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This is a Disgrace! (Ep 1278)

2020-06-18 | 🔗

In this episode I address the outrageous decision to charge the Atlanta police officer, involved in the Rayshard Brooks use of force incident, with murder. I also address the John Bolton book controversy and the Supreme Court’s broken immigration ruling.

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Ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the banks. With your host Dan bone GINO outrages decision yesterday to land at a charge is police officers, the ramifications of which are gonna be far ranging and devastating ironic. Specifically to minority communities. Full coverage on at the dread full John Balkan and his dopey book full coverage on that loser. Also the dark, a decision as well. There came down today a loaded, they can issue about you by Express BP and your data. That's your business! Get a visa and today go to express VP and outcomes lash bond genome my welcome it Mancino shall producer Joe. How are you today is busy Newsday la what a Newsday in what's going on where going crazy again out overnight. Every single, no brother, you may now, let's get right, you ok usually three Tunisia
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involved in the end, the use of force incident where Mister Brooks did she I urge them one of them with murder. Or are you insane? This is I have never never seen seen a lot of bad things involving police. Officers being harmed and a lot of bad things, police officer, sadly, times doing arm now that we saw one a few issues: never seen a grotesque, overcharge abuse of authority. Ever in my forty five years on the plan like I've. Seen from this failed human being Paul Howard, this district attorney. He charged one of the officers involving the shooting of Mr Bush with murder. This is insane know, believe me well.
That's on you, I'm very sorry. You can read the news reports yourself, but if you don't believe me that this guy's got serious issues and seems to have been looking at a different videotape of the Mister Brooke, shooting we saw here Paul Howard, at this press conference yesterday, by the way which he gives before the GPA Georgia Bureau of Investigation, is investigating this use of force incident, even concluded at is barely started. Their investigation. He doesn't even tell the Gb I Georgia Bureau, of investigation that he's giving the press coverage just walks out in front of the MIKE's. Listen to this utter absurdity. Your Howard said this press comes just like this
I never presented a threat check this out in his own words, we concluded and consider it as one of our important considerations that Mister Brooks never presented himself as a threat, but why did this? gentlemen, even see the video I'm Really curious, so just be clear. Represent a threat. Dreaded air quotes means violently resisting arrest punch, A police officer throwing one of them on the ground. Steel their taser fleeing and act. If turning to discharge their taser at close range in the face of a police officer in hot pursuit, ever presented a threat. I listen to me. I'm not even messing with you. More to the liberals who listen to my show now the round
to rescue a radio as well. If you turn around the radio and hear me for the first time, this is the damp on GINO shall welcome, has put to rest area, listeners, you really believe that a man who is now violently assaulted you police officers, stone? Their taser and discharge into close range is not a threat. I'm not kidding, please see profession. Help. You worry not bag. You insane if we can't believe can come to a conclusion in their spheres of influence that there's some overlap here that at a minimum, this guy present a very serious threat to the officers and the public. You have a serious mental health issue. I cannot help you with. I can't you either that or you are one of the stupidest human beings. I've ever seen in my life is now a threat. Now. Mr Howard has its own issues here. The district attorney.
Which might explain why he made this outrageous decision to charge these officers charge him at all forget about we'd murder, which is what he charged him with one of em. Let's this law, dot com, article audits on ferries districts- are really it's not fair. So it's fair to overcharging officer and put him in jail for aid you go use of force, subjecting him to the death penalty, the officer, but it's not to scrutinise why you may have made that decision, not our that others show that when we do, we do when the truth, you here's a lot. Calm article fascinating. As in PA, race heads to run off. This is the county where power is the district attorney cannon spar and corruption claims and police prosecutions, wow interesting from lotta copy. This is about the same guy who just charge these police officers, one of em with murder,
Our campaign has also been challenged by accusations of sexual harassment and retaliation raised by two women who work in his office. She them spoils haven't reelection problems, claims Did I he's also under investigation by the State Ethics Commission over alleged campaign financial disclosure law violations. Interesting interesting, he's running for reelection he's in the middle of a heated run off, he barely got. What is it forty. One percent of the vote did even crack forty five percent of our he's. The incumbent he's got them. Sexual harassment charges levied against them he's got campaign for the actual this closure of ethics violations levied against them, but we're not supposed to take any of this into account as ignores the investigation going on into the incident. Does a press conference at outrageously charges these law enforcement officers, one of em with murder for illegal use of force
he's totally off limits not on this show no fags hard bass, worse with Howard, believe it or not a total disgrace to em. District attorney across the card. What happened yesterday was bombing nation is obvious in simple mob rule: they wanted a day day, just needed someone charge with something to appease, so they just did it just made it up never presented a threat. Are you really that stupid here's? from the Atlantic. What Lana Journal Constitution would ever maybe about MR, how it s kind of puzzling sky seems to find themselves in a lot of trouble. Gb I'd, would you be our of investigation, opens a probable for The pole, Howard over use of non profit funds Gash bill rank in a J C. That seems like a lot of trouble for our sounds, like it Ethically motivated decision to me, then it now
the charges guy with murder. Now I'm just checking here, but if you a murder, some and you are a police officer. I don't know, maybe sociopath, you just decide. You wanna go out tonight and kill somebody because you're insane. Would you do CPR on them afterwards? Begging them he breathing in staying alive, I'm in the daily mail as an interesting piece on this anchor it'll be in the show notes. I encourage you to spread this around. Doesn't sound. Like a murder case to me daily mail, Scuse me called Mister Brooks keep breathing key breathing for me. Fired officer who shot Mister Brooks dead, beg the Father of four to stay alive, as he desperately admitted CPR Body Camp footage reveals a guy who am I. I thought he murdered, so he murdered him and tried to keep him alive. It's real.
Weird how that would happen. And according to Hurrah, though I ve been going out at all day on Twitter, with with our dual videos and on parlor as well. Where I put the video up, you can check it out. Court in a rather, he seems to have some evidence that this guy had some racist density, I dont know where he's getting that he's just making it up. So he's a murderer and a racist. You have no evidence, while in her all those of agency is its manslaughter dismissal manslaughter which is equal, stupid. I'm done be a nice with this. You want see. The video is up against big had Tipp Joe Paul here for is the actual body can bid video listen closely for you. Listeners you're, actually better off you, the video people. Has it been as the little distracting even Ojo cleaned up a lot of turned upside down, because when the officers to see beyond its at a weird angle, the camera Joe FLIP did so we did some at it. But you are
This is that events. I want you to listen to the officer who just engaged in use of force or Mister, Brooks here and had a fire on him. I want you to listen to the officer begging this guy to stay alive. You sound like a murder. You check this out that sound like a murder to you. What does this sound like a district attorney desperate to keep his job whose forth any semblance of morals or ethics has is morals and ethics and his spine in the garbage abusing the powers of his office, charge someone with a crime. They unquestionably did not commit by the way, the penalty of which can be the death penalty. Outrageous, absolutely outrageous!
making matters worse then it gets worse, always gets worse Paul. How? is a colossal fraud, a corrupt, the who can't even get his own story straight now before I get to Howard. Excuse me, the media, who you know me, I mean listen. The media is worse than Paul how the media just lies. The you constantly, because that's what the media does the media loves lie the Liberal media worships the lie there, the Pravda of our time. The media is now obsessed with this narrative that, when Mister Brooks terms to engage a police officer pursuing him with the taser he just stall and points in it. Close range that this is definitely not deadly force by the way it does. It have to be. Doesn't have to be there. You can engage in deadly force. We are police officer, someone engaged.
The use of force- and you isn't using deadly force yeah Yes, but that would require liberals to educate themselves and are, although to which they are not interested in doing at all. All the subject has to do in a fleeing Phelan case is present the threat of serious physical injury or death to the officer or to some one else. Do you wonder Stan liberals, Oh, this is hard facts and stuff. I get that. Please research the case yourselves, the Tennessee, Garner kids. It's hard to read a police officer can use potentially deadly force if the fleeing subject is a threat Did you call serious physical injury or death Cuomo on CNN doesn't know that either who is dumber?
a box. Iraq's would MOSS growing on them whose cost that way trying to inflame the situation as well. Now, a teacher that the media keeper might- I just told you D taser- doesn't even have to be deadly force. It just because serious physical injury, you know just like us These are barb to the face tied a serious now, just saying you know, that's not even the requirement deadly force The media has claimed even worse. For them in their lives that terrorism is in fact deadly force. Come on Dan they're telling us now, just a taser man since the taser Let's go to the New York Times themselves,. Again, showing you the idiocy of these complete losers, who you should entirely ignore. This is done come back and twenty dwell, pagers pose a risk your heart. A study warns headline then sound. So bad, let's go to the opening paragraph
same New York Times, trying to argue to you now that case There is no big deal New York Times the electrical. Delivered through the chest by occasion can lead to cardiac arrest and sudden death according to a new study, although it is unknown how frequently such deaths occur, may say to yourself, if you just the second ago on the radio or elsewhere, you may say the New York Times they just right. Get their acknowledging taser could cause death No, no! No. They wrote that twenty two. They change your mind now now, because it's a different, political scenario, and you know there the Soviets there, the soviet media, you know the Soviet proved, the new Yorker they're, going to change their story in item are now that thing we around twenty thought that such anymore nada, We were getting when we said that just a joke, just average messing around may say our job just New York Times not out not just the New York Times its concluded, a taser could be a deadly weapon even worse. In the hands of an untrained individual
trade people know with occasion not to shoot at ahead with it. Mister Brooks on that nobody's taser training, as I I'm pretty sure. It's not that detail just checking. I keep I regret that sought even the standard. The standard is causing serious physical injury. It's not even ass, the cause death, but that doesn't matter liberals, because their morons here's roar. There's onto users again, I'm sure this article is gonna, be retracted, immediately, right, Reuters, of course not because our entirely fulcrum- they don't twenty nineteen writers. As So he's rising. U S. Community start. Rethinking Kayser use this article probably disappear tomorrow, my guess, but about their rights so tasters can be deadly, so communities are real. Their use where you can put that in the article about Mister, Brooks Right, taser points in the face of the compromise
it's to be in your articles right, the New York Times. Of course it is I'm not even kidding folks. I genuinely feel bad for you if you getting your news elsewhere from other people, because they are all abysmal, discuss thing: grotesque liars, who won't even acknowledged around reporting. Now, you may say our idea and use presented. Evidence here that the New York Times and Reuters at least believe cave pagers can be deadly weapons. I mean they wrote it in all. Right haven't retracted those pieces. But clearly the fallen county. Drink attorney, Paul Howard, this corrupt, the crab who just mean in it and most disgraceful charging episodes. I've ever seen in my they ve MOSS. Clearly, he doesn't believe the a deadly weapon. Joe I mean we just showed video right where he said quote about Mister, Brooks that Mr Brok never presented as a threat. His quote. Not my Kayser face please out his words. Folks again, I know.
Logic is hard for the liberals. Listening to the show, I know that's so, let's list Paul Howard, two weeks ago, when the tables turn and a police officer using decay that wasn't stole from their stolen from them by the way by Mr Bush, when he said it set a police officers pulled over some. In a car and use one of the cases Howard daughter was advantageous to attack those cops too. So that is trying to make a point about how dangerous tasers are, because the cops were very gauge. This is listen. Appall Howard about pagers Joe two weeks ago check this out. All's and charged with anyone saw of Miss Pilgrim. This is for pointing a taser at MRS Peel ruin. As many of you all know, under George, allow taser is considered as a deadly weapon. Underage if you love job did do I did I hear that wrong
While I just checking the did. You did you out here, I'm just say the district attorney a fault in county. The guy who just said tasters are not deadly weapons. Mister Brooks was oh Brad are not terribly weapons. Now You just not hear him say under Georgia LAW the tasters considered that let me take up all. Let me take the three of us, thereby- and you know what do you think, thereby Junior says: yes her pull Howard, say the exact opposite thing. He said yesterday, Joe, did you not here and just say that that occasionally deadly weapon, Joseph Enchanted, ok, that's too where'd, Paula, we'll go for the three four. Did you not hear that is well? Paula is not ignore head an approval behind the camera, so we have people here who just Paul Howard, we can say occasions a deadly weapon, yet yesterday says the taser, and this subject quote: never presented a threat. Who do we believe two weeks ago, Paul, Howard or Paul Howard now to waste Paul Howard. Today, yesterday Paul Howard, two weeks,
oh Paul hours yesterday, but I don't know, I don't know what Paul Howard to believe the edge believe neither of us because it's the same Paul Howard and he's a fraud that I want to show you a picture in a minute? to them. I want to show you a photo for all you arm, chair, liberal geniuses out, though you with all your advanced police training and all you know like get deadline. Sir Michael Rapporteur. I got into a fight with this morning and social media member that loser most of you. Don't you factories claim is claimed, is famous calling in the Howard Stern, whining about fantasy football he's another one. Hollywood people know everything about police and you know Joe, they ve had so much detail, training in their acting rules being polices, data about being a cop than a guy. Who actually was? What do? I know, I'm just a carpenter, seven, five basic, why they re right played on tv police academy, twice Secret service academy with an actual instructor Eric had me what the hell do. I know you were. You were nowhere
He's at all, but not you actually see the photos amiably occasion, I don't think I'm making this door there's actual photo. Evans me police, uniform all that I'm industry a photo had Tipp James Woods, the actor James. What Put this on his social media, feed and interesting picture of her for those you watching it almost made you, as you were seeing on Youtube right now, the photo you'll see this is a subject running away. It's a stage fixture that picture. How do we know that Because you can see a blue weapon blue happens are are inert. They can't fire anything. They have their firing. Pins remote, but your fears subject running away he's running away? Clearly you see his back his head turned a bit, though, and you'll see his right arm, pointing what appears to be a weapon at an officer, and all you can see is the officers hands and the blue gun now? Can you We work tat, is you know what just think policy to me. I'm not mess. We keep this up for just a second Paula by talk over policy,
morning, not a joke, not for effect on the show. I'm not kidding Paul said to me when I gave this picture. I can you put this in the show today she said What what is that is that a occasion or a gun he's pointing I'm not kidding, I said. Thank you, Paula she's, a genius I said that's my point. I don't What that is All I know is it's a guy running away, pointing something at a cop that looks a whole lot like a gun. Ladies and gentlemen, I have twenty ten vision. I have super good vision. It's my ass men, superpower, although I'm losing it a little bit as I get older I've been through, to police academies? I've been through a federal law for Academy, federal law enforcement, training, censuring Blink, England, County Georgia. I've been through the seat service training centre, I was an instructor in the secret service training centre and I can't tell you what
guys holding in his hand,. Let me add a couple layers to this. Let me a pulse rate of a hundred and fifty beach permitted, because you were just any bra, with this individual on the ground. He just took out two of you stole your taser and you ve, just sprinted about fifty yards catch him as he turns around, and that's what you see. Although we have one more factor, its nighttime. But again all the genius is out there. Liberace knew it was a taser and that's not a thing really because that somebody wrote your media reports of somebody D said, but putting that aside he knew it was a taser. You don't even know it's a taser in a still shot. I just kept on the screen for what Paula penetrate minute straight you don't even know it's a teacher in a still shot.
Taken at close range you. Even though that. The answer is, I ve, no idea what's in that photo and police office- who, just nearly out his life taken, do Minafer fistfight, where the guy stole his taser included discharge at close range, probably was it taser either, and even if it was its deadly force, going to the district attorney who just charge them. What murdered the cops we are living in Psycho times right now. Ladies and gentlemen, there is an on silent minority that started during the tea party that I think been pressured into becoming follow me here. A silent majority. Lotta people are afraid to speak out.
But based on the texts I receive from people the emails I've got to tell you. I wouldn't be surprised if President Trump wins in the same landslide. He won before. I really wouldn't candidly, regardless of even what happens if the economy people are genuinely terrified about. What's going to happen to this cut, If these democrats take over I've got a few more in this? I got to get to one of my sponsors you as well, and I got to talk and stuff. I also got the bolts stuff. I've got a ton of stuff to get through to loaded, show, I'm so thankful, just today show also brought you friends you here at the beginning of my show. Every day, if I have not convince you to get a gps to secure your online data and your internet privacy, I don't know what else I that you make it a terrible decision. If you're, not, please is really smart is what we do. You hear me talk about how important is to have a Vps, especially now
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is it? My show note by the way are critical today, I'd like you to read them all. Please advise. You know that consolation newsletter. Have all these articles input, not so state as an interesting article. We love red state by the way interview show this week. We have to offer Two guests in one show recorded some of it last night. The great king, Davis from red State is a very emotional interview about race, policing, school Joyce, how California, Tromp could make inroads in California that'll be out, the Friday night of this week, and so look for that interview shop had Tipp to redeem them. He gets got turned from the White House to article Red stay though the blue flew? What is the blue flew on that police officers call out basically in mass sick call out sick for work and an don't show up because they feel like they're on their resolve and are going to be locked up in subjected to potentially the death penalty for engaging in legal use of force, episodes red stay by shipwrecked crew
ports, Atlanta, PD officers, walking off job tonight, as murder charges are filed by Fulton County Deah. Ladies and gentlemen, you think the Ferguson effect was bad. They d police, of neighborhoods after the Michael Brown Incident member, the hands up, don't shoot narrative that was fake. Member, that fake story, fake news hands up those remember that totally fake. We d policing that occurred after that is officers, feared going hands on with subjects for the fear of being thrown, gee I locked up sooner subjected potentially to the death penalty themselves, was very real you're about to see that now, when more article on us, it's up in the shown us so good one. This is a terrific point. By any scary, Wash Samara. Terrific point: you know it's fascinating when it comes to violent protests to show what are you always here and the media mostly, please, Virgil, mostly peaceful.
Possibly as the buildings are burning down behind ever that AL eventually, video from MSNBC. It's mostly please follow you. The buildings burning, peaceful fires, peace, reading this not at that's, always the disclaimer right. You have to say that. What are you scary makes a great pointed ears. This headline from, though I suppose read this article is go up. He said Harry NEWS Media, The police are overwhelmingly peaceful, do Why is it that the disclaimer job sober? We, this incident with Mister Brooks tragic. We definitely want yet. This is in summer It is a real world. Guy died, wish that enable This was clearly a legal use of force. Clearly. So we're talking about God and the left since police brutality. That's there lie shouldn't neighbour the disclaimer you police, who are overwhelmingly peaceful? We ve had
Episode here involving potential use of forestry, why don't they get that this claim the answer because it doesn't fit the left. This narrative, that's a great point. Very scary, burn down a neighborhood beat the crap out of people hit them with bricks. You know stamp. Up in the neck. Don't worry these products were mostly peace, wino cop neck knife, the guy in LAS Vegas, get shot a neck, is paralysed, Minetta, mostly peaceful, largely peaceful, but the fact that. I'll, be millions of police interactions every year in the United States many result in the fatal shooting of someone zero. Zero, zero, zero four percent of interactions, very statistical definition of. Overwhelmingly peaceful contacts with the general public. Can you here that the news now because it doesn't fit their sick, deranged, inflammatory narrative. Ok. Let me mention Dhaka quickly, dock at this and came down this morning at the Supreme Court. That, of course, was the Obama european
Graham deferred arrivals regarding the children were, to the country illegally Supreme Court. The disgrace, we'll John Roberts just day an embarrassment to the bench. He is entirely politicized, the Supreme Court. Maybe he was appointed by Republicans. It doesn't this guy, These are all he's all in. There is no conservative majority. This report, this guy's, a liberal through and through John Robert. He is going go down as the worst Republic in appointed Supreme. Court justice? In? U S, history, no question! He just makes all the he's the same Obama care bring him on the citizenship ruling the guy's a total disaster just quickly what happened they rule against the Trump administration discontinuing the dock programme. Having said that, they did This does not absolving roberts of his grotesque. Politicization of the bench at all, but they didn't throw out the programme entirely
It was a five four ruling Roberts, of course goes along with its liberal bodies. That's all he does now is a disgrace to the bench. Total embarrassment Roberts, who is new appeased washed imposed up ad section said it's not that tribes decision was in fact to discontinue the dark. A programme for children brought here illegally, not that that was in violation of law. It's how they did. So the Trump administration can go back and Taylor it and then the decision in their favour later again, Roberts is just making it up. Ladies and gentlemen, he has no power to do this at all he's just making it up totally completely making it up. Roberts is an embarrassment to the bench move and I guess I don't want to lose my mind over that. I'm really upset about that. I wish we want to show you this article as well. For those young. You read this it's in other articles from twenty twelve, but it's up in my show notes. I want you to show this to you:
RO friends do because it is again a myth out there being propagated by gas, lighters, liars and soviets and in her Aldo, to keep making this up There is a myth out there I thoroughly undressed. Yesterday There is no scenario by which a police officer could fire at a subject where those rounds might hit him in the back. That is false. That is inaccurate. I can give right now, probably ten or twenty examples where police, It reduces firemen. Those rounds may in fact hit someone in the back someone who turns to shoot at them Continues to turn to shoot them, someone is climbing offence Suicide bomber, a terrorist is about to engage a crowd of people. There are list of scenarios, by which an officer would fire at someone impetus, We hit them in the back is so endless. I don't have time on the show to go through them all. So, let's talk, a real life scenario, where may have wanted to engage somewhat shooter fleeing where some
and actually was almost killed. Here's an article from I think it's go up state that calm whatever it may be, as from two thousand to our thanks to the listener sent this by the main I didn't find this by myself. Thank you. Forgive me. I forget your name I'm going to state our current deputy back at work after being shot while on the job. Well, oh, let's look at what happened here. Go to the screen, cheerfulness. Lose my screen from this article. I want a wreath folks: pay attention, I'm at a rate So this is really important, really turned the volume up a little bit so the officers name is bread. James James was a nine year veteran law enforcement, known as it go, get her furs aggressiveness and pursuing suspects. He gave Chase for it to a neighborhood, our south, that church street near. Can really drive the suspect Robert Brown got hung
I see tried to climb offence, trying to escape off Sir James Accord, new investigators. Taking aim at Officer James with a handgun called the judge. We can chew which can shoot both bullets, Anna and Jack on shells, he pulled the trigger investigator, say. Hit officer. James above is right. I allow me eyelid Shattering the eye socket and ripping skin from ear to ear James. Instincts, however, told them to turn and run officer, say another shot was fired by the suspect time the shell containing bird shod hit him in the lower back and Buttocks area Jane, went down, but he didn't give up. He got to his feet and cheese the suspect, another two hundred yards deciding that its injuries we're too severe any needed to stop and get help. Again must rely on the expertise of known law enforcement officials? Well, hurrah de Rivera,
who says now, there's no scenario where you can engage us back when he's not exact we face a you well, what, if Spacing you a second earlier and fired a shotgun shell that hits you in the face. I'm just checking or all the does that Mean York made up criteria if we use a form just checking with you has arrived, whoever heard of lag time What time is where It is a known quantity in you to force analysis, A police officer there is aid lag. He is reacting to a pro active subject if a subject terms to fire by the time The officer process is what is going on and engages in return. The subject will have likely turned around again because there's a leg time to process the. If it doesn't mean he was trying to shoot him in the back here,
trying to fire as he was engaged and can't predict what the guy's gonna do by the time he did engage. Subject turned around again, though Officer Brad James about that her, although, if your interested you're not of course you're just gonna call everybody erases, which is disgusting and pathetic, and you just do not understand the use of force continuum at all and the fat you're totally unwilling to educate yourself about it, it's just I mean seriously unforgivable Let me get my neck sponsor and I'm gonna get the Baltic in and I do want to place video MSNBC Msnbc. If I'm giving it if the MSNBC something seriously wrong about this is really the IDA. I don't know you saw. I was like one, what happened like somebody MSNBC, they tell him the truth: alright ratio, my friends at genocide, Summers here.
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free now all orders today or upgraded to free priority shipping go to genocide. I come genocide, g and you see how that come put Dan Thirty and is a promo code Dan, three zero! Get that deal tat. I check that our aim, but I ain't you can. I am like TAT in my face and stuff which, in the corona businesses, With the corona Times, it's not good, so John Boltons releasing a new book again everything on the damp hygiene or show you need an hour. John Bonham, Johns Bobby upset because we have a kind of war with sixty seven countries, yet under the Trump administration or ball never saw a war zone even like, or did my Bible months, a bomb everyone you know Martin count if I'm concerned at both may want to bomb Martin County floored at some point we have an air raid siren jobs at a ball, makes the bombing there's never been a war anywhere on Planet Earth Bolton, didn't support, getting insidious bones,
a war hawk like a war predator drone that huge the war. Walk out of the sky, because he's not war hockey enough. There's we're on Planet earth Bob like listen to be fair, though seriously. Why? The President higher Diskiver, no idea really He's been on the wrong side of just about every foreign policy issue in the history of foreign policy. So bold now wrote this book. Hilariously called in the room ass if he was in the room for the conversation, because many of the conversations he cited as Portugal, where once he wasn't in the room for it's amazing, I say this as a credible. That's really bizarre job solvent Will you actually in the river there now another dude was so she's your book another due to the room or you in who in the room are we talking about so bold new this credited hack and generally just the life loser. You know who
bomb any country with a name and if that he'll make up the name and make it a country himself back to bomb squad. Saturday wrote this book because easy grafter Annie SAM, you know a cheaper achieve pay day and its trade, ensure trashing Trump Doble, that's fascinating, because I had to dance You know I saw the sun. Is twitter, feed There's a video of one minute, montage of John, both in science, the nice things about president drop when this job was about. When you want it, when you get a paycheck, here's Johnny be Jack about. As an accomplished. What? leaders have repeatedly promise but consistently failed to deliver. He looks after the best interests of the american people they're the ones who elected him, they're, the ones he's responsible to and his administration will deliver. I am confident he's not gonna make the same mistakes that President Obama
made or- and I think one thing you can be sure of- is present trumps, not gonna, make the mistakes prior. Straightens here. I think the presents do in exactly the right thing present correctly understand when China gets economic power by stealing from the United States and others to time to call a stop to it. Well, I did. The Trump administration has been very tough. It is imposed enormous sanctions on Russia. Since January twenty seven chain, the president has taken decisive action to defend our election systems for meddling in interference. I think the president's right policy here, where I think he's got another year of accomplishments under is. I just want to note this Kramer, no bombs were discharged during the plague that video they made.
They bought my house after the show. I don't have any bomb protection on my home. It's hurricane resistant. It is not bomb that I'm worried that God, this guy's nowhere near any bombing materials. At this point, this guy is the item. I mean He's disgrace themselves so repeatedly on foreign policy issues that area so interventions that he's still is allowed anywhere near government odyssey was a failure. The Trump administration there's no getting around the captain must Here I am We're hawk he's like a war time. Soares everywhere, loves wars. So in praising tromp. Of course, buddy. Level. Some serious charges in the book whether worth entertaining I mean the submission just ignore it, but it's quite, but Are one of the sea the more serious charges book, I think, is that at some point Trump told
Chinese President G, that the concentration camps where, like that, what the weaker than were like a ok, a Mr President, go ahead and build those concentration not kidding, I'm not be hyper. Biogas is an actual charge in the book, but fascinating, Lena again, boldness book title. I think it's in the room naturally here the president's say that he got it from a guy who translated it from another guy, apparently check this out, Wall Street Journal. This is interesting on that allegation, which is serious. He says the opening dinner of the Osaka summit, with only interpreters, present G had explained it trump why he was building concentration camps According to our interpreter, Balkan States trot said that e should go back without a building. The camps which trumped up was exactly the right thing to do interesting, so bold
Claims to be in the room is actually getting it from someone else who was an interpreter who heard someone else say it from its fascinated. Again I dont tell about a liberal, I'm interested in actual news of a serious charge, no question about it. Here's a problem with that. Anyone familiar with foreign policy whose followed the China situation, as I do I have to. I commented on the news all the time. Joe President G from China is never admitted to having concentration camps, kind of a problem. No. There there. They are very real, the weaker definitely suffering in those concentration camps, I've open about it on the show their grotesque this is human rights at the highest level. They are definitely there. She's, never acknowledge them. He calls them by these
Dickie, less names like re, education, communities and other you know: soviets, Thou, Pravda efforts. So you're suggesting to me both the new says he heard it from someone else who heard it from Trump I thought he was in the room. The presidency was never acknowledge the existence of these camps at all, just the movie bird blurted out and President Trump said this great idea folks. The story sounds ridiculous. Ridiculous. And by the way, if the story was true, I was in the administration. I mean job when you go to the media right away. That's a disturbing story! Nancy! go to the media right away, right away, oh, no, no! No! No Joe! I had to get it my book. First we're going to pick up a copies of fraud, folks skies a fraud you're suggesting the present United States supports concentration camps in China and you held it and
you can put it in your book Just checking on that. Despite the fact that the charter France has ever admitted to having concentration, gives you didn't actually here. If you heard it from, heard from someone else I think we should discard that here's another interesting take from the New York Times No bombs have been discharged, during the recording of this podcast episode. They were here. I don't know what would happen, following Hobbes every war everywhere. What's the Bob everyone all the time job, We know why bottom was really motivated here. Look at the New York Times has an interesting snippet from this peace here New York Bolton seems incense that the unexpected display of caution and humanity on the part of Trump, deeming it the most irrational thing I've ever witnessed any president. Do what are they talking about? They were talking about that episode. Where president drop at the last minute
turned around did not changes I did not want to bomb the Iranians for that Predator Joan Incident because he like too many Iranians civilians would be kill again Bolton who can't get enough for them. Things. Let the bombings commence was very upset that President Trump did in fact unleashed the bombs he wanted. Now. We know it's really motive in this guy. He hates me He wants Trump, the bomb everybody all the time everywhere, everyone all the time he wants of the bomb than that as Chaz Stand, jazz, Albania or chop instanter. What does it chop now chop? Albania, John Shop, will stay. Yeah. He wants a bomb em, you probably most Bob's. He's upset me bobby me ism
Should it taking out a solar model which happen afterwards, requests for Bobby left out of his book, but that's a whole other. The bottom needed. I shall, of course you to hold the whole that concentration camp thing all didn't we can put it in the book. Very brave, very brave jumbo loser. What a loser! Ok, good! I got to me doing good on time. You d think Sir good feedback, Roma from parliament in this video always stunning. I saw this yesterday on Twitter and I was shocked shop. This is Stephanie rule from MSNBC. You know Big advocate for school choice I have been it is. I think one of the most important issues of our time, the greatest untapped Reese in this country. Right now, it's not shell oil. It's not far in
and coming in it's none of that stuff. The greatest untapped the resource in our country is the human capital. The human intellect capability being lost because we are not educating minor, already why asian other students, everyone In struggling communities were crap schools period full stop, as I'm close. Second. The brain power being wasted the lives being destroyed, these inner city communities where these kids schools are garbage Flaming garbage is a disgrace to humankind. It is the most one of them I get it to this by the way my interview would cure Davis, which you're gonna really appreciate. She hasn't fascinating point, and I want to give up here. A fastened in point. I haven't heard made about school choice before about networks. Listen to it, her explanations phenomenon. I dont even consider that, I only considered the education point, you know you have to go to crap school, you like it
Educate eighty, we considered some of the other stuff she brings up, but keep the seventy rule and MSNBC. I mean that I'm not being silly for fun We calling out grandly Weingarten, Miss Teachers Union Advocate who produce really give a crap about kids at all. She just my kids, Schuman, kids. She months, kids basically struggling schools, seventy roles is not evident today. Like area, that's a great talking point or thought will fix all the old, but what about now? What about the kid you have no shod right now. Listen Stephanie rule on this! That big big, huge at him for
finally pinning these people down in the subject is that of our education is gonna two hundred billion dollar budget, Stefan under funded, and we know that there are kids living in cities in in this country, where those cities where those schools aren't serving them and if you live in an inner city and you ve got kids your best chance of economic mobility for your child is through a great education and there are signals that aren't serving our ten. Those schools need to be fixed, like we did in New York City editor unwrap owing to get kicked today, and if I had a kid today, which I do, I am children today in school and they went to a public school that wasn't serving their needs and I was in a position, work and send them elsewhere shouldn't we say we want that choice while your job this we may disagree our lot, but. You know, I'm willing to put disagreements aside and other issues to give you a serious round of applause for doing Folks, you know me so I don't celebrate MSNBC their conspiracy theory
They are a lot of what they do is just grotesque before me Would it be like liberals when there spheres of ideological leaning, send there's some overlap. We should celebrate that overlap, because real people get hurt when we don't, for me to say our Skurse using MSNBC. That was stupid is asinine, because there are kid suffering right now. She makes a fantastic point really mind. Just wants more money for schools, because that's all she cares about is money for the union she's advocating for she doesn't care about Tee you brought over seventy Rosalie, What about kids right now we're in schools that suck like do they get a choice? Now they don't get a choice will be fixin with more money, for teachers unions. I represent more money later down the. When we see our spheres overlapping, we should link she'll. And move forward because our real lives at stake in matters, and I above below or anywhere else praising
Anti Liberal, whose willing to join us in that fight. Seventy never met her in my life and don't I've ever I do MSNBC. I don't recall ever meeting. But we need more of this, they apply. Any democrat, liberal or anyone environs. And on this I don't care who comes out and Stop on behalf of these inner city, kids, who have no shot and educate as an education. They deserve it. They deserve. All of our support again, we cover this in detail. My interview with Kiera Davis you're, going to let you bring I'm telling you to bring up a fascinating point that stop me kind of MIT Interview, and I try not to interrupt my gas, but I had to just tell her what it's just that, that great of it Good good at I'm, moving on your so um folks. You know I just started up a partnership of parlour A are Ellie, I appreciate everyone joining. It is now the hottest social media property on the internet, happy to say, We are exploding a new users and it is
made a new home for people like me again I'm telling you to give up your other social media somewhat. I'm about I'm telling you make us your home. What a poster, if they later go right ahead. You want to cross post, I'm not here to do that, and I hear they don't that that Europe's I'm not a liberal. I want to run your life, I'm simply suggesting may, at your first stop on social media Everyday parlour. I may have been it's taken: the company have a financial arrangement with them, but see more stories like this every day and now I'm to bombard you with these stories everyday, but they are important stories every day of why these other social media enterprises just can't stand you if you believe in, like you know, liberty and freedom and fair elections, so here's Facebook in article by CNBC of all places face, Who is now say, do you know what we're gonna? Let you guys, are opt out a political adds. Ok, I any issue with that. You want now you don't want to get political ads on your facebook. I have no problem with my problem. That is, what's the motivation behind this year, the fact that Donald Trump
the most followers of anyone on Facebook and successfully leverage Facebook to get his message out. I'm just asking: is this sucker burgundy other facebook, folks out there is and question, would you have made the same call if Joe Biden was running for reelection or whatever it may be, with the incoming president and had a social media machine, the equivalent of download trumps, I'm just asking, but you have allowed people to opt out of political asset. Again, let me be clear and have any problem with them doing that there are private company, I'm not a girl, tyrant and I'm not a monarch- nor do I want to be a facebook- is a private company. What's a let users who are free individuals opt out great period, I'm just here: Would you have done the saint? Why didn't you do it back and twenty was at the twenty Twond when Obama was run, if we re election and it nailed the facebook technology widening
We would then what what else is Facebook up to check this tweet off me ass? If a guy constantly What's he says, Sucker Burg is found out how we can suddenly fight back against Trump. Voter registration see a screen cap of the USA today, peace, where it says the best way, Thou leaders accountable. This is Facebook by the way and how we rest many, the issues our country is grappling with. I believe Facebook hasn't possibility not just to prevent voters suppression which disproportionately target people of color are here. We go Facebook now weapon sing identity, politics, bringing the racial there's. No voters, surprise no evidence. Voters suppression is going on in the country, none. You have no Evidence of that at all but now you're using identity parties to engage and voter registration drives.
Which I'm sure you're doing to benefit the tribe t right sure, don't trust these people again respectfully that guy puts and the game I've taken an ownership stake myself, no sense talk anymore. It's time for doing. Please go open an account today apart. I really appreciate I want to see over that. Follow me too. I'm at Debug GINO over their p r, l e r, not Ella, why we get a lot of emails? I went to p R. L aren't well, that's not what sets out our site as waking. Finding is p r, L, your download the app today sort of an account. We really appreciate, thank you and thank you for all your support you believe it somebody get to others. Are you impressed Miss Paula? You impress she's upset. I didn't engage in extensive Paul, praise this morning. But can you reciprocate and send some praise this way we through the show, in an orderly fashion, that last story of the day the dread.
Rick Wilson, listen. I honestly I'm try and not the pile on too much on this guy, but I know I know new rules we should be, but this guy such a pathetic. Sub human, that I really he's too so disgraceful. I dont want, there's a sight of me, it still has a soft spot for everyone having sex I'm just gonna pylon little bit now so there's It could be in the show us about the disgraceful head of the never Trump failed Cabal of Idiots Rick Wilson, turns our request. Is an article by Matt Boil a bright barbie up in the shortest financial. Problems plagued Rick Wilson is, he became the never Trump leader. Folks read through the article is David. This is the king than ever to pretend to be a Republican by the way reprocessing after he'll, say, or write anything for cash and in this article which is fascinating. They point out some really interesting financial problems. He appears to have been in as he turned to be, a rather well paid ever tramper in the space,
and I'm trial and that the pile on which is what Rick Wilson, doesn't it requested loves to pile on everyone else, despite having a path of his own to reckon with, but I, Want to encourage you outside of Rick Wilson, to just remember this: a lot of people in this business. You think are principle or not they want. Put their own money in the mix, they don't run for office themselves. They sit on the sidelines, throw barbs in cash checks. There are a lot of grief, there's out there trying to make money off you folks. We could sell five ten spots for show here, I'm not kidding. We have to pay for our show and listen I'll, the fact that we can earn a living doing it, but I'm not sure We could Sell- probably five, maybe five to seven spot to show the demand for we don't do it. We have an hour show? We don't like to run any more than about ten minutes spots. That's a big perceptual content percentage account. I put my money where my mouth is: I'm not in As for money, we saved enough we're fine, I'm in. For a message beyond sin we're all sinners, I'm just tell you
people out there who was their exclusive motivation, is to be Griffith years at the taken fleece. You from your money because they get rich off or say of saying things are totally contradict principles they claim they had just a few years ago, be very sceptical of the good the crowd out there their hilariously bad, at what they do. My thanks for two folks. I really appreciate a prescribed to my Youtube Channel, see the video the show and please go to Youtube Youtube that I'm Slash bond GINO and look at that photo. Photo earlier. I discuss Josiah policy, many of you to watch you of that. That subject pointing the firearms is turning and you'll see difficult that is even in a still shot to determine. You're being shot at or having something thrown at you off its it's a taser fire Youtube that consular sponging subscribed today we're trying to get the five hundred thousand subscribers, only thirty thousand more to go Thanks a lot of sea see, are you GINO.
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