridays rural holiday people who have a guaranteed income from the government
get double time on friday it's more money in their pockets everybody gets off on friday forty work we try brother we figured it out now when we figure it that's the cap's friday like right you know like right glenn friday everybody gets off this friday now i see i usually monsieur cultural references but i'm assuming you favour the guy yes i reckon there that i finally get one i leave you ve already knows you know already is thereby by get about two out of every ten the audience corrects me that because after the show and joe gets it up i go to the german i read your emails how'd you miss would joel but i dont know folks at all joe does is a joke that is miller that a similar yes radio show dennis i would always make these in these references that not a very few other listeners whenever get joe is the miss miller of podcast engineer you there you got eight that is i think he's got his own following now sir
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alright let's move on all i do have some serious news joe there's been some really incredible breaks in the in the russia hoax and i'd be remiss if i didn't and i just want to make some connections here that are we ve made in the past but are now becoming more concrete but i promise you gonna but you might just first john solomon as a peace up on the hill they held a com which i love you too it is in the show notes today about what it steaming pile of hypocrisy our body shift shift the atom shifted the california democratic congressmen who is by far the sleazy is dirtiest member congress who for now for a year accused trump his during his campaign and any one else this sleaze ball can get a microphone in front of his face to indict of arrest in collusion hopes it never happened so now that the collusion hoaxes almost entirely fallen apart on him i say almost because he
vents new stuff every day chimney shift these in a panic solomon write a piece joe and shifty look at shifty why shifty got busted in a very surreptitious meeting he had at this aspen conference last july who wishes you sure maybe with oh he was meeting with the fusion gps founder glenn simpson the guy who produced the dirty dossier wow let me read from you from the john solomon why by the way you may say all ok then why you say is shifty ship is a hypocrite this sleaze ball i'm tellin you is a hypocritical adam shift made a really big deal about some specific republic and congressmen meeting sources but now that shift these is had this surreptitious meeting with the founder of the company of produce the dirty dossier this conference all of a sudden shifty super quiet
he's asleep pay like gas from the solemn and peace how do you like i got that two new i think we bypass them yo share very you go paul and i wanna yo shifty up therefore so sir john solemn it says page created a far higher standard joe two years ago when he demanded that he's republican counterpart and his committee then share devon noon republican california be investing eighty four having meetings with national security council officials either government officials at the trump white house without telling the committee so let us be clear what we say to shift these he's ball adam ship had a big issue with a republican congressmen meeting we government officials of government officials or whistleblowers and bad did he be investigated republican congress definiteness whilst if these shifts doesn't seem to my group with non government fusion jeep ass we will produce the bug dossier this guy is the captain of sweet it goes on ships it
acts led nunez temporarily refuse himself from the russia pro what please bear this guy here shift failed newness contacts with a source outside the committee confines as a quote dead of night excursion and steady called into question the impartiality the inquiry because the committee was an informed but did shift meet its own standards one of his one of his staff were said why to save his boss told the committee about his simpson contact so let's be crystal clear about it sleaze ball adam ship he has a problem with death noone meeting with government officials who are actual whistle blowers at a meeting in a guy from a facility but doesn't this i was the meeting he had with a non government official for fusion gps who but we now know produced at the bump disgusting
last year a of filthy lies that was used to spy on the american president former candidate what a sleaze back now i am i want to be clear and when i speculate i'm clear on speculation so i just want to be clear with every one right now i'm regulating here but its inform speculation i may say it for because i'm hearing from a couple of people who are useless sources that there may be some element of truth is i want to put it out there this may be more damaging than we ve been led to believe sure what i'm saying have you got to the good spike in sofia so don't go anywhere but this shifting thing i'm not so sure that this in part of the league cooperation we ve been talking about for a long time for regular this show i reference they jeff sessions former attorney general press conference he gave with their coats
shortly after donald trump was a great is the yard the present united states as a forty five president and in that press conference joan i reference it often sessions is clear that there is a big league investigation going on within the government i highly suspect based on inform speculation ladies and gentlemen that adam shift and other democrats on these committees may i've been looked at as a part of this leak investigation and i'm not actually sure how much this aspen meeting would simpson plays into it but let's just i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this meeting with with glenn simpson from fusion gps comes up later if this leak investigate in short starts to show fruit i leave it at that but again
i am speculating i don't usually put that out there but the volume of people who i talk way indicated as such who have said that this may be the case was a little bit overwhelming cell if maybe a little bit more trouble ladies and gentlemen than we think and they have a lot to do with him lashing out yesterday shifty and saying our moving over to investigate trumps finances this maybe another distraction technique by shifty shit ok moving on there's another issue peace at the epic time i haven't shown us today as well and i believe this is incredibly sitting line up and are video now senior fbi lord not read the carter page pfizer before signing off what they show is is amazing a home what i've indicated it was gonna be the problem for the fbi and the spy gate disaster the whole time ladies and gentlemen it is now
nepal olivet second if you can it is not just that the fbi used at the bar dossier from glenn simpson who met with adam schiff now we know to spy on the trump tibetan obviously the sixty thousand hundred twenty thousand foot overview of this case fbi use and information spied on present even the underdog joke and figure that out very simple it sees a character i'm not insulting joe feudalism i show you get the joke caveman jones probably a better way to save her ok spy on tromp bed information we get the problem i've told you about this is that there is a paper trail called the woods file that that far i was a woods procedure named after the fbi lawyer who invented that by invented or document that the procedures in inventiveness on a product though its file requires people job at every stage of
verification process to verify the information in the dossier that was used to spy on trap was in fact true now read that that's why i asked politic keep it up senior b i lawyer tricia anderson we mentioned essays covered in the applicant has now acknowledge she didn't read the visor even worse she says no put a cover note on it if these problems at all i read was the cover no they didn't indicate there was any problems ladies and gentlemen listen to me please this is all going to come out later and you're gonna hear at first what is it february here is i don't even know it's friday she's episode twelve number they show what's gonna come back to bite three letter agency people is not just that they use bad information they signed off wanted in a paper trail called the once while here is your fault the example of someone who's gonna be in a world the trouble who didn't even read the pfizer warn against carter page before so
cutting off for john hancock your gonna see the woods file multiple people who signed off on this thing on a piece of information that has now been the bug and unverified are you dig in are you pick it up when i'm putting down there's a paper trail a paper trail of people who sign that this was real even worse joe there's a series of coincidental dates that are starting to show up i take screenshots of a bunch of things on my phone from articles i find interesting and is something that creep up to me again to show you how bad this was and how panicky they got after this case started a break march of twenty sixteen joe mike roger starts to figure out right mike rogers from the usa follow me huge on his important and i'm gonna get to the verification and how
let me just lay out let me they put the lead first so everybody gets from go with is sometimes i bury the lead that's not good use of the fisa court to get a warrant to spy on the trump team if you listen to my viral speech was a back up plan i don't believe it was the original plan i believe that's why they rushed liza and people i tricia anderson as you can see from that headline signed off on an application in a woods file to get a pfizer entrepreneur rushed if they did it in a panic because i dont believe it was the original plan folks the original plan i will insist till the i leave the earth absent evidence otherwise was to use national security letters on masking actually wiretapping people under the guise of tapping foreigners when it was really used to have retro retrofit trump team tat and the use of the inner database to listen then spy on the twenty seventh censure
but i m suggesting he was very simple addition that they used computers met data the accumulation wiretapping and just security letter when that broke down that's when they move to the fire court because they had no other options and i wanted to put together some dates for you in light of this why with such a rush and why people like tricia anderson five didn't even read this thing yet signed off i think about this each job it's early march when mike i just the nsa starts to notice they have a significant problem with abuses which in with the vienna database people are query this database of cell phone cell phone call people are clear bring it and the head of the national security agency mike roger i still believe as the good guy in this story sense there is a serious problem right around the beginning of march he and from that time he starts to inform people about these queries and says hey ladies and gentlemen something's going on he later request
the review by the foreign intelligence surveillance court which overseas is far visor process with the nsa joe and they find out that there are private contracts there is quite a clearing the database that a lot of queries are inappropriate that they're using an appropriate identifiers this is all on the record ladies and gentlemen it's all document that you can look up the foreign intelligent surveillance court i believe it's in march seventeen years was released you can look at the report pay daddy to as some pretty damning information so do so we're clear people with the united states government or giving access to private contractors to search a database a massive database this is really really bad stuff ok not good energy so right around this march time at the beginning of march joe were rogers starts to sniff around and say we ve got a problem you what conveniently happen just days and weeks later well our body pop
the apple is george papadopoulos papa these kay they'll do you and dad papadopoulos agriculture after they sense they have a problem with the pfizer court is approached by joseph miss it the mysterious maltese professor who starts this entire pfizer case basically this case that they stop to use against carter page and against george papadopoulos offer jim collusion starts with this one guy this is the guy who according to their allegations in the fbi joseph misled approaches papadopoulos who is now a new member the trump team foreign policy advisory board broaches em and says hey according these allegations we think the right let's have some dirt on hilary they may have some emails folks it is clear as day to me now that this was a set up the page poppet that was a refund
he's on pop up was by the way acquiring minds one on all about that one papa dapple is an page our plan b there play and be because mike roger starts the smell that there's a surveillance gap operation go and on an illicit one within the obama administration to abuse an essay assets to spy on political opponents its clear as they look today they light up perfectly march sixteen mike rogers hey we got a problem with spying all of a sudden oh man we go let's go to plan b let's use the pfizer court make it legal masood approaches papadopoulos this whole thing starts now there's only two possible scenarios as i said to a guy this week i was talking to only two scenarios about miss so did matter either joseph miss the most skilled russian spy in american history or joseph myths
he was working on behalf of intelligence partners with us to set up george papadopoulos to make papadopoulos look like a rat include ladies and gentlemen there's no third option i say that joseph myths according to his own lawyer is intimately familiar with western intelligence assets ladies and gentlemen in addition joseph myths should is in photos with significant intelligence figures from the united kingdom and others and was invited in february of toys seventeen to speak in the united states at a conference the state department of the united states was involved in now our inviting russian spies in the united states folks is this make any sense to you the answer is of course it does it it's now become clear as day that the fao ass a warrant and the pfizer emergency became a poet
when the set up of papadopoulos did work papadopoulos didn't bite they someone pushed this guy myths should to set up trade this guy popping papadopoulos about russian emails and hopefully here related to the trump team it now becomes clear i want you to i want you to listen to this peter stroke text too listen to what i want to tell you this peter stroke text from may and in all makes sense this is me twenty sixteen there trying to trying to set up papadopoulos because they need to go warrant to spy on him and use that to hop role where they can have from papadopoulos to his contacts to their context which would snare the entire tire trompe whatever there due to papadopoulos to set him up isn't working so they start to panic reading the text now this in these tax issues me from from may where peter stroke is texting his girlfriend
and they're starting a panic right now because clearly may is after april in march obviously we're all this stuff with papadopoulos isn't working out they now have which are having trouble using the essay database is mike rogers is calling bs autumn here's the text shokhin page text each other stroke is the lead investigator in this fbi case he says and wholly you fill in the boy tat crews just dropped out of the race it's going to be a coincidence trump race on both evil so stroke in page known trumpeters clinton acolytes are panic because ted crews dropped out tromp is now going to be the de facto nominated publican how did they respond listen to this texture wow now the pressure really starts to finish em why
what am i u ask meteor exam what's meteor exam the code name for the investigation into hilary folks can you sense the palpable panic now there how the trump is the nominee they realize reparation is set up pop this isn't working they realized my rogers is exposed the operation in the seven oh to operation and this survey let's operation using an essay tools to spy on trump now they desperately need a fire the it's not going to be approved the october there their panic for some reason papadopoulos isn't biting i'm pretty convinced that this point they want a corridor page who they think will be an easier target because his work with the fbi target of a pfizer warrant because his work with the fbi before and now they get desperate using christopher steel and others thirty dossier and they get desperate to do two things to shut down
on hillary clinton investigation and the double down in the investigation into donald trump the timelines ladies and gentlemen all makes sense now this is crazy stuff now you see what adam shift is probably talk about the glen simpson at this esben conference this the shaded the issue he guiding what guph what asleep or are two quick things i'll let you run all born i was like pulling data we do factions aid here folks forty four percent of pro choice voters in new york our new york's new third term a boy should law i only bring out therefore because again dialing back to the beginning of the shadow rapporteur for the weekend the democrats digging themselves an ideological whole gel they're not going to be able to get out and they ve tried this they ve tried this radical lurched left before america's not that country a country of liberty loving entrepreneurial people work not gonna let go of their freedom is easily our their lives or this
this kind of stuff this radical far leftism is not gonna work second job paul out article up the hill have suffered the show notes today as well just third teen per cent of our people approve of but care for all joe when they find out what how much a private insurance would be banned and cancel again gap is no pie there no sky these pie in the sky this is garbage nonsense the more we highlight and ridicule fritz absurdity it is going to drive the democrat party farther and farther than the left that's going to make him a fridge coastal party in america's big cities only and even their their stuff isn't even popular folks i skip for two days but another great week really appreciated thanks for spreading the video clips as well please subscribe did the show on itunes if you have an iphone if you have an android or another device you can go to a radio and follow it is free all of it is free it's a subject
since the show that help us move up the charts help other people find our content and keep our advertising costs low we really appreciate that thanks a lot for tune in i so you all on monday day sir you just heard tan bond genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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