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The Epstein Case Blows Up (Ep 1310)

2020-07-31 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the stunning release of troubling documents in the Jeffrey Epstein case. A lot of powerful people are sweating today. I also discuss the vicious fight coming to your front door that you’ll no longer be able to avoid. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. No, seventy Jeffrey Epstein case is becoming more public by the moment tat some court documents have leaked out and my are there. Some. Recall Bob shells more labs field level. Looks, I dont know by their really really bad. I've got that I've got the left. This schools celebrating, elaborating dancing on the grave of an american hero, Herman Kane, because their frankly candidly disgusting human beings got some videos and what's taking your election? I got an email yesterday from a listener shall remain nameless. I've won this fights come into your door. The fight came the his door,
and he wanted me to remind you that this is going to happen to them too. So I ve got a loaded, shouted. I don't go anywhere. I welcome the damn bonds. Showed tat, he shall brought you by express Vps. Ladies gentlemen, keep. Online activities safe from those prying eyes. You want people watching you go to express. Vps calm slashed by GINO Go, can I get a Vps again welcome, thereby junior separatist to show? How are you today, fine sir, on this? Yes bigger already as ordinary nineteen seventeen game? voice only setting a straight on Friday matters moment, we always need that yeah gonna be a loaded no I've also got a tweet some video by again left the schools dancing on the grave vermin came because that's who they are. These are genuinely evil sick people in their gross. Thank the Lord. Then I can show brought you buy. Lifelike Ladys Germany said that cyber criminals are taking advantage of the corona virus pandemic. It's really horrible. They ve sent now
where to scam people trying to learn about cures for the disease they ve conducted fishing attacks, they ve device counterfeit online pharmacies, it's really candidly disgusting. They ve also focus, economic stimulus by creating fake banking website. You know about all you got all this up. Support, understand our side, I'm an identity theft are affecting my life endorse every day we information risk on the internet. You could miss identity threats by just monitoring your credit. You don't feel good good thing. This life, I use lifelike have been invaluable to me. I get a text from them every time. Someone check my credit. I know I call my wife. Is this legit, I'm not going That again I had my identity stolen. It was terrible. Lifelike detects a wide range of identity threats. Like yourself security number for sale in the dark web. If they detect your information has potentially being for my they'll. Send you an alert, I'm not gonna! Do that again. If you become a victim of identity theft, I can also help you restore your identity easier than
Could you when you're out, I tried to hand one of my own. It was a nightmare dragged on for ever someone. I went out there. What fake real estate programme stuff Terrible, no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor transactions and will businesses the lifelike can see threats it. You might miss on your own joy, now save up to twenty five percent of your first year, get it for your kids to in your family Go to life locked accomplish, Mancino, that's life, lock, dotcom, Slash mancino for twenty five percent off who horror. I guess this is gonna, be one of those shows its absolute. Let's start with the left is ghouls first, so Herman Kane former presidential candidate,
american hero, very good guy radio host Shy, CEO of Godfathers Pizza turn the company around brilliant guy academic degrees of resume four or five pages long. Just a good man passed to the corona virus due to the corona virus and the complications from it. He was seventy four years old and I want to show you the response by some of the left this, but before I do that, I want to say in a very serious, no one God rest. The man's patriotic liberty, loving saw. I told your story yesterday about Herman Kane, as we were on the air. The story broke is tough for me to take, took me a while to get through it. I knew Herman Kane. I knew him well. He was a good decent man, but I just want you to know that we are different and on this Friday I don't like to leave you with terrible bad news all the time. I want you to hold your head high and know that we are different. Our movement is
different that conservatives and liberty, loving american patriots, you are the decent people on the left- is out there. Not all Democrats, but the left this, and especially the far left, are definitely evil. Radical ghouls and I said the Paula when I'm in a show me to show you the response in a minute. I can insult them all day. They insult themselves by their very existence there embarrassments to their families, their generational embarrassments to their grandparents and any more than anyone they'll spot in the future will have to deal with the fact that their related to Course, but I could go on about that all day. I just want you to value hadn't. Thank the Lord that you are not them. No, that there's a right side, a right and wrong side right and you are on the right side of it? May God you're not these people and I'm not using the Lord's name in vain. Literally thank the Lord. You are not one of these total epic. Complete life failure losers. Here's canker are you ok,.
The young towards you know, can't he's been around a while he's the guy who why, as a viral video for being a loser melting down in a temper tantrum than I present Trump one member that viral video, that's can't so I can't whose one of the dumbest human beings on the planet, by the way, if you ve ever watched him debate, there's one bait with that Ben Shapiro, that's hilarious, where he just tries to make up economic theories. So here's his read about Herman Kane, one thousand times the man cankers he's. Before he died. Herman Kane said his God was stronger than Corona Virus Corona Virus This agree hashtag silences. Real, keep in mind that you can't gives now keg is disgusting filth. And can't will lose no sponsors on whatever show, raising because he's a leftist, which means he's a Google
he's an evil ghoul, with soulless human being without an ounce of dignity, courage or by can't runs every time he runs into a serious percy. Brunswick sees a coward, but can't won't lose a single sponsor from this. If I were to say that about the death of a prominent liberal liberal, which I would never- and I hope you understand- that that's the kind of thing it's not funny- it's never funny. It's not the subject, the jokes, the passing Human being. If I were to say that rightfully so ouida people fleeing the show left and right, but because tank is a die hard, far left radical, liberal and therefore protected Clare, He can literally dance on the grave of a dead american patriot. Nearly celebrated make fun of a mile is about He still warm and the families not even close to don grieving. In doing nothing will happen a keg it all just remember that if you ever watched this guy Shell member who he is, I just want to recognise also that win
civil rights hero Jean Louis died that it was concerned Those blue check mark social media, Facebook elsewhere. That ignore the compliments of John Louis. You don't have to do it. You don't have to go this politics that wasn't necessary, but what the man did on the Paris bridge was real and should have been acknowledged by people in this room fathers later God knows I did there were no conservative, serious people celebrating his death like the ghouls, the left. Are you think, Crazy, you think it was just keg, here's another life loser and a total zero. You know, fake tough guy, try SEP Extension guy risk Cuomo at CNN. Who takes us opportunity on his show, then thank Herman Kane for his accomplishments, but to see Let's try to pin the death of Herman came on the fact that he attended the Tulsa rally, Listen to this area says this by the way.
Gee acknowledges in its own. Could he has no evidence whatsoever that Herman Katy was that Donald Trump stalls rally contracted the virus in none which it he decides to bring it up anyway, because he's a soulless loser and a total ghoul a life loser who grew up in a pampered lifestyle. And thank the Lord Almighty. You are not Chris Cuomo, ok, here's Quiz Chris Cuomo it's an a dead man's great the virus is rapidly swallowing us all. Colors, all stripes, all creeds it just took a former presidential candidate Herman came yes, he supported the president. The president says he was a good friend of his wishes family well and we wish that he rest in peace, and I. This president have no peace until he thinks about what exposing people to. He didn't even mention that Mr Kane was at his
rally among the masculine masses right before he was diagnosed now. Maybe didn't get it there. Sure, as hell didn't help get down again. Just did roll reverse for a minute to show you what kind of a ghoul this life loser Cuomo is. Why is it necessary You have no evidence whatsoever, none which you even acknowledged that Chris Quad, that I me Herman Kane contracted this virus at this Trump rally. In top, none. Paula brought up an interesting point. This morning, Herman came was around a lot of people at their rally. None of them seem to have it. You have no eleven. The man just died yesterday And you feel the need to make it a partisan attack on President Trump.
Ladys German: this is what left this ghouls do, because they are evil people, I'm not. I don't talk that word around lightly. And I am not talking about all Democrats and voting Democrats and knew no more. Reds, and I'm not talking about. I mean that I dont stereo tied people like the left does to us. I've done that Radical wing of the party and a growing number of Democrats, liberals who identify as Democrats who do things like this, like Cancun, Cuomo, and yet sponsors everyone. Nobody cares your boycott conservative, who even hints, and can you imagine for a moment if you use the death of a human being to leverage political laws and it was a conservative doing I mean imagine for a moment if civil rights icon Jean Louis upon his death conservatives, took twitter to say, hey. He was a great guy, but let me just say his comments about their future.
Everyone should be embarrassed in a Democrat, but can you imagine the backlash? Of course you can? It would be inappropriate. That's why concern but you don't do it and that's why I reiterate again seriously thank the Lord today. You are not them that we fight with dignity, encourage we fight where the warriors, not the left. The left are cowards. Cuomo is a total complete chump, a total coward, so can't big puff backs all of em blowers. You now buffering chess thumping all that's all. They are all talk, you're, not them where the real warriors, but we still have a code. We still have a code. We live by that bad code. They have no code. These are genuinely evil spineless soulless people by the way, where was Cuomo, doing reason
to make sure that people who showed up at left this political protests, many of which turned into rise. Where's, the CNN report and how many people died from that all we didn't get that so no evidence whatsoever, a conservative political rally you wanted Reboot Hermit Keynes, death to that in Oklahoma. That also out you have no evidence actually happen, but where's the CNN investigative report about all the deaths that may have occurred from the left, leaning, anti police protests, many of them that then turned into riot where's investigation about them, but the many bodies that likely occurred from that. The answer is, it will never happen because and in this and have any principles, and neither this Chris Cuomo try SEP Extension guy. You wonder what I'm talking about is a video of him at his desk. Doing try SEP extensions seriously. I did that once I put a video doing surgery.
On Facebook within five minutes, I was horrified that I had done that daily, because it's stupid, that's. Why am I getting? But as we break down the fourth wall here now And I am always willing to come to you my loyal audience, because lionize myself or golden calf myself and say I am a fallible sinner like everyone else, and I think the reason the show is enjoyable is because we let you know what because we have an interview, show a great got felt we take yesterday. Would it be fair, Joe, you ve heard Allah to say you probably dont, want to miss this every fair right. Let's talk about breaking down the forthwith starts with a bang and ends with a Banger, a bag, ear baggy- is bearing you're, not gonna want that's the guy back, get it about their selling this but our of pure joy you're, not gonna, wanna best Joe You are going to put it out in a Youtube channel I'll be out of here.
One Saturday morning check it out. One more point on this on these left the school. So I needed the kind of break that have soda so yelling at them, as Reuters a once respected media outlet, one so no longer. Of course, you know the Trump These people have forfeited all their dignity. Let me say a couple tweets about how they handle death of prominent, not necessarily good or bad, but prominent people. That's gotta, tweet number, one from the dreadful now, Reuters, here's how they talk about Herman King Herman came again to resume seventy five pages long, a genius and influential American Patriot, Herman Kane Ex presidents. Who refuse to wear, mask dies after covered I d diagnosis. This is a once respected news, Alan! That's that take away from harming keynesian
that you claim he refused to wear a mass. That's your take away, let's go to Reuters other tree about they treated. No, terrorist. I re in blood lost vampire GSM Suleiman Eu Trump, thankfully ordered the death of yeah. They treated him clearly that they treat him much worse right, I mean homing Kane American Patriot, known terrorists. You'll be wrong. I raining major general Cassim Sula money was, I read, liberty. Soldier head in the Middle EAST. Again, ladies and gentlemen, these are sick, ghouls he's your trouble, deeply disturbed, grotesque, spineless, jellyfish creatures, thank God everything
today you are not one of these people and now you'll understand my address that actually yours Harris Paul yesterday, while only two entities story, sometimes corona virus crisis, only two out of the in this ball. They asked people. Has your trust in these various entities, health care, the food industry, transportation grown or decrease during the corona virus out of the many only two of these entities lost trust, storing the corona virus. One was the airlines and second was the media to them. People listening liberal me peep there. It is. Thank you, Miss Paula, look at that everyone else gain substantially. Thats dares not nurses, hospitals here they deserve that they did some incredible work. The media lost five points. The airlines lost. Seven point are the only ones even oil companies, which people say that liberals have they say they hate for no good reason why the even gain trust, not the media but again to writers
I simply extension Guy Cuomo at the keg you now know. Our reflections necessary at all. Why everybody just hate, you guys know self reflection. I don't you worry, you think people love you, nobody actually thinks that. But you you understand correct. Nobody thinks that, but you thank God again. You are now I move, and so I got an email, your shade and momentous quick, but I am at your safe name, could even Gimme permission EMO, but he said. Listen. You didn't show down a little while back when you said this fight. What I mean by this fight is, I mean, cancel culture, the war. Christianity, the worn your family, the warrant organise religions of all types, the gig, unbelievable growth, anti Semitism on the left. This attack on and decency and big, our God, given rise. I warned you that this fight is going to come to your door.
Long story short, I gave you an example of something that happened in my daughter's. Both of them involve some entities they weren't In any event, I want to give you the details. Someone put people like you know: it's asymmetric, I've, a big audience. I wanna put people on the spot, especially if it's just my personal issue, but I said that this fight that happened to me, Is happening, the others who don't have a show like I do too grievances, too used to fight back. I warned you. This was come into your door. I dont know the specifics of how fight is gonna hit you. What any attempt to for you to avoid is futile I wish I had better news, but I dont, so I get this email the gist of the email. Is this there this story, the fights at my door, and it came to my door yesterday. My wife works for this on that reading the email, exactly, of course, but she's, my wife workforce for a small business Supervisor was on some social media platforms and was why the video of a black,
and saying, hey, listen, I'm fed up with this black lives matter movement. Here's why the wife's supervisor, why didn't comment auditor anything? Why did someone granted snowflake at this small company? They see the boss liking this Facebook post and organize this whole like attack on the business. Negative reviews suit. Boy COD sketch issued because there never real left. This boycotts are always great for business. People show up in droves, I'm serious people's just ass, cheerfully the guy said to me my wife can't believe it there was a all they did was like a post. I warned you. I warned you. This is coming to your door. It's not going to leave you alone. You are in in a manner key and fight right. Now, whether you think so or not, and any
for you to say I'm gonna sit this one out because they'll come for me last is just I'm sorry but naive to the house it's extent possible So what does that mean for me? What does it mean? You know you could talk about it all you want. But what is it me first the recognition that we're dealing again with genuinely evil people, the death of Herman Kane. Can Cuomo, when Reuters should describe to you in an incomplete and full terms, just how evil these people are. Dancing on a man's grey Blue wasn't even dead twenty four hour. We don't do that. The left does that we don't do that. So For one you're dealing with genuinely evil people, but number two You might as well jump in this fight. Now you might as well met effect ironically I'd unintended, but I get if you great got fell by this new book. One of the questions I wanted to get to didn't is he mentions vice filling in the book and Eric Wincey, the opposite of what you say, you know what
between how wonderful they aren't waited a virtue signal how great the arm above this what we should start by signalling just put social media, like you know what we screwed up user? I screwed screwed up in the past, put out your your that way that way they it use. It hats it s. That idea but more? we may some of you may not be comforted without a totally understand, recognise Now that you tell me your friends! All I avoid these political fights on Facebook want to lose. Any friends stop its. Coming for you, no matter what the law Are you hide it? The worse? It's going to get you might as well rip off the band aid and just go out and join the fight today, because the fights going to find you, if you don't find it and when it you it's gonna, be on their terms. Not yours,. We want a business you're afraid to comment on Facebook. You might as well jumping now I'll give you like it saves aim, but as a friend of mine who happens to be a doctor
and avoided on Facebook. I talk to him about it. You don't care one bed he's like pay. Instead, I want to show you my office, because they know I'm a conservative and I support liberty and God, given rights and equality for all, because that's really but he does support he's a good man. He's like don't show up, don't show up. I've got a boycott me later, there's other boy. I've been out. That's what I'm talking about he's been out there and open about it forever, get in the fight. Now, folks, the fights common for you, you might as well find it before it finds you, because when it finds you it's gonna be on their terms and not yours, you cannot avoid. I took a big fat note here and all cats step up now. Let me dump this black before I get to with the one more video again showing you, this fight is coming for you, no matter what you know. Could it be able to escape it? It's around you everywhere. You bathed in you might have thought this week at all right. The NBA back I used to like
basketball years ago I was a next fan back in the Patrick Ewing. John starts Charles Oakley days, the extra man Xavier Mcdaniel, I the NBA. I don't watch it anymore. I definitely won't be watching it now. My point is, you thought you were gonna sit down this week and turn on one of the sports channels or whatever unjust, watching them, a game in peace. Now, here's ten seconds of the opening NBA game where the national anthem, splain first, you watch. Youtube check this out? Those unama describe after was exactly what happens playlist I might add insult you anymore, by playing the rest of it. The national anthem, no words just decided against it, play the instrumental cannabis. Alright.
What significant about that video audio free single player is on their knees with black lives management, black lives matter? You mean the marxist group, the founder or other, You mean the same group with the pigs in a blanket frame like bacon. What do we want dead, what do we want to now? You mean that group. Now, there's a way to support black lives should but you use. The name of a group is calling for that cop suggested Anything I'm saying it accurately play you, the video, a group by a marxist marxist, by the way who white millions of minority rights by the way this same Marxist running China right now, where the Ba has a big business footprint and the NBA Mba refuses to speak out against the Chinese Communist Marxist Party. That's in, Killing thousands of Zella minority Wiggers, so they say
ba, which Niels the disrespect, our national. If that's what you're doing, let's stop pretending its anything else, please I don't have time for nonsense. Take dead, garbage elsewhere, your disrespect in our country and our anthem, and if you pull that same stunt, in China. You'd find yourself in a weaker death camp where's, the NBA, the principle, the principle Joe dreaded air quality, the principal then Ba, whereas their statement about the Chinese weaker death camps, where, where is it to be, we see that No, no, no. We would be seen a significant NBA presence in China Year period. We miss that do right, Joe, you did residency. The death camps statement in Romania mission knew better statement in support of the freedom fighters, and how can we may be? We must we missed that want to write a matter of fact. I didn't. When people showed up in the stands with support
calm shirts, they were thrown out it s. The leave nba- and I remember that progressed- are all about principles all about principle. You, MR to write, you have just given check you name it Polish, you see that Nepal is little happier with me today took twenty four hours Craig and I talked about yesterday, which was I'm telling you this got velvet of yours just off the totally completely. Would you agree to totally off the rails like nothing, we lamp or even thinking about? I am like twenty questions. I do think we got past the second one man, I'm a cry of the Folks, I'm just again try to make the point that this fight, you cannot avoid it. You cannot avoided jump in I don't get to my second point. I want to get his Epstein stopped because it is just explosive and I wanna Reiterate a story I have from a source: it's not my story. It's from another source. I can't say that I'm gonna get a thousand emails Dan stopped.
I'm not hiding anything, eats up my stories or someone else, but is troubling. Some of you have heard about the Epstein case, brighter second spy. Raise. My patriot supply every day when I just witnessing spread across virus, were seeing the spread of fear. The panic merchants around they're, making markets, volatile and driving demands for basic necessities in trouble. Manager, the roof. No one wants to see bear shells. What would you do for food think about? How can you not sure you food supply? you, showed up one day, would bear shells in the supermarket. What would you do? I'm serious question we sure everything in our lives. It maps reach our health. If dental insurance, people of car insurance, how can you not show you food supply? It doesn't make any sense. People are self quarantine right now. Some people don't even want to go to the store they don't want to. I want to be in touch,
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wait to twelve weeks because demand has been eighty times normal they're not kidding, but go now, don't wait anymore. We have no idea along this crisis is gonna last it's important to be self reliant. It's not too. It go to prepare with Dan Thou COM and pick up your emergency food supply. Today S prepare with Dan dot com. Don't wait another minute prepare within backup? Okay. So let me just before you get to the court documents. Some of you heard this story cause you're older listeners. You ve been around. While here's my take on why the Epstein case is so serious that specifies the off some in the sexual abuse, the allegations are, you know just gross. I have a contact. Let's say again, this is his story, not mine. So I want to be clear. I am not hiding from you. The details are not have them until he gives them.
Right, but approached me a while ago and was on an aircraft with Epstein and former President Bill Clinton and made a very serious allegation by the way the Zen unimpeachable contact. This is not some. You know. Tinfoil cap wearing lunatic, I ran into in a bagel store somewhere, isn't unimpeachable contact with the utmost. Integrity and made a very serious allegation. That Clinton was on this plane with Epstein and there was a room in the back of the plane. There would appear to be under age, girls on the plane and that the former president happened to disappear into one of those rooms with one of these under age. Girls, why? You would be doing that. You can probably fill in the blanks for yourself, I'm just telling you what I've been told.
You're serious enough that person that he refused to be part of this anymore and spoke out- and I am assuming you Know- has contacted me in a while that is probably talking about it with- hopefully, law enforcement and others it's real, I call happen again. It is not my information because inevitably, whenever this show airs and bring this up again, I'm sorry daring to you on on every ff Where are my soul and being that this call And, as I said, it p,
say: well, why are you hold it? I'm not holding out it's not my information. I dont have the rest, that's what I have that's what I've been permitted to share, because that's all I have to share. It was frightened the way described it came out later. Who knows what went on back there, but it's a gross story. Now you ain't Maxwell who was Jeffrey Epstein I've been on right hand. Woman was around him all the time. Some of the victims in this ongoing investigation gave deposition spoke to law enforcement. This happened over the course of time and the documents have now been released and they are troubling which indicate exactly, but I just told you that this guy was a really really deeply disturbed human being Epstein, and the people who found this guy what's the appropriate way. Pedro enjoyable to be around our probably just the sick, as he is that
kind of thing when you agree job you're like hanging around that it's it's not like. We ve all had a friend find out later did something shady unwarlike. Why right you know in the past? gay and guy in college. So wiedersheim you really such a nice guy. We ve all. We nobody's confused when you're hanging around a dude who has a of young women around him do things like Nobody'S- can feel we get that right. That's not confusing, You know their young because their young, you can tell no fifteen year old, looks like a forty year old. Are we? Everybody understands I am talking to the liberals out there who want to defend Epstein, because they know some of their friends may go down. Until the same people out there that that's not what's happening here. The people of chose to hang around the sky, including the former President Bill Clinton are really disgusting. It's not me.
Three what's going on? Did anybody think ask like hey dude? Why do you a bunch of teenagers hanging around you. Did anybody think. To ask that. Can you Imagine like we hang out with a very limited group of people, but their successful, really nice people Can you imagine showing up at their house and there's like fifteen thirteen and fourteen fifteen year olds of us- and they have no relate over these cousins. No, now they're. Just what like what you call the cops. There's no mystery here, visual I didn't know I let's get well, let's get to court document number one big happy by the way had two zero is appropriate to techno fog. Techno underscore fog on twitter, I believe, is on parlor to additives. Nobody could be achieved, but great account
all over the legal seventh day. That's where he got somebody screenshots from I'm so happy to technophobe. Let's get right through this. Here's a screech, our number one. So this is one of the court. Arguments in the motion they talk about quote Epstein, also sexually traffic, Divan Minor, Jane DOE. Obviously, that occasion aim making her available for for sex to politically connected and financially powerful people. Some try to keep the shell family friendly, so focuses segment. May you know what I'm going to try to avoid? The really horrible stuff. But you get what I'm saying so: Epstein sexually traffic minors to powerful people, some of the names unbelievable Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, Miss Maxwell. You may Maxwell John for now and Alan Dershowitz again. This is just in the court Arguments are just reading the names that have been uncovered in these court documents while know what I am
We will not be providing cover here year for anyone. For any reason I have a teenage daughter is disgusting seriously. Grotesque. Let's go to screen shot number two in case you think those were the only people mentioned here. Here's a victim interview. So they say heroin with it. The talking to one of the victims, when you say You asked him. Why is Bill Clinton here? Where was here now? they're asking one of the victims. You know you so Clinton was air where, where is here? as you know, on the Isle of Man, Epstein Pervert Island, when you were present with Jeffrey, in a bill Clinton on the island. Who else was there? says Gawayne Emmy, and there were two young girls that I could identify
I never really knew them. Well anyways. It was just two girls from New York folks, again a goose bumps talking about this. What kind of sick pervert is this guy? If this testimony Israel. Again, even the worst people on the planet are entitled to the presumption of innocence and our justice system, but if this testimony is real and bill, Clinton was on Pervert island with under age girls. You didn't serious question here bill. You didn't think ask who they were what they were doing on an island under age, girls. You, you weren't, curious, who do you think they were. By the way, how is this not the leads story in the New York Times off? Spoken trust
me, ladies and gentlemen, if that name was Donald Trump, this would be front page story from now to the end of the end of time. It would be a permanent front page story with you. You didn't hear about this. Yesterday, that a victim in a sworn deposition says she is on an island with under age. Girls would bill Clinton on the afternoon of the you miss you miss that it's not your fault, you missed it again. We're dealing with media outlets. Who will do anything? Even protecting people accused accused of grotesque horrors like this, because their liberal active If that name was keg, crews are Tom, cotton or anything else. It be plaster on every front, page renewed channel in America, but it's a Democrat and there are protected class.
You may say this can't get worse. All you'd be wrong. It can and does here's court document number three words We have emailing a Maxwell again, Right hand, woman, whose alleged to be one. The ringleaders of this under age girl, sexual abuse, scandal. Jeffrey Epstein when she says hey, listen, I've been asked questions about a bunch of the staff in this is Elaine Maxwell we have seen emails are back, as is don't you worry about this. Here's the email- is this, and this is ok with me. You ve done nothing wrong and I urge you to start acting like this is Epstein talking to Maxwell go outside head high, Joe Head high. This is how sick this guy, if this is how I see it, this is insane he tells her head high. Don't actually escaping convict. Go to parties deal with it. I had leases. In the swedish Ocean Ambassador yesterday. She said no one on our ocean panel takes this stuff seriously, and you beware:
come to the ocean conference, water conference, etc. That sees response this sick, grotesque, human being I have worry word with you know. What's taking seriously gotta parties head, I had be proud. You may say gas. It sounds really bad buncher, powerful people. Mention there Bill Clinton civically named on avert island absent Tells you don't have to worry about it, this isn't even serious. You think it gets worse boy. It gets a lot worse yet be. I know about this patently so look at this document that just came out again
tip? Technophobe? The limited information produced from the Icloud account shows that responsive information exists. The production includes plain communications with FBI, agent, Jason Richardson in wait. Wait what does that say Joe this right in twenty forty guess? I say go and bad policy in our era. Ok, thank you. I'm a plaintive was in regular communications with him at various times, particularly in mid twenty forty, despite these few pieces of correspondence with agent Richards have been produced, point also produce an email to Christina Prior the FBI, but not any risk wants to that: email. Folks, listen it! not Monday morning, quarter backing it's just same human being stuff to say the f B. I know about this and twenty fourteen. What the hell were you doing? Why me? What
more evidence did you mean? Did you Miss all this stuff. How many more people young women were abused because you did Nothing or didn't do anything of any substance may say gosh. This sounds really Beth. Thanks! Maybe put the the lid on the worst of all? No, no, no, no there's just there's actually more take the lid off yeah. It gets worse, sir. Your screenshot number five hundred and eleven of the victor, because nothing is apparently happening on the criminal side with the FBI. What are they victims reaches out to the FBI is how you think I can the videos and photos where where's videos and photos.
The marketing reaches out through the Christina Prior this FBI agent at our official email, address and says: hey, I'm wondering if you remember me from the Sydney consulate, I'm a victim in Investigation from the Jeffrey Epstein case- and I wonder if you could tell If I be able to get a hold of the picks and videos that the F b I made of confiscated from any of em These residences also can we ask if you might have any the flight logs and include my name in them to be sent to me as well. It's all forever and shall purposes would prove many things out my case since one of the victims in twenty forty asking the FBI, hey, you think I could get the videos and picks you guys may have For a civil case, I'm working. Well again, where where was this week,
This story! Yesterday,. We were all yet mature, Madonna trumps tweets, that's right down from selected I was the bad habit. There was it now. You may like finally to have no? No, it's not yet there's one more for your keys, yeah yeah yeah, look, I know you're like this can possibly- and I strongly encourage you again to read at Techno Fox thread on this there is actually more there. In the interests of time I had of what I had to make dvd the the inglorious six like how to pick the worst six things because there's more, this is Over the last one- but this is this- is just the coup de la. How long did the Department of Justice know about this? We have the FBI Forum,
the Department of Justice and why they do anything about it. Look at this court died at this. Look at this document expose yesterday they have emails. Joe again check me my reading this right that too thousand and eight five one. Doesn't h, I'm not reading Iraq, Paula right, just checking two thousand and eight, So now we're not even two thousand fourteen we're back in two thousand and eight twelve years go two thousand and eight. So apparently, someone has two thousand eight emails between all of these people and its continued delay in presenting a case to a grand jury. Do Failure to receive a decision from DC this,
So the grand jury, presentation, ongoing investigation and staffing of the case for the purposes of trial and meeting to prepare for grand jury prep, two thousand eight it waiting for decision from these e who, who exactly can't figure out DC what they need to do with grand jury, presentation. That can we get those names their wondering about the delays in the cap in two thousand and eight. Ladies and gentlemen, I just you know: what's at stake in this election again you're dealing with genuinely evil people dare lecture me. Webs. I worked in federal law enforcement. I cannot imagine a snare. I worked would really good decent people. I did.
I cannot imagine a scenario where someone approached us in our office in New York, when I worked among Ireland, said hey. I got a case here about under age, girls being sexually traffic by influential man connected the politicians, influential public figures and am we just walked in the Bosman like we'll get to it later. I get it. The treasury check case I'm gonna work here then import. Can you imagine a scenario where that happen? If you're a sane person you like, of course I can- and that's probably ninety nine percent of my audience on blacken believable you fill in the rest. I move in Iceland a lot more to get you and what are we dealing with this election? That's been the theme of the social, genuinely evil people. On the other side, you think you can
boy, this fight, you can't so yesterday, Pollack and vouch for me here I want to do I I was listening and they had a coverage of John Louis Furious and I wanted to hear people had to say about Jean Louis. I did I wanted to hear about the story. There is really amazing stories about Louisen, Pettus Bridge and Bill Clinton, told the story this backpack. Yesterday and now you know, George W Bush spoke no Clinton, who is apparently just a disgusting human being, but I wanted to hear the comments regardless Silas now my and the snow, my the Iphone out for probably coastal to three hours in it may surprise you by having worked with Obama for two years. You know, sometimes it's very hard for me to separate the personal from the police
You know I was on a detail for two years: it was one of his lead secret service agents and sometimes you'd see genuine moments, and you think how can this guy be so destructive? And then you see moments like yesterday we realise the awful human being. He really is and believe me I've. I say this with it from the depths of my soul. With all sincerity, it gives me no joy to tell you that all none not there is a personal attachment. There are very sorry if that Bosnia, but there is, and it's hard to dump it really it's hard to just throw it away. But this is a genuinely bad person, despite scandal, the corruption be the the use of a funeral yesterday I was really hoping he would get up as a
storing figure in America, first back black president, that he would get up and say some unifying comments. He did not have that. He got up yesterday and used a funeral for a civil rights icon to give a grotesque deceptive, in many cases, outright false political speech made to rally people for an election It was cross and it was supremely disappointing. Here's one of the low light where the great divide or and chief Barack Obama strikes again check this out. You know from is alive. The progress is fragile that we have to be vigilant against the darker currents of this country's history of honest without whirlpools
and hatred and despair they can always rise again. Bull or maybe go. But today we witness with our own eyes police officers, kneeling on the necks of black humour, George Wallace maybe go, but we can witness or federal government sending agents to use, tear gas and impotence against peaceful demonstrators. I'm not kidding. I I when I was done with the show. I really wanted to hear him speak.
For all a bomb is downsides as the most corrupt president. U S history and believe me, that is an accurate stated. There are some moments we can say things that could be perceived as somewhat unifying yesterday was not one of Bull Conner. George Wireless, you mean the Democrats segregationist using the example of George Floyd, which eyes showing correct me if I'm wrong here, universally condemned by every sane human being on the planet, including on the show immediately immediately. Amy I got emails from people, I'm not getting some who said Dan. We should wait for the facts. Man I very I understand we should always with the facts on that we're Crystal clear. No one disputed the video we came out next day and the way they would say. Listen. This isn't right. There was no counterpoint
It was unanimous. Would you use that example, John Louis's funeral, to take up medical shot at everybody else. George Wireless You mean the segregation is in the south that were Democrats later on. It was. I mean there were a number of low lights from this. I could go on all day about Obama and by the way, tear gas on peace. Protesters you mean in one's burning, the cornerstone in Portland. You mean the commercial grade fireworks. You mean the ones that have blinded federal laws.
Georgia damage arise, would let you mean those peaceful protesters, I'm just checking Brok Dumdum just checking again, you could have done some real good leg work to bring in the country together and you do what you always do shredded and divide, because that's all you know, but he brought up another point yesterday in his political campaign speech at a funeral. Funeral where he said you know the filibuster wear them. A minority in the Senate can block legislation. You know you need sixty votes in the Senate now, unlike the house, where a simple majority works, so the filibusters club, a Jim Crow, relic, the filibuster, so the filibusters now racist, Lloyd, Ladies and gentlemen, there are you. Are you know what you know exactly that's gonna come on. Do
How does a democrat narrative now? It is not a fact they fall story. How does it work? The way it works is exactly what Obama's is doing. A prominent Democrats demo But some influence Bernie Sanders Joe Biden, Liz Warren Barack Obama, whether it maybe starts to throw trial balloons test, because we want to get rid widened Democrats want to get rid of the filibuster, because their convince they're going to take back. The Senate would probably fifth one fifty two votes? They don't want to be blocked by the minority, despite the fact that has been part of the institution for airlines. And they want to enact the most radical, far left agenda in american history. Misty these, statehood, Porter Rico Statehood packing the Supreme Court. They dont want anyone in their way. Now they know. That's not popular Democrats are not dumb. They know suggesting throwing decades of Senate
tradition out the window to radicalized America's, not popular so job, in order to get people to believe that the Philippines which people generally like it gives the minority party rights that they wouldn't have in the house representing. What do you do yeah tag it with a label and what is that label every time? yes, re single time, so they float that trial balloon and they live the media pick it up now through forty years ago and the water Cronkite Peter Jennings, David Brinkley Tom broke out you're when they could control the narrative. The narrative from this point on now that Obama said yesterday it's a Jim Crow relic to filibuster, in other words its races to Philip, that's what it always is with them. We everything's race, you know, daddy. I Joe you're familiar waiting with just a little old Crocker, Cronkite would repeat it, and that would
the story around the country from this point on, if you support to filibuster Euro races to nobody, said this before just now Obama's now filter, here's the problem, these old school politicians, like living in the digital era. Now don't realize that we all have everything on tape. Now we everything on video. We have everything, green shots. We have links that won't go away, so we can look up if you act. Really believe because Obama said Jim Crow relic? So if you support to filibuster euro rate, right, I mean number anybody missing this for them, processing, Obama, filibuster, Jim Crow, relic of filibusters racist. That's what he wants. You first, headline from the Chicago Tribune, which made its way around social media yesterday to tat six just reality in the Washington Bureau, the scabbard tribute Obama, Georgia, Our buster bet against the leader. I thought that was racist. I did I
You're right about that, that's what I mean! Listen, I always need chosen put up with that. I miss is so Obama racist now. You can't say that I didn't say it: Obama said it, I'm not telling Obama's or if he set himself filibusters a Jim Crow relic. In other words, if you swore to filibuster, you're, a racist, ok Obama's supported the fellow buster. The difference Joe between when you were subjected to the David Brinkley ABC Nbc Cbs Monopoly, and now we have parlor. We have internet search engines. We have twitter facebook, where even despite their mass censorship, you can't beat us all. At the same time, I saw that on the twitter feed of Jim guarantee from National review
spread it around. To my two point: one million followers on Twitter, who now no Barack Obama's, is a total complete, fraught with you new way before yesterday. But now you know for a fact he's just making this up about the filibuster, because He thinks he can control the narrative. Any knows nobody in America, We are not a racist place. Nobody wants that, identify as a racist. Obviously, so we just makes it filibusters. Obama, who supported the fellow but it is our aim- is that you mean you all short hard pass on Obama's advice. You can take a seat number! You told us to take a sea member of our amendments.
You will probably get. You could take a seat in the back seat of got where jobs are not our. You can t see a funeral. Did they set a funeral and keep that my tells how wonderful Obama's I got time. Let me get this story here, because I had the honour of good note. It is Friday and I don't like to leave any view miserable folks. Your voice matters, it so I don't want you to feel like any of this is a waste of your time. It's these are futile measures, your voice matter, so I had a bunch of listeners which I'm very responsive to they have my e mail and their reach out to me and Facebook and elsewhere, and they sent me this story from Ohio the story about the Ohio Pharmacy Board, putting up a bunch of restrictions for doctors, so they couldn't prescribe hydroxide chloric when to patients with corona virus. They were outraged.
I'm not supporting any age, I'm not a doctor. I've just gonna be Crystal clear. I want to leave medical decisions. The doctors now again will be, of course, suppressed by the Tec parents. For saying this, that's ok, I'm on the side of truth. I don't really care about any of that stuff already got all Turner's work it out. I am not a doktor and not recommending you do anything but speak your doktor about your medical problems. Why is controversial controversial if your, whose whose area of expertise is us, good I'm the Addio. Whenever, maybe why would your doctor not make your medical decisions? Why would you leave that to a farmer seaboard. So people in Ohio and around the country were furious that this Ohio Pharmacy boy put up a bunch of obstacles to Hydroxyl chloroprene the governor stepped in might do and said
You gotta you consider this from what I heard. No, I offer my many listeners email me. The follow up. The uproar was. A seven thousand decibels scream and close stadium, and this is what happened- the Ohio Pharmacy Board back down, Really says, as a result of the feedback received by the medical impatient community at the request of governor the wine, the state of Ohio, where the pharmacy has withdrawn the proposed rule, the administrative code, it's Friday, Hold your head high for two important reasons on the show here at you. Take always tell em what you're gonna tell him tell him what you tell him and tell him what you told them:
no telling what you gonna tell him, tell him and tell him what you told me learn Edna when I learned how to teach them of the students and secret service number one Friday. Thank the Lord seriously pray denied their god. You are not one of these ghoulish leftist dancing on the grave of an american patriot or died. Thank him. Thank him that you have been granted the way, stem in the empathy to respect the dignity of life, even with your political opponents, people like John Louis that you are able to see through a lot of this and respect the dignity of life at critical moments when people are watching. Thank the Lord that you have the guts and the courage to stand up and not fall prey to silly arguments, while their celebrating the life someone who died, who may not even be might be any too could total opposite side of your party, but you have the dignity and gray. To understand. We can talk about that later. Now is not the time the laughter ghouls there, either
despicable awful people. They have none of that dignity. None of that grace or none of that integrity and thank God and prayed him for that and for their continued wisdom to do it. It matters all of it matters. I say again too: Thank the Lord that you understand that facts matter, but you will not be baited into silly hyperbolic outrageous and ridiculous arguments and give him ask him for the courage to stand up and speak out because the story we just addressed in Ohio, your voice does matter your voice does matter. You can speak up, and you can change things you just did it's a small step on that suggesting to you, ladies and gentlemen, any fight is over that we should take some victory lap that this fight for freedom is done and we should do more
down the shams at least eight, but I'm just suggesting to you the bigger fighter, one by winning smaller battles, and one of them was one yesterday good for you for speaking out. For said, we will let the doctors Those decisions are based on four June and internet really appreciated. Please watch my interview with great got fell. I promise you. It is gonna, be one of the more entertaining dirty. Save your life, you just be candid. Gregg is doing a ton of interviews Facebook. I thought he'd be super tired. This is most high energy Gregg, you ve ever seen, probably even on Fox. It was a real where he's a friend of mine, so the dying makes a little difference, probably now you used to, but it's worth your time Joel, I want you to Morrow morning Saturday about seven, a m or so you'll be on video to Youtube com slashed by you check out the video, because his mannerisms are hilarious. Paula had a tough time keeping in a frame ribald because he was jump at her with a check it out. They give another great. We folks who really appreciate our sea wall
Monday day, sir? You just heard GINO.
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