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We Were Sold Out Yesterday # 975 (Ep 975)

2019-05-08 | 🔗

In this episode I address the FBI Director selling us out yesterday at a critical time. I also discuss an explosive new piece by an FBI whistleblower which should have James Comey very worried. Finally, I address The NY Times latest attack on President Trump and I debunk more liberal lies about the economy. News Picks:Pathetic: The FBI Director says “spying” is not the term he’d use

Bernie Sanders’ campaign is struggling in national polls.

FBI whistleblower says Jim Comey may be in big trouble.

Here’s troubling new evidence that the State Department and the FBI knew about the political origins of the dossier.

This John Solomon piece from last year regarding “scrubbing the lists” sheds some light on CIA involvement in Spygate.

The NY Times attacks President Trump again by releasing his personal financial information.

Liberals were wrong about the Trump tax cuts, again

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i want a more damaging our companies jar you today it's wonderful wednesday yesterday we had a great suggestion from a viewer yesterday i wants a montage famous joe army has openings today show we will work on that right around holiday time it will be a gift to you i listen up i've really stack showed a joe knows it going to be a one of our fight nail this today folks this is gonna be one of our most recent work yet the show yesterday about how the bureau and the cia got that i know this is gonna be a best gonna blow your mind so don't go anywhere also the
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to senator she here which i'll explain again senator she hain is asking him about the intelligence she's the fbi potentially spying on the trump campi here's this first answer i'd like to follow upon senator moran question about the hearing we had with the attorney general bar because i was very concerned by his use of the word spine which i think is a very loaded word it conjures of credit connotation and i want to ask you and i'd appreciate a yes or no answer if possible when fbi agents can fact investigations against alleged mobsters suspected terrorists other criminals do you believe that are engaging in spine when they're following fbi investigative policies and procedures will that's not the term i would use thank you so so i would say that to no to that question
well i mean look there a lot of people have different colloquial phrases i believe that the fbi's engaged in investigative activity and part of investigative activity include surveillance activity of different shapes and sizes and to me the key question that is making sure it's done by the book consistent with our lawful authorities that's ganglion different people use different colloquial phrase ok ray we saw this out yesterday christopher re needed at yippee i needed out the bureau that's an politicians up on dc needed a sound bite and christopher re gave them exactly what they needed yesterday while that's not the phrase i would use that the phrase is been used for ever to common term in the english language make no mistake then it and i'll get this in a second why specifically she needed that answer that way
senator she needed a sound bite for the media which of course the police a tyrannical liberal buffoons in the media job done graham inspiring the fbi director now i've had a few p friends of mine i like i communicated with some of you no good folks but they said to me yesterday twitter dm and elsewhere people we communicate with each other a lot of people bessie despite gay case they should do it's really not that bad re simply suggest he'd use a different terms and that he saying really exactly what bar said that is long spying or surveillance or whatever you want to call it is predicated it's fine but we're looking into that by that at all christopher raise not stupid he understands it back we what happened he knows the trumpet with spied on and instead of backing up bill bar the attorney general what does he do he takes the youth
muslim game and the global talk about surveillance that's a synonym for spying give us all a brain keen doubles down this work gets even worse instead of answering the question honestly and saying listen i'm i can answer that is ongoing investigation he gives democrats like sheen sound bite number two with this ridiculous exchange do you have any evidence than any illegal surveillance into the campaigns or individuals associated with the campaigns by the fbi occurred i don't think i personally have any evidence of that sort now instead of answering the question honest he's saying there's an ongoing inspector general investigation i'm not going to get into that right now he gives the democrats exactly what they but ladies and gentlemen i apologise to you and i mean this for giving this guy the benefit of the doubt the democrats this sound bite for the media everything is stay
then advance ray had to know we're going to get this question the fbi director what does he do i personally don't any evidence just so there's an ongoing investigation and you don't know he didn't show what is a joke what does the police state media do the police state actually the media there's no but it's a spike that's not what re said that's not what he said he said he person he doesn't have evidence caught that it astrogation don't answer ongoing question i say there's an ongoing investigation don't answer the question brought in so you don't have any evidence is a bank being robbed in oregon right now but i'm not in oregon investigating bank robberies gas these deeds i can't stand it at ten states are conspiracy these guys this the fbi during our you ve been interested in getting the bottom of this now to wrap this segment of zero tons of stuff to get you please don't go anywhere
oh your mind today if i do this right today we need like six years producers on the shouting ivy didn't get why is it important yesterday saw each other i ve been perceived as an i was i don't want your niece loves you i was not knocking just segregation silk obligated that joe pollack and use a business that's my apologies vited what a queer get twenty emails here is video audio peace number three this is very important work i did senator heem democrats senator need to act that question to re why did she need re to give her out and say well i will use the term spying in person or any of its because sure he's screwed up and when i say screwed up i mean for her democratic activists base when she got into this back and forth with bill bar the attorney general a few weeks ago and she needed a lifeline and christopher wren gave it to her because she did this can
share with us why you feel a need to do that well for the same well for the same reason we're worried about foreign influence in elections we want to make sure that during a big i think spying on a political campaign is a big deal the big deal generation i grew up in which was the vietnam war a period of people were all concerned about spying on anti war people and so forth by the government and there's a lot of rules put in place to make sure that there is an adequate basis before before our law enforcement agencies get involved in power can old political surveillance not suggesting that those rules were violated but i think it's important to look at that and i'm not just not talking about here be necessarily but intelligence agencies more broadly so you're not you're not
jesting now that spine occurred i dont well i guess you could i think there's a spying did occur yes i think spying that occur homer simpson moment two weeks ago nelson monster senator jean see he'd aggravated the out of the democratic the bureau radical police state base by asking bar a question he answered honestly that turned into a huge misstep she's asking him why he's investigating this whole what you know spying into the trump team thing and he says the words and she goes well you're not suggesting spying occurred he immediately response oh spying heard but just looking at why she needed to be rescued
hope on tie and this upper i gave you a good part democrat radical base joe was probably ye mailing her like what are you in eighty it why are you asked the attorney general about spying not knowing heave course he's going to say that with spying she needed to be rest please understand what goes on behind the scenes at these things not of this stuff is random she screwed up by asking a follow up question her first question was plan i didn't play all things it's too long she's asking me why you're looking into this all pfizer thing which is fine because she wants to attack them and instead of just letting go she asks for a second and on scripted follow up question thinking he's gonna say now now there was no spying but he answers honestly and it becomes an enormous sound bite the liberal activists police stay tyrant base and their media sycophant bodies there boot licking media pals we're furious in her because they
gave bar and opening to say joe yeah spying occurred by the way she has the same jacket on in both those clips are like a couple we support just the same jack it have you noticed jacket downwards rather than of our guys i've gotta go she goes to end it needed to be rescued by re and its re doing the honest saying listen i mean it's obvious based on media reports buying a card me as the fbi direct i'm trying to get to the bottom of why to establish faith in our agency again that's not what he says he gives our announces that the term argues and i personally have any evidence just gross yeahs grows i have no faith in this guy at all and you should neither embarrassed themself yesterday play the political hack instead of an honest broker and he thinks he's due in the country
favorite trying to salvage the reputation of the fbi you're not do in anybody any favours pal anybody faith in the fbi has been decimated and its comments like that yesterday the euphemisms game which only adds to the complete lack of faith in the law enforcement infrastructure in this country i gotta move on i got a couple of stories here today i'd be remiss of me mention the release last night by the new york's limes this why me rag released trumps tax returns totally illegal by the way he's tax returns being we publish them the media basically gets to do whatever the pact they want sadly but broke yesterday in new york times trumps tax returns from a certain set of years were released and i as you know find you're funny that media lunatics who can't even do journalism right these hacks who met the story of the century that collusion
was dead and spying was real who insisted collusion was real and spying was dead they got the story backwards they can't even do journalism dealing look trumps entity showed paper losses in their tax returns joe shocker stun joe this is astonishing door the door during the real estate boom and bust a real estate developer may have showed some paper losses in is my god break news another big colossal face by the new york times by the way europe orders and journalists at the new york times who graduate we german elysium degrees many of them because they flunked out of biology wanna one could figure out basic chemistry so to journalism they can barely right a complete sentence blue this story century and they're sitting there attacking a businessman who lost money made money lost money may money like a lot of six for real estate people in a volatile market gad shocking
breaking you miss lunatics i have zero zero respect for life media activists zero none not a scintilla they are some of the damage people on the planet i dealt with them when i ran for office i'm not going to you with that story again how dumb summit these people were when i dealt with them they would say things you you'd scratch your how big is this guy's really this stupid and answer is yes and they were all in journalism lost money and real estate you never made money to lose how does i tat chile how does that feel buckle heads trop cured paper this is of a billion dollars you show paper profits of zero dollars because you made every body you'd never made a dot you're working for
twenty five grams per year pumping cover the crap out quick paid articles at buzz feed and europe i kinda guy who's been involved in some of the highest stakes real estate deals with the last thirty years not defending the guy business decisions losing money stinks but you know my i thought i had been in business for our selves what we ve made money we ve lost money we ve open businesses we shut businesses that's what happens yet some of the great business people of our time i've had some of the biggest failures remembered steve jobs and the newton what's the newton exactly you don't even remember at a lot of the younger folks listening member new coke a proposal one of the most successful companies in the history of civilized man put out product called new coke once one of the most calamities
decisions of all time sucked it was awful why did it look up who talk about a pr disaster this happens over time but the one they come but about journalists is journalists have now made money to lose because they could pack it anywhere else and therefore they write about other people and there are some good ones out there even in some left leaning either some decent people left i'm not knocking everyone right but them poking funded business losses and a real estate known volatile real estate we are you serious you never made me money to lose you lunatics i here's the plan the show where things start to get super harry if i can say this you pull this off the shelf gonna blow your mind if i can't you gonna be super confuse but this is gonna be good i today show bite you but is it u s lost you listen if you are carrying a firearm you need to
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brennan was running and the whole russia's story about collusion was nothing more then a cover story later for them too jim eyes what they were doing to comply impress it the obama administration destroying spying using bread in an intelligence community assets on all kinds of things working but far part of circumventing u s spying laws in order to make that seem legitimate after the surprise election of donald trump ever that got hillary get elected all this would go away they needed a reason they're for this whole russian collusion fiasco was created to make it appear that they doing something noble that make sense if that doesn't make sense i can't go any for your good ok does that and sometimes i wish we had callers it would make i'd be every an audience feedback i agree with you but your email suffice the russia
story is a cover story to legitimize his spine thing sir john solomon breaks the story yesterday it's important it's another critical piece of the puzzle we are finally starting to put together so keep my we're talking moratorium at the cia involvement here in a big spying irish salmon break system at the hill yesterday about a state department official less than a cadillac that it was told in a briefing by christopher steal the guy who produce is this this russian collusion information in the form of the dossier and briefings into the fbi bruce or elsewhere that he ripe or a ten days before the fire warrant knocked october them ten days before the fire warrant october over carter page christopher steel tells us woman cavil like at the state department and she takes it down in a note she memorialize note that this diversity of needs this information to come out before the election and chief
yours out as well that christopher steel is working for the dnc or client had been hacked into the dnc remember the dnc you know acca easier quotes because we meet you know we can have a really can conclude conclusively prove that cost he had seen ever turned over their servers right right why is this important one christopher steel is the producer of the entire rashly cover story right it it's it's produced by steel whose working for hilary and the dnc the fbi i have stated in their pfizer warrants and elsewhere they have refused to put in there pfizer warrants where they were spying on carter page where the card of pages the subject of a dossier they did put in their debt christopher steel was working for hillary clinton they did not and killer clinton's team they left it out of the fire of warrants point winking pfizer judge leaving
that's a critical piece of information that this information may be political not intelligence is this makes sense so far right a critical take away from john solomons he'll peace yesterday this is worth your time here she's solomons talking about the memo cavil like road he writes every the us and the memo was rejected the foyer notes contain this explanation for the reductions classified by the fbi on wait wait when for twenty five april twenty fifth of twenty nineteen in other words the fbi who director christopher we were just talking about are sold you at your shapes classified documents is secret just a few days ago to where it is injury the fbi added this hopeful note don't worry joe that's not in their don't worry job
this is the note the fbi has on there they have this thing rejected this memo catholic wrote about our meeting with steel door jody classify twelve thirty one twice forty one don't worry we'll get this info jail twenty five years after the twenty sixteen election great solemn goes on for the first time we have written proof the u s government knew well before the fbi secured the warn that steel a political motive and election day deadline to make his dossier by the way and his information because they may not be these actually think public folks you understand now that any plausible deniability the fbi may have had that their paid source they were paying him at the time he's also briefing the state department why is he briefing the state department
these are not law enforcement officials why is he we think this woman cavil like at the state department and its like who writes down in a note she knows he's working for the dnc and hillary clinton disguise also being paid by the fbi you understand how profound this is joe you partners together fbi source they're using spy on a political campaign ria carter page is also feeding formations of the state department acknowledging he worked for the opposite in political here brain cow he's been paid by the fbi at the same time these briefing this lady why is christopher classifying this last week are classified its utilise retaliating it thank you for catching up why you see black in it out i'm humbly i know people listen to this
now i am humbly and respectfully as a supporter of the present the united states i mean do i need to get on a need to do this to have to beg please in them of all that is sound and safe and in the name of the republic and a name all that is good please declassify this stuff already this guy it has gone on too long already for me game christopher s last by i dont have a deep course why this already enough enough for this cost words what if there was ever a time this is no point this out enough for this book i'm sorry for those kids listening don't use that word
but enough for this already please mr president to this this black out game black this out what else is in that knows well i can tell you solomon speculates later in the peace which is in the show note you gotta read it that a source they met in that woman's road from the state department she's get breathed by steel ten days before they produce the pfizer worn in october of twenty sixteen a source tells you solomon that in an indications that he'll record its team was paying and to do this so let's just follow what this is here this data i not a law enforcement entity it all for some bizarre reason is meeting with christopher feel a foreign spy they noticed being paid by hilary who is also working the fbi to feed information for the five o clock
despite donald trump and christopher steel tells the state department tat he really needs this out before the election sounds like collusion the impact in election to me folks enough of this dance damage to classify this already people out there putting their reputations on the hook john solomon sarah carter chuck ross molly hemingway margo cleveland byron york a ton of people jeff karlsson who had been working on this for two years stop leaving us hain t classify this enough of this game we are entitled to the true man so keep in mind now october twenty sixteen because he's gonna
now i'm in a tie this into an all of it up that you know what five make myself a small pat on the back here if i may self praise thanks i get it my lovely aunt used to tell me that it is the engine god rest his soul so praise thinks daniel but following everybody's worked and having some sources of my own is allow me to put things together differently and i think havin a criminal investigative background helps a little bit here i want to these two an older john solomon peace from last year before i do that mine what i'm talking about now re his soul this out he is now declassified just to use me class of rejected just a week ago a member we just the sky thanks to a for your request the freedom of information request this was not given a new nets or any other investigators telling us that just a month before the election one month
a foreign spy working for mrs clinton was briefing the state department while working for the fbi and demanding that is information get out before the election even though it was false to impact our election now if we may go to this john solomon piece in the hail from last year and a peace and a quote from it and pull it up on my phone here too just in case john solomon from twenty eighteen memos detail fbi's quote hurry the f r pressure to probe trump campaign weight the fbi when is the fbi worrying about quote this is as is not be me using fouling just as an actual quotes from the investigators best trump very critical period
their emailing each other about getting this fight a war they need to quote hurry the f up here is the first piece from this why this is twenty eighteen had to my body to set now by the way you know you are nice work on this in what email exchange with the subject lying crossfire pfizer stroke in lisa if these two investigators and the case discuss talking points to get fbi direct deputy during in the cave to persuade a high ranking d o j official to sign off on the warm so stroke the f age and investigating donald trump in this vein three critical time period i'll get you in a second is trying to persuading a skeptical department of justice official that this pfizer warrant based on christopher steals information is legit here's the quote
this is an email exchange between stroke and is fbi lawyer girlfriend who is also working on the case at a minimum that keeps the hurry the for pressure on him talking about this theo j officials sceptical about this investigation show email page on october 14th two thousand and sixteen less than four weeks before election day are used to goosebumps again for the second day in a row now as this new john solomon article about number of twenty sixteen i just went over start to have more color in context so christopher steel who is the source of the inn higher russian collusion hoax cover story
hide a massive spying operation under the obama administration christopher steals the only source of this there is a russian collusion is a hoax invented in the mind of christopher steel and fusion gps he's there quote machine for the fbi they go to him just a few these before this email exchange we just mention hurry the effort to get the only to do this just a few days before that steel meets with the state department and the state department takes a man i'll never disclosed to anyone with the first time you seen this is yesterday steel meets with the state department and the state department official damn enough to write down in a memo that he's probably working
real clinton eddies definitely work and for the day and he needs to push this out before election day sounds to me like election interference you think it's possible just past the ball back the fbi gets wind that their paid source christopher steel is now at the state department for some bizarre reason and is dumb enough to disclose that he wants this outbreak we're election day is working with hillary clinton you think the fbi's a little concerned that may get back to the d j therefore they should hurry the f up armored car please tell me the maid yeah it made sense sad three days after steel is at the state department given up the entire beggar cookies too on trade law enforcement bear not law enforcement the state department who does domain after
this down in a memo that could be discovered later which state which now christopher ray is hiding and rejecting from us all there are probably knew about this i said we got a problem we the d o j department of justice this guy steals viable source for entail feels governor of the state department of state department figured out tat these guys up medical operate a work for hilary we better hurry the f up and get this theo j thing right away before they figure it out well ah to corruption here moving on the second this is from solomons peace from last year from twenty eighteen the second piece from there is another all costs this is crazy
the day after trumps surprising when in november nine twenty sixteen the fbi counter intelligence team engaged in a new mission bluntly described in another string of emails prompted by another newsweek way isn't gentlemen we're going to switch gears here for a second we were just talking about you so we're clear we were just talking about steel brief the state department gives up his whole political motive i need to impact the election market frailer into dnc the state department that stated hides the memo doesn't this close it christopher rain reduction i believe stroke and his team found out about it d o j p in the oj had a sign off on this thing weren't gonna and of course it and believes the oars reliable and they had a hurry the f up before they found that steel released the cookies to the state department copied it now in this same piece we're going to switch gears
i want to go back to bread in being the puppet master this whole thing the ringleader the head of this circus back to that second peace there here this is the all this it's just devastating here's that communication between all of us from stroke in page emailing each other the day after the election we need all emphasis theirs of their names to scrub we should give them ours for the same purpose stroke email page on november ten citing a daily beast article about manifold and you talking about aids mackay didn't get any others pedro back apparently indicating cape didn't have names to add to the quote scrub i'm an explain don't go anywhere that's what bill said stroke back apparently referring to the fbi chief of counter intel william price step i suggest we to exchange our entire lists as we each have
ten derogatory see i info the other does it see i is short for confidential informants the day after trumped surprises the world and when this election the fbi age so just a month earlier telling the d j to hurry the f flop on getting that five because you're worried christopher steals political ties they come out and his efforts to impact their election there all surprised their astonished tromp one and nobody nobody expects they taught hilary word it was going to make this all go away trump when's the day later they panic
worried about scrubbing lists ladies and gentlemen what list are they talking about if you listen yesterday show you may see exactly where i'm going with this folks the fbi agents involved in this clearly i can't say this enough at the top acted with malicious intent this is in no way shape form any way giving them a pass i legitimately believe at this point that the fbi agents at the time who wanted to harm trump there's no doubt got played by john brennan and certain operators and players at the cia to now you will you give it to me now i'm not giving them out if the fbi would have done their homework and acted with clear eyes instead of with an acting as they did with hatred towards shovel donald trump this scam would have been obvious
but because they hated him so much they willingly fell for this what's this what's the scam what are you talking about ladies and gentlemen i believe the fbi in shocking in this information from christopher steel paying him even always a political operative and the government knows it at this point we have this new memo steel feeds this the state department they know he's a political operative i believe the fbi i think the information there getting from steel even though they know is a political operative is confirming in permission they get in paragraph one from the sea a you're confused i can tell because joe is completely soil not taken this in men
i've told you repeatedly the fbi continues to hide the origins of their investigations the trunk they're lying saying it became a papadopoulos it didn't write i call it paragraph one every investigative report has a first paragraph talking how it started we have no idea to this day what paragraph one the easy electronic communication that starts this case counterattack the case into the trumpet we have no idea what it says right i'm gonna tell you what it says it is a referral from our intelligence community probably from and its crew with the cia indicates that trumps t man afford and others have suspicious russian ties
and i believe that information is from some of the same players connected to christopher steel understand what i'm telling you steal and this that work of foreign intelligence operators who are supposedly friendly to the united states are feeding information to john bread and remember that meeting with the british intelligence head as direct your level with john brennan it's all the same our bridge information bread and gets this garbage for me breton needs this information this russian collusion stores a cover story to hide brennan's illicit activity for obama the spying that one on brennan feeds this information to the fbi and retains its distinct separated patient from steel
the fbi then gets the information from steel in the form of steel information in the dossier not always the same thing right and says jaw look maybe bretton woods rise this dossier we are set to say you think we got from the agency the c i a now does it ec sense why the day after the election day they are talking about rubbing the list of informants yeah they're pretty patrick this figure out the day after election day that the same informed the sea are use that they told them with separate information was the same guy that's what i'm telling you again have to do my source let's go page ninety five ninety six of lisa pages testimony upon capital capitol the fbi lawyer in when we evolve in
working on this case lisa pages point capitol hill and is asked by a congressmen excellent anguish mark meadows from north carolina a door this all over this case meadow says ok i guess concern i have is why would director branded be aware the things that f b i was not aware of this particular point when it actually would potentially five according to strokes word on janet twenty seventeen and unverified salacious set of memos pages months what our understand what you're saying and what do you say whatever now whatever occurs between britain read i don't understand what the relationship to the dossier that's not what i'm falling keep that up there for a minute in other words meadows is saying brennan guy the same information you did it responds back under oath and i believe our
please telling the truth i don't know what you're talking about our source we separated we steal meadows is like it's not separate it's the same guy it goes meadow says for the dossier apparently was mention in fact we have documents with suggested in the briefing the dossier was mentioned a hairy reed and an obviously we're gonna have to have conversations does that surprise you let me translate memo meadows is saying the dossier me information you guys got from steel is the exact same thing john brennan brief in august in august before the fbi gets the dossier page again is confused how is that that's not the point this information is not from steel that's our informal he was our source it goes on miss page
well that totally surprises me meadow says what that directive it would be aware of page says yes sir with all due honesty if director brennan so we got that formation all reductive her answer after that i dont why is that rejected declassify this meadows we do know there are multiple sources page i do know that i do know that the information ultimately found its way to a lot of different places we in october of twenty six to spain the fbi lawyers acknowledging right here on the screen she knows steals information went to multiple sources maybe the state department where phil told told me wasn't political operator you used it anyway put our back up
god only knows she acknowledged it made its way the state department mister medicine so you saying our source is your source or is that because he was working for you in other words what metal was just saying is okay so you're saying steals your source but you are also saying his information made its way to multiple other agencies pages answer is critical i don't know if the cia has or had mister steele open as a source would not know that folks i think she's telling the truth these areas totally totally worked because they hated this prayer in so much they failed to do their basic job their responsibility to verify and authenticate ate their
they thought the information they were getting from steel was corroborate information coming from brennan it's the same damn thing reddened group there she stuck tat brennan had the information in august what the dossier that's impossible the dossier came to us way after august we got that it for me in separately from brennan no you didn't now is the panic on november tent makes sense we gotta scrub the lists we got to make sure that our sea i christopher steel was the agency see eye to the cia we're helen people we were corroborating the cia information it was the same information joe please tell me
make our managers they got worked big time dude only breton played you for fools and in what a brief perry read on capitol hill about christopher steals information stan gets a letter from red sent to the fbi tell an open up a case steel then goes to the fbi and the state department probably doesn't tell of about dealing with bread and at all manufacturers sure he doesn't tells them the same formation the fbi's reading it taking it's the first time that while this sounds like to stop breaded told us of course it does its the same information you dobbs this is gonna get better top do he don't go anywhere sorry they impolite to wave a finger but not in this case this gets better i've got another tactical nuke to dry
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we can move on to my final take away which i promise is gonna take your bangles take away number one ray is a lost cause new fbi director he saw this the capitol hill yesterday by giving the one senator who needed and out the outshining i will terms vying then said i personally don't have any evidence you know what will i personally may jesus christ but i believe it i mean where you what is this an article of faith firstly on the urban evidence secondly re dax a document we just found from a state department official personally reacts re right histories operation is the fbi render a key component of a passage where we now know steel met with the state department and his political eyes were reveal we oh no lisa page one of the investigators under admits
what did she is aware of the working with other entities but she seems confused by his patients should with the sea a who starts this rest the brennan by pushing we have be open up a law enforcement case because the cia can't do that they have no law enforcement authorities by going up the capitol hill brief harry read on information they unquestionably got from steel but didn't tell the fbi about why because when the fbi i get the information from steel as a paid source later on even though he tells the state department of political operator the fbi can then pretend their shot you know how to change everything i don't think they're shock i mean she's gonna think that britain i think there are genuinely shocked that they got do by this idiot breaded if they just would have done basic due diligence and scrub the lists in advance
they would have figured out tat the fbi and the cia we're not corroborating each other they were using the same guy now it is brennan's little see on tv i didn't see the dossier until december design now that's conveniently after october now does it make sense probably didn't see the dossier right now what he saw with feels information the dossier was handed after the political people it's the same stuff please tell me that it sets playing a word game with you i didn't see the dossier did you talk to christopher steel
that's a different story i plead the fifth dammit this is frustrating jiffy classify this stuff side in this my punch i'm just really whole thing's pisses me off man declassify this already enough for brennan's do these idiots what we've got information you better open up a case tell him to open up a case they open up a case based on formation the steel guy appear they start paying about wall look at this joe he saying the same thing we were told by the cia ghoul crazy how that happens here page why didn't
of the sea i was usual maybe you should have scrub the list before the election do your job damage here's the last takeaway charities this thing the death from john solomons peace last year there's a very suspicious appointment made by the eu the eye the fbi appoints a liaison official to the trump transition team after they start work scrubbing the lists of informants but they make a very suspicious appointment and the investigator seem very concerned about who this guy is who's gonna be just to be clear about this is the fbi a fish who's gonna be assigned task to the tribe transition team quoting john solomons peace as a president elect trump geared to take over
fbi made another move that is captured investigators attention solomon never says anything without a hint of big impropriety named in executive with expertise in the fbi's most sensitive surveillance equipment to billy he's to the trump transition wow solomon goes on on its way that seems odd technical sir i once nerds aren't normally the first picks for plum political assignments an otter the fbi counter intelligence team worried about scrubbing the list by the way running the trump russia probe seem to have an interest in the appointment why would john right that even john just got bored at the end of the story was like you know what that's queue up to eddie roxbury machine drop a coin and just draw a little extra their new
solomon should be up repudiate sir i'm not kidding now as the recent revelations about how peterson ok employee in his office was married to me pants is old chief of staff and the fbi text discuss joe what a week two weeks ago about him fbi investigators our text each other again potentially using their contacts to get a source inside the presidential transition team who i have information how much breaking it here i know other people who broke it but i can confirm it for you here technical surveillance sweeps outside listen to what i'm telling you i'm going to repeat this again this is a
ding ding ding pay attention moment i'm gonna confirm this for you the fbi has a contact the spouse the high ranking person inside the vice president's office there texting each other using knows ends to get some information from the position team while their appointing an fbi official oddly who has surveillance capabilities is a attacking nerd to be the liaison to the transition team i'm can farming for you now that technical surveillance sweeps we're done of the white house after an outside of their normal protocols you don't get it do you so the b i appoints a technical surveillance nerd
a political spot milly s team why all their email at each other later on back and forth about developing horses inside the white house to use because they're married to people and the fbi the sea service and others the technical security division probably in conjunction with walk the white ass communications agency then fee the need afterwards to do with sweep for protection per day listening devices in and around me oval office confirmed outside of their normal sweeps because on that i know what the liberals will say the secret service
them sweep for listening devices all the thought they do why were they doing extra sweeps by the way land freakin ship rob let me leave you today with a little gem from our all boy upshot humor who knows exactly what happened here this is ouch humor tellin rachel mad cow exactly what all of this went on and i'll see you all tomorrow take on the intelligence community they have six ways from sunday it getting back at you you're downright
you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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