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The Bongino Brief - Sep 19, 2020


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Hey, dandelion GINO here with little extra bonus, there's a new way for you to listen to my content. If you haven't Alexa device, Every morning we post was called the Bonn GINO Brief, a quick highlight of one of the biggest stories we talk about here on the gas designed for your Alexis Flash briefing, skill right are you gonna hear today's bond GINO Brief and after that and tell you how to get the brief on your device. Dan bones. You know: welcome to the Bonn GINO brief on damned bond GINO, an electoral college win by Trump and popular about loss. Has me, sir, why not because Trump didn't win its electoral college race, the left, my one of look at the constitution, federalism! You know that kind of thing crack a book but in a way Euro college women? The popular vote loss has me concern because the left just won't accept it makes it, but then they have to they don't have to do anything. If they're willing to go in the streets and cause chaos- and you
their Stanley Mcchrystal groups in the transition integrity project and get the media on their side to make you believe trumped in when it makes me really nervous? What's gonna happen, but Makes me even more nervous is what, if there's a tie, you may say That can happen really sabotage centre for politics. I have this up in the show. No said he read this, that's by Karl Conduct were spoken to him before he says while the dreaded to sixty nine to sixty nine election scenario in uptake. Is that possible, Well, as cow conduct explains in his piece, which you should read. If all of the states that are toss up go to Trump. And all of these states that are LEO And by the way, Nebraska Main have a young congratulate. They split the deed. Higher states, electoral college votes our speed.
They don't go? Is one states like Florida You win Florida, you get all twenty nine Nebraska may have split out districts. You copy So if you win Nebraska Brass you get all of their votes. If you lose that congressional district, the same thing and made so those districts one of amazed to call Obama bomber near Alma, because Obama Bob at that Nebraska that for the first time, a Democrat in areas that district could very well go to bite and even in a red state like Nebraska. In Maine, where it could go to Trump, even old man, main is lean. Blue, Madame Minimum Purple. If all of the stage binds expected to Winnie winds in a trump wins, atossa it'd be a to sixty nine to sixty nine time. How many you need to win to seventy. Nobody winds were what happens while there is a constitutional process there more in a minute, but First America's ready to get back to
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Then let's go to a screenshot from the peace work. I'll call conduct lays out what could happen here. He says the Lakes Crystal Ball like to recall, electoral college rating show how the presidential election could result in this deadlock. Two hundred and sixty nine two hundred and sixty nine. We need a Biden or Trump cuz that, majority of two hundred seventy electoral votes. But what happens then, while the election ladies gentlemen, goes to the House of Representatives. He was a man we're in trouble. The Democrats round the house speaker policy, that's not how it works bullet point number, two from the peace, even though demo That's hold the house majority and remain on track to maintain that majority next year. Republicans actually have and are likely to maintain an edge and a possible electoral college tie breaking vote. Explained this in a second, don't you worry all fifty state Will you s house delegations, get a single vote to break in electoral college tie yet Republicans control. Twenty six delegations, the Democrats hold twenty three.
One state is split Pennsylvania. Why I worried about this because, ladies and gentlemen, if it's a tie, you can expect the transit integrity project, Soros, Align groups, defeat this info and others to lose their minds and go absolutely crazy and pressure. The House of Representatives to make sure hasn't happened since John Quincy Adams, by the way where this has gone to the House of Representatives member there's a tie. That's it. Election goes thousands areas to sixty nine to sixty nine tie. There's nothing left for you to do what goes without the house votes. State delegation follow me here so the floor a delegation which has fourteen republic in house members and thirteen Democrats. We have the majority, they boat is one, so you would assume made vote on party lines. Florida member fly It is a state gets one vote you track and major
Majority Republican House members Florida vote would probably who know yet some cool. Z Republican would go out. I know that we have then far about Florida will likely say our vote goes for Trump. That's, of course, if there are not assaulted in the streets by people. In their new. These crazy left wing groups that are gonna cause chaos after the election of court. They'll be threats like you, ve, never seen. Well, what's the problem here the house elections have at the same time in November, but the house will be appointed beforehand, or even though now Republicans are the majority and twenty six of the House House delegations that could change? after the election. Why do I bring that up? because if any of you are thinking, I live in a blue stayed California, my vote as a matter. Trumps gonna lose California, he's gonna lose New York, you are loony tunes.
He may lose California in New York handily. I don't know what he's gay pride the likelihood of unwitting those two stages is ridiculously low, but You think you're vote as a matter you're insane number one. It does because the popular vote will send a message, especially here, because if we lose it, you can expect street chaos if we lose the popular vote and, secondly, What about down ballot races, either on the same ticket? Remember Trump will be at the top. Then you're Senate race than you congressional represent you're not going to vote for them. You realize the people you're not voting for by not showing up to vote because you live in a blue state and I'm not saying my audience. We do that, but somewhere that can have my vote. Doesn't matter you re. Some of the same people you didn't vote for if they lose Seats in the house will now be voting to pick job for present, there's nothing! You can do about it. No one's telling you that right! The Democrats are telling their people that. We need to do a better job on our part of telling our people that you bet.
Vote them back in the house, because they are going to be the ones potentially in a tight picking them expressly in Bonn. Gino shit. If you like to hear more subscribed to the environment or shell wherever you get your pocket. Ok Today's bond GINO Brief: here's how to get it and listen to it on your elects, a device on your phone or tablet open your Lex app click the hamburger menu in the upper left hand corner select settings then select flash briefing after that click add content, and used a magnifying glass in the top right to search for the Bonn GINO Brief selected the button. No brief press able to use, and you are all set and when you are ready to listen just say to your device. Alexa play my flash briefing,
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