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Is This What John Brennan is Worried About? (Ep 1144)

2019-12-26 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the real reason former Obama CIA Director John Brennan may be sweating. I also discuss the troubling threat to firearm owners in Virginia. Finally, I address the likely reasons religious voters continue to back President Trump. 

News Picks:This article picks apart the outrageous actions of former Obama intelligence officials Brennan and Clapper.


This 2018 article by Lee Smith addresses a troubling allegation about John Brennan’s CIA, and Spygate unmasking abuses.


The Trump hating media is upset that the President doesn’t throw a party for them.


Democrats in Virginia increase the jail budget in anticipation of jailing firearm owners.


Fake Republican Lisa Murkowski is pretending to have principles again.


President Trump keeps racking up victories on the appointment of judges.


Hypocrite liberal millionaires support more taxes on millionaires, as long as it isn’t them


Corporations brought back a trillion dollars due to the Trump tax cuts.


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