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Episode 209: The Dignity of Work

2020-04-21 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss the protests bubbling up around the country, the president’s new declaration about immigration, and much more.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Kyle Smith’s piece “Jonathan Karl vs. Jim Acosta.” • Charlie: Daniel Tenreiro’s reporting. • MBD: Kevin Williamson’s piece “What We’re Not Talking About.

Light items: • Rich: Old baseball cards. • Charlie: The old TV show ER. • MBD: Zoom calls with family.

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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Sure. Liberate Michigan. Should we liberate Virginia, and should we liberate Minnesota with all this a more Next week's edition of the editors I'm respected person. Now as always by the right. Honourable Charles. He W cook and injurious voodoo Michael Brendan, dirty Jim Gary or return soon. You're listening to a national, you, podcast or sponsors this week are donors, trust and door dash more about them in due course business part, gas and actually Yoda Konrad Life, have you, but it would be better for you.
Easier for us know, it would be easier for you and better for us, so I should say if you made as part of your feet and the streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes, if you like what you hear here, please consider give us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget I said anything so anybody we got the protests go one arm and force now to protests in Michigan had some then Virginia other place. As president tromp pass piled on with some all cap tweets late last week about liberating these various states. What do you make of it? Well I mean there are at. It is true, and I have written on. Have you online? There are reasons to suspect that govern Whittemore in Michigan is drastic
We overstepping the logic of public health, no, even if you're, The coroner virus hawk, as I am you know her structures are almost Punitive nature right, the way there more difficult to comply with reasoning. Regulations right. You know their people at one claimed gardens in their backyard. To do so. They need to be able to access the garden section of home deeper, which they can shop in a way that consistent way social distancing so yeah. I think I think the protesters, I feel nothing but sympathy for them to. I mean there other these viral videos of a confrontation between the health care workers standing in front of a truck and inside the truck. Protestors this, one is yelling at the silent man
healthcare workers worker. You know you're going to your job. I wanna be able my job. Why can I do that? And you know I think We take from this that none of the survey of the protesters are right about what they would do with in open health suggestions, but that tremendous anxiety and pain about economic situation. We are thrust, two tremendous resentment at kind of high handed way some governors and some Yours in the media, talk about these large towns and talk about the people, chafing under them, yes I mean no
this is a feature why this this time is so corrosive end and unpleasant jelly. It's odd, isn't it our politics Polly. I think, because of negative polarization and untrammelled design ship, partly because of the peculiar way in which american politics currently operates. Ideologically you have an inversion of what you would expect here on one side, you have those evil money, grubbing, greedy republicans who will do anything to make a dollar don't care about workers, rights and worship at the altar of the Chamber of Commerce. That's overstating the case for the loosening restrictions in to help the working man and on the other side, you have the people who claim to be the champions of workers. Rights
and the proletariat arguing that the only reason anyone is out in the streets is because they have been brainwashed by Fox NEWS. Rule culture, war, the strange mix when I think the truth is that we live in country. Three hundred and thirty million people. Many millions of those people are hurting. Many will see their hopes and dreams disappear for awhile will see that work destroyed and me we feel that the measures that have been taken are unnecessary. Now I do not accept. That is easy for me to say, but I do think that I am fairly objective. I wish deeply that I thought these measures were unnecessary and that I could rail against them, but I dont. Nevertheless, the cons.
Quincy, have been deleterious and he's, no surprise that there are people out on the streets complaining about them and for good reason, and irrespective of whether they are right or wrong about the policy for reasons that should be listened to, and I think for four reasons that should be Out of our conversation, I am glad that I know that there is the strength of feeling that the fact that I don't agree with all the conclusions drawn by those who are protesting doesn't mean that the inputs are worthwhile. So this stage was inevitable and it is going to change the dynamic
partly because we are now entering a period in which it does seem to make some sense to make some changes? It probably doesn't make much sense to make sweeping changes in Say Manhattan, but in Florida, in Michigan, in more sparsely populated counties, Shop Shaw, it does, and so the big challenge now is going to be to work out what we do and how now without falling prey either to the it's all a hoax. We must stop this immediately. Haven't you read the constitution view, or the ah you some sort of psycho who wants to call my grandmother view a lot of space now in between- and I think, the protests in part highlighting that So Michael, what had been struck by the protests in Michigan, especially which appeared
more attention to it. You could just flash this back to the the tea party you could take pictures of this. You could actually, where the interviews of people and think, ok, that that this is the beginnings of the tea party moment. The rhetoric is exactly that. The same. The symbols are exactly the same tons of american flags. A lot of dont tread on me. Flags and I've been watching lot of Michigan footage because there's been such a focus on the confederate flags. As far as I can tell they're really people with confederate flags earlier, as watching a local news report that I, like fifteen minutes of life, footed she'd with interviews views these protesters and a shot panting that the cars and there's not a confederate flag inside. Which another similarity with the tea party movement that you know all all those folks protests were or chart is a radical extremists and the same thing.
Going on here. But what do you think this poor tens about the right going forward that this, this kind of populism, which has been associated with Canada, big government tendencies of the trump. Phenomenon has has returned in this moment to a moral libertarian rights based cut it a discourse when people saying this. These are tyrants, trampling our yeah I mean I think, there's a connection, though which is work and burden. I think, is what connects That those two strands right, like we sitting in at national view, kind of like look at as an ideological question of There's a nationalist tendency and there's this libertarian tenancy, but I think You know, I think what I'm witnessing is unnoticed
I'm like a marxist myself, but I think what I was looking at his class based right is its people. That need to make a living in the world. Who you know maybe up AIDS, seasonably or paid when the judge is done there, not all salaried workers, some of them. You're, doing very well when no locked out on an icy when the trucks other Michigan were pretty nice. Trucks. You know so We are talking about the poorest of the poor, destitute people, but we are talking about people who need to work to their bills and you know both saw. You know the teapot version of its saw the bailouts as you know saving a financial one institutions that were badly behaved,
They felt that they were. You know the people who, as we say, what hard and play by the rules and even now I think these are people are interested in the dignity of work as it was interesting to me is that you know there's kind of element that I can detect underneath it of Let Trump be Trump right. If there is to be let Reagan they re him, and You know you know I sign in one place. Even organised a fire, Fouche E, chant and there's the office. This sense Tromp has been somehow captured by the guy, eyes in white lab coats and I You know it's interesting to watch trump navigate that, as you know, sometimes You know if he feels like once a week or so he starts throwing some chairman, the water saying you know we can't let the
the cure be worse than the disease we have to have and going forward, but it doesn't seem to be a ton of energy and the White House about what that plant actually looks like. Yet, you know, So we're gonna be curious to see how it plays out yet surely started lied about this, that protein nature of transport He can be on both sides of of issues, this is a classic incidents were where the people who hate faulty thank Trump is on their side. At the same time, the trumps at these briefings, without she every other, say he's taking his advice. So try what? What do you think of Michael saying about the similarities, and differences of this will see the tea party protests early in the Obama AIR yard. Michael is absolutely right and I think for common
are these work. There was an instant reaction to these protests from what I call the progressive class that reminded me of the reaction to the tea party the and being that this is all astroturf that is all false consciousness, that it's all been re promulgated, either nefarious interest saw by the terminally stupid and that's wrong this, I've been a lack of reckoning with the tea party by the left and centre left in this country. The tea party was an enormously influential movement, enormously influential its protein,
It disappointed me in many ways it seemed ass. Perhaps this well to start libertarian shall always like always like saying that, even when I disagree, I am proud that this country Spock's protest such as these tells me I will be free, probably for the rest of my life and then, of course, the tea party started compromising Anne and engage. In some of the same behaviour that it it was started to to criticise. Nevertheless, the tea party was enormously influential. It it changed the government, quite literally it destroyed The presidential ambitions of Barack Obama, even though he want a second term, it change
policy in the vast majority of the states and if you are still denial about that. Consider that Michigan is a right to work state. It led to the section of Donald Trump, because alongside some of the more the in or classically liberal instincts and rhetoric. Alongside the talk of the constitution and the bill of rights in the declaration, dependence alongside the cooperating of Thomas Pain, was an end the establishment tarrying Streak that Donald Trump tapped into now. Yes, of course, there is some fuzzy woolly thinking there, Donald Trump, his daughter, libertarian many things. Donald Trump believes are antithetical,
libertarianism enter the early tea party rhetoric and indeed, some of the things Donald Trump said were the very things that but I'm those who was upset by Obama but the the establishment, the outsider part of it, is key and it's a powerful force in american life. I think Michael's right when he says you view ally that, with an instinctive libertarianism and reverence for work and self sufficiency and personal responsibility, then you get the sort of protests that we have seen on and off for the last decade, and I think it it's it's annoying, actually that that that the roof reflexive reaction
from the professional and progressive classes to sail it's just motivated by racism or stupidity, or whatever it's not something real hair and was saying it now and again. I think that that be prescription that I have seen from the protesters and I'll be careful to distinguish says from generally people who are upset and hurting, but from the protest is the prescription is just open everything up, and I just don't think at this point. That makes any sense, but I'm I'm interested in the impetus, and I think it should be taken seriously ya. Think it in retrospect its clear that the the he kind of Tea party figure was Sarah Palin, he'll live or rhetoric. Was we honour the constitution and are our rights, but she had a real pop.
Lost sensibility. Now she didn't govern as a strict libertarian by any. Means she really care that much about substance. It was really in an attitude now there's a huge element of anti establishment: terrorism too and she was by up from the white Working Class and that that was the tea party and so that there is Michael, there's an element, a limited government in there, but that's not what it was in its entirety in respects that something to that that yet again the people miss here, and I think that what you just said is exactly right is that the tea party was was cause in the immediate term, by the financial crisis and the government's reaction it, but in the longer term it was ass. Much to react
against George W Bush as it was against Barack Obama and that's often missed it, the idea being that many of the people who ended up marching on many of the people who ended up in two thousand- in rallying behind Trump with justice, angry with their own party in their own Puget, his side as they were with the other side. It was not just because the president had dogskin right and that's that I've say legit trumped end and that difference between what happened with the Democrats here and there are twenty twenty primaries as pose the twin sixteen primary, because the average Republican was more fed up with this his own party and his own parties. Establishment than the average Democrat was in an interesting, tracing museum, there's a kind of white work in class element to this. If
you know the Republican Party existed in of the way parties used to do or if it had since it had entrepreneurial, politically entrepreneurial. Organizers, I think it is very easy to expand on these sentiments out from the White Working Class basin into the increasingly like hispanic working class. You know working class or or small. Why class of people who also I think I have a lot of the scene intuitions about self efficiency about you know, the need for and dignity of, work for a decent and independent lifestyle in America, citing you know they we're gonna These protests continue on
for a while we're gonna get a lot more examination of whose eggs equally in them, but I beg you is if there they have a larger appeal. Even beyond the people who show up, I suspect they do so Michael stay with you four seconds so on on the substance of these locked ounce. As as he has no favoured radical measures trotted squash. This disease yes, but now that were beyond this kind of initial phaser earth, close to being the this initial phase is just click, that this is a normal country with radically different condition. From one place to the next, in some places. Just haven't been hit hard and are very unlikely to be hit hard, I don't know we ve whether its Gus on air about have discussed office Charlie. Why and why do you need to be hawked? How there's one one Jacksonville Jaguar Player, guided choice, told me I guess, playing golf with support and so of white wise that counting
to be due to be locked down. So I think a state by state approach and even a county. The county approach, given how big our state are in that. How radically different conditions can be just within a state seems like the the way we should be approaching us now, I mean it is hard to argue that say quite things, and Rochester New York should be the same level love you know of lockdown end business activity. I think, One of the problems is. We are Still so ignorant about. The nature of this disease is even the guys in white lab coats, are still so ignorant still learning about it still trying to understand its how it spreads
and how it reacts to whether how it reacts to humidity how reacts to sunlight you know we ve seen. We ve seen, for instance, that New Orleans look like it was going to be one worse disasters in the country after New York, and it was trending that way for three weeks. And it ceased to trend that way monsieur, say, started levelling off quickly. People expect there to be this huge spring break related break out across the south and it didn't turn out that way, I saw an interesting study done in Hong Kong, showing because they hit the other we're tracking people on their phones and get even position them where they were in a restaurant, that you know people sitting within the jet stream of an air conditioning system
if someone had it had krona virus. On one end, they could in fact people in the jet stream of the air conditioner, but they wouldn't in fact people just across the table from themselves if they air conditioner wasn't blowing over them in that direction, so that you know, there's a lot? We dont known as we begin to learn more, I think we can begin to open up more potentially you know. We may find that one of the reasons New York is so bad is because of the subway system and that the nature of how people interact on it. The nature, the dough. In closed space itself had anyway in it. Incredibly literal minded way. It's like entering a little batcave so where she might get a little virus makes a certain kind of sense,
where is it? I dont think new Yorkers should be looking down at Florida and seeing PETE on the beach most of them spaced out pretty widely. And saying you know getting the worse because we're just not in the the spread in that kind of environment right now I think we may get. Maybe this prevailing in the long run, but I I think we're getting enough data matters to start to say that India is more dangerous than outdoors with this and dumb. Certain outdoor activities should not just be loud again, but probably encouraged search or even there and in Florida our. How do you see it from where you're sitting? While I have been support,
of the lock dance in general, because I can't see an alternative, but I do not think that we are ready to start looking at limited reopening And, as I said, I think this could look different in different places. We ve had really a handful of cases where I am, and thankfully we haven't seen the disaster that looked possible now, part that might be because we locked out assume it is either way. Some of the restrictions are now beginning to look a little bit silly.
And certainly the way in which people who are in hard hit areas such as New York are talking about the restrictions in places such as Florida is beginning to look a little bit silly. The freak out this week was about Jacksonville, it seems, has been a great deal of narrative building hair, the photograph that were used to illustrate the reopening of the beaches bore no resemblance to the beaches ass reopened. If it was mentioned that the boy she's have been reopened between six, a m and noon and only for recreational activities. It was noted A long way down in any given article
disparaging way in which the media class is talked about. Florida governor Jacksonville has been resolved. Watch it, and many people down have said, maybe take the most out of your own. I, given that the subway still open, were hearing, angry missives about limited reopening of beaches that are not particularly well attended in the first instance by people who are still permitted to get on the NEO Subway the little bit much so I'm I'm pleased that Florida hasn't been hit,
hard ass, I thought it was going to be from my perspective as a north Floridians. I am pleased that the spread has not pushed up the state. It's mostly confined to South Florida. Miami fought loaded down and I think we are reaching the point at which applying in New York city style lockdown to this part of the country makes no sense whatsoever, and I just hope, that the people who are in areas in which different measures four and in areas in which the death toll in the infection toll has been very high. The self awareness and the respect for pluralism too.
Allow those in different parts of the country to try something different without endless lectures. I am tat, flouts gonna, be tough Charlie. Why didn't they? Can it be Gala tarrying streak too? That says: ok back, I can work. Why can't I work it out. So I just think you mean something to contend with, I hope you're. I hope it I'll tell you something like Germany may perhaps your eyes about human nature, but that it will bring some resentment both ways because governor of the state is not an idiot. The people, the state and not hex they all people in this state do not deserve to die because They vote the wrong way or have opinions that are unfashionable thee. The situation on the ground here is different and is going to call for different measures
I frankly as somebody who has been broadly supportive of these measures, even here. I see no reason why the beaches shouldn't be reopened in a limited way, see no reason why parks shouldn't be opened in a limited way. I had that Tom Brady was there himself into travel working out an empty part. Today. That seems rather silly to me so yeah. I hope that we can have a little bit of of understanding. The people are in different situations in the different rules. Somebody asked a question to you in the fullness of time: the Anti lockdown
these locked the ants or will be seen as a failure, small scale, actions against public health measures that had to be taken. I think it'll be. I can't see a time where there will be a cost. I think it will be. I can't see a time where they will be consensus. Some fat right. I think. My suspicion is that. Then, will fall on partisan lines, basically that there will be. At least the sub section of of populists on the right who think that they success in they were necessary to get back to normal whenever we get back to normal, and in that you know, maybe we should even
try to keep that spirit alive as government nosey again- and I think they'll be another set the things the spirits were given a rule and they opened up when they opened up protests didn't matter. Yeah. I was feeling that this period dramatic in some ways that we're all gonna be trying to forget almost forget about it and will not take lasting lessons from it So I think it will disappear a little bit. Charlie got success or failure. I think it's difficult because all of the parts intersect with one another, the reason that you getting to see these protests is because this has been going on a long time been going on a long time and therefore it has to some extent worked. The death toll is lower because we have engaged in these lockdown. Therefore, people have more confident saying:
I want to go back to work than they would have. We seen two hundred thousand three hundred thousand five hundred thousand as also the pressure that these protests will put on politicians will be felt, and the politicians will then have more confidence to try new measures which will be seen as a sign of victory, but may really all be part of the flattening of the curve and the coming out of the tunnel. I can mix metaphors, hopefully for the last time, at least for this season of current of earth. So it's gonna get a question. I agree, and I say six says, though I think when The history. This error is written. These these protests will definitely have A roll on that and will be remembered. I think the timing is right. We argue start loosening up and right after these protests began
also, I just think, they're they're unnecessary expression of the other side, the ledger that can be very easily forgotten because mostly cable news, said tickers and have eyes half do, the number of cases and with the deaths, sharply horrific, but there is also this immeasurable economic and social costs that one element as we are discussing in this debate just wants to totally disregard and say, if you want focus on that you want people to die, so I'm glad it's. These folks are are out there. I might not agree with they're every one of their prescriptions, depending on what exactly it is whatever part of the country by think it's it's a necessary voice so that, what's here from whatever sponsors this week, donors trust the tax friendly way to observe your choice.
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dot org flash editors, donors, trust dot, org, slash editors, please check it such early. We still don't know exactly what this looks like are really what it looks like at all, but the present said he is going to be temporarily shutting down all immigration. What do you make of it? I think it's going to go irrespective of the It has in the same way as all of president trumps immigration proposals guy. That is nowhere, or at least it's not going to advance any bull, he wishes to advance and it will inspire enormous
opposition in resistance that is in the most PA unnecessary president Trump would not be President Trump if he spoke like this, but a president who is A restriction is too ran on restriction, ism and who wishes to advance. The cause of restriction is in much of their respective isn't can mean anything. I commend you on a five percent reduction in immigration and continuing to secure the border can mean you want to change the immigration system and in a number of different ways, a president who had a coherent view of this.
And was well equipped to advance that would use this moment in order to win the first part of the argument, that being that, the government does have the power to determine immigration policy and that the existing polity has the right to decide who will join it. This is, of course, an extreme moment. This is not normal life. We would not want to set immigration policy based on the existence of a pandemic, but it nevertheless makes the case if this issue
here. It is trumps for government intervention. Chump could stand at the podium and say immigrants are, of course important. Part of this nation always have been, but I have been given by Congress. Certain powers to restrict immigration in a time of crisis, and I'm going to use them here, because we are in a time of crisis, we have too much to worry about in this country too many people who are infected too many people who are suffering to add on top that concerns about who is coming in and who is not, and I intend to use the power that Congress has given me.
Temporarily restricted, entirely prohibit or what you well immigration and tell this has passed. I think if we did that it would help him in general, because The core fight at the moment is not actually over the details of immigration policy, the key ideological difference in the United States between one side and the other- I don't mean one party and the other- is more complicated, not but one side and the other is not over what this act says or what that acts as or what this executive interpretation should be or shouldn't be, or what the court's Believin and don't believe that the key question that we are fighting about in our ports,
Six is whether or not the United States should have an immigration policy, and this is an example of white shirt. So Tom had has an opportunity here, but of course he hasn't done on won't do what I've just suggested. Instead, he announced on Twitter in his has an odd tone, sometimes witches. Sort of half regretful, half excited and then ends with a sort of. Thank you very much and he his tweet on this hit all three he he said on, I'm going to temporarily shut down all immigration. This abuse tv excited about this, but also didn't really want to do and then he was gonna gonna think about something else. Nobody knows what that means. It looks fairly extreme. It looks panicked. It is completely divorced from any kind
extra any explanation. It was not accompanied by a roll out. There was no leaked to the press as to what this might involve. He didn't explained by what authority he was going to do it. There was no explication of what he hopes to achieve it. It was just thrown out there and then other tweets followed it on different topics. So I I think once again, he will have throw some people who care a great deal about this, but he is going about it in a way that is likely probably to hurt the cause immigration restriction rather than to help it and to undermine what is an extremely strong case at the moment for a government directed policy rather than to to advance it embedded here I mean I grew charles- that there's this funny tone. It's almost like immigration is trumps nor
the issue like he gets a guy. That's real from from pressing on it that he knows it excites apart. I was basically knows that people the rallies, respond to things like Mexico is gonna pay for it, so He doesn't engage it in an excited way, but in a thoughtless way. Read this. Announced with all the same forefather. You know earlier Ivo bands were announced and then suddenly What could be? justifiable policy change, reduced to a series of court fights and clarification genes and walk backs. Getting us precisely nowhere. What I thought was interesting already he was there the kind of agree reflex by sir
the sections of the media, so I'll look. Immigrants are our health care workers. Immigrants are helping us with the fight against covert nineteen it and that's true, and obviously true, But is also not exactly relevant to a debate about whether You want to continue. Mass immigration during a time when United, It may be surging towards twenty percent, or higher unemployment rates. Are those health. What care workers themselves are in danger of getting fired as their hospital shed staff. In a time when we are not making money right only puzzle, lose money on. Colonel virus. They make money they're doing elective surgeries and normal business. So you know I think you could justify
policy makes it would make no sense to people of people being told can't leave your home too. I know go to the bowling alley. They probably wonder why people from Bulgaria or Hunter I can just walk into the country, you know bright Have we heard anything about testing people coming here to settle following up with them. Now we have it, so this phenomenon of migration just ticks along in the background and I think people who are living under lockdown in, of course, the president, possible, make sense to them whether he follows throne is another matter, but them he will do the job for him right in the sense of media will give him credit for being anti immigration. No matter
how effective were ineffective, the policy turns out to be Kaliko that's a question to you again and full time Donald? will have been seen to have advance the cause restriction or have set it back, I think, set it back. My working assumption is that conservative candidates will continue not trusted him of a worldwide to win based on the question of immigration, but that nothing will change with the status quo despite their winning elections. Anybody he'll be seen as irrelevant to it in that, It will be seen as a worldwide trend towards hardening of borders related to worldwide drop enough,
an angel and psychological costs of immigration. And so I think it I'll except for a few years, but Trump will be a factor, but we ve really The new era Trump is just a symptom of it cause or help or a hindrance, I think this another difficult one to answer. I think he will have long lasting effects on the Republican Party on immigration and maybe says it's more, it's as symptom, then cause. I think there has been an enormous success. They get neglected they. They really figured out how to stop that the border crisis with a major false start. There had a desperate humanitarian
effects, which was the child separation policy, but after that date they really date. They worked it and they worked it with Mexico. They had some clever legal measures that they took, that there really start the migrant crisis at the border that it, Sir it's point two successive, because they would have needed to get something through Congress, although obviously on the border, while they're trying to bypass Congress, The funding and then you know much depends on whether he ones reelection or not. If he doesn't, it's gonna be a setback because a large part in reaction to him, the Democratic Party as is more radical integration than has ever been as more inclined towards sir open borders so November, actual wives, who take it a big hand in this,
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delivery. Food left right at your front door, sir, before we move on and bring this episode to a clause, let's get a few other item, so envied even engage zoom family meetings yeah, so you know, will you zoom at National review and we started using zoom in the family. Lots of people been but under this through their work and then because we can't Smyth exceed If we can see each other, we decide. Saturday night before Easter, to throw Carol the party and each sold to turn singing songs. And then a few days later earth this past weekend. My nephew Julian, had his birthday couldn't have a normal life. They party but
is whole family gathered through his at least sing to him and let him blood his candle So am I. Thankful for this. This technique. Energy which is not as good as real get to the others, but it is much better than what would have been stuck with ten. Twenty or thirty years ago, Charlie they're watching you are. I have you, or more precisely my wife has been watching me on I've been passively watching he on it. So comforting. I never watched it back in its initial run I was aware of it, but there's something about the ninety nineties, Riddick comforting that the assumptions the demand that their hair styles clothes tone. That way,
in which America is portrayed as a kid who was most of my childhood was spent in the nineteen nineties, This is something about this. In the background I find it. I find enormous company and an old out of it, so poverty it is actually pretty entertaining to so because I'm not watching it. My wife is when I eventually come in and see an episode, then I make sure she catches me up on everything that happened in the end. Sir, I reached that stage and locked downs where I'm so bored I've been going through. My brother in law is baseball cards, collection and really brings home, a point made by Thomas Boswell, the great washing sports columnist along ago, when he wrote about his baseball car collection and baseball cards.
Are you most are the ones that you collected yourself back in the day and buying individual packs, and I find that kind of modern baseball cards they get somewhere, I just got to good and to numerous. But my brother more has has a lot of cards. From the seventies, some of which I have myself and a sort of even greater they go through them and recollect some raise and then also just serve, learn about weird aspects. A baseball history might not have been aware of People now you Yankees, fan so love, Pineau, I had no idea who Panella was drafted by the Washington Centres I now know from his rocky card from top. Sometimes there in the late sixties. I knew nothing about men's a yankee utility player in their early mid sixties, his famous further harmonica incident and nineteen sixty four after the Yankees were so
by someone or other and seemed befalling other pennant tenant race. He was playing the harmonica on the back of the team bus because play during that serious and was discontent, and this was his way of some of us Showing that to everyone and Yogi Bear the manager yelled at him and lends through the harmonica down the boss created National, have minds. He got her harmonica sponsorship afterwards other fans were dead serenade him with harmonica throw harmonica on the field, but it the catalyzed, the Yankees and they went on to win the pennant nineteen sixty four before losing the world, there is the cardinals that year and of fundamental. Doesn't the great Jack Fowler points out that he actually had the last hit of the Yankee dynasty and game, seven that that you're home run in the losing effort. The Yankees sir,
season the year after that and then fell away into the gutter for a very long time anyway. So that's that's what I've learned through my brother in baseball cards collection? It's that time now in podcast, for gasped, for errors, picks Bd Your big cavern Williamson post she's, a few posts on the corner that are worth looking at, but I picked one called what we're not talking about It's just a perfect little examination. Why models for understanding the virus aren't always as helpful as we want them to be. And why are politics? and the more you engage in questions about current of Irish through the lens of your existing ideological politics are more likely to be misled somewhere along the way till I got
So I praise Daniel ten rare, our roads, fellow in general, for his informative writing for someone who is not a walk, I find what he does impressive uninteresting interesting and he manages to explain things in a way that, explanatory rather than smuggling. I am back modelling and that all encompassing, ideology and pretending that it is in fact does not say Dinah doesn't have an ideology we are an opinion. General has many opinions. He doesn't hide them, but I find this is a matter of course. His writing is informative. Ass much something else. So. My pick is Carl Smith. Peace on the website, title Jonathan Carl versus GM, castor
conserves out. There may have attempts. You think that every single national political rapporteur is Jackal at hack. It's not true, John Carl, exemplifies one part of the spectrum he's a real pro he's. Fair minded he's factual. He, tangled with the the president breathing or two ago, it's more action at the present time filled with with him and insulted him away was was not called for. He is a credit to journalists, whereas Jim CASTOR, holds down the complete opposite of the spectrum he's just there to be a showman and to represent a point of view of undermining hostility, president, no matter what he says or does such very important to make this distinction and Kyle makes it and his typically cutting and entered caning way. So that's it for us, even listening
national. You podcast. Any rod cast retransmission on account of this game without express written permission of NASH Review magazine is strictly prohibited. The spot gases been produced by the incomparable sir shitty, who makes a sound better. Then we deserve thank Charlie. Thank you, Michael thanks to door dash two daughters, trust we are the auditors stay safe. Everyone
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