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Putin's message to the west w/ Jeffrey Sachs (Live)

2024-02-12 | 🔗
Putin's message to the west w/ Jeffrey Sachs (Live)
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All right, we are live with Alexander Mercur. And the very, very special guests that we love having on the show. Professor Jeffrey Sachs, how are you? Very good. Very good. Good to be with you. To have you on. And a quick hello to everyone that is watching us on Rockfish. In Odyssey rumble, YouTube and vdurad.locals.com. A quick shout out to. Our amazing moderators as well. Thank you very much to all our moderators. Alexander, Jeffrey, we have a lot to discuss, so let's let's get. To it, Alexander. Alexander M: Indeed. And the thing I think we perhaps need to discuss most, at least initially, is President Putin's extraordinary interview.
With Taka Carlson. Now, we've already done programs about this, Alex and I, but Jeffrey, you've been reading this interview. As I said, this is… a monumental interview. It covers huge amounts of ground. It answers questions. I mean, this is one of the things that is striking about Putin, is he actually, when to him, he answers it. He does give you lectures, but he actually also answers your questions. And of course, the thing that…the two things that came across to me… The West. Placed under relentless pressure for many years. He's, I think, a bit baffled as to why this has been.
Secondly, you know, this is an important point which perhaps we haven't highlighted enough. He still prepares, ultimately, to come to some kind of… of As a negotiating partner on the other side, on the Western side, on the US side, that With. He is not shutting the door. That was my take, at least. It's an extraordinarily sophisticated and shrewd interview. This is the first point, far too sophisticated. Or the mainstream American media, by the way, which could not make heads or tails of it, didn't-- want to deal with any anything of the substance. I, the.
Washington Post called it rambling, which means that with the American attention deficit disorder, if it's not in one soundbite, forget it. But when you listen... To it and then I just reread it again. Now it's actually extremely sophisticated and extremely interesting. I think there is a core truth and message which Putin is in an extraordinary position to understand and to explain. And that is the remarkable fact that the end of the Soviet Union did not mean at all the end of the US pressure and attack on Russia. I think that this is the real lesson of this. It wasn't actually anti-communism, it was anti-Russia. And it goes back to--
centuries, I would say, to British Russophobia, which at At least a century and a half before, or let's say a century before communism was completely Russophobic. And the reason is Russia is big, it's powerful, and in the British... And US grand strategy, that per se is a threat. Not the behavior, not the behavior of the here. The communism or the post communism, simply the fact of a large, capable country is a And what we see after 1991, according to Putin's analysis, and I think it's absolutely correct and it helped me to understand things, because I was there in 1991. There in 1992, I witnessed firsthand a lot of this. He says...
Russia said, We just want normal relations. And the answer was no from the United States. We want to surround you. We want to make sure that you are weakened in every way. We will send the CIA in to create unrest in the caucuses. We will send the CIA into your neighboring countries to overthrow governments. This is the narrative. It's right, by the way, because you and I, we know the history of this. but the American People do not know the history of any of it because it's never told. One thing that I found absolutely fascinating, Putin came out of the KGB. He knows the CIA. This whole interview is--
Infused with his knowledge of what's really going on in US policy, not the superficial level. He's constantly saying to the American politicians, Come on, we know, we know you're doing this, we know you're doing that. And the best they can do is mumble. And apologize because it's actually this deep state that is driving American foreign policy relentlessly. It's anti-Russian. It has Remained anti-Russian since 1991. It is not about what Russia has been doing at all. It's blaming Russia for being a large country. That is essentially what this is. It's the same with China, of course. And he makes that point. China's much bigger. American antipathy to China is that China is large, because that is an affront. To American hegemony. And so I found it completely fascinating.
Together of this non-stop pressure from the CIA operations in the Balkans at the end of the 1990s, the American withdrawal from the ABM Treaty. The American support for the Chechen rebels at the end of the 90s and early 2000s and other CIA operation. The engagement... Of the US in destabilizing Ukraine, the coup... Which he says is 2004, five, the orange revolution first, and then... Of course, the Yanukovych coup in February 2014, where Russia at least did us the favor of giving us the tape to call of... Newland and Piatt describing the coup online.
All of this is put together in an extremely coherent way, completely. Unassimilable by the American media because it's contrary to the official narrative. Official narrative is not the real story. So this is why this interview is so incredibly fascinating. Putin's also very calm and mature, let me say. He knows this is the great game. That he's been involved in this and game is is the word we use for tragedy because hundreds of thousands of people are getting killed by this game. But he's saying, if you stop, we can end this.
That is the real appeal. The amazing thing is after the interview came out, the US Senate went right on and voted another $61 billion for continued war because... The whole system is designed to be impervious to facts. Truth because you have a sub story which is a clear but quote secret deep state. Which is true, this is a long-standing US policy, this is the grand strategy, but it can't be admitted. Oh, everything is weird. You have the interview and the next day the Senate votes as if it didn't occur. Few senators referenced it on the Republican side, but all of the Democrats lined up to vote $61 billion for more slaughter because that is still the.
Deep state policy. One wonders whether Biden really has anything to do with this anymore. He's obviously not-- It's probably not the president. It really is the agent. In the next video. It's deranged, rambling, but they don't discuss the content. They absolutely refuse to talk about any of the points, the details that he made. The second point about the fact that it's nothing to do with communism… Was a phrase which really stood out for me, which is…I mean, he doesn't say that he said it himself, but apparently people were saying it to the US in the 90s. You're bourgeois. We're bourgeois also now. What's the…
I mean, you know, we are the same, and we're not…there isn't this ideological competition, confrontation any longer. So why are you so opposed to us, given that all of that is behind us now? And the third about Britain, which is of course my own country, can I just say, because this is something I studied, if you read the British media between 1815, the end of the 19th century, For watching. This video. Exactly the same.
London. I say that with great sorrow as a person who is myself British. It is absolutely true. And by the way, the British imperial strategy we now call offshore balancing, which is Britain as a... The island nation is going to intervene to stop any large power in Europe. Russia was that large power that needed to be stopped no matter what. Actually doing. And then this crazy concoction in the middle of the 19th century that Russia Is the great challenge to the crown jewel of the British realm. The Indian subcontinent as if it was really the intention of Nicholas II and Alexander II and III.
Invade India across the Himalayas. It was insane, but it actually drove British power. See, it was the motive force of the Crimean War, and it's exactly the same underlying force. Right now for the United States. Russia is just too big to allow to be Russia. And so we must contain it in every way. We must have unrest. Around the Russian periphery. We must decolonize Russia is the favorite phrase in Washington. We must bring Our military bases to Russia's periphery. We must surround Russia in the direction of our military. The Black Sea so that Brzezinski's rusophobic vision of... 1997 that Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia would
The surrounding Savastopol just like Palmerston did in the first Crimean War. It's not... It's not stop, but it's just basic geography that is continuing here. Putin is very calmly explaining this, but he's also telling us, look, here's-- What's really going on. You talk about who's doing what to whom. Why did you bring in the jihadists into the Balkans? Why did you bomb Serbia? for 78 straight days? Why did you leave unilaterally the anti-ballistic missile treaty? Why did you destabilize Russia? in the Caucasus region. And he knows because this... And then he constantly says, Look, I tell the political leaders, but they tell... They hear from the agencies, they hear from the CIA, they hear from the ones actually doing this.
Putin, when Tucker Carlson says, Why don't you do something about it? He says, Look, the agencies talk with each other. This is where the real story goes on, where there's no illusion on either side. But it's so sad that the public can't process us any of this. And what's extraordinary is how dangerous this is. It's called Game in game theory, but it could blow up the world and is blowing up Ukraine. For our eyes and it just cannot be processed. - Indeed, and of course the British referred to that. Your attention. Is a lie. Not even aware that there was even a great game going on in Central Asia where all of this was being fought out. It was entirely within…
the British, the British's own imagination. - Exactly. - It's most strange. - Say it, no intention at all. At all. But this is how we talk about China today, also how China is going to take over the world. China's never shown in 2,000 years the slightest interest in taking over the rest of the world. It's incredible. But this plays. Because of... I mean, it doesn't play. I think the Americans don't trust anything, but they don't hear any of the truth. And they don't therefore hear any processing of such an important discussion as this. Indeed, and the other thing that was astonishing is he has all these interactions with American presidents, with Clinton. With George W. Bush. They get home with each other. They seem to make come to agreements with each other. At least, not maybe agreements, but at any
understandings and then the president goes away and nothing changes because of course the president Isn't the person who makes the decisions. At least, that's what Putin thinks. He says, you know, it doesn't matter whom you elect because ultimately unless there is a fundamental change of outlook on the part of your… for watching. Now that I've found, I have to say, the saddest thing, because given how difficult it is, as you said, to reach to the… Really. And to reach to the media, through the media to the public, because the media is… the West has now experienced complete political elite capture. It's very difficult how we're going to change this. I think one of the profound problems both of...
The British history up to, say 1950, in the US hegemony since then, is that So much of policy is secret. The CIA really, truly, by the way, does run a huge amount of U.S. Policy and has done so for decades and in any event is tasked to do things we Know that it's about 80 covert regime change operations since 1947. It's tasked to do things. That are absolutely secret. Of course, rumors abound. ...to obfuscate relentlessly so that there is complete confusion about... What is actually happening. And you do feel in these discussions, and I've seen it inside the US government, and we've seen episodes like this about, for example, Clinton's first I
decision to expand NATO in the mid-1990s, it's almost As if he's basically told what to do and and he comes around to it. You don't feel... That these are the agents of, or the principles of these policies, but rather they are the agents. It's explained to Clinton, look we have a long-standing deep policy, Russia remains dangerous, this is what we're going to... Oh, okay, okay. And then you see inside the debate in the cabinet... That for example, on this NATO enlargement question in the mid-1990s, his own Secretary of Defense was completely aghast at this. In Paris, as were most of the top diplomats. But the decisions were not... As we see, the decisions were much more deeply entrained.
Explain to him, we've been doing this for decades. Don't stop this now. Now is our opportunity. This goes back to the 1940s and so forth. And this is, I think, what is completely not. Understood in, let's say this is what's completely never explained to the American people. And so again, an impossibility of processing what President-- Putin said, and therefore understanding that there really is a basic way to peace. And of course we see every day the denials that... NATO has anything to do with this or anything any of these other issues has anything to do with the war that once in a while the truth slips out, such as when Stoltenberg, the...
The Secretary General of NATO told explicitly to the European Parliament, of course this is a war over NATO enlargement. Or when David Arakamiya... The leader of Zelensky's political faction. In the Rada says, of course, this is a war over NATO enlargement. So once in a while, the truth slips Putin. Explains it, but then the media won't cover it at all. And by the way, I had my normal. Respondents with the New York Times over the weekend on this, which means one way I wrote To the editors whom I've known for 30 years, I hear nothing back. They will not cover any of the truth. It's absolutely the case. What we have in Britain are denials. I mean Boris Johnson is now denying...
If you bought the nose happened in March and April 2022 about you know the way that he the role he played in wrecking the negotiations. Says it's all untrue, even though it was being reported at the time in the British Media itself. This is one of the extraordinary things of his own. you know. One of his own ministers, Nadine Doris, has written a book actually praising him for wrecking the negotiations. But now of course it's not. Extraordinarily stupid statements of Sunak and Schultz. Worse than children. Absolute lies. And with Germany a complete collapse of even the slightest interest of the Chancellor of Germany in Germany's own national interest.
To the White House and by whatever means, which is a little bit mysterious, this. He comes out and says nonsense. And interestingly, I'm asked every day, as I'm sure you are, Germany behave in this completely weird way. And what's interesting is that when Carl and asks Putin about this, Putin says, I can't figure it out. And that's what I just wrote in an interview response. I can't figure it out either. I write to my former friends in the Chancellery in Germany. They don't answer me anymore either. Kind of shut down a basic reasoning right now and a just parroting this US narrative, and now it's a US narrative that the President of the United States can't even physically read off a teleprompter anymore. So we're really down to the last bits of this.
Mystery. Consensus a sophisticated government now in Russia and a very disciplined one. The The West. Is his I think that's exactly right by the way and I'm watching pretty close up the the BRICS process.
Systematic, very methodical. They're looking at these issues which we've discussed of monetary reform in a very professional way. And it's quite impressive, actually. And I think that that's exactly the sense of the interview, which is Putin saying, look, if there was just a normal discussion, we could actually solve this, but if not, we're going to do what we're going to do. We'll do our best. I think that's exactly the sense of it. India and China seem to be working together despite all the claims that they wouldn't. And, well, if we could just turn quickly, pivot quickly, because you've written a
Powerful and strong and I thought very good article about the Imran Khan situation in Pakistan. This is... This was written before the election, which has now happened in Pakistan. But he's been convicted of the most ludicrous... I mean, I mean, judges didn't make absolutely no sense. I mean, the fact that he disclosed the fact that the Americans were plotting… against him. It's a badly, you know, a crime in itself. Well, it's just to say the Americans call... On the military to bring him down in 2022, which they did. Based on a cable from the Pakistani ambassador. That cable was leaked partly to the intercept and also to Imran.
Khan's team itself. When Imran Khan waved it, on the one hand the United States denied it and on the other hand Imran Khan was sentenced to 10 years for espionage on the denied document. And then when the United States was asked about it, the State Department spokesman said, We respect the Pakistani courts. Again, it's so surreal you can't even connect logically the beginning of the sentence to the end of the sentence, but it does... Matter because there's no follow-up, there's no interest, and I'll tell you something interesting. That little... Op-ed of mine, which I posted on Common Dreams, which I liked very much, I had sent to The New York Times, because The New The New York Times had asked me for a piece about the situation in Pakistan before the election. When they saw that I was accusing the United States of something.
For which Imran Khan had been convicted of espionage, they told me, Oh, our editors won't go with something like this. So they would not run a piece like this. And after the fact, and then after, despite... The crackdown, the imprisonment, the attempted assassination, the espionage charges, everything, Khan's party wins an overwhelming majority, which is now being partly stolen by utter fraud. I went back to the New York Times and said, Could I write for you now? 700 words? No, no, no, Professor Sachs, we have other things in the pipeline. It's unreal. How hard it is to pierce this wall of stupidity. of stupidity. Designed narrative stupidity. They won't have it.
It will not listen to any facts report, any facts discuss, any narrative that has ...doesn't come out of John Kirby's mouth at the White House or the State Department. This is an official... Narrative rag, and that is a tragedy, because we can't function like that. Once upon a time, the New York Times reported on the Pentagon papers. It reported on Watergate. It reported on the CIA. But that was 50 years ago. It is a mouthpiece of government. To say. Firstly, Imran Khan's crime was that he wanted to maintain good relations with the was Russia. It all comes back to that at the end of the day. I mean, it's this.
Desire always to lump everybody into, you know, either you're with us or you're with us. Or you're against it. Alexander, in the memo, actually, the US threat is that we are very unhappy about this aggressive neutrality. The term itself is so obscene. That is the American mindset. And by the way, that goes back for decades. If you are neutral, you are an enemy of the United States, and leaders have been killed repeatedly. By the CIA over their neutrality. Absolutely. And since you brought up Admiral Kirby, I noticed that even the sound is getting fed up and have published a very, very angry statement.
This is an unusually strong statement, directly contradicting what he's been going around telling everybody about the state of negotiations between Saudi Arabia, the United States, and the United States about normal... the sense Saudi Arabia I think is now a member of the BRICS. I'm absolutely sure about this, but I think it is. But I'm definitely... They're going there. And people around the world are getting fed up with this. People in Pakistan are fed up with this. As you said, to support Imran Khan. And they're angry. I mean, I know Pakistanis. There's lots of Pakistani people here in London. And they are very angry. They gave him a landslide. Exactly. They gave him a landslide. And people in, people in, even the Saudi princes have it.
People have been stalwart allies of the United States for so many years that they're getting utterly fed up. And they say, No, we're not going to have stories told about us by American spokesmen on American television, which is simply not true. And again, American government doesn't seem to get this, that it's not…that these things that they do aren't working. Looking in the way that they did once. The level of trust by Americans in the US government. Has collapsed. The level of trust by Americans in the media has collapsed. This is, nobody believes what is being said, but So far, just the fact of mumbling some nonsense has forestalled any change of policy. That's what's...
Interesting. It's not that people are actually convinced by this. They kind of know something's really wrong. But what Has remained the case until today is the absence of a rational alternative discussion at the core of our policy. Public deliberations, meaning in our actual institutions, in the Congress, or in the... Mainstream media, that rational discussion has not occurred. Professor Sachs, Jeffrey Sachs, once again, an amazing interview. Just to go back, read Putin's interview. It is incredibly interesting. Absolutely. For us to chew on in the in the days ahead. Absolutely. Great to be with you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Jeffrey again. Have a great day. Thank you. Take care. Bye bye. Bye.
Alexander, let's do some questions. Absolutely. And we'll wrap this up. There were some questions addressed to Professor Sachs, but we were a bit short on time. We had to do a hard stop with Professor Sachs, but we can answer the questions. That came in. From KM, What are Professor Sacks' views on Reddit bias and the IPO? Have you heard about Reddit's IPO? No, no, you're probably more up to date with this kind of thing. But you know about the media bias, I guess is a better way to put it. What are your thoughts on the media bias with everything that's taking place, the Tucker interview? That it, that it, that he Is getting worse all the time. Professor Sax is absolutely right. The media just didn't know how to handle this interview.
You. For example, in the Financial Times, with that precise title. So Tucker Carlson is manipulated by Putin. At the same time, they want to say, well, you know, Putin comes across as … And deranged and mad? Well, if that is indeed the impression that the interview gave, how is Tucker Carlson, through having actually conducted an interview?
like that. Well, surely he's doing us all a favour because he's exposed Putin in that kind of way. But of course that isn't what they really want to do. They don't want anybody to look at the interview itself, so they say this is all propaganda, it's…Tucker's been manipulated by Putin, but they still want… to go out and say, you know, 'He's deranged' and, you know, 'rambling' and all of those things, all of those words. Yeah but they don't discuss the content at all i don't think they understand the content no they Manveer asks, thanks, says, Thanks for the great discussion. If Trump wins the presidency in 2024, do you think he will be successful in re-establishing a dialogue with Russia?
I think he wants to, I think he always has done. It's an extraordinary fact that Donald Trump, perhaps because he's an outsider, and somebody who historically never showed a huge amount of interest. In foreign policy seems to have an insight. Into this issue. The entire professional political class simply doesn't get. But of course we saw what happened in his first term. In order for him to change things… Time he would need a team he'd need a lot of people working for him and of course... They're scared. The establishment is scared that he will do it. And there is talk about the fact that he is supposedly building up this huge T. I'm just going to wait and see. We'll see whether or not he is able to make change. He will be resisting every single change.
Step of the way. He already is? - If he gets into office as well. - If he gets into office. They're pulling out every stop to prevent him. You know extraordinary things anyway carol yeah uh fractured zero one thank you for that uh - Bitch, Bitcoin crypto and gaming says always love. Professor Sax. Fracture01 says, Feelings don't care about your facts. The US Senate. Truth Social ST says, I appreciate the invaluable analysis of Jeffrey Sachs. Thank you also Christopher and Merk Gertes for your host. Thing in regular analysis, this the resistance will prevail.
And from locals, Alexander from Yankee Go Home, No More Wars, Australian sovereignty, stay neutral in the APAC. It may be dangerous to be America's enemy, but to be America's friend is fatal. Henry Kissinger, no aukus. Thank you for that message. Toy Chung, thank you for that super chat. Libertarian by default. Welcome to the direct community. B. Mido says, Keep up the great work. Coste910 says, As I was saying all this year, and now Putin confirmed, the genie is out of the bottle. It all started with war crimes. Against Serbia, maybe by NATO. We will never forget or forgive. Well this is true and I mean you know that there were so many opportunities thrown away It will fully thrown away. I mean, this is something that Putin actually catalogues. I'll pretend by the Russians to come to
I'm not going to join NATO. You don't want this involved in other things? Well, you know, we'll go with that. But let's try and find some way forward. And he says every time he and other Russian officials come up with ideas, the door is always slammed in their face. Because exactly as Professor Sacks said, they are the enemy and must all... - It was me, sir. - Can you explain Alexander what was meant when Putin said, I don't think he was working for Monaco, when he was talking about Evan Gershkovich? Did you understand what he meant by that?
That is what Putin said. One of the main centers of the Russian military-industrial complex. It's a huge city in the Urals, not far away as Nizhny Taghil. He was getting classified information from the…trying to get classified information about tank production, and the Russians arrested him. And I mean, his story is that he's doing it, you know, as a journalist. The Russians say, You're clearly spying. You're clearly working for someone. You're not working for Monaco. You're working for somebody.
Much more powerful, much more important. You're an American. You must have been working for the CIA. Okay, Sparky says Russia should trade Evan Nacorzkiewicz for Julian Assange. Well, he's dropping hints that the Russians are going to trade him for... be. People and for Russians. I know this directly. I mean, I'm not from Assange himself, but from people who have spoken and discussed Sanj will never accept a trade. He will never agree to be traded in this kind of fashion.
Because under no circumstances does he want himself to be anybody to think that he is any kind of spy, intelligence officer, that he has any sort of connections with the Russians, nothing like that. He will…I mean, it's a heroic position. He's prepared to go through all the trials, all the investigations, and argue his innocence and the fact that... He is a journalist. I think it's a very heroic stance, by the way. That is my assumption realistic. Will it influence the West? Alexander M: I think that you are probably right, and the proof of this is that it is
is the increasingly shrill way in which they're acting. I mean, if you listen to Scholz and Sunac over the last couple of years, it's a very interesting way of acting. The Alex Yeah, Oscar asks, Will Trump sack NATO or is it just talk? I think NATO is the biggest threat to Europe. Alexander M Well, he's dropped all kinds of hints. I mean, he dropped a very heavy hint the other day when he said, you know, that people that wasn't paying funding its own defense, they asked him if the Russians attacked us, will you defend us? He said, No, you're not defending yourself. Why should we defend you? Now that, of course, it's been publicized all over Europe.
How outrageous it is, but of course, in a kind of a way – this is what Europeans, the people who talk like this, don't understand – it actually plays into the point Trump is making, which is that NATO is a mechanism – one of the things it is, I mean, it's many things – but one of the things it is, is a mechanism whereby big European states of the United States. And that's a point he wants to make. And this European reaction, you know, even if we don't spend any money on our own defence, the United States should come and defend us. It makes exactly the point that Trump wants to make. Ibsen says great analysis every time. The black cat, thank you for that super stick. Maria S. thank you for that super sticker. Jack Ridley thank you for that super sticker. Robin says good morning Bally-S. Good morning Bally-S.
And Paul Walker says, Duo is too concerned removing the far-right threat, but more than happy to support the far-right in the future. Ukraine. Bojo makes a mockery of Western politics. Entire, you know, political class across the West. I mean, they pretend that the far right does not exist in the West. I mean, if you read The Guardian, you would get the impression that the Russians are the far right and the Ukrainians are sort of center-leftists, you know. I mean, that's the kind of way in which Ukraine is represented there. I mean, it is so far removed from the truth that it is almost ridiculous. Well, it is ridiculous, but I mean…
That's the way it started. Putin, by the way, made a very interesting point about that. You made two very interesting points. He said that the West actually knows all about these people and supports them, and the reason it does is because that guarantees that Ukraine will be kept on an anti-Russian trajectory, because these people in Ukraine are very, very anti-Russian. So that's why they are the allies of the West in this project. The other point – and it brought me back to an interview that Sergei Lavrov gave about a year ago, in which he got into a lot of trouble on this very question, which is about Zelensky and, you know, why does…
Lenski agreed to front for these people when his background, his family, the fact that he's Jewish should make him so averse to this. You know, Lavrov slipped badly. It turns out that Putin himself actually asked that very question to Zelensky himself on the only occasion that they met, which from recollection I think was in 2020. He asked Zelensky, Now why are you fronting for these people? Your father fought against them. This video.
Anyone else? You should know what they are. And he said, I can't answer. I can't tell you what Zelensky said because this was a confidential discussion, so I can disclose what I said to him, but I won't disclose what he said to me. But of course there is a Russian record of this conversation, and I'd be interested to know what it…what… Zelensky did in fact. Law of Attraction asks, Gentlemen, if you had an opportunity to ask Putin a question, what would it be if Hadi Stokke were to leave? If I had an opportunity to ask Putin a question, my interview would be about six... That was long. Not the two hours that it was with Taka.
Where to begin? As somebody with historical interests, I would be very interested in understanding why it was what actually happened in 1999 when Putin became first active. Prime minister and then president of Russia, because there was clearly lots of things going on behind the curtain at that time in Moscow. And we know, because Putin has disclosed the fact, that he was actually worried that he might…at one point that he might be arrested. This isn't widely known. So clearly some kind of a power struggle was underway.
I would be very interested to know the facts of that, and I would be very interested to know what role the Americans, and by the way the British, had in it also. And I think a lot of the things that have happened since then, this monotony of things I'm going to read a little bit of the book, and then I'll read it to you. This is in 1999 in the British media, but I think it all stems from the events of that summer. Sparky says pre-immonicon. - Yeah. - Tim Gibson, thank you for that super sticker. Sparky says, D-nuts fight Israel.
Elsa says, The collective West says Putin is lying. Did anyone give an example of a lie and name facts that prove that? I haven't seen any. You're absolutely correct. None. Absolutely none at all. There is no… See, they don't want to do that. They just say that he's lying. They don't want to say where he is lying, because if they do that then they're going to start to disclose facts which they don't want to disclose and have to argue about and So the result is they just say he's mad, he's rambling, he's a liar, all of those kind of things. They don't want to go into any more detail than this, which meant, by the way, that their response to the interview was botched and extremely lame. I mean they just parked it away, tried to ignore it, even though, as I said, they were
The interests are in it around the world has been enormous. Sparky says, Go Yemen, fight the power. Has free Assad. Danielle says, Do you think that the Zionists will get their way and clear Gaza and the West Bank? Will Israel be held to account? Alexander M: If they don't do it, it will not be for want of wanting to do it and for want of trying. I mean, I don't know how closely people have been following events in Israel, but there's been a whole series of meetings and public protests and things of this kind. And again, Israeli officials – Ben Gvere, one of the ministers, Smotrich – and not just them. They've again been talking about the need to displace the entire population of Gaza, repopulate it with…
Jewish settlers, and exit straightforwardly into Israel. I think the opposition and the resistance to this is huge around the world. I think that opposition is building, and I think that Israel is under more pressure than been at any point in my memory, in my actual memory. And there was even an article in Foreign Affairs, which is one of the big three of American journals that the foreign policy elite runs.
Which actually is entitled, you know, How Israel is Self-Destructed. So I think they are closer to being held to account than they have ever been, but they don't yet understand that, and they don't really believe it. And of course it's not deterring them from wanting to do… that which they aim to do. Important to stress again. I think this has to be said. We're talking about a faction of people who hold power in Israel. If this whole topic was opened up for discussion amongst the Israeli public, I personally believe that we would start to see a much greater diversity of views start to develop there as well.
That article in Foreign Affairs discusses that in detail. Eleanor Diaz says Rusophobia is because Russia has defeated most countries in Europe at one time like France and Sweden and the UK. Of course it's now more intense than it's ever been. You can find…we have a historian in Britain called Orlando Fajes. I don't…I'm going to say it straight away. I don't like him. I don't personally agree with most of his take on things. And he wrote a book some years ago about the Crimean War which I… Disagreed with profoundly. But there is-- one chapter there, just one chapter which discusses British media coverage of Russia in the decades leading up to the crime of Russia. War and you can see that even he's shocked by what he found and of course
If you study this period in more detail, you will know how... Now all the stereotypes, characterisations, clichés about Russia that we're bombarded with all the time. They actually originate from the media of the 19th century, and particularly the British. Thank you for that. Sparky says, Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can't help but think about Israel. Think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East. John Sheehan, American missionary. Uh, Jung...Jung-Gul Jin says no one has yet mentioned Putin's reference to... Genetically engineered humans, the Elon Musk exchange, the AI. I think it's interesting that Tucker was talking about AI and Putin was talking about genetically engineered humans.
Danielle says Biden sees dead people. Has he found Jackie yet? Thanks for that. Jamila says, I want to say thank you, gentlemen, and all my favorite people is one than God. I love you guys. Ellen Diaz says nobody reacts to Tucker's warmongering with China Putin put a stop to those Tucker dreams - Yeah. Oh absolutely. I mean, it was a brief exchange, but a very telling one, one which we discussed, Alex and I, in the programme we did about the interview. We went into it in great detail, 50 minutes. Yeah. Sparky says, When Putin spoke of Germany and France, I thought that he may have been speaking about them guaranteeing mince mince too, but alexandra clarified that as asking for Russia to withdraw troops.
He really is disappointed with the French and the Germans. And he made the point that there was three occasions. There was an agreement that was reached on the 21st of February 2014. Which was before Yanukovych was overthrown to hold elections and to come to a political settlement. The Germans and the French basically rubber-stamped and guaranteed that. It was torn up the next day and Yanukovych was overthrown, and Putin is still incredulous and furious about this. Then of course there's Minsk too. And lastly, there's this…this is, in my opinion, the single most interesting revelation, a factual revelation, of the interview, the fact that the Germans and the French were there putting pressure on the Russians, telling them, Please get your troops away.
The Ukrainians can't sign anything off if they have a gun at their head, and basically backing the Ukrainian request for the Russian troops to be withdrawn from the Soviet Union. Kiev, and Putin says, Okay, I'll do it. And one sense is that for him that was probably the final straw, the betrayal too far, if Law of Attraction says, Check the difference how the American journalist is being treated in Russia. Imprisonment looking good and smiling and how Ukraine did to Gonzalo. Absolutely, of course we don't talk about Gonzalo in the West. Media. Around the world – not just in Russia, by the way – but around the world it's been talked about more and more. But I can say this…
for a fact, by the way, I have not seen a single article anywhere in the British media I believe there have been a few in the American, because the American media is still a little bit more open than the British, but in Britain this whole episode has been completely suppressed. In 2024 says Putin and the BRICS involves Australia to be a neutral partner in the new paradigm. You know this is it i mean why has australia wrecked its relations with china which is going doing very well for that relationship with china why did germany wreck its Relations with Russia. I mean, surely, if you're talking about Germany, they should have worked very hard to keep relations with Russia on an even keel. We did a whole program recently, by the way, about what's going on in Russia.
And Australia I know less about because, well, I've never been there for one thing, but To me it's the same. And I'm sorry because all Australian people I've met in London I really liked and got on with, you know, British relations with Australia, very close and very friendly, and I... Just don't understand why Australia, which could have been a force for restraint on Australia. Americans, and by the way also on the Chinese, because the Chinese value the relationship with Australia, why that thing has been torn up and thrown away in the reckless way that
It was. Was doing, because the AUKUS deal is a terrible deal for Australia. I mean it's a good deal for the United States, obviously. It's a kind of good deal for Britain, not that I think the British will ever follow through on it, because I don't think they have the technical means. I mean Britain providing nuclear submarine technology. Look at what's happened to its aircraft carriers and its destroyers and all of that. But anyway. But what did Australia think?
Think it was doing by signing off on something like that. But I mean, that's entirely correct. Taka, by the way, has made the same point. And of course, Putin also made it. I mean, why would Russia-- To invade Europe. Nobody's explained this to me. Why would Russia want to march on Berlin at this time or take over Sweden? or Occupy Norway or any of these places. I mean, the whole thing makes no sense.
No one, not a single commentary, has explained why the Russians would want to attack you. There hasn't been a single explanation given. I've not seen a single one. It's just taken as axiomatic that they're a threat. No explanation of what it is that the Russians would achieve or want to achieve. The world. And turn around. And it's been said that, you know, Putin was threatening everybody with World War III. I mean, the degree of misrepresentation is… astonishing. - Yeah, that's because it's all about keeping the military spending.
In Europe going, that's what it's all about, and keeping people afraid so that they can then give more power over to Brussels and to the people in DC. That's it. That's what it's all about. About it. Putin's presidency. I've heard…and I got this from somebody who worked at the Greek embassy in Moscow, which I'm pretty sure is a private conversation…
want to go into the details. But the story I heard at the time was that there was a power struggle, that the business over Yugoslavia – the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO and Yeltsin's going along with it and the sacking of Primakov – finally turned the entire military and security and foreign policy establishment against Yeltsin, and they basically said to him, Look, we want you out. He was at that time still trying to find a way of getting himself a third term. We want Putin in. If you agree to go... We will give you immunity, but if you try and stay, there will be a political crisis at the end of this year, and at that point you're on your own.
That's the word I've heard about it, and of course the military started to make decisions by itself, like they sent troops to Kosovo, Russian troops went to Przemysl. Seen all of that, that was not so much directed against the US; it was directed against Yeltsin himself. It was telling him. You've lost control. We're not obeying your orders anymore. - Parks says, Did you hear the emotion in Tucker's voice after the final question of President Putin? Profound, reply--
to the Orthodox Church and the soul of Ukraine? Oh yes, absolutely. I mean, this is important for Taka and it's important for Putin himself. And again, coming back to what we discussed on our program about this interview, the care with which Putin, how careful he was not to denigrate Ukraine. He said nothing pejorative about Ukrainian culture, about Ukraine's, you know, way of life, anything of that kind. And the emphasis he continued to place on Orthodoxy, on religion, and he even brought up the topic of the... Russian soul, which, to be frank, I know Russians. Some Russians are. I mean, they don't like it.
Of course even Dostoevsky, you know, back in the 19th century, Bradley didn't like it when people talk like that. Which says boycott is Ra-El. - Okay. - Thanks for that. John Ski says, Thank you both for the daily brain boosts. It seems like the Western elites have become so drunk on their own perceived power. Putin avoided this malaise or has he? Well, I think to a great extent he has, because he often... Operates in a profoundly different system. Who on the one hand, he went out of his way to make this clear that he's very realistic, and he operates in a system which is also very, very realistic. If you follow debates and discussions that take place…
in Russia at the highest level of the government and in their media. There is discussion that happens there. The time, so there really isn't any room for, you know, sort of megalomania to take hold, given how long he's been in power. I mean, you know, he shows no trace of it, and that is important in itself. What he does show is enormous experience which aids him in his decision-making. Thank you. Claude says hi from Quebec, City Canada, as usual great team. I see Ben Hillman welcome to the direct community. Mayes says Putin did a cat Williams thanks to the Tucker expose.
This a says German MSM manipulate TC interview example DW news Yeah. Sparky says so let's go. I mean the German media by the way, I mean, it's the British the American The media is bad, the British media is worse. In my opinion, the German media is worse still. I mean, the This has been long so the case, by the way. The one thing I would say is Germany, unlike Britain, does have an alternative media and a much, much more critical public in Germany, at least part of the public, is… much more critical than you tend to find in Britain. He is to inoculate Ukrainian NAZIs. His mother wasn't Jewish and never converted.
Did acknowledge Jewish heritage through his father. - Yes, indeed. And as I said, it was specifically his father that Putin referenced. Christos says compare any city's lifestyle in the States to Russian cities and tell us if Russians are ready For the american values hahaha tense seven fentanyl everywhere well i mean if you go to Russia. Well-run, confident, modern, comfortable, prosperous cities. Torsten says, We're living in the Fourth Reich where Napolekysh is. Schwab and his WEF puppets control the rules-based order. Wake up, Europe. Hmm.
Joe public says what's the big deal about thoroughly average interview? Thank you. I didn't think it was an average interview. I thought it was a very, very different interview from the ones…from the ones that… We see in the media in the West. I mean, completely different. And that was one of the problems. That's one of the problems, why the media in the West I understand it very well. If you're talking about Putin interviews, I thought that... That it actually provided a lot more information and insights than I personally had expected. He went into more detail and said more things.
And he normally says or discusses or discloses in interviews with the Russian media. And I think this is not because, you know, he set out to do that, but because the experience of working with an American journalist was so different that, as I said, he was prepared to say more things or provide more information than he usually does. I thought it was actually a better interview than I'd expected it would be. That there are far-right people in Russia, I think you're finding that they're very much in decline. And of course Putin himself makes it completely clear this isn't what he's about at all. I don't think you'll find much of it in Russia. I've never encountered it, brother.
As Putin said that Musk can't be stopped. I did. He did. Props to Tucker, but would he interview she or Racy? Maybe you. You must also skip. I wonder where the scribbles are buried? Well, he had a lot to say about them too, of course. It's a very good question. We are going through, by the way, a public inquiry in Britain that is supposed to be looking at the story of the Skripals. John Helmer's been writing about this outstandingly, by the way, in Dances with Bears. I almost pointed out that public inquiry is--
a grotesque misnomer for this exercise, because most of it is actually going to be conducted in secret. I mean, it's…it's…it's, you know, utterly bizarre. We don't know where the script files are; we're not provided any information about this. Vast amounts of information are being withheld. Even, you know, the Mansfield, Mike Mansfield, who's the casee who's representing the family of the woman who died because she ingested Novichok – you remember the one from the perfume bottle – he's protesting. Complaining about this, but as I said, the British authorities are determined to keep the whole thing under wraps. As I said, Helmer has been covering this really well. Artem Rex says the Moustache Man's army was once one of the most organized and industrially bolstered forces of the 20th century.
The barbarians are at the gate once more, but this time with blue hair and art degrees. Pass the popcorn, please. - What a ditty. That super sticker Christo says Aussies you must in my luck is that's why we had it good with China and now - No, not that. Danielle says Australia needs a new Whitlam or Paul Keating back. Yeah. - Thank you. Jungle Jin says regarding AUKUS, Australia is footing US naval costs. Well, and. I mean, you know, what practical benefit does that give the people of Australia? Sparky says, I think Gonzalo paid off the FSB to let him go the first time. The second time the U.S.
Overrule the FSB and had them arrest him again. Look, I've not heard anything about this. I don't know that he paid off any body. But perhaps one day we will get the whole story. Thank you. Dark comparisons to the hyper emotional reaction of Western leaders, patients vs. escalation escalator.
He is an extremely disciplined man. You do get the sense – I got the sense sometimes listening to him – that at some level he has been personally hurt. I mean, you know, he's a human being after all, but he is absolutely determined that he's not going to let that affect his actions as president of Russia. Focused on Russian national interests. About Gaza. And of course, we have a legal process which is working its way through and which…
Thank you. To this. I'm not. I'm not. I mean, I'm very realistic about, you know, the obstacles it faces. But nonetheless, it's already got to this point, and it might... Actually go further still. Fractured01 says Australia has been subverted by the US embassy for years. WikiLeaks had cables on how... PM Rudd was ousted. At. But, you know, Australians can take control of their country. It's self-sufficient. It's immensely rich.
Actually can play a very strong and positive role in world affairs. I mean, they need to throw off their psychology of… The world. And understand that they can be independent and strong, and they can make their own decisions, and they don't need to get the permission of any body to know. Thanks. Get er done 2024 says thank you for the comment of Australia Towards a US relationship to make us to do Ukraine. Up to that. I mean, I really don't. I really hope it doesn't. - Doug Hale says, Gents, any thought on why mill tubers like fat electrician Chris--
Cappy and mandatory fun day are now sounding more and more like propaganda. I'm sorry. I don't know these people. Yeah, I don't know those YouTubers. John Skee says John Kirby has been elevated to an assistant to the president from deputy assistant. He will be in charge of communications coordination for national security across a variety of agencies. Oh joy. More proof that in order to succeed you must completely fail. Alex : Elza says it looks like the French have become more hostile against Russia. Are they just coping hard or are there other reasons? Alexander M : No, I don't think so. I think a political class in Paris, which has always been very anti-Russian, there's tradition of anti-Russian and Russophobic views in France. Go back all the way to Gustave Doré for example.
The 19th century. There is an elite in Paris that is very anti-Russian. My impression is that the rest of the country is not. Stan Tull says, Wish Tucker had asked about buka or other Russian atrocities. Listening to Western leaders attempt to dismiss the things he said is embarrassing. Russian atrocities, in quotes.
If any of you gents had the chance to interview the Putin would you or is it too much heat for for it after? well I'll get to say the question is time. I mean, you know, it would be an enormous operation for a… I mean, you know, we don't have the resources and the team behind us to talk as that that on I personally do not like to get too close to politicians and to power.
It'd be the same if Boris Johnson wanted me to interview him I would have misgivings about it if Rishi Sunak or Or Kiyositama, or to give a perhaps better example, Kwasi Kuateng, who is a personal friend of mine. The next video. Distance, so that the analysis I give is completely independent. I don't know whether people understand that, but I do feel that sometimes some journalists become so close to leaders that it affects the way they explain things – not in Taka's
is he fulfills a different role from the one that we do. - Sparky says correction, SPU to the FSB. It's August. Jungle Gin says, August, no practical benefits for Australia. It has many... Fully embedded Americas in key agencies. Australia acts under orders. No choice involved. He says, But Russia killed Apollo Creed. In reference to Rocky. Monty 105 says, Can you please elaborate a bit more on Putin facing arrest as Prime Minister? hearing of this. He disclosed it himself. He disclosed it himself in an interview he gave on… on a Russian TV program that he didn't want initially to take the job of prime minister, that he was very, very worried that if he did--
And clearly things went the wrong way. And Putin, Yeltsin, tapped him to become acting Prime Minister. Or so Putin says, but you know, we know that there was all sorts of things going on behind the scenes, and he turned it down. He said, you know, I'm worried for my family and... I'm nervous about myself. And then the power struggle continued, and he was asked to become prime minister again.
The world. Someone else, I forget the name of him, took over for a short time, about a month, and then suddenly that person was also sacked, and then Putin took over. Yeah, all right. I think that is everything. Those are all the questions. - Yeah. All right, thank you to Professor Jeffrey Sachs once again for a great conversation, a great live stream. Alexander, any final thoughts before we sign off? Thank you to everyone that's watched us on Rockfin, Odyssey, Rumble, The Duran. .locals.com, YouTube, thank you to our moderators, Valias, Gab, Peter, I think I saw Peter in the house as well.
One that helped us to moderate. Thank you, Rockabilly for that super chat. Gab says, Hungry President Novak resigns. Know much about this? Alexander M There isn't very much to say. It's the result of a scandal. I don't think it has a huge amount of political significance. She gave a pardon to somebody who was the director of a children's home who'd been negligent because that person had employed… on one who unfortunately abused children. That's my understanding of the case. By the way, an example of somebody being held to account for doing something wrong. In Hungary that happens. In some countries in the West, well, you just get promoted.
All right, any final thoughts, Alexander? It really is astonishing. Avi, yeah. This is a real journalist doing a journalist's job. The media collectively in the West is furious with him. It goes to show that journalism as a proper trade doesn't exist anymore. Here we have Professor Saxe telling us that he's… trying to get articles in the New York Times. They actually asked him to write an article about Pakistan, and he writes about the American role. And which is obvious. Anybody can see it, by the way. I mean, this isn't it is what
mainly discussed in Pakistan itself, but the New York Times won't publish it. What kind of newspaper is that? This is the so-called, you know, the newspaper of record. >> Christos says major respect for what you do think. Alexander? Alexander M: Thank you, Chris Dawson. Can I just say, I mean, what a state we're in with the media. In the world. Things and informative and all of that, the founders of the United States.
Understood? That is an essential part of the system. We don't have it any more, and without it there cannot be democracy in America or anywhere else. Alex They're jealous of Tucker Alexander. Alexander M Oh, hugely so. Alex Jealousy is a terrible thing. Alexander M That is another thing that comes across so powerfully. They're jealous of his traction. They're jealous of his intelligence and his ability and his courage, because they have none of those things. Alex His newfound freedom. Alexander M His newfound freedom. Still gets hundreds of millions of views, which they don't. I mean, instead of asking, you know, What is he doing? right, which we're not, you know, they just go and go after him. But you're absolutely right. Jealousy plays an enormous…
road in this. All right, we will end it there. Thank you very much, everybody for tuning in to this live stream. Take care
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