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The Liberal Losses Are Piling Up # 1031 (Ep 1031)

2019-07-26 | 🔗

In this episode I address a confrontation on Capitol Hill which every conservative needs to see regarding deplatforming.I also address more devastating fall out from the disastrous Mueller hearing. Finally, we expose Bernie Sanders for more fraudulent nonsense.

News Picks:The top 5 questions Mueller refused to answer.

The conspiracy theory Democrats vow to continue the witch-hunts after the disastrous Mueller hearing.

Mueller really blew it this week. Here’s a devastating critique.

Watch GOP Congressman Sean Duffy slam this bank CEO for refusing business to detention centers. 

The Georgia hate hoax is blowing up in the face of the Democrat who started it.

The liberal language police are at it again

Former MSNBC host criticizes the network for promotion conspiracy theories

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