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Fireworks Erupt on this Liberal Show (Ep 1106)

2019-11-08 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive segment on liberal show “The View” where the liberal panelists lie to their audience to attack Don Trump Jr. I also address troubling new information about the “whistleblower” scandal and their scheme to take down Trump. Finally, I address an outrageous tweet by Bernie Sanders.

 News Picks:Unbelievable! New York actually fines Trump 2 million dollars for helping veteran’s charity. 


Another John Solomon bombshell in the Hunter Biden Burisma case.


Ukraine Ambassador exposed as emails of communications with Democrats leak.


Don Trump Jr. & Joy Behar get into a scrap on The View.


That time Joy Behar wore brownface and described herself as an African woman.


The View host lies on national television about the transcript.


GOP senators call for the suspicious Burisma documents to be released.


Middle class incomes are soaring under Trump. The data doesn’t lie


The View host falsely suggests Don Trump Jr. tweeting the name of the fake whistleblower is a crime. 


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