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Episode 192: Just How Concerning Is the Coronavirus?

2020-02-28 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Michael, Luke, Alexandra, and Jim discuss last night’s dreadful debate, the increasing dangers of the coronavirus, and the disappointing (but not unexpected) defeat of the Born-Alive bill in the Senate.

Light Items:

  • Rich: Going to a spring training game.
  • Michael: Having an engineer as a cousin.
  • Luke: Erik Larson, The Splendid and the Vile.
  • Alexandra: Why Ash Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the year.
  • Jim: Demolishing an old backyard swing set.

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The charade in Charleston, and they come corona virus panic, we'll discuss all this and more on this week's edition The editors umbrage, lowering them join is always early some, the time by Jim J E T scarcity, Alexander Zan, to sanctify Luke Thompson, the smartest political consult we know and the notorious de Michael Brandon. Are you listening to an ash review. Podcast sponsors this week are net sweet and the coalition against rate setting more about them in due course
it is by gas natural you dotcom, we're glad to have. You got to be easier if you better for us, if you made as part of your feet, neither stream services out there from specified Itunes, and if you like what you hear here, please give us a glowing five star review on Itunes. Don't like what you hear your please forget. I said anything our eye, Jim Garrulity. I thought we would do what we did last. We go through some of these candidates rating their performance in the debate and trot. In South Carolina last night, which was among, if the most unsatisfying the democratic debate Clearly the moderators were the big losers. They couldn't control the discussion. The questions were lame created a lot of non secular tours and la lacrosse, topical little hard and my mind to determine
clear winner from last night, but let's go to the front runner first Bernie Sanders under a, not least at the beginning. You like for five minutes, and then he is mostly forgotten, except for by PETE Buddha Judge, occasionally see the little more agitated and irritated than usual and taken aback by the crowd reaction? You know he key attack, billionaires and there is booing- is like. What's this, what what Marty vice doubled in two who had says bizarre, places were where I am, but otherwise to me seem to hold up. Fine is not not as only one chopped off an arm and a leg. But what do you think we're rich thanks for going? directly to me I gotta, fell in the spirit of the evening. We should give our answers of how we thought the debate was at once talk.
For each other shout along and interrupt each other, just a really give listeners a sense of of with anything. They must look. If your name wasn't Bernie Sanders, you needed to go out there and beat the tar at a Bernie Sanders and Buddha GI ones, it? I think clover char in her mind, want try, you know, but like we can't afford it or the math doesn't add up, that's not gonna get it done. Its attempt. Credit crunch that if that's the toughest club shortly look I really want to go over to throw stabler or something like your show us some Fang Joe. Do you really think your teeth do Warren made right, I would say almost a pro forma contrast argument, the beginning and then lost interest Bite and shouted, but that's enough, but would bind it everybody. All my on the island Bird was the one who seem most prepare to cannot continue that argument. Nobody really. Did nearly enough damage for the state of the race. I still think these folks are they
I think it's earlier than it is now super tuesdays Tuesday. A third of the delegates are done them one has the sense of: if not panic them sense of urgency that is required for the moment. Christmas shots. I think you know it's beginning to dawn on Democrats just how hard this is be a maybe even on the The Bernie Sanders supporters might beginning to realize just how tough the general election is going to be Bernie Syn there's really gotta gotten a very minimal scrutiny so far in this process and Democrats are probably to pay a pretty severe price for that better by large people? That's your side tracked him, side fights all night long, and it worked right very well, pretty centres Suzanne. What would it think of Saint, as promised generally, and his answer specifically on Cuba, which is dominated by the public, Mercedes this week after his sixty
Dennis Interview, where he double down on his usual statements about Cuba, that are totally sincere. The reason why keep saying it is because he believes it that Fidel Castro forges incredible advances on health. Care and literacy, and his answer was presented last night was was panned pretty why Lee even places like CNN, yet either is a horrible answer and the problem of Bernie Sanders is like you, you mentioned. He actually does believe all these things that he says, and so it can't really pick them up and put them down. Ending on whose asking the question or what he thinks that political moment calls for kind of just thinks when he thinks it. Doesnt seem much power were saying that my guess, that's fine. If you're looking for a principled politician, but if you're looking at the front the Democratic Party nomination it's kind of a problem, particularly when it comes to something like praising Cuba, but also when it comes to a number of policies? He has that more moderate Democrats, don't they and that he can't explain that. I do think you're gems right he didn't get attack.
Nearly as much as he ought to her someone. Who is a front runner, I guess now and in South Korea he's trailing Abed button is clearly almost it's a running away with the nomination, depending on what happens to produce they, of course, but I think he needed take a lot of firing that he didn't have to take, and so I dont think he delivered a great performance think he gave any answers that comforted anybody any democratic concerned about him being the nominee. I think he gave a lot more footage should trumpet Trump Card game plan to Republicans if they're gonna run against him but he didn't really do much to petition himself as a solid leading can too or for the Democratic Party nomination. You talked about this. I guess last week, Michael and trailers make this point just how Bernie seems somewhat impervious criticism. Just Greece has same thing over and over again and has complete confidence in his is worldview and is political vision of what it would take to defeat Trump.
Yeah it was interesting. There too moments that stood out for me one. Thank you noted on Twitter Rich, which was that at the beginning he sustained about five minutes of attack from five different directions. He was given about forty five seconds to respond and eating in perturbed at all any pivoted in the headlines, twenty five seconds to talking about Medicare for All- and I thought this man is one confident he is self possessed He knows himself. He doesn't take in its strength of his that he doesn't take that to and fro to seriously and doesn't go, aren't tilt. I thought he law, start later in the debate, though, on the cuban issue, where he looked, he wasn't just give. His normal answer, which we find repellent for the usual reasons he
giving it in a way that communicated defensiveness, and I thought because you want to Obama or when I think back and forth. We be abandoned Fourth, both end the Obama and the audience didn't respond. He basically said what's wrong with you: he write what what When you talk about really here we have to you know we have to acknowledge that these advances happened, but of course there is no logical connection Queen the cuban Revolution and advances in literacy in Cuba. Right I mean there are advances and literacy in almost across the entire third world during the cold war Whichever side they were aligned on foot plus the. On how it militarily education, Cuba was not in a bad place before right. The revolution so anyway, cited. I thought that was a bad one. For him of law, and I think it's
really potentially gonna hurt him in the general election, where trumpet trumpet going to put his finger in these wounds and make make it a pain point. Bernie and the money you that all the money can be spent in Florida advertising. This is gonna, be insane so on that them duration I've. I saw that you tweeted about this too. That is just as good unfair. At five people hit em and not go, go discreetly, each time to burn it. Our response has been that the typical thing and then a few minutes later, my Bloomberg just Passingly refers to wine, and wine gets right several minutes of back and forth with Bloomberg to attack encounter- and one reason I think the I'm in Cuba answer was bad. Besides Dean Repellent Ass, he put it properly substance of it, was Buddha, Judge Nest, Bernie comes back with rhetorical questioned PETE, but
since its answer time impedes allowed to talk totally over him, the entire time Bernie is trying to answer I've. I've heard some put post debate commentary this being put on Bernie this was kind of Bernie shouting in and out of control uses, try to answer so Luke. If, if you were put The sultan to any these folks trying to stop Bernie here's. What would be the most effective attack against him in whose come closest to waging knapsack very excited to announce that, like Bloomberg, is paying me ludicrous mess that back what's most effective counter to Bernie? Yet I think, depends on your candidate strength. You know, computer chips
we really likes to be the kind of debater Powerpoint candidate, and so, if you watch Borri Bernie generally restricts his press access to people who ask pretty run of the mill one question no follow up the two or three times I've watched him face plant have been when he's gotten into very issue specific discussion specifically around the way financed works, business, cetera, there's a lot of there's a lot that Bernie doesn't know and most of his knowledge, if you could call it that is inch deep ideology. If you're Buddha Chechnya Did you just whacking with that interesting? The only candidate who, I think so self possessed enough is answers to do that was Bloomberg, but you could tell Bloomberg, have been hitting the briefing book and digesting everything because of several times detailed off at the end of the answer is what he forgotten, what he was going to say. So you know if your, if your Amy, I saw it
Thank you. Just keep hearing him on burning. You ve been there twice as long as me, and you ve done nothing right, because the your hopes and dreams are all great. Well, I'm glad you have it, but you haven't gotten anything done. So what and then I didn't, get your Warren. I mean I don't know list one such a terrible, Canada. I don't even know what you tell her to do, but- and she seems married to this unity, candidate- nonsense, which I don't know how you're the unity and if you can't win, but you say you know oh you're gonna lose to trumpet. I think you know Biden seem thing, the real, though, is that they should have been hit him with the stuff before and they work, because they want to try to kill him with kindness and the guy just one almost nap outright Midge already in Nevada, despite the fact most powerful political forces in Nevada, wanted other people to win. So you know the trains left station. He may not win South Carolina, but he's he's gonna win
California and he's gonna, win it by a pretty wide margin and that's a whole truckload delegates. So what Luke did think of Jim Gary's COS? a pussy other day, thus pretty compelling, which is establish a really wants to stop Bernie like with with the great intensity, there are all sorts of things they can do? That is not going to do Nancy closely and call whole house leadership could come out and say that this going to put our majority at risk, the lieutenant leadership to do the same of the Obama's in the Clinton's could come out against them there any number of things that players stature. Where's could do, rather than just grousing anonymously to reporters for these stories political and the New York Times yet. Could I think problem is that Nancy plus you will lose control over caucus. She she tries to do that and she doesn't want to show that does doesn't actually have any power. May look the
when all lives mattered and anti Semitism resolution she doesn't have control and the only control she has as the illusion of control, which is prompted by press, the believe she's, a masterful strategic genius brok. Obama is clearly much more committed to his person brand than to the Democratic Party. That was true when he ran for president when he was president afterwards. He doesn't really care, I mean the reality is you're. You either have, I guess, you're you're your establishment actors who care and have skin in the game are too weak to do anything about it and the only person who could doesn't care so so enough. Bernie fans in the media, and left wing media that when you attack Bernie damage is done back to you right like that varies, There is some shooting back and it is pretty effective and I think that's in some of the hesitant see among Democrats to attack and because they're pulling looking at the pulling saying I don't just have to
consolidate them. You know this moderately. I have to win over some burnings current support in you know threading that needles very difficult. When, if, if you're issue filing Deadlye hasn't past, you could get a primary challenger out of the blue. That person would be very well funded. I think the the the final and you're right about that in a people talk about Bernie as the Trump of this race and there's some sense that he's dealing with a fractured field. But Bernie is not Donald Trump. Who was I d logically promiscuous drew from all parts the Republican Party, not just the heart right, he's much more similar to a TED crews and what your suit in that he has a part of the party coalition. That is deeply committed to his ideological programme up and down the ladder right. There are Dnc employees who are big fancy, Bernie Sanders justice. There really are and see. Employees were big fan of TED crews, and so you know, there's thirty. Five percent of the professional Denmark
party that is hard left and that that's not the same as Trump Trump was sort of all over the place, so is able to draw from everybody and also scare everybody, but it made it hard to pin down exactly where he was yes, sir, What do you make of all those points, because I found your personally compelling, but but then, as I can, You know as ambiguous was pointing This kind of reasons to fear being, their against Bernie the same their same way? there are reasons to fear being out there against Trop and twenty sixteen at Yale. First, one black people found a compelling always better than the alternative but all in all like there's a part of its gonna marvelling. So is it the Brok Obama, is scared of of crossing the Bernie Brooms and the Bernie Sanders supporters. Is it but she think Michelle Obama really and be able to move votes. If she came out and said our old friend, Joe Biden is just the right person to put America back on the right course. I realize nobody sees the Clinton's is damaged goods, but you know what they're a whole bunch of democratic this country still a fond memories: the Clinton years there how much a republic?
until it back on the years there have been a welfare reform booming economy. He wasn't all a terrible the continuity of the favor, of the scandals fades away our tunnels If I were you, I would then that holds the all the governors. A swing states all, but some are Democrats vacant and said: look Bernie Sanders, it's not gonna be competitive in North Carolina he's not gonna be competitive and upper Midwest is now chance, a weary of winning Florida. They all came out and said that things must change if the old Nancy pull this I've been shed, yet the perception of Nancy Policies power Certainly power will include issues really have any power Well? Why you that there's this kind of self fulfilling pro see up, oh it! Well, what works so we won't try will because even try We don't know whether it worked and and this kind of this self, justifying through every cowardly political class Are you coming to its new, and of this? Is the cowardly democratic political class, seeing the same thing happen: the republican side for years ago, please Mitt,
up there and said you know what he's a terrible choice of years, why it work, maybe they're afraid, but out of Mitt Romney, has the pull in the republican circles. The way say a Moroccan, Michelle Obama doing them actual really them. If the party changed that much in four years, that's an astounding story of how quickly the forty changed I mean, washing back to twenty. Sixteen, I think that you know my memory of that time. Working on one of the vanquished rivals of now present tromp was everybody waited to start talking until after people started cat their votes and there's just a there's like this weird
most mystical moment. That happens when people start voting, which is that, if you respond to people voting, they view it is somehow opportunistic or illegitimate. Nature doesn't have the same thing as beforehand. If all of this stuff, it come out and buried, Bernie right before right after the heart attack, when Warren hadn't flip flopped on health care and was still moving up, they could have stepped on his neck and killed him. They didn't do it, then that was the opportunity. One the door closed once he got back on the trail once he focused on Iowa, it was over so rich. I get up again worthing across it just one other observation, a lot of TED cruiser particular, but our bunches Republicans clearly felt Well, I going take it easy on Donald Trump, because it somehow your implode and then,
afterwards, all of his supporters will come rang and clearly worn. Has this approach? I think a bunch of the other Democrats really didn't want to cross swords with with the Bernie rose that stand out this intensely. You know what I look for swap publisher Republicans, who supported TED crews and Worker Rubio End John case. It and all these other candidates ended up voting for Trump, an election right. You give people binary choice, a whole bunch of people gonna end up supporting the end now, maybe many browsers a higher risk of them strangler supply that, but the only one who really want to go up and punch Bernie Sanders in the faces MIKE Limber and there to this field is like new. I just I just is how will you judge, but it s a bridge ass? He wants to parliament or or challenge of two a push up on this idea. Questions to you on very centres and the Charleston Debate letter grade honest performance from a two f you I think I get
see and not because he did you terribly agreed, but I do think he got. He had to do a better job of something he can't to do at all what you stay in a moderate about, say anything other than what is deeply held convictions. Are he can't, and I think that the problem anybody see minus he could have put some more distance between himself and feel less nine am just at the tops, spurning great yeah, see fine, seeing nothing remarkable Tiberius, you know. If you walk in the front runner, you walk out a front runner eatin, do any worse than a b. Jim Geraghty. I think it's. I agree the sentiment of just passing grade, but I think the great is a b, because it's a status quo performance in the status quo favours him at the moment. So it's pause in hear more from our first sponsor this week: net sweet! If you dont know your numbers, you
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Product or and get your free guy today at nets we dotcom, slash editors, that's net swede, dot com, slash editors, please go and set up. Your free product tool. So there let's go to Joe Biden. The conventional wisdom is that Biden had pretty good debate. I think I I buy it. He was energetic if a little shouting there is Kennedy, the usual bizarre snafu. The hundred fifty million people have died, from gun violence in the United states and since some other bizarre conduct He did seem more with it, then some of the past, which guides
guy grew thought, I would say he had a good night, but based on a very, very low bar, which is typical performance in these debates and his typical performance on the stump. I mean I any night he gets out there. I managers. Member that he's running for president and not the Senate is probably a win for the guy, I kind of feel bad for months, we have been saying that now in the longer I watch the more pity, I guess I feel it's really sad. Someone needs to tell him that he, doesn't really need to be out there anymore. He probably do himself a favour if he warrant, but at the same time I do think he actually had a pretty decent night. Aside from that kind of strange statistic that he cited, I think he was shouting
don't seem like has only emotion, is anger that something I noticed when I was a covering him. It's really all you don't have much enthusiasm, he doesn't have. He can't really moat very well, but he does have a lot of shouting. So that's what he does. I don't think he directed enough of the shouting at at Bernie, which is what kind of needing to be doing if he wants to in South Carolina. But yeah like us are judging based on his usual performance answer. He did ok, reducing classic aging. Thing and some people they they lose impulse control as they grow older and they get more crotchety, and that this is just this. Vision of Joe Biden, and I think this is kind of the best he can do given those limitations and others have the best. It was terrible
he is. His message degenerated last night into and leave pointed this outrage that he kind of always comes back to. I already did it, I already did it that's his answer on everything right in November up, he knew should the filibuster go. Should there be a you know, some major constitutional reform to change the Senate so that more democratic bills can pass or more Democrats can win office and his responses. I did it I brokered by partisan things or enow on health care reform, any other further healthcare form. I did it as I was next brought Burma, when he do it now, there's an argument he can make that and it's the power of his campaign- was working a return to normal, see this as an abhorrent time in America. I'm a returned that Normalcy I've been there. I know how to do the deals, but last
It degenerated to the point where he basically was whining and demanding recognition that he himself is the answer that he himself deserves more respect in this field more time on the microphone and it's just not gonna win against a burning message which is about the future. I want a future, that's fair! I want a future that treaty workers, as respectfully as a treats billionaires that is so much more compelling than what Biden is offering, which has just by them so are you listening to me clarified why burning surging in my Biden has been following the whole time. Yes, it said Jim I thought a classic moment. You just going to Michael's point about message: Elizabeth Worn, Bernie Sanders never really talk about anything. I've done with Elizabeth with maybe in the consumer Protection Finance Bureau, but it's vision and how they want to change the country Biden Dan in
which are it's all. I did this in the Senate, none in the Senate and just classic when we will talk about closer a little bit more later. But when I think everyone she is talking about, but she she wrote the bill. Whatever wasn't bisect. No, I wrote that village. I wrote it. What are you talking about getting fat checkers in but they're both having these arguments about in effect what most people perceive it as Senate Minutiae, that's totally backward looking, you gotta give credit to the burden campaign which has not gone a lot right They finally figured out how to get him really ready for these debates which to give like for red bowls ripe for basis, every man of his age based they say about it You take a narrative all at all. It's up, I don't see any effective arcade it look I to concur that this was really good by binding standards great by a normal human being standards
and that was probably the most ridiculous more, although it did end up. It was like the one time I'm watching the debate. Night with my older son, taking over the show from Neruda what he's not happy about that, the one time he looked up with a little bit of him he's meant was at one point there, gettin towards the end of binding time. Other people start talking Remedies are not done yet at he just got out you. This was errors and Ford level. Point Lastly, I really regret is that everybody else just silent. It was you know, by bite. It was like a quasi comment. Moment there was almost that Ronald Reagan I paid for this microphone moment and it is like em health and state, was your briefly silent and then he said something which is not a great hip. What was just that sets of He still has that. Hey wait, a minute, don't forget about me. You know he was fired up ad compared to what he'd been turning into quickly on the campaign trail. Since then, the confused word salad fired up. Joe Biden is is, but I dont think last night's debate as you have a huge impact on the outcome of South Carolina, but look
but it is probably gonna win. He could win by little. He get when by a lot. If you by a lot he's the only guy you can say I genuinely beaten Bernie Sanders in these first for contests binds probably get it. It's ok on super Tuesday. It always a great body. Still the problem would enough enough delegates here and there stay in it and he has the work, coherent message, then Bloomberg will Bloomberg if you need me yet mess this all up. Democrats, you know Biden is hey. You know what member, how good the Obama days were? Does this better than all this all the stuff. Let's go back to that with her. You know with with senile grandpa at the helm. In oh, that's, that's a better message. Then you know, must be looked at its flailing around. So look here, Shore Line about Joe Biden? Is that he's decomposing, so how that process going last night,
I mean you did have won my like. Actually, I paid for his microphone analogy because you did have one moment where they sort of like shocked him into alertness, and he said something seemed commanding at sensible, but then he just tailed off again, I mean joe- is benefiting immensely from the lack of definition for clover, charm, Buddha, Chechen others and warrants evident collapse. Ah, he has gotten a little bit better over the course of this campaign, but not significantly. That was his best performance, but it was still poor. What are we gonna say like ie if the ineptitude, everyone else marginally increases the likelihood of winning from one percent to two percent. That's just a tree falling sound forest. So ex question to you first once again: let a grade Joe Biden, Charleston, debate,
I'm gonna be on near the compared to how they usually does scale empty de plus amount just during the plus, because only play I laughed when he said a hundred. Fifty million Americans have died of gun violence in the past couple decades. That's it the jobs. I I mean whatever. I guess it was another passing grade see maybe see minus cause. He was incoherently said: half of us died in some great conflagration. None of us can remember Jim guarded Let me tell you Michael breaded dirty the hundred. Fifty million Americans killed gun violence is the worst death toll since they FCC repealed net neutrality, which killed billions and billions of people anything less than a mile. For Joe Biden has monarchy to give an aim eyes, Why do I get my be? I think, as is passing greatest, enough to two holds
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and his excellent New York Post com after the debris, It's like you wanted to relive regret his head from last week, but Bloomberg stealthy stiff rocky at the beginning, but then you know got better and in the second half of the debate, or at least after that, opening and How to add a genuinely thoughtful seeming a more moderate of voice on this age on medical, marijuana, legalization and a number of other issues. But what do you make of it? Yes, he did fine. I thought. He was playing the role of moderate Democrat in those two answers on charter. School in New York City, which, as granting it's getting because he is a pretty good record to defend. Their Also on the marijuana question where I feel like there are probably many voters, a even voters and of terms
this democratic primary who don't The idea of company coming in and in trying to hook their kids on pot and further it might be alienated by one thing we didn't mention Bernie suggestion that the federal government is gonna, help blacken and latino kids start their business in sewing marijuana. So anyway, I've. It was fine I don't know, I don't know the debates help him. I think he I stole stay by my position last week.
He should have stayed out of them and continued the air and the mysterious AIR war campaign. Look when you think that I think he probably if he'd been prepared for Nevada Debate, we wouldn't be having this discussion. The reality is, he was just to sleep at the switch and yell rich guys. You don't get told no oftentimes are incumbents. Oftentimes, are they put their debate? Prep off, they haven't been eating their weeds
Getting to. You are fighting strength for for debates, so I don't eat was necessarily mistake from to engage in the debates. It was just a mixed mistake from two half asset, which is always mistake so Bloomberg he was improved like I said, though he still a briefing book debater, the one. The two issues which were as best answers were the ones where he went back to his track record of experience, which are not necessarily federal issues, right education and then in a marijuana legalization. They were good answers. I thought you'd delivered the well when I do think there's a constituency for that in the democratic primary. I just wonder if it's not late for him to see seem like the common sense. Cannot you contrast. That is his answer on terrorism, which started out very simple or a sensible and coherent, and then he sort of tailed off has reached the end of what he had memorized near. That's a situation where any wound up just saying nine, eleven nine eleven three times at the end and he stood a long way to go.
Then he is clearly is a very capable mayor of New York City, but that this is a guy. His political career is not based on his performance ability. Yeah. I think that's really obvious another. The main thing that Bloomberg has going for him right now is: he is in the race is being taken seriously because Biden as Willie imploded and their stress this gaping hole where some kind of sensible moderate sort of middle of the road. Supposedly, for today's Democratic party middle of the road candidate, be standing in Bloomberg, happens to be the kind of most coherent persons. Ending there, but I dont think he's very good in a debate like this. If you look at a list of policy positions, I think he's a pretty appealing. Can I think it adds he looks. Mew presents pretty well, but on it. She was a little better less time than but I think he just looks like he doesn't belong there. He sounds like he doesn't belong there. He had a couple answers that I thought were kind of compelling he sounded a little more like
a normal national level politician, but especially when being attacked like strange with war, and I just thought he sounded awkward and, like you just looked like you didn't like it and longer like you, wasn't comfortable or like you wanted to run away almost, and I don't think that's kind of the stage presents you need if you're gonna try and be that the democratic front runner yeah Jim, he keep tiptoed up to an otter cell phones did debacle where he is talking about his support for twenty eighteen congressional candidates in and very nearly said basically did say: maybe the tea wasn't there, but that he he bought this action are? Bought these candidates, which it approached a party which is his strength in politics. I quoted the the Sir Professor Urban expert, Fred Siegel on Sunday. I wrote about Bloomberg a couple.
Weeks ago, usually special interests by off politicians. Bloomberg approach in New York was to buy off all the special interest. Wretch rich, don't think of Bloomberg. Twenty twenty as a presidential campaign. Think of it as a leverage, this is just what we approaches. Eventually, the Democratic Party will be renamed as part of Bloomberg. Lp, it's here. He will figure out a way to buy off the remaining contenders or in his way has never been a debate. Focused campaign Yo Effort, focused on A whirling dervish of raw political charisma, that is way. He know you look it am. I got out other piece on Bloomberg. It works just ring reeling these reviews of the things he said when it was first running for mayor. He said the students and publication bicycles have aging problems. He said company should not hire people from the cook, the suburbs, because they don't have the right competitive. He was too mobile he kept saying things really. Oh, my god, you can't say that you cannot say that New York City politics,
He wasn't spending seventy million dollars like fifteen million dollars, he would have lost, but when you know that, I'll, see you throw around that much money, people and so bothered by the sorts of things. You say. I think there are two giant weaknesses that repeated themselves in this debate on things cause the non disclosure dreams for the women. I went back. I've read the through the law suit. It is just an absolute nightmare of everything. The me to movement stood up against. It was an atom. You know Bloomberg in the Eightys and Ninetys, look like animal house and on the second, was unstopping frisk, and just too many cases of lumber, saying stopping frisk is a terrific idea, of course, we're doing it all. I can to stop he's not able tap dance around these sorts of things. But that, having been said, the count, the argument for the Bloomberg not candidacy. Still the more the closer Sandberg gets. The more compelling Bloomberg is of, are you sure,
are you sure you want to do this Democrats? Because I'm right here with my ability to sell font and my record in New York City, the fact that I have stood up for gloat climate change and gun control in a whole bunch of stuff, you People, like you sure you want to bet it all the commonest, okey dokey and right before we started taping, both a spokesman for the by campaigns about Bernie denominate, we're not spending money to hold elected and the Sanders camp We don't want your bill, your beer, filthy billionaire money. So if you want to see Michael Bloomberg, sidelined at least in the presidential. Some sort spent money to help the Democrats, represent of us, and I give democratic necessity. The nightmare scenario for them. So you must stick with you little green or you know,
B B minus, it was fine fewer mistakes, but you know this is this. Is it is like the dog plain piano? You just impressively: can do it at all? The attempts I think you did about as well as Bernie did see, see plus amity be minus Zan, given that see minutes that get like the most mediocre class? That's it that's ever existed. It was about a great. It was a bad to be the highest it up. I was, and with everyone else, basically, I go a little lower with Bloomberg than it with violence entered out given see, but a passing grade, not great and the kind of status quo, debate or stabilizing debate, but where it stands on the the race, Sir Staff, on stabilizing. It isn't isn't such a great thing for him at this point, so for we finish up with the other debates, a contest since, as Bloomberg put it, let me pitch
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the website and sign up to get all access to National review, so Zan, let's just hit quickly, and you don't have to address our these Canada's bow, let let's hit the other Canada's quickly booty Warren which are and Style Argo First Buddha, judge again just technically highly profession, in these debates has the right idea. You need to take down Bernie. I just not sure he has really the standing and credibility with Bernie sympathetic vote to really knock em. Back on his heels, although he did draw some blood night Warren it just make any sense unless, as gems repeatedly said, she has nigh on being Bernice Vice presidential pick, two just go after Bloomberg, hammer and tongs and just have the the most glancing criticisms
of Bernie Sanders, who is in her quantum quote a lane and has eaten her lunch for a couple months now and basic. Destroyed or presidential hopes, there's club feels increasingly are irrelevant and her deficit. All long has manifested itself, which is really hard for someone, so boring and unexciting to wind up, actual nomination in this day and age and then finally, Tom's dire, doesn't belong on the stage managed his way to third place in South Carolina, but must gotten the fewest questions, the least attention of any any person. Any Canada poignant place in South Carolina in South Carolina debate ever yeah I mean I can't wait Tyres donor. I dont. Every time he's talking. I just totally to down. I'm not interested in all no one should be interested and I think he has to say. As for the others, I think closer, I wish we would. A little bit more they're all these stories that came out right, which use thinking about entering the race about how she essentially abuses her staffer,
and you know what I'm ate her salad with a calm because you'd better get her a fork and throws things that people thanks, you really must be quite that mean that if she could just kind of draw on a little bit of that, energy is almost like she's. Try. To run in the other direction and make it seem like shoe. Super nice and and polite and from in a soda, would never throw anything in anybody. That's a boring! She always isn't debates. I think it would help her she. She was a little more that way Advert Warren Color reminds me during the vote, Look in primary seemed like some of the people competing with Trump. For that front. Runner spot thought that he was gonna just tail off at some point and they could rake up support if they weren't you mean to him early on, I think Warren. I don't know why she thinks that centres is gonna drop off and she would get his boats, but she almost has that kind of energy of well. What maybe his support there are actually gonna come over to my side. If I'm not you mean to him, she really does need to be attacking moments. I think she did very well do to, like you said, is usually very good in debates. I think he's very articulate and he alone. Anybody, perhaps other than bloom
dead. What needed to be done in terms of going after Sanders? I'd say he had probably a pretty good bye based on that they were terrible. I thought it was bad for Muslims shouldn't moustache and beyond their anymore? I'm glad items Tom's dire proved himself, very conch. Jesus listener of NPR programming, that's how it comes across as just like a billionaire very earnestly tries to learn about his country and about how the other half lives through listening to and we are in a super self. That's great. Jim Virginia is one of the super Tuesday states. If anybody on that stage had turned top style and said what the hell are you doing here, Scotty what about a flat candidate that would have been enough to win me over a star does not belong at stage.
Weren't. You laid out that I think the only feeling that makes sense a sheerly wants to be burning running maiden who, by the way, I don't think Bernie Sanders, he's gonna chooser Bernie Sanders needs or other than she had much to the ticket. The isn't already have by the way, when a more interesting wrinkles is that Bernie Sanders will not be spending Friday or Saturday in South Carolina It's gotta be in Massachusetts, because Massachusetts is one of the super Tuesday states. You know what happens if he beats, whereas the horn and super in Massachusetts and Super Tuesday she's she's pretty. But you gotta get out this there's no point in being in a race. If you can When your homesteads primary margarethe a learned that lesson so I think you his is below the maid. Maybe this is retaliation for thee, Bernie said a woman could win the presidency and you called me a liar national television. It, oh, I think you showed no gratitude or or reciprocal kindness, which I again,
What are the great joys of this process of this entire cycle has been watching one highly touted Democrat, rising STAR genius, Corey Booker and Julian Castro, and curse Angela Brain better work just fall flat in their face, and I think we really have to ask was the really the details of what was the warrant had a plan for that it was a bad plant, Japan and when the primary cause she took on burning on gender politics. Didn't work then try to suck up and it didn't. He wasn't interested a club which are due to judge both of them. It looks likely they re, not one state candidates, then they were well attuned to the agenda. Graphics of Iowa and New Hampshire and have nowhere to go from here to Klobuchar. Particular we out. Yes, the Good NEWS for her. That Minnesota is one of the super Tuesday states. Beyond that. Where did she go Colorado's one of the states? That is what this vote by male states. Most of the votes in Colorado have already been cast bigger reach. Did they gotta reach the state by a legendary
your balance, not mail by today, you're, probably in trouble so puddings down there. Virginia. She hasn't been here, remarked that ferny state leaders knows eight wriggle out, that's an Amy cloaked. Our state of the Minnesota needs a very similar situation, the judge, even the wine track. Candidates on yeah he's never dwell in the South and just not enough there. So you, if you, if you don't do anything on Super Tuesday Why are you in this race and that would have been a good question for the night, but the new model therefore an interest met. They did want as button if using a stick around if you didn't when South Carolina, but you know I'm a binding legal when South Carolina or worse he's gonna be unclear. What I so look with swine, the south. So do you think Biden when South Carolina? if he wins South Carolina, how much traction Does he get in the soup, Tuesday, AIDS? Is there any scenario where say Biden when South Carolina by ten points surprises on the upside down. You know me good media attention,
on Sunday and an early next week, Bloomberg who has been flagging some flags more and by actually wins. Some of these southern states and over performs an soup Tuesday, and it's an honest to Goodness Bernie by numerous lot, Alot their first could I just say that I appreciate Tom stars: unwavering commitment to doing a dead on impression of Martineau Molly I mean I felt I was watching what you just did the earnest shouting, the vapid platitudes and the utter discussed on the face of the other candidates well as seeming indifference to the electorate. I appreciate all that. Ok, I think it's
very likely. We come out of Super Tuesday in the two man race, but is it a two man race where Man number two has a realistic prospect of catching man number one? No, I don't think so. Jim touched on a lot of the reasons why lots and lots of Super Tuesday, but it's part of the cast, that's especially true in the super Tuesday states that matters the most, which is California, California, is a load in this Mary. It has something like four hundred delegates are more than four hundred delegates. If you, I don't think Bernice gonna Sweet California, but if he were in a position where he all but swept California, then he's that alone would put him more than a third of his way to.
To where he needs to be to win the nomination outright on the first ballot he's also gonna just run over everybody in Vermont. He's gonna do well in Massachusetts. It's it's a situation where the early vote helps him and it hurts every one else. It's also get to take how forty a long time to count their votes, which means that for the week after Super Tuesday, two weeks after soup Tuesday, while an Anti Bernie candidate, let's say it's Biden, has he wins? Softer line is trying to build momentum. There is more and more stories talking out how Bernice getting more and more delegates out of California that timing, socks forbidden
do I think biting when South Carolina gun to my head right. Now I probably say: yes, it's going to be closed. It's probably going to be disappointing. I think team Sanders is actually managed expectations there pretty. Well, that's why they're on the move, if Biden cleans Bernie's clock by twenty, that gets him a good media story, but I think it's too little too late, looks taken with you exit question on on this segment of our discussion of the Democrats percentage eyes at this moment that Bernie Sanders is the democratic nominee zero, a short of an intervention by the almighty. I just think it's gonna happen. I guess to be modest about it. I'll see. Eighty jerry. Likely that centres of the nominee yet. I will echo Luke Eighty, maybe you north of that yeah, it's a eighty, five percent and eighty ninety five, whose cost
I'm gonna say seventy, just because stuff happens, but he is obviously a prohibitive favorite. So let's go to his story. It's a little speculative bubbles the krona virus, which seems to be believed numbers in Klein now in China, but that has let the border and, as in all other places, all the kind of places now a RON, ITALY where they talk shutting down cities, and we have this very serious cdc warning as coming to America and it would perhaps involves significant disruptions to our life. This might be a little bit Michael, going back to Hurricane Katrina. Just. Remember the National whether service like this is a biblical level that I think I think they d.
Said, sometimes these warnings that don't pan out, but I'm kind of think there At the very least, there's gonna be some sort of corona virus panic. And even if, if the diseases severe in this country in there just must be. There must be given how widespread it is. Now people come into the United States as we speak, who are infected right. So one thing when the story of our first mergers lot of talk about how this can be China's noble because of the way ideology works and denial of the obvious facts in praising the regime etc? What troubles me is that I'm worried that this is the western workings. Chernobyl too Is that I notice the World Health Organization and others making comments.
First of all kowtowing to the chinese government and and and trying to impress them and has tons of articles across media, saying that only danger from grown viruses, anti chinese bigotry and sentiment so far zero feet, Ladys from anti chinese patrons content related to corona virus and you're. Seeing this all over me. Listen, I hope it's not going to be very serious. But you'd rather overreacts than under react in these situations. We happen to be sitting on a continent that whose population was wiped out. Ninety percent globalization five hundred years ago, so I think it's it's well past him to be concerned, and I am I am distress how many authorities and institutions are trying to
defend western ideology of capitalism and globalism and not talking about public health. There is a great example today Ireland. It started wishing travel warnings about ITALY in and things a guy's many other european countries do, but their health minister comes out and says you know I just want to show everyone that a free travel is a year, p in value and we still value it, and this has nothing to do with the problem at hand. No one. You know what those that value isn't really under question? We know you value it. That's why this disease is bad because it threatens it I am very worried that there is a kind of soft this in the western world about this kind of thing and we're just seeing people singers the ideology rather than the truth said she, that decision maker allotted sense to me
Maybe it's were being overly alarmist, but just seems to me you want to take every possible measure to stop this thing. From getting loose because once to lose you We are really going to regret it and it is going to require major disruptions yeah for the very first Reports of this, my you know, replied the general sense of this. The seemed bad. You know China saying that they have you. No high rates of this are the possible. This started at this this market. There were two He says that were written really well and really explored this. One of them was Michael Brennan, Dorothys death by kowtow, so rich just count since my editors for the week of getting out of the way early you don't eat, asked me about it later there. You know everything about you, since we are under reacting to the corona virus and since the world who was or else organisation, really see
afraid of working China in the first couple statements about this data was raw, Sir Rostov its peace, where he pointed out that, like look we're a cold dramatically news media culture they can freak out about anything right not just the cable news which needs stuff to grab your attention, just think how off? If you, if you still want to know your local eleven o clock NEWS, you how many times you see. Oceans are like you're, home appliances may be trying to kill. You will have more on that at eleven. You know. That's real sense that anything, but Soon the corona virus comes along and peace. Were killing over and and China is shutting down cities and the general senses This really isn't that much worse than the flu virus. Well, if I tell you get in the flu Eugene the dying from about one thousand, you feel pretty good What are you getting corona virus you're, probably get in your chest of dying, are probably but twenty three thousand all of sudden. Maybe a little bit worried about that
I wrote something in a corner earlier this week, maybe the best case scenario, and this is what the obvious, what we're still learning, but the corona virus. What course we're afraid of the unknown is that the people who we were seeing much more deaths. Older males and females in in China. I look at the numbers of more half of chinese men smokin. They start smoking, usually an average age. Fifteen It does not have the best air quality to begin with. So if you have this just virus that attacks the lungs and have a whole bunch will have been smoking their whole lives. Maybe that's why this is killing so many people in China, and maybe it won't be quite so bad in a whole bunch of other countries that have a lower smoky rates the best case scenario of any one. The numbers on this when you start with a billion people, you have through the neighbourhood of that combat sixty million people older men in China who spoke. Nonetheless, you think they got. Reason be nervous. I think we have a good. What is China when they have sixty million people who would kill over because of this. I think we are,
is beginning to get a sense of the scale of this. I dont want to be sounded like a panic, but you know So what we know this is gonna cause a huge problem in Hong Kong to shut down the schools until Easter, I guess significance given up education for lent. I guess they approach there. Did you didn't people are? acting in other countries like this is a really really big deal and the sneaking suspicions that we're all gonna whistling pass a graveyard on this seller. China was then up centre of this, obviously, and in some of the measures they ve used, have just been extraordinary. Each never imagine happening in advanced western countries. Videos of apartment buildings If there's more than one person who's been diagnosed with the krona virus, they well the front door shut someone's getting out, I mean. There's, look. Authoritarian states generate theatrical displays of action all the time. Part of the reason they were so slow to react was that there's, a lot of you know be asked that gets put up the ladder instead of reporting real bad news
respect its not dissimilar from what happened in at Chernobyl and then at the same time when the when the system of ordered decides to react it, yet everybody is than trying to compete on a nut with one another that out react to the to the threat. I would only add here because I think people have covered in what we do and don't know about the virus that pandemic politics in the United States and how the executives perceived of handling is very real, very challenging and very tricky, I was at the republican subcommittee and twenty fourteen, and that summer we saw Obama's distrust of Obama's ability to manage issues spike during Ebola. It stayed high his in administrations imperfectly ray The and seemingly engaged approach to a bowler didn't deal intelligently enough with what are outside, but ultimately reason
fears in the face of a scary unknown on the part of the public and it hurt Democrats very badly come November in that election is something you studied right. Presence in crisis and realities. Yeah pandemics are funny thing because they're not there are. We have sort of built in responses there there, one of the very few crises that that there is kind of a playbook, for we have lots and lots of handbooks for lots of things in their people who sit at whether mountain and overnight, and wait literally in a room full of three ring binders for wind thing, when the proverbial fecal mattered hits the duration device. But when it comes to pandemics, you have but a genuine class of of management expertise and they go through lots of wraps and what not? I would recommend to the White House to appoint a corona viruses. Are
if someone who could be in charge of it, who hat is very skilled at communicating facts to people so that folks, don't just hear the government saying all as well as well. They need to know that this is serious, that you're taking it seriously, but that today you have it under control. If you look Mr Obama did than all it takes. Is one person to slip through the corridor and people panic and you suddenly look like you're lying to people, and that is the worst thing. A government facing Pandemic politically, the expression to use and how worried are you about a krona virus outbreak in the United States? Very somewhat mildly, not at all. You are with them, worried about it and I set out only because I do think there will be very large numbers of people with the corona virus you, but I'm not deeply worried about what that's gonna look like in terms of ducks, I mean maybe I'll be on one of the people whistling pass the graveyard here. Maybe I'm too optimistic. But I'm really, I don't think it's gonna, be the content of the plague or something like that without a kind of death, death rate Jimmy
pretty darn worried. We have the advantage of a much better system, much better hospitals, much better doctors and so what more trust than the Chinese as but all in all. I still think there is good reason be very worried. This will probably be the story of the year, maybe even bigger than the presidential election look Thompson. Ah I'm not terribly worried about it because I do think we ve got a good response, we're ready to go, but I think the political ramifications of this could be far greater than the actual effect of the disease saw. I'm somewhere between various somewhat take gems point were, were better suited to handling this than most places and aunts. Point that you know we're not gonna anybody the theatre in a ninety percent Indians dying when Europeans shut up. That's obviously not gonna happen, but
The first time someone's found to have been an infected and to have been writing this New York City Subway four days, the subway and empty out. I mean there. I really do think there will be major disruptions. Panic buying things of that nature. That will be quite remarkable so really quickly. Let me Should these natural you institute half day conferences, we started had first one and palm beach this week. And her coming someplace near you probably march twenty Fourth Newport Beach March, twenty first emphasis Go April, second Chicago ABLE Fourteenth Dallas April fifteenth Houston. Levin New York City may Twelfth Philadelphia great tat these half day conferences and a great opportunity to be a share, share a time in company with fellow conservatives and with an are editors and writers, Suzanne Final topic. This week he headed big Debate and Senate
over these two abortion bills? You found it very closely. What do you make of it? Yes, a Senate Democrats managed, block two different pro I felt was one of which was the paint capable bell which would ban abortion after twenty weeks, based on a decent amount of scientific evidence, suggesting that fetuses have that at least the capacity to feel pain around. That point Canada is one of these compromise bill saying work. Most Americans do not favour the Democratic party position of abortion on demand birth. Maybe we could draw line it some kind of common sense. Reasonable point may be here that did not work out unsurpassed, Finally, I think only two Democrats voted for it, Joe Mansion and bought Casey, both of whom tend to vote for product legislation a lot of the time and the second bill was not an abortion restriction, despite the way it was covered in the media was the born alive bill, and this, though, would require that doctors provide the same medical care to an infant who survives abortion as they would too
the other infant that gestation age. So the idea is just to create some kind of federal requirement that these intrinsic are treated not liking of second class citizens or non existent. People or whatever else simply because they were men, tab the borders and that go, unfortunately, so failed, but it did get more support from Democrats and both Susan Collins and we summer Caskey voted for it, even though they tend to vote with Democrats. On these issues- and I I would say this is a huge kind of electoral problem Democrats to be voting this way on these kinds of bills, particularly the born, fell, but just judging from how much cover and get from the media. I wonder if it will actually have any effect at all, because people will be able figure out, what's actually in the bills, so Jim the these, these bills were broken up pass. But how much do you think they just moved the ball in terms of public trust, nation you for a long time. The philosophy of Democrats was Republicans, are really unreasonable, still Tolerant there? So knee jerk
they they understand. This is a complicated issue. Young women really struggle with this. They have this theocratic viewpoint. We know want to ban. Abortion were the ones who are reasonable, and probably the peak of that was a bill. Clinton saying should be safe, legal and rare. You're here, the rare stuff anymore. Here you know you here. I shout your abortion sing about your abortion. I'm really surprised at the way the Democrats are approaching this issue in recent years, and I don't Thank you when you get Shall act in twenty succeed on the full scale that they did You see somebody losses, state legislative level at the Rio group, trial level, Senate House you, he added all up I don't know that you're getting more more extreme on the abortion issue is help them, but I think you know that loss of nuance that's the loss of any sense of moral conflict was he was considered clause? I revolutionary clover charges acknowledge the protect democratic, be allowed to exist in the party. I don't think this works for them as well as they have I
a win. Previous sir discussions, we noted that the turn out for these democratic primaries, if not but Democrats, thought it was going to be and there really is justice, continuing sense that they are in a bubble and because they never talk to somebody Prince keys. The polite democrats at all. They dont understand how dream, they sound to lots of ordinary Americans who thompson the policies portion of definite changing their changing it. Lasting ways. Part of that is that the politics of change the state level already and are kind of drifting up into the federal level. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that a boar
politics right Now- is linguistically trapped in the framework of sort of baby boomers driven framework that I can ease. But the electorate is moving out of that and nobody really has a great idea about what the what the next framework of of abortion politics is gonna, be the only big picture thing I see. That's that's interesting is that historically, the claim, at least of the the proportion side of the argument was yet we have science and technology on our side and that changed, and so now that you have advances both in medical advances in terms of saving the lives of of children born prematurely such at the age of viability, has reduced considerably even in the last five years has changed this politically, as well as the ever sort of marching on improvements in ultra sound technology that that bring really to life, so to speak. What a what what's going on the womb, and I think that,
Nobody quite knows exactly win. That's gonna! Flip! A certain calculus how it catalyzed cetera, but that's the big trend, I'm sort of looking at the let's hit a few other things before we go Michael, you have been musing having an engineer as a cousin you're my way firm. Business, an engineer we're dealing with them a kitchen. It's extremely small needs to fit all of our seas. In it- and I just happened dimension to him yesterday- that I'd like a place for some of our really nice kitchen knives that is both accessible to the adults, but not too children and with reasonable within two hours, sent me a fool, Jim Dunham CAD software with available parts that are out there- and I was asleep this is. This- is the biggest benefit of my marriage. Besides kid
look you I've been reading Eric Larsson, the splendid and the vile yeah Eric worsens recently. Well, no nonfiction author, he wrote the devil in white city about a serial killer during the world's fair in Chicago, and this is his newest book about the blitz in Britain and it has his telltale trait of really doing a great job of drawing out extremely colorful, an odd characters who or maybe not the central people in the story but bring. Life environment, world, in which the story takes place. Jemmy recently demolished backyard, swings that yeah privilege, hdtv problem when the most fun things they do? As I say? Well, that's all I'm gonna have to come out. They go out, may take the sledge hammer. Neither the ribbon cabinets islanders, smashing stop we have an old swing set that we know that we bought when we bought the houses were not six years ago, thing is, you know, woods rotting through OSHA would never approve, so we went
we didn't have a sledge stuff, mostly just you hammers, and the appalling step out. The real trial This myself, my wife, my two sons, none of us got tetanus and let me tell you a rusty nails were flying around it and all kinds of stuff like that, we pilot all front were still open the garbage guys that if the trash guys can run too my wife's? As you know, they probably take it away more if we looked at all with ropes and turn into a nice one, big bundle throw in the back of the track of the harbour truck course, if we did that, we in the process would be getting tetanus and that's not so, yet to be resolved, is a hell of a lot of flawed and yes destroy you. Sometimes it is fine to destroy things. Zan ash Wednesday is one of your favorite days of the year yeah might sound little counter intuitive and strange for Catholics assigned necessarily that fond of a day. But I discover new, I grew up going catholic school. I then went to Notre Dame so having ashes on your forehead on this day is like the most common thing ever, it's very strange to see someone in your day to day who doesn't have it, but then I moved to New York City and suddenly it was kind of this. You know thumbs opera.
A secret wave on the street, all the Catholics will identify each other, I'm here in DC now. So we'll see if it holds true, but I think pray, be even more than there were in York. It's kind of a fund secret club moment, so I find lay despite being of Sesar. Baseball fan actually went to spring training game There was set down and palm beach for an ash Review Institute, half day com France's mentioned earlier, and the events started it two thirty and this guy. Between the nationals and the Mets was at one o five at the Palm Beach spring training, facility, so I went and managed to see two innings wearing a pinstripe suit and ty, but for fifty bucks I was in the front row ripe, tween home plate and such a the wonderful atmosphere,
is very loose informal people, so friendly ones glad to be there and it's really a baseball, It's best so one day I hope, actually to go to a game and see more than two inning. So now it's time for our editors picks envy day. What's your point Daniel, too narrow, wrote another great pieces on quite a role for us and our own, about how scientific stagnation is not inevitable it? This is a choice. This is a product of institution. In funding and dumb, if it's a great hopeful peace that fits in with my buddy Rostov its new book about decadence and everyone's check it out So what's your pic. Replicator has a great piece on some of these structural problems facing the presidency and the demands that we put on a single human being, its classic ripper Keyser, its thoughtful, it's smart and it s big questions in Saint in punchy and easy to understand ways than one
that I think is the first condition of Kevin Williamsons New newsletter, the Tuesday which you can sign up for an annual review, its classic cabin that's a little more than a hotchpotch of his views on a number of different things. Today are yesterday's rather was partly about. Let's get some good thoughts about that. So definitely worth subscribing to sir. My pig is Zander Warner posts on this ridiculous, CNN peace. We are talking about the abortion bills earlier that so one of its way to refer to a foetus that has been born, which is so one in this flagrant examples of the eu- that the other side depends to try to live with itself and its position on abortion Well, that's it for us, even listening to a national review, podcast any re broadcast. Retransmission account of this game without the express written permission of nationalism.
Is is strictly pro habited. This podcast has been produced by the incomparable sir shooting he makes a sound better than we deserve thanks Jim thank Van thank you, ended I beg you Luke thanks, that sweet and to the coalition against rate setting and thanks specially to all for listening, we are the editors and will see you
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