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2019-06-19 | 🔗

In this episode I address the key takeaways from President Trump’s speech last night on Orlando. I also address the latest example of grotesque media hypocrisy about the Trump administration. Finally I cover the latest revelation in the Spygate case and a disingenuous story about the Secret Service. News Picks:Video of my Jiu Jitsu segment on Fox and Friends

Sick liberals hurl racist insults at this Fox News contributor.

Government-run healthcare is synonymous with rationing. More evidence in this piece. 

AOC’s ignorance of history is astonishing

AOC’s absurd “concentration camp” comment is exposed by this 2014 Reuters piece.

Shock poll reveals AOC doomed in her own district

Former Hillary Clinton aide contradicts the story of a key Hillary aide.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wanna thereby gino show in a big hearty welcome back to produce your jaw use area on monday again we work there ain't nobody gonna bodies monsieur as our debate here bade her gentle joe whenever ho back in ever oceans show welcomes one of these days we'll get that montage the guy i promise you we gotta get up video editor would do that listen the i appreciate you or your patients with me i was travelling lives up to and fox and orange you were great turn it in ratings are really terrific really appreciate that and i want to thank the fox and friends crew for those released the audio and show a few pictures you wanna check him out and put him in youtube dotcom slash bond gino those you watch a neutral we can see and now couple pictures maybe
the scenes with steve and easily from five friends we're u s open champ gulf abby gary woodland by the way who could not have been more genuine authentic nice guy that's the closest i'll ever get to a u s open golf trophy behind the way great thinks you're a picture number two we did a grappling brasilia jujitsu seven are my body met the terrorist sarah former you have see champ who learned the rear naked choke during the fox nation segment afterwards i appreciate that i know it all school take here again you can check it out youtube that consular punch you know of me i secret service days try to pick me out what a couple by bodies out there met sarah and my current instructor jos guerrilla from the old days like mad how young he looked and looked at me how being polly i looked i was about gas i don't know forty six pounds bag it in such a way that youtube that conflict punch you know courtesy
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don't go anywhere i want to cover a very specific thing about some of the negative pulling on shows that don't go anywhere but i get that late i think cnn starting to acknowledge it may be the pot these apocalypse paul show you know the one sometime terms gonna lose by fifty is even possible trumps gonna lose biggest landslide ever i think cnn is starting to acknowledge based on these crowds and the energy surrounding his re election that they mean a b again misreading this here is interesting after rare moment of honesty on cnn it's about a minute exchange where one of the key commentators breaks germany's like hey man a we ignore a hundred thousand people are ass we pay due a trump event nor lando he'd been president two years the excitement supposed to abrogate now not well check out this cut and really had tipp to them for a moment of honesty stated home that's a very very concerning problem for democrats we
have to give those voters a reason to come out against the italian diarrhoea they'll go away i due to a precarious saying needs mentioned several times now i do want underscored i think it is really instructive when you look this notion of excitement of enthusiasm when you look at people pitching ten and waiting for two days to get it the trump rally to for people who are coming out of the woodwork because they are so committed and oil to this man that they want to see and enjoying this effort of this really you have to ask yourself among those twenty three democrats which one of those do you think you're gonna people that would be pitching tends day before a rally to get inside and show their support and i think the obviously don't mean that literally but i do mean that as an instruction that you have to think through which one of these democrats can enthuse their supporters that much that they can like take this battle to the president i think that's gonna be a big question in this
raising wow right you haven't you know when i thought you'd want you probably watching that science is that really see and energy parity of cities are no that's really cnn but i think i think their fear is that they may be making the same mistake they made with hilary again i'm gonna get into the poles later so don't go anywhere exists and up and down a good to the bad my proposals are all apocalypse dick right now then the easy on that one but how can you are you're the guy president tropical hundred thousand hours we bees for a twenty thousand seat arena applicant relating to the amazon or a hundred thousand hours we bees folks i'm not naive kay crowds or not dispositive it doesn't mean the races over terms gonna win and a landslide doesn't mean that either let's go crazy on the other hand i there ok but having through campaigns i hate the site my
mrs lulling aware yeah the secret service but there was bona fide experience with me and presidential campaign quite a few of them crowds and energy matter i told the story on fox infringe yesterday i remember specifically that morocco mama hillary clinton primary job who is favoured in hilary remember sure to pillory worrisome barack obama was an artists this senator you know he was musing refreshing candidate for the democrats but they were like i do your thing you're finished second you'll be the next guy right there was never an expectation that was gonna win votes i kid you not i was calls from secret service agent friends of mine and what they call seen ass the campaign nomination operation section a campaign detail agents who get assigned to a bobby but obviously wasn't a presidential candidate the time right joe they were telling me and i told this to my wife she remembers a conversation there will again this guy is good we're not gonna beat hilary i'm tellin you right now the crowds here are
insane me the science not that they were literally crazy but it's the crowds were knots hilary was not pack and a man why does this matter i raise this matter now for trump again not this positive doesn't mean a racist over that's not be reduced he was on either side that to a fair analysis here but a couple things number one crowds matter but number do they matter for two reasons number one energy and free media folks let's be honest the energy of a campaign is contagious you watch joe biden not tv with a hundred seventy people it is rarely and i tweeted less nigel i'm not kidding either there were more people on the line for the bathroom shhh rally last night nor land though the airway centre nowhere it joe biden rally last week i'm not kidding people were allowed at so funny it got ten thousand retreat people are sending the l l a momentary but i was curious eyes
you ve got it was probably but i swear it was ripe i've met whose a fact i've friends there they were telling me the lines for the bathroom or longer there are more people on the watch for the bet there were advised and rally that's not a joke there is always a little but a fact that numerous another when energy matters it gives you free media free media gives you they the air of other of a positive energy behind your campaign and what they call the big mouth momentum this man you know what we're human beings where were you know what we can be in wade's by public that's the whole idea marketing marketing got people to believe that rock was a real thing when i bought it this is free getting for tribe he stack dinner two years into his presidency with a waiting list four times the size of the amount of seats in the arena that matters that matters it's free market in
but secondly matters for another more real practical down to earth reason folks anybody can a big that's good for job ok why why is we have been run for hours together different perspective i believe me i know you're twenty thousand people my gosh i don't have a loyal audience by going to tell you we did a pod care did amway i if we had a hundred thousand person waiting mr eighty thousand persuaded for twenty thousand seat i would be us hockney my very happy a ride rabies valid but secondly them practical reason you're so energy number one number two you have twenty some people in that a rina and a hundred thousand people are ass we pete how do you think they are repeated this is smart they didn't you say hey the can you write my name down ladies and gentlemen the trump campaign unlike the first campaign he wasn't a politician about knocking them but there is little chaotic and a lot of up insiders will tell you that the first campaign
with a little bit chaotic he wasn't a politician they didn't have a lot of these inside baseball folks they try to work another campaigns rubio scott walker and others this kind pain is being run like an efficient business operation have an office out there in virginia very nice what bread par scales run its surface kate data analytics operation joe when you are as we pay joseph for the event you are doing what the trump team need you to do put your day and again right yeah you know what i'm gone with this argument with me through three campaigns to know where we need to show through one of yes matters why does it matter now i know there's an inherited get it unease with giving people your data when i say date aramean your mother's made name in your social security number i mean giving people your address your vote or contact info stuff anybody find online but notice what i just said stuff
a body could find online for me to find that formation as a candidate in bonn gino or candidate donald trump for the presidency that costs money you ben now that from team gets to save bucket loads of money they can put elsewhere because people who are three p nor lando gave their voter data ah my gosh we did folks it's done you're serious about trouble getting reelected give em for data about asked by giving your social security number you know the age your kids are anything but your address and the fact that you vote so they can contact you and they know where you are in your email address maybe your phone number for a text if you choose your choice that matters gosh what i would have done joe door my campaign for the four congress and the u s sent it to have a bunch of voters voluntarily give me their information so we don't have to pay right to find you we used to have to pay to go to face use the analytics we would say remember paul
we'd be like are what are we when we go to mark levine's page you know he's a conserve is that what we find conservative voters america you much money a cost to do that folks against one benefits i think this show and i don't see any kind of arrogant pretentious wait i'll need it that way it off but having run rob as having been in the secret service have been on campaigns and run campaigns it's a different level of experience even we lost we learned a ton i got up dust myself now we do this in my job i love now but those experiences were invaluable data costs money when you pack twice thousand people in an arena who surrender their data usa contact me before the election is now free for you do that genius joe biden do that we used to have a joe i'm not kidding with a clipboard my body brandon and kelly and others a whole bunch of people a campaign they would walk around with a clipboard at events we did we ever written how can we ever address
you're how long it took the input ahead stuff trump t write everyone sophisticated data operation gentlemen this matters so take away big take away from s eyes energy phenomenal great marketing free pr for trot he got to lay out as agenda last night excellent job ouch matter and the second part of my crowds matter you get the data for free data makes a difference one more point about the species my content wise if you miss did he absolutely and i went on had the afterwards and brought this up had in united greatest we're talking about my by segment fox it for matt sarah the brazilian jets you i locked i thought was awesome by the way above me to mention the second is on my website by gino dot com please go lauren was kind enough one of our great writers to write up a piece about it and put the video of may do in some budget procedure jitsu movement lot with my body matt scott check that out is definitely worth your time but less
i turn to speak our solidarity afterwards and only because i know i gotta do the left wing media's skin the left wing ladies and gentlemen which is really all the media outside a fox in a way and in others they are desperate to make the hilary obama spying a collusion gate russia gate story go away desperate you may say well why mean by it in when i brought this up last night point i made last night i should come out with this is that headline rob absolute lease gorge blistered here free clinton and a barrack obama further spying scandal the collusion oaks yesterday i mean joe scorched earth for five minutes and i came on afterwards and said to sean good for him for doing it probably media people on the left tampon gino
doesn't know trumps nobody gets hilary no i know very well i both cleared by the way i mentioned hilary and obama why i do that folks do the second to think about that power why would trump who's not stupid and his speech writers who are very good when the presidency with no political experience why would he spent upwards of five minutes maybe more bliss the ring hillary clinton and obama folks who is leading in the polls on the democrats irony stay calm and scratched now joe biden right yeah you re just happened to be the number two official joe the obama white house during the biggest political scandal of our time have that then how he's doing it for a reason and that's why the media freaked out thereby gino break it up pillory get yes and it work i will continue to be
as the hilary obama scandal is going to smack joe biden right in the back of the head he was there there's a reason he's doing trumps not dumb he's that's stoop he knows exactly what he's doing there's a reason he wants scorched earth last night don't forget that i'm gotta get to the poles again i gotta really stacked show today we are packing up alive materials i was driving i she may fly home yesterday on the plane i think i have so many great stories including coming up next they want listen eo sees a disaster i think we all get that when this is a total complete debacle we're gonna go next are going to take an issue also but you are bodies at break
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i'm representative ok seo cortez from new york who is the liberal socialists now you know queen of the democratic party forget if you pelosi she's been sidelined it's all about a yo see now and her four million i think followers on twitter which is enormous by the way whenever she does these lie videos rose you not familiar with the technology elsie i live on what is it instagram live or periscope or alma schubert she goes home and she does these videos which she thinks makes our very reliable its i mean literally not figurative we her myself camera or like a or something and its it's her and or living room a kitchen cooking a talking to audience folks ever one of these is turned out to be a disaster it may mean peer related because you're watching cooking but she says things that are how rageous we stupid so had tempted caleb hall on twitter these are caleb hall for this tree because she
pensions in one or its add caleb j hall sorry she had she been whenever one of our ridiculous online such video setters yesterday that the trump immigration facilities they were holding people and where the equivalent of concentration camps now a paltry cities right here you can't make this up on the left a yo justifies our concentration camps comment by pointing to the pointing out that the u s put the chap these people a concentration camps there were more to now look at tweet on the right you see this is the man who put japanese people in concentration camps during world war two let me read or tweets number one alex turkey this is real joanna magnesite enough of the u s ray and concentration camps before when we rounded up japanese people during world war two it's such a shame history that we largely ignored why shameful no doubt these key security throughout history many refused to learn from that chain but here we are today we have an obligation in them
there are other tweet for a little while ago she has a quote franklin delano roosevelt and he also believes in healthcare housing education a living wage should be guaranteed rights in united states of america he was they can t was the guy we instituted the concentration camps she's talking about you he's right you can't make this up now this got worse because less ridiculous absurd over the line outright he just gas lighting on this concentration camps analogy she made a c is atta control folks furthermore this sentiment of video montage had tempted trump or war people of media lunatics doubling on these outrageous analogies now i bring this story because it's not just an indictment of eo see so we have here here's point bullet take away number one from this her analogy absurd ladies and gentlemen comparing immigration
detention facilities for immigrants you the country illegally who are being placed in so these waiting a legal trial who being fed a big that they can we keep in mind leave and and go back to our wherever that country they originated from any time they want they don't want they want of trial and the united states which they will get for their asylum claim to compare that through this systematic extermination of six may oh yeah and jewish men and women by gas by burning by shooting by in some is burying them alive simply because of their faith folks even for thee outrageous over the top
discredited credited yo see this surely a new love now you would think you would think have to buy the way to bill hammer on fox who called this nonsense out you would think reasonable rates national media people whether cnn the new york slimy lapo msnbc or elsewhere would say hey this was not right ok yeah you don't compare an immigration detention facility for people who came here by their own volition illegally to a death camp and by the way he uses the term to a yossi never again which of course is he's associated with the holocaust yes what's not be coy about what she was saying these are even remotely comparable on oh planted at no time
in any universe known or unknown is our german concentration camps to wipe out jewish people because of their religion in the most painful horrific ways killing children their parents wiping out tire families confiscating their property their wealth their wives taking away an entire generation of people are no planted is that equivalent when illegal immigrants coming here illegally and waiting for a trial to enter the united states are no planet now i bring up this we cannot to double the triple down a yo see who is becoming increasingly ridiculous at a total ankara democratic i don't care what they tell you believe me i've got pretty decent attack still even on the democrats sighed she he is becoming an to answer for panic every
single time she gets on that live thing because her commentary so juvenile and ignorant tat now every democratic gonna have to answer for now part two this is this is a commentary on the media too if the media is honest there not but let's just play the game for britain the media had a shred of honesty in ok ok airs joe sooner or later is going to make a presidential endorsement could be it with warren could bernie sanders who knows right right my i expect because joe you in the sun the republic inside both when a republican makes a statement that the media doesn't like whenever it may be and i'm not going to go to the list of omission republican say dumb stuff too sometimes remember job when that happens every republic in running moreover as you well know joe is responsible for that person so right there what's the first question that about right here they come out ago
i know you're running for congress here i'd like to get you on the record about congressmen joey bag it don't its statement that bad there's gonna be a martian invasion next week you're like what you are what you want a statement from but his statement here asked they don't know what you're talking about does he have some kind of martian context is he touch with our captain marvel or the creed is is this you know thought out i don't i know i gotta know what he was talking about an object we need you on the record congressmen candidate joe i want you on the record about baggage when its martian invasion com it of course you sidney like ok i don't think the marshes bailing out of getting the brakes when it's a democrat who makes a not only an outrageous but enough i mean at a level six the highest level possible according to tedious but also a level six huh
global absurd outrageous offensive statement like concentration camps in detention facilities are equivalent almost no democratic will be asked this question so i want to hit the media on this too and i'm putting you all i notice when she makes threatened horsemen i expect one of the first or second questions out of your mouth the i want you to ask elizabeth worn bernie sanders are joe biden whoever she endorses hey up do you think concentration camps or the equivalent of all holding illegal immigrants on the southern border awaiting trial these the united states running concentration camps on our southern border i'll expect that question notice part of the show or about twenty five plus two minutes it but secondly i could go down let us stop just get a mention a couple this this side mean this inglorious punch you would think
before joe the media would run away from this and condemn this kind of outrageous nonsense from alexandria case you cortez you would think well you would think rob off because you had me but like chris haze and others jumping out to defend this proceeds from msnbc solar that o brien noted collusion hoax or who i dont know cheese to work at sea and and i don't know what she's doing now for solid o defending the use of it i'm concentration camps by alive like censure case yo cortez i gotta tell ya never in my forty four years that i think we'd be at a point where people who their credible media figures are actually out there d sending an analogy between the united states is defensive its border and they wiping out of six million jewish men and women in concentration camps i honestly i didn't think i would see that we are now there and it wasn't just one it wasn't solar that o it wasn't just chris haze there was
a litany of people defending this ridiculous offensive analogy now it doesn't in there and i want to have my friend eighty zipperer on twitter who always has great stuff on twitter i saw this on twitter feed in order to exaggerate what's going on the southern border joe and make trump traps are fashion she's a tyrant of course absurd ridiculous it what kind of fascist decreases men power decreases government giving you back more of your money and deregulating rovers decree seeing the bureaucratic credit power the executive branch sets out like fascism how does the eu have debate add value to hold the rich in order to make problems appear like some adder control high fascist tyrant they have do we badgering what's happening on the southern border with people who enter illegally the democrats want open borders so
miss this outrage we go we have so much content but senator jeff murkily i've sermons no better order here boss but if etc senator jeff murkily put up this tweet a week ago about the use of fort cell in oklahoma says again here we go with the internment can't concentration camp analogies but yet again it was a democrat with the japanese american internally cast bodily this photo of japan he's interment camp represents one of the darkest chapters of our history this is a tweet from a democrat centre and other lunatic yesterday was announced trouble we reopening one of these camps to detain i grant these would you belong in homes schools in part not prison camps so let's just again later gentlemen showing you have the democrats constantly constantly lie about donald trump it never ends were now run
prison camps in turn in camps concentration camps according to these absolute lunatics like this senator murkily what's the basis of the story well here we do facts i know it's trouble well can see here that fort sill which is an oklahoma yes did house some japanese americans putney interment cast by democrats present franklin delano roosevelt right here well who else ladies and gentlemen who else used for sale which is by the way was never closed i took a note here has been cut can you actually open joe since eighteen sixty billboards mercury we're reopening internment camp making that is factually incorrect for sale as breaking this currently in use since eighteen sixty please lying which is what he does but his point that out
europe is opening up a prison camp joe at fort sill how's illegal immigrants awaiting trial this is unique piece of national military ah no wait let's this leads again tipp eddie but this will put this in the show notes by the way upon gino that camp which i encourage you to read shrunk encourage you to read it's a piece from the way what am i gonna do wrong they're jus nine twenty four tea now they don't have the data that is what i five years ago work of u s to open earth military be no joke noticed showed us military base not prison camp eyes like an idiot mercury to say to you child immigrants those because before we get to the snippet of the peace we're gonna use so twenty fourteen who was the president bush all think think how morocco by jasper rock obama was the pleasure well this piece of yes oh you're so be always the present here's the peace
who opened up for sale how's illegal my ok do you bobby registration on monday announce it designating a third u s military base for emergency housing of children creating illegally into the united states without parents or relatives at the cost of caring for those might as the costs escalated see their administration officials who ass not to be identified told report that an army base at fort sill oklahoma will initially old six hundred unaccompanied minors and eventually will be able to accommodate up to twelve hundred but it's the same base it's the exact same policy it's a base that was i closed barclays line because he's a liar that's what liars do it's been open for under fifty years secondly obama immigrant children here illegally in the country in forts however show where was
story back then by reuters it's a prison camp it's an internment cab prison where was the story teachers nowhere because these people are media lunatics their hacks now you may say ok nobody really i didn't see that story and are you didn't you may amiss that well again had tipp the trump war room here are some clips for msnbc and others talking about up again using for sale bet obama used and twenty forty thousand legal immigrants double down on the ridiculous narrative tat we are somehow reopening prison camps watched these it it's in this cut trump administration has new plans for detaining migrant children this time at the same oklahoma army base that one served as an internment camp for japanese immigrants and and using americans back in world war two sadly
this is consistent with how the administration treats migrants in general there are so many migrant children in u s custody that they will now be housed in two on to military bases as well as others but the insult texas the trumpet ministries quite literally repeating a devastating chapter in our nations history detained children and an oklahoma army base that was once used as an internment camp for companies americans during world war two mr k is here to discuss these reports that the president is going to stand unaccompanied immigrant children to an army base that was previously used as a japanese american internment camp ready then you know i i i genuinely authentically similarly love my show my audience i was really you good tell but i got a lot of energy that i slum great live so tired the wake up call for
oxen friends his lucky three o clock in the morning god bless gavin steve aimlessly sabrina brian who do that work every day you guys are amazing but i woke up this when he died i get on the air but i've got to tell you nothing i love a thing more than stories like there's someone i say stories like this i don't mean the fort cell story i mean debunking nonsense because it's so easy it so easy they just make stuff up for sale was not closed at obama usually zack seen facility and you failed to papa i got labour when he did it if you really believe ford silk is a de facto prison camp and utter absurdity and an attack on our u s military by the way why you put it there that obama did it before and by the way a democrat president was responsible for that determine policy why throw got out there the issue because
dishonest you just hacks your dishonest pact you have no principles i was buying hold debate on honor you today show which some of you mr barroso as you better video me debating jason nicholls i really enjoyed it you can ever they them down principles so we'd by debate which submit calls on fox about foreign interference is for an interference bad or is it not and if it's bad why does hilary get up i'm just trying to get your principles yes it's bad ok is an abomination we get it right right if using ford sill is bad because you think it's a prison camp it's not then why wasn't bad when obama did it because it's not about principles it's only bout you attacking donald trump just be honest headlines we hate donald trump therefore we're making up a false narrative about a prison camp at fort cell ip like ok the story stinks
recent protestant or centre headlines they can't be honest joe because our total lunatics what a level six tedious infraction it's like creutzfeldt jacob disease in a breath like pray odds eating away their neurons they got like and several apathy going on in their brains trump has done this time it's amazing to watch them collapse their integrity entirely don't you don't show you ever one yourself like we watched joy red absolutely hapless joy read i don't even know who the other commentator wasn't msnbc but you ever save yourself do they care at all about their professional integrity our needs you do any research why did you even bother to google forts oklahoma and say you know maybe we shouldn't run with this story because obama data to maybe i'm very proud decided we don't do that or on them side of an issue either corrected but we have principles
you know we don't agree with president trumpeter enough whether we need to get self celebratory by really i don't know but i'm just trying to make the point ladies gemma principles matter do you did you got two basic research do you producer who said hey joe you may want to mention that barack obama did this to pathetic pathetic and we're here to call it out our eyes war seal wash ladies gentlemen if you're carrying a fire of self defence to defend your house you need u s law she'll do are carrying naked if you don't have lost you i'm sorry but this is the power i have u s law she'll u s loss yoga i'm slash dan you need you s worship i'm john defender of the second amendment i also carry a firearm recently became a member of u s loss you about three four months ago and i you should do you're carrying make it otherwise you s law shields unique presented defend firearm owners who are forced to use their firearms to protect themselves of their loved ones they provide educational
it was an training to empower you folks you don't want to be involved in god forbid the fence very area be out their naked law shield but lost you're behind you they are the ones who will defend do they created a special website for my listeners u s loss yoga tom slash dan even get there five defender reports in able information by the way with a hundred hours absolutely free i have a line fortunate background i been carry in forever i can tell you in law enforcement and i say this unabashedly i did not have a friends i hung out with who did not have a product like u s wash and there's some others but allah shield is one i really like they will be with you to the end forget politics second is about being a responsible firearm or you'll be amazed at the number of legal potstausand and scenarios you didn't even think of and which is why these defend a report since in patients are so valuable dont be out their naked
wait you fire up does the limited time i forget your free reports today a hundred dollar value u s wash yoda consular stand again u s law shield that come slashed him ok just quickly probably want to check out hannity tonight i dont have the inside baseball out and i'm not that europe might be but added he has but donald trump onto my friend if you which is of kenworth watching himself but interestingly enough you watch the show last night when i was on solomon excellent rapporteur at the hill tee is this segment he's supposed to be doing today so it's not if there's an errand i do the trumpet if you forgive me am i don't wanna like a bit but i would set my dear four trump alone but if this airs tonight i'm i'm with bated breath here sir i made last night cheese did and he said something we ve been referencing for while corner some pretty strong sourcing on air and that i think solomon may have now
says there are now two pieces of information significant pieces of information the fbi line on to spy on the trump team now we obviously no number one joe the fake discredited the bunked ass yet not news christopher steel fed the fbi information was false the f b i wrote the information warrant spied on trumped derek aragon case closed right joe you remember our show when i was over in vietnam about the golden file oh yeah yeah you for that are ladies and gentlemen we ve talked about this before i i'm home can we get to it tonight with solomon because sources were a little opaque on this i call it the goal the file but secondly think of a better name apparently there is a file of information i believe was seen by higher ups in the white house potentially including go bobby himself that was from a source who is the source that's the big question mark that was not the dossier but was even
worse where's not only was it the bunked information nonsensical information like the dossier use as a predicate to obtain more is this also the information and the level of absurdity of how easily it could have been discredited i believe is even worse than the dossier i will be on martha maccallum showed an i please watch it i will be a guest i always appreciate when you turn into my segments it means a lot to me into fox but i also in urge you to watch hannity tonight if sir comes on talks about it sit there like this because i ain't gonna be waiting any he really has to say do i've heard about this good call the golden file a long time and just to be clear about what it is we already know dossiers debunked hysteria and other food i'll of information at their even worse than the dossier inquiring minds would like to know so stay tuned tonight i am anxiously waiting
some new peace and of course we will address it tomorrow ok don't go anywhere and because i do want to discuss this pulse that this is important the good and bad downside to the pole stuff about donald trump and want to give you kind of some sort of respect but i got one of their story i'm to get you before we talk about yet the daily coasts as a left wing site it's named after marcos did bless three letters of his first name ethics melissa some are trying to say his name wrong i just i'm sorry i don't really know our eyes left winger but close ran this story to attack donald trump of course and i wanted to give you some inside based by a lot of question time and i have wait them a little better maxim avoiding you folks but i don't like to do this look at me i was a secret service agents that offered its annoying it's even annoying to me but this is why providing some real information so here's the peace a daily caused by war there are an icon forgive me again from saying your name wrong it was from tuesday june eighteen twenty nineteen or
and don't wants money up front after trump stiff cities on campaign rally bills politics fake news alarm i'm sorry to create extra wherefore but can you throw that institutions do we have a fake you show you the fake news last i still have it and i'll have acute began to have it i'll get it right we yet we have fake news alarm dispute of all of you could put a glaring fake news thing on the screen right now what are you not out of any way i can love you any more but that would be awesome this is fake you do so care heed the gist of the story is this the sick service as security requirements for trumps orlando rally which was massive and it creates a big burden on local police departments and he's workable these departments are billing true i'm using airports because they determined that's not what happens is fake news walter and i call doesn't know what he's talking about these cities
our billing the secret service for the security and crop is that you trot personally is stepping up oh yes he said no soup for you no money for you guys at dang trump fake knew that are there dear you got that right that tribe tat dark drop it a frank you lose folks i work for three presidents sticks bill clinton george w bush right and barack obama multiple campaigns this happens every single campaign with the secret service every campaign a local police department through their mayor through whatever their whenever maybe local county council they bill the secret service and the secret service problem i dont want to say this in a bad way tells them they'll be nice sorry
the secret service budget is not big enough to pay local police departments for the sick already because the president travel few home this is a new this is a fake news story and other words crop has nothing ladies and gentlemen zero nothing too but with this about let me draw this for those working on the lawyer what are you doing in zero you can't even see where we have a more because it here i needed a zero zero zero zero he has nothing to do with this at all fake news donald trump is making this decision it is a secret service season because they don't have the budget it went to the secret service just about one point five billion dollars they don't the money this
you ve been going on for ever this is not unique to trouble you know how many when i was doing led advances for barack obama when you're the elite events you're the guy it is your show your running this security there's no actually advance you're the guy i did a lot of overseas than in the united states reed visor for guys when you coach you guys that do leads we get bail all the time and we go back i'm sorry we can't pay we don't have the money we just don't so point number one this is fake news trump has nothing to do with this at all zero made up story said even though trump has nothing to do with this story at all and walter and eichel or whatever his name is at the left wing daily kostas making it up this is not in order to rob this been going on
ever do you have always done this the secret nervous does not have the money on rare occasions will they compensate local service now there's a part you out there of a part of my audience understandably and joe you may be thinking is too much of words your mouth you may say well that doesn't sound fair it costs a lot of small towns a lot of money you're right it's not but folks what you don't know is again having done made advances it's a little bit disingenuous to talking point and listen i'm a conservative any fiscal conservative though dare challenge my bona fides on that i'm the only one talking out about entitlements and anything else my studio would be dramatic but am the rhino class they were avoided all this altogether so my fiscal servitor bona fide he's you there but the talking tat a small town is going to go bankrupt because of police deplore
and over time and a trump visit is a bit disingenuous why folks because you're the lead vance going in there joe you think you're going by yourself you think i was there are only by myself in whatever alamo gordo new mexico whatever oh do you take now you know me well have i ever lived in alamo gordo new mexico now did you ve never been you ve ever live bureau in mexico not a trick question now so if i go to alamo gordo new mexico to new and presidential advance for donald trump joe do you think i'm sleeping in a tent on the street no then you would not be in a tent the question to not attract job do you think i'm eating jars of alpo or protein bars out of a suitcase in a tent on the three simple again loud and you're not eating alpo thank your well do you when we get like say we need a bike rack a series of bike rack to set up a rope line you know the metal rats ripe joe do you think
i am flying in that by grants from washington d c or using a local vendor down the block we can provide if not a trick question job dan i think you're gonna use that local vendor ass this guy would be a great secret support add secret service agent who is less article honorary secret service age do you have any idea how much money the secret service the united to you act your money that the secret services money it's yours do you have any idea dear how much money they leave in these local districts listen i'm yeah defending profligate government spending folks just tell you the president united states is the president of all the united states and he travels and it costs money and we secret service military wham all white house staff book up hotels for tens air miles around a location use local food vendors local bike rack vendors local tent vendors eat up
we single out of food in the local restaurants i promise you i promise you nobody's complaining because it was there the local businesses are like i hear you you ve held the house three nights in a row you bet please pass on this building the scene service thing is it's a little bit disingenuous i was on the other to leave me the tax dollars they are raking in from food hotels business booms every day for all of you sent us the red flag to read under the hood for review on out one it laid the hundred share behind if we don't like twenty honorary red flags were all of you said red flags are so i bid this story the wholesale but isn't aboard my butt ellison apples it began we got a cover this because these paul's are being paid that is apocalyptic and i want everybody to breathe easy here's a story from age
about the polls in florida florida polls show tromp losing by nine and twenty twenty here's how far they're pulling wasn't twenty eighteen story by madison dibble but in the show notes way today upon gino dotcom ladies and gentlemen please don't panic about the poles florida pole yes showing biden adequate forty nine fifty and trumpet forty one day never policy be shocked that leaves you not prepared for this paul never in my life i thought i would be without light but obama deciding marco polo my mortal enemy life on the show a border that national each man she ran into a guide and airport market essay hubert we had a friendly exchange a guy who profess is that you do not like me was actually kind of strange but i shook his hand but kapogo the honest twitter feed at an interesting threat showing joe how just about it
every body in florida running on top of the tickets they were all the poles have been wrong now joe risks is god is a sitting united states senator from florence sitting who just people nelson what are the latest paul's by bill nelson before latest by me before the election is not one that bill nelson up by at seven a points at bhutto points out their policy can't believe record is it's a good hey listen it voted for at the governor race in florida who's the girl the florida right now is a danger no it's not you is not the governor of florida educate them was the democrats the governor my man rod the scientists gray conservative just ban sanctuary cities you florida brought to say at this was down eight to nine point two balls gala had run to say at this one ladies and gentlemen these are not great poles we should be celebrating it but let's not be traumatic
the bad news i just gave you the good the good news is these paul's are everybody take time out on them and one other good pieces news when your opponent is not above fifty in a which by his knees hovering around there it's not a catastrophe undecided what prickly break for an incompetent a good economy at the last minute relax i'm tellin you may have its condescending better to the liberals take it easy jump on either ran right now we got a year and a half to the election anything can happen but these illiberal celebrating these stupid policies nine point he has not bank on it well there's a catastrophic recession god forbid tropical losing florida by nine points is dumb take it easy here take gary seven long how we haven't you here's a little bit of the bad news because again i want to give you both sides we shouldn't ignore it either
we sit there ladies and gentlemen and do we democrats did with the hilary trample action i don't need to go calories got on board joe and ninety eight percent chance we realise that the washed imposed in our blake wrote a piece trump has a zero percent chance of winning that's an actual peace at the washington post by the way our senator i think i will put it in a new tribute that complex pontius an actual peace what happened joe allotted democrats and swing state said vote smoke now how do we need to show on pillar is gonna win it around their hilary winning arizona i didn't disappoint hilary competing in texas trip on taxes by what ten or twelve folks let this scheme yes the lives are being ridiculous with these paul's but i want this to scare you for good reasons i want you to say to yourself gosh what if this is accurate and if is that means we got work to do price
you gotta get out and register voters you gotta get out and pledged to vote you gotta get the trump campaign some of you some of your data you know don't if you need to knock on doors that tradition scare you a little bit and a little note of caution i ran into a giant when at the airport very nice guy named pete motives last name shipowners flying out of the guardia recognize me from fox we got chattanooga share mutual friend any set i dont believe those paul's the lamps ones are way off folks i've i'm trying to scare you a little bit don't take this the wrong way peed nano not on all don't go by the last elections balls one than national poles on tromp pillory we're right the state paul's were way off but there's a reason folks the state halls were way off on trump in the last election joe what it is we ve talked about on the shell before you knew listeners i ran in that election for congress
we want and knocked on a ton of doors i got a walk list of reggie very likely voters i walked past ten susan houses with trump signs that we're not on my walk list how is that guy would a trump sign literally in is why not a likely voter well i figured it out when i wouldn't started knocking on those doors and said you're not i list here is a voter why do you have a trump sign up guys i've never voted before voting now you're damn right in other words folkestone lamb pause at the state level i'm telling you were off because they didn't know what oh paul was gonna look like because these people had voted before a lot of on a note of caution on this one before you draw these pulls out a window larry scare you a little bit these paul's how of a decent idea of what the electorate's gonna look like now joe why they just voted tromp in the last election
it scare you a little bit please we can't lose this use it as a reason to go out and start knocking on doors now don't just catch enema knocking peoples a nice guy but don't you casually thus regarding pulse dominated they do not in any way this positive and he is not losing florida but i'm not losing florid at all but that's gonna be because action on your part the do matters talk is cheap let this i ve been to your skin and let this impact there be an impetus for you to get out and do something follow the dear bonds you know ten ten ten rule make it a point every month to either email make ten social media posts or call ten people email ten people call ten people or on social media make ten post about the importance of voting in the upcoming elections and the things trump has done for the economy you do that
every month even if everyone listening we have hundreds of literally i'm not making this up in the saudis hundreds of thousands of people if you all a point to do this from now to the election you could sway hundreds of thousands of voters in key states let these paul scary even though they are a bit ridiculous let it thank you thank you again i really appreciate your patience when i travel on the road and your continued loyalty to the show may mean the world to me it allows me to get out and get my voice out to a different set of bodies but i always always always want to get you a show too so i really we appreciate your local police subscribed to the show youtube the coms ash mancino subscribe or audio pod gas on apple podcast i heart sound can please share our continent misa world to us is so subscription so they're all free by the way that drive us up the chart and allow other people to find our show in these top charts aggregator thanks so
folks welcome welcome back it's great to have you back and show their remaining guinean audience mystery to me you joe and paula we'll be back with you tomorrow see you just heard ten bonn gino she you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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