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The Coming Chaos (Ep 1351)

2020-09-21 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the political chaos unfolding after the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

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Ready to hear the truth about America on a show that not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bongino. What do what do you say? Twenty twenty, Joe Friday night, I'm out going to get some food my way It called in an order, I'm going to pick it up in a car for Ruth better Ginsburg Supreme Court Justice it passed what else is going to happen in twenty two. I don't even want to ask I'm not a knock on board guy. I don't even know if this is what but I've knocking on it now I've got a loaded show for you today, ladies and gentlemen, loaded what we should do, the fight coming the chaos ahead, I'm just preparing you for it. I am the missed in the long run. We are the United States of America, but we have a job to do
ignoring the chaos and pretending that you know oh not happening. Don't worry close. My eyes is not can help. I've got that. In the end, the show today, too, is well on a pretty optimistic note. I have. Two minutes of some of the most powerful television. I have seen in a very very long time Jim KG easel, an actor starring in the movie out now infidel was on fox and friend, and just lit up this week and more quick note In our view, my present metallic jumped, the full interview is now available everywhere was available exclusively on my rumble account rumbled outcome slashed by GINO last night available everywhere. Rumble apple podcast cast bunch com. Please listen to it. About twenty five minutes long president just his answer on the what he's going who, after the election with the chaos, is great, and I don't to miss and also its social media. He lighted up so again that calm, slash, Mancino Apple podcast check that out, as well as by twenty five ministration by Cuba. Express
Keep your online activities safe from prying eyeballs get a Vps today. Do not wait, go to express VP end our com, slash bond GINO, welcome here today aren't, you know, shall producer Joe? How are you today? Fine, sir? Well, you know it's Monday day when I went to the road Joe instrument for this more. It's been a while fascinating weekend. Stay tuned folk. Cyber alarm have some Information on that later have to bring up by daddy brass. Go in that a stab at state you into other sleeve at that high. Let me get there like a great video showing you are Barack Obama was finally correct problem, now, don't know Joe Biden to await on let's get through international rights weapons that I target. Listen, Twenty twenty has reminded us about the importance of self alliance. Has it ever we see, overall civil unrest and just about everything else. The fact is:
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Colonel is the set of majority leader and Republicans have a fifty three seat majority, meaning what meaning we the power. You may not like that Democrats, but that's ok. You don't have Like it there's an election in January, and you can change that just like we change the composition of the Senate in the mid terms and twenty eighteen and we want the Democrats who are already howling. We shouldn't pick anyone the Republicans for open sea the Senate Senate confirm anyone because there's an election coming, so so so what? What is it? What that mean? Now that's a while Mitch Mcconnell said once the merit Garland selection, a last year of Obama, didn't Scalia tragically died. Mcconnell said bringing to keep that seat because its election coming up, not all Mitch Mcconnell was then in charge of a republican majority. Is a Senate and Barack Obama was a Democrat totally different.
I'll get to that in a minute. You want me to walk you to f. You are going to be you're, going to know everything about how this process works. History precedent, how it work, what we should do. First, let's go! to the video, Barack Obama back and twenty sixteen, whose absolutely right. There's an open sea New damn right, you should pick it so hot Tipp, Barack Obama. Listen to this one check this out. There is more than enough time for the Senate to consider in a thoughtful way. The record. They nominee that I present and to make Such we're gonna find somebody was an outstanding legal mine, somebody who's. Cares deeply about our democracy and cares about rule of law. There's not going to be any particular position on a particular issue that determines whether or not I nominate them, but I am going to present. Somebody who in
Computer is qualified for the seat and any fair minded person. Even somebody who disagreed with my politics would say would serve With honour and integrity on the court now Part of the problem that we have here is we ve almost got accustomed, Two, how obstructionist the sun become when it comes to nominations. So in some ways this argument is just an extension of, what we ve seen in the Senate. Generally and not just on traditional nominates. Should we interpret your comments just now that you are likely to choose a moderate now many. Would you Ok, I don't know where you're found that you should assume anything about the qualifications that may otherwise other than they're gonna be well. I Sounds good to me
now, though, bomber farrago so and before the Democrats out there in the lunatics of the media starting Mcconnell, Mcconnell held up Obama's nomination America, Ireland, because it was an election coming up now, economists, Republican Obama's, democratic Obama, himself said area You guys should rock and roll, and you guys should make sure my nominee gets pushed through. That's it we're supposed to do. Well done thanks per hour appreciate that playing that frequently throughout the coming chaos, I guarantee, coming our way with you, cabin, always bad! Wait till this one. Now you may say: well that was just a bomb it now. Here's Joe Biden is well doubling down on that twenty. Sixteen suggesting that, yes, if there's a Supreme court vacancy in an election year, you damn right, you should make that pig. Joe Biden checked. This went out here, sleepy MIKE insisted, advice, Presidents of both parties, including this precedent. Has been that we should engage fully.
Constitutional, oppressive process of advice and consent. MIKE insisted and understanding of the constitution has been the Senate must do so as well period. They have an obligation to do so. Guards job my heart for moroccan I now board or Bob. I began open But I didn't know what they're all on board: they really God, that's! That's! U separated for time. That's their words so again hard pass through the means that you Republic are hypocrites who held the american airline because we could charges ascetic, just We are now and we can do what we want and we will be better. Two doesn't bail on us. His counter mittens, Discreet member Mitt, Romney, Mitt, Romney of Mitt Romney. That's the problem. We broadly.
We already know Susan call into zones. Useless is out and Marquis ski who may from Alaska. We have no excuse. What's at least Collins's swing state she has some excuse, I don't buy it, but it's you say: I'm at a swing state, I'm gonna play All political parties, Mc Caskey from Alaska, Marquis, He is, as usual, leave the rest of that useless. Useless! now I will see what mittens does now. You I love these Biden versus Biden, debate right, that's about GINO, Show Yang! I did versus Obama debates. I liked Abiden versus finally did that a couple weeks ago, a member that well here's Biden debating himself again so that was Biden in twenty six team. With Obama say: if there's a vacant Supreme Court Signal elections, we have now you better fill it What does he said your period Parry
here's Biden Cry again debating or Biden from abide. I just did it. We are debating Biden from twenty. Sixteen saying the exact opposite is biting can't be consistent on anything. So here's Biden again debating himself now suggesting that you shouldn't fill the city just said you should fail check this out to Jan this nomination through the city. It's just an exercise in raw political power. Believe the people this nation will stand for it. Do I may be forced to do Biden versus Biden debates round to because just so much material we ve been forced to leave out so Weidman two twenty? Sixteen you better put step. In through, Supreme Court nomination in the Senate Electioneer it's the right thing to do period Obama up by now bomb in twenty sixty now by now debating himself and Obama, twenty sixteen not at all this is
exercising raw political power. Don't you dare nominates someone Our way through the lunatic dove Lunatic brigade, there's always a brigade of far left radical lunatics, led by policy alone Omar and that crowd see Marcie Bernie Sanders Elizabeth WAR, and you know the lunatic brigades back here What this this I know you already got the preview this one job. In one of the most insane appearances, I've seen on a network news channel in recent years. Here's naughty Nancy. And I D Abc Stephan affluent boobs, novel of Agus whoever it is, but here's Pelosi on suggesting are implying after by snaffle off against that day. Would impede the president. Maybe a quiver in their arrow to stop. The press. From executing his constitutional job too.
Someone through the Supreme Court. Get the advice of advice. It can set the descent, but I think this will be job. The first president, the history of the United States for being president That should be the second, only the second time. First present tromp was it. For being present at the very a peach they get. This is about. It enter the lunatic brigadier. Here's knotty Nancy check this out celebration, the possibility, if they try to push through a nominee in a lame duck session that did you in this house can move to impeach President President Tramper attorney General bar as a way of stalling and preventing the Senate from acting on this nomination. Well, we have our options. We have arrows and clever that I'm not about to discuss right now. Ladies and gentlemen, these people are in saying what serious question for you I'll ponder this week Is the point
of a structured constitutional republic. We ve clearly delineated powers in each branch if, when each branch executes those powers. There is a threat of chaos and impeachment. What's the point. You see what I'm getting out here. The president, the United States, was elected Donald Trump. I know the left disputes that, but then again that's the insanity crap to this in people he was elected. This constitutional powers, if not obligations, is who fill seats on the Supreme Court and other lower level federal courts as they become available and use the advice and consent of the Senate. There's nothing You may not like that. You may not the results of the election. You may not like the Donald Trump gets to do that show. There's a remedy for that remedy is called the election
Right now we're in charge. We may not be in January, but where in charge now. And, as I said, on Fox and friends this morning, you better damn well start acting like a GEO p. Maidens and others where in charge gonna win peace, the president for being president. This is insane now you going to start running into pseudo historians! Now you know these types Joe. They start inventing new history and precedent. Learning Turn sixty two point: five We had an incident, would Joey Bagger doughnuts on the Supreme Court, which indicates a prior breath. I'm not interested. Ladies and gentlemen, in your fake history, I'm gonna give you the real history right now and to reflect peace by damage lock when national view about what really happens. When a surprise,
cord see opens up in an election year because Joe History, beating it actually happened. This isn't that movie tenant. We go back in time to the reverse. Turnstile in reverse, there's an Actual history recorded history of what's happened. Children Where's, your liberal friends, make it up. Mclaughlin National Review, go to show notes, but you know that calm slash newsletter, ladies and gentlemen, as we The show note it's free subscriber seventy everyday read this article. There's your view, damage Laughlin histories on the side of the Republicans fight filling a Supreme court vacancy and twenty twenty nine when the articles written folks look at the date? What's today Today's date is September. Twenty first, twenty twenty. What's the data that article August seven. In other words, Dan wrote this article before the passing, Ruth Paine Ginsburg.
So are you out you rewriting history after the death of renewed, although this article was written before that You can see that right there. So what's the real history of happens in a vacancy during the election year. Well, let's go through it. How often is this happened exactly worse Cream cord seed is opened up in a presidential election year. Well. If you listen to the Democrats in the fake historians, Joe who are now going to make up a fake history, that's not real! They tell you, damn that's rare! That's right! Joe never happens. Never. This is Joe. This is an anomaly and should be treated as such by President Trop. It's a novelist show for the liberals, meaning doesn't happen often thank you. I know you guys The sources of dictionaries aren't really your thing by
to help pretending to be a liberal, and I know he knows what an hour's, because, because he's told me so happens again? They ve told us, it's exceedingly rare, really national review? Twenty. Times in american history. There's been an open supreme court vacancy in a presidential election wow Or in a lame duck session, before the next presidential migration- twenty, times I kind of sounds like a lot, but we ve been Forty five presidents, twenty nine times twenty two of em of how deal with this. Now this counts vacancies created by new seats on the court, but not vacancies for which it was a nomination already pending. When the year began. One thousand eight hundred and thirty, five thirty six and one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight, the President wake us up. The president has made nominations in all twenty nine cases. I thought this was weird president trumps? That's supposed to make a nomination, it's an anomaly, Joe, so tap and twenty nine times. So it's not anomaly again. In the real world, twenty nine times,
The president has made a nomination all twenty nine times, Weird Washington did it Adams Data Jefferson, didn't it Lincoln, did it granted it if the audited didn't eyes now? Where did it and Barack Obama did too. Twenty two of the forty four men all office space. The situation in all twenty two made the decision to send up a nomination whether or not they had the votes in the Senate, so and for your liberal friends screaming to you and your facebook page and if the cocktail parties with the flag raw and the California, roles that never happens. The precedent is to not dominate someone really because it's happened. Twenty nine times and half the men who have served in the office of the present you ve gotta, do it every one of them did That's twenty! Nine! Out of twenty nine geologists, Asking the math that's a battering average of exactly one thousand exactly good. Can you tell me you're just checking. I ugly man show us that hit the quick Jays Abacus out for you old school listeners,.
That's a real, Linda reference like that's all school. We haven't said that so long Joseph because it's out of jail advocates and yes, that is a bad, an average of one thousand. So I'll take a hard pass. Please You're claims that this is some anomalous event: it's not. I want to get some more history. Let me get to my second sponsor here, but I want to get some more history you cause. You may say. Our idea in well this happened twenty nine times a vacancy in an election year. But what happens when it's a split white, ass and split presidency like it was with Obama and Merrick Garland, that don't worry, I got you. I've got other I do not go any regulation, also budget by friends at Tommy John you workin you play an art start every morning and Tommy John. They are the most of the underwear out there there's nothing better than nothing. I was a Tommy giant customer long long before they were a spy. Why? Because our awesome.
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do a demo for you who knows Tommy Jarvis Comic get twenty percent of your first order with Africa Dan that offer a dandy, yea and Atomic Yonder com. Tommy John D come offer. Kodak seaside for details, don't miss out. Godaddy are so we covered, the extremely, not rare, circumstance where a Supreme Court see opens up twenty nine times the two presidents of how to do it, not rare at all. Well, what happens when there's a vacancy on the court an election year and the President's from one party in the sentence from the other like what happen with Barack Obama, with the tragic death of didn't Scalia when Barack Obama was a democratic, the Senate within republican hands. Other Mcconnell and Obama nominated Merrick Garlic. Well, obviously, Mcconnell Squash, that, like you, the power to do. His advice was no thanks and his kids. Was you're not getting that either. Thank you.
So, let's see what happens according to the nature of Eu Peace, when we have these scenarios with a split party, one in charge of the White House want to charge the sentiment. What's happened then. Please, history does matter right quote: short have been ten vacancies, resulting in a presidential election year or post election nomination when the President said it, what from opposite parties twins and ten times instead so the ten cases a nomination was made before election day. Only one of those chief Justice Melvin follows nomination by Grover Cleveland in eighteen. Eighty eight was confirmed before the election. Four nominations: we're maiden lame duck sessions after the election, three of those were left open for the winter, the election other than the unusual foller nomination, because the core facing a backlog in the dock. It three of the other nine were filled after election day. Ways that reward the winner of the presidential contest are so just to be clear when the parties are split. Like Obama, Mcconnell with the Garland nomination nominations. What up? Every time there are ten for ten
Only one of if got through, not right, so you're telling me when the parties are split in the White House in the Senate, that it is of them getting through a pretty slip. Ok, great Joe is application out. The answer is no. We close the case now because we are in charge of the set at the White House. Thank you. So you take your precedent, fake precedent and watch your time for those of you who are regular, less we're still trying to discover where the was who is exactly where it charge. And one where it charge. We will do what political leaders in charge do, which is be political leaders and execute their duties. Having said If we lose the Senate January, just possible. Could lose the White House too, H, whereas in Trump Wednesday we lose the Senate. There is a very small like lady should nominate someone regardless. It's happened every time just to be clear, but it is of them getting through Arslan. Only one
ten of slip by that's in an election year. Just to be clear, Do the election, the chances are slim regardless if we lose the set. Tell me again why we should do that. Now, Can you are fake, historian friends or want to rewrite history here and say? Oh my gosh, this unprecedented. Now we know it's not happen. Twenty nine times. We know that it's rare if their split parties to get through, but that's not the case. So what happens when their same parties in charge of the White House- and they said it like we have now with Republicans in charge. Above history for that to history, meaning it already happened, for the liberals out there every little confused as they try to rewrite history and tell us what should be done because a precedent day literally made up. Let's go back is national review peace, scrape peace worth your time? nineteen times between one thousand seven hundred and ninety six and one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight.
Presidents have sought to fill a Supreme court vacancy in a presidential election year, like we have now, while their party controlled the Senate, like we have now too. Ten of those nominations came before the election. Nine of the ten were successful. Go to me. The failure being the bipartisan filibuster of the ethically challenged a forty is the chief justice in nineteen sixty eight. Many of you remember that justice, to enter the court under these circumstances, included legal luminaries, such We are Louie Brandeis and Benjamin Cardoza George Wash. Give me two nominations in one thousand: seven hundred and ninety six, one of them as chief justice, replacing a failed nominee the prior year, so just to be clear. Nine of the ten ninety percent I've gotten through, parties with the same during an election. You want to again site fake precedent for me, I'm listening where, where, where exactly have that its thick? America Garland rule. No, you making that up. That's not the case.
The Republicans around the Senate, you miss that you may want to pay attention to your history. By the way before I move on to my next segment here. The insanity of what the Democrats are planning. do you really mean anymore incentive to vote right now? Folks,. I mean I don't. I that a any kind of a condescending manner. I'm just suggest any of your watching. My shell and your the fence re now about voting, doesn't matter, you sure You want to save the lives of. Children in the womb. You want to keep your ability to defend yourself. Your second amendment, and They never tromp alleged, Republicans out there who really fake Republicans tell me again how Donald Trump tweets give you the sands. I emphasise ads. Always tweets, are so not nice.
That's what you're worried about this test? fight about China. You got it, you get two sets category You need to have your diaper changed. So, you're going to elect the President, that's gonna put some on a supreme court It's going to advance and the very end of term abortion take away second man rights, because, because what you are you principle, we principle tell me tell me that again, but he tweets, I get upset changer diaper Never Trumpery changer Typee get out big boys and girls and go up your principles. About saving lives about. Freedom and liberty. You don't like real principles about that stuff. Yeah yeah, I thought so, I saw the democratic lunatics. We all know that, the dummy examples. We need to give you. It wasn't bought moments after the passing of Ruth Bade, her Ginsburg that lunatic Democrats, like
Jerry neither nodded screaming about packing the court. If we nominate adjust this through the supreme and not just this gets in member. We have fifty three public, and so we can lose three pensive break the type column Mc Caskey or you can probably already write them ass. We have one more to go. I don't Mittens either but scratch already losing their minds. Here's a piece worst examiner again in the showed Osage. You should really be worn. This is only getting worse, battler already talking about pack into court, meaning if that of, if say: Amy Coney, Barrett, Barbara go where it gets nominated, gets through on the trade side that they want to Spanned impact is supreme Court. Twenty, twenty one! If the Trump nominees confer Michael D in the studies, amateur It's war game this for a moment. Let's say whatever
the nominee gets through, so we now have a six three conservative majority, which are really be five work is John Roberts is really not a conservative. We all know that now still a conservative majority unless Thomas a solid Lido, salad Cavenaugh, which why she Gore six pretty salad and then we'd have Magala Barrett. Whoever Trump dominates taken Her trump loses the White House and we lose the Senate Emma catch. You now say we're going to pack the court member that if the are tried that his own party had to shut him now, what's pack the court me these we have. Nine justice is now and we would have a six three republican majority on the court. Appointed majority Democrats are saying, hey let's nominate two more. Let's give us eleven. Or even better, but somebody such war, big, fifteen judges,
Course they would all be radical, left this lunatics and you would have a big left. This majority on the court due to have five republican appointees, witwer, fifteen ten liberal lunatics on the Supreme Court, so I read it out this weekend and put on my parlor account. Ok, you wanna play those gives me not goes a sharp buckler folks get ready Saint no time for halfway nonsense, you better get all in right now, for the fight ahead. They want to pack the court. Ok, you go ahead. The court and then when we get in if Biden were to win, Twenty twenty four wheel pack, it again we'll go to twenty one. We get gotta, remember, make it twenty five. Ok, we'll make it thirty three.
You want to play this game, I mean I'm all in you wanna play this game. Mr Tan norms we gotta get back to normal, yet John Mccain? Try that remember that when you down the Obamacare when we were to get rid of Obamacare and he gave the famous thumbs down so we gotta get to normal good luck. That was a good cop say that sarcastically, of course, so I tweeted our mark of picked it up Amazon. In France we get an explosive appears. It was really good- and I hear is Mark on Fox and friends, endorsing my idea that if the Democrats want to pack the court packet to check this out, this party, the Democratic Party, is so far off the rails. It is appalling. What are they proposing? They want to eliminate the electoral college. That's in the constitution. We talk about packing the Supreme Court. My buddy Bonn GINO had an idea, and I like it, Packed the court then will we take over, will add a few more justice is too so you better, be careful what door your opening here, damn right, the great one,
On the great went for nothing, a great interview with the present trump less light and life liberty of into. I strongly recommend that you want a pact the court Well, let's get everybody on the record right now from the republican Party. Will pack it too. The time we're done, Joe they'll be six thousand four hundred and twenty seven judges on the Supreme Court. Ok with that, you want to play ball time to play ball. You want to act like saying: rational human beings, they get back to Roberts, no pun intended rule of order. I'll do that. But, as I have said to you repeatedly you, you're getting a wartime mentality. Right now he war analogies? But I mean it. When you're in the trenches with your body there and you got lead coming down your way. You dont worry about. You know they need the Christmas card. Your body sent to his friend. He was upset at You can handle that when the war's over you got
got beefs, you never trump. Republicans with the Republican Party Renee, you don't like trump tweets. Fine, not everybody does not bother me. Does bothersome, and I understand it. This isn't the time for that fight. We can handle it after the election. These p. Are coming for you today they will Stop at nothing. They are ruthless Pelosi. I just played you the video we ve arose in the quivering consenting to what implying that impeachment impeachment. For what for being. President Dispute- our lunatics. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in charge right now, act like it. I don't here about precedent, precedent a party that impeach the president for a phone call precedent from the party that, spied on the present, a United States precedent for the parties supporting late term abortion precedent. The party that has active socialist inside of their party right now
screaming a body that take down of our whole constitutional system, we're supposed to listen to these insane lunatics talk about can the court talking bowed to shriek fights after the election, we're supposed to listen to them and take our guns from them. I'll take a very hard pass and take my guidance from the same crowd. I want to hear about precedent from them Precedent is disorder and chaos and destruction. That's their only precedent left you want a pack. The courts will pack it to you, throw out to filibuster, fine We won't gaps that we will not change those rules back when we're in charge. Get everybody on the record. Now I get to this piece in a second here by Michael Anthony, want to give a shout out to by the way that's not a paid spot or anything folk, but Michael Anton who wrote that article
Coming coup, which I was using last week, which is terrific their shows, did bonkers numbers. He has look out in asked me to do this by them, they they did send me over a copy to me. It's pretty terrific. By the way there isn't coat this They sound Michael Anton we recommended America The point of no return. You want more about what their planning began. sort of paid spot raining like that. It is really good. I don't know, Michael personally, I've never met him. Just tell me this guy rights, great stuff right article, the coming Cuba read this one to American same guy, Michael Land TAT make the pic we're a charge, I'm you better act like it make to pick we saw this job will be in the show notes today as well. How do you do right, you are making. They played out again on price and you're not. Damn right, make the pack confined
Just this now slow time for Senate Republican Single wobbly to quote TAT, confer a justice. Now read this peace by Anton this guy spot on. Why Obviously, because, where it charge because is present, interruption all this on the show he's the president you're, not we why he told us that twice but not just stand. Ladies and gentlemen, this another reason I wanna get them quick break for another one responses, but there's another very serious reason. We need this pick right now. Studies show also partly by France. It re can re kind of these are the best in the business there sleek working, they stay in my ears and my favorites. This is my personal set right here: check them out, that's case they come in. So I do my native use. How I do my conference calls itself Do I listen to my podcast when I listened is well, you know that
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as you need to be, you got it any. We all do get ready. Well what happens? Ladies and gentlemen, if this case The election we have a hanging Chad's Bush, Vigo disaster and just like in two thousand Bush versus score. This goes this cream court. We have to decide what these deadlines are, but they're in the constitution. They ve been written up legally, is that your gear, ladies and gentlemen, we ve seen those to be ignored just like they weren't Pennsylvania, where the deadly Four ballot, counting and Pennsylvania was written into the lawn. The judge ignored that just happen. So a hard pass on the fact that we're relying on judges- I'm just saying do we have some legal avenue here you say well maybe to go to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of the side now say: hey we're stopping counting. This is ridiculous. These are not legitimate bout. Well, what happens if it's for four What went on brings up in Greece today. He says it's arguments, not original, but it bears repeating.
Progressive assured the american people that, unless Joe Biden winds in a landslide, they will mitigate the living out of the twenty twenty election. Your damn right day will one like. The outcome, given the potentially huge number of lawsuits and the slow and cumbersome nature the legal process that, in order to have a president by January twenty first, the Supreme Court will need to intervene, as it did in December. Two thousand, like I just set listened, his folks pay cuts. The tension. In that case, what happens if the court splits for four who decides. There does not appear to be a clear constitutional mechanism and on Solved electoral college wrote constitutionally goes to the house, but because of the legal chaos electors are not designated. Well, then, what We decide the election in the streets, we can have a four forty.
We need a full complement of nine Supreme Court. Justice is now make the appointment. And the confirmation now no delays you are in charge act like it. Even the New York Times agrees really had to buy of it's. Yours is twitter feed right here, this. This is all that bad written by the New York Times, and I quote New York. Editorial born every, that passes without an I just a knife. Justice undermines the Supreme Court's ability to function, and these millions of Americans waiting for justice for clarity is major. Legal questions are unresolved yeah. Thank you new Yorkers. So now we got all Obama. We by men, the New York Times on the record here we need night folks, I'm word here. When I went alarm you not the warmest, shall we will handle it You always have. But you should be worried to let's say
state start rewriting their election laws. Like a Pennsylvania judge did politician pretending to be a judge, dispense Albania courts where they re. Pennsylvania election on set out are you can count ballots after the election year? But that's not what Pennsylvania LAW says where rewriting the law goes? Cases have got a supreme court, so let's say they go to the Supreme Court, And we don't have a night seat filled and this in court. Could you can count on John Roberts, of course, splits for four who's? The present who's, the present. I'll get it goes to the house by December, Fourteenth forward. Approach, will they what, if courts say they won't and Supreme court to break that break the law. What we thought about that you're ready Ready folks, I debated doing this neck
many are so that the human visa video, which were not we're not leaving the show today without doing it, because it is the sum of the boss explosive two minutes of tv I've ever seen came out of nowhere to. May I have your proposal on the shelf. We can fitted him by the way I get some of you stuff. Comin up he's got a great movie out infidel, which I can't recommend highly enough We cannot some of that stuff now, but I'm gonna get that happened. This segment I debated strongly doing because but I don't want to do and I want to be crystal clear again. I don't Not trying to alarm anyone. But folks it is twenty. Twenty, and for some reason this is the year like nineteen sixty eight, where everything decided to happen at one time having a plan is no excuse, corny at the wash them examiner asked a question this morning in a peace, it's a mastery again in the show notes or what thing happens to bide nor Trump.
Early voting creates another reason for the electoral college. I don't want to sound depressing here- but folks- these are all things that have to be considered there not spring chickens either. One of these guys. I obviously, as I've said, always about with better Ginsburg whenever you having these conversations, your soul. Now I obvious Don't wish airline anyone role, children, a God, I'd be disgusting, but for us to prepare for these types of questions. Given all this happened so far in twenty twenty is pure dull to insanity. What happens health crisis arrives in one of these two can't follow through forget about the theme. Tragic outcome? What if they have to pull out of the race? because of some God forbid some disease or something not affair: question asked what happens.
We're Carney addresses and this peace, and I strongly encourage you to read it strongly. Whilst the electors. That's when the electors, meat and stay capital over my keep keep this up a second what I told you December fourteen you know come back from his wonted splash into that. It's my fault, not policy should have. I should call for that's cookies, The presidential election does not happen on election day. That's when you vote everybody understand that you vote on election. It's not a popular vote election. It's not your vote matters in your state. Where whoever wins the popular vote within those states. With the exception of Nebraska main that have, I congressional districts are do with a little differently. If you in the popular vote Florida if gets one more vote in Florida combine than those twenty nine electors, presidential electors they vote when on number, forty, that's the real election that you have to on November there just to be Crystal clear.
But the real selection of a president. Ladies gentlemen, of course, of December fourteen day Joe and I apologize, I have brought up on this- show ten fifteen times December. For teeth. Is today the president's pit you ve on November, there. But the presidential electors are the ones that pick a present to the electoral electoral College. I'm sorry I dont want. I do basic history, but Sadly, a lotta liberals are confused by this. They still think the popular vote determined to present it. Doesn't it isn't we could do with it the popular vote. The states does so what parties getting out here is what, if some happens after election day November. Third, but before December forty eight when the presidential electors actually pick the present now he's now its scope. For the have, as my full policy is required, feedback they hated.
but you can't blame where they have. Their policy of everybody loves Paula, Joe, I always get thrown on the bus there. The best this was my sport through here, Jim Carnies, talking about December forty, that's when the electors, meat in their state capitals and vote for President December fourteenth. For that reason, The party of the deceased, God forbid candidate wouldn't want to change the name on the ballot before election day in any shady ways they could just rely on electors to do the work in New Jersey, for instance. Democrats would simply leave by on the ballot and let him when the state and if he couldn't serve than others before teeth. All fourteen New Jersey electors will gather in Turin and they could all just vote for Harris so scenario number one. You don't removed that person from the ballot, God forbid their deceased or something else. The elect Yours just me, and they pick who they want. As he gives see sample New Jersey. They meet and say God forbid again something happens. Abiden
terrorists is their purse naked pagan, they'd electors can do what they want. There's. Another scenario here came corny the worst examiner peace. He says having saying that, having said except seems to clear it up right, show the electors just picture they want of bird binder Trump can serve. They. Allow me to draw they just pick pants or pick terrorists right Corny goes on this as well saying there's no window for drama here. However, some States have faith with electoral laws that prohibit electors from going row but the recent Supreme Court decision allow listen uh this, allowing those laws had a footnote quote: nuff In this opinion should be taken to permit the states to bind electors to a deceased candidate. Background or that yeah sorry court ruled on what they call faithless electors, meaning let's say again: Trump wins popular vote in Florida, Trump Accord into our law, gets off.
Twenty nine, a flawed is electors. That's it since that on December forty Disappear gorgeous ruled on. What's road is faithless electors, Joe, where one or two with those people, and far too say now, I dont have to do the popular votes, as I'm going to vote for by even upon the popular vote, the Supreme Court's at no you're, not faithless, Lecter laws you're going about who, State says you're going vote for thanks you period full track and faithless electors. You can't do it. How little footnote there. Supreme Court says but you're not bound to vote for deceased candidate God bid. Something were to happen again, you're not bound to vote for any. Now, here's the ultimate chaos scenario, whatever state, because Faithless electors aren't bound to vote for the Seas candidate, whatever state, if but before the election chain,
The name on the ballot to someone else, because one of those candidates can't go on that create some real chaos, because what would happen ladies and gentlemen, some states are already voting, Virginian, otherwise, meaning democratic vote, say it we're Biden and binding. Drew would be Among Sue Joe Biden and Harris came corn, takeaway number three read this peace. Also, the ability abide nor trump to serve could be ambiguous, which would also throw things into the turmoil fire one party could try to win a state by removing the deceased candidate from the ballot part way through the election. You floored is very close Biden dies to ease out there applicants could remove his name from the election. They ballot, replace them with errors. Splitting the democratic vote and state allowing shrunk to win, but the plurality, plurality well below fifty percent
I'm not trying to scare anyone. Ladies and gentlemen, its twenty twenty. I am not taking anything off the table. Simply want you to have in your head what happens. Your legislators should know that this stuff is all a possibility and they I have a plan going forward. What would happen not having apply and is a recommendation in a plan to fail. That's what that is. Why, then we get to my last sponsor and really some of the most terrific video I can't Speak highly enough about Jim Cathedrals, appearance on Fox and finally folks, this enough spend of my original sponsors break ass nutrition. They have applied I feel the greens I dont think I'd be parlour, I think other, but a credit for this when miles- and I we miles has great pride. He runs brick house nutritionists, his company. I said to my was using an old fruit: invest we'll powdered supplement it. Tasted terrible, are extract- and I call my united MILES. You can do better
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Jim was on Fox and am has given it every was pretty good about new movie infidel, which is spectacular. I've Been privilege enough to get a screen or copy what try to get your mind, the show I want to obey, but about three quarters of the way through the interview. Jim Camisa was asked by PETE Headset about a famous speech. Ronald Reagan gave about a time for choosing. And Visa gave one of the most powerful, I'm gettin goosebumps now talking about what are they was powerful answers. I've heard on tv in a long time. This clip is about two minutes give em. It is in the interest of time I cut out the question, but its p headset asking Jim about that ISIS we have now, and the crisis Reagan highlighted in this speech a time for choosing an goes down on what I've told everyone listening to my shop. This fights come into your doorstep. It's already there now you have. time for choosing to here's copies.
He said that he said now also he said now: let's set the record straight. There is no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there's only one guaranteed way. You can have peace in you can have it in the next second surrender. Admittedly, there is a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is a spectre, a well meaning christian, liberal friends. Sars are beat priest, bishops and pastures, refused to face that their policy of accommodation is appeasement and it gives us no choice between peace and war, only between fight and surrender. If we continue to accommodate continue to back in retreat, eventually we will have to face the final demand, the final ultimate him and what then, when Satanist told the people of this world, he knows what our answer is. Gonna, be he has told them that were retreating under the pressure of his cold war and some day when the time is right to deliver his final ultimatum. Our surrender will be voluntary because you see by then we will have been so weakened from within spiritually, morally economically. He believes this because, from our side he's heard voices pleading for peace at any price or better read than dead or, as one commentator put it he'd rather live on. His knees, then Dinas feet and therein lies the road to war, because those voices don't speak for the rest of us. You and I know it and do not believe that life is so dear in peace, so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. If nothing in life is worth dying for wended. This began just in the face of this enemy or should Moses have told the children of Israel to live in slavery under the faroes. Should Christ of refuse the cross should the Patriots Concord richer for that refuse to fire the shot heard around the world. The martyrs of history, we're not falls and our beloved data gave their lives to stop the advancing. The Nazis did not dine vain. Where then, lies the road to peace, while two simple answer, after all that you and I have the courage to tell her enemies, there is a price we will not pay. There is a point beyond which evil must not advance. In the words of Reagan, evil is powerless if the good or unafraid while Poland, I was scenario kitchen. She was cooking for the kids and we both looked at each other like like. I could have said that better. If I had spent six months planning that out this speech.
Focuses fights common for all of you can easily knows it. We all know it There will be no surrender, you shouldn't brace this fight. I warned you it's gonna knock on your door knocked on mine many times I got. Other fight ahead, that I'm hoping the one I think it is, but is a quote. I bring up on the show off in moments like this, where I don't you'd, be saddened by the fight ahead. I don't want you to fear it. I want you to embrace it Every generation is could easily said whether, through most Jesus Christ, the revolutionaries, Concord. Has had an existential fight that they needed a fight. We have ours too,. the light. A liberty is about to be extinguished by people who don't give a damn about your economic freedom, your constitutional republic, the health and prosperity,
your kids long term, they just don't care. You can avoid that fight. The author of but the natural Bernard Mountain had a fantastic quote in the book. The books in the movie in a different form but you need to remember this, anyone trying to escape the suffering ahead, quote malamute. We have two lives: the life we learn. And the life we live after. That suffering is what brings us towards happiness, he's right, We were happy all the time you would know what happiness was. It would just be a state of being it's the soil of suffering and the fight in a struggle that we're gonna win. That leads us to real, true authentic Venus Visa knows that those are powerful words. I can't recommend highly enough.
How? I folks, I appreciate all your support. Last week, I've got some upcoming news amenities this week about parlor, which is a company I'm part owner of it. Is alternative to Twitter, the Tec, tyrants and twitter. Twitter and Facebook, or basically threatening the public with the censorship and the election they're not going to allow anyone to predict winners raving like that which is insanity. This is like Soviet Union all over again, we will be announcing something of parlor this week. To get ahead of it a little bit. You can read this article in the show notes, and it you know that calm, the parlor bread pledge written by my good friend come on or the company Jeffrey weren't, brilliant guy. We're pledging you censorship, free coverage. Like free societies. Do I parlor you want to predict outcome of the election either side. Providing can't member you want to predict the allowed outcome for you're gonna go right ahead, we're not going to ban you when I can. Essentially you think present. Tromp when you speak freely on pilot. I
so appreciate deeply, support of rumble, which is their company, I'm involved with rumble, Calm slashed by GINO. My videos will be airing in an exclusive time window. Heaven time window on rumble. First from now on, it is free, is better, Youtube. That's why I'm here bull dot com slashed by GINO? We will not be the leading our Youtube account, the fights everywhere, but we the airing first on rumbles. If you'd like to watch my videos, please go rumble dot com slashed by subscribe. It is free as video be there the Bee Crispin Clean and they look absolutely terrific police rumbled that slash mancino from now on I, let's not, report these tech tyrants at are trying to terrorists that I really appreciate your support. Folks, thanks for everything, I will see you off tomorrow. You just heard it GINO.
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