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Episode 207: Flagrant Misrepresentation

2020-04-14 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss Trump’s comments during last night’s presser, his tenuous relationship with Dr. Fauci, and more.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: MBD on “No One Is in Charge of Reopening the Country.” • Charlie: Dan McLaughlin taking down the NYT. • MBD: Andrew Stuttaford on coronavirus conspiracies.

Light items: • Rich: Easter this year. • Charlie: The carwash. • MBD: B&H photo shop.

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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don't like how I introduce the notorious mba at the beginning, this podcast too bad dont, like mine and they'll, be inspired clamour at the end of the show too bad- think this package to runs to long too bad. I am the host and I have total authority. I am the captain. Bligh of this part CAS we'll discuss all this and more this week's edition of the errors, omelettes Larry, I'm Goin, is always by the right. Honourable Charles see W cook and the notorious b d Michael Brendan, dirty Jim Geraghty will return soon. You're will say to announce your view. Part gasser sponsors this week are equipped in blue line more about them in due course. If you listen.
Podcast on Asher View, Decamp were delighted to have you gotta be easier for you and better for us. If you made us part of your feet at any of the streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes. And if you like what you hear here, please give us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget Said anything so Charlie Present Trump made history at the podium yesterday were, according Tuesday afternoon by making perhaps the most flagrant misrepresentation of our government works that any president, as ever made at least and public after a couple weeks of
bearing down press questions about. Why wasn't ordering the governors to shut down their states, it turned around said I can order them to open up their states. What do you make of it? I have two views on this. The first is that its grotesque. President from seems to say, whatever into his head at any given moment, which is not a good quality to having a president is not a good quality to having a president during a pandemic, and it is an abdication of his responsibility, president's ah expected mandated to follow the law
They take an earth they promised to do so that is the most important part of their job. Another part of their job is talking using the Bali pulpit and one of the things that they should do often don't do, but should do from that. Barely pulpit is championed the constitution. Did the opposite. Yesterday, Trump cards himself ass, a monarch or an absolute ruler. He he outlined, division of american governments probably hasn't been list the outlined by a precedent since Woodrow Wilson, Checks and balances option on antiquated that, whatever it
is that he does not do as president is the product of his choosing. Not to do the state The departments he may not override them, but he can, if he wishes on the merits. It was grotesque not entirely out of keeping with some of the things he said before he became. President and occasionally ask president. Oddly enough somewhat out of keeping with what he said two days ago and that's why I don't think we are. Bout to see the president. Try to exercise
Absolute power- indeed, I think, is a considerable chance has forgotten about the comments already and if he hasn't, he is not competent enough to become a dictator, a skirmish pioneers pointed out. He doesn't besides power effectively at all. The second thing I think about this is that its extremely annoying for those of us who obsess over executive usurpation aside too, to see people apparently more upset over words and actions when, was asked about dagger before he did. It back said that he couldn't dirt. He said he wasn't that embryos and wasn't a king, Mohammed institution lad, and then he did it. In two thousand. Eight hold the Boston Globe that all foreign,
policy that involved military action had to go through Congress. Any invaded Libya without asking. Said something awful here, someone this worth criticising when finally defence. For me, it contributes to an ongoing conception of the american President, Sir Poet, for a season. But he said the opposite two days ago and when he did so, he prompted can you believe it is passing the buck. Responses I just might in ten minutes when he see something shiny and I haven't done anything yet wind up with this ugly scene in which trump is being admonish. For instance, it failed to the enumerated palace doctrine and the tenth amendment VIP
For who, in every other circumstance, assiduously ignore the enumerated powers, doctrine and the tenth amendment is in iron. This was this was an off the cuff comment that deserves condemnation. And it has provoked the sort of reaction that I would have hoped we would have seen during Libya. During dagger and during the Trump usurpation. Couple of years ago when he claimed the right to pay for the worse without congressional approve on business. Will remember, I went on a month long Jihad against Donald Trump back then and called him all sorts of of I just think that you're gonna get upset about this, which should which I am in which national review is. You can't get selectively upset about
If you're angry about this, but you defend the presidential usurpations in action, not just in words I don't wanna hear from you. People notice and it hurts the cause of limiting executive power. Restoring Congress and Creating a federal system in which the states really do have latitude, yes, even during a pandemic to act as their residence. If it media coupled stormy aspects of this one. I've said that you would say it, but to that he has come really no idea how our system of government works and even when he was saying that the prior to weeks, what do you say? Last week, I can't tell the governors what to do. I called the constitution,
Is I call on these issues is that its commitment understands that was not a very deep and driven the outcome driven. You know you didn't want to order the governors to do that say saying you know I can't I can't do it, but Susie wants to do something else. I say I can. I can do this, so that's not great and then also the phenomena that Charlie described it. It's just bizarre, but a persistent feature of our era that Trump can change his position on something within days within hours, and then the media will also shift deposed in a position a and as soon as he takes position B. They oppose that as well Yeah I mean there is something you know: Charlie's of course right about how discouraging and stupid. The remark was I've total, Ready, but there is also just something comical about it. I mean it
that you're getting at the comical way try, shifts and in the media world, shifts around him and are in a fight. If I can t I was here at an hour, I'm kind of proud to be applied swear work where managing to keep our heads on street while the President in the media play this game with each other. In a one thing I will say about. It, though, is that I do think Trump have a kind of animal instinct that people, don't want to hear a precedent that some constituency out there doesn't want to hear President say it's not up to me and there's an and there's nothing I can do, which is mostly seemed to say the other day and so I think he was over correcting wildly by
with this total authority or mark. I also think he probably has people in his ear advice, seeing him poorly that the state are going to drag their feet in order to keep the UK many down and hurt his re election chances and I think he may be worried about that, but you know When I heard those remarks that you know I was couldn't get Rita had to laugh because trumped doesn't have total forty doesnt Eddie, you didn't tell me to close the school superintendent closed. It and he can't order it reopened, We can't he ordered reopen, but even if govern where's tried, you know is, let's say Trump used every dirty trick in the book. I would say he used dino. Somehow.
Somehow controls a majority of Congress and the Senate to pass an aid package that he can direct to states that comply with his wishes for opening. Closing, it will mean can people aren't going to just stand up and, it down and go to restaurants and got a ball park, on the safety of the president, they're going to make an informed judgment about their health. For their family members there's something kind of simply about, but there's no mechanism. As you say, this is the other reason that I didn't lose too much sleep over it. The tendency now is fair executives who wish to usurp the power of Congress or to ignore the will of Congress to decline to enforce the law, whether that's refusing to defend the Lauren court or merely decline.
Turning to deport people or you could imagine a situation in which Republican President'S- and I don't like this tax or that tax I'm not going to collect it. I'm not going to spend any effort collecting it that is doable really, and the only way of moving a president who does that is to impeach him or to vote him out it's much more difficult for president's actively to usurp power and says to Quomo. I suggest in a week open New York This has now: what does he do? he's gonna send in the military to reopen home depot. They gonna knock. People stores and say I think it's time you went out for chinese food is absolutely ridiculous. Now I suppose It would be some carrots and sticks here that the federal government has is how they get around most of the lacks. The lack of authors
do, as they were, not even their destiny. Implication right is that you're asking me for staff on given your staff, given your ventilators, I'm good. Europe and ninety five so ye ask me on this: don't open up Europe Conway, I say so right get neither That said that that would be probably the way that they would try to do it, but as Michael, said earlier the problem That is that you run immediately up against and underlying political headwind, because there in the case of immigration. It's real If the easy for a president to turn the question of data into question on the merits. Do you think the Dreamer should stay, and then it splits broadly along the usual lines, except maybe there are a few people who are interested, nothing procedure that they that they break, but in case who is sitting in America saying. I really hope that we permit Donald Trump to tell me
York. What to do at the cost New York is lives. This just snow instinct there for that. Yes, so immediately Charlie Road as peace about this for the next issue, just in this crisis is highlighted the centrality of federalism too our system and made evident to some folks on the left. I think Matt Iglesias tweet about this, the other day, the merits of that of that system that that you don't the entire country answerable to the whim of one leader. Yeah I mean I think it's I've even further remind me about this watching some of the governors. Mean in Michigan, Governor Whittemore think has taken, leave of her senses and tried to mean a ban.
People from buying seeds at home, depot or child car seats at target which they might need if they are about to leave the delivery room. At the hospital I know, that's appoint a failure for her, but its or ITALY only a point, a failure for michigan- and Chicken citizens get to hold her accountable for it, so I I am grateful that it's not all on Trump or on the governor all on the local superintendent distributed authority, especially ones distributed down people have a local sense of what is right or wrong tolerable were intolerable, given law what conditions I mean has been well vindicated here and we're going to see a contrast in in the fact that this is a global pandemic and you have
countries like France that are basically dictatorships. You know me Chrome is basically during a state of emergency he's an elected dictator, and he sees you know: gonna start reopening On May eleventh, You know you, starting with schools, and maybe Frenchman will decide that's wise, but he no it's very likely, may be wise in some provinces. Not wise in Paris, and you know that is a potential single point, a failure for the nation- and glad we don't have one here to tell a cook exit Action to you, President tribe, well back off, or find some way out of his total authority comment by the time. Most people listen to this podcast, which is being recorded, adds about three Thirty p, r, P M East Coast time on
Tuesday afternoon or by the end of the week or never. I think it is fade away. A heel, he'll say the opposite in two days people will say. Oh my goodness, like this application of responsibility from the federal government at this last time. If you want to start. Taking drugs is too so annoying. But you know that the the point is that this president is just totally ignorant and totally unpredictable and that that is both be the problem here and the salvation, because this is over him. He might talk about this for a couple of days because it just doesn't have a back down He will change its mind and two days in tourism and also a start working Tiger King Entreating, about that anybody,
I think kill, kill him. Play. Walk back by talking about how great the governors are and how you know pointing the times when Gavin, Newsome and Cuomo have praised, his administration and said that he delivered for them, so I think implicitly, her walk it back in the next week. I think he'll, that's how who walk back and I think he'll do it at tonight's breathing. I think that will be about it again, how sidestep it so old and work with the governors wanna work. We want to work with the governor. We work the governor so well, if they praise, doesn't somebody many instances, etc etc. So, let's pause here and hear more about one of other sponsors this week web. I have equip toothbrush in my
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refill, free, get quick, dotcom, Sash Eder spelled get Q, you IP Dot com, slash editors, Quip, the good habits company check it out at get. Dad, got slash, adders so MIT, the precipitating events in the total authority controversy. Was tramp tramp stated desire to open up the nanami sooner, rather than Later he now has a parallel opening up the economy taskforce to go along with the crowd of, or virus taskforce. What do you make of it. So here Trump has put his daughter, son in LAW, Larry cut low and then a few comments, Terry's. Besides, he's treasury secretary. Nation on a task:
as for reopening America, and I think. This task forces entirely misconceived the first? One is duplicative some signs in that some of these members are already on the run a virus task force, but it is, entirely stocked with people who care our business, the economy, entrepreneur, words it's as if it was built as a kind of wheat, on the economic side of the question rights, is to do you know if there were two police in the in the wake of the political question one side, public health, the other side, the economy and I dont I think that is the case. I am, I think,
as I said before, american people are going to make decisions on an individual level They do not wanna an institutional level. You know which schools can open up and rate safely as they used to know which, To just parent is going to prevent a school from opening up for fear of their kid bringing back virus to their live in grandfather. You know that Trump: it can assemble every CNBC veteran in the world and he can affect our question. What could, I have a major impact on their question. I think would be to do what he almost seemed to pretend to do about among the girl where he assembled everyone on the White House lawn and talk about the White House coordinating the efforts of private institutions into
kind of national plan. I think the White House, play a constructive role, in facilitating, say apple in Google who have talked about a contact tracing application across all them, hundreds of millions of cell phones, the United States You know he could be working with Congress to help set privacy standards on that that give the american people confidence in an effort like that. He could be facilitating conversations between Google apple and the private. And university testing labs that are doing the tests into how they can he brought into that process and we could we could create? I mean believe, America could create a very advanced, a very a privacy protecting trace system.
That is just as capable as what we ve seen in South Korea, but is respects our rights more, but that's not what this is doing. Right I mean he's not doing things like. You seeing other in european countries or the saying, ok, they're. Certain institutions where we're gonna use, masks in the public and informed the public about where to get them? How do you, them properly when do use them properly Those kinds of things, I think, would be useful. We're getting the economy open because they give people confidence to go out into the world just just dying while the egg, the pain of shut down is too great, and we need people who care about that, to talk it up more or to publicize now I mean I am not going to go out into the world, and
or to a restaurant I think, is unsafe, just because I'm trying to save the stock market in some effort for the economy in general, so that I worry that give his ease he's misconceived this and he's missing an opportunity to play a good role in this yeah? I saw some survey today figures and it was sounds great, email newsletter. Were there there's pole that asked people how much or risk they think is going to supermarkets and it was like seventy percent of people are now afraid to go supermax I mean they go because they have to, but in that circumstance? What in? What is is any authority saying how's it I to get back people back on a flight. In the movie, theater, sounder, honest a blaze and- and I greet entirely a body that is kind of sterile debate, absent the plan.
To how we sustain This new semi normal with the vote still on the loose and with no vaccine inside it's a try to seems to me like saying this is lastly, would obviously true I'm sixteen million people are employed in three weeks is just starting as a kind, Her, but just just saying we need to beware that, and we want to date reopened strikes me as a stair, all kind of absent the regime. That's gonna, make that sustainable for most people yeah. This is the product of a number of things. One is a human tendency to think in binary terms of which I guilty myself a can we reopen and when I think about reopening. I almost think about it in the sense that you would open a restaurant again or open an amusement park again.
The doors are flung open and all the rights were, but that's probably not how this is going to guy. I listened to the portcullis. You did with Scott got Leben. It may look became more apparent to me it's clear that president tramped doesn't like this, and he is suffering also from some of that binary thinking that that I've been guilty of and that I think, His human there's also a political angle Heather, and it's not necessarily a negative. One may well be benign as you say, the devastation that has been wrought by this economically as extraordinary in sixteen million unemployed, people within two months we ve gone from the highest confidence recorded by gallop in fifty years.
Two, I imagine some of the lowest numbers that have been recorded since the depression and those people are also citizens. Those people also looked government. Those people vote, they're going to want to see, even if it superficial that there is some consideration of the future and of reopening they're going to want to feel as if not everybody in the White House is focused on shutting things down. I don't know. How useful that committee
B. I share much of Michael cynicism, but the fact that its there isn't necessarily a bad thing. Man's fire, some hope and some com thence, Sir, I think where we're sort of dealing with wood with a way of looking at this but misses the the new ones. Because ultimately, we will muddle through this goes back to our previous topic. We will muddle through because we don't have a single point of authority. Thankfully, so different states will take different tax. They'll need different things: and we'll muddle through because we're not going to just reopen everything on a Monday morning, and
Also, not gonna keep everything closed. It's it's not like a movie where the last three or four minutes role around and suddenly the sun comes out so my gaudy maker, the argument on the right with disgust at various times this is all exaggerated and though the locker sounds were, and over reaction you can see it. I believe, though, Bennett said this, and I have seen it read it myself. It is her people discuss it, yes, three thousand people that that's like could be bought bad, flew season, and that shows all the lockdowns work, we're totally necessary and hugs. A subtext of this argument is that Trump has been played by these white lab coat types and these experts experts who have enticed them bully them in effect in the making. This horrible mistake. It is either in a group of friends who, like me,.
I'm worried about this virus early, and we started a little private chat, room to share information about it. We would be. You'd call US corona virus hawks, and you know why a disparaging word for the kind of argument you made it made how weak, these that these are the flu murmurs. You know these are the people say: oh, it's just the flu and they turned the older, and I we think a little out of time. But there's an inner flemmer right. There's an inner thing in her down. This. I hope about whether these measures are the right ones and I think there I think there is at least some case could be made that in fact, what we ve done, two draconian is too evenly distributed across the United States, which has not evenly effect by the virus
and that you know that Maybe some high value interventions like shutting down schools I, because schools, to be the way that flu, Illnesses are transferred between houses that wouldn't normally associate with each other, maybe you're, really high value public health intervention. But shutting down non assent. Squatting quote non essential. Business may not be one because it Business itself could have set. Reasonable standards about the number of people that are in the store at one time. Their masked or not. So I think I think we should question the type of ship. Down, we have and whether it's the most effective. But in general I dont think too much of the argument that it's over concerned I mean every area
country responding very dramatically even Sweden, which is said you hold out, has some pretty dramatic structures on public life and the size. Public gatherings. And further- and we seem to be under counting covered, in New York as seriously as you know, the wrong or some other regimes are because people are are dying at such a rate in their dying. Outside of hospitals, their dying untested that the. Rate of excess death in New York has really shocked me. Actually If you look at the number of death twice as many deaths. Italy is more than twice as many deaths and that with in March, and that's what happened month being shut down and with the rich fleeing the city. Essentially you know
so we are still seeing. The more eggs are absolutely overflowing any work. This is this is now just about. And flew season so nothing much of that argument, but I do think we have to we to ask ourselves whether you know preventing people from being on park benches Is he now at All legitimate mean we're you're trying to find out you know, is the. Is this? Is this virus surviving airborne, or is it more droplets on surfaces mean that those are still debates that haven't been really resolved. Yet so I don't think we can say for sure that are particular attempt to intervene is the best one to China, He makes some of that overreach David. Her sunny road pc other day. That's that's gone are all about chronic virus enforcement.
Authoritarianism. You had a has about this sustaining Mccarthy last week. His podcast headed a father six year old girl, who's gonna play keyboard park and ended up briefly getting arrested before cool heads prevailed. When you make this strain of incidents, I think the entire american system is built around the understanding that have you people power, they will abuse it now that doesn't mean that there is no power. Allocated in american life, and it doesn't mean that we have no government means that we try to limit that power as much as is possible. We demand that individual rights are respected. We ask for as much in It is possible before making sweeping changes by that's by having to chambers, in most of our legislature, saw a federal state system more. The Senate. We have courts.
Do whatever we can to limit? The abuse of power there Circumstances in which you can government being enacted, very evil. There will be corruption and there will be of use and when you have a time in which government is highly necessary, you will see more corruption and more bees and we're living through those times The best we can do is too rigid out highlight it: try to make sensible decisions, but if you give somebody authority his behaviour will change by large and that's what we ve seen
when people are scared. They make bad decisions as well, when people have been told that it is imperative that we socially distance and people have been told that there cannot be any exceptions. When people have been told that a few selfish actors could impact on the lives of others, then our tolerance for recalcitrance will drop, and I think that what we are seeing the idea that this in some way undermines the entire edifice is, of course wrong. I've seen it target in some quarters. And in others. I think it is leading to a call for common sense, but this isn't new
we all read stories every year about authority, shutting down lemonade, stands or preventing children from selling cookies, because a wrong sort of flower is used. You follow the one crime a day account on twitter, you'll, see all sorts of ridiculous, not just law but in off those laws, and when you have more laws and more rules and more fear you're going to get more of that and now where we are, and this is why we don't want to live in an emergency all the time we don't want to live as if were expecting an emergency all the time and insofar as is possible, we want to reduce the number of people who have the capacity to make their decisions David. Was about so envy. The ex question to you Anthony found she will still be working in the government,
by the end of the year. Yes, or no, no I think we ve already seen assign where Trump, retweeted someone who had the fire found she hush charge him your tweet. The trump tromp fires, people in an ill ill advisedly, something we know about his presidency? and I am, I think, she very well could do that, especially because there is a constant don't see now among some his base, voters who believe that fact she is the problem so yeah I think he'll began jacket. I don't think he's gonna five at you.
But the thing is MIKE, I always say this, and then he does I can't imagine, doing mice did you say, wasn't gonna fire more yeah. Can you ever? I was his high seventy percent point is gonna far how I got one right. I said he wasn't gonna firmer. He really tried fire mark of heading four and he bought it. Finally, I'm by may really be wrong. I may have treated in my way into that picture. Dammit I got If the answer is no, you won't still being government by the end of the year. I kind of doubt he's in a firearm like right at in while we're in the thick of this first breakout still and that kind of retweet that Michael mentioned it doesn't mean, you know you're you're gone that the next day, but it's just a sign in here. You ve taken the first step on the slippery slope.
So I don't know where they hell am I firing him or whether Falco just end up drawing tired of the whole thing and and leaving, but I think one of those two things happened before the end of the year with that was paused, hear more from another responses. This week, blue I'm running a business is enough of a challenge. Securing extra cash flow doesn't have to be blue vine getting wider credit, fast, easy and simple blue eyes away to help support your business growth of the line of credit up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars Weather Mighta, offset upfront, cost secure in inventory or pay and unexpected expats through blue vine. You can help yourself and your business stay secure for any reason. There's no fee to set up your line of credit blue. I never charges, maintenance or prepayment fees applying as easy just go online to get blue
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allegations. Finally, the New York Times is wrong. A big report on her allegations and background and a bed Smith has done an interview with deep the cat over there about why it took the times weeks to acknowledge this allegation. What he make that what do you make of it? I think the new times is extraordinarily hypocritical and parties and to the concert I make of it, but I think there is any explanation, hair other than that. The interview with the invocation is an embarrassing. I hope is embarrassed by. I hope he has taken the view that it was worth.
Said, I hope he sees this in an instrumental sense. I hope he doesn't believe that he's defending a principle. I hope he hasn't talked himself into this Calvin Bull into this justification into this post rationalization. I have no idea if Joe Biden is guilty of this, I'm interested in finding out. As far as I'm concerned, Joe Biden innocent until we see some substantial evidence, I applied that principle to Cavanaugh as well. The New York Times did not, I wasn't. A personal democratic party did not Ellison MILAN, I did not. I don't have anyone saw her. Video recently
in which he says we really have to find a balance centrally. She was saying that she couldn't have seen this coming. Fine went to supply to and it is on the other side, but she could not have imagined that it might happen to job, and when she said that all which should be summarily burn she didn't realize her friends might be accused of witchcraft. How could she have known. The interview with back at is full of nonsense back at says. They couldn't do a straightforward news story. They couldn't just report that this was happening because it wouldn't helped the reader understand they wouldn't have given the reader. All the information he or she needs to think about what to make of this thing. I wasn't the standard I too, duly sweat, mix preposterous claims of gang rape. Why? While the difference apparently
Is the cabin I was in a very different situation as a quote. It was alive, ongoing story that had become the biggest political story in the country. Well Joe Biden, presidential ambitions are alive. Ongoing story. You can't say that the cabinet story was the biggest political story in the country, without taking some responsibility for that. As the New York Times. I accept that we're in the middle of a pandemic, If the New York Times wanted to make this story the biggest non corona virus political story in the country, it could do so, it doesn't want to. It can't explain why it doesn't want to back. It admits in this interview That the New York Times deleted a sentence, because the Biden campaign us into this
and was in and of itself absence. Hilarious. I can't believe it got past. A copy editor shows perfectly. The assumptions that are being made, that sentences or rather was because it was deleted. The times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by MR but Biden beyond the hugs kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable about actual cuts are now now. I think there are a couple of things that are interesting about this other than that it is craven in the extreme to delete that which is true, because Abiden campaign, Austria, to firstly its end lasting because in that sentence alone, there is more evidence of wrong doing wrong. Doing that is acknowledged and accepted by the New York Times. And was ever advanced against Brett Cabinet. Indeed, although I think this store
is weak and, although I believe strongly in presumption of innocence- and although I don't think there is anything like enough evidence here to assume it Joe Biden did this- there is nevertheless more evidence here than that against Cavanaugh. We know that Biden met this and we do not know Cavanaugh met his accuser, and we know for a fact that has accused the told people at the time which we do not now with Kevin Asakusa, and we know that Biden, is known for pugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable. We do not know that cavern eyes. All the arguments that were made against Kevin our apply here if a Supreme Court now, nation is merely a job interview, so, as a presidential election, if You do not have a right to be a supreme court,
If you dont have a right to be president, if we can't take the risk because of the possibility that it could be true and thereby ain't, one of our branches of government. That argument price just as much to Joe Biden, who's running to be present, as it does to break Cavanaugh. In what universe? Is this not an ongoing political story? the universe is this magically different. They are the same thing systemically and if anything, this is stronger I think the New York Times as disgraced itself- I think this interview was absolutely Devastating, I wouldn't be surprised if the person who conducted it was asked to do so by the New York Times is quietly shunted out the back door.
I'm irritated by this. You can hear- and I think anyone who believes in basic liberal notions and that unit I saw a neutral application should be too. Yes, so envy teeth, hers is wonderfully circular passage and then deemed the cat in a huge conducted by Ben Psmith. Just started over there A couple weeks ago assumes that not going anywhere, but that- So yes, which we are so why cabin are treated differently in the Times coverage, and the answer is cabin- I was already in a public form in a large way. Unlike the vice President Relic Navigate Cavanaugh status is Supreme Court just wasn't question because we are very serious, Alex asian and why say and public way, I don't mean in a public way of terror, reads actual. That means, if you ask me
average person, america- they don't know about the terrorist case, so I thought that case of ties, gonna entities history is we need to introduce it with some reporting and perspective, but, of course, not knows about terrorism. No one in media city appetite for talking about her allegations in the first place right I the interview was, I found a disaster for the New York Times and a triumph for Ben Psmith. Within it You know the second com, accuser? You know the one written about in the new Yorker by Jane, Meyer and Ronan Pharaoh. That story was produced by liberal. Alumni of school, searching for Opto on him among themselves and knowing that
knowing precisely the kind of details they would have to find to induce one of stature to write about about it and you know the nomination right. They knew they needed a second story, because that was the pattern of me too. Stories was that there would be multiple accusers and that story was rushed out and it was shoddy and the only named source corral. The was going to corroborated contemporaneously, someone who said he did not see it happen, just that he must have no, he he knew it did everyone else who was at the alleged event they watched party denied it happened. And by the way we know the New York Times me now,
What did it say anything about how Christine Boss forwards, accusations if they False could be criminal, isn't They never even really delved into her character at all. So when I was a great part of the story when they outlined all the consequences that might accrue to the person who accused him on the off if a liar Brian emulate. Essentially the New York Times was speaking in the voice of Biden, defence lawyer right a playing the heavy. So I thought it was. The disgraceful episode. I do think. However, I mean I do think in general people have internalize that this is the way the media operates. Whether they admitted to themselves or not. I think people just know that the New York Times and prestige
Our words are basically in the back, for the Democrats mean Joe Biden, can paint began if a series of stories testing whether his behavior with women was inappropriate any had to issue a giant apology about him. Hey you're in vow to change it This comes up and are editors because he's now the preserve of nominee tree, it as in oak as kind of disreputable that even talk about it, then early waited until weeks. After she made her accusations, mention it in the new section. They waited For I holiday weekend, this came out, over Easter weekend. You know deliberately burying it. You know I think what it cries out for is you know
If you want to even the odds. In the middle. You only have to support in places like ours, but and you need to stand up papers, national, papers with the same reputation for already journalism, and sometimes they don't have, these kind of obvious and debilitating biases jackass ex question: do you do Leave terror reads: accusation I don't think that's the way to raise the question of your. Forgive me, I can't know which is why we have systems and habits in place for adjudicating. These claims in at the moment, is insufficient to condemn Biden in any sense anybody I read them is more likely to have happened than any of the
violations against Cavanaugh, I would still say why in that? We know they met. No know they met? We know they met and there's is at least one friend who is willing to say that she was told about the incident contemporaneously. So he others theirs. I said, but it's not the. I wouldn't rate it as a very strong accusation? But I don't I Charlie, that we just don't know enough I ve been studying closely shirts relation opine wooden. Surprise me if something happened, but it might be severe ass. She remember that you tend to look for patterns, and certainly Biden, has a pattern of of touching people, but nothing of this nature has come up
previously, although you wouldn't trust, really, you trust very few centres of that time. Around women what whatsoever, although again there there's no obligation of this need sure, but for so before I move on. Let's hit a few other things, Charlie Cook, even Folkestone car wash with took the kids to the college, because recovery take them anywhere else, content for the fact that no is going to the movies, they absolutely love the cow, or so we took our perfectly clean car and went through for the price of a single movie. Ticket set of four went through the car wash The brush is in the water, and soap, when the driver to very happy kids,
And then we drive home has first what we do for entertainment, the cookies. Be dear fan of the bee, an age Photoshop. Yeah there's this sum. Store in New York City is a giant outfit called being. Each photo and video AIDS is. One of the biggest online real retailers as well of camera, quit, recording equipment and the like and its run. Basically community of Orthodox Jews and dumb. Love the site of the service and in a way and locked in the house. I've taught listers before that, I kind of like my were gear from Olympus Adams. The kind of jet collect more of it like I needed it, tripod need some lights. Isn T more photos of the kids in our
photos of the family. But what was really tickled me is that I ordered online and you know- like a normal online order, and I schedule pick the delivery day. You know next day. Delivery was what they offered a click by. And then I realize a few minutes later that their thirty minutes away from closing for pass over and they closed for about ten days for passing over, so I'm just glad that America's greed freedom in particular, priority allows for you know want to dominate the region. Trade in camera gear and stuff celebrate their particular religious holidays at great length, while doing it
It was a cheerful thing. Is one of these things that Charlie say? That's how I know I'm free the fact that my camera stuff is delayed for almost two, x is a good sign that I'm a free man. So obviously strange Easter, this year I didn't have access to church live stream. So I went back and listen to a number of TIM Keller, Sir, certain Keller, Great Presbyterian, a preacher. I found her Redeemer prestige in church and Manhattan, and just one of the most talented christian exporters of his time I used to go to redeemer. Her eyes looked guttural to mega for me, but these are just the extraordinary
sermons. So anyone who have feelings client specially. If you are therefore and tradition you can do much much worse than to listening to some TIM, TIM Killer in this time. In fact, he had a great new servants. Sermon adjusted on my last week the meaning of of death and and how Christian should should regarded in light of this crisis so it's that time of POD Casper editors, picks Charlie Cook. What's your pick, my pig is not published yet, but it is damage, cloth and taking it Dive into the New York Times, treatment of the cabinet story than you times, treatment of the Biden story and the question and answer session that I just went through.
Anybody what's your pic interstellar referred, the column and are all about, corona conspiracies and the conspiracy mindset during a play that, I think, is worth everyone's time. I've noticed Some of these things myself and It is time also to recommend something by interstellar for a great colleagues with us writing quite a bit more these days and employ pleased about it so I can either have the back scratching pic of Mbbs piece about how his child says. No one is charge of reopening the country and that's just fine, which is Michael Depression of the you that you guys heard earlier in this part guessed tat is a good thing that a country's system Has this give in it? So that's it for us even listening to a national you caught Gaston,
broadcast retransmission causes game without the express written permission of National View Magazine is strictly prohibited. This path, gas has been produced by the incomparable Sarah Shitty, who makes a sound better than we deserve he Charlie. Thank you, Michael thanks to equip and the Blue VI thanks specially to argue. Listening where the editors and stay safe at one.
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