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Justice is Dead (Ep 921)

2019-02-21 | 🔗
In this episode I address the stunning new revelations by an FBI lawyer about the efforts to cover up this Obama/Clinton scandal. I also discuss the efforts by Andrew McCabe to fabricate an obstruction case against President Trump. Finally, I address bizarre comments by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about Amazon.    News Picks: Was there another dirty dossier used to attack the Trump team?   Why can’t Andrew McCabe keep his story straight?   Andrew McCabe continues to conjure up reasons for his witch-hunt investigations.   This key player in the FBI believed Hillary Clinton should have been charged with a crime.   Mike Pompeo shuts the door on the ISIS bride.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn, Jean I wanna, be thereby GINO shall reach our unity and produce urgent. Good Zella folks, I haven't said anything earlier, but because you're my audience, you matter to me more than I think I'll. Let you know got a nice little ah little secret knowledge, Robbie broadcasting. Next, we put in a show on Brahma Vietnam from annoy be going over with the Fox NEWS team over to cover President shrubs summit, the second summit with the with Kim, so that the interesting are you we will not miss any shows. You know be fascinating job, because I will be brief, running the show exact opposite tat tie the exact opposite side of the earth right eastern time, where I am in Florida. So
whereas I typically record at ten a M eastern and its up about a half an hour. Forty five minutes, I after we're done, I will recording of at night, which will be fascinating considering Joe, and I almost never do that, with the exception of a few episodes began to search through one quick, they got. Their cell Tell this story before having traveled quite extensively with the secret service. You know, he's a twelve hour time change, which is the worst time change you can get a job. I always wanted to start funny, because when I was in this Good service, without my stockings, if this guy, who shall remain nameless and even understand the difference, at a time change at a time difference. So he kept China make case to me that, if Jeanne our time difference is- is worse on the body than a twelve hour time change and I was tell him I'm like a brother. That's not the way. A time change works when you go to the opposite side of the earth: Indonesia, Vietnam, Southeast Asia and you over there. What what you once you start coming back in the other direction. It
I'd say you there's a twenty four hour time judge. You must try to make the case to me that a fifteen our time difference, which is really when you think about it, a nine our time jade because going and the other dorette you're coming back home. So I leave the joke to my that's like saying it was the worst time change was a twenty four hour time. You know that's the same. Dive Joe always love story. I do yeah, it's gonna, be a little rough, but don't miss the chosen We're gonna get a lot to get. You today including some new revelations, bye, bye, said Carter about the wood, the nation that occurred in a Hillary Clinton campaign and Mikhail stepping on his own again. This guy cannot get out of his own way. So, let's get there ratio brought you by your buddies at filter by folks this, and I know where filters aren't the most exciting thing in the world to talk about, but you better change, because at one of the most important things in your life think about your lungs
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Different sizes, custom options included, they can fix and right up for their ship free within twenty. four hours and manufacture or their filters. Radio in America saved I'm save money. Stay warm go to filter by com. That's filter! By that I'm filter, be you why dotcom make sure Tell him we celebrated the embalmed. Gino show ok! That start first with a stunning story by Sarah Carterets, our dot com? I have up in the show notes upon you know that com, if you subscribe to my email, is I will send them right through email box. The store the leading the story is that lead FBI lawyer, one of the top FBI lawyers, Jim Baker, who had event we'll get immense power inside the FBI believed up show the end and still believes today that Hillary Clinton in fact committed crimes. Ladies and gentlemen, now that, while this may not be a major revelation to you- and I are no kidding with the private email server, Hillary Clinton, you Know- may have crimes of classified information. We all know that that that vat
not the lead here, the least is that the FBI include Jim call me the director who gave that July speech where he basically exonerates Hillary Clinton, taking on the role of a prosecutor, Joe not investigator, remember as powerful as Jim call me was- is the director of the FBI. This is a critical distinction. You off to understand Jim, me- is not a prosecutor. He's ahead, invested? An investigatory body FBI, as no prosecutor of discretion whatsoever that is left to the criminal justice in the United States? Attorneys? Jim call me gives at speech in July Fifth and basically usurps the power, the Department of Justice, which was one of the reasons he was fired in that your life If speech where he lays out all of these crimes, Hillary Clinton committed and then peace, to say, but no reasonable prosecutor would widow would charge Hilary. Could that's not his job, the lead here, of course, is that his right hand, Guy Jim Baker, who was
higher up lawyer in the FBI, with immense power had already did the conclusion himself that Hillary Clinton had in fact committed crimes. In other words, there was sincere, serious disagreement at the upper echelons of the FBI that India to me that some put that there was polite, obvious political sway used to make this case go away. Let me read from the Sarah Carter peace because is damning former. General Council James Baker originally believe Hillary Clinton mishandling of highly classified information was alarming and appalling at the time I'm, he believed our use of a private server to send the emails with sufficient enough. The lawyer, it may be to secure an indictment to possibly charger for violations under the espionage act for Miss. gambling sensitive documents, Baker Help so that belief, until shortly before, as Jim call me made the public announcement, not the charge Clinton on July, Fit he
this important folks. He said he changes position only if the arguing discussing the situation over a period of time with senior colleagues at the bureau to include call me. call me clearly is being influenced by political political with this is the lawyer, the Joe you see, I'm going with this being a lawyer call me, is a politically appointed FBI. Direct you to lawyer. The FBI. You would think you would take legal advice for is convinced that Hillary Clinton violate the espionage act only seemingly disregarding a bit? It gets better in the peace here. This is this. the second big take away so take it. Number one. The FBI lawyer correct lines. The FBI believes legally Hillary Clinton, committed crimes and is being ignored by an FBI Direct there was a political appointee who clearly has leanings afore. Mrs Clinton, this point right. He says Baker
Well, if it was the statute, we were considering at the time said Baker. It was the nature and scope of classified information that to me initially, when I looked at it, I thought these four should know that this stuff is classified and it was alarming what they were talking about specially some of the most highly classified stuff. Folks. What have I told about this case from the beginning, Jim acre FBI lawyers now on the record indicating that he has a binder of hills, because I didn't emails and he's looking at, and he is a warm that some of this stuff is highly a deeply classified now. What is missing from this conversation job, in the July fifth speech. Jim call me gives follow me here where he exonerates Hillary Clinton any takes on the role of a prosecutor, not investigate usurps the power of the d o J Ai.
Investigating the secret service, bring a case. The Eu United States attorney if they decline prosecution. Not me. I have no role in that at all. They say we will take this case. Are we want after com, Does that in this each says at the end, when you know no, reasonable prosecutor will prosecute taking on the role of the deal in July Swift speech: we now have multiple versions of that speech that were written in May, with What deletions and additions made what or what the key deletions made from that. Follow me folks. This is a critical point here why Story is so devastating baker seems indicate he seen something in those emails. That is very, very alarming and dangerous. In one of the initial versions of this speech, Jim CALL put in the speech that Hillary Clinton in email, but the and United States on a private email from a foreign country indicating what show that a foreign actor whom
we have had access to heal regime, could have been reading emails between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama job just a quick, I should you were not a federal investigate, arrived. You know right in but Joseph smart guy. What am I trusted trusted does do you think an email from Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State to Barack Obama, may contain some particularly dangerous information if it got out there in a public, I'm just drove out there for you, Joe yeah yeah, I don't think so Danny you do. The jet he'd want tags forget that are related to jobs. A smart guy gets it. We rely on the audience, applauds. In an initial version that speech that was in there that Hilary had email, Barack Obama, that was take now and revised in a later versus speech to include Hilary where did emailing a scene your government official aid,
other version. That speeches then revised to wipe out any reference to a bomb up, a senior government official at all. this says to me: the bakers, not one of the good guys, is FBI lawyer, but Baker was likely. Telling call me at the time, because about the emails to call that Houston clearly looking at and is Joe ALARM by that problem, I'll call me Houston. We, a problem here. We got a serious problem. She's, mailing Obama, Obama has already said in interviews on television, show that he didn't know about Hilary Personal email and that he quote. Found out about it from the media. no, no, I e mail you have created Joe you have three of my email address is right. If you know all three of us badly, because I ve male gel from alter. Yes, you knew the Eco, probably recital monnier right now, but I will we have a public one that goes out both. Thank you,
I know Josie email, do that: it's not what you vague Joe two emails. I don't need your. How do I know that Joe and I e each other. Do you understand how Barack Obama the ring he's in Baker and call me we're freaking out was probably to protect Clinton but, most importantly, to protect Barack Obama, the man they were loyal to because Morocco, A Joe then becomes a witness in the case against Hillary Clinton, private email you, he was a cold. Conspirator relative It was getting emails from our his is it is clearly not telling the truth that he did how about he'll Aris personal email because he is getting emails from killers. Since personal email. Now, why is Let me give you the leftist response to this, because I like to stay ahead of the news curve Year and I like to give you the ammunition you need for a good intellectual back and forth. your liberal police state bodies, there argue, this
how'd, you know. Even though Hilary was using a private email to email, a baba that doesn't mean he actually saw the email address, it could have just been loaded into his phone. No, no, no. Here's. What you don't understand, and maybe my perspective here, having worked inside the white us a bit- will will assist a little bit Barack Obama. I had a personal blackberry, Trump proper. we as a personal devices. Well, there is a answer the military Walker Member, like fuzzy bear from them. Let's walk along a member that sets. It stands for White House Communications agency. There really are grey them. Jerry runs a White House Communications Agency and what they do in conjunction with the secret service, technical security, division and others is, determine how the president, Gonna communicated now I mean I'm not going to get it through a lot of the details, but trust me when I tell you the press,
It doesn't just randomly pick up and unsecured cell phone start talking to a letter from China about trade passes out the way it works, but proof to you that high irruption, the Obama team, had to know about Hilary Gmail. On that point, Blackberry Obama had Walker to make sure that the emu US coming in we're all pre approve from pre approve the mail addresses. Now Joe would that be well think it through very common sense reasons for biomass. So blackberry? You don't want Obama getting Spain M emails, Trojan Nuno Trojan emails and all kinds fishing emails with a p age. on securing Joey, bagger doughnuts at Bagdad, doughnuts not come. We, Obama. You can't have that so on farmers device Joe. l addresses had to be pre approve. Meaning what for him
We clearly need to have got that email through two Obama's device on a personal, non government email. It had a. Be blacklisted, accuse me white lists that right right, then added stay off the boy, why dont use anything this domain from that domain, Hillary Clinton, email, how to be white listed, had to be approved and that up Oh sure, surely, Obama knew about added value. Plausible deniability he's got first. You say: well, you didn't read the email address, he didn't what a bomb is that so But folks, I'm sorry he's not. We disagree with ask me wasn't done. He got past Congress, seminal devastating legislation and modern american history you can be in. He had to do that. We mean nobody what he never read the email address, as he was reading from familiar just didn't notice. That is
Clinton DOT, whatever email, not a state that govern mail that he had noticed at. You're telling me do that. People and his staff just in the listed Hilary private email, so we could get through to him on his blackberry and nobody told Obama, folks again, This deny this is: did this river future? Any plausible deniability you'd have to believe Obama was an idiot and I dont believe that this, Baker story, sour Carter as up, is very good and indicated Baker knows exactly what I'm telling you so the echo ways again. The FBI. I knew Hilary was guilty. The lawyer, the FBI, New Hilary, was guilty. They would she was guilty, but Kind Bobo. Was that a role in this because he was one of the people getting the emails and clearly
that email had been pre approved, in other words, people at the White House knew about Hilary Z male despite Hilary Bronco Obama's denials that he knew anything about any learned about it from the press. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a lie. Now: I want to just add on this story because bring their telling you right now is true the media's in a full blown Pravda life like effort to propagandizing gaslight, you never guess what nothing they're telling you right now. It's true. I am Genuinely sorry that you are for to come here and in other places and people you can trust exclusively for the news. I mean that I love you My show, but Does us all no good that you can just cast we turn on a new station and get the truth and verify what I'm telling you, but or being lied to, whether you being I do, as I covered yesterday about the breaking news that Anti Mackay Brief Congress, despite the fact that
already read to you, a snippet from the New York Times from back in May that they brief Congress I already told you that there's the period is again Andrew Mackay briefing the leaders of the Senate and and the heads of the congressional intelligence committees, lawmakers said nothing after with the New York Times already part of this story back in May there's nothing new in everything you're being told a lie that Hilary Clinton's? Email story was a nothing. It was a huge story, foreign actors. at her email system and more likely reading communications between her and the present, the United States, who lied about knowing about the existence of our private email Baker, knew it you, FBI knew it. Jim call me knew it and they covered it up now. Here's this interesting fork in the out here to show you that effectively the Department of Justice, an FBI. The up levels have been entirely compromise. Folks, I'm sorry they were compromise, the the
their actions during the shift from the heat. Hilary email, investigation and the side lining of it and the covering up of it to an active and ass the issue? The Trump team for no crimes at all for phantom made up crimes generated by a fake dossier is the biggest scandal in american history. But I bring up this baker story. because, in light of what happened, what became in all the new stuff or finding? Don't you find this interesting job that Reed lawyer in the F B. I believe Clinton should be charged and this By mounds of evidence that she was in fact guilty of exchanging classified information, knowingly overlap I've had servers, she was unauthorized tab, Hilary and our entire team have skated yet, on the other hand, despite Anthea evidence in other words, evidence to the contrary that the Trump team is guilty of any for anything at all obstruction or collusion decent.
estimation continues to this day into the Trump team. Almost abated whatsoever. Mothers become the most powerful man in America investigating and obstruction crime that never happen. This is important. I want is gone, it's all they yesterday I We should that's over. They are good. Gonna shift now from option. from collusion which is gone, it's off. They don't have anything on collusion. That's over, they are going to shift now to obstruction and Mikhail is gonna play a key role in this. As the new left wing media darling as the deputy animal point acting director, the FBI, who was there, while Trump allegedly tried to obstruct the investigation, keep him I'm the lead here. Hard but it's against calling me F B. I knew about including their lawyer. They sideline that they make that case go away while they move on the Trump team on affair. Pollution, collusion charge and now an obstruction charge for obstruct
It never existed, you track and me Joe, what a tangled web we leave brother, they ate it. This is that the complete color, acts of impartiality and our Department of Justice in the FBI, the guys on, record acknowledging rivalries guilty and they come. Sideline sidelined case. Nobody gets arrested, no special council, nothing and they move our trump on affect us here. and now they're moving on obstruction. Now I made the point yesterday and it's important to bring this up again that Mackay It has already acknowledged to Rubio when heat their Jim call. Me was fired, keep in mind the obstruction case against drop it, is singly based on this Mackay testimony that these two dimensions a testimony but comments to the media that, after Jim call me, was fired Donald Trump?
this team made an effort to have shocked the investigation, as I said to you yesterday, that is not what Andrew Mc Cape said on the record after com was fired on the night of May twenty seventeen Mackay, It is up to the hill on the eleventh of May twenty seventeen and tell Senator Rubio Backward there's no effort to obstruct its investigation. Not folks Cape was either lying men under oath. Or he's lying now we're saying the opposite Joe. This didn't hard to follow. You may see. Ok, then, what's new here, you made that point yesterday that make It is already set on the record that there were no efforts. Efforts to obstruct, I want to die. Down folks now Only was there no effort to obstruct the investigation according to my cape zone, sworn testimony but present trump himself before he fired Jim call me actual
ass. Jim call me himself to look into any potential collusion on his own team, listen to what I just told you again. This is not critics of obstruction made is at the evidence. It is evidence of option on behalf of Mackay and copy of the truth it has already said, there's no obstruction on the record. You don't believe me, this is political peace, a political What is known as both Nicole rhymes with it political, a left, leaning rag. I can't stand a political piece of a document, Goodbye Jim call me not by Trump a document good conversation. Jim call me had with Donald Trump President Trump in his office listen specifically to what President Tromp, whose Jim Crow these boss he's the present States call me works for
not the other way around. What Trump tells call me bout? The rush investigation- and I want you is a saying, rational person listening to this show- and hopefully a liberal friends too, to tell me how this quote indicate any any level. What's a war of many level, what's of obstruction, we need to get the facts out. He said Trump repeatedly told him. The fact was tat was not personally under investigation. Listen to this folks this is from call me. The president went on to say that if they where some quote satellite associates of his who did thing wrong. It would be good to find that out, but that here haven't done anything wrong and hoped I would find a way to get it out that we weren't investigating him. Do you want? stay. How damaging this quote is too.
False obstruction, narrative and I'm, ladies and gentlemen, bring up in a minute why this obstruction narrative is important. I might not going anywhere circle is don't forget, ran because this is a prime laying this out very sequentially chronologically here for you and the chauffeur reason the structure. Narrative is all they have left, they have up, problem. Now they need the obstruction for impeachment because they don't have an she will collusion crime collusion. Dead, it was dead, timidity dark. He was always fake. There is no evidence of collusion that is dead. They have moved on to obstruction The problem may have with obstruction. Is there on the record my caves it can happen, and now we have on the record statements from call me himself indicator Not only did President Trop job, not
call me to shut down the rush investigation, but actually told him to find out if any of these satellites, in other words anyone who had worked with him, had action we colluded with Russians. You see that, The quotas right here, the president but I want to say that if there were some satellite associated surveys, you did something wrong. It be a good idea to find that out. Ladies and gentlemen, do you understand how pathetic and weak and Should we grotesque and disgusting this obstruction? Why is the president is item drafting the case. He's asking call me if anyone around me- and my satellite here was guilty of this- go, find it out and they still avid metaphor. Wasn't it none of this was for collusion. None. There has not been a ocean related charge. where in this case, ever by Mahler ever there is
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this is why did he satellites investigated is going to please we knock down the obstruction short. So what you should be asking right now- and I know me If you are only chop out obstruct just as say to yourself, then why they continuing to go down. This tromp obstructed Justice Road Dan. If my caves admitted already on the record, he hasn't and call me statements indicate that not only trump out obstruct just as he demanded justice because folks they are desperate for impeachment. left wing and the radical left this in Congress and the rhino sell out fraud, of which, sadly, there are many up on capital. Hell have already quietly promised the lot of their donors, other their moneyed interests than their volunteers, that they were going to get tromp out of office. They, I believe this folks. They obviously believed that there was if not collusion Joe, that tromp was oh corrupt, that it was,
to be so easy once they started a special council to bring down tromp on something that I believe they're Shell shock, now that they have absolutely nothing. So they had a family, data charging fabricated collusion. That was the bug and now they're fabricating this obstruction charge. Why is that? Because, in articles when parliament, which the We'd have to draw up folks, it's gonna work like a trial that trial it happened in the Senate, overseen by the chief justice is Supreme Court at something ladies and gentlemen, the Republicans or whoever the M, the other day. They choose and that India in the house represent them, that's kind of like lawyers in the Senate, trial follow me. Jobs are going to get to. encounter evidence. The Democrats don't have anything these simple You don't have any big about going to trial Joe, how devastating it would be with us. Your boy, a judge at the top of the bench at a huge fan, Robertspierre stupid. If you bring evidence in a quiet and end the evidences of not they don't have anything, they need something. So they
keep hammering down on this obstruction charge because it's all they have They don't have evidence of anything else. They ll be left out of the place. They need this stuff for impeachment. Now, why am I bring this up today? follow the order the show its important, because yesterday Some media outlets broke the story, Mahler is apparently getting ready to wrap up there and we may know as soon as next week. I doubt they'll issue a report while present iter, This in Vietnam, that would be a low blow. Not given him. The immediate opportunity respond on a different times. Timescale issued by TAT time our overseas everything you get the point now. What that's critical! folks because Mahler Report they have nothing it is now clear. Mahler has nothing. His indictments have nothing to do with tromp nothing.
zero. These are nonsensical price. Stress related charges that, however, guilty men may have been or Cohen may have been, I'm not a fan of either one of these guys, None of them relate to collusion Molly report has nothing what they are trying to do now and job. Please again, if this doesn't make sense, Tommy the media is laying the groundwork do Mikhail charges at tromp obstructed. The investigation was, he was at the FBI, Tick, the issue in the public response and get them ready and get them all. To believe obstruction happened before what happens Joe. Before Mahler issues report next week or the following week. According to is media leagues, and it's a big fat, nothing burger You see what I'm going to show by that time. The mediaeval of already condemned the lie will have traveled around the world before the truth got out of them.
It is already getting the public ready for nothing burger by telling It's not a nothing burger here all the substructures have, even though they know it's not true. sorry if that was a little bit confusing, but I had a lay it out. They met order. Let's just right recap this, because I want to move on to something else. I'm ok, they're that that I have from Fox NEWS now. It's Pappas story, which is very good. It's now clear the Hillary Clinton, email, email, investigation, senior people, any F b, I thought you'd committed a crime, the recital nine it was, I'd line because she email Barack Obama, not just because she says shared classified information that would make Barack Obama witness that would also make Barack Obama a liar, because he said, televised interview. He did know about his regime only found out from the media her email, how to be white listed into Obama's account somebody new, the F B. I call. He specifically, despite the pros
stations of Jim Baker, his lawyer at the FBI. sideline this case. I believe, to protect not just Hillary Clinton but importantly to protect Obama. move want to a collusion case generated by this fake dossier. The FBI, at some point Finds out dossier was fake, unmarried and verify it that case, goes away; they have to cover it up. They push for by While former FBI director to come in and rescue the reputation of the deal, Jane FBI that got taken by this fake dossier, I think willingly because they hated Trump and they need it, four impeachment they get Europe out of office. They can't whose collusion, because conclusions based on the fate ass, the F B, I got taken by What are they do? They have to move on to an obstruction, charge and obstructions. It doesn't exist, because these players are already on. The record, call me and became showing that it structured, doesn't exist and that Trump Wada. The case investigated
Media figures, this out conditioning the public now to get ready for obstruction. Knowing the Mulder report is going to be a big, nothing burger, so they can can you know, incentivize these Congress, people to push articles of impeachment and push these nonsensical obstruction charges. When I'm telling you folks, they will be humiliated and they sent a trial says it's it staggering. It really is how the republic is collapsing around this justice is falling apart. All because these these these we'll can't get their heads out of their, but, and I can't understand for a minute what they're doing its growth. they are decimating the Constitution Republic, they ve taken the blindfold off lady justice and burned it. It is wrong, a gross. You are here herbal awful people, and I hope you understand that police state tyrants, nothing more before I get this became. So this final Rina, the way we can get round the
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Moved up. The ranks and the FBI, I can't seem to figure out how to stop stepping on his own unity. Here he's asked about is in the in the by have not read the book. I want to be clear, as does the a liar, and I don't believe anything he says so. I'm reading media accounts of his book, I'm not gonna patronized guy, given my dollar by this, article. I have in the show notes that either really good. Please read them by Alex Pappas, wanted Fox NEWS that com- and it talks about a piece of the book where Mackay indicates there was a moment. There was one the thing that happened when he had this conversation MIKE Flynn that led him to believe MIKE Windows guilty. So let's get some background to show you how to place it is and what a liar Mackay actually is so just to be clear on this Mackay is way. Contacts there's some debate about who called who did Michael trumps national security adviser at the time, com, a keyboard and Mikhail Kaufman. There's some debate about that. But
using the caves narrative, Joe He calls MIKE Flynn at around one thousand two hundred and thirty one thousand two hundred and thirty in the afternoon, to set up an appointment to talk to him after Wyd US about his conversations with the russian ambassador, which became the sub. checked this controversy right perfectly legal conversations by the way so tracked me here what's interesting about that is in his book, Mckibben Cates that right around noon order should be in the in the documents surrounding the case. It's indicated that at noon, the agents already at the White House and Mackay math excuse me and Flynn makes a comment about how beautiful the sky is. So that I'm lying doesn't even Mary up. Ok, if, if Mackay called for Joe at twelve thirty uni afternoon, but to set up a point. for ages ago, over their talk, but then accordingly investigated
working Age authority already at the White House at noon. I half an hour before the conversation. The timeline doesn't even Mary up, but that's not what I find it as a lawyer, so that's not do did. Did that may be just a mistake. I am not willing to given the benefit of the doubt. Let's be clear up you saying for debts, not even the interesting thing about this is what my cave goes on to say about what's more from what made him believe. My point was gonna lie about his conversations with russian backs. Besser kiss me is standard. P Andrew Mackay. Here we got from the bees. He says in my memory I told him that the people were curious about his conversations with russian ambassador kiss. This is my cape. Talkative went on the phone, his is telling of the tail, and so elsewhere in this- and we were kind of concerns about your calls here with the russian ambassador He says this is what set me off. Joe Flynn replied
you know what I said: cuz you guys were probably listening. Mackay with I'll, confirming flint suspicions. Mackay Brute disparities book I had wonder as events played out. If you thought we were, listening I would you lie so Let us be clear about this. This is what so bizarre about Mackay how we cannot get out of his own way. Mackay is I would reiterate that Might Flynn trumps. National Secure adviser was the former director of the issues. We was it. The aid director, defence intelligence ain't, a guy with a deep breath and are you experience, tells us we intimately aware of our govern passing interception record calls with foreign nationals is now acknowledging this. This dip Mackay Jeanne. If, when knows his conversations, whose we're being recorded, but then saying well, that makes
that's then that Flynn wouldn't lie about the contest he uses. That is evidence that Mackay that flame was in fact, why does it maybe an analogy would make more sense here. If I know my calls with joy or being lot right, dude. I know by like the, B. I, for whatever reason they want to investigate me, a job for full. Only a in the umpteenth agree. I know why it would I say something stupid on call. The wooden died me if I knew you were listening, but make abuses that, as its it saw bizarre. I can't believe this guy can't get out of his own way now making matters worse, firmer came when is it You must think point is really stupid. the ages at the scene themselves in the end, the gate of paperwork, afterward already acknowledged according to Jim call me and others that
sense Joe no deception in Flynn at all. Remember that, in other words, making it is suggesting when was lying because he knew he was being listened to, which makes no sense he's lying but the contents of his call, despite the fact that he already knows they are listening to us, but that doesn't even makes sense on its face. So that's point number one no she's being monitored, Mackay acknowledges it and then they came Others say that well, because he knew he was being monitored. That's evidence he was lying about what was said MC conversation. I dont even get that that this p candy Mackay. This is dumb. This guy is, secondly,. the FBI, age, who actually interviewed him, said stroke, Bianca Peter Shock and your Bianca too happy eyes. They said no evidence of deception so that doesn't get poor would, Cape story either, but far job the day before.
This conversation happens January, twenty fourth of twenty seventeen at the White House, between Piazza and stroke of the FBI and might flint which you set up by endemic ape the day before The Washington Post gets a league which, likely from someone at the FBI was it my who knows, on January, twenty third, Joe twenty seventeen the day before the washing posts ran and article with his headline FBI. I reviewed MIKE wins cause with the Russians and found nothing illicit folks. Mackay cannot get out of his own way, making miss admitted now on the wreck. up on the hill, there's no evidence of obstruction. He wasn't obstructed he's now. Mason is blocked, it might find new. Is conversation was being recorded. That is evidence that Flynn would not.
Why about the contents, because he knows they have them make. Bizarrely turns that around and uses. It is evidence that this is suspicious. He knows he's been recorded. Therefore, he's lie. agents don't believe he's lying Flynn and even the leaked to the I should impose indicated there was nothing illicit about because the media is not tell you that your dear ignoring all This now don't wash imposed is ignoring their own story by fear. to expose the fact that this is a conspiracy to frame Might Flynn and a frame the trumpet. the evidence is sitting right out there for anyone and everyone to clearly see he's right Kay Bright's this in his book, this guy, really not price. They knew that
always be recorded, or if we knew the cause be recorded, so that's evidence he would lie about what was in the call. Folks, I'm sick This is not even make sense. This is poor, may carry this I is a total charlatan he's a fake he's. I, I was uses a bad magic act at a three year olds birthday party. Or even a three year olds pick out the trick here? The rings where they put the rings together. There's a whole in covers what its annual even a three there's a whole that ring- and this Guy is not pride, he is. Knucklehead the calls were being record which is clear evidence that he would lie about what was on the record- and I guess that makes sense if you're a moron nowadays don't think that makes sense of your moron. so let me tell you make I knew you were going to say that I did
How do you get a guy? Do I get? It was read your mind yet so I wanna get desires, but he says it's. There is either They demoralize, if there ever more on that, but to pick up the show and listen more funds are listening. It be like I don't get it right. They know that sells nobody really getting till I get doesn't make sense it doesn't. I know my calls are being monitored. We Joe so I intentionally lie to the FBI was moderate. My calls- and that's evidence of this- is so dumb. You, after my kit, yourself in a head with a hammer for this. The makes sense is much further with issue boy are We get to this ok Seo Cortez they now. I always have to preface any precision with AOL, see: she's gotta, Guy share now got a name. You know this needs to be referred to as a seat on the need to use or proper name anyway. So,
representative presented a Cortez has become a young a real lightning rod, because she continues to say things that job. try to be a little more delicate with this, because I just ass king. I don't get this either some of this stuff that emanates from her lungs and in her mouth is so stupid that it it's hard to explain to people so Joe this morning he fired over a cod and he's like Do you believe this is like? We gotta run with this cut now I just want to say I get a lot of email. Whenever I bring her name up Stop given her the ETA folks know. No? It is not to upset my audience. I love you. eyes and Ladys out there, your bureau, everything was: why do the show we can ignore by Miss Cortez
She has substantial influence within the radical left wing of the Democratic Party and its when you ignore people like this, that they amass power, volunteers, money and a money database, and they get more power and should become a senator and potentially a presidential candidate. Next thing, you know we're looking for Obama again, maybe if we Exposed Obama for the far left radically was at the time and not allowed him to portray himself as some kind of a moderate we wouldn't dealing with Obamacare right now, I'm sorry but your leg. pretend she's not there it it's gonna, go away, I'm not trying to upset you, but I'm not going, I am not going to tactically do what I think is technically and politically wrong, which is ignoring or because it Bob I'm sorry Cortez needs to be exposed for the dangerous policy. She's espousing, and forgive me think that's the wrong approach, but it's not so much
play this cut. This is a cut of Representative Cortez XX, waiting, why losing Amazon in New York? Twenty four five thousand jobs billion in tax revenue could, action, jobs, satellite jobs at a major corporate partner in the city of New York is a war therefore thing play that your incredible shows that ever day. American still have the power. to organise and fight for their communities, and we can have more so in this country, the richest man in the world. What do you say to those that criticise and pulling out that industry now, twenty five thousand jobs Well, one of those things is a Wii we're subsidizing those jobs, so fur the city was paying for those.
So frankly, if we were willing to give Amazon three with We are willing to give away three billion dollars for this day on. We could invest. three billion dollars in our district ourselves. If we wanted to, we could higher out more teachers we can fix. Our son ways we can put a lot of people to work for that money if we wanted to additionally those jobs. There was no guarantee that those jobs were for the new Yorkers that we're here we are looking at at. Deal that was not primarily putting the community first and I think that we absolutely come together to create an economic and that actually invests in new Yorkers in higher wages and in a dignified life, Where do we start? Where are you ready to take notes on it before the show? I want you type in your home to be sure, because the I'll get off on I know I'd are with me and you will get off on one of these rance, which are fun, but some
I mean you know we lose the substance at an end. I don't want to get into an emotional rant about this, but this What happens when you put someone in a position of influence that you ve but someone in office like Miss Cortez, who knows nothing. a thing about. How can I mean basics, even basic econ wanna, once I'm not talk about advance. Of course I mean just read a book: let's go. I broke it down at the two points here. She got listen. Let me just because you for I don't. I do not agree with tax subsidies for business. Okay, so images put that out there and on that part I'd. Maybe me You can find some common ground. I agree that businesses should be getting special carve out into tax code. I believe in low taxes for everyone. Now, ok, everybody clear. Those are my principles, so maybe on that we could agree the problem I have with our comments about quote Amis New York City, subsidizing the jobs he doesn't even understand what that means,
Was it not being given three billion dollars by New York showed the way our vats and attaching which I don't agree with work? I don't agree with them, but though doesn't even understand the mechanics of how they work. There are multi. Ways to do this and what the way it can work is to fall. There's actually a cop out are going to. You can do tax increment financing, where you basically given a benefit on your corporate tax bill later based on the mental revenues your project would generate. You can also just get straight up carve out. If you know Joe teach we haven't. You shirt company accompanying Bob if Joanna T, shirt company that makes blue t shirts and Joseph lobbyists to Joe as lobbyists, and he gets a car that says a listen. People who make who tee shirts don't have to pay taxes for five years. That would be a subsidy and attacks carve out. But, let's be Crystal clear folks At no point is anybody being given anything the company?
is simply not giving over their money to the government, whereas Their companies would have you get me go with this Joe company. Blue T shirt, company ay or in this case, Amazon in New York, gets a spy Joe Brake on its taxes that other people don't get. I don't agree with those, but nobody giving Amazon anything New York but he was not giving them three billion dollars. Now she continues to power. He's talking point? We could have taken at three billion dollars were giving them a created. All of these other just now nobody is giving them anything. Miss court as is lying to you, or and I'm being nice ie or try to the edge of this? She just does and understand it to others. There are others, no third option here: option a is: she doesn't understand how tax subsidies and they a bad work. Nobody
giving Amazon three billion dollars there is Oh, why an item in the New York City budget that says cash? Three, Failure to Amazon, that is not what happened. Social either, doesn't understand how they work. Secondly, she died. and she is just simply more. really and ethically bankrupt and is lying to you to cover her, but knowing tat she is a key player in the us of a six of substantial economic Ben. fifthly, the city of New York, there is no third option. She There doesn't know, or she is a liar. Secondly, she brings up the point acting there, the no guarantee that these jobs were for new Yorkers? What kind of a ridiculous Third talking point: is that
Amazon design. I should I'm not an Amazon accolade imo. I'm a prime member I'd buy stuff from Amazon, but I have no problem loyalty to basis and Amazon at all, but your ears subjecting Amazon, the some restriction we wouldn't subject any other company to such be clear. If Joe hires, what eighty percent new Yorkers? Twenty percent of the people are applicants a compromise state who moved to New york- oh that that's Now is not a benefit. You understand. I've done this talking point is so, let's just said with you. Thing: ok, CEO Cortez Economics, which it makes no since it also kindergartners level of understanding, Amazon, probably going to be paying a lot of those employees and its headquarters? Six figures, if not more, if some of them from states like Wyoming in Texas and move to New York with their disposable income,
then paying New York City income tax is New York State income taxes? This is, our loss because twenty or thirty percent of the hires worried. What made it for New Yorkers. Folks, I'm asking you seriously to explain to me, this makes sense, I don't even made a complicated econ seven hundred level explanation. I just need a common sense, one, how the tree supplanting of income into new. city from other states with high tech workers is somehow a for New York City. This makes ab Similarly, no sense, you decide to port. You said one of the third point in here and a more allow or rapid up folks I don't agree with tax subsidies for the fifth time now, maybe six, but having that New York City was not going to lose out on this list and it was not going to be the tax
bonanza that New York City may have painted it out. We all we're gonna get it, but I want I'm gonna to lose given the subsidies job The employees at Amazon are still going to pay New York City income taxes, which are very high. They are still going to buy things in New York, food wine, clothing, furniture Peters and what is going to happen Joe and those stores in New York there but pay sales taxes to the we have New York and to the state they are still going to pay state income taxes they work. to spend money in New York all over the place. They would about New York. They treat about shows they saw. Do you understand the positive externalities? Bringing a massive company like Amazon into New York City would have brought along with it, I know you do, but one of the most,
Powerful Democrats in the world right now represent Vocational Cortez has apps Lately, no idea. this, is a person with immense power, with either largely ignorant about the most important issues, every time that are affecting people left and right every day. or she is a manipulative liar. Who is leading you off a cliff and folks make no mistake, Miss Cortez can celebrate the loss of these jobs in this revenue, all she wants, but people New York City or not stupid. I have received a number of taxing emails from friends while I'm making a stop sign hyperbolic for effect, who are not Republicans Lot of more union people are more laborers. Some of them are in the real estate business who are livid and furious, that Miss court cases not only shuttle these jobs that she's
actually celebrating a dramatic loss in income for a lot of these people. she's gonna be the destruction of the Democratic Party in the long run. I folks so fortunate in ivory. Appreciated please the show notes today and if you wouldn't mind subscribe to my email list, if you got a bunch, you know that calm you clip Thea, you a click. Excuse me. and knew the drop down, menu, it'll, say subscribe and will even the EU these articles every day. I try to pick the best ones. I usually limited between five and seven, but I promise if you read em you'll, be a very well informed. I'd buy try to get you the best of the best out there so go check that out and please described to the show on. The tuna or sound cloud, or I hard it- is free to do that to subscribe, to subscribe to subscriptions Travis up the chart. I really
She had a fox thanks. Ought I will see you all tomorrow? You just heard tan bond genomes yeah. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.