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Nunes Drops a Bombshell # 936 (Ep 936)

2019-03-14 | 🔗
In this episode I address the stunning comments by GOP congressman Devin Nunes regarding the plot to take down the Trump team. I also address the suspicious connections between Hillary’s opposition researchers and the CIA. I address the Media Matters attack on Tucker Carlson and how the head of Media Matters has his own bigotry issues. Finally, I address AOC’s latest trouble with the facts. News Picks: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets destroyed, again, at a hearing.    More damaging reveals from an FBI insider about the Trump witch hunt.    CNN’s Chris Cuomo destroys his own “collusion” argument and doesn’t even know it.   The head of Media Matters, the group attacking Tucker Carlson, has a troubling past.   For the umpteenth time, Republicans did NOT fund the dossier.   Finland’s government is collapsing under the cost of universal healthcare.    Nellie Ohr confirms her work for the CIA.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.

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