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Episode 169: The Schiff Tiff

2019-10-03 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, David, Michael, and Luke discuss Adam Schiff’s actions, Bernie Sanders’ hospitalization, the heart-wrenching act of forgiveness in a Texas courtroom, and much more.

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  • Rich: Franciscan University making ESPN’s Top Ten.
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just how shifty is Adam Schiff with the Bernie campaign, and what What's the meaning of christian forgiveness will discuss All this more on this addition of the editors I'm rich, I'm joined, as always, or at least for the second week running by the right honourable chart Cw w cook the pride of Tennessee David French Luke Thompson, the smartest political consultant no and the notorious boo boo do Michael bread indoor to you're, listening to a national view, podcast our sponsor this week are the national view? Wine, club and donors trust the tech. Friendly way to simple fire charitable giving without compromising your values, will listen, this podcast on national, you dot com. We are delighted to have you, but it would be easier for you and better for us. If you made us part of your feet at any of the number of the streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes, and if you like what you hear here, please
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realism and look I mentioned a reviewing us on. I tunes the other day idoli. I was looking through some of our Itunes review. It was a tough week for you Luke. I believe there is one to look truly appreciate this. Every week The headline of this five star review in and said, but what happened to Luke, I'm not sure, because, usually speaking, will be the same again, maybe he's over thinking. Maybe he sleep deprived, maybe after all he's your all to Human, social media era pundit, and it's just playing the role. Another review. This is just a two star of you. Who is this nut job saying it's? Ok, if you're trained, investigate the binds is that a joke? a joke. I think it made for a great app of the podcast, an we've gotten. The whole group back together
and to discuss the latest developments and Michael at the impeachment, so far has not been great for Trump. The story has been great for Trump, but I think they're at least want to have days that that were good for the President the australian call story which will circle back. Around two in a minute, but then story yesterday from the New York Times that, I'm shifts office was in contact with whistleblower whistleblower reach out to them. When he thought the I guess the office, the lawyer office, the lawyer, or the CIA, or somewhere somewhere in the intelligence committee, might not take this seriously enough and ask them to do and he was instructed to go file. This complaint and ship was given a heads up by a staff and was really aggressive out of the gate about this complaint in part because he knew partially at least what was in it and trump subs made a lot of hay for this. You can say it shouldn't matter. You know that the other
since matters most. I agree with that, but most Republicans. I think this is enough to put the story to bed as a partisan conspiracy Yeah listen. I agree that the substance matters more than the form and in a way right you, defend chef by saying, listen, he asked him to go through process that was appropriate, for for someone in in the whistleblowers blowers position, but yeah Republicans are going to look at this and they're going to see Brett Kavanaugh all over again right that it essentially people who aren't elected Democrat It's no are how, to Coordinate meet. I hit on the press with the media and the Democrats, just almost instinctively right, I mean so yeah it's going to give partisan Republicans allowed to go out.
Shift can be some occasionally Carol his words, another Donald Trump isn't and so it gets thrown in the partisan to and fro you know I'm interested to learn a little bit more about the whistleblower overtime, I'm interested to know a little bit. More about. Cia's involvement in crane and and You know we have a former CIA directors on the board of the same company that job and has been criticized for being on the board with anyway. I mean, have a lot of questions that still unanswered but yeah. I think I do think the story is done down in part because up close he's having hard time, focusing right impeachment supposed to innocence. Focus the mind on a few facts. Was this
of power. But what you see is that demo, you're saying oh well, let's bring all these other ideas from other committees that have been drawn up before when we were just searching for articles of impeachment and I think if it, if it's not focused Miss Ukraine call. I think it's going to go nowhere Charlie. How much should it matter one way or the other Would Adam Schiff, knew or didn't know and part of the problem here was that he went on tv and said we I think in our use, using the royal we we weren't in contact with whistleblower, but obviously his office was, and he was aware of that. Well, I think it does matter, because I don't think that there are only two options here: those options being that the Democratic Party is whiter than white, incapable of any shenanigans, and that Donald Trump is the worst person ever to have
of the other being that the Democratic Party is engaged in a conspiracy and Donald Trump is wholly innocent in this Ukraine stories is the nothing it's How I see this, I think all of these things are true. One shift light, or at least misled to the underlying evidence that he was in possession of is bad in a self remains bad unless you think which I don't, that chef is orchestrating some sort of conspiracy from the ground up three. This scandal is being uh pride and the reaction to it is being orchestrated in some sense. So I think where I find the defense irritating. Is that I know I know they wouldn't be forthcoming in other circumstances. Second, I know the benefit of the doubt would not be given say to trump it search
They wouldn't be given to bill by Yahoo is at the moment, being, I think, deliberately discredited shift lied. We can use that word but If republicans intend to use this to wipe away all of the Questions surrounding the phone call Trump's intentions, the motives of the whistleblower good and bad. I think they will have another thing coming 'cause it. It doesn't do that David, French yeah. You know, I think that if you're going to be there, there's no question and that chefs conduct his he's misled at best. His initial, discussion of the whistleblower the way he conducted himself in the hearing. I don't think it's the kind of thing that
if we know when historians look back at two thousand and nineteen to the extent they look back at that initial hearing, that they will talk about the you know a lion of the house in the way in which he acted himself, it's all very low and all very petty and all very partisan At the same time, they're still transcript of a call. There's still, A whistleblower complaint that is, if, if the alley since additional allegations are are in in. That was a blur complaint are, are demonstrated to be true that outline really troubling conduct, and so it's it's sort of low you know, if you have a trial in your defense lawyer and there's really bad evidence against your client. One of the thing that you're gonna do is you're going to try to distract from that evidence. They maybe arguing that one is it invest, you know, one of the FBI agents investigating
some things on ethical in the course of the investigation or that the prosecutor I've been overzealous in some way and although the they're standard tactics that distract from the actual underlying core evidence in the case, which is not change. That it was pretty from the White House itself in the form of this transcript and so you're. Looking at this transcript looking at a whistleblower complaint, and it's raising a lot of questions there's been some comparisons to Kavanaugh in the sense of well. There was the Christine. Z4 delegation Ford allegation, which of the allegations was the most substantial, but then you had some these others that, were I mean, Klay unethical for journalists. Even re published out to eat, to even publish them, but that's it. I think, in in app to compare and because the Christine Blasi Ford allegation was never substantiated. Never corroborated, based on contradictory internally contradict
The evidence she contradicts herself, I should say it was extremely thin, no jury. Would have never even seen the light of a jury if it was brought as a sexual assault case against Kavanaugh said, the original allegation was was deeply deeply deeply but here the original allegation or the you know the original cause for complain need- is contained in a transcript that we all can read that has not, changed in meaning in any way shape or form, since it was released. So it's a diff situation. I do think the Democrat you know the Democrats sometimes play into Trump's defenders. Hands often do by the overreaching by there trying you to spin out perhaps bigger, conspiracies and plots and schemes than exist, but we still have this document. We still have the course of conduct around,
this document and there's still a lot to look at regarding the course of conduct around that document inside The shift stuff is sort of that and and use I got a story for new cycle or two, and I expect he'll give fodder for more new cycle. In the future, because that's what he does that's how he bay it's how we behave during much of the Trump Russia Investigation but the bottom line is, we still have a transcript. We still have Rudy's course of conduct in the Ukraine in Ukraine, still choose you. I grew up during the cold war when I can't stop saying the Ukraine an we were still going to have to get to the bottom of it so look feel free to dress. Any of that and then I'm sure curious what you make of the polling. It's been been a jump up. Some people say: well, it's mostly coming from Democrats. So this is a certification of the Democrats around the idea of impeachment there. Other polls CNN poll showed so six.
You movement among independents and some among Republicans as well. Then there there's Sean Trende dear friend, pointing out realclearpolitics at the wording, matters a lot and when, when it's really clear that we're talking about impeachment and removal it still definitely under water. So, I think, a shift. What do you think of the state of the plane in terms of public opinion? I'll start with public opinion thing? I think this is a temporary surge part of it. Is that there's new saturation in one direction, the story hasn't sort of settled into a more realistic reflection of what took place that will come and second, there are some complier effects, which is to say people who support the president or probably not answering polls and people who really hate him or very fired up to answer polls and numerous posters have somebody. I can't remember who- and I feel bad about that
read an article at five, thirty, eight indicating the conspire fact and and that that drives to me on the shift matter. It shifts lied about russian collusion out russian collusion and claiming to have evidence of it that he didn't have. He lied about not seeing the investigator and it may be APEX of media bias that given these two lies, people are still in the press or still willing to say. Oh, I take you seriously. When you say, oh, the only thing we did was tell him to go to the inspector general, as far as I know has followed up and said: we'll have you been talking to his attorney? When did you have the first contact with this beqaj figure, is this stinks to me as a rather ham handed attempt by Adam Schiff to go out on his own to try to re in life and his political prospects in the
feature, all of which seem to be staked on the russian side of this or or you know, foreign interference in american politics, and I think he back Nancy Pelosi into a corner, because he he, I don't know the orchestrated this thing, but it strikes me as having his fingerprints all over it and part of why it strikes me that way. It's two things, one it's imploding and as far as I've been able to tell he's, never effectively managed anything, so he tends to come up with schemes that then implode on him because he gets out of risk. What you say is I I would I would say the knock knock on stories. The fact that his own team couldn't get aligned on whether or not they've talked to the the whistle blower factory went on television and said I haven't like come on. This is not complicated stuff. You need to have your time line, you need get your facts established and he didn't
and while some might say that militants militates against the argument that he's involved, I would say that we've seen him fly off the handle a lot and been very on did in on discipline is communications. I do think there on a point on the political point, look at which the case I made and the case the David made. Actually he ceases to be true. I wonder what you think about this in that David mentioned a trial, if, in the course of a trial of a prosecutor, or that the government side does too many things that are illegal or immoral. The case is thrown out and it seems to me that if shift is chef, for too much longer, he may poison impeached. In much the same way as Republicans who regarded to having done in ninety eight. I think, that's quite likely I mean look. There's.
Adam Adam Schiff represents a southern California district in a state and party dominated by the Bay area. He's a white guy in a state, that's moving away from the black and white guy statewide. He can line in the house for the rest of his career, flying by coastally twice a week, or he can run for something statewide. Any path and out of house, for him relies on elevating his national profile, see, can raise money, and that, I think, is his driving concern. At least that's the Occam's razor is for explaining his bizarre behavior comes down to that in terms of poisoning impeachment yep politically. I think there's there's a reasonably high likelihood of that. The biggest issue for chef is that there's no there there on this, and I know that we some of us disagree on this, but let me propose an alternative. There is a way for a member of Congress to get information out into the public record. It's called the speech and debate clause. Members of Congress can say
say anything or read anything into the public record and they cannot be punished for it. Anything I mean literally anything if they can get their hands on it. They can put in the public record. That's how MIKE Ravel read the Pentagon papers into the public record and made them public information. Adam Schiff could have taking the notes that he got from the whistleblower gone on to the house floor and said. I have an informant who tells me that this took place at this time that this took place at this time that this place this time, but there's a he didn't do it, because if he had been standing down there in the well of the house, reciting the facts of this case, people would have been like Did you guys see this? Was he on the call? Do you have a transcript? No, you don't have any of that. Okay, we'll get out of here. You don't have any and sir shift rather than embarrassing himself by laying bare how little. There is to actually go on in this case works with attorney and the whistleblower to create the appearance of more substance by creating a bureaucratic artifact in the form of this complaint. They mark it up. They put
the spooky little classification standards on it it, but the reality Is it it's inventing evidence in the absence evidence using the bureaucratic process, David, I'm open to being convinced by look. This question it's My initial reaction, though, has been the Trump folks, and a lot of us complained about the leaks. Constantly the the leaks of those calls at the outset, the administration. Basically I had no, there is no public interest and seen them any any scandal about them. There's kinda learn it because the the way Trump conduct himself on the call with the australian Prime minister, and I think this call with the mexican right, I think, was called, let's go as well, but it just seems like this whistleblower again, my initial instinct was alright. Well, he may have some partisan bias,
so that that might be partly motivating him too, to go public with the server or to pursue But he was doing it by the book as far as I could tell and if the alternative is you know, just running to a New York Times, order an actually going to the through this whistle process Julie set up by a Ortiz to handle this kind of matter. I don't turn around saying that's wrong too right- and I agree with that- I mean he. It is not improper. Or a whistleblower to reach out to House Intel chair. It is not in for Whistle whistleblower to have private counsel as he prepares plate. I mean this is all very common. This is how done in You know when you send it through the I g, the I g then conducts an independent inquiry, and one thing that I think is really important. If you look at the whistle blower complaint, is that whistle blowers summary of the call,
It was pretty darn spot on, and so you know a big difference between shift going and house floor in using the speech and debate clause and using the whistleblowers were. It's to allege the contents of a call versus a going through channels going through an ig. And then triggering the White House for going ahead and releasing the transcript is very substantial if it's just Yeah so, as we know, has zero credibility. Often with justification, tens of millions of Americans going on the speech and debate clause using the speech and debate clause to launch allegations is very Banchelli different from taking this through channels appropriately, we have these processes and procedures in place for very good reasons and yeah. I agree with you right I think to say: well, if, if we have
money is genuinely concerned about something and get Luke, and I disagree about this, but something he should be He should actually be genuinely concerned about I mean there's evidence we've focused in on the Biden stuff last week, but there's evidence that, you know the original cut. The very first comment that, from but you know the. I need a favor though comment in response to the request for javelins on the abstract, and we talked this investigating the twenty. Sixteen election interference is acceptable in the concrete which Trump is referring to when he talked about crowdstrike servers with some pretty crazy conspiracy, theory stuff and that's a concern two to raise about the conduct of America, foreign policy, and so I think that to do it through these channels, that's the the the system was set up. It's the way it's supposed to work and it's not
nefarious in and of itself to have a lawyer. It's not nefarious to approach House Intel Chair things are not nefarious. This is the way the process works, and the process in this case worked well enough to shake free, a transcript that actually does in force and buttress the whistle blower complaint. So I you know at this point. I think the argument the arguments about whether or not this this particular process we how the whistleblower came forward, we're way, far away from the situation that can exist, and I acknowledge it absolutely can exist where prosecutorial misconduct so to speak. Can overwhelm the allegation. This allegation is still there. There are still things to investigate related to the allegation, and I think this shift stuff is day long new cycle, except on Fox, except I don't view the whistle blower
port as materially, reflecting what took place on the call he says people who were on the call who were not he names, people. He said we're on the call who we now know we're. Not he omits that Hale was on the call which seems to to be a pretty important detail that anyone as well read in on the in the information about this call would say: oh yeah and the Secretary of State was on it and then he editorialize is about the president, making a quid pro quo to acquire and turn over information on the bidens for political purposes, which didn't happen on the call Secrete with that it is. But it is true that he says that there was a all that was on this date and that they discussed give the Ukrainians missiles and they discussed crowd strike end the bidens we're not having an impeachment brouhaha because of crowd strike. People know the Prez
tends to go down rabbit holes and believes in some unseemly conspiracy theories, we're having this, because he invoked who, at the time was leading the person who's leading democratic polls uh, in the primary at the time and whose son is still deeply and only compromised, both I and in Ukraine, and who thereby compromises his father and so rather than pretending that this isn't entirely motivated by the political risk that this poses to Joe Biden. Let's just acknowledge that this is about people who believe that dumb Trump cannot do anything and not driven by the most base motives and a fear that there is there there on the bidens and that this will do to genuine damage the Democratic Party, just as the persistent justified stink of corruption around Hillary Clinton undercut her ability, windows, six, ok, so I'm looking at the whistleblower complaint, it says
he asked to initiate or continuing investigation the activities of former vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Correct. That's what is in the transcript assist purportedly uncovering allegations of russian interference in the twenty. Sixteen election originated that it originating in Ukraine, with the specific request ukrainian leader Aiden turnover turn over servers used by the Dnc and examined by the US. Cyber security, firm, crowdstrike uh talk to his personal Ernie June Giuliani and bar and also praised the prosecutor. Lypsinka, which it sort of some of this conspiracy. Very mania. I mean those are four material allegations or actually in the transcript, and so you know this, this this allegation here, especially based as it was an unofficial's coming to him and seeking
in in expressing concern was pretty spot on and the other thing about. This is look. What is wrong with these that's what I don't understand. What is wrong? Well, you know out to ask investigate the bidens is not a problem when the bidens have self ever engaged in malfeasance, fifty percent of them. Have it's one hundred and I'm sorry proper, to ask a clock state of ours where we have zero, credible confidence in the out in the in the competence specialism, integrity or honesty of such and such a investigation to do so in the context of them? Seeking vital military aid. I mean this is, and it's z. There is nothing acceptable about the president I did: states seek that same dishonest, often corrupt, often incompetent ally.
To prove up a conspiracy theory about crowdstrike servers. That's that to me goes to fitness and I don't sitting in this is one of those areas where Trump being Trump is not an excuse in any way shape or form to have the most powerful man in the world basic really you know exercising gateway, pundit level. Conspiracy mongering in the context of a call with a dip, and and desperate ally that has a history of its secures general. Plying whatever information that its patrons want as part and parcel of the way that it as business in international diplomacy. I mean this there's nothing, that's right about that. I mean this is an asking frames: aren't you talking about now because on the one hand, what Luke is saying is that these things happened. The report confirms that they happen, but they don't confirm
is the reason we are currently in the middle of or the beginning of an impeachment enquiring, which is a suppose it quid pro quo and in Response David said well, we shouldn't be asking you crane to investigate in the first place, because there are corrupt client state hands of that didn't trump is generally unfit for office, and that this is another example of his unfitness. Now, both of those things may well be true Lucas saying all we have is a confirmation of facts without a confirmation of a quid pro quo, and you saying but those facts up, add which doesn't get over Luke's objection, as to why we are here in the first place now I think when I see it, I see it. I think they're in page down the issue of the propriety of of gating bring the Ukrainians to investigate the
So this is the last week look for repeating myself sometimes take. We can take a bite and he can take a bite investigation from Ukrainians and go to the public with it if he wants or go to the Doj with it and he'll suffer consequences of that, but we might having this argument, if not for the quid pro quo component right. Are you The Charlie that the team over the quid pro quo, I think the impeach him over the I think it's the best location, what I think that lucky to a lot of things, but I I I personally don't think I know I'm I'm I'm David on this, but I just don't think we would be here if the quid pro quo element hadn't been compelling, Yes, I agree I agree with, and so what I'm saying here is that Luke is saying One thing and David is responding with a separate, perhaps correct argument, but I don't think Luke and David directly disagreeing, and then we get Mvd in Michael, so on what is being impeached for icy current universe of possible facts.
The one poll being a kind of weak impeachment, where she's going to have to really work to get over the top. Where there's no damaging facts developed beyond the transcript, and then I see a stronger impeachment where they have quite a bit of momentum, he's not getting removed either. Instance, Are there some sort of proof of a quid pro quo? It was, I'll. Do the Ukrainians were everyone, knew about it Trump and Rudy and put it in writing about what what the real motive was for stopping the money, but it's so it's so that that seems Stronger scenario for although it is suggested that we have two reports now that Ukrainians didn't know until late August the money was being withheld, so one scenario, in my mind, is the intention was we're going to use this. This cut off of the delay they do leverage, but then no one actually told the Ukrainians at that was what's happening.
Yeah. I so I think the the fact pattern that you just described right where know where the Ukrainians likely did not know. Um is enough. To at least so doubt in the mind of the public and make people jumpy my position in the beginning. One once we saw the rough transcript was you have the most power, all state in the world, the United States, you have Ukraine, which is sitting on this add Of the American Security Umbrella Nature foreign relations calls like this is quid pro quo by its very nature right, so asks you to do something you, understand intuitively that you are potentially at the mercy of the the favor of the United States itself, particularly on the president. So personally,
My own analysis is that it's quid pro quo that that but that this is in the nature of the relationship the two states in the nature of foreign release, is generally. However, I do think In fact, pattern you allege or that you describe will be used by republicans to say. Listen. He wasn't. Swaggering about using this personal power in a really underhanded in abusive way, even if you used words like reciprocity or favor in the context of the call so and we're also giving the man portable anti tank missiles. We can ask for a lot. The only impeachable offense in this call is that he asked for so little in exchange for such a massive after so I actually I mean I. I also agree by the way I see it. I I don't think it's wise to do necessarily give we fully to this government, but yeah such a
question really quick 'cause I mentioned at the top would get into the Australia. Run a little long here in the first and you had a good post on this. So this is what's Trump's. Detractors think is uh another leg of the scandal that He urged the australian PM to cooperate with Bill bars investigation into the sources of the. Collusion collusion investigation, there's a call to Boris Johnson, maybe others would you make of that aspect of it this is just annoying to Maine. This is so typical of the behavior of the press. In the last few years, we get a story that is newsworthy and then all these satellite stories start orbiting. It now of which are remotely important. The austr the story was not a story, the uh tell me a story was confirmed to not be a story in the times his own reporting, which confirm those nothing until
here was all implication. It was all insinuation. It was once again the press costing us a scandal, a president exercising the powers of the office to which he won a term his opponents, assuming that his motives are impure and are being told the two plus two, equals five. We seen this a lot in the media. We've seen this, unfortunately, in the courts as well, somehow different when Trump does it. This was not. The Ukraine story. There was no quid pro quo here. It wasn't even all that Trump would ask Australia for help, given that it was information that Australia put into the 5i eyes system in the first place that leads in part to the Muller Report
and to the turmoil within our politics, and one doesn't have to as Trump obviously does be annoyed by the mall, a report and all of its consequences. Two grass for that. It is entirely legitimate in the course of a the Department of Justice Investigation for the President of the United States of heads up the executive branch to ask for cooperation. I see the Australia story in a similar way, as I saw the suppose it obstruction of justice, which is that there is an injustice. Here when you set up an executive branch as an investigatory body, you demand that it conduct investor.
Nations, and then you suggest that if at any point those investigations coincide with the interests of the person who was elected to head up that executive branch, it is ipso said legitimate. Now that is not the case. I disagree with Ok, that is not the case in the Ukraine scandal. It was absolutely the case with this Australia store which really was editorializing rather than news if heads up on the Ukraine story from zero to ten zero, a nothingburger distraction, ten, it puts an end to this controversy. Can I pull who can say a minus one. No,
zero too Mvd insofar as it effects the underlying story in its integrity? It's a zero insofar as it effects the politics and the politics matter a great deal here, because we're talking about impeachment, which is a purely political process. I think it's uh two, maybe even a three, an more than that it's indicative of a problem. The Democrats have that problem's name is Adam Schiff. Look so ten. Is it undermines the story or put it to bed and zero. Is it's going to be? I think this is the thin end of a wedge so in and of itself it's not all that important, but you know we'll call like two or three and I think Charlie's right like. Adam. Schiff is in a position and he cannot that he is ill suited to handle, and it's not likely that he's going to continue to manage this very well. I
definitely I'm off the charts high on this. I'm a five. I think, like a two on the substance, because I am open to us learning more and of and to being persuaded to cancel Lucas making about what shift was up to here. I go up to five, though just because the politics- and I I think this will be re- really important, not that they were going to leave him anyway, but just really important to Republicans going forward and defending the president. This will be a big part of the argument. The next couple of months so with that, let's pause and hear from sponsors this week, donors trust, there's and going around of weather donor. Advised funds are safe for conservatives. True that some of the bigger national donor advised funds don't always share the values of our listeners, but we find the right partner donor. Advised funds are terrific tool for your charitable, giving take a look at donors truss,
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trust, learn more once again at donors, dot, Org slash, editors oembed, let's quickly hit on another aspect of the Ukraine controversy, which is how Trump's in handling it an one aspect. Last three years that really annoys me is kind the media commentary where last week Trump was notably dude at the United Nations. Like the story, you know it's destroying him. You know is hauling out from inside. Yes, no energy left, and then this we he's been more back to normal maybe even more so in the lucky is out of control as historic is destroying him, but you know hi trouble, love, sorry shift a low life thing. It's just it's wins inducing it's it's painful, currently is the only Modi has right his David from wrote. I thought, persuasive piece anyway. He thought about how Trump's the exact opposite of everything. Clinton did to defend against his impeachment, which
We didn't talk about impeachment unless he's really forced to talked about substance, all the things you want to do for the country was concern You know about reaching the the persuaded voter and express express contrition, which is really powerful force in life especially in our politics, but none of those options are available to Trump, given his natural mo right. So when you look back at the articles of impeachment. For you, Andrew Johnson. It's like. Being a wild and crazy person in public was one of them right I mean, I think. I wonder how much the general public finds Trump's behavior as exhausting as people who are news obsessives do there
arm? I think a different class of experience where you know most people are not on twitter. We're talking about for five percent of the country and most of those five percent don't use it frequently so where is news people live and breathe and Diane it and a substantial portion of the educated class and professional class lives. Lives for these updates, CNN. I think that matters that differential experience of of of the president and whether you think he's lost control or whether you I just in general, oh he's winding up the press he's winding up his enemies I'm not sure, I'm also not sure that he had is the option of doing what Clinton did. I think it It seems so inconsistent with his character too. Of peas or mollify that I think people think. Oh, something is something
really be wrong if Trump is willing to for hanging. If Trump is willing to clean up his life and behavior, then there Something really awful under here. The dam will not break for Trump. Until he gets to Nixon at the nadir levels of popularity and there is some electoral proof that sticking with M as a Republican is death right I mean the reason that the You need an opposite example of Jeff Flake. You need an opposite example. Where someone is hurt, because they stuck with the president on the republican side, hurt Alecto orally and it it just doesn't exist. Yet, Sir David, the you look at how the
channels typically play out and I've been a lot about IRAN Contra and usually people are possible or thrown under the bus and the President sort stays above the fray and the famous Reagan phase the phrase that people for very long time was mistakes were made and again trying to say that. But I wonder if there will be some point here, where Rudy at least partially variances the undercarriage of a bus where Trump Trump says, like. Oh, I love him. You know he's so great were wonderful friends, but I would I didn't know everything he was doing in Ukraine. I could easily see that happening. Rudy right now. Rudy is in the mode that Trump seems to really like, which is not give an inch attack attack attack an in Rudy by you know, some accounts on the record. Accounts has been one of the I'm individual sort of feeding trump, these conspiracy theories and there's this you know,
ABC in New York and New York Times report from the GOSH blanking on his name bossert, that former Homeland Security advisor that depicts sort of see saw internally between people saying no Mister president. This isn't through this- is debunked and Rudy and others? You know shoring up the conspiracy theories again, and so I could easily You know for right now. Rudy is in that attack mode, that Trump loves but uh, let's be honest, is not in this for Rudy he hits. More concerned about himself in the bottom line, then he is about Rudy and I could easily see Rudy if, if it is necessary in Trump's. Mind experiencing the the undercarriage of the bus. As you said You know in the one thing about the tweets: yes, only about five percent of Americans are on but there reported on every news outlet in the United States. So you know can I have ABC Cbs Nbc. All the newspaper
leading with us he's about these tweets Anne look. You know. Term streets have been bad for awhile, but you know claim that shift committed treason in the one I found particularly ridiculous was his extended approving quote from this really unhinged Dallas Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress? That indicated that even Ella would lead a civil war like fracture in this country, and speaking as a lifelong evangelical who lives in the heart of southern evangelicalism. That's ludicrous! That is absolutely ludicrous And livingly tweeting this kind of clothes that reference is a civil war like fracture, we look. These are Once again, you know there's this aspect where Trump being Trump can be yeah. He rambles. Yeah. He loses his temper easily yeah. He doesn't
this linear train of thought, that somewhat can be. You know if we need that, but it love a president, but you know can be more or less benign there there's some parts of Trump being Trump, where he quite obviously this is his temper and says things that are absurd- that you just flat out, don't want in a president, Anne Anne I think that we can't say about these things are just tweets, because there, so. These are the words of the president from his thumbs to the world that are then rip picked up and replicated an reported, an broadcast to the point where it's not just the five percent of Americans who are privy to this, but then you know ninety percent of the male alpha. Ninety percent of Americans to pay attention to politics, but about ninety percent of those who do pay attention to politics are aware of what's happening. So it's not be hypocrite, hired David, it hit.
Is the presence thumbs recently retweeted a Dave french article. Staunchly enough be honest, our listeners, don't don't don't hide, don't hide it for our listeners David bite the hand that feeds you. I need you hi. I was just saying I just tweeted. I just tweeted that some these new followers that I'm suddenly getting are in for some rude surprises. So Charlie, what do you think president reaction? Well, I think from Trump's pointed you. This is all one story. I think he can it is that from the moment he won the election. The democratic party has constantly tried to remove him. The press is made more mistakes about him. Then I can remember it making on any other topic and the regnant political culture that has often adopted it. Standards when talking about him.
And then all of those entities have seen fit to the story dajour his reaction to those trends, so I think from Travis Perspective, pretty much every single thing that is alleged to have done since he was inaugurated. The obstruction of justice claim railing against the Democrats asking foreign leaders to help with his income. Races flowed from that original moment from his opponents having stock, the removal process on day one I think in Trump's view entire presidency is the story of his reaction to being accused of something he didn't do now? That's not quite true. Ukraine doesn't fit that bill the emoluments cases. Such as they are don't fit that bill. His terrible non scandal based tweeting doesn't fit that
and by the same token nobody has made him petulant and nobody's made him talk stupidly and disgracefully about members of Congress, the treason it's worth spent The end of similar claims, of course nobody's read him Muse publicly about derailing investigations. Nobody's made him buy into conspiracy theories, but that is something to his irritation. As I argued After the Muller report was published, and I do understand why he's fed up- I, She would deal with it better. I think he's done some of the things of which he's been accused, but I think, from his perspective, the first talk of Impeach, the camp before he was inaugurated and he must feel that having got past
The walls closing in for two years With the impending Mahler report, he's now back to square one, look, I think, there's a lot to that and the sources here tatian. Well, I'm a beer tater regardless, but they they think the more pro has ended and now they're they're finally going to get to the bottom of how this began and, effort to do that is created another. Impeachment controversy, and at least I put the binds aside, the least the focus on the the cooperation with bill. Barr with Ukraine, Australia and elsewhere, it's kind of like an obstruction charge after the fact they're you still meddling with this. With this investigation that was on the cusp, nailing you- and I also think it's organically, connected to Russia. Well all sorts of ways, one they're interested in how the Russia story started to I don't think Democrats would be in him over this. If they didn't have the sense he got away with a lot of stuff
Russia and they're already primed to do this Jerry Nadler's, already characterizing, the probe is an impeachment inquiry. They're already over a hundred House Democrats endorsing impeachment so they're, ready and as and put a column today, this is kind of the epilogue of the story rather than beginning of a new volume. I think it's I think it's actually the Russia stories laying on the hospital bed and they're saying clearance, slamming the charging petals into its chest and trying to reanimate it in terms of the presence. Two to his his agitate is justified his tweeting and behavior, and statements are absolutely unjustified and if I could just add a minor addendum, you cannot impeach members. The house or senators. You can only impeach officers, United States, which means people who are article two: that's executive branch, article, three judicial branch officials
members of Congress and senators are removed by their colleagues in their chamber according to their own rules. Impeachment does not apply to legislator, so I suppose lesson on the co equal branches off I mean people started talking about impeachment for exact greeting. The crowd size on inauguration day then moved on to for firing. Comey then we had 25th amendment debate. Even now in Congress, there's like across the The media there are debates, saying hey, don't give credit to Nancy Pelosi actually receded to leave and other women of color in Congress who been calling for impeachment for over a year that be getting credit for the impeachment effort underway. Now so yeah there there, there has been away that this is kind of cheapened the
listen to the Ukraine call transcript! Is that all preceded that event and so to a substantial portion of Republicans. It's just going to look like We never accepted the twenty sixteen election. It was always conspiracy theory was always done by some firm, cheating some sort of help from the outside um, I'm afraid. You know it's funny. You mentioned the civil war like fracture quote David well, in way that the civil war, like fracture, already exists right, I mean what country do when they're bitterly divided is the accused there. Political opponents, internally of being on the side of foreign enemies, There's, no sorry, I'm doing the Washington thing, quoting my column. This is the point I make is: will get a lot of comparisons in 1990s with impeachment were really living at 1790s again, where each part,
I think the other is a tool of foreign power and will represent a fundamental threat to American. I mean politics has a civil war like fracture and that's what they are each other of and how we we've, been doing the same since two thousand and sixteen alright. So, let's move on exit question once again to you, David, french the letter grade to Donald Trump's reaction, to the train story. So far when you evenly quoting unhinge pastor with it uh with it Prod broadcast the civil war like fracture, you're you're, starting at F minus territory. To begin with. So let's you looking going to negatives on the letter grade, can you get it as an f minus the thing you should gone all the way and said in a g minus which doesn't
cook. I find this difficult because I am of the view that, irrespective of how upset trump is, and irrespective of what portion of that upset, is justified, he's the president of the United States he's one of only a few people that have been in that position and he should that for conduct himself properly. So I'm going to give him a day. Blue tops, I don't think it. I don't think it's even been adequate to be a presidential response, so I'm going to say I an incomplete he had. He does letter grade now the former teacher coming in with the special that we don't know, and I used to get a catholic school are you for unsatisfactory, but I agree with Dave It's an f minus, it's not just Trump is
presidential. In the way he reacted to this The whole republican Party is fallen into sloth and despondency, and in action over this presidency and their Republican Party defending their president would. Have people looking into two whether Facebook oops driving impeachment hysteria and conspiracies about Ukraine were, in fact run by people in Macedonia or in Russia or wherever these troll farms come because, as we saw previously previous the twenty sixteen election for actors were running both sides of our political debate in circles for fun and profit, whether it's macedonian teenagers or a skunk off a skunk works operation by Russia. Why isn't this happening? I think it's
I think it's a reflection of them. A republican party that- does not want to defy the president for fear of consequences, voters might recommend, but it's also a function of Republican Party. That is in some ways demoralised by how this presidency is going So I give the highest grade ac minus. I just bump it up just a little bit because I'm have a certain modesty about. Maybe what he's doing makes sense at him for some level or is effective in some level. I don't understand, but obviously it's completely inappropriate so before we move on. Let's hear some more from our other sponsor this week, the Nry club we're giving a toast to the second amendment with exclusive wines from wish vineyards. As an after reader, we now you're committed to going the extra mile when it comes to protecting our second amendment rights, which Vigna
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and the second amendment by purchasing free premium wines or six or even twelve start. As low as one hundred and nineteen nine All you have to do is visit National Review wine club dot, com wish and you'll be sipping and support the second amendment, and no At all, so everyone please check it out View, wine club dot com, so Luke Thompson, another big political story, the, week. Bernie Sanders was civilized after experiencing some sort of chest discomfort fundraiser, I believe and got to. Dance placed in an artery. This wasn't it's heart surgery, Channing just reading a couple new news stories about it. It's a fairly routine procedure, people back on their feet and get going again pretty quick,
but obviously this just underlines the issue of Bernie's age, at a time when he was already being eclipsed by Warren. What do you make of it? Well. First of all, I think everyone wants the senator to have a speedy recovery absolutely the you know two stints in a partial blockage, although it's easy to bounce back from it's no joke, and I think it will it will need to slow down his campaigning sanders has mount of Energy for man's age and he's been campaigning extremely hard and I think for his own health, probably coming back from this- will need to scale it down, but that may, allow him in some ways to focus on Iowa. I think his campaign, time has been strategically unfocused. They took New Hampshire for granted. They didn't realize
but if they lossed worn in Iowa that New Hampshire would slip out from under them, and so it may be a helpful opportunity for reset in a campaign that has at times wanted direction having said that Sanders issues I don't think, have much to do with his age. So much as he has not made the case to progressive voters that his vision of Pollock Movement socialism is fun really different and necessary compared to with Warren's vision of technocratic socialism and until Chile does that I think he'll continue to slowly fade, and this will only add to concerns that he lacks the the vigor to contend with Trump as unfair. As I think that is given how energetic is from an s h, some. I agree with what looks at about the unfocused nature of his campaign, and I also want to second is OB that you Bernie Sanders campaigns really.
Hard for a man of his age. I mean that is a life of trash engagement, speechifying that without men who are in their early four let alone men who are well into the seventies. I think, however, it's not just a question of how this effects. Bernie's campaign. I actually think this raises questions about the set. Region earrings that are leading the Democratic Party, polls right now, both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, you know this could happen to any of them on the campaign and it could happen to Trump is it brings up the the question of? Why should baby boomers? Will he be involved in politics, anymore, you know: I mean if you're asking if he answers no, if you're asking me should they be involved in breathing the same air as real he
being I'm sure, I'm not so sure anymore either, but you know to say about Bernie is I hope He gets better in a way I know and love a lot of people that are like Bernie Sanders. I've Bernie Sanders like people in my family and He has immensely changed the direction of the Democratic Party, no doubt by run. Against. A corrupt entering in two thousand and sixteen he picked the right moment to highlight his his issues, and you know when you look at what the Democrats were debating in two thousand and eight when Obama ran in and Hillary ran, and they were saying who's going to be tough. Illegal immigrants and is the public option. Just too scary. In between then and now is Bernie Sanders said I'm for Medicare for all and now all the candidates, except for Biden, say I'm for Medicare for all
It seems clear to me. He is that John, the Baptist of the socialist turn of the Democratic Party is gonna to be hard that this wasn't immediately evident out of the gate, but it's can to be hard for him to replicate. The experience of basically having Hillary Clinton in a one on one race. His message was, and his Campaigning we're going to be kind. Stale, hasn't figured out a way to make them new 'cause, there's nothing new about it. I mean this is the same thing. Bernie Sanders there's been since the 1970s or 1980s and Elizabeth Warren at feels a little fresher, she's figured out. You have to be more acceptable to the democratic establishment than Bernie is, and it's a big mistake, even if you have a socialist agenda to expressly call yourself socialist, I think
that somebody who loves Bernie, preferably his wife, should sit him down and say look. I know this is hard, but you should stop now now that's a extremely difficult thing to do, People who run for president come to see themselves as indispensable. That is in part one of the problems with our politics. It's also natural. If you have a particular worldview, you think you are better than everybody else at espousing it. Maybe you are it's tough to sit and watch from the sidelines. It's also hard Becaus.
After a while, you start to think quite quite like to be president and quite like to be one of those people with my portrayed in the White House, one of those few people who've held the office. I'd like to be remembered for all of history. But but without becoming president and he's not going to be. President has one that's Michael, as he's dramatically moved his Party when he announced in two thousand and sixteen everyone chuckled a little bit, but he is mad to shift the center of gravity, and there is an argument to be made, and it can only come from someone close to him that the more time he spends in practical politics. The more like.
He is to sully his reputation. I have lost some respect for Bernie Sanders, big, was he was once a man who, however, misguided his worldview, is said what he thought and was not beholden to anyone and then once he thought he had a chance of beating Hillary and he did. He started to change his mind, change his mind on some questions on which he'd previously been Prodox interesting, honest, unique, and I thought that was a shame. So I think somebody, sitting down and say, as you put it, rich look you're John, the Baptist you did far more than you ever thought you were going to do as a senator from Vermont, enjoy it. What do you think that you know? I I
If one of the things that would keep him from dropping out is interesting Enough Elizabeth Warren, because I think there are number of Bernie folks who particularly peeved at her, and they see her and I think correctly as more of an opportunist. And someone is truly committed to some of these values that Bernie has fought for particularly Medicare for all. And some of his other? You know core socialist up proposals, then I think Elizabeth Warren, if push comes to shove, it's not going to let a little thing like Medicare for all keep her out of the White House, I don't think she'll, let a little thing like anyone of her mini plans, keep her out of the White also, I think she will be pretty malleable and say what she needs to say and do what she needs to do to get there.
Some Bernie people see that in her and and and desperately want desperately. This day, desperately want to fight and desperately want to win, and that I think that could be some of the justification. Rationalization for staying in, but you know one thing: you know it Bernie and honestly surprised that have all the uh seventy something candidates that he's the one. He was had a health issue because of did him on many occasions and thought my gosh. If I have half the energy. That Bernie Sanders does it his yes, I will consider crowning triumph he's been extraordinary, as just a punishing regime running running for president really any
office, Luke Thompson, percentage odds at this juncture. In your view, that Bernie Sanders is the democratic nominee for President two thousand and twenty zero. Ok, fifty five he could. He could pull something off in Iowa, five mbd uh, seven, chocolate zero in french wind so once again on the highest tier, I say ten percent, just because the the I scenario. I think there's still some slim chance that he could win Iowa, so I'm so I'm twenty five! thirty percent on Warren fifteen to twenty on by an antenna, Bernice, that's like fifty percent, the rest of the field seems kind of. Would you think, that's high for the rest of the field? Luke shy up these numbers for that for a warning binds. I I mean, I think it's like well, I
by zero. So I was like, like eighty yeah, warns of like seventy five for me, that's that is way too high, absent an implosion or self inflicted wound and not quite look at looking for people to judge, and I I think yeah and Mariam will for a minute. Where is well hey, I think the thing is is like biting collapsing and Kamala Harris going nowhere. It's now between mayor, PETE and Yang, for the better left in Iowa and there are and a lot of those folks live in and around the college, towns and cities. So I am I'm higher on yeah, it's where the odds of Mayor PETE, I would say so. If Warren seventy five PETE's like ten and then I guess, how much did I give Sanders five and then to PETE for Yang and who has the district, has a second best chance to win the nomination. I think so yeah yeah, I think, of a collapse by down that makes sense. I just wouldn't claps by now all the way down,
So before we move on one last plug for an hour plus digital subscription service at National review. Also, it's amazing benefits to signing up for an hour plus we see in this incredible go both of the last year in this community is not just a subscription service. It's group of people who, love and are and love ideas and love. The principles of this country have a little over twenty thousand digital support, Now you get access to all the content. The magazine content online, the exclusive online content, that's behind a metered paywall, and is to be more more of that, you get almost entirely ad free experience on the web and no annoying ads when you're and to read our contents. You can be part of our private facebook group, where there's a robust, ongoing discussion about what we're writing and what's going on in the news and also the ability to comment on the website, which is the exclusive privilege,
plus members and get invited to calls and special events. We've had an a plus calls, Dan Crenshaw with Marco Rubio and with Ben Shapiro and we do one once a month, we've also had meetups with Rnr, plus subscribers all around the country. Simply check it out and sign up so David French yesterday, which is amazing. Video of this victim impact state. From the brother of the victim of this horrific shooting from the the Dallas cop who goes into the wrong apartment and shoots the sky and in his own apartment, and that this video. Three minutes long! Maybe it's just it's unbelievable! It is. Since moving its inspiring, is profoundly humbling and when I've,
watch it. I just thought the only appropriate response, just praise Jesus yeah praise, Jesus Name, amen, I mean this. Is you know if you hear the basics in the case that a police officer to the wrong, went to the wrong house. A man sitting on fairly was eating ice cream. On his own couch and pretty much immediately just shot him dead. It's bad enough when you hear the full facts of this case where this officer it wasn't a a sterling officer who do at the end of a long shift, made a tragic mistake. It was an officer that, for some evidence was uh. Perhaps a rain being a liaison with a married another married police officer. Distracted by that who had made race statements in text messages about other officers who
for the shooting. There was evidence it's presented that the officer had not render defective aid to the innocent man that she shot and instead was a pan it's in discussions with the nine one one operator about her job prospects were talking to other people at the scene how this is going to end her job mean this was not a situation where sterling caught makes tragic mistake. It seemed to be bad. Cop makes terrible mistake. Handles it in the worst possible way. Man dies kills. Man um an rightfully rightfully was convicted of murder. This was a just conviction, I think the ten year sentence is probably too light, but in that circle with all of these aggravating factors a young man forgives her doesn't just forgive her um hugs her in open court, and I just defy anyone to watch that and not be
profoundly deeply moved and, as you said, Rich humbled, I mean into which you know each one of us. I know I mean I know me. You know the extent to which I can sometimes have trouble letting go of petty things, of petty things: and this man hugged the murderer of his brother. I it just it. It blows my mind: it's it's active divine mercy through this thing. Who this young man that should take all it should just take her breath away, and it's the most powerful things I've ever seen in my life. Yes, Michael at She has idea that forgiveness is an freed. Jesus had to suffer and die for our sins and take on the big guilt and take since I thought just watching this young man and what it was a wrenching situation regardless, but you know he's pulling
this caller at times, and you can see, through his active forgiveness, he's going to he's taking on some of person and is going to do what he can to make it better and not a free act, that's not an easy act, that's a difficult thing to do, and it's just clearly something it would be impossible to do without That's great yeah, I mean it's the idea that instance, we become comb, believers become Komedie leaders of God's grace. That's the logic behind. Even much less heroic. Looking Regina the lodge is the logic behind simply praying for another we've seen events like this, I noticed you know sometimes there's this commentary that springs up. I think because People look at this in a flinch in many people. Flinch not understand.
Getting it. I'm not only saying like I couldn't do this, but that maybe is irrational, and so I saw a lot of Tions yesterday saying no, this is about raise. Maybe black people were taught. This this kind of Serville form of Christianity that reckons all them to their oppressors, etc, etc, and that comes up It's always a scandal when believers do this There was a story years ago about a ten year old, iraqi Christian who forgave Isas and the people that raped and killed her. Her mother, there was the French, gendarme who, in a terrorist attack a few years ago in a jewish deli. Created himself into the place of one of the cap, there's an was subsequently killed and
dumb. So this is a. Is going to be a scandal right that people find in themselves the strength to four and it's not just great act of charity and race from this victims, brother to his brothers killer. It's also a great race for all of us who witnessed it yeah. That's one and uh struck by Luke and he can throw throw out your apologetics, your theology, and you want
the straight someone: what Christianity is that three minute video it's hard to get better and it's a tremendous public witness, but I think the the other thing that it is is eight, it's a it's something that people who are not coming to it from a standpoint of the faith can understand. Also it is in. It is in many respects a schedule in, as as as Michael says, to see. So thing so profound and and so demanding of us right, because when we watch it we see ourselves right, yeah our own inadequacy as believers and is as people in the face of this young man is what eighteen years old nineteen years old. His tremendous you know face an an anyway, but I think what it also does is it creates a counter. Addition to the overwhelming cheap sentimentality that pervades the internet in the form of three minute videos and because it comes
in this familiar package, but with this much more found in penetrating messaging example, I think it it will. It will have a a resonance that far exceeds what you would expect from even the most effective for or charismatic declaration of the word Charlie. I thought well, I'm the Christian and I find this the most extraordinary investment full Christianity last week. Somebody on I was telling Michael Aaron, Michael Brenda Dougherty that if somebody ever in their life had posted racist messages on social media. They should not be forgiven Becaus. They knew at the time that what they were doing was wrong, and I was horrified by this because, although I'm not a Christian, I will
raised one and also I have a fairly broad conception of the importance of redemption and forgiveness, an I thought this may. If our standard now is that if somebody who write something silly as a teenager is never to be forgiven because they should have known better did not back to how on earth can we have a hope to forgive the bigger things, and then you watch this video, this extraordinary video of a man for giving the reckless Kayla, my sure of his brother, and you realize just water force for good Christianity can be
the other example of this. That moved me was off to the Charleston shooting, which was in some ways worse than this. When a white supremacist walked into a church in Charleston SC and killed ten eleven, maybe more african Americans. During a prayer meeting, Because they, African Americans and he believed to be inferior and at the hearing. A good number of family members stood up and said I forgive you. I was deeply moved by that. I'm deeply moved by this and I think Christianity doesn't have any better this is then these people wanting to add is this. Forgive this is not contrary to justice, right that in this. The sentence was passed. It's not like the judge, then immediately said he forgives
mother gives you so you're free to go. So reminds me of the end of you, know: crime and punishment. Where you know killer, is, is put in jail, even if the hope is still. For their spiritual redemption right that the paying the price for your time to society- is not in constant. Still being redeemed, spiritually and I think that's a powerful message. Culture needs to hear specially the time when I think, because the way pilot submitted everything most of our moral debates. I have zero sum quality to them of well. The to get people to behave is to show them the logic of escalation you miss behave, I'm going to miss behave to you and there's a way in which this episode this
option of mercy into the logic of mutually assured destruction. Is all the more necessary alright. So, let's hit a few other things before we have to go Charlie. You went to the food and wine festival at EPCOT. I did we surprised the kids by taking them to Disney. I told my kids, that we had to go on a long drive to get new wheel, to the car. I wanted to pick something that wasn't pretty. I didn't want to say because we're going to the post office cuz that next time we say we're going to the officers him again today. So I said well, we're going to go, get new wheels for the car, and then I got a million questions. We're going to take the current wheels off you're going to put the new ones on. So we had to go through that and then, when we arrived before, they were thrilled and started smiling and saying how excited they were. There was almost brief moment of disappoint
but anyhow they they quickly cross what was happening, or at least the three are all dead. But one of the side benefits of of going to Disney is not ruled the magic kingdom that at is SAM it was the food and wine festival at to at EPCOT and that's anyone's been def. Con is have the world showcase. They have a bunch of different countries, but during the food and wine festival they add a lot of hastily erected other countries and days. F food and once on the places, and it really, it really is good. I'm English on national dishes, is I've, eaten a lot of curry in my life for the food I had in the India Section was remarkably good. My my wife up
in Hong Kong and in japan- and she said the food from Japan Was- was accidental, often I would really recommend anyone who is going to Disney in this. This time of year or who lives near Disney, just go in and just don't book a dinner reservation, just walk around and eat as much as you can from the various places 'cause they do it. Well, it speaking of food. You following following grill dad. I had a granted yeah, a friend of mine, David C right, sometimes coworker, as well as his hobby reviews, barbecue recipes and grilling equipment and takes very lively photographs and videos of it. So if you are ever bored or hungry or want some excellent, pit barrel. Smoking spice, rub evaluations, go to Costco Grill dead and you will not be disappointed. They have you been playing
world of Warcraft Classic? Yes, indeed rich, most historic a video games with knowledge, one of most revolutionary games in one of America's most vital entertain and industries was the was world of Warcraft. At least I believe November, two thousand and four missionize, make the modesty of how you cast it there most most historians. It's not not all just most historians, evolutionary game. I played it since launch, but I admit rich, the The busyness of the Trump era had gotten the better of my gaming priorities and for the last eight months. So I had set down the mouse and of my world of Warcraft character was sort of wasting away in Azeroth without me, but then world of Warcraft Classic was released, which is the reboot of the peak version of the original game from four for and
come the sensation. I mean almost immediately a couple million people were playing it, so I jumped back Get into that original world of two thousand and four in as Ross with my priest, character named of course run burgundy? After the greatest journalist of all time and uh? It's been fantastic, it's great! It's a blast from the past and great way to a great way to unwind today we're not looking at your twitter feed Emmitt even focused on Typography, yeah, ok, this one sounds boring, but it's one of these things where you develop an obsession on the internet and you start Looking into it, I ran into a podcast that had Jonathan have he's a type of graphic designer He designed the font that was used by the Obama campaign in two thousand and eight.
Which has since been adopted by tons of campaigns? It's called Gotham uh but anyway he was. I found. I can still listen. You happen to be on talked about designing a phone for Esquire magazine in the late 90s. A whole world of people, not just half, but all these people, spend their time designing fonts and you see the amount of thought and care and craft t of designing something new that communicates me to them? I mean I spent a lot of time. Obviously, writing, but it's interesting to a little time thinking about how we present information I want to give a shout out to Andreas stops nearer a german typographic does minor who's, designed some great fonts for me to use with the irish language right
So what why you guys pride in probably watching highlights from college football, the NFL, the baseball playoffs are just begun. I've been watching a truly astonishing highlight. Sarah should his brother, who plays on the soccer team at Franciscan University in Steubenville, his team made the ESPN top and plays the day on September. 25Th at number. Two at number naturally not, I should have consulted with you prior to this. I don't know, what's happening at soccer, but it's some sort of the about to go out of bounds or some sort of he'll kick like the the franciscan player. Does this like he'll kick to kick kick the ball back Tord, from the goal and then the guy does? I think this is a help as a helicopter kick when you go, you know over your head with the with the kick and static they won't, say, a black hill, an overhead k, yeah one of those or buy two get one of those and anyway anyway. To me is I had a call it does the
there's a few words of love, for we can't tell that you're you're overly, is assimilated and, and that's one of them, Charlie. Yes, I was trying to to go into that, but the way extraordinary play. Congratulations to everyone at the franciscan soccer team. I want said football wow at the franciscan soccer team. And continued success on the rest of the season. Now before we go it's time for our editors picks Mbd. What's your pick? My pic? is Kyle Smith's review of the film Joker which is subject to. Tons of pre release Controversy about whether it justifies evil and Kyle rates agree film, review and kind tackles all the controversies in the way. Only he can I'm sure David French thinks is the best movie of all time, like all movies,
match with your pic. I also liked Kyle's review, but Nbd beat me to it. I, but I'll, tell you, I think, you've all you've all of piece from last Friday about the impeachment You know the ongoing impeachment inquiry and how this login unfold in a way that is likely to impair all of further impair our trust in institutions. All as if each and every scandal, if the Trump residency unfolds in a way that in misery population the most and leave this with ever fewer. Number of institutions and people that we feel this week. If we're going to trust it's a bleak, it's a bleak peace but I think it's necessary reading. Try I'll see W cook David. I think you need to go to the festival, or go back on board, ordered traffic plastic thing that's helping my
is Kevin Williamson Peace Corps, a host of squalid oligarchs which sound a lot more bleak, then it is it's: fascinating essay. That really is a whole book contained in one essay. It's about gatekeepers, the media, the nature of the universe, see how we should see democracy, the purpose of counter majoritarian forces, how Bill Buckley's of the world, elitism, populism This is that it's a long, long essay, but it is typically fabulous Luke Thompson. What's your pick, so my pick is a David for just take down of the perfidious NC double a and a vial all a girl. If ever there was one the state of California has just, a law allowing players to profit off the marketing and sales of their image, and I appreciated David. Attack on the NCAA double an institution currently attempting to steam roll take
down, make an example of an otherwise unjustly punished. My beloved University of Kansas, which did nothing wrong in the Adidas shoe scandal, and we know this because they were cleared in an FBI investigation. So, unlike most NCAA cases, we actually know what all the evidence is, because they were wiretaps and everything and the universe, skated on that. But of course the NCAA can't have it so they're coming in to try to arbitrarily punish us. So my pick is just a hat tip to the work of the Nr News team, which has beefed up and doubled in size under the leadership of our colleague Crow and just last couple weeks, it's been a news: heavy environment and they've been knocking it out of the park. It's been great to see so it for us to be listening to a national review, podcast any rebroadcast, retransmission a cow, this game without the express written permission of National Review magazine, is strictly hibbett. This podcast has been news by the aforementioned incomparable, sir
he makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank Charlie. Thank you David. Thank you Michael thank you. Luke thank Mister donors, trust into the Nr Wine club, and please check out my book and pre order at the case for nationalism, how it made us united, powerful and free. We are the editors and we'll see you next
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