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The Biden Bombshell (Ep 1257)

2020-05-22 | 🔗

In this episode I address the explosive Joe Biden tapes, which the media is ignoring. I also address the disturbing reason Barack Obama targeting General Flynn for destruction. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks. With your host Dan Bungee, no, I finally, the binding takes everybody in the media. Wants someone or run away from member states, pretend this happening now that we only have the tapes are brought by engaging in a quid pro quo ukrainians, but let's just pretend they're not happening. Don't worry, you'll get them here. We do actual news, your reasonably comfortable, putting them out there now, given that dividing campaigners acknowledge- and I got that I got more on the flint case, including a terrific peace. I teach yesterday by Lee Psmith showing the background of why MIKE Flint, it's almost like a James bond story. Why, Flynn General Flint as a former high ranking intelligence official in the U S, government became public enemy number one of the Obama administration its good, and I don't want to miss that got. Then I've got some more really horrible information for the pathetic. Now totally Discredited lock,
down we're all gonna die crowd. People are dying and the proof is starting the surface. I welcome. The damn bungee no show sorry to start in that sombre known on a great Friday, so terrible led into Jos always enthusiastic Friday greeting, but we needed anyway welcome damn by GINO, shall produce to show. How are you today its firm Joanna, an unusually excited Friday, best nineteen? Seventy game show voice which he just cannot seem to shake from his. If people ass, they are now more no quick programming. Now I will be on the five today on the Fox NEWS Channel five PM eastern time call hosting you're, not gonna, want to miss they're, probably be some fireworks there, and my Sidney Powell interview from last night is up on our Youtube Channel Youtube. That council responds. You know it up on our part. Guess, listen! Joy. She has some really big bombshells about halfway through about the this August timeframe. Good stuff check that regulation about you by a patriot, mobile Patriot, more
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is it patriot, mobile dot com didn't get your customized family mobile plan today, starting at just twenty five dollars at nine hundred and seventy two patriot, that's nine hundred and seventy two patriot or pay mobile dot com, slash the and go today our eye, Joe. Let's go a little later on the ballot? Yeah I got out, and I still giving it all right, so I said to another Jesus for the last three days. Because we want to be confident that these Aids were, in fact authentic. Now I cannot big for how much they ve been edited, what's been cut out. I can speak for the fact that these people the Biden team are acknowledging their existence port around by a number of other media outlets, and we have done our best to authenticate them by corresponding with people who matter them up with the dates of release, calls and calls appear to be at this point genuine now little, Akerana, why this is a controversy I'll make a quick, but it is critical, because this is the man right now shows Biden. Who is they d,
I nominee for president for Democrats obviously Also, he was sober Brok Obama's vice president now Was president Trump impeached war prayers tromp was impeach for a faint quid pro swell quote prayed quell brother quid wow spit it out. Scandal that didn't exist. Where he is alleged to have discussed with the Ukraine. In president on phone call. And said hey. I need information on by no one. I can give you military, of course, none of that happen because we have the transcript for the phone call, so just to be clear. Quid pro quo latin for something for something or you give me their saw. Give you that tit for tat deal the Democrats in If the present a United States over a tip for had deal. They allege was illicit that never happen. The military aid arrive, the Ukrainians and whenever the victims, because they said so, they said we never felt any pressure to give present
of any information on Joe Biden and what the President allegedly asked for about by never happen you can't have a this for that. Where there's no, that. And even though this was in question, so do Tat was the ground rules here. The demo, and again a telling you for the umpteen thousandth time. The demos have no principles and all zero their alleged principles? Are the reasoning peace tribe is because if you are in a position of power like the president, was and you are, air quotes, pressuring a foreign leader like the ukrainian President to do something that would benefit. In exchange for an official action like giving military aid this. For that Joe that's worthy of impeachment and according to the Democrats, alleged principles that to really really bad gonna official ACT for some just saying, I'm just telling you what they're telling you release media people shorthand liberal activists Volta, please,
explain to me where I'm wrong yours, it's so bad. We should overthrow the government and impeach depressing United States because promising an official act, military something I personally benefit you instigation divide, which I believe would be trumps political opponent. They turned out to be present and true, That is really bad, so bad. We should get rid of the president. Apparently tit for tat, is so bad. You should get rid of the present, but don't worry if it's a tit for TAT Joe Biden engaged in. Not only should you not get rid of him, you should vote for him and make a president I'm just asking you The judge has ruled be. Please explain to me what part of my analysis using a logic. One o one class from your freshman year have commented. Immodest tones and modus pose a problem exponents. Please explain to me where my logic fails. You in Each the president, suggesting that tit for tat could
pro cause was so bad. You should get rid of a president who was elected now you ve got evidence I'm gonna play now of Eyes, President Biden, it in official demanding the firing of a prosecutor, Victor Shokhin, in Ukraine, who is investigating the company his son works for charisma, he's on loud demanding this firing and the few part of what you are about the year is he's talking to the ukrainian President, I get it. I can hear it unto me they're not interested. So this is hey Fire, the prosecutor, the that is, I get a personal favor, because if they fire the prosecutor, they won't be investigating the company. My son works for Ukraine anymore. Now, what's the deal cried story on this bed, the demo at media tagline? This is very important, has from the start. Oh, no, not at all
Joe Biden who bragged on tape about demanding this prosecutor investigating sons, company be fired, Joe Biden was only demanding that because the prosecutor was corrupt or we either, he was interesting, because that says that's not what this tape place here. That's not what these tapes I want you to listen to this year's Joe Biden. Thank you. The producer jail for cleaning up this audio with atrocious Joe out to do some serious magic act on this. This The contents not edited made listen about, but I want you to listen to present and poor shakos response when he caught about this alleged corruption of Shokhin check this out. Some positive news, good job. I have a second positive yesterday. Harm me will be,
possibly the Sultan, despite the fact that we do not have any corruption charges, not him. Information, is he doing something wrong eyes? Persian asked him night was dead before his eyes. Personal ask him to resign in as a key position as a state person. This has supporting the palm of my meeting here. He promised me. Give me the statement of resignation,
Why he bring me the written statement of peace with the news, again manipulate that content. I can't tell you how its added in words cut off. I tell you. The acknowledgement of these tapes is now that they are in fact authentic, and it is by. But no one's alleging this conversation didn't happen. Did you hear what just happened on tape again You could even mildly curious why this isn't an international bombshell right now. The answer is it is it just being hidden by the media Joe by this on tape. Now, let me turn they couldn't get even Ojo cleaned up the audio still hard to hear you have you gotta hear their original. Very original version was Charlie Brown, teacher, okay, the president, whose speaks good English but mildly broken. President Bush Anko of Ukraine is on the phone.
What Joe Biden, while these vice presidents, this February twenty sixteen the alleged data. This call. And he says I have second piece of good news for you. I ass. The prosecutor general's office for his resignation and and despite not having any information about corruption at all. You hear him say it. Despite having any information about corruption, he gave me this letter of recognition iraqi resignation. What is Joe Biden response? Great crate, I am. I'm a little views dear so Donald Trump, on the forward. The Euphrates about known Biden, family corruption asks to look into a known corruption without prior gum. No, we know these people, we know the corruption was deep.
They allege there's a quid pro quo that doesn't exist in that call. No military aid was upheld. So there is no this for that, Peach the present- I can't say this enough- those where your principle, right, you're a legit principles, You now have a this for that on tape oh by demanding the firing at the prosecutor general, the president poor, shake off from Ukraine, agreeing to it poorest, Shako, acknowledging there's, no reason to fire of other than binds request. He says: there's Don't have any information on its corruption, everyone who told model they demanded the fiery prosecuting crop. That's a poor shakos says on the tape. So you don't have any information about corruption, Aimee Information and by response, crate. Ladies and gentlemen,. How is this not totally disqualify you just hold us. This is the kind of stuff you remove of president over
now you're going to not only not remove that you're going to remove the guy. Who did nothing wrong for the guy? Who did on ape and vote for him? folks, I said to you yesterday and I meant it gonna lie feedback on yesterday's alot. Ninety four, and positive ten percent thought I was a little angry yesterday I was you're not wrong. I always appreciate your feedback. You shows, for you. But I have to be real and inauthentic. That's what matters first. This country, as we know it, I'm sorry is coming to an end. It pains me to say it again. I ran a pack. One time called see no ground. I thought the fight was legitimately and blue states. I'm sorry, but I have woken up from that met you have to do. Groups of people in America right now. You have a But people that believes in socialism, tyranny, speed, suppression, tech, tyranny, abuse of the private free market, two to target people abusive government power to target people. Like my Flynn, the abusive
empowered to spy on people. That is now the liberal moments on all Democrats, but it's about probably thirty. Forty per cent of the party which is non saleable they're. Not they are uttered tyrants and I'm serious. They are a danger to you. They will put you. Business. They will bankrupt you, they will spy on you. It's all happen. This isn't it can spirit If they, these are things that have already happened due to them, they will Peter President, over a fake charge and a quid pro quo charge and even you have a quid pro quo on tape with their nominee. They will actively go out and campaign for these are unprincipled people. There is no, as I said yesterday, there will be no rapprochement here. Or is it going to be some way no day you sex? a key moment where it all and everybody wakes up and morale hugging, each other singing kumbaya. That's not going to happen. I'm really sorry to say that, and I know conservatives would disagree with me suggesting
we ve been through worse. We have been through a lot. But, ladies and gentlemen, the it was no guarantees on the other side of what we ve been through in the past was gonna work and I'm not sure, there's any guarantee at all. This is gonna work out now they are we supporting a guy we now know is on tape, doing exactly what they tried to get rid of transport. Now in case you had any doubts about by the way, I am I'm trying to make this not personal after yesterday's, isn't like too angry shows in a row, but I say this in the nicest way possible. From what I know about Joe Biden, Joe Biden is really not very bright guy. I'm not kid he's not dumb he's just at best I'm not kidding. This is not meant to be its right to be in an analytical statement, not of personal attacks? Joe Biden is at best of average intelligence. I say that I said that about myself, I
I've set it on the show many tat Joe have. I not I've said this people always email me all day and thank you. You know a lot about the issues. Ladies and gentlemen, I am of average iq. I just do a lot of homework and I do it. Of homework, because I want to make sure I know everything about a topic, and sometimes it takes me longer there, just as I am not Believe me, I'm not immense a student, I am. I have no problem telling you that I'm a really hard worker. I was average baseball player? I made myself pretty good cause. I worked really are and have a good work ethic. I'm telling you set Joe Biden is not a very smart guy. He's frequently outclassed by people around them and what he does is he engages in these lies to make up for it. I have six different degrees. I graduated matter. That's actually true, and unlike Rob who, as a record of business success guy ten million dollars into a billionaire, maybe maybe lost a lot of faster, but most businessmen do they when they lose Warren Buffett just lost a fortune on investments in the airlines. Having an actual record to speak of Joe Biden has none
so we engages in wise and constant poverty to make up for his intellectual inadequacy. Why, bring that up now, because this man is so not bright. Then, he knows what he did report shank of that he pressure the ukrainian President into firing a prosecutor investigating sons, company, anyone Later, as we can see from this, video Paul was kind enough to retreat from our archive. He want Later after we left the vice presidential vice presidency and actually brag about it brag about eight in overtly corrupt action, I'm telling you he did it he's just not that smart. Listen to this gotten a commitment from for Shanco and from yeah in Europe did they would take action against the state prosecutor and they did so they said they had it. They walk out to Prescott and marketing or we're not going to give it a billion dollars You have no authority you're, not the president, the presidency, I should call em,
I am telling you now get a billion dollars I certainly do not get the Billingham we believe, and here I they yours, what six hours elegant, leaving six hours and the poor It is not fired. You're, not getting money, also a badge fire. They put in place, someone who was solid. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a smart man and you may not. That's for smart or intellectual, that's fine! I mean seriously some other, I'm sure we ve had some good presence throughout history use. I accuse worn off the chart, but this is a very dopey individual he's recorded call. The ukrainian President demanding a prosecutor be fired. Who the present acknowledges on the call they have. No information is corrupt at all weapons. We investigate he's kit and he goes and brags about it later. This is a very dumb man. I'm sorry unbelievable. I let me move on a more on by near this. Is this this
register that they just kinds of Friday show so, let's get going. This is almost over. This is not made up. This is now by the comedy first funny is Joe Rogan it Eddie. Bravo, I love them. That is funny them. I can't do it, but this the actual invitation to a fundraiser A Joe Biden Fund is not a joke that parity and have Joe whip this up in Photoshop, who head lining a fundraiser for the bide victory. Finally, to put up with that view, Fireside chats Joe, we add your wise rim, please her head you're, like a virtual fires. I suggest that we could agree liberals have I'm not expecting to convince. I just said the EU police state lives. We share nothing in common. There will be no peace, pipe smoking. The country is permanently divide. Liberals, love, police, state tyrannies, pull a speech, suppression, government, spying Bobby.
The power they embrace it. What there's no reason to try to convince a liberal? Any of this is wrong because they of it here's, your weissmann. The league lieutenant on Bob Mowers, corrupt broke into the president, who supposed to be an impartial prosecutor with the massive powers of the? U S. Government binding Andrew Weissmann is now head a fundraiser for Joe Biden, Joe Biden he's at he doesn't see anything wrong with it and free we either Judah left is now you're saying you watching my show, your life, this isn't. This is crazy. What magic job just a map I don't get. I don't expect us to get to look. They have no principle. So there's a matter. Can you imagine a bill bar the attorney general other trump demand, he leaves office starts hosting a fundraiser, safer, Rudy Giuliani of Juilliard he's running for present kid you up, they would go. Debbie apoplectic left disappear,
they, wouldn't they would want the guillotine bag offered their heads. They would be apoplectic never and when you say to them like ok I agree with you. That may not be right did you say anything when Andy Weissmann hopes that this fund razor or was a guest at a phone. As for Joe Biden, that's their friend, that's different just like the quid pro quo is different, even though it didn't happen in by on tape. In an actual quid pro quo, these people have, Why are we negotiating with them? You guys can have California and New York. Take it my former home. I love it. California is beautiful. We should go out to allay all the time where there's no saving it There is no saving it we'll. Stick Texas, the South Wyoming Utah, and places where words saying people you know are subjected the insane people's ran things over. I'm really sorry it's over
Will you call ourselves? The United States are not suggesting any kind of like revolution. I know like their media matters, lunatics love there. You know generate fake what so they do for a living. This theory that simply suggested view that we should just do. I think we should try. The federal government have National military, just go back to the constitutional role of the federal government. That's it nothing else. It's a total waste of time. Why we're allowing these, California, liberals and politicians with no principles control over what we do in Florida and free states like Texas is beyond me. Get to my second spot. I got more allow more today, including the story next, which is really a sad story about mess. What is worth your time avoided today show parts of my friends have been shiro folks, you Joey, you have you been tried and even tell you, I too She told you before been chair. He look at that stage.
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your failure, Comma Harris from California, wants to make where we should put a piece of legislation calling the wine virus. If you call the one virus from China one virus from China, if you call it that you're a racist so again, their Streisand effect, that's only going to motivate more people call the one virus from China, the bovine virus from China. A couple hours thinks it's a big success. If we actually gonna listen to a common air says, but having said At the lock it down a road going to die. Crowd is frequently miscalculated. I've said to you this important axiomatic, attic truth and beginning, and I dont want, and it's because I don't want you to fall into the trap so depends on the left you with their dopey talking points. What's been there talking point from the left. You can't put a price on human life. One single life is worth losing this, no matter what we do. Folks, listen I'm I'm really sorry and I know where monitored by deranged
If this you love to get sound, bites and misinterpret them, but if were seriously. If that's the way, you think, please don't ever become a public servant or a policy makers in impact the lives of others, because What you're saying has no basis in reality whatsoever. Are you suggesting? Let's go with the first one? First, you can't, a price on human life. I don't you do. I can make this point too you enough. Human beings, put a price on their own lives every day. Please argue you're free to send me an email. If anything, I'm saying here offend you and you think it sounds insensitive challenges. I will read your emails. Do you? Take your life in your hands. If you work in a construction job Construction is the most dangerous profession, America. You know that there's no question construction workers are engaged in a highly dangerous profession. What about me? who clean roofs. Superman There's people fall off rules on some of them die. I
secret service friend woman Off the roof, with sickly nearly incapacitated for six months, people fly in aeroplanes There is a danger to small danger, but it's real wages, pakistani plane, crash passenger point. People driving cars, which are actually more dangerous overall vehicular traffic and plain traffic. Why you. Do that I have also get about messing with them. Are trying to be insensitive. I'm asking you a genuine question. I'd love for you to ask. Why do that if there is no risk to your life, that's acceptable none. Then mitigate all risk law you yourself in your house chain yourself up Cook Europe, food. So nobody poisons you. What are you doing over there? What's gonna distracted? if you admit cookie around food. To make sure nobody puts the Neuro virus in your food or seizes on your food. Decent
Fact in boy, your own water, you can get sick and it could be a cholera outbreak in your five minutes too late, why you do any of that wider Fifty percent of Americans get a flu shot. The answer is because they don't want to because they ve gauge the risk, I could The flu and die or you go to the local, see vs, welcomes you get a solution and I feel like I'll take the risk. Put a risking your life every day, a price you do. The question is how much of a price, when we do things like shutting down the entire economy which inflict, did a massive, potentially generational price, bankrupting potentially tens of millions of Americans. Where is soon the risk ass to be really high right?
again just using simple logic like we use than the Biden segment, I'm asking you to think rationally for the Democrats. Listening, I'm not messing with it. If you're in willing to inflict a massive price in your life like bankrupting your business. You would only do that correct if the risk is high don't you shut down your restaurant. For you know the common called the flu or even down here. In Florida we had a habitat. Was it up a tight spot? We had appetite, is outbreak in Martin County down. He was it a year or two years ago there shut down a bit. Why back We people die Why didn't they do it, because said to themselves that's a really high price for a risk thither. But if we love. Why did we do not have that here. What what's unreasonable about better question. Why was none of that done here? Why? was the price risk calculation thrown out the window, and we
engaged in across the board shutdowns across extended once I get it initially, when we didn't understand the risk now we do why our economy shut down based on a risk. We know to normal speaking of health, was speaking of anything else, Normally healthy people under the age of sixty the risk is minimal that you will die it's no serious, not a joke. People under sixty that longer longstanding how for advocating, but this chair of death is, is infinitesimally small way. I did. We beg, rob tens of millions of Americans. Now to the set. So I hope we totally eviscerated that ridiculous talking point you care, put a price on human life. Your answer should always be. I don't You do. Governor in New York says that Andrew Cuomo, yet the governor I was in the secret service when you take on I prefer opposition like that
Joe, wouldn't you agree, I was talking about this off. Can you get a lot of death threats? Oh yeah, that's unacceptable, Joe! Now. What are you doing here, the price that is alive? He shivered Tomorrow, changes name where a mask! Groucho Marx Mask and I have agreed to be no risk. No one would figure out where you live to change your address, Andrew White, We do that because you put a price on his life Put a price on its own life here to accept that risk any day he deems that risk small enough. That he's willing to pay the price of being a public figure and accepting the fact that he's become a target of some psycho nobby. He did. But on this second point we can't one human life? What Tat he would make sense so why doesn't that apply to anything else? There that local example, the hepatitis break down here a couple years ago, killed
the people, died, not allow people die, why did they shut down all the Florida unjust Just to give that big says if you are a logical human being well one. Life can reverse. Why? new shut, the state of Florida down with appetite is outbreak. The answer is because the price you would have paid is ridiculous and association with the risk you're talking. That's why? Now, it's the story. The troubled me so much and should trouble you to look at is storing the worse than examine the show. Picture of must read today by the way between the least methodical, many get too in this budget. That calm slash newsletter. That is my show notes. The newsletter will sensuous everyday, please sign up you mark mailer, washed examiner. This is this is phocis. Is that this isn't like me to Sweden lie because really disturbing story. I don't want to miss characterizing. California. Doctors say they ve seen more deaths from suicide than corona virus since lockdown folks,
I could talk about alike, central idea to emotional and show it's. You know it's just it's not good, but that bobbing unfortunately reason and throughout my whole life been impacted by people. Friends in. Your relatives either threatening suicide or taking in carrying out the act. I mean everything from build, jumper, buildings to hanging themselves? Me? Did you think about it? If it did did any? is there any of this? Go to your mind when you decided the Bankrupt people destroy their livelihoods, take away their pride, their dignity. Everything make em weight on food minds the fact that people are killing themselves that bother you at all. Or, as I said on yesterday, show, and I was very angry- I'm going to try to contain myself a bit today on this.
Are you so driven by derange political ambition to wipe out your nemesis Donald Trump. You just don't care how many people hanging themselves shoot themselves jump off buildings over those on drugs? How many businesses are bankrupt that you just don't care And if that is you, and you don't want to win an honest election. You my down the economy because you think you'll make political impact on Donald Trump not kidding when I ask you this We understand house, of a sociopath. That makes you do you really do you? Can you look at your choice during an honestly say: you're, a decent person. You know one of the more deeply and
A couple moments of my life was when I thought I was a really good guy in the secret service, and I wasn't at times I did some bad things and I talked to a friend of mine who is deeply religious, fellow nice guy Fred, And he asked me once you think you're going to have a nice inshore, I'm a good guy and he had to be a book by we struggle the case for Christ changed my life. You really did it made me asked that very hard question. Are you a decent person Sometimes the answer is we want to hear it wait shrubs so much that you don't care that people are hanging themselves and killing themselves, dude Economic destruction imposed upon by a policy you support now only because it damage Your political opponent, There's no evidence! These things have worked to curtail this virus at all, you're, a deeply troubled person. You need to pick up that book and read it because you have problems way way beyond politics.
Moving on. I was asked yesterday by many people. I was getting towards applying to bungee no role, so this is important. The spike. In case we ve got some new information me at the least Miss article emitted by declared, vacations by the great rich Rick Ranal. Who is the act? In the end, I now John Ratcliff has been confirmed by the Senate we're congressmen from Texas Gonna, take overs of full time directive, national intelligence he's gonna. Do job. Do they ve been the classifying information by the boat noise and a nother tactical look on the battlefield, despite a narrative which drop, we finally have the easy, in relatively unread acted for? What is that? Why does it matter? We already know inspire gate. Is the FBI spied on Trump? to pay dossier by Hilary. Nobody Obama team. Obviously this point knew about it MIKE when miss part of it. Because his name is in the dossier, we ve always had a hard time getting our midst on the EAST which is the document use easy stairs for electronic communication to open up a case
the FBI, to be clear and how it works to open up a case get a case number. You need some kind of predication. I can't just open up an FBI case on Joe warm across without show have gone through certain stages and initial investigation, Stably some predication, In other words, I have some evidence. Joe arm across is involved in a crime committed a crime with some kind of a witness to a crime or is a counter intelligence strain. Everybody clear Willy nilly open up a case So we ve always been curious in this by gay case. Well, what the heck was the predication for this by gay case. If it wasn't a dossier because you don't have anything Now we have it and it's just fascinating. I want to point out this one specific par. Forgive me I forget where I got this as so many great twitter account again. I thought about the work of fire rosy memos climate audit, undercover Huber, Techno Fog there last night. You guys they are. Do good work. We disagree about some stopped, but there's a lot of entrepreneurial us. I don't know why. I got this specific screenshots. Forgive me, you know I always happy, but this.
The easy- and I want you to pay very close attention to this last line. There talking the information I'm going read the whole thing all you need to talk about the Tipp. They got from downer for being a reason. The tip from this australian diplomat down or about his conversation with George Papadopoulos. It says it is clear. From the conversation legal we get stands for. Legal attache is basically an FBI agent overseas. It was from the conversation Lee Gatt they rejected. His name had with the D c M, the deputy chief permission in London that received the tip from down that rejected new and therefore by the. U S. Government will be necessary, extraordinary effort should be made to protect the source of the information until such a time that Quest from our organization can be made to pain, this information to formal chat, to obtain this information to formal channels, Polly a page testimony. I said that Africa, the gluten run, What have I been telling you If I'd been telling you for the last
Three years now. Tat, ye see, ladies and gentlemen, I pick it up and put down. I can tell I can almost reader your minds. What what? What does that mean that we do basically saying this. We got a tip from London about this. Papadopoulos down or meaning that happened in London, but we have to find a way to massage it appear like a came, do formal channels access is a parallel construction thing. It's always been one scheme, nothing. The F b I realise at this point we are opening a case, We already have the dossier in July. Thirty, first of twenty. Sixteen may already have it there's FBI agent in London, by the name of data who's talking steel? three weeks earlier on July. Fifth, they already the dossier, someone in the FBI's very simple figures out that gosh work
have to have a reason to open this case. We can't say is because of this dossier because we cannot can't verify any. But how do we know we can verify it because none of it was verified. We have their own woods file, saying it's not verified com. Following me here, can't say, and this easy we use. This dossier paid for by Hilary, so they make up this story lights up made up There was really a tip from the strain downer through the London Embassy and through the FBI agent, London, the legal that this conversation Papadopoulos happen, but the text garbage junk and they know it so they Put that up again that so they leave this live here. They are, they tell you what you're gonna do basically reconstruct this trip through formal channel, so we don't have to give up what the information and where we got from really is an. That's what the dossier in their information stream becomes. A way to reconstruct this. This hoax. That Papadopoulos is is, kind of art,
turn ashen spy and he gave up the goods the downer, that's what they. Steel for later on, you get to the rope adopt the case starts because of the dossier in early July. They don't want to say that so there ten. They don't have it, they say they didn't get the dossier of September after July. They still Open up a case, but they have no reason all Sudden somebody figures out: hey: let's make up this story about how devastating this paper that police down or me member. They told us about that- yeah yeah yeah. I remember that lets open it up because of that, but Let's hide the source and and reconstruct it that's what they did. They reconstructed the case with the dossier and try to make them go away until the dossier totally fell apart at an end. Romania? Not all we did at all, because a Papadopoulos, it's a rope, Bordeaux, made to make you look like a fool. Look at them. The page testimony the FBI lawyer, in the one the CIA feeding B, I information trying to reconstruct this thing so wish
the pages ass they did you know this year. I have this information. She says you know. I know that I know it came from a lot of places, but if the CIA is really is obvious, had the same reports are not aware that, nor do I believe they provided in the US, and that would be unusual. The bureau has the dossier, they think that ass, yeas, real or some semblance of it is real because you're being fed bogus information by Brennan, whose feeding them the same information and pretending it comes from somewhere else. Folks, Para well construction. I get a tip. Bout, Joe, that's fake did he robbed the bank, but I want to rush job. I know that hipsters line. What do I do go pay another tipster to tell me the same story, even though it came from the tipster we know was lying and an eye. Throw him away and use the new tipster. That's what happened. They give wrote it out. This is obviously a parallel construction scheme.
Loaded Newsday more, I got more than a minute, but I want to get back and forth between articles as really put on the MIKE one case the OJ tried to throw their case out MIKE Flint did not lie. We now know that is now conclusive. Might flinch, sue the government as soon as possible for malicious prosecution? We have the interview with Sidney Power, of course, upon my Youtube right now. Please listen to it's really really good general outlines attorney. She was fantastic on the interview couple, a big, it's in there, you're not gonna, want to miss this case. We actually talk about this. Judge Sullivan in the case, who has been terrible, accused my flint of being a trader with no evidence whatsoever to back them up, judge children will not allow them to throw this case out. This bizarre, because Judge Sullivan, is the judge, not the prosecutor. Someone should tell him that so the iter any for General Flynn, Sidney Power, Father, ridden man Davis the case be thrown out and that the circuit court take a look at this. The circuit court handed back a devastating ruling. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to get them to quick now get out of here
If you can put up the photo without order quickly, again for the highlights. The twitter folks out there. They ordered on the court's own motion that in ten days of the day, this order, the district judge. Finally, response, addressing the petitioners requested this court order the district judge to grant the government's motion to dismiss. Let me translate that there's to take away here, there needs to be clear what happened Judge Sullivan says we're not throw in this case out, although he has no authority to do that We know that the OJ refuses to prosecute now, because there is no case. Sidney Powell. General insecurity attorney says that the circuit court. We need you to look at this day. Looked at it, circuit court ordered the judge. First, personally respond by June. When, first personally, now, I'm not attorney Benito I did state holiday and express last night I don't play when on tv either, but I do know some competent people, Leslie Mackadoo, Margo, Cleveland
cover Hubert Techno, which seem to have vastly gooseberries. Eighty Mccarthy, who said men, I have said this is very unusual and others at courts. One of the judge to personally respond is strange. Weights. To me that someone's getting a big time. Legal, smack down, judge Self personally response also the day it's not a coincidence. They want to respond by June first. Why does that matter? They gave him ten days. Nobody! you better get back to us stat Why does the ten days matter because remember what the judge it done prior? This is like a Matlock episode, Judge Sullivan, who has been entirely off base in this whole Kay Judge Sullivan allowed third parties to file briefs in support of not closing this case, unheard of It's not even who authorized by the rules because of the fucker case, that's a real name. Nor
I think so, free com, where you can invite third parties to argue. Against the government a criminal case. Those briefs where do by by June, can't exceedingly June TAT June Tent you get a job. The judges, the declared the circuit court judges are smack down. Selwyn said, We don't even care about your June ten briefs that you're asking for you're gonna respond to us before that in June, first leaving Daily let him father breeze. This is not good for the judge, It bodes very well just it's three. Judge panel. That ordered him to respond. Judge Henderson, Wilkins, Rau, railways, it four point very good Wilkins Obama, Pointy, Henderson George W Bush appointee, but I've heard is good while so well see will see what happens on em I teach us? Yes, you know before I get there. Let me get them. I find responsibilities. This terrific article yesterday, I read
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we did, our initial read for magic spoon, bought it loved it. Email me, I told you, it was a with your stuff- is good, moving on solely Smith. I teach article yesterday whose terrific writer as a great book about the whole spiky fiasco, least wrote a lengthy peace and tablet mag. That is so so worth your time. I have to if your interested this weekend and grab and a copper, Joe and spending twenty minutes in a really really good piece. There's two of this one here by LISA. How Russia Gay began with a bomb. As I ran deal domestic spying campaign and there's one more. I haven't the show notes by Eli Lake who again I don't share everything in common with politically, but did an amazing peace. It's in my show noting commentary magazine on the Flynn fiasco. I can assure you you read these two pieces, the one on your screen, LISA with peace and the either lay peace both in the show notes, you will be
one hundred percent informed on the flint case. They leave nothing out and it is both their both devastating. Why is particular piece, thou, so critical for If your regular lesser my show- and you have been for the last couple years, I told you in gosh- I think, episode, six, twenty nine, I'm sure honey and archives studio pick it out for us, It is in the six. Hundreds were now on episode, twelve fifty seven, he's living in a different house TAT Mike Flint. This The case is called spiky now trump gay, because the Obama administration have been spying on their political opponents for a long time. Trouble a casualty, not the cause of this operation, and public Enemy number one for Barack Obama was always MIKE Flynn. Mike Flynn did a lot Of things, as is an intelligent professional in the Obama administration, is head of the dossier that Ray be bothered Barack Obama lease
Peace encompasses basically all of em and its he writes just so wonderfully about it. Let me go to Take me remember what the headlines for Please help a good one but their body. No. Why- Active Barack Obama hate my Flynn so much to spy on his Lee and frame using, is weapon eyes, law enforcement apparatchiks. Let's go Take away number one: monetary, paragraph because it's just so critical, LISA tablet. Quote influential senior officers, I generals David, portrays and Stanley Mcchrystal credited Might Flynn for collecting The intelligence that help defeat Al Qaeda in Iraq in two thousand seven in today, Twelve, he was named the eighty the next year when secured access for a team of pay attention. You feel insecure access for a team of de I analyse to scour through the documents that had been captured during
twenty eleven operation to kill Osama Bin Lot. Ok, So now we have established a couple facts for liberals that have a tough time with this year. Facts you know things that requirement IQ above double digit,. Obama's team or the guy, but they did so fact. Obama was president. I ordered the killing of been lot. That's just a fake! Beautiful for how it got their politics have an amount which do, in fact, after Raid and the killing up in London, a treasure trove of documents, were found in those days. Immense with some rather disturbing material, some round disturbing material that might Flynn found extremely disturbing. So as the aid chief, he ordered the defence intelligence agency there to go. Those documents, any he tested team with doing what Obama be angry about that it was there
alt of arrayed, he ordered Joe Fair question right. Fair know. If it's a treasure trove, what what Obama's problem? I mean Obama should be celebrating this. We got it. Hoddan, I'm the commander in chief not only be kept in London. We got a treasure trove of valuable intel to prevent future attacks. This great, but it wasn't great Obama like that, he didn't want anybody probing through those documents why this gives good back to lease Myspace. Quote to Bin Laden database was unorganized set of former senior dossier official. They ve been very little. Work ought really there but very little work on it, since it was first captured the c, I a done machine word, searches to identify immediate threats, but they didn't study it for future trends are any strategic insight when general flat. Arrange for a team From? U S central command based in temper Florida, come up to Washington, D C
directive. Their investigation was a potentially sensitive one. We were looking Four ties between Al Qaeda and I ran Oh you were says Michael preach and a former army Intel officer who was working on the Bin Laden documents is a contractor quote. We're arguing with everyone, an essay whoever else telling we wanted and they kept saying, there's nothing there. We already won through it. The CIA and others will looking for immediate threats where we said where d I we're all source analyse and we want everything to get a full picture. This is Every day. General Michael Flynn, American Patriot and hero, was an opponent of this. I ran deal from the start, which was going to be a bomb. Is signature, foreign policy achievement to reorganise the Middle EAST and the lower? the power away from Israel and Saudi Arabia, and back The sheer ran that way.
Obama's. Go. You can argue about his motives all day. That's not the subject of this direct inquiry here, we're doing the facts. Bob. I wanted the reindeer he wanted to reorder the Middle EAST here. To move the locusts, a power away from Israel and Saudi Arabia again argue about his motives. All day Flynn knew this was potentially extremely dangerous for the National Security United States to engage in Any kind of relationship with a regime whose motto always death to America, he appeared is the around the Obama's? orders, the hidden Bin Laden we hip in lied. We get these documents apparent. From what I am hearing in these documents are some extremely suspicious ties between Ok, too, and I ran a connection if exposed. Wednesday. Eighteen that would have done what would have absent We decimated any hope. That the I ran deal was going to come to fruition.
Because then the terrorists that they really are would have been fully exposed by a connection to allocate a that the Obama administration couldn't explain away. Mike Flynn was asking questions. MIKE flame was seeking answers. Nobody wanted the answer to the Obama administration, nobody, so they fired him and when my Flynn came out, and all of a sudden became a supporter of Donald Trump out in the campaign trail, and there was some talk, could be a VP candidate. Remember that talk it over sudden. Mike Flynn became an existential threat. The Barack Obama's signature foreign policy achievement the dreadful I Randy Deal MIKE Flynn was public enemy number one from the start. That's why this case is called spied it and not trump gay folks. Please read this least Smith peace. It is.
Absolutely worth your time, speaking to spy gate, my patience is worn very thin. Ladies and gentlemen, as you can tell by yesterday's show, rose noticeably upset. I try not to do that too often, but my patience is worn thin with politicians in Washington DC. There are some good people up there. There are I'm. I dont stereotype, based on the abandoned Nation like unfortunate, unfortunately, liberals do with us, but unfortunately the good people up there are very few. Am I can for a couple of my being relatively decent human beings? Who do the right thing. But Tucker Cross brought up some hard truce this week on a shell. He brought up the fact. This whole spy scandal was what about, by Republicans early on and this whole Mahler fiasco investigating a collusion. Hoax everybody knew was a hoax. Now we know Weissmann is doing fun. Razors, which oh by
that. Was a hoax. Do so Joe simple question live Republicans in Congress, especially leadership he knew from the start. That spy gate happened that the President spied on illicit led by the outgoing administration, and one must most disgusting acts of political malfeasance in U S history if they knew that, and they knew collusion was a hoax. Why did they let all this continued good question? There is, sadly gave question, because many of them are in fact spineless and are part of the problem, I said to you repeatedly. I am going to argue to you any more that the Republicans are our solution or your problems. I'm not all. Can argue to. You is IVO Republic and down the line, because the cause of all your problems is most certainly Democrats and we live in an imperfect world and those are two imperfect choices. This is a little bit like these about two minutes. I don't usually play eclipses long, it's from Ex Evans on Twitter. You put together
This little montage and for those you audio listeners, only a video, you see you tobacco, slash, bungee number for audio. Only It is a montage of Republicans like Tray Gouty Mitchell, colonel, an Lindsey gram being confronted about why they ve done nothing on this. The montage starts with Tucker Karlsson. Asking the hard questions. Why? How did you let this happen by the Skype
Do you know anybody who trust the government anymore? There's a reason for that and other such as Democrats. You should blame. The vast majority of the russian collusion vesting actually occurred during the first two years of this administration who, when the government that, at the time, Republicans control both houses of Congress and every single committee. By definition, they had the power to expose this hopes into shut it down, but they did not so Lindsey Gram and Mitch Mcconnell and Richard Burton so many the other useless Senate Republic, total phony. They didn't really do anything. Did you were? He is calling done Trump Junior back Senator Burgers well expected he doesn't want to be like he wants to get to the bottom of what happened and republican centre. Richard burn conservative presents us with a subpoena. Do you explain why the Republican would want to do that? Counter disputes trumps. My client guiding gouty spirits was disgrace. According to counter the F B, I read it by the book how the Americans would have wanted them to run the investigation really get giving upright. You said, I am even more convinced that the FBI did exactly what Americans would want them to do. There was no spy. Have you seen any evidence of that? I have not, as we think you wouldn't want the FBI to find out whether or not there was any validity towards those people would be. I did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do. He says the F b I hated Zactly. Please just want the number one question I get asked from Americans is war launched order Judy I would prefer to cultivate. It was Paul Ryan and try gaddi that wouldn't give us that subpoena power we didn't send out a single subpoena, not one vast supported the Mulder investigation, but girls I did know senator. We talking
how a shredding of constitutional law due process that we would ever have you say that matters a good guy right. That's been my experience, yes, and you will do everything necessary to protect him from being interfered with absolutely well on its way directory, though I've got a lot of people. Yonah me tonight is not doing a job, and you will do everything necessary to protect him ass, somebody that every American should trust. Mr Mowers, malaria, with an excellent point He will go over. The facts. Lay down will have great credibility. People want you move on their sounded out. My you're gonna do yeah, but I've told you it I'll. Tell you again, total foment. Tell you there representing you, but don't explain why they didn't really do anything to stop the realm of America, while it was in progress, I tweeted that out. I think it's well over a million views it out.
So it's Friday, I don't want to leave you in a bad know. You say: okay, great dance of the Republicans have let us down to, but you still vote for me. I do it's an imperfect world. I just told you why I don't expect them to solve my problems or not winter metaphorically, probably cause a lot of problems do, but the cause of all my problems are the Democrats, so given fallible terrible choices are picked that less terrible one I buy chain, saw you wanna die by all right, I mean really do bad choices are dove, skip the changed our moment right. I say that because there is a future and there is a solution, a solution, as is one we have a primary process and secondly, Bushes, to shrink their power over us. Because these are fallible terrible people who make awful decisions all the time not near interests, but in their own the reason aid in doing what the spy gate scandalous, because our cowards there's no other reason didn't have the guts to do anything about. Simple, as that they knew was vague. Don't don't don't, laboratory anymore. You need to switch Like cowards, and it
you do like cowards, which happens often because we have a choice, sometimes make these cowards powerless. Let them control so little things over your life. Get. We ask our government back to a constitutional function that most of your life is left in your hands. The non counts. The working american entrepreneurs. Moms dad's cops, firefighters, architects, pilots, people who make it truckers electricians. I love the news Knockers theme fitters, my brother is a? U guys and Ladys out there. You make this country work. You have the power is a conflict. Divisions is Thomas, said they want you these. These cowardly people morons not bright people, I just the Lord over your life. That's why we want to shrink government. Let them do little things we'll take care of the rest. Thanks again for tuna, don't miss me on the five today on Fox five O clock M eastern time or because thing over there that should be a lot of fun and operate
Check out our Sidney Powell Interview as well: Veil born Youtube Apple pie, gas and on bungee com dotcom pieces. You channels, well, Youtube to back home all free, just click that subscribe button doesn't charge. Doesn't cost anything going to charge. You die thanks for all your support. This week, we appreciate we'll see. One day, sir, you just heard Bonn Jean Osier follow then on twitter, twenty four seven at DU, bon GINO.
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