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Pelosi and Schiff Keep Digging Themselves Deeper in the Hole (Ep 1101)

2019-11-01 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the Democrats’ collapsing case for impeachment as yet another key witness blows up in the Democrats’ faces. I also address the explosive case of the spies working inside the White House. Finally, I discuss deeply troubling video from these two leading Democrats along with the latest economic numbers.

News Picks:Pelosi does an embarrassing about-face on impeachment.


There’s a revolt against the farce impeachment brewing. 


The latest witness in the fake “whistleblower” scandal blows up in the Democrats’ face


Debunking major myths about the Ukraine scandal involving Biden and the Democrats.


The N.Y. Times blows it, again!


The tax bill you’ll pay for Elizabeth Warren’s government takeover of the healthcare system is mind-boggling.


As predicted, liberals are now using twitter to squeeze Facebook on political ads.


The October job numbers are out, and they’re very good.


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