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This Should’ve Been All Over The News Yesterday # 994 (Ep 994)

2019-06-04 | 🔗

In this episode I address the deeply troubling charges against a key Mueller informant that should’ve been all over the news. I also debunk the left’s latest nonsense about the national debt and taxes. 

News Picks:Mexico claims to be holding back 250k migrants after President Trump’s tariff threat. 

One of Bob Mueller’s informants has been arrested on child pornography charges.

President Trump’s former lawyer says more troubling news about Mueller’s tactics may come to light.

Newly unearthed emails show the Clinton team got special treatment from the FBI.

Bette Midler gets roasted for promoting a fake Trump quote

Paul Manafort is being send to Rikers Island. This is ridiculous.

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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i live on a damaging our shall british jar you today it's a wild in will be wednesday dan with no electricity when great yeah it's on wednesday out it's it's it's too in its terrorism changed i use it to those we have we not as you can tell readers are scarcely though it is to stay right has it is to day ok it's diverse in a big inside our yesterday by guess what it was our first show that we go figure i'm turn already decided that the idea that there is that of his body a magazine mesopotamia libel chapters wrapped up in italy
press coverage over in the united kingdom with teresa may some news broke their i'll get to that l a little bit later but i've got a lot of really interesting news including at developing yesterday again that has is eight the mainstream media joe the story sound very familiar to you because our motto on the show regarding this whole scandal has been remember the name and a name is crept up again and the story is almost nowhere in them free media it shouldn't say that i want to be precise it's not that it is an appearing in the mainstream media it's that this story isn't getting the coverage it should get to that in a minute today show brought you by bodies at twenty three me a father's day is right around the corner and twenty three and these health and essentially kit is the perfect gift for a limited time get fifty dollars over twenty three in me health in ancestry kit through june seventeen go check it out if you buy it for you of two you and dad can connect and celebrate your shared jeanette
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remember the names you've heard the name george nader in the pad of your regular listen to the show and you've been listening for a y i know you know who george nader up in the news yesterday why does this matter what happened how is this related to the case fox news the report up on their website by italian kaplan mahler probe whitney george nadir charged with trafficking child pornography woe why raw time our time out ladies and gentlemen there are few things more disgusting grotesque atrocious run out of modifiers to describe the horrors obviously of child pornography i don't i mean is that even require me to say anything the very words make people recoil in horror at the thought of it the innocence of children being taken away this was mothers guy
bob mothers having a very very bad week now say now ladies in jail and i know joe you know what i'm telling you you know you're here with a show of you have mr shown nato the story that a mahler informant that was being used to prosecute people on the trump team ways been arrested airport on child pornography charges is disturbing mouth but ladies candidly that's not really the end of the story now to be clear george later was an informant feeding information to the multi mrs not a secret they were using him feeding formation homology molecule the mahler team was using to investigate the president about a hoax process
i just told you for a moment please i'm asking you to very seriously take a mental time out maybe put the no one pause for a second in process what i just told you i repeat this again a man who is just a rested at an airport for possessing child pornography we most grotesque crime i can think of was one of mothers informants providing information to bob bob and his team used to prosecute people president stream team about a crime that never happen or gets better look you think well that ok great river at sounds really off order now it also nah it gets a little work who else
ben associating with nato rather than by smaller and his sleazy pitfall anti weissmann who really i mean this guy's a disgrace eighty weissmann was bomb alors chief lieutenant in this which on a discreet just nonsensical entirely absurdity of just human ridiculous absurdity of a human being and the wise who invented unique legal theories to investigate the president it's a hoax he knew was a hoax who was god george natures lawyer who is representing george nato now explain to you what he was providing information to make this story is just a fascinating well we can see from this house abc news story listen to this one from yesterday that this abc new smaller witness charge in child pornography case quote nato had freed access to almost every white house democratic republic in since president ronald reagan was an office except for the obama
but white house sources and record show this is abc trying to trying to cover you get that approach i understand what you're doing this is abc so keeping my liberal activists are writing this so what they cause major has deep connection the coincidence do and i'll get to that a moment but nor paid to solve this child pornography go was arrested innocent until proven guilty we get that but this is deeply disturbing eddies raised been arrested for this before or charged with this before major they're trying to make the sky out to be some you you don't use he was even clean of the obama white us was put that back up because the second part of the cold war lawyers shepherding through seven interviews with mothers prosecutors right here was white house council there these guys totally clear the obama white ass so let us be clear on this
jordan rumbler obama's white our lawyer is representing a guy just arrested on child porn if charges who is feeding in nation to the mahler team about a hoax case he was never able to prove and nobody sees eighty worthy of all although lawyers in all the known universe and other potential universe if you want to those m theories bring theory people right all the more years around oh boy white house council just magically happened to find this climate fascinating neither are we fair incur well how that have i my now if we could apollo forgive me i would ask you to write me a lot of it if we could jumped to that sidney powell observer peace sitting power who wrote a fascinating book licence to lie as this scribe catherine rumbler obama's why
s lawyer representing this guy in a very specific and interesting way in a pc wrote in two thousand and fourteen thousand fourteen and get this right sidney power we observe recalled sex lies in the white house council rumbler blood the secret service mess she describes cat rum learn a very fascinating way very olivia a popish from the show scandal city all right as we reported previously not only was myths miss rumbler in the middle of the irs email scandal yes the benghazi cover up yes and which the most vigorous protector or the president while increasing governments secrecy and violating the rights of others the postman their squarely in the middle of a cover up other cardenas sex candle forge the secret service in the military sector saw blame for having several prostitutes spend the night before the present arrive finally the posts which has said her praises talking about rumbler for the white house church
but she's miss ramblers role and that of mr obama's friends and donors she is now i remember the fixer her yes audience i is a duty get right on the subject yes i'll fix or shall we spent in entire shown describing to you how catherine rumbler obama's whitehouse council has been intimately involved in just about ray scandal of the obama presidency the benghazi cover up the irs cover up the secrets the scandal all of it and of the debate this the secret service kinda because the secret service took the blame for this and yet there are apple allegations that at the white house staff was involved but all that was covered up in an effort to make sure the secret service took the full full force that what this woman is the fixer
please tell me you're making the connections of laying out there it's not very complicated obama's fixer his white ass council hu as a whole lot of skeletons in our closet covering up obama's benghazi irs and other baggage out there right all of a sudden mad sickly appears to represent a guy just arrested for child pornography the airport the same guy whose working with bob smaller and andrew weissmann hearing information to are being used to prosecute people on the trump team to get them the flip on the present see here media ignore this story entirely nothing
abc make sure you couch it as if major there was nothing suspicious because he wasn't attached to the bomb a white oh no not at all he's only using the obama whitehouse lawyer as this council also noted obama's fix me nothing to see therefore nothing is it is it do you know we will hear here you go get me set me up a don't even worry about it fellows at ladies your has abandoned you completely you want artists news come here and or other i chose to solomon carter vanity show a night i'm not by any means taking full credit for but i promise and pledge to you to do that the hack mainstream media has completely abandon so now because it goes on this is this gets worse so obama's fixer is representing a guy just will accuse them arrested wanna really heinous allegation
and feeding would information white house council take what exact he was he involve with and why would obama's white house council take an interest in this inform it well enough fascinating peace a while ago from salon dot com i've taken this snipping i've used it repeatedly on the shell because it's important you understand this remember the case law them are trying to get a look at you we'll get you mahdi paula marty comment that i can ever finally i come to the rescue the title if you want to look it up by ben norton is saudi and russian ties clinton machines tentacles are far reaching according the panama papers lays jet this was a stir salon dot com is a left leaning outlet okay this is important understand this i need far left like rats fight mother jones barney salon cobb wrote a piece page bed nor in a while ago about the panama papers the panama papers was this dossier of papers
caning some international financial relationships that made it up there are many of these companies and people who are wealthy were engaged in ex schemes and other schemes they get out of pain tat right right might yet the purpose of the salon dot com story was not the information i'm gonna give you in a second from it because i didn't know what was going to come on the purpose of the story was to make it appear like rich people were screwing you over because their left us and they want to get up you know that's there that's there now you can judge reach reading the peace work what your conclusions are i'm just telling you see you understand once and the calm wrote what i'm about to show you in the peace they weren't doing it tonight the current as they were doing it to nail the rich sanders kind of way you u tracking me you have to understand the deep layer narratives here this is why in my first book spy gate the book is extensively for with left leaning resources like salon and people civil war as you do that because when you quote the wash
post cnn salon and others they didn't know that this was because it could become a spying scanned the later they thought this was legitimately a russian collusion scandal would trump and that's why they reported on the spy in the way they did the same thing happened with peace in the panama papers from the peace there's a fascinating quoting there it says moreover bill clinton is guarded enormous speaking fees for speeches in saudi arabia is michael it's points out including six hundred thousand fourtou talks while hillary clinton with secretary of state because on it is report on the clinton machines ties to saudi arabia is a cough also notes that to us point in lobbyists butlers richard sol david jones our principles and affirm that until late last year represented the russia direct investment fund a sovereign wealth funds co funded cofounded by flatter me when he was prime minister i may put this together for you
cause you're not i promise you will not get us anywhere else so major so that'll be ignored by everyone what does i have to do with george name so george eight are being represented by the obama fixer feeding information to mahler what is nation was feeding well eric prince who is the founder of that companies in seoul black water i forget what their call now but eric princes sis betsy divorce is the education secretary in trumps cabinet eric prince had meeting in the seychelles in that meeting in the seychelles he met with a guy me career dmitri that meeting how did we know at that meeting and what happened at that meeting or what we thought we know at that meeting joe george nadir same guy being represented by obama's fixer who just was
did on child pornography charges eight the one who's telling mahler about this meeting what does that have do what the salon that copies who nato with apparent has information meeting apparently set some of it up he was kind of doing picture thing the guy i repeat meets with korea dmitri of is the head of that direct investment fund that's salon long dot reports was was being ripped by two clinton bottlers so let me get this straight tracked me these connections are important they're not complicated they just require you to order it and you want to read it'll all make sense how remember meetings and alleged connections always mean collusion in crimes when it comes to the trump team but when this very same connections are tied back to clinton and obama people it is
entirely completely ignored by bob mahler and anti weissmann to now graced lawyers disgraced totally this raised by any reasonable measure so nator is telling mahler that i was there eric prince met with this russian kuril dmitrievitch runs its investment fund this is clear early collusion he's use this is informed about it yet when we find out that same guy prince who doesn't even work for tromp by the way meets with dimitri of who is directly connected to cool two clinton them butlers nobody cares but the story it all joe it is completely that that's it piracy dear dear dachau reported on the far left radical
salon a long dark reported i what's the conspiracy theory this right jane you saying is bad news him meeting with eric prince whose related to someone in the treaties that we have worked for trump you're saying this is evidence of some massive collusive conspiracy but what i tell you the same russian is connected to coin lobbyists butlers as reported by salon dot com and that the reports of what happened at the meeting are being provided by a guy named george later arrested on child pornography charges and being raped by obama's lawyer you have and also was fixed or you have zero did you just do that that's paula this is this art is perfect thank you for those view this i'll explain this deeper if you watch it on youtube dot com and only check it out for you listen i'll explain it to you this is discharge lays out perfectly you don't let's put this up on the website and i remember present
barber his warriors catherine rumbler make tat connection his is but if its national security officials is lisa camonica lisa monica was chief of staff to bob mahler who took her place john carlin john carling goes over the national security division heath taste john car signs off on the pfizer war where's and using george nator who hires catherine rumbler catherine rumbler obama's former lawyer now how does but out of monaco and rumbler at all these other people connect to weissmann we have the genie rains emily and others now will explain that thank you for that job will put that up on the show to nato make more sense but that's a perfect sure we did have you did that a while ago adam put that up on that but you know that come if you know my sorry don't mean to be rude people get upset i never talk to my foot i promise you people do they get upset don't you dare doktor paul i don't i love my wife did that just as our long show that they get movements by policies
you understand that all these people are connected they all know each other the point i'm trying to make do that chart and by telling you a bomb knows rumbler was ass white ass council obama knows lisa monica was his national security officials monica was bombed if staff who takes monica position john carlin john carlin was mother cheapest john carlo is over in the oj national security division that signed off on the fire they all know weissmann they worked mommy enron case they ladies gentlemen they all know each other you may say so what so what that's the whole mullah report the whole mala report is that everything up here's corrupt because these people had meetings that might know each other although there was no corruption but yet when you pay the very same people know each other and there may be corruption your informant they're not interested at all all that's just a conspiracy you know what you're doing
in your accusing trump ally eric prince of meeting with is connected to the collective they're not interested at all that's just a conspiracy what you are doing is a conspiracy theory now diskettes even more fastened so of all the lawyers in all of the known universe catherine laura bombers lawyer finds this guy who becomes an informant for bob mahler on this russian meeting with eric prince the same russian whose own nose clinton lobbyists upon those right under this crap rumbler is also tight with andrew weissmann how well you got to cheat if you saw the chart but as we can see it peace rumbler and wise men have a business relationship this from jus nineteenth of twenty seventeen in reuters again not a right wing outlet
mahler team lawyer brings witness flipping expertise the trump probes by karin fry fell inside this piece is a gorgeous little snippet that'll help you clarify exactly how rumbler and nato and all of these smaller cronies know each other from the peace catherine rambler acre the fixer that's my little that put there who serve this white house council under former president obama said andrea i submit is willing to take risks to secure witness testimony that other prosecutors me not to really you would think you with vague tat catherine rambler obama's fixer who is now gonna rep an informant in this case who's gonna feed very odd information to the mother team about it
since meeting with prince although the russians connected to the quitted people right you would think you would just shut up like not say anything and not out yours regular can't even prevent the robber who has the talk of the press says hey andrew weissmann who of course work from all he's willing to take risks to secure witness testimony that other prosecuted might not yeah yeah like us signing up an alleged child pornographers them tat there is a risk you're right there because on rumbler worked with weissmann on the justice department enron task force that investigated the massive corporate that led to the companies two thousand one collapse which also turned into a major de oj scandal where a lot of people who convicted were overturned later the arthur anderson stuff ladies and gentlemen model bull dog andrew weissmann this discredited
rod of a lawyer this political hack who is at hillary clinton election my party who is better bob and some of the biggest legal scandals in u s history who mahler picks by the way charges with hiring people for a special council member that political story we covered a couple weeks ago mahler gave when the authority to hire people this discredited political hack pretending to be a lawyer i knows obama's white house council they work together on the enron case so deadly samantha monaco obama's nationals purity official in the white house one of tom i insecurity advisers there they are oh each other monaco rumbler work with weissmann monica was smaller chief of staff they all oh each other there only purpose was to
protect the crown on smaller report you want to add another layer of deeply disturbing global grotesque information to this story alleged child pornographers being used as a witness against the trump team about a meeting with a russian connected to clinton lobbyists and bombers all went by where they inform its being raped by obama's white ass council whose best bodies within the wise woman whose investigating drop out of collusion charge smith tat for the shell snip that right there what i just said that is the best thirty seconds formation of this case you're gonna hear of i'm sorry i don't mean to pat myself on about but that's the best way you're going to hear this laid out because everything i just said is absolutely true it's not conspiracy theory if it's not a theory if it's an actual conspiracy
the collusion charges the bump mahler picks a demo prior to investigate trump and weissmann why knows rumbler they worked together on the enron test where she also those people in the obama white ass tat worked with mahler data go and grab and inform it as a rat to rat prince for meeting with a russian whose connected the clinton's and they make sure the obama fixer reps the informant the bank anything i just said you can't you kid dont junior meets with two russians connected again to the clinton orbit at trump tower they talk about adoption for ten minutes bad idea dont you john judah releases although you messed around it and yet the trump team
the six hundred and seventy five day investigation while all of these lunatics get off completely now even worse the last piece i have on this from hot air how dare dhaka you say well this inform it being by obama's whitehouse council on allegations of child pornography was arrested so this just now in yesterday's so how would the mahler team now oh no oh no as i see and hot airs reported the oj he bore witness arrested for transporting child pornography again from ad morris's excellent piece the deal they didn't catch him in the act just this week in the warrant for his arrest was just over a year ago we why
and apparently resulted from searches conducted when the f b i first harrogate nadir over seychelles meeting the d j feel the warrant while trying to with major to develop evidence in the russia collusion probe cannot believe i'm reading this to you right now ladies and gentlemen i'm not even kidding we live in the republic is add god bless donald trump for trying to save it and we need his re election to clean this this disgusting fetid swamp out but the republic as we know it is dead these people have burnt the constitution they have crap on the constitution they use that as a tissue as toilet paper to clean their windows you think you know what's left of the republic in our judicial system is dead bob mahler and anti weissmann have destroyed it hilary clean
been burnt down with the obama administration mahler took the ashes and threw him in the ocean it is dead so you're telling me according to the said morrissey peace that they found out that nadir may have been in possession according to their alligator of child pornography a year ago and pretty use them to investigate the bug pokes weissmann new it's a hoax back in august twenty sixteen when bruce or breathed weissmann on the oars on the origins of the dossier and a political origins of it so weissmann noses investigating a hoax any cuts a deal to seal charged with a child pornographers an alleged chop i refer here to get for information to prosecute people onto trump team per hawks and no what are you in the media sees anything wrong with this do you understand what i just told you this is
being almost entirely ignored by the media who is reporting it with the spin they me because their activist abc do but he wasn't attached to the obama white ass are you crazy they sealed charges of child pornography folks listen to be fair cause you will not get that anywhere else at least in the left wing media ecosystem charges are dropped and charges are sealed often to get people to flip member what ramblers that reuters edgy weissmann is particularly aggressive and flipping people really late gentlemen i have to tell you i have never in my life i heard of a case where legit child pornography possessor was basically
then a pass for a year and a sealed indictment are sealed ceiling is records it ordered oppressed the case the prosecutor noses a hoax you ve never heard of such a thing in my life the dams we may gasped ass job get up here idiots tired so said he to the far left i'm not talking to democrats i'm talking to you radical far left police state hacks so sick of you and the whole com i don't think you understand how the view we are so sick of you what you ve done to this country that you are the absolute worst of the worse this pool of the sediment at the bottom of assess cesspool for doing this give a pass through a guy
is alleged to be condemned a child pornography to investigate crime you know it doesn't exist and then you get bomb is white house council involve disgrace i got another story to get you on the steward related about a police state tyranny that she's taken over nobody cares the media democracy dies in a dark issue you are the darkness washed imposts you are my folks tat issue also brought you by bodies at policy genius hey there's a widely held belief that procrastination is a bad thing but somewhere life isn't so black and white sometimes procrastination can work in your favour for example if you'd need life insurance but you can put it off you know son it could be a hassle don't worry policy this is coming to the rescue you're procrastination may have helped you because now we're here to save you you ve managed ass a long enough for technology take it easy that's what policy genius does it makes it easy for you it's easy
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i'll see genius tat calm policy genius tat come nobody wants to shop for life insurance that's why policy genius tat calm mated super easy for you policy genius tat calm check them out on this is a quick story it doesn't require that the policy you who morning she said hey you said over all these of stories in screenshots i said that nato's story is very easy to understand how corrupt smaller problems using the shady witness represented by the obama why does the council not easy storing the problem is to make connections ladies and gentlemen the reason i i sent over politics a different do the production on the stories because i wanted you to see using left wing and mainstream media resources reuters salon aid see news and others how this does not this is a real stories that some weird conspiracy and when you put wing resources in air it makes it very difficult if you share this what your liberal friends gone that's all bs oak abc lion
reuters lion they made up their quote from rumbler line is lying about the russian their investigating tromp can actually be connected to the collective salon made that up there the liars you're on the right side history now i saw this story the new posts post this folks listen my second book is a pretty exhaustive you it's available on amazon barnes and noble now offer pre order called exonerated the failed take down of donald trump by the swamp please pick it up we put a lot of work to have now done with it it is an x asked of analysis of the mahler probe how badly it went they were really doing and also of the movie scrip how this i've gone tromp was you some movie script they recycled over and over but in the book we can be at times pretty harsh on manifold i think metaphor pull that afford who took over briefly as a trump campaign official
oh man afford understood the baggage he had any joined the campaign and trump fired em and why trump is in any way being blamed for firing a guy you realise that some begged i dont get i don't understand i say that not a pile on poor man afford at a diplomatic what i believe is clearly prosecuted because he was a member of the trumped he was he was a man of forty eight already investigate and become away with no you known no charges and all the sunny joyce trump many german jail but ladys jump what's happened to this man since and again i'm not bending what he did and if you when you read the book you'll understand why what's happened to this man since is is i don't even have the words to describe how awful at it look at his story and the new york post today paul metaphor june forth but by ben fear had new york pose palm out forty it will be an sorry for some inzana oliver by poverty
it will be in the show today bongino you know that completely them poor at over what would we be moved from federal lock up to rikers island what now folks if you're from few listening around around the world we a guy thank you by the way did the listener from italy who sent me a phone oh a visa outside visit he had over there is sent a beautiful thank you for this admittedly but you may not understand why that's interesting fascinating and kind of growth that headline i was a cop in new york near my pitting i worked with him i pity for five years for years in eighty five to eighteen ninety nine forgiving precision matters ladies and gentlemen rikers island is where send the worst of the worst of the worst in new york city the way it works is in new york there's a central booking location in each borrow brooklyn queen
i was a cop in northern brooklyn and the seven five pricing we would take prisoners two central booking sometime they be released after that but ladies and gentlemen the most serious criminals aside ones for a felony assaults lena rapes property crimes you know and the hundreds of thousands of dollars murders man slaughters they didn't get out they all went rikers island ladies gentlemen rikers island is a mess it a train wreck and believe me this is now and i am not in the corrections officers on rikers island do in amazingly the fact that there is not more going on in rikers island then you don't have pierre being assaulted is a tribute to them when i say a mess the people who are being kept in rikers island are the worst of the worse and understood theirs
the battle for two rikers island for a mortgage fraud scheme plays in june what do you want to go to twitter today if you're not on twitter out of the internet just google metaphor rikers the liberals celebrating this this is communist china stuff they're sending this matter is being detained in a federal sit facility new york state if get out if you can ladies and gentlemen this is serious stuff you're sending why cholera criminal he's been convicted zaga legit anymore you may manage with crime knows too center of the sky read the book you'll understand it will make perfect sense i am not defending this guy deeds or misdeeds but you're sending a white collar criminal in a new york state of lens morgan
fraud case to rikers when he's already being held are you kidding me within the story there like well we're going to keep i'm in solitary confinement for zone protection all facts nice job folks i'm telling you were losing this place we are losing this place you are putting a guy the fbi investigated years ago and gave a pasture who then press cuba because he joined the trump team was prosecutor using the full force of a bogus probe into a fake crime you're putting them into one of the most dangerous prisons state of new york inside military confinement for a more
each fraud allegation we are i'm really impressed first for people out there and i'm not talking about all democrats and i mean i've neighbours who are democratic people we have just disagreements on certain things but to the radical far left that is celebrating this stuff you are disgusting filth and i mean it you are awful horrible atrocious people who celebrate the mental and physical abuse of others for your own perverse ideological needs it wasn't good enough for you to bankrupt him metaphor it wasn't good enough for you to imprison him now you
to imprison and in the one of the worst facilities in the state with hardened criminals because you why because you have an end vacuum of a soul your very the pleasure is derived and the punishment of others you have wives you no meaning we ask servitors fine value in celebrating in defending the bigger god given rights of everyone you derive your pleasure out of taking those big our god given rights away and doing it in the most painful ways possible you are very sick troubled people i can't believe this short ike honest to god i cannot believe you are putting this a white collar criminal who is already been hampered by the government two rikers island in solitary confinement me what
any any any allegation whatsoever about hillary clinton misdeeds and that she should potentially be investigated for rest and prosecution despite mounds of evidence she actually broke the law and eyes national security then because we bury you guys and ladys are the worst the worst and i fear you i dont mean that a snowflake flaky way but you don't physically intimidate me most of your about five one twenty pounds with eighty pounds of san strapped you back i in the white you're willing to go to collect government power and abuse it too roy the lives of others one of the most disturbing things in my forty four years on this planet i've ever seen that your hatred for trump has
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later there's this guy john so bullet bbc at bbc john socialist sophia i'm not knock you john i don't know you could be a really nice guy and i'm sure he's heard this result but this is my biggest pet people on the planet he treats out this morning breaking eddie trump them traders fail to stop donald trump motorcade but this is a picture of presidents lemme with a category but look this cat lodges himself underneath the wheel of the beast oh now time now i know joe you lack as you heard this a thousand that please reporters media people i am humbly respectfully even though i know a lot of you hate my guts it's okay let's put our piece aside i know i just filleted you in the first day of the show with the greatest of respect at this point i am asked you'd have finally for the last time please stop calling the presidential limbo the beast no
he calls it that it is not that is a stupid thing that mean people say to each other and they always say the secret service refers to it is the beast they don't pollack report virtually me this was i not a transportation age secret service thank you was i not the whip of the transportation secretary to the secret service thank you the whip meaning that you're like the number two in charge of the section there's a fourteen i ran the t s section is the whip i spent almost too years of my life in the transportation section i everything about it the limo are they work how they don't work where there are the issues were how motorcades were how we get him in the countries that we get about of countries by the way that the best limos on my serious that it is the finest technology you know domain which i'll keep off the shelf ravages aries i'm telling you feel
go out there know very much about the limousine nobody calls the peace there not the beast these debates that guy what suits you pull out he's a beast the spanish lobbies thea they're not lobbies yeah nobody calls it died this is one of those things i'm telling you that media people latch on to i gotta say this my ex he's working with me not all but a lot of them they are very buffy now what he's a cop buffy but if you are but it was one of those guys you like always had you don't you know what i'm saying by above the cop who came out with all the gear all the time the guy had a lot just fight on his pistol night vision goggles it has had his shield had an eighty reflective arco man type laser device we could swim otherwise you're like dude you were issued a guy
retorted so mad where'd you get all this stuff those were the buffs depositing again pursued over a guy spoken we happen to me wrote about it my first book i learn that less than our four pursued such all farmers isn't a murder says we're here we're gonna george you're so why are you chaser seven hundred cops go upstairs i did what's an amber be up a tree to precinct all about getting the deaths sergeant rip me a new one i had two exits at the have you know what i mean arrest you chase this guy too four we'd you almost got towards jobs are fair all coming over like i'm about jason had of electors and we are far from being the case that our guy where we now get totally after but media geyser but that's the buff the by media people they live around this circle of the secret service if you're in the white house press poor and around
and all this you know poppins circumstances constituents get puffy they want to feel like there now reporting on the news but at times they are the new so they're like church doctor always want to use jargon that makes them sound like super cool unsophisticated the secret service calls it the bees it's not the beast no more this please trip to show in the media and send it to anyone who will listen stop calling it the beast make fun of you when you do it it's not the beast its obesity l beastie lobbies thea the beast the car back some i it is not the beast ok can we finally put at the breath can you put a little thing up in the middle east but please in postproduction you'll see this right now if we can get this done but she knows this after the shop can you please just put a thing stop calling
beast with an exclamation point and will end this right here thank you wipe sick i take a break after the show for two minutes i move a guy toolbar serious story why you think i'd emotional rollercoaster up and down right at me to avoid this love our regard captain way don't worry geiger gathered i back the hearing so interesting story was heard today that the bay outside of economics and and then our whole debt problem there by pierre you read forgive me for saying you're out of your neighbor city a penny
section was sure of democrats care which the national debt away it's an interesting piece i can summarize it relatively quickly but it's worth bringing up especially the upcoming twenty twenty election there's a re out there which we have discussed in the show before so it may not be news to some of your regulators a theory out there's ridiculous of course it's like the collusion hawks amongst democrat of the bernie sanders ailed see times not down the lady john hagen look it's o hooper loop protection running a more moderate democratic that job that's irrelevant that although the union states is in a near here i know you like white where you go within its up man just tell you what they did the far left their radical theory happy so that did the peace to a democrats want to the debt away its words about he explained the peace how the democrats want believe the radical ones sanders types that the economy is growing and is going to continue to grow and therefore this debt will be a lesson
if a good portion of our national income over the years and the fact that were rolling over at low interest rates will make it largely irrelevant the future that's a very complicated way explaining using micro economic rather than macro to make it more understandable for using an analogy their theory is this if i may a hundred thousand dollars a year demagogy and i a hundred thousand dead that's a crushing amount of i owe everything i urge robbie right there part i know how you responded ok we owe everything we are in the united states our gross domestic product every years little over twenty trillion dollars we owe nearly that amount without entitlements when you accurate entitlements we own far far more we oh she's me oh far far more ok but sing again of the smaller household example what they democratically please don't worry about a hundred thousand you or even though you only make a hundred thousand because you're superpower did and you're gonna make millions in the future and you financing that hundred thousand dollar dead at one and two
percent interesting you're not accumulating a lot of interest payments was not really adding up and you're here in the future is going to be so great that they're dead is largely irrelevant now you will you you'll probably listening to that it all going well their cell dr weir or a powerhouse economy were growing and if you know we double our in common you know we only twenty try it and we're worth a hundred toy trillion in a few years than makes sense to me now these gentlemen it does it make sense they conveniently leave out what the author of the peace rice which is fantastic is that we are they're accumulating massive amounts of debt every year it's not like the debt is stop in other words two hundred thousand may not be an issue if you're gonna make a million and a future but if you accumulating an extra ten and twenty thousand a year then yes that is a problem oh and by the way when you factory in your off label dead like
that you oughta bookie or someone else and you all another two hundred thousand all of a sudden year financial situation is quite catastrophic now there's no off label in the micro economic environment that would be apropos sort of munich apparently scurried bookies it's the only way to make the analogy makes sense we have your often record you know a title that we don't factor into our official national debt that makes our debt europe a of a hundred trillion dollars when you factor everything in other words those off label debts folks here already catastrophic debt situation pretending it's gonna be the way because we're gonna grow out of it is utterly absurd now we wouldn't be if we put a cap on it and reform and it wouldn't be absurd that idea but it's not bernie sanders than the others are proposing to spend even more money the green who deal better care for all free college so now
you all a hundred and you're proposing spending another million but there's other interesting bob part of the peace that just one when we can wrap up on this the authors pierre yea there should be a red forgive me sir matrona views your name there but from a guy it was called bonn guy know all the time i'm used to it he says some democrats suggest taxing rex riches a solution but it isn't that simple u s income taxes are already high relative to other advanced economies way way way way way what i heard liberals told me we're not tax that up u s totally tax revenue as a share of gdp the appropriate way to measure folks was why do you not percent above the organisation for economic cooperation development average and twenty sixteen with almost forty percent of the federal percent of these revenues tax revenues paid by the top one percent of ours other oecd countries can raise more total revenue because they tax ever
ones consumption more they sales and value added tax is that are more than two point five times you s levels as a share of gdp what does he say when we translate that for your very simple easy neuter easy to use terms so said don't worry about the dead it's not a big deal will grow out of it despite the fact he wants to spend more he still pay dead on eventually those debts come do all debts are paid by the data are the creditor every time no tat goes away and iraq suggesting the solution is to tax the rich despite the fact that the rich already taxed they pay now what the first one out of a hundred of our wealthiest americans pays up to forty percent of the income tax revenue and if we pay strong narrowly more than other oecd countries as a person our gdp not to mention unless you're talking about impaired formatting might value added tax which he mentions in the lessons that peace which tat
is the middle class not the rich you i've no way out of this on the tax run so unless you are lobbying to tax the the middle class then you no idea what you're talking about because the reason the europeans raise more total revenue is because you have a vat which is a tax added at every level of production it is basically a consumption based tax and that consumption base tax taxes people who consume and people who consume gas and food and clothing those costs are met expensive as a percentage of their income than it is for rich people what do i mean a guy with a hundred million joe filling up is gas thing doesn't really how about that hundred dollar gasping but a guy fill it up
guess tat can europe would guess taxes consumption taxes and vat taxes who makes fifty thousand a year that under dollar gasping weak starts to add up right quite sir he's pay and the tax is not the rich guy that's where they're gonna go next the value added tax i really enjoyed the show that i am i hope you did too that made stories a big deal i mob proud to say you're probably only gonna hear it here and a cup of other outlets you will choose to report on its completion the shell folks and thank you to all folks on read it in other places that share my show on these platforms really means a lot i see it it comes up on google or learn all the time it means a lot to me thank you very much i have to show you tat consolation mancino because subscribe also on pod gas the rap i radio sound clouded all free the subscriptions help us move up the charts thou so you really save a lot of money and advertising
see all tat you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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