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Episode 195: Cause for Concern

2020-03-17 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss the increasing panic over the coronavirus around the world and last night’s half-forgotten Democratic primary debate.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Yuval Levin in the upcoming issue. • Charlie: Jim Geraghty’s coverage during the coronavirus pandemic. • MBD: VDH on those providing for us.

Light items: • Rich: A history podcast. • Charlie: His son’s new-found fishing skills. • MBD: The Westchester memes Instagram account.

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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the krona virus cancels everything and Biden stops. Bernie will discuss all this and more on the special all remote Social Distance edition the errors. Umbrage Lowry now joined is always by the right honourable Charles See, Debbie Cook and that a tourist be do Michael. And in dirty. Jim is not with us this week, because technology we are using, can only accommodate three people, but hopefully return. If we record again later this week, which is possibility or listening to a national view. Podcast response responses, this week are equipped the revolutionary tooth brush and
bluevine more about them and do coarse bill. Simmons podcast on Nashville Youtube dot com would like to have you been to be easier for you better for us if you made us part of your feet at any of the streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes? And you like what you hear your please give us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget I said anything so every day. This is your time had been EIA, corona virus, alarmist from the beginning and finally, the rest of the country is catching with you. What do you make of it? yeah. I mean how quickly and a weak moves. Last week at this exam time a week ago, I was, I had just decided. In the hours earlier to not let my children go to school on Monday, and I felt like Guy was this bizarre out Leir who had to you know Marshall them.
Moral and conventional resources to to make a decision, so at odds with the rest. Of the world at the moment and a week later, schools Superintendence errors are being chased and streets, practically people begging them to close the schools, so it's been remarkable, its end and actually, little scary to see that kind of social shift immediately when we still know so little about what we are facing You know I've noticed locally, that ten, sir, wake up outside of hospitals and in preparation. The tree harsh in out that's where people go if they have mild symptoms to be checked out and probably sent home damn I'm I'm watching the news. Like everyone else I was, I was surprised, though,
to know some see that at least as we are. Entering late last week, some law go restaurants and bars, and even some of my friends in the city notice that there seem to be a kind of land, Hurrah spirit where people were going out and You know, filling up bars, having kind of Saint Patrick stay celebrations, maybe in anticipation of tighter locked towns, which seem to becoming and you know I wonder if there was a social psychology at work where people felt like there being told the end of the world is coming, and so they acted like be under the world was coming and nothing that thee did mattered all that much at least for one night, so interesting from from our perspective of people watch her, but
other than that, though I mean it does feel like normal in some ways: there's national guy, in New Rochelle, but that has an expanded and people there than I've talked to about it have said that it seem to people can jog in and out of the containment zone bake in others, it's not in its, not the kind of enforcement you expect in an apocalypse yes it. Surely what? Where were you in this now, as we discuss the some land weak and weird, but saying actors we know now it's it's flew. You know that if we followed every case than the flu and made it had at a national count, costly going, I won't be freaked out as well On the other hand, it is hard to argue with what's happened in ITALY, which seems to have of really strange their medical system to the bridge
in point, which is not something happens with seasonal flu, but we're clear taking a gamble hair. I found this peace from January. Twenty third, from an italian website does the new star is? His almost three million cases of flu has been reported in ITALY since the start of the winter season, and the number of confirmed cases is rising since the start of the flu season October, two thousand and nine
two million seven hundred and sixty eight thousand cases across the country have been confirmed by laboratory tests according to data from influence at a total of four hundred and eighty eight thousand cases were reported last week alone, you read that and you compare the numbers to road of ours. You think, while her devices is small across the difference here is that the case fatality rate, especially in ITALY, is much much higher. That peace goes on to say that twenty six people, I think died out of those enormous numbers. Just twenty six people died and with correct of ours. The numbers are higher than that and a super sent it. They are extraordinarily high compared to so it seems that what we have decided nationally and also in places a higher in Illinois, California, where all the bars and restaurants are being shot indefinitely. Disneyworld is closed and
Laura see? World is closed places where people gather have been closed. All the apple stores are closed what we have decided is that we are prepared to inflict what is going to be a considerable amount of damage on the economy, and that means on real people. People who have bills to pay mortgages to pay children to feed. In order to try to stop this from getting too disastrous level in the United States. If you merely look
we are doing, and you compare it to the number of cases we have number of deaths we have in absolute terms. It looks crazy and if, if, if you were to tell somebody that we have shot a major tourist attractions for the longest time in american history, that's the case, we say Disney world because that's two deaths in Florida. They would they would look at you ask you, but I think the calculation. This is absolutely understandable, is that the potential for this thing to grow is enormous and, of course, people don't want to be on the wrong side of it. Those who said look this could in fact have the country this good there are three million people will not
in any way responsible or ill advised if it turns out not to do that, but if it were to turn out to be the worst case scenario, those the council, coercion will be. Vilified so that the psychological angle of it is understandable. It does show you, I think, how interesting tat our world is that our supply chains Ivan its example. Last night, my Iphone stopped working as a hardware issue. This is a bit of a disaster, because yesterday Apple announces closing all the apple stores for fifty days, at least- and I use my fervour- absolutely everything not just for phone calls. I use it for two factual authentication and I used to read my email. I use it for to control the stuff in my house.
You look at it anything. While I can fix this enliven electrical socket goes. I can fix that my tigers flat. I can fix that if you know that The plumbing goes wrong. I can, I can take a look at it, but this this device is sealed. I can't get into it account. Patchett and I can't go to the store and have them give me a new on because it's closed and the supply chains again, Islam anyway, because their aligned upon all these parts from China, and other other places in the world and its remit, of all. I think that when we decide right we're going to do something about this preemptively we're gonna, try and flattened the curve. All of these elements of modern life that you just take for granted. Suddenly clothes and it's like when the power goes out and the power caught me to try and turn the switch on on the wall, because you just use to the light coming on when, when do you realize get this. May we
live in a world in which we are relying on markets that are interconnected and people who have never met so anybody that's try to someone who will be won. The irony is here but say this social distancing really works in it. It helps than the curve on this epidemic. Plus we have row more robust medical systems of sorts Italy example doesn't apply Une we top out something like fifteen thousand cases with with was not much of a death right. There's gonna be an enormous backlash against everything that that happened in in these weeks. Em the argument would be that just that the clause hers and reactions to the virus were much more imaging than the virus itself, even though that, if the, even though the closures may have stopped, stop the virus from being more harmful, it is It is partial, though, that backlash could be blunted if there are
further disasters in Europe or. South America, maybe make our son HANS look why is in retrospect. So I you think people are going to be comparing country by country. There is, really into Lastly, I mean I am in Ives, I alarmist side on early, on the virus? I am alarmed about the economy as well, there's a kind of tat grew from Silicon Valley, who was also alarmed about the virus rather early below Jeez sin riff Hassan, I'm hoping I'm saying is incorrectly and he doesn't sound like you, correctly. I never see the name before I heard it, usually what you say, and everyone says name without level than Sir
This probably right see, I think, has been very on top of this and end, he said you know right now, were treating this with these incredible social locked down, and maybe that's right, but it's extremely difficult and costly straw Gee. You said it's almost like holding your breath. You can only do it So long and what you have to do is you have to get on enough an end for me It's almost like you're taking us tenth century antivirus strategy into the twenty first century, and we do need to move to twenty four century strategy of fronting this, which is which is going to Rapid testing diagnostics tracking ah
people who have this end would allow social life to begin to start up again. So do I I do think we, absolutely have to get out of this technologically and not just. You know given and say that for the next two months or if bending the curve or flattening the curve takes six months for six months, just going to shut down the service economy. Which is a huge portion of the american economy and one that typically dozen drop by two twenty or thirty percent in a recession, so Charlie. What do you have? You looked at all into the legal authorities that mayors and governors have to shut bars and restaurants? I soon just these public health laws are ex extreme.
Compassion capacious and give a lot of power to the government, but some was asked me on a radio show today will what? What? If you do? You think Trump unit sometime this week or just announced quarantine an order of one to stay in their house at present has better authority. I was unaware that it's it's complicated. This one I looked into the higher shut, and it seems that there is an underlying statute there, that the governor and the head of the health organization in Ohio, can use and have used. The question of federal authority would be much more tricky. Seen rumblings on the reflexively, Anti Trump laughed, and indeed among some on the anti jump right,
asking? Why doesn't the president do all of the things that private organizations and states doing while we have a federal system? We have a constitution, It is somewhat ironic that the people who have been claiming We now live in a dictatorship we have one, he had saved the country and so forth are now demanding that they present not just Congress, but the president essentially impact some form of martial law should have to enforce it. If you ask people stand oars and sharp eyes and so forth, you'd have to enforce it federally There is a right to travel, but has been can on how you look at? It fell they all read into the constitution. This is a provision president, that is cited quite frequently by those who upset by America's response to nine eleven, specifically the creation. If no fly list, I'm a critic of no fly list myself, because this
you process involved. The government keeps a secret lesson if you are on it. It does thing to you- I don't think that's legal but I would say that the very fact of barring people from flying is is questionable and and if we get to that stage, I imagine the course we have to resolve it. Most flights, of course take place across state lines and said the federal government would claim authority that then seemed to have some. So I think it's pretty complicated, I think, is a lot less complicated at state level. It does seem to be the case that states have laws that allow the executive branch to restrict large meetings and, of course, the vast majority of businesses that serve food or alcohol are licensed and their condition
come along with licensing too. I think a much bigger question is whether it sir a good idea, and, as I say, we are clearly taking a calculated risk. A risk is going to hurt a good number of people, but hopefully that will hurt fewer people or at least hurt them temporarily than it will save. I think, Michael Point is well made that if we look at other countries, especially other countries that are similar to the United States,. And we see a market difference between the outcomes here and the outcomes that then these decisions will probably remain popular. I think if we don't human beings will fall back, On that typical mode, there was commercial. When I was a kid for this acne face wash into my brain, was so bad, they acted someone. I was probably six or seven years, two guys there about thirteen
these two guys at the marrow, one of them has actually the other one doesn't and the one that doesn't have Acme's washing his face with this. This clear cell, quit and their one who does have acne says why using that you don't even have at me, and he goes that's because I IS by act, all rights. It is terribly acted. This point was why I don't have the acme, but you have because I used this preemptively. That's what we're dealing with here and make it's the right way of doing it, but there is a risk that we will end up looking at it in the way, people now look at the White UK above reaches, which is a huge hoax white. The came up was not a hoax interactive. You if you look into it it. Hundreds of thousands of ours and billions of dollars to fix it was a real thing, a lot engineers work very hard to make sure that the wide UK bug didn't affect real anything, really,
Some of the predictions that were made about planes falling out of the sky were always far fetched, but people would have noticed serious consequences if that work hadn't been done, and I think the approach here is the site, let's make it so that we end up with this being a white. You came up whether you get rewarded for that. In the course of public opinion remains to be seen, and that's why call it a calculated risk. So Michael had been reading the great influenza by John Berries, which few it has been recommended for You it's kind of the looming tower of this at this moment, everyone should read. And a couple of things are concerned, reading, or want it's fantastic book and horrifying absurd in history we ve been talking about the seasonality of this, but the weather get warmer and go away present, specially them saying that a lot but the that's me
If we really are going in July and August, which is which interesting and then also it's Thea. The nature viruses to change constantly and than initially the spanish flu seemed mild like room. The boy mild and and then it it mutated in a way that made it incredibly virulent and counter to the crowd of virus. It it hit that people in their prime the the hardest, for whatever reason, Yeah, the earnings are devilish things, millions devilish aspects of the corona virus itself, where its it looks to be contagion,
for a few days among people who are who have no symptoms, which is a significant portion of people get this apparently and then its contagious, more people who have extremely mild symptoms? You know who would easily confused. With a common cold, but then for some percentage of people. Maybe eight percent may be as much as fourteen percent it gets extremely serious, and so there is there there The fear that, once China puts people back to work in whew hot in Shanghai that there may be that they may be. Again another source of spread around. The world, so you have, I mean, there's huge uncertainty- and I think that's fuel some-
The the panic seeing both in the markets and in people personally, is that suddenly we're are dropped down into a kind of historical event that is uncertain and that has ugly parallels. The another thing has been striking to me as a couple people passed around. You know letters of famous authors and end were in queens in writing to each other. At the beginning of the spanish flues saying: oh, you know my sister as a spanish flu and a joke about it. The way we do, about someone catching a man called today like this, big sources of stupid drama, household and then, of course, it turned out to be extremely virulent and deadly so no aid are disturbing carelessly in and we don't worry
very early in this. In this fight I mean we We still don't quite know U S whether were heading towards the direction northern ITALY has gone in and whether other european countries are doing so. If we are it'll, be memorable and will we will write about? Will you know? Are descendants will be reading about these days in history. So try this quickly, head on how trumps than performing them then move on to the debate and where the democratic, Ray stands or whether I should say where Joe Biden stands could ruin on democratic rights, race anymore, but so trumpets gotten better. Clearly he, the state of emergency press conference with the Retail had other retail chains behind them reassure the market at enough to temporarily go back up
Friday afternoon. Plummeting as we speak on as is required here, on Monday morning, but there still, even with Trump, being more more sober about this. He still is not reacting away a normal president word in the end. You have this kind of split screen at all. These press conferences were trampled say of random stuff says himself. That's that's probably over optimistic and many have my tense saying no area that's right and then everyone hanging, the present everywhere, but on the every word of of Anthony Faulty his is the main National Authority on these matters. Everything three ways of looking at this. The first is that it is quite difficult to navigate these waters
Because we have become so part as a country, and everything has for a long time in filtered through the Prism of Trump, And as a result- there's so much gainsaying or mindless boosts tourism. That is difficult to get a sober tat there are some people out there worth following a listening to on this, but I have seen far too many. Examples over the last six weeks of people who started off saying this is just the flu mocking even the people who thought otherwise in criticising the president for being too A few save who turned on a dime.
I'll say, the president shouldn't have have waited this long or have downplayed it so independently of the actual performance of the White House, the federal government and trump himself. It's so difficult to navigate at the moment and it so disappointing frankly, to see people on both sides treating necessary political football and when it really shouldn't be one is a political question and it should be treated as a political question. But the way in which were proceeding is, is, I think, grotesque The second thing is that is it Donald Trump is unfit for office in general and probably to take it away on fit for this moment, and while I have some sympathy mixed signals that he was sent from elites
nobody made him say well will be, two zero cases soon. Nobody made him off a wild predictions. Nobody made him talk more about stock market. Nobody made him respond to the the drop in the price the oil by saying that would be great for consumers at the pump or whatever it takes at any given moment to make himself look good from will opt voice seemed to have much long term strategic thinking and in any circumstances, such as that, you want long term thinking. You want reticence, or at least carefully chosen messaging, that's not who he is, it's not have you will ever be, and it should be noted and taken into account.
And the third thing that I would say is that that matters, but it doesn't matter as much as people who believe in some sort of progressive technocratic Utah. Pierre believe that it does- and I have to hear one more person say if only Elizabeth worn were president. This would all be gone. The gouged my eyes out come on. Yes, it matters that Trump is. Giving the signals that he is yes the Organization of the executive branch matters, but the United States is primarily driven quickly and otherwise by its underlying culture and is on lying cultures individualistic its local list. Its conservative in the sense that it tends to.
Shy away from massive reactions two things until tell it has no choice. We saw that in the Second World war. We also see that here it is a community based in its thinking, rather than national based these things will all be true whether the President is Donald Trump, TAT, crews, as with warrant of any which our bide nor Barack Obama the limits, on the federal government's efficiency on its capacity to respond to this sort of thing in its Capacity to convince Americans that this needs to be taken seriously.
These are largely the product of the american psyche And an american way of seeing the world that has been true all the way back to the revolution and before the president has a responsibility to operate within that at full capacity and to do what he can and Trump has failed in many ways to do it but that the notion that we are just one different occupant of the White House or one different Congress or one different, First on Fox NEWS from being Singapore offer responding in the way that Japan has will South Korea has is absolutely preposterous it's a way of looking at America that, unfortunately infects a great deal of our policies and its wrong, so that those are my my three thoughts on the federal response.
Anybody. Heavy grades trumped lately. I he was abysmally, bad and even a menace, to public health some degree until may beef last Friday, when he did, though why house, long, press conference, other partisan com caters and influential ones have decided decided to pick up and wifi and exaggerate trumps earlier. Downplaying Statements to the point where I Leave you know some number of people who trust certain less responsible conservative outlets, the National Review in Nepal.
We made decisions in the past couple weeks that get them sick or may get their loved ones sick side. I think you have to agree that very badly. However, he on the curve of world leaders. Trump is not necessarily doing that much worse than a manual mccrone in France who was also downplaying the risks and saying this was an italian problem and they're not gonna go was borders and then has had to reverse himself pretty seriously. So I I think Trump has been pretty bad the Friday press conference and though it has long was showing in that it was rather a comprehensive and it felt like a deeply american response to the crisis right of like let's get all of our great european companies together and use
the federal government, almost as a clearing house and coordinator of of largely private, led effort that seem very good. But there's been no question about you know. Is Google really gonna get up this site Meantime soon is gonna, be national any time soon when will enough tests be available, that you can get more. These drive through testing sites at pharmacy part lots and target parking, lots or Walmart parking lots getting. Those things would be great. I think that's actually the key task of both pray and public authorities now is to get attesting regime up and moving fast, as the number the number of This will rise and probably cause another round of fear,
but it seems that in Singapore in South Korea? It was tat Sting a grass, Thirdly, and in effect, testing ahead of the diseases spread allows you to come? Quarantine, the right people isolate the right people. And get your society running again. The way it normally does so at the quest
Do you, Charlie Cook, the military be called out to respond krona virus within the next week? Yes or no sign Turner? What that would mean? I assume that if the present believes that people want it I'll do it, but what what is the military supposed to do? And there are enormous downsides to involving the military and domestic questions such as this, sir? I'm I'm I'm skeptical unless there's a rise in bring, The military sentiment and Betty American Society has already robustly responded to this crisis, and You may have done some work toward avoiding the worst possible,
situation, so no I'd, I think publics. Many social media is keeping people indoors and big events closing much or then we would need the military. There may be some more national guard mobilizations obligations to help out at a hospice. That are particularly distressed if that comes to be in Seattle, on New York or allay, but I dont think will have the? U S, army on the ground. I hope we don't to put it that way. I say yes, just because a logical! This is sooner someone start calling for an extreme measure. And it seems unthinkable, it happens couple days later and
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recording on Monday morning, no studio audience no handshake elbow bombed at the beginning and, I think actually benefit. From having no audience it that this is true. Tv as well as soon as you bring an audience. It just inevitably brings down the level of the discourse cuz everyone's wants to play to the audience and get the applause lines. So this was a subsidy of exchange that allow for some rest of the conversational back and forth between the two candidates at some length which we hadn't seen before, but, sir, I think by One going away, discuss a standard for him was, can you avoid catastrophic gas and he did Looking at her no plausible performance and he did and one of the most important part of the debate at the beginning,
over the krona virus crisis cosy. He could just make the come since case it actually we don't want a political revolution Herschel or try to deal in a brig bring to bear them. Sources we have in the government. We have during this crisis in and then actually have had quite a good kidney Panchen Bernie pointing out that ITALY has universal health care of the sort that that Bernie obsessively advocates for in that hasn't evidently helped it stave off its own crisis. Here yeah I mean it. Rhetorically, the that the differences were sharpened right, where Joe me exactly the case, be as you line that we don't need a revolution, we need someone who can At something done with what we have at age I can do it. And Bernie Sanders built on his own case saying you know,
his one particular crisis, but for the millions of workers across the country. The crisis has been going on for decades and we need a society that looks different and a government that looks different to be able to respond to the events of the day. So I thought both essentially made that pitch. Well, I personally felt that both of them were vague on the details, I mean it's not clear to me that Joe Biden would be doing much different, what Trump announced on Friday. So I don't think Biden distinguished himself very much. There and Bernie was also not very it didn't respond well to the point about ITALY. And I think of
Bernie got into, although Bernie able to articulate his case, and I think he was sharper and a little bit more. Cutting in in some instances I thought he's kind of threat tell at some points. He let Joe get to a place where he we're Joe is criticising Bernie for being too pro China in our at one point Bernie was stupidly. Helplessly trying to defend the rise of standards of living in China. Joe hit him for that in a completely new factual way saying that was just a marginal change of differences Chinese standards of living In the last forty years, that's completely untrue bite. You know of a really too
Bernie Sanders campaign would have pointed out that yeah there's a living in China, Greece so much that they are able to buy your son for a certain amount of money, a few weeks go Joe, but a few years ago, but Bernie will never attack directly his hold it for corruption unless it involves Goldman Sachs so in some ways it felt like burning. No just revealing that he doesn't have a killer instinct and, because Joe Biden means brain didn't light out of the side of his ears. He won the debate. He also wanted because he made them very newsy announcement that he's going to pick up a female vice. President which I think ass to mean that the already has one picks and who has test
We accepted that that position going forward- and I think with all the key virus news dominating the headlines in the markets that Joe those things Earl, be the only news that comes out of the debate. Yes, so try to that is bizarre. Certain stamp bird he had a chance to go after Biden. It didn't seem going after Biden trash his usual after thought in the race and then the next debate. You get it sir, too late to go after by disease the present of a nominee now and then also Bernie and in maybe that's the speaks well of him. You know who he is are you under donors, and the attack you on issues but tat. If he did the and the emails he did it This year I mean the way to go after Biden would say: look you're not as electable as you presume.
Because I'm one around he's gotten rich in your son, was involved in this horrific scandal. The speaks really pay, many of you and your judgment now. Maybe that's why wouldn't cell in a democratic race. But if, if you really desperately wanted. Knock the guy down. That would be a line of attack and just Bernie Bridges, of avail himself of that, and even if he wanted to, as was mentioned, this is kind of too late now, So when you think that and then also leave the pledge of the the woman weep and the play However, a black woman Supreme Court Justice Saunders, the modem Maniac another way of putting that is. It is consistent with a small inconsistency. Is a model and yet he is someone who has the same answer for every question.
This is always a risk when you have a world the view that is marxist in nature? Maybe he's not a full communist, but he is a marxist and Marxism is akin to religion in some ways it holds up a revealed truth. It carries with it a certain sense of inevitability, Bernie Sanders is Mabel to navigate politics with any known, so corona virus outbreak must be an example. Of why American need single payer, even though ITALY has single pair, even though China.
Is it communist nations. It must be an example. He can't help himself but Portugal after the pharmaceutical companies and their supposed greed. Its companies that, incidentally, produce most of the world's drugs in innovation, may well save us from this. He can't help himself, but to limit. Is it acts on Joe Biden. This Michael says to those that tally with his general worldview say: bereavement is not Joe Biden. Sin eloquence does not by his donors, do so by willing to take money from the sort of people that Bernie Sanders believe are the problem. This is much more than just opportunism. Kevin wrote about the opportunism that we have seen in response to current of ours:
Alexander Abkhazia Cortez. Would you believe it believes that the way to respond to corona viruses to pass every single thing that she thought that we needed in America before grown of ours. Just, of course, is the way to fix, are involved, mental issues is to pass all sorts of things she wants that have nothing to do with the environment that with burning it is more than that. I don't know if this is true and I was told a story about Lenin, one that I thought was was amusing and telling he took a break shortly after the revolution, and he went to this beautiful beauty, full site and they're standing on the side of a mountain looking down into the valley at the place of world renowned, loveliness and he's silent. This is unusual for him. Cuz, he told constantly silent and his advisor goes up to him and off two to three minutes does Conrad
What is it? What are you thinking and Lenin moves his gaze from this valley, the rivers and he says the effing Mensheviki they. Even then only could think about was the revolution. Was the purity of his project? Was his ideology? Was politics Bernie just strikes me. As being in the same boat. I'm not of course saying that he is Lenin he's not, but he is somebody who is Socially odd, as a result of his as obsessions, and not only is this this race over mathematically, but Given what is now happening, it is Ideologically Joe Biden has a much easier pitch to sell. People are much less likely
course to want a revolution in the midst of this sort of crisis, but Joe Biden Pitch is. I will offer better leadership. And running against our trump that may well be effective, and so he's and his evening saying I will be better leader. I will use the tools of government more effectively. I will be less erratic and I will appoint certain people who have historically been under represented in american life to various roles. And I will be the candidate of everyone. Not, of course politics doesn't work like that. We all know that, but that's going to be binds pitch and it was clear yesterday. I thought just how
much stronger, that is not only per se, but during a crisis such as this than the the blinkered narrow hectoring way in which Bernie Sanders is responding to this and responds to absolutely everything. Chemicals kind of telling choice hitting on how the ideological obsessions were related to Bernice Persona and at that, End of the debate. Biden went up to the the three moderators and stood there at the desk chatting Emily amiably it. We could hear We could see it in and Bernie just sort of waved that hot and accident stage stage left. Yeah I mean you know Bernie. It's interesting because
The most elected Democrats, in most of and colleagues in the Senate. View him with a little bit of contempt right. The big thing that in Joe Biden vocalize. It is you know, guy hasn't gotten anything done right like there's. No bigger judgments to his name, and I saw that echoed on social media last night. You know in how many years as Bernie been in Washington and he's basically voted, no to everything around I mean, even although sometimes the burning would even I think, mistakenly try to bring this about
up is a virtue right, so he mentioned last night. He voted no to the defence of Marriage ACT, and that was a difficult vote at the time was Joe supported it and that's true it was a difficult gopher Bernie Sanders at the time and Joe did support the defence a magic. The thing is, those at the american public doesn't care what order people came over to the pro same sex marriage side in right. It's basically been a kind of. Universal amnesty for everyone, and in fact that also mean men oh bragging, that he was a little in five minutes. I had it rock Obama the issue for progressives, also won't cut my choice, so I thought I thought Bernie was weak. I thought Charlie brought up his answer on the air for monsieur companies actually thought that was
Hideous and disgusting It also shows yet very typically like you know, I just dont, nothing like anyone just causing networks. I also just shows also that he doesn't understand what private companies do how they make money. Doesn't understand prophet. He is of the same view as others who make the most elementary mistakes when evaluating capitalism, and that is a profit, is waste that it is some layer above how much you would spend outside of a commercial environment that can be eliminated. He doesn't he just doesn't grasp it seems he it bothered me because it it's like. He just argued that worse France and other service businesses need to be supported.
This crisis, and then he turned since, as the pharmaceutical companies are just malicious actors and in fact, firms Were companies if they're gonna contribute any solution to this crisis? Why they should be rewarded handsomely with profits and to do so They don't see this as a net, necessarily like some great profit making opportunity it could disrupt their production of normally profitable drugs. It can disrupt there the research that they have already invested in, so it Emily just shows that You know. Bernie Sanders should not be trying to conceal rolling command me economy. He doesn't understand how it works, so I do think that the
points, Charlie from buying more one. He was very defensive on his advocacy of entitlement savings and dishonest about is pass position and then we're Lee still seems obsessed with pandering to the left and certain important respects, although you think he'd be passed. That now worry said there been no deportations of illegal immigrants, sued dont, have were who, having committed other crimes. And said there be no new fracturing to two positions that really expose him quickly fall the articles, those all come from different places, the latter. Will hurt him in a general election. I was baffled as well to run around.
During an election in which it is imperative for the Democrats to win Pennsylvania, saying there be no new fractions is really really odd. I think how can I say I just accidently activated I'll start again our models to run around during election, in which the Democrats have to win Pennsylvania. Promising known you, fucking is another thing to do, especially given that this seems to be to be one. Likewise, it's been pointed out time and time again that the best way for it, The cuts to remove one of trumps great advantages is just a sound, less crazy on immigration unless crazy on the border and to diminish the opportunity that Republicans have to paint the Democratic Party, not as having a different view on immigration
but his being quite literally in favour of open borders, and when you promised to deport nobody, you are in effect taking and open borders position those those two I agree. I was perplexed by. I absolutely understand why Biden is pretending that he was never willing to acquiesce with That's two social security or met a cat. Not only is it fatal within the Democratic Party to entertain those cuts, but it's not popular nationally. Donald Trump noticed this in two thousand. Sixteen is one reason he was. He was open about it. He did not take the traditional republican position and that social secure he had Medicare. Another entitlements need reform. He said, no, I'm not doing any of that, and you hear from people that the unwillingness of the incumbent president to countenance cuts was one reason that they voted for him.
Is worth noting that much is Dryden was lying. That the position that he took was fairly mainstream even ten years ago. Have you go back to the conversations that we were having during the two thousand eight election and in the early years of the Obama administration, it seems to me been uniformly accepted. That something needs to be done, at least in brackets bomber acknowledge something needed to be done, but one of the questions there was often asses. Would you take ten dollars of spending cuts in exchange for one dollar of tax cuts? The Republicans were causes extremists when they said no may be fairly, but the implication ten years ago was not that the question itself was indicative of some greedy right wing extreme position.
And that's all gone where we just don't talk about it anymore. It's democratic parties decided that there will be no cuts, and many within the Democratic Party have decided that there will be an expansion of social security benefits and would like to extend Medicare not to everyone at least down to younger Americans. I think one of the plants Hillary Clinton proposed was to expand it to those between fifty five and sixty five so bite. It is, is lying about his record on this, but he must be as perplex desire to see what is clearly a real problem in what is a problem that has got worse and worse and worse, being greeted us some tray extreme position and an his
own vs being seen us somehow putting him on the on the far right wing of the Democratic Party were just a decade ago. Although we had fierce debate as to what we should do, we all at least agreed something needed to be done. Sir Ex question to you and be deed. The White House should be very scared of Joe Biden, scared of Joe Biden mildly concerned about Joe Biden not concerned at all these days not concerned. All the White House should be scared of events out of its control. You know if, if Donald Trump, if the federal government. Cord meets our response to this. Krona virus.
He says that is seen as effective in the end as saving us from the worst in the end, Donald Trump war. Almost certainly when reelection. I think. This whole presidency right now, Joe Biden, is just a distant should be a distant thought, for him I mean job, I missed an offering anything different on the crisis. And this is all the news is going to be about for a couple of weeks so borrowing some other world altering catastrophe so yeah. I don't think they should be concerned about him. Yet. I cook five course agree that president time should be far more focused at this stage on corrective arson, his opponent. But if we just asking the question in a vacuum, I think he should be concerned. Thank you should be scared of Joe Biden. I think you should be seen
generally, because Joe Biden seems too good number of people to be innocuous. The default candidate, as I said before, is a sort of their doesnt seem to inspire strong opinions and people that can be an asset in politics, but he should especially Scared of Joe Biden given what's happening at the moment with corona virus and in them kids and in the real economy, because Joe Biden will be difficult to portray ass an extremist and if we do see a bare market for a while, and if we do see for losing their jobs, potentially losing their homes defaulting on payments, it will be much more difficult to argue
that Joe Biden will make things worse than it would be to argue that bunny sundaes will make things what I say. I think if we enter a recession, you don't want the socialists in a time such as this is a fat case. The truck could make he could say. Look I had the economy booming. Of course he didn't that's, not how it works, but vote to see I think that the president's responsible he could say I had the economy booming, I had the stock market booming and then along came the sex watching a shock. That was not my fault and it put a real dent and people are hurting, but I know how to get it back there and that's what we're going to do it like Bernie,
Fanny is a guy who will destroy your fora, one k and destroy the market forever. You just can't make that case effectively with someone such as Joe Biden, who might look like a safe, a pair of hands and will be able to play up all of trumps mistakes in messaging and in coordination. I think Donald Trump should be scared. Joe Biden. I think at this point is a favorite. I agree that I think you should be scared of. What we saw last night is about who could easily win the elections are basically the same dynamic that allowed him to rocket to the democratic. Now nation, which is here, is an acceptable alternative to Bernie Sanders. Did not anyone socks off, he didn't generate any enthusiasm
actually went out and enthusiastically voted form it turned out, but not because of if anything about Biden this candidate or his candidacy is just that he was. He was the acceptable alternative and that's his past events. Three in the fall. He doesn't need to be a brok. Obama does need to be a once in a generation of political talent. He just needs to be acceptable non radioactive non scary alternative to tramp. And make a version of the same argument he made last night, which is that the midst of a crisis, you don't wanna, be trying to force a political revolution simile, he would say in the fall in the midst of a crisis, or you know this, this serious job being present United States in the serious time. You don't want to disrupt her, so I think they they should be scared, just just the performance. Obviously that's the
One is the huge downsides did. Violence candidacy is just that the risk etiquette could himself up at any given moment but he didn't do that last night and show that he can stand there for for two hours There are various different in staying there with tromp, but stand there for two hours and put in a credible once again that sir, that's probably he would need in the fall if current conditions hold. So with that lets pause in here from our second sponsor. This week blue vine running a business is another challenge. Securing extra cash flow doesn't have to be, blue vine. Getting line of credit is fast, easy and simple. Blue eyes away to help support your business growth with a line of credit up to two hundred and fifty thousand hours, whether you need money to offset up front cos, secure, inventory or pay an unexpected expense.
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response to current of panic has been. Hilarious, dark, mordant, end has given me a lot of laughter and faith in the future that the fee- sure will be at least funny after get through this Charlie Actions are raising of fishermen's. Absolutely we spent most of yesterday on the beat am I almost four year old was helping the friend of ours, fish in the sea and it turns out. There are indeed plenty of fish in the sea fish that they they caught in abundance and my almost four year old, who can be quite prissy when it comes to getting dirty. She calls Turkey or getting chocolate all over his face or getting sand in his eyes is something of a fishing hero
pick the fish out of the water in self care them all the way up, the beach throw them into the freeze box run back in The ocean get another one. Drops it on. The scientist is flopping around the bend down pick it up They got it and I thought first say that I was proud of him for being so helpful, but, secondly, a things really do get bad. Then we weren't stuff. Sir I've been listening to this history, lecture serious from Yale University gardener named Scott Palmer, Yale has a wonderful collection of full courses? online and over over my way through a lot of them. Over the years now, I'd stop listening for a while I had been going to the german very, very much time, but lately I picked up this imperial rush.
Russia, coarse- and it's really fantastically all done and just brings home our Russia screwed up country. From the very, beginning to adopt the printing revolution and the first newspaper very typically was devoted. Just covering government regulations than theirs. A leading figure in the enlightenment and in Russia, the sky. Now the cough who founded this satirical, Newspapers and then was jailed for fifteen years and broken as a man, and then there's this this guy get his name now is basically the Benjamin Franklin of Russia. This. This great genius. I should have been become rich said times, however, and it could never just make go that commercially just because of that, the cultural arm in Russia and the laws, but anyway every time on your hands
and you didn't in history check out these these elections that are available at Yale opens courses, pause briefly, once again, just get it. Our plus plug in here course. The digital subscription serve said NASH, review dot com, the meter, pay war and is encroaching on more more content. Beer to avoid it easily and with no faster, no mass is to sign up for an hour plus we have a lot of great introductory deals going at any given time. It won't cost you an arm and a leg, will. Allow you to access over content all the time which is it if you're devoted reader is very important. You can also common and articles that lets you boat, be part of our private facebook group for an hour plus member as you'd be part of a didn't. I did want can star couple weeks ago and
be invited to events with our writers and editors. We had one down at sea pack also a couple weeks ago, subject it out and our plus. So now it's that time and this pod cast for our editors picks and be deep. What's your point Victor too, he was handsome, has a short piece on appreciating the people who help us survive, by that he means farmers and others who continue to do their work, feeding us, but the obsolete, and could be extended basically to everyone who, you know, won't stop work, being in this crisis services people whom a girl, your food, but deliver it. The truckers who will keep the city's stocked up on the thing That they are buying Van falls now
and yet I've. I thought it was a great reflection and I think it's one there a lot of people have shared in the past few days of appreciating the people who keep. Society working even an unusual times, dry cock. What's your pic, I like video is peace to, but I thought would have been stronger if he'd mentioned Might for Europe fishing. Is us- real slight. I just wanted to pray. Jim Geraghty, I'll, always read Jim's morning, jobs and other work, and I was seeing how sensible he is and how Well, he sees the world. He is not a man who gets carried away easily, but I think, especially during this corona virus crisis, whether the topics are of greater
ports- he is there a voice of reason and com not can Marion is a matter not overly. Easy going, but of reason. Then calm in the midst of a crisis and and well worth reading as a result. Yes, I should sign up for the job. Sign up or not explicitly mentioned on this podcast. Yet But can Williamson has a new His letter out, every Tuesday imaginatively called the Tuesday there have already been a couple. Additions to the list is already quite large, So if you are aware that check it out and sign it up, if you want Exclusive Kevin Williamson in your inbox, every Tuesday. My pick is a peace by evolve in and the forthcoming
issue on the krona virus crisis and the government response I think evolve, makes the very a telling point that what we see self are people put it all in Trump and obviously discussing earlier that the been a lot of failings there, but that this kind of care resting american way of dealing with crisis scrambling around can a confused at at the beginning. Behind curve and then just in- and I think, will never see this kicking and destroying massive resources at a problem with a lot of technical technological innovation mixed in and yes, a rustling it to the ground, so it's great peace. By of all read it in the next issue, which will become an out soon. So that's it for us. Listening to a national view, podcasting, you re broadcast reach transmission on account of this game. Without the express written permission of natural
magazine is strictly prohibited, his pocket. Has been produced by the incomparable Sarah Study, who makes a sound better than we deserve Charlie. Thank you. Anybody thanks to equip enter blue vine thanks specially to all for listing where the editors be safe. Everyone.
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