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The Epstein Case Explodes # 1017 (Ep 1017)

2019-07-08 | 🔗

In this episode I address the inside story behind the Jeffrey Epstein/Bill Clinton sex scandal. I also discuss the panic breaking out in the intelligence community over the investigation into Spygate. I address the excellent job numbers and some additional reasons for economic optimism. Finally I address the latest liberal effort to “change the rules.” News Picks: Nancy Pelosi’s daughter sounds the alarm regarding the Jeffrey Epstein case.

The job numbers for June were terrific.

College was becoming cheaper until politicians like Bernie Sanders ruined it

The FBI is going to blame the CIA for Spygate and the CIA is already looking to blame the “consultants.”

Radical, far-left congresswoman doubles down on outrageous “concentration camps” analogy.

Ed Henry’s emotional appearance on Fox regarding his sister’s health troubles.

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