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White House Foreign Policy In Disarray w/ Tony Shaffer Live

2024-03-07 | 🔗
White House Foreign Policy In Disarray w/ Tony Shaffer Live
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Okay, we are live. Great to have everyone with us on this Thursday. A March the 7th alexander Very well and absolutely delighted. Very excited to have Tony Schaffer with us. Yes, we are very happy, very honored to have the one and only Tony Shaffer and. IT, New York Times best-selling author, retired DOD Intel operative, and-- And who knows a lot of things that he is going to tell us about. Alexander, Tony, before we get started with the show, let me just say a quick hello to everyone that is watching us on Odyssey on Rockfin. Rumble and Telegram, and of course, vduran.locals.com, and thank you to our amazing, awesome.
Moderators Peter, Valias, Zariel, and... and Who else is moderating? And anyone else who joins us in the moderation, thank you very much for everything that you do. Alexander, Tony, there is all kinds of news going on. This was a very big week in news. So Alexander and Tony, I pass it off to you gentlemen. I said... Very big, not just week of news, but I think it's a very big month of news. And actually the epicenter as always is the US. You know that there's lots of things going on in Ukraine which we can talk about, lots of things going on in the Middle East. The next.
Britain which remains the place which is at the center. Others respond to what the Americans, or at least what people inside the Beltway are doing. And it's sometimes very difficult to decipher what's going on, at least for us outsiders, to decipher what is going on in Washington. And I can tell you one thing. The Of European Union and its institutions very well. So my aunt used to. I have a long background going all the way back to the 1980s. I have never known a week quite as agitated, or at least two weeks.
The next. I can't help but think again that it is the Americans who are behind this. Look at some of the things that are going on over the course of this programme. But before I get on to that, let's just say… That we are incredibly privileged today to have somebody, Tony Shaffer, who is, as Alex said, former intelligence officer. Um military man lieutenant colonel he's served in many places he's being Is the next.
Sounds a lot more about this kind of world than we as complete outsiders do. So I want to first of all say how delighted I am that we have Tony Schaffer with us. And Tony, can I now go over to the next slide? To you. The next video. Title says 'Disarray in Foreign Policy' and, well, do you feel the same way? Does it seem to you the same? Well, there... thank you for... Having me by the way, since there's two of you, shouldn't you guys be the Duran Duran? I almost expected Nick Rhodes or Simon Le Bon to be on this morning, but I digress.
So no, I do. I do echo and feel the unease, as do the Americans. Alexander, part of the reason there's unease is because the American media has been completely ignoring everything you guys talk about. Of our media is that they tend to pick up and give great weight and expand the messaging for aspirations. Aspirational thinking. And so, you know, and I'll just say it, my partner in crime, Brigadier General Blaine Holt and I tried. Our best to hold a line of truth here. And the whole, the way that Washington sets the tone, which I don't dispute, I think they do their best. To influence things because Washington writes a lot of checks. Remember, the whole focus of... The Ukraine effort and you both have done a great job. I've watched both of your, your, uh,
over the last 24 hours. I like I want to pick up a always smoking a cigar wh your stuff. So I almost f got a cigar in my hand as we're talking. Thank you. We got some we got some 105s in the warehouse if you got the money for us. Well, the money's Stuck in Congress and Alexander, I think you've correctly picked up on it. And I feel based on the fact that if you guys watch. Social media. I'm interact politicians. You guys, yo public. And I, you know, I talked about. My friend Ryan Zinke, Congressman Zinke, this past Sunday, our meeting was public. It's all on them. And, uh, I can tell you, uh, the, the Republicans I talked to who are the. The Reagan guys, we have any more of this. There's no plan. There's no
Ability to fund something and think you're going to achieve a viable outcome that benefits someone other than, you know, throwing money in there and hoping for the best. And the southwest border is an issue we're going to see tonight alexander to your point joe. Biden do his best to do a tap dance around everything he's failed to do. And what he wants to raise taxes. Oh, people aren't paying their fair share. So you know, between spoonfuls of tapioca, and whatever happens with his his wife, Dr. Jill Biden and his depends, he's coming up with some sort of semi lucid set of ideas We're not taxed enough, and that's going to solve the world's problems. But this is a long way to get to the answer to your question. Much of the subterfuge of the US media is designed to Extract from the real issues and focus on things that are going on. So I think part of why you Pete, you're you're you, I don't want to, please don't
way why you people are freaking out over there is because they've been so deferential to Washington who's been Doing something that has no regard to the reality in which we all live. Does that make any sense? I mean, it's... It makes absolute sense. I mean, they've, they've been... What's along and I think this is a point which you know, I want we want to emphasize over the course To this program. This is not America that has led the Europeans down this crazy path. It is a faction. Which is in control of the American government. And the Europeans, by the way, understand that very well. They understand that very if you look at the European media which I am actually much better
If you look at the European media, they are very, very conscious that they have tied themselves to the success in Washington of a particular faction. And what they are worried – because they don't understand American politics very well – what they're worried and what they didn't expect is that that faction is now Losing. And they've just lost, by the way, the single person that perhaps more than anyone else they interacted with, which is Victorian. You think? But she's terribly interested in Europe. She's much more focused on what goes on in Europe than I think many American officials are.
And, you know, her conception of what American grand strategy should be is very focused on Europe. European's life, and now she has gone, and all of them – I can say this definitely – they will be worried in Europe. They'll be asking themselves why. Why has Newland gone? Was she pushed? Did she go? Who are the people who are taking over? And they're going to be looking at the backgrounds of the people who are taking over, and they're not going to like what they see, because it seems to me that these are people who are saying too much focus has been given to Europe. The thing in Ukraine which Newland was so connected to is not working out. It's time for us to look elsewhere, and apparently Kurt Campbell, her replacement – or rather
new Deputy Secretary of State, he's mostly interested in China affairs, so I understand. Alex So you're correctly diagnosing the landscape of what we face here, but again, I don't You understand the subtleties? I mean, not you, you do. I'm just saying you're the Europeans in general, there is constantly a battle behind the scenes. And if you simply tell, say someone is a Republican, you completely miss the whole point that there's a lot of flavors of Republicans. And, and, and you've got the, the, uh, the progressives on the left. And yet you've got the Hillary Clinton folks, and you've got the folks on our side like Nikki Haley, the I bet Barbie doll, you know, Mr. It could have turned her into a doll and had hers like a GI Joe made back in the 60s. Remember the old GI Joe's the real cool ones. Anyway, I digress. But she those that's a that's the
fat nougat layer that's kind of the mono part. It's the Nick, the, the. Speaker McConnell's, the folks who basically make up that the political you guys I think call it the political class. Uh, and I'm not in that and I don't want to be in that. And a lot of us have recognized that, man, it's a mess and, and it's nothing, there's no good there. So, so Victoria is part of. That. She's part of the Dick Cheney. All the folks basically believe that somehow using our military might as the first predicate in any national security or foreign policy issue is what they do. Can I use the word Trotskyites in your show? Am I allowed to say that? Of course. I think they're all... Holt and I were talking a the crotch gap is what the are. And a lot of these folks never... Found a political home, th back and forth between th I think they're back goin right now because you kno
seems to be most intellectually friendly. To their brand of national security foreign policy. So you see them kind of float back and forth. Over during the Reagan years, they floated back. It's like a precancerous node that just can't find a spot in the body politic that keeps floating around and you can't quite cut it out because it moves fast. And I think that's what we're faced with right now. Now, most people I talked to, I'm a Reagan guy, I still talk to the Reagan folks. I still see Ed Meese, the former attorney general on a regular basis. The notable thing they keep talking about, Alexander, is that, hey, we--
The Soviets, and we didn't have to go to war to do it. We actually won the war. We understood by mapping, mapping things out understanding the whole of the Soviet Union, and understanding if you poke it here, something over here is going to happen. The neacons don't care. The point that you make often is that you you talk about the side effects or detrimental effects of sanctions. Oh, the sanctions haven't worked. Oh, we're going to do more. Really? How did you not see? First ones didn't work. How do you not understand that the very thing that the very actions you take have a have a high order response of failing to achieve your objectives they're doing. That's fine. So this is my issue as a national security guy. And I mentioned the Alexander and Alex before I came on, I get accused of... Constantly being a pro-Russia Putin guy. It's like, I'm just trying to tell you what you're proposing.
You're executing and the outcomes you're seeking are not related. You will never achieve the outcomes you're seeking based on the fact you don't. Understand the system. And so I'm, you know, so we look at this with a great deal of disdain, those of us who are trying to actually tell people, you're not going to beat Putin, and man, they get upset. Like, yeah, the Victoria Nuland thing. And you guys have mentioned her obsession with Crimea. Girl you're not going to get it back. And when you sit out as an academic, which she basically is, to start playing Guns, tanks, and airplanes, and telling people what to do with them with no understanding of linkages of how the big picture works. The out... Come is inevitable to what we're seeing right now. Absolutely. Can I just say and this is where I think you can help A great deal because as somebody who has never been involved in intelligence at all, in any shape or form, or military things, I...
Do not understand how it is possible that the United States government has been consistently getting Russia's... The the US. Economy. Today, they don't understand Russia at all. They have got... they launched an economic war against Russia.
With complete lack of understanding of how it would respond and what it would do. How has this happened? Why is today's United States so much less skilled at understanding these things than you say you are one of the Reagan people, than you were, your people were? in your day. On this very issue right us up together. If you g show we talk about it. We do an hour of this. And the answer is, Alexander, the CIA has become an extension of the political party in charge's aspirations. That is to say, anything they do will result in an outcome or Analysis which benefits your aspirations. It doesn't tell you what the facts are.
I mean, I'm a DOD guy. I support the combat guys. If you read my book, Oper on an air assault with th Ryan Zinke seals, you know, operationally behind. Seen. So we have to deal in really factual, like this is what's really going on. Because when you start sending people into combat, you You really want a good outcome for them. So we, I like to believe we're more honest in our assessments. I'm trained by CIA. I mean, you know, I was mentioning, Alex, that I actually spent some time in Williamsburg going to Camp Perry. So my issue The issue is if you as an intelligence officer, decide to leave the reservation and benefit a political party, then you're not an intelligence officer and I can list them off. I know Jim Clapper, John those. And that's what you that class.
Of intelligence officer Alexander is what is in the CIA. Jim Clapper hasn't met a political narrative he didn't like, but he wouldn't take and adapt and find the intelligence predicates to support. And so when you have that intelligence, that level of intelligence, the departure, they're intelligence officers, they're reinforcers of narratives. And that's what they do. So, there's a huge difference. And that's why you know people like us have been behind the scenes you can go back and run the tapes. Putin was about to invade. I went on the air, you can Google it. I said, Oh yeah, he's gonna invade. Well, how do you know this? Well, he pulled his yachts out of Germany. His shots captured is incidental. And everybody's like, Oh, that's crazy. It's like, no, it's an indicator. It's a factual indicator that something bad is about to happen and you all have missed it. And so I'm just saying,
Call Basel strikes. The people who are in charge, Alexander, that's not their job. Their job essentially is to find any little shred or thread that they can put together, paste over and say, Oh, here. Here's your intelligence. And so that's why... And by the way, then going back to our... Original question, American media. These knuckleheads at the senior level... Feed the American media, they feed ABC, NBC, CBS, you know, and they fire people like Catherine Harridge, who was a friend, one. When they get to, Oh no, no, we don't want you doing reporting. My God, why would you do that? So, so. It's a really vicious cycle. You get these political elites who... Have the CIA inform them and then that political elite structure then feeds the mainstream media. That that feeding of narrative is what then drives the the news cycle, which I'm always like scratching my head like how did that become an issue?
And that's what you all Europeans seem to respond to. But it's a corrupt system that does not validate or support the provision of truth to the public. And because then people get s It just fell really a hundred. Happened. I thought we were winning. I mean, that's what happens in this stuff and it just is not healthy. I'm sorry if I'm droning on you. I'm not too long, but that's a long way of trying to explain it. No, it explains something else, because it explains how that summer... What the hell came about? Because I can remember reading Daniel Davis, writing and talking about this. He said this isn't going to work. Oh, there's numbers. Numbers are never there.
And you say, I mean, your focus is military intelligence. Well surely the first thing you do before you launch an invasion like that… that, a rather offensive like that, is you work out. How strong the other side is! I mean, I would have thought that was absolutely basic. I don't know anything about this, but I would have thought that you'd want to know a bit about the generals who are in charge on the other side, their backgrounds, you want to know about the units there, you'd want to count the number of tanks.
The Europeans. Can I hit that real quick, Alexander? So let me say as a lieutenant, I enlisted in 1981. I became a commissioned officer as a military intelligence. I was actually counter-intelligence. In understand the personalities. We were put together, we were taught to put together massive biographical books on. Russian leaders down to t colonel level from from t army all the way down to this. We understood their thinking. We've looked at World War Two. We looked looked at kersk, we looke of how they fought war. Then study the terrain in Germany. You wouldn't believe how many times I went through a fold-of-gap scenario where we would have to assess what they're going to do to come across and how we would go into an active.
Defense. You always talk Alexander and what you ta gonna have to go on the a by the way, we're gonna h the west Germans who want nukes the moment that cam is what we came up with a whole class of... Unique. It's not like I'm the only one who knows this. There's a whole bunch of us that came through the system and understood. Some of my first operations were undercover against Russia. Uh, I actually was a part of the INF treaty. Remember the INF treaty in 88. I was one of the guys under cover trying to entice Russians. This is an exclusive. I've never talked about this publicly. Were trying to entice the Russians to defect while they were here in the United States monitoring our destruction of our of the Pershing twos. I was undercover as a stuntman, for God's sake, trying to get these guys convinced to walk over, come to the light.
I'm a little bit over the top here, but I'm trying to make the point, Alexander, to your premise. Understand this a lot of us came through the system and understand you must study them of ability to influence them. And nobody has the patience to do that. It's all like, it's all. And send, they send const to assessing or understan trying to do. It's a very arrogant set of... Leaders who don't seem to be burdened by the facts necessary to achieve victory. The other thing, I mean, you've explained a lot about the intelligence people, the fact that all of these... The Political apparatchiks, essentially. I mean, that's what… Alex : Yes, that's a good summary. Alexander M : What about the generals? Because we're getting all the generals, I don't want to name any names because
Well, I can name names. All right, General Hodges, then. I mean, he was telling us-- It's all going to be easy this summer. What did he know? Or what did he think he knew? Did he make any effort to find out? What was going on, or is he another politician masquerading as a general? me either. Another apparatus. Another apparatus. Yeah, the summary, basically, we have a whole class of generals who have become politicians in uniform. And I have advised at that level, I've not hidden the fact that I was an advisor to several chairmen of the Joint Chiefs. And... And for better or for worse, the ones I advised listened. I know Mark Milley, Mark, I was not one of Mark Milley's advisors. I've been publicly at odds for a while. There's a whole history there that we don't have time to get into. Dave Petraeus.
Just these guys I see and oh by the way, Lloyd Austin, if you read my book, I Christian Darkheart. I'm mean, if you guys want to in there. I worked for O brigadier general in Afghanistan. Was actually served in Afghanistan, by the way, as a footnote, actually oversaw the destruction of it, just saying. But Austin was a politician in the United States. For watching. They got the goods on him for him sleeping with his biographer Paula Broadwell. I can only imagine the amount of dictation going on at night between she and he during their time at Bagram. Just saying. But I think the whole The issue relating to these guys is that they take a step into the political realm and they give up any aspirational belief that they're going to be credible.
Generals. Do you think for a minute Alexander that Hodges worries about our criticizing of him? No, he doesn't care because he fulfilled his purpose. Petraeus doesn't care. These guys have great, studios behind them. I am always amazed at the production quality of Petraeus's videos. He's living at the Taj Mahal and you know, it's all this, this, Oh, you know, look at me because I'm credible. If you've got to actually reinforce your credibility by great production values, something wrong. And all these guys have signed up to be an extension of the political parties that they support, which at this point more or less is the Democrats. The Democrats.
I mean, I'm not saying that they're not going to be able to follow the news as closely as I do. I mean, they assume that these are generals, that they took their oath, that they take that oath seriously. They understand that one of the fundamental principles of being a military commander is that you speak truth to power. I mean, isn't that what… Generals are supposed to do, as you said, dealing with matters of life or death. The generals I work with absolutely do. I still correspond. You'd be surprised. Who calls me during the day, I still correspond and talk to a number of generals who you guys would know by name. The way, Alexander, one of the notable features of the general is they don't want to get political. They are behind the scenes trying to actually get people like me, who is basically for a better a public figure, the right information saying this is what's really going on. It's not I'm not.
Bring a guy. I'm just a knucklehead who used to do intelligence operations, but I am informed by, I believe, some of the best minds who basically don't have a platform. And trying to say, this is what we should be paying attention to. So when I speak of something, I've already checked it. By others who were smarter than me. These generals you're talking about, but they don't want to be political. Alexander, the moment you get into the media, you become political. And I think these guys are far too happy with the limelight they get from saying whatever they say. Dave Petraeus, I think, has paid very well. For whatever he says. And apparently money talks. I just don't. It's not that I don't want to have money. I don't want I don't care to just to sell my soul or sell my integrity. For you know, ever they get from Raytheon or other places. By the way, did you hear Raytheon when Nikki Haley fell. Of the race yesterday, they lowered their their flags to half staff. That's a joke. I'm just kidding. But but
way. It could have happened. But my point is, you have a whole class who are willing to do that. And so there are people honest, but their honesty is preserved by the fact they don't get into the I'm like, that seems like an enigma, perhaps, but that's kind of the way it works. So I would actually caution your audience. Buyer beware. All generals are not cut from the same cloth. All individuals who have a public platform do not necessarily speak the truth. And you need to be very discerning of how you look at their comments because If someone's paying them big bucks, they're going to say whatever they're paid to say. Is there now going to be pushback? Because I must assume that there are still people in the Pentagon. Especially those pushback who are looking at this and they're looking at this with horror. Tell us a bit about
I mean, what are they saying to each other? Are they saying, you know, look, things are going horribly wrong in Ukraine, we must pull out? Or are they saying we got to pull back in and take charge and sort this out? What are they saying at the moment? I mean, what do you think? that they're saying. Well, many people recognize, like you all picked up on without direct knowledge, that Newland was really calling a shot. So one of the frustrations has been the the. Reluctance of senior officers at the Austin level to jump in and say, Let's stop. Newland and other State Department folks are making the audible calls like who showed up. This a couple days ago, I think yesterday to Alexander Newland shows up to do the referee between Zelensky and Zelensky. That Lloyd Austin or someone else may be the one doing that? No, because she's been the one, and she's the one who basically makes all the. Veiled and sometimes unveiled threats. That's not the pinnacle. That's State Department. So part of
And I'm just going to say it, Lord Austin is such a weak sister in the process of managing the Pentagon. This to happen. This is a decision that's based on not only a political set of... Objectives assigned to the State Department by the Biden administration, by Jake Sullivan. Did you ever notice that Jake Sullivan, you guys are old enough to remember the old TV show The Muppets? ever noticed that he looks like Beaker from the Muppets? Every time I see him it's like Beaker. Digress again. But I'm just saying that basically you have this unholy alliance of academics who have influenced... Space activities. And so rub of the guys at the pi You're not fighting a war, you're extending military. Carry force as a tool of narrative.
Force is a tool of narrat idea. It's not going to a And that's the issue that the people I talk to have. Not a serious strategy. Come on, who has ever launched offensive operations without at least some level of air parity, let alone without air dominance? Who does that? And yet Petraeus and Hodges to your point, Alexander, are right out there. Oh, it's going to work. Going to work. And so the people who understand this have been surprised. We can't talk about it. We can't go out and say it's not going to work. Oh, you're pro-Putin. No, I'm simply stating based on my 30 years of experience and everything I've watched. This is not going to work. And oh no, no, you're just being negative. So the people I talked to are very frustrated by the fact that they are not allowed to have their voices heard. At the very senior level. So they're there Alexander, they're fighting the good fight. But the moment you stick your head up in this political environment, you're pro-Putin,
very difficult thing to do. I just want to make a number of points. Going back to your point about trolls, I have no problem at all. You saying this because I haven't encountered many actual Trotskyists. In my time. I can see a lot of the signs here, I mean, you know, continuous revolution. Yes. …expanding the revolution all over the place. The intense factualism, by the way, the dislike of Russia, which Trotsky and his acolytes eventually developed because Russia in its…well, the Soviet Union… union as it was rejected him all of this and and the obsessive intrigues which these people Get up to you, which again is very, very much a part of…goes with the style. And I don't know how much of the ideology that they kept with them, but you…
Could certainly see many, many of the practices repeat themselves. And I'm glad you brought up a bit about, you know, narratives. Because my wife is an academic and of course she's involved uh she's in she's a literature she's an english literature academic and she is extremely frustrated at the way in which tools of literary criticism which were developed in the 50s and... Sixties have now come to shape public discourse. And she thinks this is an absolute disaster. And she's out. I mean, these are tools for examining novels which were works of fiction.
The number of people with academic backgrounds who are in government today, especially the American government, is concerning in some ways. The type of thinking that they've developed from applying these literary theories is astonishing. And of course narratives don't make facts. I mean, as I once said on another program, you can build all your propaganda that you like. Did it during the Second World War. They were very good at it. It didn't prevent the Red Army reaching Berlin. So that's what you've got to always remember about this. Well, part of this, Alexander, is the Reagan guys understood it very well, too. One of the master strokes, but they understood... That is that that narrative is a supporting element to overall military global strategy.
Again, I know these guys, I work with them. I've talked to John Layman and I actually admire their work. Bud McFarland and I were very close friends before Bud passed and I learned a lot from them. Whose narrative but they used it as a subordinated element to a larger like, yeah, you can't count on this carrying the weight. I'll cite for you one of the most brilliant acts of propaganda ever, The Hunt for Red October. Who doesn't love that movie? It's a great movie before Alec Baldwin became a knucklehead. I'm just saying, you know, I'm no fan of Alec, but he does a great job. That was all done by the Navy. That was a Navy narrative that was created by it. I mean, check History on this. I'm not telling anything that's already out there. And that was amazing. People love that movie. I love that movie. But that was all done with a purpose of of making the Russians think, oh, yeah, don't even bother to show up, we're going to kick your ass. So it reinforced a narrative that was backed up by actual planning. Now, could we have
Done it, I don't know. We'll never know. There's been so many, the movie Threads, there's been and a number of things. S World War three. I mean w what could have happened. scenarios. But the big news... Alexanders. We stopped it. We're still here. There was no no nuclear war. There was no tactical exchange of nukes. There was no, you know, we stopped it. And the idea was that the narrative was simply used to reinforce military activities, which were credible. We've done the opposite. We've done the, the, the, the complete. The next one. The Russians are probably looking at this like, are they serious? Are they really serious? That's the way it is because the narrative has become the primary. A driver of policy, not the policy driving the narrative. It's just mind boggling.
Now I just want to talk about this incredible article that appeared about ten days ago. Is going on. Now, first of all, I still haven't really understood why that article appeared at all. I would have thought all of this was top secret material. But there's the other question, which is that… What did this all achieve? I mean, we have a situation where the United States doesn't understand or know very much about Russia. So, you know, this huge intelligence operation, a lot of activities which, to be frank, to me... I was straight out of the Jason Bourne story. I mean, thought of it. I didn't know that this kind of thing actually happened in the real world, but then, you know, what do I know? But what in the end did it achieve?
Secondly, why are we being told about it now? Victoria Newland really thought of herself as a James Bond girl, I think. I think, you know, there's probably... A blowfeld out there somewhere that she's, you know, sidling up to just saying, if we want to use that as a as a as a kind of a picture. Uh, I bel- I mean, I- I don't know. I can't give you the specific background, but I can tell you my theory. This is what I think happened. In 2013-24- Tina, a massive amount of natural resources were discovered. The Don Boss and the Black Sea, oil, Texas tea. That's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. That discovery, I think, stimulated the thinking of a lot of folks on our side to think, Hey, this is a... Opportunity. That is not me, but the Neocons. It's the Victoria Newlands like, Oh my god, this is great. We can do a twofer.
We can grab those resources and turn Ukraine into the energy. Partner for all of the EU. And at the same time we do that, we can create conditions for a war with Russia and Ukraine, which collapses the Soviet Union, collapses the Russians. So I think that was their aspirational thinking. Let's take this and then, oh, by the way, if we have an energy partner in Ukraine, we don't need Russian oil or gas. So this this defunds Russia, too. So I think the economic concepts that were presented internally were then presented to businessmen, the black rocks and the It's like, hey, here's an opportunity for you guys to invest. And if you go along with our Hone-Bologna war and let us keep poking. Bear until something happens, we're going to collapse Russia and you're going to get Ukraine. Much of this on the American side and what CI is talking about. CI was simply the access.
Agent for what I'm talking about. And I think CIA analysts would go along nodding their head, Oh yes, yes, oh yes, we agree. This is a great opportunity. Let's figure out how we can do a covert action. So I think the economic aspirations of the political class and class. In Russia because they hate Russia. Come on Trotsky, Trotskyites hate Russia. Let's be honest here. They do this plan up. And then they It together and that's why you saw the the bygone revolution and everything else. It had nothing to It had everything to do with moving Ukraine out from under the sphere of influence of And into the sphere of the EU. And I've argued, I've said this publicly, we should not be involved in what I believe to be a civil war. Ukraine. Ukraine and Russia are it's like West Virginia and Virginia as far as I'm concerned and I get a lot of trouble saying but I think it is Anyway, but there was an aspirational, that's what, so that's the, what you see, Alexander, is the plan that came out of that aspiration. And, and so I, you know.
Anybody can go read the article. I think many of us have seen the bones of it for a long time now. It's interesting to see the whole thing kind of exposed. My second point then, so fast forward, you know. You can go go read that. Why now are they announcing it? Cause I think there's about, I think it's all about the collapse. So much shellac on the plan for so long, you know, the veneer is just, it's just, it's just, uh, you know, it's, it's an inch thin, but it's all come. Now, so I just don't see any way they could put a happy face on it anymore. To see. I mean, Victoria Nuland leaving has as much to do with Donald Trump as her own failure of purpose at this point because I think they see a lot of things that she's done. Writing on the wall. And look, full disclosure, I'm a Trump guy. I was his national I was a national security advisor to the Trump 2020 campaign. You guys Oh, I don't hide who I hang out with publicly. I, you know, you guys see who I post, I hang out with. So, you know, I think people I talk to.
It's like, yeah, there's going to be huge changes if Trump gets elected and this nonsense is still going. So I think, you know, they're, they're starting to look at the exit strategy as far as I can tell. This is my opinion. I don't know this. this. I completely agree with that, by the way. I think that this is the fact that Newland has gone, and the way in which she has gone, and the people who are taking over from her within the State Department. That does look to me like a big shift in policy, given what a central figure she has been in for so long. Oh, absolutely central. Can I just say, I mean, this is perhaps… The sort of thing that I read and do. I'm just going to go to Blinken's statement announcing her departure because... to a sort of...
Person like myself there are a number of rather interesting words there so it says the title is on the retirement of under... A Well, it's interesting you say that because if you actually go to what she actually said, she said that Victoria…the statement says… The this
Come back. But it looks to me as if somebody doesn't want to come back. That's the first thing. And then I noticed other things, like we read about how... I think Toria…what makes Toria truly exceptional is the fierce passion she brings to fighting for what she believes in. The next one. Makes you laugh when you most need it and always... - She makes me laugh constantly. - And always has your back. And She always speaks her mind. Now, maybe I'm being too British here – I accept that I perhaps am – but all of these things look to me like… what we call in Britain damning with faith praise. So you've returned.
I'm going to go on. Keep her temper very well. She's somebody who speaks out very openly and straightforwardly, which means to say that she's rude and impossible, and that she minds your back, meaning that she doesn't. I mean, that's how I would read a statement like this. If this was published in Britain following a bureaucratic maneuver like this, having worked on the fringe of the British government, I could tell you that is how people would read a statement like this. Oh, this was a firing. The simple fact is there is no predicate. There's no like, hey, Tori's not doing well. They're pretty upset with her. Hey.
Hey, uh, Tori's looking to go do something with the family. Uh, Hey man, those hemorrhoids are out of control. All that, uh, bluntness while we. It's all linked to a medical condition, things like that. I'm sorry, I'm being a wise ass. The other thing The thing I did note here, cause I'm looking at it as well. My masters are sending me a note about. I gotta do TV later, just saying. I'm looking at the paragraph two here, Alexander. That they did mention that her experiences have armed her to be an encyclopedia of knowledge, which then tells me... If you understand that, he's going to be around and still trying to advise people. So they're basically saying, Hey, we're showing you the door, but man, you're an encyclopedia. We're going to come talk to you. So her influences are not going away. It's just her public face is no longer welcome.
This is absolutely good. All the things you talk about are too obvious. She's become a liability to the narrative is the way I'm looking at it, but she'll be around. Absolutely. The other thing that struck me about this statement is that it doesn't provide the reason why. Going. I mean, usually if people leave, we've talked about the reason. Yeah. But if people if people leave in in the next one. Plans, or all sorts of things that you wish her well for the future in what she undertakes, and there's none of that in this statement here. So that's where I come back to you, to the point that I asked you before, that is the pushback, and are the people starting to push back and say, Look, enough's enough. Shambles in Ukraine.
So go away, please, and we'll be very polite and friendly to you, but you must go. On called uh just don't go away. I think that's k talking about here. And, I think the American people. I conclude the Republicans would have much more of a stomach for what she's been proposing if it was competently led, actual objectives were achieved. And you saw some level of return on investment. I mean, come on, we're a capitalist society. We always want to see a return on investment. We do. There's been no return on investment. Every time they promise something, it's not happened. So people like me have been universally. We've been critical just because it's not a good idea. We shouldn't be poking our eye into Russians. Yeah, Putin's a bad guy, but he's a bad guy. The guy they elect, they it's not our job to tell who to have in charge. An
is love doing that. That's, you know, I was in a room one time with it was someone who wanted to pick the replacement for cars. I was like, shouldn't Afghan people be picking their replacement for Karzai. I mean, you know, I was on the air with one of their their guys talking about this Yes That is not an American value. It's not. People like me are like, No, no, no, no. Get out of there, nonsense. They have enough non- We don't be involved in their nonsense, but that's what happened here. So if Alexander, the American people had seen a return, yeah. There'd be a lot more support for continued funding. I think the gig is up. I think it's like. There's no more gas in the tank. Nobody's convinced. Joe Biden is one of the worst possible failsment for the concept. I mean, are you kidding me? The Rumba president? I mean, I don't think he can. Kindest way to the resolute desk, let alone actually having to make decisions on how to best sell Tory's nonsense.
Says to the American public. I just think it's just too much. It's a bridge too far for me. Very last thing from me, which is this. How on earth does Victoria Nuland, who has never held elected office, wield the power that she does for so long? Isn't that a sign of how dysfunctional the situation has become in the United States? of the folks who were considered neacons. Think about it. I mean, it doesn't matter if you're Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump. Trump had neacons in there doing stuff. They have established an enclave within the government, the permit bureau. Democracy, where they're able to influence things. Look, my friend, Joe Dunford, General Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, directed, based on President Trump directing it.
We need to pull out of Syria. Did we pull out of Syria, Alexander? Did we? No. So who did that? Well, that wasn't Joe Dunford, the chairman, wasn't Donald Trump. Somebody else must have said, ah, we're. We're not in the mood to move things out of Syria today, sorry. So that's what it is. And I-- like I hope you don't think I'm paranoid but I'm just telling you there's something else out there that sometimes Sometimes it doesn't. And often more often than not, that's how you get a Tory, a Tory a Newland is because it has essentially established a process of selecting. And enriching those. Hillary Clinton had a lot of folks they put into it. I can't. Go through a number of people I believe were, you know, card carrying members of the permanent bureaucracy known as the deep state. You kind of see them flash.
Here and there and I think Tori is going to go and do some things based on the fact that she'll retire but she'll still have huge influence on what's going on. - Tony Shaffer, thank you for a brilliant contribution to this program. - No, no, but... I hope it helps. It helps hugely. Alex, over to you. Tony, you have time for three, four questions? Sure. Happy to take it. From Robert, Do you see Newland's departure and the fall of Ukraine to be linked? And will the US fall in prestige of its power prerogative along with BRICS accession? Two parter. The power and prerogative is long since gone. Uh, for the last year. There's been no prestige to speak of. I don't think anybody on the world stage takes anything that Blinken says or Biden says is serious. So I've argued that—
That whatever prestige we had is long since gone. And I think inevitably at this point, you see Xi and Putin and the underlying-- patients coming together very effectively to create this BRICS coalition that's going to be very economically successful, by the way. Something our leadership here in the United States just don't seem to understand. I don't know why. Want to collapse the US currency at this point, but they want it to basically walk back its influence. And they're doing a very good job of it. Second part of that question, I've gone on record saying that Zelensky is going to be gone by the end of this month without his protection. I think he's gone. I think they're just figuring out Who's going to be the next dupe can come in in high heels and do a great dance number that you can play on YouTube? Who's going to be the next leader? Going on right now. And is it linked? Yeah, I think it's linked. I think they've seen the wording on the wall. I think, I think.
They have intelligence indicating that what I'm saying and what we're talking about is true, that it's about to happen. So, prefers Zalensky where he is? That's a great question. I've given no thought to that, Alex. I've given no thought to that. I don't even know. I, the honest answer is I think Putin would would welcome anybody. Continues to make the same mistakes that they're making to benefit them militarily is the way I look at it. Right. From Ronald, will Trump, if he's elected, will Trump appoint foreign policy people different from Pompeo and Bolton, or will he appoint The same old flattering hawks. Again, I'm on the record going against Bolton. I didn't editorial right after he left the White House and I wasn't for his appointment. And I wasn't advisor back then.
I did not advise the appointment of Bolton. With that said, I'd like to believe so. There's several competing efforts right now to look at who goes in to the next administration, if Trump wins. There can be a lot of questions. One of them is very public. It's called 2025. The Heritage Foundation's running it. They're pretty open. Chris Miller, former Secretary of Defense, is kind of running it. I know the people-- Who are running it. I know that not only are they looking at policies, they're looking at people. Any further on that at this point based on kind of, but yes, the effort, the idea is, is that you would eliminate. Sorry, they're installing a new fiber optic cable in my house right now. So next time I'll even be more purdy because I'll have 4k. It'll be great. Like the 3d. - Okay, so no, my point is, is that the.
Personality are is policy. A little behind the scenes, back when Trump came in, there was a fight between the two of them. Between the heritage Foundation and rants previous of who was going in, I was a part of that battle. And previous one. Priebus, the Neacon, slash, you know, the guy in the nougat level got control. Campaign manager right no uh brian's previous who was the uh rnc guy rants briefly yes yes Yeah, if you remember, look at that time. Yeah, you guys are great analysts. So go back and look at that time. So basically, we, my team, you know, the Flynn guys, I was part of the Flynn kind of It said, no, no, let's have a Reagan guy pick the staff. And we had a whole.
Plate of guys that would have come in. They're Reagan guys, you know, I'm a Reagan guy. We wanted to bring back a lot of Reagan policies and they were never accepted. So Rance Priebus. Was the guy who went about trying to remove any Trump loyalists and put in the people we're talking about, the deep state folks. So I'd like to, this is a long answer to the question, but I'd like to believe that Trump has learned his lesson. It's like, yeah, don't go with. Slate of guys who are already are in there, they'll just impeach you again. They'll just do the same thing again. So you want to come in and And the recommendation is basically Alex slice out the first three levels of leadership as best you can. It's going to be hard to do, but you got to do it. Got to basically, you know, you've got this, you know, if you're looking at the government as a layers of skin, you got to take that And greenest level off, you know, layer off. And then you're, you're hopefully going to have skin that'll come back and grow after that, but that's, that's kind of the thinking of what they're talking about
people would be, you would not see the Neocons like Bolton show up. You may have a few Pompeo's. Mike, Mike at least would have I know I advise Mike, Mike would listen some of the time we all each other a couple times. But I think, you know, some of those guys are totally without the ability to listen. So. - Right, there was a question in here. I can't find it, but it was about Michael Flynn since you mentioned Michael Flynn. And the question was... Could he have a role if Trump were to be elected in the administration or that's out of the question? I just don't see it. Mike and I are friends. I haven't talked to him for like a year, but we'll just, you know, just I want everybody. To understand the context. I don't see it. I think Mike has moved on. I think Mike is doing things right now to benefit the political aspirations of many in the MAGA movement. I'm not a MAGA guy. I advise MAGA. I'm a regular guy. But I think that
He's found a home where he's felt he feels comfortable. I think he got burned really badly. I think we could all agree that some of that non They pinned on him was criminal, literally. And look, I was one of the first guys to go on the air. I went on the air, the fifth of March, you guys can Google, fifth of March of 20 2021 and said, it's all it's all fake, we're going to come to find that Was all made up and I stuck with that and I'm still friends. The people I was on the air with one of my friends at Henry you'll see him on and on Newsmax and into it still talks About them yelling in his ear. Imagine this, this is American media, this is behind the scenes stuff. So I get to call, you know, Fox News, by the way, I'm banned from Fox News now, just saying. I get a call. Like at 5 a.m, 5 30, whenever Trump tweeted, it's like, hey, we have to have you come on the air to talk about
This is a Saturday. Come on the air. So they send me a limo. There's a limo outside my house. I get in it during the time from my house in Springfi DC. It's about a 25, 30 m my sources. Hey, what's going on? On. And so my sources tell me, Yeah, there was a wiretap on Trump. Okay. Got it. So I go into the studio, Alex, get on the air. And they asked me this question. The video's out there, you can check this. Claiming that he was wiretapped. What do you say? It's like, yeah, it's true. And they freaked out. Yelling at the anchors here. You didn't stop him. You didn't stop him. It's like, no, we're going to come to find that. Obama was aware of it. We're going to come to find that the White House had to approve it, that this is all nonsense and they break out. Like, no. And so I was like the guy out there on the limb, like, what? I'm just telling you what I know. And it freaked people out.
Years later, it's like, yeah, it was all fake. So the truth tellers, no matter who you are, always have a challenge. But I'm just saying that the Mike Flynn stuff, a lot of us knew what was going on. It's just that we were told Oh, you know, you're pro Russian. It's like, no, we're not. I'm not pro Russian. That what you're accusing the Russians of doing, they didn't do it. As a matter of fact, the only people who colluded with the Russians was Hillary Clinton when she was buying this stuff. Deal. And that was being fed to him by Russian intelligence officer. Was there collusion? Yeah, that's the collusion right there. So well, great. Story i can see alexander's like alexander wants to you would not you would not believe some of the behind the scenes stuff that I've seen. Holy cow. And I just get in trouble for just like, yeah, this is what I see. You know, it's like, what's going on. We did a video on Matt Taibbi and he was covering this exact point that you were making about Obama's involvement and...
And all that stuff yeah and he's basically confirming what you just did. Rice did that memo. It's like we did everything by the book. No, you didn't. No, you didn't. No, Obama knew completely. He had to-- let me explain this. I've had to go to the White House in my operations because they were considered, you all talk about them. Black operations, you know, things we don't talk about some of the stuff I did when I was an active operative. That's why I Get that level of approval back when I was in my twenties and thirties. Look, I was in, you know, Jim Woolsley. Once briefed one of my operations to Bill Clinton. And I was in the other room because it was actually an army operation hidden within CI channels. So I had to be there. So that's why I know these Jim I'm still friends to this day. Anyway, my point being is that knowing how I had to obtain approval to get things done,
basically went against policy and law, the only person who could sign off on it was the president. Just saying. Those things are heavily regulated and overseen. So to have done what was on the ground. Was going to sign off on that. And I'm saying I'm going on a record here. We're going to come to find someday there's an artifact that shows Obama was not only briefed, he had to sign off on something. Because nobody would have done this without that level of approval. Nobody. Can I just step in on this? Just to say, because this is before we started our channel. The
supposed to be Obama's denial. And we pointed out there, look in this article, it reads like a denial. It looks like a denial. I'm with you, Alexander. I'm with you. Yeah. And it gives you a headache reading what he says and And I'm-- understanding that he's telling you one thing, you think he's telling you one thing, but he's actually telling you something completely different. Bye or be well. The Obama administration it was all done in this kind of way. Exactly. It actually tells you nothing. Yeah, I'm telling you.
I just know how things work at that level having had had to get approvals at that level myself. So just saying so well. All right, let's do a couple more questions and then we will let you go, Tony. From Elena, the CIO. They didn't understand Russia so well with the ascension of Putin after Yeltsin. Think happened there? Why did the CIA or the powers that be not see Putin coming? I think they did. I mean, I saw them coming. We talked about this in DOD. Some of the people I advised saw this. It's one of those... Things that you have to go back and actually look at the verbiage during the rise of Putin. Some of us saw this. I've said several times he wanted... Wants to put the band bac saying there's a good or he recognized the the. Stage of the Soviet Union. He has said this. So how then are we surprised when he starts working to put together a coalition?
Coalition of former Soviet countries that essentially becomes a de facto Soviet Union. You. One of the notable features of the way we look at this is that we Have people who understand the facts will ignore them. And I cite for you, Bill, for Robert Gates, Robert Gates at the time. Remember, let's go back way back machine to the Reagan years. Reagan did a great job. Think, based on everything I watched, of pushing the Soviet Union to the brink of collapse. We did all the nonsense in Afghanistan and I know the guys were involved in that. That was a huge chest sucking. For the Russians, all the stuff going on there. SDI. I've heard great stories of...
SDI of how Gorbachev was so focused. They believed, Alex, that we could come up with a bunch of Star Trek-like satellites. He's going to shoot down. Out. You down there miss. I didn't believe that it wasn't. It was literally 50 years away, but we sold it and they believed it. So that economic-- Expense that we set on th yeah, we're not worried. together, just kind of pushed it. And so when it came time. Time when all these things under Bush, things were t effort to essentially outspend or. The economic value within the Soviet Union. When that came, Gates didn't see it. Stuff was going on. All t by the Reagan folks. Bush 41 comes in and Gates is the director. Your CIA. I think so. It's never going to happen. And sure enough, right one gates,
think within a month of Ga the Soviet Union falling for decades, it falls. That. Well, you missed it because you didn't want to see it. That's why. So I think you still have a same set of kind of blinders on like, yeah, I see the facts, but I don't agree with what they tell me. And that's why you need to have people in the system who are steely eyed and willing to just basically say, you know, sorry, Mr. President, I I know you want X, but Y is the real answer. And I think that often they go with X because you don't want to upset your boss with the bad news. Gotcha. Okay. One more, one more for, from get her done 2024. Is it possible that the US. Government is sending people into the US from South America on planes. And if so, without vetting or passports, why? And if so, can it be stopped? And I think this is in reference to the Daily Mail article, which.
Even Elon Musk couple of days the answer must have tweeted out that exact article. Yeah, so the answer is yes This is how it's being done. You have Soros funded Non-governmental organizations who were set up in Latin America, they do two things. Is the convoys, these groups are in these nations acting above Above and outside the law waves of migrants coming north and I think they've discovered. But yeah, we can just do an end round as well by using airplanes. You know, we cut out the coyotes. And you just bring them i into urban areas and you into urban areas and you know, you know, we live in a big country here. You guys have been here. It's a big place. It's hard, you know, once you get a plane on the ground, you just release people out, they can be out there and you have other NGOs on government.
Organizations funded by Soros. By the way, it's not just Soros. Soros organizations get into a country, they figure out the process for getting a non-for getting setting up non-profits that then live off the government dime. Much of the Soros efforts are hidden here as 501s. I run a couple of 501s, I'm trying. We don't get funding for them, we do our best. But they find a way to get government grants then and pick up and do these things. So I think that's all that's being done. Can it be stopped? No, I think Trump comes in. They look at this, they figure out who's involved, yeah, it'll be stopped. I know for a fact that the Trump folks would never support this or continue the policy if it's going on. Fantastic. Tony Schafer, thank you very much for joining us. Us. I have got your Twitter link in the description box down below. I also have a link to Project
To know what you think. Right, like let's stay out of foreign entanglements. You know, we've got enough issues here. And I think if we lead by example and create the conditions for-- Prosperity of all Americans, that's the best thing to do is people, you know, I don't believe. Do I believe in a strong defense? Absolutely. I'm a Reagan guy. And I don't believe, like Reagan and others, it's like, we don't want to use that unless we absolutely have to. Trump got it. Trump did his best. Yeah, I was there in a room with like I said a couple times I was in the Pentagon with senior leaders and never saw that Corey and Newlands show up or talks about strategic strategy. We thought us feel the same way. So Project Sentinel proposes and pushes the idea of constitutional and founding fathers.
Philosophy of national security. That's what we do. And it's derived out of my old boss. We're shutting down the London Center for Policy Research, named after Dr. Herb London, who was a Manhattan. He was a neocon, but he saw the light came over, abandoned the effort, became a productive conservative. And so that's what we do. And then on Twitter, you know, Alexander and Alex, I follow you guys, I do my best, you know, I put out the theory. I didn't say this in the year because I don't want to get you in trouble, but my theory that Victoria Nuland is actually leaving... Cause there's a remake of apocalypse now. And I think she's going to play Colonel curves. I think that's what's going to happen. So I didn't want to bring it up, but you know, you forced me into it. So I always say if I was to cast Victoria Nuland, it would be Kathy Bates. I always say that in my programs, that would be who would be if I was the casting and I Kathy Bates.
Is a fantastic. Well, I hope I didn't get you in too much trouble with my irreverent comments today. So you know, it was a fantastic show. I have your links in the description box. I will also add them as a pinned comment as well. Tony Schafer, thank you very much for joining. Thanks, Alexander. Thank you very much. Thanks. Take care. All right. Wow. Great show. Great show. Alexander, let's... Let's answer some of the questions. Right. Let's see here. We still have a few more questions. That we can go through and then we will wrap it up. Elena asks, aren't the Taurus missiles breaking the POTS dam or the 6+2 agreement? Right, I'm not sure what agreement they're breaking, but I do know, and I think it might
The this. In writing. Not that it should make any difference. I mean, if promise is made, you know, you keep it. I mean, that seems to be basic. But I can definitely say the promises were made to the Russians at the end of the Cold
If Germany unifies, there will be no…there is no possibility of a German attack on Russia ever happening again. And we now have German generals talking quite openly and complacently over open lines about Germany participating in a direct military attack on Russia. It is astonishing. Yeah, Fractured, thank you for that super sticker. And Fractured also says the European… puppets need to be replaced with leaders. They will have undoubtedly reminded him of what we discussed just now in response to that question, that Germany has previously given absolute concrete promises that Germany will never attack Russia again.
This Now, as to the last, that might sound extreme, but Putin effectively already said that in his presidential address last week. Thank you for that super sticker. Right, this says Zelensky led Russia intelligence missiles strike. I should say, when I say it's true, I say it's been reported widely. It's not absolutely confirmed.
I'm sure it's correct. What apparently happened was this. Zelensky went to Odessa. He met with Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis there. That's another story. One of the reasons he went to Odessa was that he wanted to give decorations to the special forces people who were operating these water drones that had just sunk this Russian warship. Of That way they found out where this base was, and then he left, and they struck the base. And it was…the Russian Defense Ministry has actually confirmed on its Telegram channel
Fact of this missile strike. You know, airspace over Romania has been closed and people have been evacuated and taken to the West and all that kind of thing. If Zelensky's role is confirmed, then there will be great anger, especially in Western capitals, that he acted in this way. Jeopardize the secrecy of this project. I didn't know that. Alenski visited that location. I did my video this morning and I was going through the Greek media because Mitsotakis was there and I... I confirmed that the Russians, or it seemed like the Russians, did hit this.
This naval drone fitting operation, whatever was going on there. That was confirmed. That it was confirmed that Zelensky had the meeting with Mitsodakis. Peace. In around the same area. Yes. Didn't know that that Zelensky had gone to that. Well, I don't know if it's that, but it is all over the place. He was, yeah, why his statements were very, very angry. So let's get very, very panicky and very angry. Makes sense. So St. Max says the DC bubble terrifies me sorry world we are trying to get them out. That Paul McDonald Thank you for that. Super chat. Robert, welcome to Drank. Community new to says don't like Biden or Trump, the US will eventually be forced to better.
Slides downwards. Cheers, guys. That Ted says he Right to neo-cons are Trotskyites. - Hmm. Elza says, strange fact, the New York Times reports about 12- A basis in Ukraine and sleeper cells inside Russia, but everyone who has been arrested by the Russians was not connected to espionage at all. Do we know that for a back.
As well. About. Bye. Way, but we don't know for a fact that the Russians haven't been catching and arresting people and all kinds of things haven't been done. If we're talking about the incident, for example, in Crimea, which Budanov was involved in, I remember the incident, actually. I remember the reports about it. I remember the fact that this group of Ukrainian saboteurs tried to get into Crimea, and there was a huge amount of anger about it from the Russians, and there was this gunfight.
Of them were killed, and it turns out now that the Russians had been tipped off about it in advance. At least, that's what I'm saying. We learn from the New York Times. So there's all kinds of things about this undercover secret war which we don't know, and which we'll probably never find out. - Ophelia, welcome to the Durand Community Summer of 1970 says, What's not in disarray in the US, free Assange. That did it. - Hopi Clear says, Free PDF to the World's Teacher for All Humanity by Benjamin Cream. Aka the Imam. Not a religious figure but books easy to find. Right. Hashtag geopolitics, hashtag sanity. Thank you for that. - Michael, thank you for that super sticker. Trevor says, Everybody's got a plan till we stab them in the back. Vicki Newlands. So she's somebody who, you know, according to Tony Blinken, she watches your back.
She watches your back so that she knows exactly where to put the knife. - Lana, thank you for that super sticker cactus ray. Thank you for that super sticker. Robert says Newlands, Newlands. Abortion on the US taxpayer? Question mark. Thank you. Albert, I am Valentina, says Newland was okay with 500 dead Iraqi children in exchange for Saddam. Yeah. Elza says Toria has your back ask a solution. Russell Hall says, is Putin a bad guy or is that just the narrative? He is the president. Of Russia. The world.
Russians, who are the people who are the best to judge him, do not think he is a Batman. As far as they're concerned, he's a good man who's done good for the people. Russia. Wade says my family is from Slovakia and finds the slaughter of poor white Slavic Christian soldiers uncomfortable. Absolutely, and I think that so do all of us. Dan Walda says, Keep up the good work. Thank you guys. Thank you for that, Dan. And Sir Rodney I think says my past new payment for your excellent work. Oh thank you. Thank you, thank you for that. One sec, Alexander. That's my place, but here we are. Latta Moreau says, Putin is not a bad guy. Again, Western propagandist, propagandistic belief got said in passing by the.
Oh absolutely. Can I just say something about Putin? I mean, you must make a distinction between the cartoon character that you read about every day in the media in the West, and the actual person. They are so completely different from each other that it's difficult Good. The real person. And you've got an even more extended sense of him from the film, the documentary that Oliver Stone did some years back. Super sticker. Raphael says Putin said when the SMO started, Russia will not be intimidated. Uh... Colonel, I was in US Marine. Can you tell us three military meanings of this, please?
I think it's fairly straightforward. I think that when Putin says that Russia won't be intimidated, he means what he says, and I think that's exactly right. This is the kind of policy that he's been following, and we can see it clearly in the way that he's conducted the special military operation. Raphael says best show on the net. Thank you, Raphael for that. That's super sticker Roberts, welcome to the dread community Susan welcome to the direct community Alexander says what is it going to take for the neocons to lose influence. That is an excellent question.
I don't know. I mean, they've survived every disaster that they've authored up to now. I think there would have to be a major change in the political system in the United States. I mean, they're so embedded in it now that you'd have to do pretty much what Tony Shaffer was saying. You'd have to really go very deep. In order to get the gangrene out. - Yeah. Jerry, welcome to the drag community. Reza says thank you. Gentlemen. Jerry asks, The New York Times exposes CIA bases in Ukraine. Bases get bombed, agents get killed. No prosecution, but the US wants to extradite Assange. Good enough. Nina, thank you for that super sticker. Raphael says, so are we not going to talk about about out about the me about the
Out of Ukraine. Apparently a growing flow of people who are deserting and who are going over to The other side. I'm…given that Russia has no shortage of men, I personally would…I don't think that they should be doing that. That's just my view. And Elza says, Did Putin change his mind about hitting Zelensky? He's never intended to hit Zelensky.
Right at the very start of the war, Naftali Bennett, the Israeli Prime Minister, came to him and said, Look, Zelensky asks me, you know, are you out to get him? The much more. Their drones were sort of following him around, and they were showing Zelensky. And they're making it absolutely clear if they wanted to take out Zelensky. It would be very easy for them to do. But they're not doing it. If you want to stay safe from the Russian military, then just stand next to Zelensky for now.
But that's how you can you can be safe from the Russia military now everything else I don't know. I can't speak for other other actors in in Ukraine, but as far The Russian military is concerned, just stand next to Zelensky and they're not going to touch you because the guy's the gift that keeps on giving Alexander for the Russian military. I mean, he's completely incompetent. Yes. And that's exactly what they want. Yes. All right. I think that is everything. So let me just do one final check. Final thoughts, Alexander? That's a fantastic program. We've learned a great deal about how things have-- The generation which there clearly has been. I mean, I know people sometimes push back on this, but...
But whatever you may think about, you know, the way American policy was conducted during the Cold War, they did this with a very high degree of efficiency in those days, and that's gone. That's gone completely. The people who are in charge now don't know what they're doing, and I will simply say this – they've landed us with a president who, well, we'll see how he gets through the State of the Union address today. These cue cards, for example, what happens? - Yeah. Yeah. JK Frog says, Great to talk. Thank you for that, JK Frog. All right, thank you everyone that watched us. On Odyssey, Rockman Rumble, YouTube, and uh... Vidorian.locals.com and one more question from Tabernac in
The trivial causes produce momentous events. Muhland was essentially Paris of Troy. The embodiment of a fetish god unchecked crucified the empire. Between Helen of Troy and Victoria Newland is, shall we say, very, very great. I get the gist of what you mean. Alex Aledski also says, Alex Aledski keeps on giving. So does Biden. Yeah. Oh, from the Russian point of view. Absolutely. Yeah. Okay, thank you to our moderators as well. Valies, Tish, Em, Peter, Reckless Abandoned, and who else? computer.
I think that is, yeah, those are our moderators. Thank you to our moderators for everything that you do. Alexander. Have a great rest of day and enjoy the State of the Union. Should be interesting. All right, take care everybody.
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