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The Immigration Crisis Explodes # 1022 (Ep 1022)

2019-07-15 | 🔗

In this episode I address the exploding immigration crisis. We show some incredible video and audio of Democrats getting destroyed on Capitol Hill while trying to gaslight the public. I also debunk the latest liberal talking point about the Trump economy. Finally, I address the latest troubling revelations in the case against Mike Flynn. News Picks:Former ICE Director Tom Homan slams liberal lawmakers on Capitol Hill

Astonishing. ICE DNA tests reveal that nearly a third of “families” at this border area are not related.

Great piece debunking the myth that Obama added more jobs per month than Trump did.

This UK official thought Christopher Steele was “absolutely legit.” This creates big problems for the left.

An older piece which is worth your time. It describes the role of Bob Mueller’s old chief of staff in the Flynn takedown.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee thereby judo show back in our home base with a body producer job always mess not theirs they have friday even though he was there is really not take the day off rigel madge always less today unfortunately when we do road shows in poland i travel would boatloads of equipping there's only one lie bought plan b is coming shoe land joe state you for big news more whose report i will be on the five did i have my flight is not cancel carlos thing the five on fox five pm eastern i'm crazy how the five as at the fire you know me start in all kinds of travel on the show so don't mess that dvr you'd want to miss the five five o clock the fox news channel we'll be back in tomorrow's really excited a shell because as well
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immigration is theory as i discussed on friday with the democrats are finally taking off their masks when it came to the group you deal and admitting eo ceased chief of staff emitting it's not really about the environment at all it's about rearranging the economy as the new socialists do check out friday show it did very well you'll love it there now taken off their masts when it comes to immigration ladies and gentlemen immigration was never about immigration was ever about compassion for the democrats or for the liberals to death rats immigration is about votes power and when border i've got some videos today that are gonna blow your mind and the last one you are not going want to miss the last one ladies and gentlemen it is going to boil your blood what is going on in this country this video he's gonna infuriate you i'm sorry i don't like to play videos that make you angry i i'll explain he is well for those on audio don't worry economically but i just it bothered me i know what's going to bother you to judge already seen or video everyone here is right
go far left congresswoman ill omar at net roots nation and add roots nation she is talking about the united states the most compassionate country on earth that treats people dignity and respect and gives them due process which upwards of the ninety set of countries around the world cannot match what we do for the volume of people that come in here right johan omar talking about how we treat people in this country you come here legally illegally in knowing violation of our laws they have broken our laws how we treat them like dogs this was really gonna take you off with all their is civil option and if you ever think that you have it we're going to eat you worse than a dot one of our members said to me if there were dogs in those cages
every single member of congress would fall to make sure that all of these pages didn't exist so we live in a society we live in a society and govern in a body that might value the life of a dog more than be bell you the life of a child who might not look like theirs and that is completely jeez you do i guess i love have anyone the show because after these clubs i always we kind of a uncomfortable silence for people to digest what we have something to say that we just good you kind of fill the vacuum so the audio listeners don't take like we lost them yet what staggering about this joseph please due to this is a woman who supports unfettered acts to a boy you it yet the x
spare me here oh i know you did the x terminate in via the most violent way possible of aid human life inside the warm up to nine months of pregnancy we are talking about it completely viable human being veils pain brooklyn shooting of organs brain we'll talk very totally completely viable human being this is woman who supports a they we ve termination of that life than the moon and dares theirs compare the way we do the chain illegal immigrants not legal immigrants joy one is welcome to go to a point video domain of tom home and by the way the tom omens becoming like a national hero these they loved a moment there is a way to come here and file for asylum or a way to come here legally there is
a process you can enter file for asylum at a port of entry you can get a visa apply for citizenship there are but but i know we did it my house all it is a yuri how to come here legally people who have three gardener laws are detain this is there's not unusual about lawbreakers being detained comparing that same suggesting the united states government treats people like dogs while reporting the violent termination of life in the womb which you wouldn't do to withdraw if someone sitting ladies and gentlemen because i try to keep this generally family friendly show when i do my best doesn't always work i can't cried to you on the air right now i can't describe to you how grove slate term a boy is because you to video will be its demonetized anywhere probably taken down it's really that horrible's if i were you
suggest doing that to a puppy i'd be kicked off all these platforms but when ill no more n a radical left is bodies support that kind of termination of life and up to the nine month of pregnancy nobody bothers to bat an eyelash edge there's the country that has given her so much and so many opportunities a united states congresswoman she heirs to criticise the united states of america how they treat people who have said screw your immigration was i'm gonna do it my way that we have to detain them after by the way voting against money to improve the conditions of the people detained do there's still be pure on it dolt raided idiocy of the comments that just left the mouth of ill on omar she support wait term abortion while
urging the united states government who gave her an opportunity to come here claiming we treat people like dogs when you wouldn't even late term aboard a pup do you like that reggie i voted against our humanitarian bill to improve the conditions of people who broke our laws can we get a she voted against it while right urging the united states ladies but it is bizarre that people take congresswoman omar seriously anymore it's bizarre sheep probably appeals right this point steinhart extreme radicalism to less than fifteen percent of the electorate that may be being generous these a bizarre raise your statements she's even turned off may see policy of all people now joe what we of course johann o mars retort to this end everything else had tipp tom or you know where we can
i know where you were just a court of law that's what she's gonna do of course because that's all you were you shades meaningless were used to it whatever we just i don't need to pay attention to this by the way either this anybody else you said that about a single substantive policy difference we nobody cares any more thank you it's over you ve burned that bridge ok leave it to the right conservatives to call out racism we'll take care of that you guys on the left have complete forget it when you say doesn't mean anything anymore now nobody pays any except for em ass the at sea and i'm which nobody watch it can happen again you never supposed to talk about what you do during the brakes or before the shovel mean ok so job afforded shows i care about that tab open up why do all kinds of love tat on this
guy gives exactly zero about he doesn't care about your nonsense if you are going to appear in the character of tom home and he is going to sleep so i'll get to that this second where he deals with rapture we garcia but this one it's a noses stuff too he was a former ice directly you probably seen em on fox i might oh tom disclosure well good man actually ran into the night before this appearance with my wife right ball in washington dc which is funny such guy so nice but time is a tough guy former cop ice actor just is not in the mood to take your garbage are your got right so i see who generally knows nothing about anything i mean it's really sad she tweets stuff that civil then they omar at times of course they'll tell you you're a racist too because you it's all my fault you don't know anything it's another you raised or age you just don't nobody so i see is constantly joe gravity how many times have we played footage of ayrshire capitol hill getting absolutely
back to orientated racked it right she just as it nobody and i wonder like who feeding our these questions are they make it do our homework before she asked this so here's an exchange with tom home and where i see again seems to be confused about the devil between a legal asylum claim illegal asylum claims otherwise you can just walk through the united states anytime you i got asylum it's the way it's that has begun report of entry we clearly doesn't know that and she tries to challenge tom omen who just i mean you want to talk about an agency faced point this is priceless check this out we given the secretary numerous options to secure the border and save lives
so the recommendation of the many that you recommended you recommended family separation i recommend a zero tolerance which includes family separation the services we every eu citizen per good for us when the where the child zero tolerance was interpreted as the policy that separated children from their vile get arrested for do you i know of a young child in the car separated browser please solved in new york and i rested a father for domestic violence i separate that modern man i'll t respect legal families are not charged with any kind we learned in a country liveries violation eight united states called thirteen twenty five seeking asylum is legal and he wants it
sign a go to the port of entry to the league away they turn a general denies days and made it clear how can i have some be twelve for that maybe some road delia erosion something you may be some of that here brick house maybe some fat maybe some creativity polymer deck babies vitamin c real degree and if you feel good boy it's always era saw solve for that like a neo support there should be this agency know anything does this all the time she just oh gee face plants every single day had to oppose it thank you very much for sending us the whistle i hadn't attack wave my jose sent us because we have the red flag we have there the good guy we have we ever
is this your sense of what we have the referee had asked craig had got it will there you go back you as a whistle holding five years yossi do no everything it is real legal asylum are committed okra yes walking across the border outside of a parliamentary is a crime are you want aware of that you have to file for us at a port of entry you can't just walk into the united states anytime you want here are that's not the way eddie if this works ever so home of course you military did i dont get who is giving her these questions by cash are you watching our is she rearing anything before she goes up there there reason our approval rating in our own district is it can and that you are all wars the same their approval rate our terrible because they don't know what they're talking to just makes up retreat him
precise dogs we call it claims of course it's to claim asylum at a port of entry why in the united states not counting on asylum that's up away any of this works by the flag rebecca i draw these red flags go under the hood for a view i never even though when he got weren t just disappear behind it even others find them who's the i got so much of it already ok gets better owner s hearing gets good it gets bye bye better i been worse that for us but for them so lunatic rapid we garcia decide he's going to attack the integrity of tom home and joe no at tat moment leah job a good idea to weed out i would
what are we not do that attack the integrity of tom not a good idea ok this guy humiliates himself like rarely seen a member humiliate themselves and that saying a lot because this deed members a lot of among the democrats i'd or total lunatics home it's been a deadlock it patriot to this country as the ice director a police officer you don't have to agree with this policy prescriptions or his ideas but attacked in the man integrity is really gonna work out poorly for you why
this video listen to this audio of red chewy garcia in the biggest face plant pate maybe in the history of capital here with the exception of air sea check this out have we not learned from the interment of japanese americans mr holm and i'm a father do you have children how can you possibly allow this to happen under your watch do you not care is it because these children don't look like children that are or round you i don't get it have you ever held the cease fire the new arms first volley commissar disgusting should my fine drive out my fault i hadn't thirtieth lawyer i find you returned missus outfitting well i'm sure my country or thirty four years i held a five year old boy in my harms that impact that tractor trailer i knelt down beside him instead of prayer for him because i knew what his last thirty minutes is like we're like and i had a five year old son at the time what i've been trying
to my thirty four years servant my nation is to save lives so do sit there and insult my integrity it might of my country and for the emperor children that's why this whole thing needs to be fair then you'll remember you re on banks it you know job is dan as i'm watching that i'm sitting here like what angle do i take on this coming back and i'm thinking he's going to let that one sit i'm just going to let that one sitting that is not what i meant you bobby springy one i'm so let me inject one thing tat i was out with a friend last night's doktor friend the mine my wife and i had a that are really good time and he was asking me about what it's like to do media appearances and stuff on fox and i said you know what the left
typically does as they try to invoke emotion and the emotions typically based on values and they use a motion to attack conservatives stereo too a good example of this is what should we garcia try to do to home what tried to do to home in its use an emotional story about determine camps which tom home and by the way which was done by a democrat president should we garcia apparently not bright enough to figure that out on his own the fda are in turn the japanese and again jerry garcia guess doesn't know that its staff didn't tell him he's probably not that bright body try to do is improved the integrity of a dedicated american patriot by attaching him to an incident started by initiated by a democrat granted staying on their country no doubt on our country a stain on the initiated democrat president eddie you tried to attach home into it
ladies and gentlemen i can recommend and strong enough terms again i this is a family friendly shell but allow me for a moment that if you're ever put in this position you take exactly zero you get from these lunatics when they do this i said the guy was having dinner with one we try to do this and use emotional arguments are being it using those emotional issue impunity character that are in time early disingenuous home it's a patriot and everyone who knows it knows it you did well battle emotion right back at them you don't need a fake because of european my character i'm gonna be really p owed but you damn well better throw that emotion right back at him and good for tom for taking exactly zero from this area it trying to
impunity character what a joker it's gonna let stand all on its own cause it's really that's how it's done had tipp tom home it yeah now i said i was gonna get this video i got a lot more to get together just explain really lots of stuff on flynn this case is just imploding on the government of my when by the second so gets a great stuff from our body technophobe but more you on a rap disappears the final video and one quick story will move out of the immigration hysteria portion is show how to madame ok dvr folks this video as an inferior you i don't know what will i mean we live in a sovereign country that has been the most compassionate country to immigrants from all over the world joe specifically south and central america for decades now what we have taken in and embraced legal immigrants by the ten
of millions and what do we get forth again had to matt mauro news broadcasts are ok dvr we get this video from ice facility at a roar the illinois and pay specific attention i shall describe it free when we're done about what is going on you gonna hear some noise in the background play the video ok which you just saw and heard is it is it intergalactic disgrace of cosmic proportions had tipp admiral matt mauro news aids is twitter account where we got the video those our liberal protest
this protest thing for open borders basically an eye facility in aurora colorado paul down the american flag our soil and raising the mexican flag they all don't pull down blue lives matter flag and deface that is well made gentlemen as i said when i opened the segment this is the left this always been the left on immigration now no no no no no it has they ever hit this how for a long time the gift of donald trump as i have data stated on my show for over two years now is here ability to enraged the left so much that they remove the masks and show us who they were the entire time all of those speeches by bill clinton and obama about border enforced was it was all a mask it was all joke the left is always been about open borders and it
equally the dissolving of national borders in this you know we have to break people in which all about power and votes if they don't care about legal emigrate doesn't matter it's about open borders to them people are cheering this on an ice facility you know what roma it may joe of atm we i saw i watch the movie awhile back i always get him i watch him only for free later because i refer think of hollywood any money on most of these things i watch just movie molly's game and it's about this a true story about this woman who was running a poker rang a high and poker ringing in california and an end adoring she's not supposed to take money because its illegal you know when you when you're running a poker game as long as it's for entertainment you're not taking money you know it's that borderline lie don't know the law that a lawyer i'm just did them just summarizing the movie so basically because it can take any money off the pod what she was doing
was may be technically illegal so she sees a lawyer about it and the guy says what did you take any money for them as you know and it goes well that's because you don't want to break the law while you're breaking the law slide on top and she goes you said i was it breaking the law because you weren't but don't break the law while you're breaking up she's like confused i was it i dont get it was breaking the law was i not crazy about you getting what does this have to do with this big with this with this raising it if i ladies and gentlemen it's probably not a good idea when you are showing up too bright the law while you are advocating for breaking the law in other words taking down please good property a u s flight because it's a flag by the way it doesn't have any kind of way special status with the bad guys understand what i'm saying course it as meaning to us but joe follow me a flag is property because it's a
where does it mean it's less property its property you and steal my bottle of foundation you can't steal my are we hemingway book which is also give that a second you'd have allowed this year because it's a flag i mean you can take it and burn it still my property it is proper we're not a good idea while you're at an ice facility advocating for breaking the law to break the law but the left is so dumb middle get this watch the movie don't break law while you're breaking the law the best advice you will ever gas legal vice one or one for lips are today videos and fury watch it folks realistic around the audio pies please youtube com slash bud you know please check it out you will be furious
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for some bizarre reason thought the media was legitimate and were reporting fake news check this book but unlike twenty or thirty pages and you'll be ok the media is a joke amazing book check it out you'll love it really liked seriously what your time again a dishonor pay but it's just me i read a lot of books this one is incredible definitely worth your time justice on trial ok moving so up at what i predict jaw work of a week ago i told you then of course the trouble economy was gonna be the democrats achilles heel during the twenty twenty election they don't really have any way counter and argue the effectiveness of trumps policies in advancing growth productivity wage growth job growth they don't really have anything to say but but why but what why don't they have anything to say folks because they all voted against the trump tax cuts and is deregulatory agenda getting the red tape adequately what did against the democrats have nothing to say not
i'm supported at any substantive way the trump tax cut agenda do you see conundrum therein there they he had say like hey we did this because they didn't so what's alternative jobs as i'd predicted they are gone to start saying well obama did so i mad columbo our resident fact checker and liberal myth debunk rice mac can you put together a piece why because i'm respond to my audience i love my eyes i my emails on the website i'm some email me this article and forbes there are reforms try to make the case that because obama's bomb please job numbers is last twenty nine follow me is less twenty nine months in office work higher than tribes that clearly obama should get credit for the economy joe not five minutes later i'm watching a cable news channel and what is somewhat do they must have read that i was recently said there is a democrat of course
as a car obama gave the economy in a chubby deserves all credit is widely job numbers or higher i'm like i i when i was you could happen or you re jobs out i know so i would automatically matt reap now we ve about this thus i submit do me a favor put it in a peace so people can read it screen shot at shared the pieces up at our bond gino com it's in the show notes today has always if you subscribe to my email address by the way i just remembered pie forgot that the area of training them later sorry it's another piece of immigration for gotta get so taken by the topic it's called did obama add more jobs per month trump by map columbo it'll be it the shown us if you subscribe to email list which i implore you to do i will send you these articles everyday please read this peace it's really good here are some of the highlights first that's just lays out with the forbes article says that well basically the last twenty nine months of trumps ten year which has been his presidency tromp spin area
one hundred and eighty four thousand jobs among so the people the obama the obama these people you get in the abnormal obama the trump this kind we are now saying this in the forest peace as well listen door in the armas land tenure his last twenty nine months so where comparing twenty nine since the twenty nine muddy obama two hundred and twenty one thousand jobs among which twenty seven thousand more per month and charm self course of euro liberal buffoon who it does no deeper analysis at all these figures you come away with the conclusion that the obama economies better than the trump economy you be wrong of course as you are every single time you know it's faster has talking this doctor friend of mine said that last night you wanna keep bring him up at these really smart guy and i asked him how came to conservatism and he said you know because the more digging i get i found that we're right about everything the ass i told you
ladies and gentlemen why are those numbers indicative of a our second enemy under a a better economy under ok first off let's but up obama's during obama ear the c b o the progression budget office made a bunch of economic predictions this is interesting i've the laid out here matt does bullet by bullet predictions obama administration cbs made about what would happen if the obama trends continue follow me here track me folks the obama balmy congressional budget office laid out a series of predictions based on if the mama trends were to stay the same in the trump ear you track and in other words if they continue the obama economy his scipio said this this and this will happen ok let's go to the data requested data matters so
bobby scipio said basically what's gonna happen with entrepreneurship well as mad points out while entrepreneurship is great again with overall jordan fifty thousand more business applications pig filed quarter over the trend obama's scipio said would happen if they continued obama's posse you get it are you track it he said the obama scipio says this amount new business applications if we just continue obama's policies this is what will happen well trumped comes into a hundred and fifty thousand more by the way had tipp the kevin has one of our trumps economic advise you pointed this out if we were continuing the bobby economy we would have a hundred and fifty thousand less business applications accordingly obama administrations own figures that's their numbers number two
investment in small businesses in the trouble morocco is three two hundred billion dollars higher there would have seen had the obama trend they predicted continued they predicted three hundred billion dollars their c investment than the budget frustration produce about four jed's this is the prediction under the obama euro this their own trend so our business applications or higher investments higher than the prediction the obama p and their c b o congressional budget they always town or non partisan entering the trunk team as born predictions out of the water how did the obama team hand in the economy of the trunk theme surpass the obama teams own expectations gee i don't know maybe your making it up yes you always do point number three blue
our report would have declined how did it contained its obama you're a trend again their data it its grown and broken that trend that obama said blue collar report it is growing at the first three sits i teach eighty four when who was president ronald reagan the man lover on red bomb trend which blue collar employment down trump employment blue collar up let me obama who colleges tromp move and you not on the youtube you can visual yes now tat this is not like you know something the scream when i point one direction on your screen causes given their down is always down here is down eliminate hears ah
the two dozen reverse that i don't get up a guy like you you do youtube doesn't reverse doubted up his screen we use maybe sometimes scrooge whereas there were in this way and videos actually that way undisputed nano obama collar jobs down trot blue collar jobs ok that reversed i know this is tough for you lips i get it i know this is hard for you to digest but data and facts actually man ok last one and as the economy booms not only the unemployed finding work those you proceed though previously gave up looking for a re entering the labour force as they entered labour force their easily finding jobs since there are more job openings today than there are unemployed people because the gonna so hot so folks matt upon gino dot com just gave
you want wanna take credit for match worth its that website but mad gave you for tangible touchable data points blow away this ridiculous assertion that somehow obama handed trump this booming economy in case you need more evidence matt indicates something i've set on the show repeatedly and anyone with a you know can figure out obama is the mr president since the great depression to never see a single year of three percent economic growth in every year of his presidency it only took up until the second year in office to achieve three percent growth and would have kuntz consumer come sooner had this tax cuts and up and past until the end of its first year in office obama the years of obama three percent why by the way why does that three percent growth number matter folks three said gdp growth growth in our economy gross domestic product
is the historical average of the united states throughout history have people repass gdp growth three percent yes some of the quick nears we did in engineers we pass did we double that one year nineteen eighty four i believe it was six percent some we doubled you don't hard that is to do it it's economy now who we only president in modern american history to never reach the average in two by the way trumps only been in there for two years whose we want can ever richer do have exactly zero a goose egg zero years of three percent gdp growth obama the only one trump through years robbers bang history percent gdp now one five thing think all when it's not an match peace but i always like to throw out there is yes the obama administration during that job were created no thanks to obama by the way because
our economy recovers from recessions no matter whose office betsy we recently economy grew at all under obama obama gets zero credit for me but ladies gentlemen jobs were created under the obama years and the reason you felt like the economy stunk was because it did as acknowledged by the way my colleague fox donna brazil whose emails we're hacked into she email john podesta daily collar peace donna brazil slams obama economy they are a wage jobs carry pick it october twenty first twenty sixteen here the email id just this in email you don't you worry about it no one should still anybody's emails by really put this out there but this is brazil's email job protested quote i think people are more they are about how things are yes there new jobs but their low wage jobs housing the huge issue most people pay half of what they make to read this my e mail
i presume dnc email john protested hilary but the radiant guy about how either create jobs of their abominable crap jobs email it sars epidemic rats the obama economy was crap yet job we're being created but they were garbage jobs they weren't full time jobs you can feed your family on ben acknowledge that not me again you said that a cool hack and people's emails i wouldn't you know it's still a crime to do that but that's out there in the public doing this little but out of order but it's important get you the news and i want to missus dale emails reporting we're doing dna testing at the boy pollack we go back to the immigration story i mr them a mess up your show ok i'm sorry the and the immigration if we had to bring this up i just want to do this in their two more breaking news we can have this story up at the showed us a daily mail just in case you we're losing an imf charged for doing this sort of banana order but it's important get you the news and i want to missus the daily
reporting would do dna testing at the border joe rapid dna testing now and here there that's what i want to fix the problem at all where we're separating kids from their families in the third in the cases no you're not a threat the dna checks at the border these are not their family members which reads kids being trafficked at the border nearly a third the time for percent of the rapid dna tests show these aren't there kids i problem no here's my son were claiming asylum came here cheeks rob sir not related to the child ahmad sure what i just got a name that's called child trafficking ok again the damn creates a yo see johann omar suggest we treat them like dogs and stuff i tickets in our judges a quick question are you a simple yes or no will do its modest said i knew thickets
idea yes or no if someone shows up at the border with a young child who can't themselves a grown man who says i'm here to break your laws by the way but i'm going to claim asylum while doing it and i've got it kid next to me and it's my kid and we saw upham and there's no family relational yes or no it's a good idea yes or a bad idea no to take that child away from a man who just traffic them illegally across the board yes should we take them away or not we should be ass thank you producer job of daniel hits i believe we have received recently like a show for this why that my why should we tell me mover move your school i can't i can't stop woven i get so upset it story you care like you gotta put it that somewhere where i know where to look because i can't sleep get upset it is their trafficking kids on a border their trafficking
help with kids who cared to friend themselves who gets adult and democratic no crisis here no price it i've gotta worry about folks there d tests swap the cheek that's not their kid authority at the time all right finally some good news last sponsor their bodies that door dash thank you tore dash making our life so much is this in my wife and i super busy just like you not a complaint just an observation we're busy don't always have time to cook so what do we do door dash it door dash he's the best long they work tough day at school still stuck at the office treat yourself to the meal you deserve and you love your favorite restaurant doing door dash on demand from your favorite places restaurants come to you with door dash you love to cook but you know
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financial journalists out there doing the real work is not me and me alone yes round of applause i am not taking credit for anybody's work specially at techno fog on twitter who's been doing great stuff really knocking out of the park doing legal analysis of the obama nation no one is the mike when case do not miss this we covered at last we please go back and listen last week shows if you miss them but i'll give you a bit of a red cap because there's been some more court documents are body techno twitter has been exposed to us here is the long and short of it i believe the united states government with spying on might flynn because spying on my flynn they knew things about mike wins business relationship that even mike flynn no know because i leave my point was being set up my point we then pressure deciding document the government newest false but only the guy amid new fine didn't how because the government was spying on flight in his business partners flynn didn't
the information that government it so it's there the government warning him about what he was at the sign the government said hey buddy put you john the cock honest born side them added together as you lied binging naming going now we're going to charge you what we would call intrepid i would call getting screwed over by your own government when you're a decorated general stage army at an american patriot what happened flynn is international galactic cosmic disgrace of the highest order now folks what happened this guy david louth men at the department of justice a lawyer for the department of justice knee deep in this whole spy gate debacle by the way of risks some guy like i said spy gate all using the national security division i don't know what's going on with flynn we know flint is for after twenty fifteen is being spied on investigated we know this therapy reporting on into the united states government
because he's an enemy of the obama administration i ran deal and bomb of course as the spy in his enemies because that's what they do now we start to find out that the government you have some information on for so long part of it is they bring a man and this government lawyer david laughing joe works at the national security division remember that i'll come back in second i will be very important he works at the national security division with a guy pay attention to this law then goes up the flame and they pressure on to sign this fair a document basically saying you are obvious for a foreign government signed this document right flynn signs it but when does the pinkies lobbying for a foreign government so we tells the truth the document he thinks he's lobbying for a dutch company the government knows different show the governor knows that that dutch company has alleged ties to the turkish government flynn does
no this are you track and joe you the audience our environment where must stop me if this doesn't make sense room flynn doesn't know flint thinks he's lobbying for it each company but the guy no because the governments been spying on flame and is business relationships they have signed this form which he feels out honestly the government knows even though he's being honest the government knows the form is gonna be discredited and he will be accused of lying almost the media now how to the government have all this information i went to a bad techno underscore fog on twitter he highlights these documents for everybody to put out their follow this guy for the best information out their here's a state from the united states government is close to the courts and the courts i may really for purposes of the record can united states government is in possession of multiple independent pieces of information related the turkish government's efforts to inform it's u s policy on turkey to go on including formation lady to come
occasionally interactions and a relationship between echo my pet kin and mike flynn and pensions engagement of win because flings relationship with an ongoing presidential campaign without any reference to the defended and they go to some other stuff there ok so the government is now having to admit the flynn case is wins lawyers are saying double barrel bit off you're fellows we're not really get to cooperate with you idiots anymore four minutes now forced to admit that they are in possession of a whole boat load of communications involving for his business interests g joe how do you think they got that because they were spying on familiar and they set the guy up this case is like we need news explosion they made me want talker with me on friday we do that we need the explosion sands my face in this one this case is exploding in their face like you wouldn't believe what's the interesting new angle here remember this depart
and of justice national security division lawyer pressure split this guy david love and to sign this document the government knows is false but flynn doesn't issues flynn thinks working at a bank as i said on friday legitimately copy recover knows the bags run by the mob doesn't know that good governance as scientists forbes saying you worked for the bank not them up divergent wire it's my bag he didn't know now we know they were spied government s to admit they have is communications that why is this guy love men why is this these come last made my grandmother god rest her so she made the river that all that old soldier europe of little tab it all with me you're a louse my grandmother used to she never curse she would i wish i could say the same my criminal tat keyser louse faces a column louse meant david louse meant so
i spent precious one decided for who does laughing and work with over the department of justice national security this let's put up this old piece by our buddy jeff karlsson another primo tier one investigator out there this is for me twenty first twenty eighteen by our body jeff who used to write at the markets work john carlin before sd head who enable the fbi's carter page five weren't that's the title the peace this will be in the shone out it's an older please please read it why because of this little portion that'll probably open your eyeballs laugh men works the department of justice national security division which at one point was headed by john carlin from the peace john carlin was an assistant attorney general and head of the deal a national security the vision where louse men who pressures went to sign the form work on september seven twenty sixteen carlin announces resignation he formerly left the national security division october fifteen twenty sixty he'd been acting just an attorney general was confirmed in the spring of twenty forty
listen to this boozy our little previously served as the chief of staff do then the fbi director and i will here had known which on robert s this letter oh oh oh god where's paragraph carla is replaced with mary mccord what did mary mccord do she would later accompany asking attorney general sally aids to the white house to talk to don began regarding gender mike flynn where she basically threatened down began and told them to get rid of might hokey smacks blowing fifteen yards often slope ladies and gentlemen this do this guy flynn jaguar
i'm still a guy in in american he's got worked over worse than when somebody this strange oh my love in the national security division works for bob mademoiselle chief of staff john carton whose me even this whole pfizer gay thing right when i worked for mahler they were buddies he was its chief of staff so loud many clearly briefing carlin on his pressuring at least at all very mccord at one point marin recorded go join shall yeats associated await the us depression the white house to try to get rid of win clearly i was being briefed on this the whole time please mary mccord takes over and then they go in pressure flynn to sign a document because they've been spying on him a whole time which they all know about that they know is false even if one thinks it's true see here folks don't you worry about it it's all a jet our governments on the up and up why
a scam timbered you know sometimes shows rapid like i gotta i gotta do is get a couple more stores so the former ambassador to the united states who bash trump and cables and and is now gone good see later former bessie united states received in this daily mail story this is also up at the show notes and punch you know that camp sir kim derek ouch for steel he basically said theo was absolutely legit now of course the poor since the daily mail does good work sometimes here so tat them by the press is running with their saying look ladys gender you you get wrong with this wretched christopher steel who worked for hilary to produce the dirty dossier used to spy in the trunk team now we have former uk ambassador saying well you know in a cable he thought he was legit
ladies and gentlemen just quickly on this this is bad for the democrats either way why the media's pumping this story and trying to make it out like allocates look you know we all got home they everybody thought there was legit why they think this is story they should bury this thing like they bury all the other stories because this the disaster because there's only one two possible scenarios number one if sir kim derek former united kingdom ambassador to the united states doesn't like trump by the way if he's right christopher steel is legit them little no that kathleen catholic cavalier took while interview and chris we're still about his sources this little road is trouble job so i've christopher steel is legit notice how we circle this there then the fact its feel told us the barber visualize two sources were to russian disinformation specialists you can see on the screen now the note from nick off in circles sources that's what he told the state department then the democrats or in the world
because they have now owned the russian collusion scandal you gave him what is the media we all thought christopher steel was a jet okay if he's what jed then he's shit colluding with to russian this information sources he told us more resources the russian collusion scalable yours that few hand off its bent upon down the trump side now it's yours kiss now you can explain why your logic source was colluding with to russian this information specialist good luck the second option of course is the always not legitimate and every boy from the uk ambassador to the united states to the fbi the cia to bridge she can tell i my five at my six at others all got worked by this guy joe how many of them actually verified is information
she s not a heart that's a zero heart zero heart zero that is a zero goose egg none of them because the see has already been discredited it is false this he doesn't work for the media either way either way either you fell for this because you re sucker or the guy was would jet we are working with russians colluding to influence our election there is no option seafolk thank you their story today at this and this guy then do an amazing work and i can recommend you support him enough go to us but county is a number of ways to support his workmen andy no andy no may actually be at mister andy no and geo on twitter he's an actual journalist who has been doing incredible work just showing the public the danger
of anti for he has been done you may think the rise of these these terrorist maniac eighty first amendment savages back since two thousand eighteen so here's a tweet he put up this weekend the guy who showed up in case you missed it in a thug showed up at an inn facility and tried to bomb eddie shudder put a rifle he was killed by police and tacoma here's eighty knows treatises here's my video which catchers captures this guy willem van sprang that maybe j c a tea for militia member who is killed the estralla outside it to come a wash the nice facility police say he arrived with the rifle began to firebomb the place and attempted to make attack explode had tipp at miss andy no here's this video which he put out on his twitter feed of this guy who showed up trying to blow up the facility from eighty four at needs if a rally in twenty eighteen check this out just go home how what
let's go home oh go home ladies and gentlemen mr andy no supposing these people for their very was right there in the background that guy ville willem bans sprang no more with us was taken up by the police after trying to attack at tacoma washington ice facility these people it isn't gentlemen are terrorists thug savage animals had tipp andy now for export them for exactly what they of course the media won't touch it because anti for hates trump and the media is not real media anymore people like andy no are so nice work support him if you can i folks thanks it was a very energetic show i hope you like it has really excited about it i know you like did show so i can always tell i get shows via right away please watch me on this they are be on later five o clock again of my place i too late it really appreciated dvr it fox news channel five pm eastern time please
after a youtube channel youtube accomplished by gino and on our audio podcast on apple podcast google pod guess i'll radio sound clodagh so subscriptions they're all free that help us move up the charge you really she had an excellent opportunity and i will see you back in a home studio tomorrow you just ten bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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