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John Brennan is in Deep Trouble & Pelosi is Running Scared (Ep 1140)

2019-12-20 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive NY Times article showing that John Brennan is under active investigation for his role in the spying scandal and I articulate exactly what he did. I also cover a viral article about the impeachment of Donald Trump which asks the question “was Trump even impeached?”News Picks:The NY Times is worried now that Brennan is under investigation.


This 2017 Washington Times article shows how deeply Brennan was involved in the illicit Spygate operation.


Did the UK already know about Steele’s information? 


This 2017 CNN article gives up the entire scandal.


The economy is motoring, especially for those in the middle and lower middle-class. 


Liberals get triggered by the words “Merry Christmas.” 


The Trump campaign raises 5 million dollars on the day of impeachment.


Has Trump even been impeached yet?


This is the most partisan impeachment in US history. 


The courts have ruled against Obamacare, here’s what’s next.


Democrats are manipulating the impeachment process & messing with norms


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