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How Did The Media Miss This Explosive Footnote in the IG Report? (Ep 1134)

2019-12-13 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive footnote hidden in the IG report which destroys the FBI’s entire cover story for the Spygate scandal. I also address the imploding impeachment fiasco. News Picks:An excellent article about the massive Spygate scandal, and the media’s role in it. 


The hapless Democrats expect even more defections on the impeachment vote. 


Unbelievable! The Fusion GPS hoaxers are at it again!


Unbelievably, the FBI declares it has no records of discipline against the lawyers in the collusion hoax. 


Snake Jim Comey strikes again!


A major victory in the UK for common sense.


Video: Democrat watches golf during the “serious” impeachment hearing.


Impeachment was a total, complete, epic failure. After the hearings 52% do not support impeachment


Another misguided court ruling interferes with the border wall construction. 


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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. Now, gentlemen, I've got a mother firework. We found in the energy report, which is full of gems and nuggets everywhere. Had it all my great source designer we're gonna blow up. This whole story again got that the impeachment vote that just pay twenty three, seventeen for the fake hoax impeach which is actually working as a fundraising mechanism for Donald Trump. Twenty twenty realize you now here they re election campaign, Big NEWS, that of the United Kingdom last like going out, and we will end the show today, with a nun your piece of studying a Yossi video just when you thought you saw them most a Yossi radio. The week we have one, that's even dumber shockingly
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made it to the studio just in time to get on the air. For Hannity from my friend at church, studio in South Florida went home, eight went to sleep at like one in the morning, bang back up again doing the show today, but I think this little nugget, I know you Joe Joe. Your work is very complicated and thereby prevent it's not easy, Coffee and then and some other stuff legal. I promise! Don't worry, you have to stay up or get busy have I've got a killing? Why are you looking at me? I've got a killer Moreover, Europe, let me just yet the lead out right away. Folks, the Horowitz report actually bugs the entire Horwitz report. Why, yes, the heart, its report has said what what is it? What of the liberals have been telling you and their media hack, bootlegging accolade allies when it had been telling? medication, for this is all legitimate. The FBI story that they open These spying operator, the Donald Trump because of this type
Australia about Papadopoulos is boozy yeah, you know liaison with with Alexander down or in London, and he liked it. Russia's trying to help the tribe Gibbey. That's what started this? Not the dossier right so just to be clear liberal hacks media acts, that's the story, the official story and the media is supposedly sticking to it. Horwitz said ass, their right. It was the Australians a tip the FBI off their Papadopoulos, maybe working with the Russians. It was not the dossier, why are they saying that? Why is Horowitz covering for them I dont know why hardwoods has covered, but how its own report, the debunks that story. Let me be crystal clear before we start the FBI media, tax and the spy gay conspirators, are desperate to make you America believe that they did not start investigation. Donald Trump because of a dossier. Hillary Clinton paid for that was political information. Now it out this also
I did this by, because the Australians frightened us into believing Papadopoulos is working with the Russians. Do you get this please tell me you get this. Ok good. If Joe gets it, you get it. We are good the horror which this report, everybody said, listen, Michael Hearts and I have no reason to believe otherwise. Here the predication, the case was just fine and peachy and other saying that yeah that friendly foreign government tip from the ushers that's? What really did it wasn't the dossier always out of fact. Well, first, to show you how the media's played into the schools are not serious. Journalist journalism is absolutely dead. All let's go After the New York Times are where we first heard this week is from I look up dead. The Australian started this by giving us a tip about Papadopoulos working with the Russians. Look at this in December of twenty seven team. We first heard about this from the media. The New York Times, how the. A inquiry began a campaign, talk a profitable drinks and talks and political dirt, Ok
This is actually true. How did the New York Times Let's get this in December, twenty seven tat they got it from a deep state, co conspirators who desperately wanted this story out in this we have twenty seventeen, so you would be distracted and not know the real story that the reason the FBI, spider drop is because Hilary told them to with the dossier it's no more difficult than that You don't believe me, that's what the New York Times Be says, check out this from the New York Times peace from the deep state leaders who are desperate the guy look squirrel. It wasn't. The dossier was Papadopoulos, quote New York Times the formation that Mr Papadopoulos gave to the Australia's answers, one of the lingering mysteries of the past year What's so alarmed american officials to provoke the FBI, to open it our intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign months before the presidential election listener, this doozy job? It was not as MR But other politicians have alleged
dossier, compiled by a former british spy hired by a rival campaign. Instead, it was first hand information from one of America's closest intelligence allies. Really that true. Let me show you. The little golden nugget jam had two to seven niner, that's the best This little nugget we found in the report that act delete the box that entire theory, our wits, its own report, the bunks Har report- that this is true Let me show you this footnote. This is just devastated. When we read the steel footnote for sixty one the only express direction we found the became gave regarding the use of a confidential human source, in other words, a spy concerned. Former spy f b, I see age ass, who cod
can an FBI agent in FBI Field Office in late July. Twenty sixteen to listen to this too. Born information from a car. who runs in investigative farm higher by two entities the Dnc as well as another individual who is not name to explore Donald Trumps, long standing ties to russian entities. We can come back to this, but come back to me from. There are so many nuggets in there. You have no idea, let's distill out What's in that, and why this completely annihilates Horwitz his own conclusion, and yet somehow Horwitz, who I'm really darting, have questions about. Seems hesitant to tell the dossier started. This whole thing covering up for these deep state, what is going on here, first and foremost,
by confidential human source in late July approach stem with in nation from a colleague who runs and investigate affirm hired by the Dnc Joe, wasn't steel the investigative firm it org, since company or the wind hired by the Dnc, he was right or bullshit. So can we all agree that this suspiciously like someone in others by another spy. Amazingly urging the FBI information that it appears. likely there are getting from steel in late July, Joe it's not possible. Because the FBI's official story, Joe, it's not our! No. We didn't the information from steel until September nineteen late July September, nineteen,
it lay July September nineteen July, I'm Joe again as European Ombudsman July's before September. Great think this, through before you answer a tough one, yes You sure you're, ok, double jeopardy Arica debts, that's really detailed. Does well developed analysis. I appreciate Joe always coming through the clutch like this, so we know the FBI its highly, like. in order, which is own report footnote for sixty one with nobody's picked up on. But this show. Because we have the best source network in the business? Nobody seems to picked up on the fact that here Its own report indicates that aim others by approach, the FBI But the information that appears steals that the FBI, aye, sir, as they didn't get to September nineteen now Joe. Why would be
b I lie about when they pay actually got hold of Christopher steals information into dirtier information. Why would they lie about? The do tell do tell let's do a little timeline here must not fewer of the best there. We still got all yes, we gotta do you accept why we Fbi lie about them. What John, When did crossfire hurricane spying operation into Donald Trump, allegedly start, at least when is the formal on paper start date July? Thirty, first of twenty. Sixteen. So Joe. That would be an off we convenient ally for the F B. I wouldn't it off. We can in an alibi for the FBI, that we could never the investigation because of the dossier in steel job, because we didn't get the information for September nineteen, but that's off we strange. Can you put up that footnote again, footnote
or sixty one cause, this seems to sound off. We like another spy, who quote, contacted an FBI agent field Office in July, to report it issued from a colleague who runs it investigated for higher by two entities, the Dnc and the other at the probably the Clinton campaign baby, don't wait! There's another. So what industry there's only two explanations to this arbour, Costa. I tell me if I'm wrong, as the ombudsman the Dnc and Hillary Clinton hired Christopher Steel who went to the FBI to another colleague. In July of twenty sixteen or or another spy gave word about Christopher steals information and twenty sixteen July and the F b I knew about it or there actually another firm out there, in addition to steal digging up more bogus information, do you understand one or two one or to either. One of those stories is a total show. Completely destroyed. Let me read more why this is up to farmers,
Age ass, which is again called for spy, also gave the FBI agent, a list of quote individuals and entities who have surfaced in the investigative firm against that's the Osborne in their examination. The former see just describes as mostly publics. material which matches by the way exactly would steal sperm produced. I now This is where this gets folks. This I promise you. This is only gonna get By better I'd be worse for the Democrats, listen to this one, some of your this together. As I start to read, remember the dates in Allegations starts July. Thirty. First on paper with the FBI, the FBI, swears up and down. They did not get steals information until September nineteen listeners, quote from this footnote for sixty one in MID September twenty six team. Why that
sounds like September nightly Joe it MID September. Twenty sixteen Andrew Mackay tells an FBI agent to which struck me FBI agent from the field officer, was dealing with this. By giving them the information that appears to be from steel, Joe, not to have any further contact with the former spy and and researchers board, and not to accept any information regarding the crossfire Hurricane Investigation, what Oh it idea. She just tell you what I think is going to play with. footnote up a more time. I wanted to go to the because I want to be the beginning of the foot, no doubt because this will make sense. Once I read the beginning, I want to be the beginning. First,. the only express direction Guy g found Andrew my cave gave regarding the use of spicy age. Essence in this investigation.
concern this guy who contacts the FBI in July with what appears to be steals information, the F B, I swear it didn't get the September. So the We direction the I e g found Andrew my cave, the deputy direct, gave the ages about spies on the Trump campaign is not to deal this guy any more. As September two twenty nineteen Paul, I need you to put the ombudsman had on here too. Ladies and gentlemen, let me what like we happen to you. The FBI in September starts to figure They have nothing on Carter page, they have nothing on Flynn and they have nothing. papadopoulos. They have any open the Pfizer. Yet they start to panic. they realize going to have to open up a Pfizer. They go back to their insurance policy, which is gonna, be opening up a Pfizer on page, insisting he when dealing with Russians, member the fire at the start to October strain can't say, pages been dealing with russian show. Why? Because pay
its dealings with Russians have been at the behest of the. U S: government swaths page is working with the CIA, the FBI it violates, and doctors and email the insurance policy to go get a fire of war. on page saying that is contact with the sea. I With the Russians were not due to the CIA sourcing, when they were they, We await the evidence in a criminal act to spy I own Carter, page They know now that there are rich, whole dossier story is following up. but because they are looking into this dossier, which I'm telling you they now have in July, they said they didn't get to September. They know it's punk. They're, probably checking with their CIA counterparts of figuring out everything they base their information is garbage. So you may say Why go up on a wire than in October, because folks, our insisted that once they get up on a, why are they really believe? This collusion hopes that there are going to find out remember their manufacturing crime. They don't have one that are going to find
evidence of Trump colluding with devices, because I still believe this happen. They still believe this. These idiots, so they manufacture. This case Mackay realises now rubber its September. Follow me he realizes. In MID September, he's gonna need an excuse to start this investigation. so he says: hey, let's go back. use that Tipp we got I can may because remember I'm sure they have the Alexander down or cable. The cable Alexander down or that the Australian send to the australian embassy is in May or may eleventh right after the meeting with Papadopoulos the p. I insist dated yet window that cable to or or they down or Papadopoulos, meaning until July folks TAT is total bs? I do you in the show was a yesterday or the day before that the text messages on May eleventh between stroke and paid clearly indicate that something
happen that day on May eleven with the State Department in the FBI. I'm telling you what happened. They got win cable to the australian embassy about the down or Papadopoulos, meaning they know about data take anything of it right away, because it's a b s meeting as the dossier falls apart in September in October, somebody comes up with a bright idea: hey, let's go back and say we open this investigation because of the tip from Australia we intercepted may, but we said we got July. Why would you I have to say you got it in July, because the open, the investigation July, thirty, first, what convenient timing that would be right with you say we opened it because of this friendly foreign government. If we really got may well just say we got it July, someone! as anti. We got a problem, therefore, No insist! We open the case because of this tip from Australia and not the dossier we're going to have to pretend we didn't get this deal dossier till September. Ok, let's
just tell em we gotta September. I did Andy there's another problem, the come on. Remember that Spock who approached us all the way back all the way. In July at thus information etc, an awful lot like steals information. Remember that oh yeah, yeah yeah, we're not Could I have any more dealing with their manufacture? Gonna cut him off. I would you cut him off because they're covering their tracks. you have no more contact with that spy, he's providing valuable information about the dossier you used to spy on page because their trial, they tell you, that's not why their spying! On page there trying to them, you're doing it because of a doubt or kip they receive in July. That started the case in July when they really received it may.
That was the insurance policy. This whole scheme, the only time, The only direction eighty became ever gives his Regarding the use of spies in the campaign is to not talk to a spy, they were taught two in late July, right around the time September nineteen when they say they first gets deals. Information. Joe by your silence, I can sense here a little confused. Information overload, dude, yeah, ok, my guy, and that's why I need you here, polity think well confusing Ok, I'm going a long time. I will get oaks, it's it's a job, remember what we're talking about. Keep this all in perspective. This footnote, clear, the indicates that Horowitz its conclusion that the FBI open the case because it down or tip about Papadopoulos. This footnote
destroys that's DORA. The FBI interviewed by Horwitz end. They clearly indicate that they were rest engaging in late July, information that appears to be steals that they got from a spy, maybe a collar, steel, whoever it? Maybe we don't know what it is. You have my suspicions, but that's not possible Joe. because Horwitz is telling us that stated and get them for me. First, the until September, so how the hell are you talking about spy about what appears to be steel in July? Mocha, therefore makes sense to make sense. now big clear as day, lying about why they open this case. I throw in some extra information, but none of that shit. The footnote clearly pays out that the FBI we are dealing with a source who was
equally dealing would steal that fits all descriptors in July, but they up what they said: Rear Siri keeps telling us that they don't would steal it and September September. Nineteen September nineteen, when they finally make contact, or they say they may contact with steel, remember they're trying to do a job. The FBI is true. and to develop a cover story about why they started this case, because they can't let the public know they started the case, because Hilary paid them to writing. Any other reason Newcastle Somebody in MID September makes contact with steel about it Formation. It appears they ve already had the whole time. This spy. here they may came- says a meal we at least stop talking to this guy. Why? Because they ve. He did decision earlier. That are gonna lie to the public and say they didn't get the information until September, but, despite
I knows he's been telling me information since July, so my caves, like don't talk to him anymore or her. I'll talk to him any more because we're going to tell the public. We started this because of the Downer Tipp dog. Kay we're gonna do say we got July, although its clear from the text messages pretty clear that they pay what we know about the downer meeting, with top it up is right after it right after it happens, on may tend on May eleventh. Cable is said. Are you sure that government knows about this because of the way there texting? The? U S, government, that's better!. This was all a hoax. This whole thing is pre asked the only instruction Mackay gives about the use of spies in emotional? important counter, intelligent scandal. In? U S, history! The only direction is to not use one in September because they
what disguise information out there? They dont want the public to know that they had steel stuff, probably at the latest in July. Because they're telling you they got in September. and they're, telling you they got it in September, because they when the case July thirty first and therefore, if they opened a case like thirty. First any only made contact with steel in September, they could a bit Hilary information and opened it? Yes, it had to be the friendly foreign government Tipp. We got from the Australians, which we gotTa July, which they really got. May this footnote is problem. We have all the fireworks and this report this foot What is the most explosive? This is the M eighty blockbuster in here because it bugs Horwitz his own theory that the F B, I tell him sure about why they open the case, we opened it because The government chip we didn't have still stuff
the September this? it says you added clearly or something that certainly looks like it in July, right right, right, ok, program or nordic at Monterrey Guy before we move on. Thank you Dana yet why other continuity is what, if they're not talking about steel added. at the age of dealing with this. By talking about steals information, then who is a colleague of the spy who runs its quote? Who runs into instigated firm hired by where did he's the Dnc as well as another individual is not name to explore. Donald Trump ties the russian authorities folks where's that other than steel or orbits Are you telling me there's another company out there, the Dnc hired other than steel? That was doing the exact same thing again. That's all it would be even worse. There's two companies does not to come. This is clearly steel company as possible.
We don't context Kyoto September. We don't opening because a steel we did contact until after we open a case. A much more country and read here. Thank you get. I know it's complicated area. Writing I get it! How the may eleventh thing? If you listen to the show about the downward? and May eleven text messages and maybe a little distracting, don't get distracted by that. The simple point: is very easy to understand the store that the dossier with at the initiators of the case that it was this tip from the friendly foreign government, Australia They don't want you to know Hilary information that she paid for started the biggest spying scale in. U S, history, total garbage and Horwitz his own report buried in the footnotes, debunks heart with its own report and the FBI. I story Paula. How does that sound to you? You get it you sure, but our aim
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lately destroys the banks, and this could it's every single thing. You ve been told by the media. We have a steel dossier until some amber. Really, it sounds awfully suspicious. You were talking to a guy sounds off. We like a guy who know steel in July. It's crazy began. You won't get any of that anywhere else. I am actually stung me, I'm serious, I'm not kidding, because I rather not be first I'd rather come in and put together and coldly. the information and give you kind of executive summaries of what's going on, because I have an hour amazing amazing, footnote. Ok, folks going green Wild is believe me, the farthest thing for me: servant if we ever gonna meet, but Glenn Green Wild has been entirely consistent in principle The use in his pursuit of now laying down civil liberties violations. Lover moraine, going green while who writes over at the intercept he was opened all over the Snowden stuff. You cannot back the guy unprincipled monogamy, you can.
I disagree with them. I understand the guy has been Some of them they would, he wrote a devastating, and I mean devastating skies? Not a conservative at all take down of the media and the spy gay co conspirators? I'm telling you of articles I put in a show notice. We please the shone out of you Followers on twitter, where I d be show notes you can read it. On twitter or you just gotta bonds? You know that com or, as I always humbly, ask just after our newsletter, I will email you these articles, everyday. We put a lot of work into it to get it together by GINO. a calm, Slash newsletter simple as that, email, you them everybody. This one is worth your time. Please reducing the shone out today. Title of the article by going green. One is director General's report on twenty sixteen FBI, spying reveals a scandal of his. story, magnitude, not only for the FBI, but also for the? U S: media
because the folks there are so many gems in here I can't go through the whole thing and in the interests of times, there's a lot more to get too. I want to get to just one that I mentioned on Hannity last night or my appearance was a brief one, but green wall the way here. right about this specific. Scandalous disgusting piece of information. It is worth repeating. Let me get to this quote from the peace. This is worth time folks quote: Glenn Greenwell, then twenty seventeen, the FBI I did to seek off the authorization of the Pfizer worn to continue to spy on page and sought obtained it three times. In January April, and you not only accorded the Idee reported the F B. I repeat all of this have significant inaccuracies and omissions so fast to be clear on this FBI and the original October Pfizer they're saying they said because the Australia Tipp we now know because of the dossier, their worst
Evan major omissions and, basically lies ideological, Court inaccuracies get a lot of stuff Greenwell, but the FBI, Joe Arid this should all major inaccuracies in any of this You don't worry, renewals wow, seven lies we're gonna, be out of your TED Moura, a quote as the ideal ports it this I quote in addition repeating the seven significant errors contained in the first Pfizer and outlined above we I did Why cant additional significant errors in the three renewals, based upon information known to the FBI after the first application, and before one or more of the renewals life years at Taylor, Swift visit sixty, because when you see tat, we need to change how we need a new versa, cause you're lying
seventeen times Pfizer tat? There was just like my side. about an hour. I my thing is, I think, a occurs with seventeen times in the Pfizer seventeen times. I just repeated it just to annoy around my weapon, sometimes like a poker eleven but publication. Talking about homer you dirty minds out at sea, It lies. Severed lies Joe Biden, mad seven, my new air, ten, more aid because we knew you need seventeen earlier this job The original seven were good. the original seven, no good, weedy. Folks, ten more turn more lies just sure we
so lonely firmed up this house of lies. We need to add in ten more it's like buttressing a roof in Florida, so it doesn't come off in a cat five. Ok, it's not good for a couple cross braces, let's get ten more in their seven are good for show we need to like my house, they built this attic. This ass can survive like a category seventy to arrogate. You can't even get it by attic. There's somebody crossbar this is it so that your buttressing Roof of your Pfizer lie with seven lies, get ten more in their folks. We need ten, more permanent peace. Forget, because this in paragraph seven, this is even better? I tell you about the January meeting we broke out here. What seven months ago, they meet steel spy in January, his source and the stores tells them since all garbage all of it. Labour knew? What anyway it s more like listen, quote: Greenwell among the most significant new acts of deceit. Was it the F b I omitted to
acted, steals primary sub source this, The meeting in January, I told you about who the F b I found credible, had. its statements in January, twenty seventh deed, listen to this vote, raising significant questions about the reliability of the allegations included in the five applications, including, for example, that he did not Call any discussion with person one concerning Wikileaks: Wikileaks Bunk there was quoted thing bad about the communications with the Kremlin Trump Team, while that's a duty and that he did not work This deal a July twenty. Sixteen a page it met with such it. That's about the bribe, the Rosneft Brown, the only crime alleged in the dossier, so still the primary source, the FBI, Innovation in January says basin. we. The whole dossier is garbage. The whole thing
and they renewing three more times to spy on an innocent american and they add ten more lies in just in case. That's right now. We're gonna lie about it. We're just gonna lie about it, not we're about damn thing there, then like, I guess so, cleanness. I guess, because I dont know what they were taken at it, but just listen got Calidis take a breather here because Horowitz told us there is no political bias so cleanest down her arm, what you're Bush League analysis, there's no political bias, your folks, none, no biased, Oh well, then I guess so Suggesting to me, if it wasn't bias, it was what more with listen man again about trying to pile on you. I don't know the guy right. Can you move your head from your rectum for two minutes
What is your suggestion as to why this would happen? It wasn't bias. Well what the hell was. It. our intelligence quotient of forty two. Listen. Let us Germany. Tied to the FBI. It's difficult to get in there. These people who were doing this- we're not dumb. It may give you some pleasure to say I was before idiots or not, but do you wonder you're my stories even worse, because if there sk uses Well, where does it will go away? Where does really open. Clearly this isn't more here out either. No, then, what's the other explanation that day knowingly will fully committed potential federal crimes. spy on Edison Americans. Which, ladies and gentlemen, look Clearly
this story is your where's the media on this besides Glengarry more nowhere. Folks, I'm telling you this piece is full of gems It's not that long, maybe a thousand words. It is worth your time. It'll be up in this once again, you can follow Us Twitter, I D be show notes, also highlighted at the Bonn GINO report the conservative alternative to the judge report at bungee. report, dot com and in the shone out. I'm I really again. Please read. Because it is not from a conservative. In other words, Joe there is legitimately no political bias in green wolves article because he's politically whatever biased the other direction he's not conservative and he dismantling the spy gay, conspirators and the media lunatics. You supported them. our final sponsors. I got a lot more, a lot more to get you
Ladies and gentlemen, as I predicted by the way, or I should say not predictable What about my book exonerated? How they ve done. This collusion thing before starting. We stunningly. they're doing this again. You know we're going to believe this they're doing you may in no way there doing the clues they get YAP, get ready. I pull our final. sponsor a day. Another great sponsor, really appreciate them. Avatars damned mancino shoe polish Eugene Years policy genius. We love policies genius, ladies and gentlemen, its December, Much as we love seasons and the holidays, this time you this month can be a bit stressful too. We know that we ve got a long list of being sitting people to shop for if life, in short, it is one of the things way down your lest polish, the genius can help you crossed off the list today, they'll find you the right life insurance at the best price, and they do all the work to help you get covered policy genius policy. Gene is easy.
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Stunningly I'd. I mean even I'm kind of stunned by this window there Our trying the collusion hoax again now joining tat. We did something: for the shell right, some of the media that wasn't you Rachel, you dont know its common right now come on, get your genuine reacted, because this is just that. I mean the information in this. Let me just give you a little background. First, if you ever picked up my boy get exonerated. I would appreciate it if you'd. If, if you, if you don't mind it's it's, we put a lot of work into it. exonerated fail, take out of Donald Trump by the swamp. It's on Amazon, Barnes, ennoble, bookstores everywhere, exonerated by me, damp on China and in the book. We have a bomb shell in there that I'm not sure a lot of you are aware of it. Sarah card or another journal issued covered it in the past John Solomon and others. Ladies and gentlemen, the whole someone so colluded with the Russians?
you may say: there's a lawyer that started with Donald Trump write them did that the liberals and our trump collude with Russia's know that did not start with Donald Trump folks. They tried before they try to know John became. My book lays out study information about how this aid colluded with Russia's Robin tried before now it got shut down cushion. W Bush was the president while John became is running its Barack Obama boosted and allow the CIA to be weapon eyes to advance. This hoax might remember covering this vote, the detail There are actually trying this thing again after they just got nailed to the war by the Gee report lies omissions Guess, sub sources, fake information, seventeen lies over for applications despite an innocent America's, so ass night. There was a huge, huge upset me United Kingdom, I will say, upset Boris Johnson, wanted the conservatives over there but boy.
Miss Johnson one and one day by day they won seats in parliament, far pass when anybody expected there, I really like hard conservatives, but they're they're supposed to be conserved. As you get the point lucky, you know, Gotta believe this article. That appears look at this in a guardian again. It I hate to put this in the shone out, but you're. Never. I believe this this is it Actual this is not the onion look at these two dip Goin Simpson and Peter Fresh wrote this article, who are those to the guys The future gps, gotta eat, afraid coaxed us here, because this is a real article. You watch it on Youtube. tobacco slashed budget or you can read at the guardian. needs its own Mahler report on Russia. Her ferrets european afresh fresh. This is real. This is
your piece Paula, put up the support of the sky. This is not a joke. These two numb skulls, who just got mailed to the wall with fusion GPS for a bogus dossier that created the biggest political spying scandal in american history on a fake black color the Russians in this case trump that they try before on Mccain and others are today after the UK? What you're trying to get look at this peace took? This is unbelievable, says on real? I cannot believe we are living in Pizarro Superman World right now quote: Glenn Simpson, Peter fresh british political system has become thoroughly compromised by russian influence target the surface, but even read that. They did are you actually publish these two That's who have just been male double
all four major league fabrications of the highest order, guardian publishers, this same collusion hoax again. I swear on my life. This is not fake. That is a real article. How is the higher glow. In unison, not laugh. At the same time, at the guardian for abolishing these two zero credibility, numb skulls. on this same collusion. Oaks again for the third time read my book for the first time and the second time now you can, it number three, maybe I'll have to do with their book on this everything I, believe it, I really really article its hysterical it's the same stuff again conflate
russian efforts to interfere in foreign countries, elections folks, which for the job sixty of time on the show happens, Pre election boy stipulated Russians job like us your fear, every time they are not our friends. you are. O d few l, L, Ethiopia period Nobody is questioning that. Now you're going back again to inferring that conservatives, in this case Boris Johnson, not trump that when you already got humiliated on you're, going back to the well for the third time
Gosh and the media was sought this up again folks, they are legitimately that's stupid. I want more together stature. Loaded call me the snake strikes again: oh again, come eat! this guy I mean if, as if you can't get any worse check this the worst examined again in the shown us three. Please read it. Look at this absence glued snake jerry down. Maybe this great work, the wash them Examiner Bill BAR always refuse what are reinstated. Security clearance is creating a problem in the five investigation, of course, because Jim Commies, all tenure at the FBI, is a problem and is all Jim Colonies dedicated his life now to creating problems for the. U S cover. What is this about. the attorney general clearly wants to question Jim call me regarding his activities in this major scandal. Why did you
FBI, seven times layer? Ten more lies on by on an innocent American when they knew the case was bombed because the FBI in January interviewed steel sources, who said the case was bombed. Well, what's the problem when they want aid of you call me Joe well, notably interview call me. They have to show him classified information right. In order to show em classified information after reinstated security clearance snake. Jim call me sleazy, Jim, has said because he's understood. He knows how to weasel way out of everything. Jim call me because he's clever. He's malicious, they gave malfeasance, but he's clever. Jim said not a word about my security code, Nano Jim! We need you. We have to show you this information, so If we show you the information- and we can question you about what you're decisions were not interested snake but don't get Joe disguised. The pinnacle of ethics and honesty. Just ask him: if he's, if
yet if, as he insists sleazy Jim combing, that he's dead nothing wrong, I shot at any cost the Super patriot, eddies, captain ethics. then. Why not just reinstate your security clearance, get your decision making and justify. Why not big Ladys Jimmy, you all know the answer because colonies asleep, and he knows what he did was wrong. And he's doing what he always does docks and run for months. Recovered she's, a total power, a cower, a cow. Yes, I called you that you he's black me on Twitter, so we watch here. He did a mechanic blithely here. He did that really Jim and I don't get along No, now showing you how bad yes, shocker this dog, John Solomon peace up again shown oats today, really worth you time. Shockingly foe, You are probably not the areas where no discipline for the people involved in this at all just sounded scuff, FBI declares it has no records of disability gets lawyers in Russia is a piece of cheese each. You wonder why
faith in this. Sometimes I am all I can tell you is. I am pray, I'm not kidding For the sake of a constitutional republic, there a bar and Durham are really gone, bring justice to these people because, what's happened so far as another disgrace no discipline for the lawyers who signed off. on five words containing seventeen lies: omissions are based on a dossier. They knew was false that they said they start. Investigation, but there clearly lying about because it did because they about it in July when they said they heard about it September. Now we started as a downer, you did really then why'd. You get these racial July about the dossier and say you got in September on all galley idiots. Well again being election in the UK last lamps. Briefly, I know it's an important story, but so much going on here, poorest Johnson, one
a quick note on that story up in the washing our being shown in cities, while they want to tie the seats in parliament. Ladies and gentlemen, I think it clear data points away from the election victory last night. That I've is listen. It's been a total rejection of globalism, The global blew a bureaucracy, ladys German. His felt that I guess indicated and pointed to the election of Donald Trump? It has also led to the election. Abortions and people are fed up their entirely fed up with the global bureaucracy. These bureaucrats, complete idiots its end, this FBI, spiky story- I think just reaffirms- what's happening all over the globe where people are tired of this why do I say the Johnson election and I'm not trying to get too deep into Uk Politics- was about that because what did Johnson run out Joe? He ran on breaks. It you getting hell away from the European Union. People are fed up the European Union and global bureaucracy simple as that make
Amerika great again was trumps over. Was it make the European Union Great again endorse jobs around the same general tenor and that's how we want a lot more to get impeachment big news just pass that ETA committed before twenty three seventeen vote, the Coke's impeachment focus is blowing up in their face. Look at this piece by Paul Bedard in the Washington examiner. Fifty two percent of Americans say a peach job after they hear it, so they present their case, one sided because the Damn rats run the house? You would think that moved the numbers on impeachment. Here we gotta get rid of the sky. We heard Adam Shift and Jerry now this basket here they move the numbers in the wrong direction. A pretty. strong majority of America's I'll say: don't impeach is working out well and why are they not interested in impeaching, present tropical How doing great is doing a great job but other than The committee's being led by complete buffoons one of Em the island of Guam was going to sink under pressure
member here, representative had Johnson well, if we put the ships on the island gonna think that was a real Youtube video. You can look at yourself enough time for today, Here's a video of La Hague, Johnson Guam, is gonna sing, keg Johnson Democrat, who is really set. Did President trump it is meeting with the Ukrainian presents a linsky that President Trot too tall and had a bigger chair folks, I'm not messing with you, Johnson brought this up. Impeach in me, he's really upset their president chair was being watched. This complete idiocy check this out. My colleague from Georgia talks about how Democrats trying to make presidents Linsky look week, while I tell you that, brings to mind the picture of president Trump. and presidents. The landscape meeting in New York in September, at the U N and
big chair for President Trump little cheerful presidents, Linsky Big six foot for President Trump, five foot, eleven Mr Zaleski President's landscape down to tar trump, This is really happening, This is not a joke again, like the guardian story, about new collusion, and none of this is a joke This is really happening here. John, And concerned about Guam sinking is also apparently concern about the linsky sinking in his chair in a meeting with Donald Tropical up is due to offer him. This is real. This really happen. Now you wonder, why is the daily mail points out? Another piece you see the shown us the Democrats. Our concern about mass defections on their side and the impeachment vote when it gets members just was voted out. A committee think so got it
the full house floor where they need a simple majority daily mail Democrats admit they expect. More defections from vulnerable House Democrats, who will vote against still beating Donald Trump folks? This will be the first impeachment in american history is bipartisan by partisan. It is yes against the impeachment the only they will get. No republicans zero. And, as I predicted on Fox and friends and my studio hit yesterday on the show, I'm trying to get away from political predictions I'm reasonably comfortable, telling you they had to, factions on the initial motion to proceed, but impeachment to Democrats. You said no, no Republicans. we need to do it by partisan against moving against impeachment. Actual impeachment floor about. I predicted Between five, maybe ten
possibly more defections on the Democrats side with no Republicans, ladies and gentlemen, this will be a tragic face plant for the Democrats in the face in history. This will be a colossal embarrassment. That's why fifty two was the good news. This impeachment is like a fundraising effort for the Donald Trump, Twenty re election campaign- I my final story. The days is funny. I really good. If you folks, can I please if you want to watch a video, the Show- and I know a lot of people- are they like listening to us an audio and our car? That's great will always be a podcast first about the Here we put a lot of work into a prescribed Euro Youtube Channel, trying to get the four hundred thousand subscribers Youtube com spongy, no Youtube com, slash, mancino, piece of tribes, afraid you can much of it me and Polish Joe we worker magic over here. but this video adios worth your time. just when you think you see the dumbest day or see video here's a Yossi talking about a parental leave policy where she
compare this is not a joke again. This is not the onion disputes. Three show should be not the onion, a guardian tag Johnson and this guy This is a you'll see comparing the family leave policies for human beings. A her suggests Did family leave policies for dogs canines, dot like at combating this stupid? Not out now this? This is not. Doktor had Tipp Heritage Foundation for this video by the waiver mean about here oh see, concern about family leave policies for dogs. It just had poppies check this out. Ok, do you believe employers offer healthcare to every employee that that they have. I think, part of a benefits package. They should determine what is the best way and what do the welcome? So no, you don't believe it should be uniformly offered. I think it should be. Workers want employers, ok, so the answer's. No, so and similarly your your view on parental leave is to let the market decide. Do we know how long puppies are
loud to stay with their mothers. After a dog has given birth, I don't eight weeks so. Market has decided that women and people who give birth deserve less time with their children than a dog, and I think that that at its core has shown that the market has failed to treat people with dignity and with basic respect, and so when that happens. I think it's our job as the public to redefine the rules to society and to peep and treat people who give birth with dignity that they deserve. Thank you very much. What Mother. What what what just happened did I do
Listen to me that was not Joe. You didn't. Master that right, Israel, Because you know the wash departure democracy dies in the darkness, they take every these units that doctor that right now that's a whole thought who vote Elsie is good, but that's a real cheese can about what I do know there was an eight we poppy Mama dog family Levi, never heard of that policy. I'm sure is that of by the official policy like is as high as that, a global, eight weak doggie Lee policy at me. Do they get a check? Is it a direct deposit like an easy age kind of thing I mean, as the dogs spend the money? Is it a credit cards like mad about if its garlic, how does he get their family there? There she get the family Mama dog. I mean it what's the penalty if the poppies. Take it away in violation of the eight we family leave doggie policy. A policy seems to be well informed about what happens their jail time for the doggie police. Do you gotta doggie
Now that the eight years preceding come lock you up very what happens is there are fine. Further doggie Mamma the dog, because you know I know people a lot of people who took puppies it to two or three weeks as the FBI opening a spy gate. Investigation always is fusion GPS coming at alleging doggie I shouldn't collusion. I mean what happens is over we're getting. Rather is it the dna or another federally who, as oversight over the doggie, leave a Yossi policy exactly because I've never this policy the eight we die family policy I mean, is it on track to they put their paw down like stare put your per year. Did he snipped there LAW, so they can put a little thing between our bad and they go sign an ex doggie. They do they sign or dog name. Is it the dog last name like if you have a dog like we have like baby? Is it baby bond GINO? What the hell just happen gets a real thing. This.
Is your new scion of the Democratic Party This is your Savior captain, eight weeks doggie leave this one who took a victory, lap, foreboding, twenty five thousand jobs attitude city and I took a victory lap when a thousand came in two thousand and twenty five, the nice job. You Democrats really pick winters there well done my cache, I thought I appreciate you do in a recent Garda: Youtube Channel Youtube com site by GINO and pick up by new book exonerated for the holidays find out about is collusion out being tried before it's going to be a lot of ammunition to argue against your friends at the swamp. People have tried this before. This is nothing new. It's all a hoax folks. Can I see you on Monday by the way, specially Will you come and later today we have scant someone scheduled we're hoping to lie this weekend, so keep your eye. Afraid of you can do so, and you're gonna love it and I've got a monster special guest to it.
next week, I promise you're gonna love. It's gotta be really really get going. You just heard in Bonn GINO. She you can also get dance broadcasts on Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.