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You Can Smell The Dem’s Desperation (Ep 1175)

2020-02-06 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the Democrats’ total meltdown after President Trump’s acquittal in the Senate trial. I also address more stunning connections between the deep state schemers, the fake whistleblower, the Democrats, and Mitt Romney’s team. News Picks:Nancy Pelosi’s “page ripping” stunt was all pre-planned


This top Romney advisor worked with Hunter Biden on the board of the Ukrainian gas company. 


The DOJ is reviewing a referral from Adam Schiff against Erik Prince. 


This 2017 article is an eye-opener regarding Hillary Clinton and her relationship to this Russian spying operation. 


Contrary to the liberal media nonsense, race relations have improved dramatically since President Trump took office. 


Here are the facts regarding Mike Bloomberg versus the NRA. 


An economics realty check


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