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Balochistan; Pakistan-Iran strikes. Saudi Arabia prepares Gaza peace plan

2024-01-21 | 🔗
Balochistan; Pakistan-Iran strikes. Saudi Arabia prepares Gaza peace plan
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Yielding any results? And he was like, no. Are the strikes going to continue? And he's like, yes. So I mean, just crazy stuff coming from Biden. I guess a little bit of truth actually coming from Biden. What is the situation going on with with Iran? We did have these missile strikes, this exchange of fire between Iran and Pakistan. And. And Yahoo coming out with a statement, which, I mean, he just says it all, I guess.
Well, absolutely. Now, let's come back to Netanyahu in a moment. Let's look at the general situation in the Middle East. The war in Gaza continues. There is no But there's increasing signs that a lot of those troops are being deployed to The situation on Israel's northern border is becoming increasingly tense. There are more strikes on the Houthis. I think they've now launched four missile strikes on the Houthis. Nothing at all. The Houthis continue to launch attacks on shipping in the Red Sea. They've taken pot shots at American.
If an American warship is hit. We're in a very dangerous situation indeed, but the situation there hasn't improved in the slightest. On the contrary, it is deteriorating. ...rated warning and at the same time, you know, a message. And now we've had a very disturbing development indeed, which isn't getting the attention that it deserves.
Balochistan. The Pakistani military then launches a counter-strike on people it says are terrorists. But the key thing to take away from this is that neither the Iranians nor the Pakistanis informed the other in advance that they were going to launch the strikes. Both the Iranians and the Pakistanis have gone out of their way to say, you know, we're
I think we can disregard that in the sense that if that had actually been. Against iran so what is going on i suspect that the iranians are seeing a build-up of some
Many people see it as an essentially American creation and as an ally of the United States. It has supplied 155 millimeter shells to Ukraine, for example, though it still seeks to have good relations with Russia. But I think the Iranians probably feel that this government is now working with the Americans and that these forces that are being built up in Pakistani Balochistan are a threat to itself and are part of whatever plan the Americans might have against Iran in the event that there's missile strikes on Iran and a wider war in the Middle East. So the Iranians struck and hit these bases and the Pakistanis.
Of the overall deterioration of the security and military situation in the Middle East, and it's very dangerous. The pressure on Iran is now coming from various sides. Saudi Arabia. And what we're hearing is that he's about to float.
Of the United Nations. Diplomatic recognition also, by the way, by Israel as well. That is what I understand. And further moves towards making, building up, creating a Palestinian state. For Netanyahu, that is anathema. For members of his coalition, that is anathema. Netanyahu is actually boasting of the fact that he has made the creation of a Palestinian state impossible.
Line is in the Israeli government and of course the neocons in Washington even more determined to escalate the situation in the Middle East because from their point of view they have to find some way to prevent this peace plan that MBS is putting together from gaining further Plan. I mean, there's going to be parts that are going to be against this peace plan, obviously, the neocons and these guys. But I wonder if there's going to be parts of the U.S. government that are going to go for this.
It's also a way out for the United States. I mean, it's an off-ramp. Think about it. I mean, Let's move forward. Let's get a ceasefire in Gaza, moves towards establishing a Palestinian state, proper negotiations, diplomatic recognition for the Palestinians, all that sort of thing. And let's take a trajectory. From the Middle East with your reputation sort of intact. You've not been globally humiliated.
But of course, as you absolutely rightly say, there are many others who will be dead against. And up to this point, the US government, the Biden administration, has not been prepared to put the kind of political pressure on Netanyahu and on the government of Israel that might lead there.
I think it's, again, incredibly reckless, to say it frankly. But you can see why. Because everything that he has stood for, for the last 20 years, is now at risk. If the Americans go along with a plan like this, if it goes to the UN, if it's supported at the General Assembly and at the Security Council, if a diplomatic process is initiated, if there is recognition of a Palestinian state, and Palestine takes its place at the UN as a full voting member of the UN, for Netanyahu and for the other hardliners in Israel, they will see this not just as a disaster, but as an existential challenge to the kind of project
Focused on israel it's that they want their war with iran so they will They will oppose it is because ultimately they don't want peace in the Middle East. As we've said many times, this is the closest they've ever come to actually getting that war. And there's a stuff that Netanyahu said. He has proven all of the analysis over the past two months as to why. You know, I mean, he, yeah, he's not doing, he's not doing.
What he said, especially in relation to what you said, the ICJ case with South Africa, they must have been looking at the He said our whole case. He said it all. Yeah, exactly. I mean, this is what I feel myself. Him blocking that proposal is far more important than
And there is procedural problems with the case, which we've touched on in previous programmes. So he's not worried about that. He's much more focused on stopping the plan that MBS is putting together from gaining traction. Of Israel, their interests, of course, by
By the washington administration hasn't served israeli interests either not israeli Yeah, it does seem like the diplomacy line that Israel should have followed is the exact line that BRICS Saudi Arabia, being a member of BRICS South Africa, Very hard. And something tells me like the coordination that is taking place, the Saudi Arabia plan, the BRICS, ICJ, everything that has been happening in the UN with the resolutions from UAE and Russia.
Other than to scale this thing down. This is exactly correct. I mean, there is clearly an enormous amount of coordination going on. It's not... Brazil, Russia and China are clearly working together at the Security Council and in the General Assembly and that the Saudis are coming up with this. But all of this going on, there's clearly a huge amount of coordination.
The whole world will stack up behind it. There'll be just a few governments that might oppose it. I mean, this is something I think... There's going to be very grave consequences indeed. And if because the plan is blocked, we see an escalation and a war in the Middle East. Not only wrecked the best chance for peace in the Middle East, but are in fact the bringers of war, not just to the Middle East, but to the whole world. You can see how all of this is fitting.
The arguments, if you prefer, that the Russians, the Chinese, increasingly the Indians also, by the way, are making about American policy.
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