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Independence Day Rough Cuts

2018-07-04 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I discuss some of the tips I learned in the Secret Service for preparedness, along with some fitness tips.   News Picks: This is the best workout I’ve ever tried.   Are Democrats pushing for a shotgun ban now?   Post-apocalyptic movies are all the rage.   This pro-life film is under attack.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you know i'd happy independence day folks producer joseph arma costs our united railing very independent yeah yes you holies guess what i'm folks did you hear about the that this is not a joke i m not starting to show joe i actually had show up with this before we came on the air but we do have one of our rough cuts we haven't done a while but dumb i'm in a jam yesterday for those you watch my energy tv show yesterday you probably heard the story but i'm in a jam and at the end of the gym always i hid the sonnets it's great for bad joints its awesome i get an email about this story thy trumps gonna went out see new fair trade acta approach push do drugs at the beach ios europe always looking for stories so i
read the bell and the bill but whoever name this bill you are either the greatest man or woman in human history or man did you screw up by not properly think in the accurate about if you did it on purpose had tipp to your brother or sister if you did it by accident you may want to find a new line of work the pale job what is called the fair a fair and reciprocal trade the fair and reciprocal otherwise known as the farmers that is a real bill now as you did that on purpose you are awesome i love you re a little humour the capitol hill and the executive officer the presidency if you did it by accident you miss that dude dude you need to find a new line work that's a real story i couldn't even get duty under the energy tv show yesterday when i was doing it because i'm like
how do you mentioned this on deviate favouring a talk about the forward at that though the what the art act did you now listen i get we're y know we're all old and supposedly but sure i'm forty three goes a little older now i hear a lot older than me at a but that's just funny it's just always money i don't know why i have no it's nothing particularly funny about mechanics of it it's just funny but he knows why by calling it the far too great a really nice work dude who did that is so far it act maybe we should all go behind it so much put that twenty twenty for all the time what job cuts you're usually go witty stumbling face it wouldn't every a great hits the far back not all gas you know it
now we're gonna get behind it i agree forward i don't let it be a squeak or other this is real vested with you folks jack it's a free they look at our by not messing with you maybe i'll put it this way i could totally seated that's no way listen trap is such a marketing julius do you know the shirts the chum store we could put together with this is that how great trouble twenty twenty low taxes more regulations control borders i actually put i gotta go i gotta get out of the foreign and i was perfect ma
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a story and i ve been talking to some people in the field and the whole industry it seems is under attack on that you know there are some of course bad actors like they are anywhere but i really bad arthritis some are trying to bombard you with my son stories nobody cares you know me included but it's me now i'm most of the show and it's a big problem in my life i didn't take care of myself when i was younger and i don't really take care myself when i was younger and i wish i had night i say to my daughter and any other teenagers are people in their early twenties listening really do not unnecessarily abuse your body because it will pay you back and i did not listen my father when he told me that now my forties are paying the price i pretty severe ass you arthritis so i was desperate and one night i was i was i was contacted by a guy i really good guy doktor martineau
and he said i think i can help yard i flew out to beverly hills and i had the stem cell think then i get a lot of questions about a from people and folks listen me i am obviously not a doktor goes your own medical advice i'm not trying to give you medical advice i'm just telling you my personal experience with it i get it questions i've been saving for rough cuts you do with this information what you choose but i'm don't please don't mistake this ready kind of medical advice on my part ok everybody different circumstances i'm just telling you i get a lot of questions of failure and what happened to me i left shoulder is of all i have will severely arthritic choice but my left shoulders the worst there it's boxing shoulders when you write the left arm azured do your job that's your japan and
a good job comes from the shoulder doesn't come from man the hand is the impact point but a good job as any good box you will tell you comes from the shoulder so years and years and years and you wind up jabbing level sometimes ten times more than you using your power hand i just my left shoulder up there is almost no cartilage laughed based on some x rays i had done and some memorize where are you the peter said hey brother you're in a lot of trouble manufacture it was one of the few times i went to the doktor where i left off pretty devastated the last time i went in and i called my wife and if you know you see when you go to the doktor joe especially an orthopedic ever tormenting scarce authorities now you know you're never gonna be the saying you know you you expect to be able to do you know why i can live normally again right the doctor what i walk the doctors like a dog entire like you have nothing left in your shoulder you gonna live in pain or you can replace your shoulder and i saw me look into the shoulder replacement thing it he's telling me the stubborn the shoulder replacements or not
regarding the handicaps ok but them they are not there not great they don't really lend themselves to an active lifestyle and so i was there spread but i was an agonising paints like was contacted by mark berman on beverly hills who wrote a book on stem cells he wrote a book called the stem cell revolution and i flew out there and it's been a year in six months now since my first treatment and what they do is they they do a liposuction on it jos intently this has in a lot of pain dusenheimer shows what a pretty active why they today what liposuction on your back small it's not it was not painful at all they they basically put a canyon like a big needle and narrow most any they just i have some fat aside even that much but you feel a little pressure but it wasn't it was beaumont painless i was talking to the doktor whether we join him they the stem cells but believe them kamal stem cells stem cells out of the fat tissue
so you know little though i told the dock mayor you want a lecturer their fat you know i feel for you could take some of you need a little souvenir of course he did not do that because you said the doktor but they that's the double bang for a little fat taken out of your backyard he takes the stem cells out ethics about an hour i think they put it through some kind of a central fusion i promised whatever it may be and they get the stem cells are comes out looks like bigger than are like chicken broth or something and they inject it into the joint now i was not particularly optimistic that this was going to help me at all it's been a year and a half and i ll give you an update i dont have any pain am i left shoulder i know that's again i'm not recommending it you guys do your own homework i'm telling you i was in you know that your joe says to you one today what's your pain like ted is like you're an absolute agony i'm telling you after work out i was like a solid seven no
problem at all i mean if i've been trying to exaggerate probably at eight point one some like i'm snowflake you i was done i couldn't i would be on my bed almost in tears because my shoulder was so inflame because the boat in free now i don't have any by mean some days it gets cranky so pain free now i don't have any by i mean some days it gets cranky so the pain part i'm a zero or one now which is amazing in and of itself by the way folks again do you wrote that i don't get any financial benefit from this the who and asked me to say this ok i've just get a lot of email still to this day about the stem cell stuff will now yet what was the injection itself painful would do no no they they look question you see this soil of haven't shown the shop they they the ties the area locally so you again you just feel pressure he gets deep dad needle i mean it gets in there with the joint you don't have to
i dont know folks i dont know what it does is it grow back cartilage i have no idea i'm in no position to medically evaluate those claims at all all can tell you is my story i was seven maybe an eight i'm now hour zero or one hears the downside though the downside it's kind of a stability of the downsides like anything bad happened from it don't have range emotion back my shoulder was never the same manufacture sometimes when i'm in the gym brad presses i have to do a month psmith machine how do you know psmith machinist phocis like that you know what it is joe but it's to barbell bell on a glided predetermine paths in like a racket it doesn't doesn't go backwards and forwards just goes up and down so this really no way to kind of screw it up if you don't have to stabilize it it's a kind of the bane of every serious muscle has existence the smith machine but for me when i
forehead press you you know that they taken a barbaric basically pushing it over your head a military presses so they call shoulder prescott a thousand different names i can't you that was a regular barbell anymore because my range emotion never ever came back so my shoulder oh he pushes out kind of you see me on the video which is unfortunate the rest of the audience doesn't show but my shoulders only push out this way in forward like i'm like like i'm pushed out from my chest and not like i'm pushing over my head so if i were to do that would a barbell outside but glided path like outside were mistaken i would fall over because the barber would carry me forward so sometimes in the german be doing that and i have to that back from the smith machina angle and people combating dude that is why would you shoulder because it looks weird it just looks here but of knowing what are you doing why she too effect than her mamma he could settle rats and saved the same seed rod
there you go we need that what is she doing back there but she's doing people come up to me a big what's wrong with your shoulder that's typically how i get into these stem cell conversation so the downside is my range of motion never came back now i have some friends who had it and have that range emotion come back mine hasn't for me it was really just not living with that that pay that matter i want to ask about the range emotion to say it hadn't come back you mean if physically there's a stopping point or the piano pain makes like look at this summit to show some like its folks you know their hands up thing like hands up where people are when they have their palms face analogous they were now so here's my right shoulder i'm doing it with my right arm my country has a b c how it moves normal ear and wrote you're cuff i'm moving along now look at my left a harker this is it that's all she's out goes down there now does it hurt to do that but it's i don't know if the nerves just don't want it will not move and i have no
dear why that is the sum carling rebuild itself but it's not the same kind of cartilage maybe it's some kind of scottish but i have no idea all i know is i was living in pain and i can't recommend you anything i'm not a doctor but i'm tell you it in almost wiped out my pain completely and i a ton of emails on it now having said that i've wanted to address this for a little while i'm really a little ticked off to be it became it will be about what's going on with the stem cell industry or for compass our reason the fda yeah even under president which a shock came out on the i'm sure he's not being briefed on every single decision over they ve got a million things going on but the efta for some reason is gone after the stem cell industry and i cannot figure out what the heck they're doing i i can't i'm not kidding foster saying oh it's a manipulation of the cell it's your own stem cells what are you kidding they take your stem cells they don't take jos out give him to meet their quality
manipulation of rights that have been appeal at your own stem cells the fda is all over these people look up the story folks it i don't know what i'd do without it i'm just kind of surprise then you know i've been honoured enough they have this big audience that somebody can't do it twice now i did a twice i did elbows too in my knee at some who did it twice and has had really good experiences with it can't we just figured out on i mean really you have the area under i'm stuck there shredding this industry i cannot figure i'm sure there's some politics behind the scenes there's some lobby money i dont know what it is maybe it's some drug industry pain people i dont know what it is i can tell you is as a citizen that you should be able to make your own that its yourselves your own decisions about your body in the fact that the industries under assault really kind takes me off look it up you think i'm making any this up by the way the fda is on full bore after these people and you know i am abbot
will be willing to testified anyone i'm afraid how best to my experiences with it because we should be free to make our own decisions on all right i got a couple more things i want to talk about today three where's the other one now here we go outside we have so many new sponsors thank you to making our show me second i depending on the day the second or third biggest conservative joe in the country we really appreciate that thank you very much for that up tottered sponsors come on imports of means a lot our lending club good that lending club on board for decades cards but telling us buy it now and pay for it later with interest despite your best intentions that interest can get out of control fast big problem i know when i needed some money when we were running for office and the united left that left the secret service and you know things get only sometimes we add a charge up some credit cards and it's always we all believe me we followed that experienced aromatic can get out of control here i was ugly man fast so with lending club you think
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talk about some work out stuff when some especially in these days and i appreciate the feedback you all gimme we are rough cut shows always do very well which surprised because the first one we did on a holiday three years ago i was is made of me it wasn't a throwaway show i do show prep and i want to waste your time but i do we get the feedback it did we did very well so i sometimes i like doing these what do you i've been doing as well to how poor and and i know one some of you listening who have joined problem me the star somebody may not have joint problems but just this kind of a profile lack the measure for you younger kids out that one of the things i ve been doing that's really been help me get through these arthritis episodes as well is inversion now although there not a sponsor today show teeter whose responsibility it sent me an inversion table which was really nice and am i then all over inversion for a while now they had one at tat the secret service share when i was there and what are they
i've been doing and again i get your check with your doctor and some are not given any if i'm just tell me what works for me if you have really severe joint pay the urban nation of a super hard sauna and the inversion afterwards for me has been gold now having said that you gotta be it open ok shape to try this cause you you know there's a danger of course of passing out one if you spend too much time in the sauna if it's too if we want to acclimate yourself to it i dont think people respect the power of the sauna don't you ever better what i love him at all a man me to you sweat out all that garbage you don't even know it's eleven inside you theo sweated at this on board because when i saw you with the one in my jim gets up till i come back fifty which is hot isn't super hop at its heart and you spend
good twenty minutes in there i mean you work up a killer sweat sometimes i'll move around the shoulder circles hip rotations move my niece a little bit get those joints go on and on i'll go home and hop on the teeter and go in invert for five minutes we gotta be careful cleaning and want to pass out view sweating a lot but mad tell it to you i feel like all sometimes sometimes i'll do that right before my internet tv show and that's why if you watch the show you'll see sometimes i'm super hyped up on the air when i do it that's the reason because i just got out of the sauna my body temperature super elevated right now i'm really loose the body feels good and i dont know what it is about the inversion i don't know if it's i a higher you get from our efforts from the blood rushed to your head i dont know again i'm not here give you the anatomy and physiology of it i'm just here to tell you some of the tricks over the years through a worn down body i've been using stem cells and version
and not of its particularly expensive most good jim's have i liked the dry sought i'm not a huge fan of the wet months they always smell they always have that mould smell it me crazy stuff rosemary got big time man the dry ones i like better i just but that within versions always been always been solved here's another one of my my favorite pointers by the ways we all start to age when i've forty three now i'm back six one i made myself clear there two hundred thirty one pounds on probably between eighteen and twenty percent body fat realistically i mean i still have cubes you know that apps but they're not what they were used to have a six back it's like a four and a half back maybe more if likes it i'm married said so i really care about you know i love my wife that she's off but when you get older i've noticed left after about thirty seven or so i can handle protein in fact no problem at all
for those you listen i'm one of my last rough cuts episode within a while ago i was talking about how insulin management way we can all do that is critical i don't know we believe it's about calories folks i i don't i i just saunders you're not you're eating sensibly right you're eating lot of vegetables a lotta meets an natural stuff you're not eating like getting orioles and treat yourself to a treat once and of course by uniting yet every day i don't think it's about the calories i really believe it's about the management of your insolent as you can all do you have a really tough time processing the courts i know i do i used to be able to eat a an entire boy or to three balls of white rice and go to bed and way up in the morning like a monster i mean it would problem at all now i've gotta be super care i never eat carbs at night two days and a righteous my kind of golden rule two days and around on the third night i usually just stick with either really super fatty fisher fatty steak and vegetables no carbs at all but if i do it
i'm gonna have a really heavy card me one of the best tricks out there the apple cider vinegar they grew it is thing ever this i've noticed i've noticed a real change in my body composition even at forty three ever since i started doing this here's the trick this stuff i bet it tastes awful some people email i got used to it i terror i never got used to it but it's good i really don't care it's really it's it's just get over it the apple sight of vinegar gap is the one with the mother in them the mothers like i've fermentation thing it's called on that make it up is called the mother to say on the bottle with the mother hit it you'll see it's really nasty walking it looks like a cloudy mats of bacteria or whatever it is you shake it up right in their get it with the mother you take i just spell it and there are now two tablespoons tablespoon and are a red outline i'll give you the pledges spill it in i kind of now and
for you gonna have that heavy car meal just wolf that thing i've read my mouth out afterwards will water because it saw that so acidic but you wolf a thing down a copper that water and i i've noticed a noticeable change in my body composition since there when i hit yeah yeah that's the one you i get the citizens at the brag wreck right yet that's the same one i get joe has it right there it says on the bottle right with the mother in it you look i get the excess funny joe i bid in plan intelligent when i was gonna talk about we i think the same one year and it is this bad rachel i mean it's run yeah but it's so i had these some additions really disappointing as my whole life super lean and when i hit bout seven or so i said it to notice the dreaded love yeah like what is that what is that a pouch what am i a camel
this is like spider man where i was pit via a radioactive camel and get the super campbell powers like a camel pouch of both series i was i put genes on i'd like to have to wear my belt kind of time because i i carry a gun and i dont the gonna droop tat thou so you have to get all you have to say and you said shut up in areas like what's that thing you know is why is that a couple pouch i was horrified i told my wife on like what's going on as work it out you in my tab it spreads do across fit lifting a heavy i was right i don't know what it is i think it thirty seven you just thirty in thirty eight for maize lowdown did you just your body just does not process things like whose do there don't know i don't off it's an insulin sensitivity thing when it may be but i tried that you know i don't take these did whatever
europe was selfies or anything it's kind of goofy early on instagram yeah maybe five at the beach but not like hey look at me i'm telling you if i did the love handles are almost got there almost and had taken a little while but that's the trick is that that apple cider vinegar in the in in the young in the water before and abuse a lot of water and the stuff tat awful but it's supposed to really high popular insolent sensitivity and i believe it makes the it makes the the cobbler hydrates and little slows the digestion process not just good cause you don't get those spikes in in blood which is really terrific ok you know another one of my work if you if you will allow me a workout tips here for there for the fourth of july the thinks it's really worked for me i've been out in a long time me joe i've been hidden it sent some thirteen forty three
i've tried everything told you and alas rough cuts about one of my favorite work out you can go look it up i'm not gonna go through it on the show but this one is a monster it's called real again about massive with you it's called dog crap trade night d o gigi though it i think i the guy's name is start date should now let that did it it's on if you google it comes right after you about messer where they look at why he call that that i don't know i think he's mess and what people but the work out legit and the look out is the reason i'm only bringing it up now and bring it up again has already spoken about this in a prior rough cuts is i i've noticed this alot i've been working out my my german i've been a student of one their people do and there are thirty plus years of doing it i've noticed people waste an enormous amount of time in the german version you are not at your people
the girl condition and haven't been workin out ten fifteen twenty years why you're wasting your time doing concentration curls and for our work in a jim is beyond me sorry i don't know what you're doing i'm not a personal trainer but i've i've lived this lifestyle a very long time and one of them asked revelation somewhat ever gave me a scrap all that stuff stick with the big movements and get out of the gym fast and this dog crap work out does that it everything is basically like cluster sets where you joe everybody to in and you do five sets of aid or four sets a twelve that throw them at the window this work out great because it's one long set you go whatever you do and say you do in bench press right you do your we have eight wraps take ten breast the ten pick it up again you do three more ten more brass pick it up again three more pick it up again you do that five times
now that's easy you be done super quick really give it a try sometimes watch what happens after the fifth sent you can barely move your arms porches pushes happen you can't even shave the next day because you can't lift your arms now it's rough but nice part about the work it is not only is it quick cause you have get in and out of their first stop wasting your time these people spend so much time in a german killed what are you doing for arms for foreign view tat lived that debt we have you for arms you look like popeye for arms what a waste of time concentration cross pike but i saw someone do them in agenda is whence came to mind unlike or in it was a woman jack to michael you're doing concentration cross people still do those the other good part about work out this dog crap training work out is it focuses on the big movements and if i give you one piece of work at a vice never forget its that stuff wasting your time with the small stuff if it
feels good probably shouldn't be doing it manifest i said to my wife and she's never been in better shape shoes ask me all these work single paul it let me just make the simple for because somebody need these big convoluted complicated work s let me make this super simplify hears you work out forever waited paul ups or just perhaps if you can't do him with wait bench i recommend the dumbass really the bar bells a train wreck for your shoulders but some people like the barbell they you know it's an ego thing whatever waited pelops bench press the search your squats or school that's a few more comfortable put in a bar and back your shoulder i have to put it in a crook mailbox i've shoulder process but i do think searcher squatter better look him up use basically hold the bar the cook your elbow but regular squats if you more comfortable that dead in military presence that's it that's it
put three of them in one day two of them the next day move around other work out the dog crap work out does that is so funny say that they move em around for you and actually has the whole programme aegis printed up what do you do what i did i wanted to screen shot at it on is it took screenshots or the work as i keep my my fault and its s day one day to data complicated i go day one day to item in order it's a really good work i put on just to give you an example real world example you think i'm messing with i start that work out about six spay seven years ago i was between one ninety one ninety five depended on my body fat level i'm tooth thirty one now roughly the same body fat add as a lot of muscle now you're you no woman listen you're not interested or even a guy neurons in particularly balkan up that's fine but if you do the work out right and you don't like i do you wind up weren't
super shredded as well because your muscles the tonnage will be incredible i made us really in a dead it's a great work i can encourage a strong it up it does the to take away from the work without going through the whole thing make it fast i'm gettin obsessing over this five sets find pack them all into one one take a breath if they take and brats go back at the second third fourth fifth you want to be this not only yourself and half the time and in focus on the big stuff the squats that daedalus learn how to do i'm right especially the dead left you don't want to get hurt him dad left i did that once it was a big mistake but don't waste your time what all this other stuff pick a kettle bell once in a while you know your cardio win but a few focus on those five six lives you are getting france form you saw no wife looks terrific silks amazing sooner forty sushi look such phenomena are a couple more things i wanted to get too but we got one more edison and these guys
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the fact is one come out i saw the trail of four and i try not to see too many hollywood movies anymore because he's hollywood types are so against just about everything we do but the trailer did look interesting and there is a link to it and it came up and it made me think of this article i saw about these poker posted pocket leaped again to the world type movies in the movies called the domestic and it submitted that our government like to put some chemical attack in everybody's dad except for these few survivors and they wind up of course getting into gangs and the gangs are all go and after peoples can elect the walking dead thing without the zombies and it just got me think it you know never watch that's that's that's series of what is it mr humans it was i think i was on a discovery channel or nat geo would ever be after humans and and they talked about all this stuff and these movies always that they they always let this stuff go that if we work
if we were so about all be wiped out your most of you live within say a couple hundred miles of nuclear power plants have all this stuff with debt made every nuclear fallout everywhere you know that i was watching this movie and they always just kind of casually look over that stuff like these things all have to be maintained by a watchful human eye if there are certain amount of time but i'm not i bring that up because i think there's a natural human obsession with with what would we do with chaos was to ensue and yet i always hesitate to talk about these things because people were you know people of course over dramatizing liberals thing you know they were think we're all crazy anyway but preparedness makes sense folks and you're what i do a round my house some simple slushy i live in a hurricane zone where of over the summer theirs in the present threat of really disastrous hurricane it's not a joke down here you know have to have emergency food but you have to me we have
patriot supplies one of our sponsors but you know the merchant the food is a but all oh you know things like batteries and things like that but i also recommend that people of course learn protect themselves with a firearm it is the great equalizer it comes to a force on forced scenario if someone was to attack you god forbid with one i'm always hesitant to make recommendations here but i a few recently they thought a pretty good one of em i really really like that i think is is pretty good if you can learn to handle it and get your arm get your surrounded i bought that they can tat case she and are not a sponsor raising my dad i'm just town his cause i i guess i just bought when i thought of great check it out it's it's a voice very very well designed shotgun now one of the problems with shotguns i've seen in the past they don't the magazine tube in shock guns they don't doesn't carry a lot of ammunition yellow you should get about the pansy eight seventy i think you could fit six in there but the count
a case cheats it's it's short its easily maneuverable and it's got the two barrels at it so you get it he's around event but it's good for you it's easy to handle homage pick it's really good from the fancy you know you if you want that why don't you want to be able to finish off get yourself a good safe i just picked up a really good one i through a bunch of stuff a nurse in emergency food save obviously the batteries and things like that but this is always good in itself good to be prepared and i know you don't live down here is just kind of accepted i mean that's what everybody does you know you don't maybe the guy in walmart right before the hurricane who's trying to get batteries and there were none left you know lights lamps i go by those glow sticks the use of the secret service alot these their super cheap and get him on amazon walmart anywhere you to snap amino they d you know the neon close ethics they last wherever you can hang him from a couple pieces scotch tape paperclip they
forever in the house of the boxes of em are really cheap and my daughter likes to play with them i mean in the lights go out down here when its hurricane time that's the nice part she can run around the house we get lights and she get something to play with the same amount of time pick up a couple by since those there is obviously matter with that but they're just enough to throw them out there before the holidays before the holidays i have one more story you know if you can i go out there and you know europe i target was one of responses to our most talk about fire proficiency in you're gonna learn how to shoot one of the best things we did in the secret service that really how thus learn how to operate in a firearm distressful situation that i can't recommend to you enough god forbid you're involved in a self defense scenario where you gonna be scared you're gonna be anxious as we did this thing called the stress course yeah let's go to the range matters obviously you know i'm practice
in your dry firing is always talk about that red we do that matters too but learning how to operate that piece of machinery in a stressful situation is far different than opera being when you're not breathing heavy so we this course and the secret service and open your eyes quick some of the best shooters we had you see their score strap precipitously me did this here's if they do we had a gym and the gym was about two hundred yards from the outdoor firing range doubt there are none sure just county not far from joe when i was an instructor out there i went through this myself and i watched other people got too and he would have you do some pull ups first pull up sir pretty stressful especially if you know the pulitzer you know when you get to you and their fifty politics have you do some polyps and if you jump off the bar and in you
would spread down to the shoot house a nude how people scream in a new era and you'd go do you'd cycle through the three firearms the remington eight seventy shock on the heckler anko campi five and indeed wind up in the end what your pistol the saga to two nine maybe screaming in your ear now after sprinting now keep em i you're in europe you know you beady years basically their cargo pants for the seville population diabetes use and you're in boots and eat you europe run around a track you know you're running that one point over you know under the bridge energy you're going down a hail it's not flat ground cannot run and on a track you there and you already exhausted their scream and interior put this operate that any and you're trying to shoot and you realize quickly that this is done in a controlled environment that if this was an uncontrolled environment that end total chaos otherwise the words you no range instructor there was no tapping out there was no stopping this would be geometrically worse you
getting tunnel vision and all that you know the television we only see which right how do you not see your peripheral visual shuts down i say his folks because until you ve experienced that for the first time roma shock you can't believe it you're like oh my gosh i pick it barely see the target what do you mean it is only fifteen yards away how can you not see the target after the third or fourth time doing it though it's not comfortable you though breathing heavy you peripheral vision is still limited but you want the learning that operate with the tenant dave grossman is booker he spoke book on killing which is a book about what happens in actual combat situations is a military officer to really good book by the way he talks about we operate a red zone so i say that as you know the show it's rough caught salaries and want to pick up on a lot of politics in things like that but if you go to commit to learning how to operate a firearm and your physically fit enough again i can't say that enough to do it
you know try it out do a few pushups you know you do if you push out for you get out there you know sprint in place for for a good many the two of you if you can get your heart break our really get a common europe do the whole stress tests we did it's a lot and then you have a go pick up the fire and try to operate neil see it's completely different but you'll see after the third or fourth time you eventually start to learn operate that red i can't say that enough in these stressful situations it matters are being the first time i was involved in a foot pursued think i told his story with the mit was halloween i said i'm eighteen the seven and guy shot in our direction i'm not gonna save shooting at sir i know the bullet that wasn't that far from us and we got it afoot pursuit i'm shape the sky of jason of downward pennsylvania avenue what are you the left on lend then offered him i'm not sure but he makes a left
an hour before he makes the left i keep thinking to myself cash if i turned a corner what if he's sitting in a corner get ready to shoot me so my training sit down and i did that why'd you know you take up i'd turn around a corner so you'll see him before he sees you and i look in as god he's gonna wind what turned out the skype smart he had jumped under a ban on the corner and scooted away he jumped at they waited for me to pass amenity walk in the other direction took a shack and off they caught him but each your training kicks in right when you do but you do get into that tunnel vision scenario and if i hadn't at that training at all forget it i would have been like a total disaster are you gonna learn on operate a firearm try that our try your own little many tress test if you can handle it and its you'll see the difference it supports all right hey i'm one last thing here joe it's gotta gubernatorial candidate run it and if i may just throw in one final political stories
so joe ben jealous just one the democrat nomination further yeah governors race in maryland maryland in a blue state as a republic governor larry hoagie ben jealous was anonymous and b c the other day and i am constantly warning you about liberals and liberals encroaching on era on our civil liberties and how liberals are when i come and for your guns were trying to confiscate your guys we're trying to take him i know they are like that's their thing that's what liberalism is the very essence of liberalism is the diminution of individual liberty in exchange for the power the big state so even on msnbc the other day and it was horrible instead of the capital gazette wait the shock and by the way with the guy bob managed to acquire shock on and wound up killing believe it was five people yet it was a horrible incident joe it's it's meant focus of national news and local news were joe is pretty much on snapple mare but jail
of course now asked to bring up the shock on as if the issue is never ends folks it wasn't not long ago the joe biden joe by ned said the people you know go out get a shot gun shoot the two rounds of and now jealous as in the interview he kind of insinuates that you know we gotta take this further now we gotta look at shot guns folks in oh i've warned you forever this is the new democrat party people do evil horrible murderous things and somehow your ability to defend yourself as the first thing under attack they're not gonna stop of warranty about this before where their swallow his gun confiscation bill you know that stuff will be next sad but it's it's happening in in real life so thanks a lot for in it you know i hope you enjoy the shows little different but i don't like him i could take the day off
by the way no one i'm not contractually obligated to do this folks you so you understand why there is joe but my audience matters to me and i believe work pays off and i do it because i believe when other host take a break that you if you choose and want to spend a few minutes listening the something joe and i have to say that we should have something therefore you are new matter to me the saudis managed may i respect everything you do for me and you ve got him the world to me so well beata happy independence day thanks return in it and we will see you all to mark you just heard in bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and followed in on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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