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Why Are The Media Ignoring this Bombshell? # 1025 (Ep 1025)

2019-07-18 | 🔗

In this episode I address the explosive scandal surrounding this radical opponent of President Trump. I provide troubling evidence of serious fraud. I also address the math problems with the Democrats’ outrageous healthcare plan. Finally, I address the “free” college myth and what it really means for you. 

News Picks:Democrats quietly admit that the President is winning the fight against “the squad.”

“Medicare for all” would bankrupt the country. This piece explains lays out the troubling details.

Bernie Sanders admits his healthcare plan would destroy our budget

Breaking: New poll shows Trump approval up 4 points this week

Liberal lunatics are freaking out over this actor's shirt.

This is a deeply disturbing story about this radical leftist.

Jim Acosta blows it again

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