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Episode 218: Masks: Use Them or Lose Them?

2020-05-19 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss Trump’s statement that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine, and who is right when it comes to wearing a mask.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Dan McLaughlin’s piece about the Reade allegations. • Charlie: Andy McCarthy’s coverage of the Flynn trail and “Obamagate.” • MBD: Kyle Smith against Andrew Cuomo.

Light items: • Rich: Baseball boardgame. • Charlie: Going to the zoo. • MBD: Getting a dog.

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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Trot puts his medicine where his mouth is and should we wear masks, plus Obama won't go to jail for now. We'll discuss all this and more on this week's edition of the editor zombies. Our joint is always by the right arm of Charles see W cook in the notorious Bubu do Michael Brendan Door. You say to a national view, podcast or sponsors this week are Michael Ozland, new book, Asia's new geopolitics and quit the revolutionary tooth brush if Wilson S broadcast on national view, dot com, including directly on the corner, I'm looking at. You were delighted to have you
be easier for you and better for us. You made as part of your feet at industry services out there from Spotify I'd how's. It feel like what you hear here. Please give us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget, I said Anything so am VD. Donald Trump rocked the world with a revelation yesterday were recorded Tuesday afternoon here that he has been taking hydroxide clerk when four weeks and Obviously delighted in the reaction you can going to get from the press. You said he couldn't wait to see how their eyes widened. So no can accuse the president of being a hypocrite. He has ban flogging, Hydroxyl clerk when for months now, actually had let up a little bit for for a while, now is back on it and is literally on it. What do you make of it
that was an odd moment because in this something that The suggestion of Hydroxyl clerk Queen seem to come out of sight doctors on you, too very immediately started pressing this and it was catching. on with certain sections of the right on the internet, and then he got to the president and human and some doctors are using it. I actually I have a friend whose doktor diagnosed with confidence team and used drugs cork when he felt his body. Spawned to the drug, and he started to recover, but of course, in a month people recover from covered nineteen, and he wasn't particularly in danger so people are using it, but because Trump has promoted it and because a couple
studies of the drug. So very short have said, that is not very effective, eons covert, nineteen, especially in the advance Cases because there was a kind of viral story about someone taking fish cleaner, there's been a kind of investment by. Broader media and the left in the idea that I drugs clerk it is not only an effective against covered nineteen, but its super dangerous and excited acts, are deadly and that's not true for everyone who takes it ends I wouldn't so many people speculating that he's and he's lying beneath that he's not actually taking it. That he's, just doing this to get their goat I that's true. I think he is telling the truth. Having he's taken it, Maybe the EU respond with bad
side effects and that's it mean aid people. Become way to certain and its and bizarre that the media would take bait and polarize against him on a drug in this is a media that constantly emphasizes we. Trust, science and trust medicine their trusting just their partisan instinct that this Sir particular drug- is so bad for you What's in it, I malarial that lots of people take when they travel to Costa Rica, or to certain parts of Africa and many people Take it with no ill effect. Some people take it and they have we are dreams or or other weird side effects, I think there is less
things, especially interesting about from taking it other than the fact that inspired this insane reaction and that he knew it would be a truly discusses before this is just a debate. I haven't fall at all because one I just couldn't understand why we're having a vicious and one slash, ten and fight over a treatment to figured we'd, we'd, know one way or the other, and that was the important thing you do. Whatever the the evidence was on whether fact at all and the people who had covered and three that that people weren't just gonna, go out and take this themselves. They need that a doctor to prescribe that fund have mistaken so supper. The doctors decide not for Donald Trump or for cable anchors, its May 19th one. Fifty one p m
and I still don't care about Hydroponics Curran Bunker. I don't care, if don't I'm taking it for exactly that reason. Did you just add Embruted Ridge This is a drug that is apply in certain circumstances. Not just to those, don't want to contract. Malaria have malaria, but for other diseases Lupus is one of them do not intrinsically dangerous or the with any drug. There are consequences to taking it. There are co. Morbidity is. It's not a wonder drug apparently Donald Trump not have been as if ass, he was. MR unpretentious grounds, but the fact that he was made no difference to anything and the one example that was levelled against Trump
was a woman who probably killed her husband and if she didn't is more on to the extent that chump cannot be held accountable for their actions. The way this is being reported on ass. It has been from the beginning is silly Donald Trump May be stubborn enough to be taking this to prove a point. If he is he's a fool but it's not a suicidal fool and his business will not have many consequences because he's not popping these in his bedroom. I probably have pick them up outside a nightclub somewhere He will have been given by his daughter. After his doctor, by dint of being a doctor, is likely
To be responsible, his doctor, by dint of being human, is likely to be careful with the fact that he's the white House stock and his patient, is the president of the United States suggests to me that we might want to come down a little bit at worst. His daughter will have concluded that this is a placebo, There is nothing to be gained by keeping jump from these. I don't even I won't take that. I seem that pills is a frivolous story, indulged by frivolous people, including the president. It's still baffling, I think, at root. There is a belief. That the government can change physical reality that the government and its representatives.
Can by talking change the unit, They can't chump couldn't turn this drug into a saviour, and if there was a problem with his endless talking about it, it was perhaps that it gave I hope that the press can't turn it into a killer. Either it's not it's, not gonna kill him. I guess you, it doesnt killed a ponderous of thousands of people who take it. These are clinical question. If the president wants to take it nervous, doktor happy with it fine talk about something else so we should pause and salute our friends. The washing free beacons. Troy alluded to this story,
They got a lot of attention two months ago or whatever it was, whereas the coupled takes fish tank, cleaner because it has a clerk when in it and the and eyes, and his wife says that they did because they heard present trump talking about. I clerk went on tv. This never made any sense. The media course ran with this narrative and the washed and free beacon run by former and Arctic Leon. I just really dug in to this, the ways the story made: zero sense and now Michael, there is actually a police investigation of the woman. Well, I mean he was story originally quoted. The Woman saying they had taken this because tromp was saying it was like a miracle cure, but she said it like: in all his buddies said it was like a miracle cure.
And then they like. Well, do you have anything you want to tell the american people she's, like don't trust trump and was like this? Isn't my first reaction in I think the reaction of a lot of conservative people who were messaging, the privately, was doesn't sound like someone who trusted trump. So much is so recently that she consumes. Think clearly labelled poison, that doesn't sound like someone just woke up from a a delusional trust in dear leader. It sounds like someone who has a message, and if you know it's a couple was were wondering privately. He killed this guy. Then you look into the history and the four we can did, and there is a history of verbal and physical abuse from this woman and to her husband,
don T, let surprised I have absolutely think police out instigation mean now that there are now play you're. The one who told me Blake she problem kill the guy. I looked. The story is again as I owe this definitely have nothing makes sense about the for my first reaction with original story was the chooses, the fool, because the. Country of three hundred and thirty million people. You are going to have someone who does this. I just just eat red local papers, everyday and you will find someone who tries to rest, and I were gator off a bridge. There's always does, and it's not just flora- that there are people in in the world who behave like that. Their money, People I thought cautious, but then the more you look at the story, the more it looks like she could. I mean this is so many little data inefficiently, here is the name of a compound on teller
vision and things up. I think that's the ingredients list of the fish tank cleaner that we keep in the pantry. While ass would you have memorize that, secondly, the packet itself says not for human consumption poison in nothing orange lettering on the front. Thirdly, she makes. Is it in with a soft drink and gives it to her husband, whose bigger than her and he dies she Doesn't. Why did she do that, probably to discuss eyes the taste, he was not all accounts, a sort of person who would do this? I think he was an engineer. He was a methodical guy and
she fed him before she gave it to him. His favorite mail, which just strikes me as the favourite meal detail like an execution right, I mean the hall the whole thing at anything keep thereby to this as well. Is that neither of them hat corona virus. So She decided to do this to suppose the desperate thing prophylactically. Why and then the interview doesn't make any sense either because she said that she is listening, the term Can she trusted him, and that was the biggest mistake she's ever made, but come to the Washington Free, because she is a big deal to a democratic organisations, including organizations that the word science in the title and lecture everyone else about being faith base, Hicks, side it. I just don't think I don't think
happily the way that she is has said that it does, then. I do think that matters, because this was a huge part of why everyone's focus, on this goddamn drug, so Michael What about competition a little bit described? Where you are on the lot downs the moment we are discussing this off line for a while ago, ethical sweetest, swedish official epidemiologist, maybe said well. The problem of lockdown is what's your analogue down, then it becomes a problem getting out of a lock down and we both saw this kind of thought. The same thing will at. How could that be? You just do a lot daft laws he needed just took the letter again for the first peak and make sure it has run out of control, and then you open up again, but actually it is proving much harder than that Audrey? I think I'd yeah I've come around
that swedish officials view these, that there is a political problem with reopening, because even the process of shutting down created kind of started to create a partisan divide at dinner at beat level really not. When you look at the polls, the division tween open up and let's keep socially distancing, is in a stop pretty much cut class, all groups races, income levels, but anyway you we creators constituency of people who identify with the lockdown as this is the solution for the virus. Until we get it Maxine and it doesnt it's just now I mean we have thirty of them. Maybe thirty minutes people unemployed, a lot of family, straining Vinos small businesses in in a key
and danger. That is incredible and totally still under appreciated as far as its point, in fact, its effect on our culture, its effect on the market Ford for generation mean if you, if we just let you know tens of thousands of small businesses and nor go bust. Because of this in a loose a generation of them to you, our philosophy, confidence, the loss of their credit rating, the loss of their financial position. I that's it can affect millions of others who will reply in them for an employment, so he go forever, but I'm getting out of this difficult like I, you know How do you restart the problem and started to preoccupy me? Is how does school returned to normal in the fall, teachers unions are gonna have a say, and some of their members are gonna say that its
dangerous for them to go back to school because they have no compromised immune systems or their older themselves. Parents may feel that way. Some grandparents who take care of young children may feel that this is too dangerous and so on. It's very difficult to. If, if you take the burden of the decision to reopen things and you put it on single individuals, whether its School administrator, you know or a governor, it can become very difficult because when, when you inevitably make their decision ahead of a vaccine. People Oh blame you for deaths that you know may have happened regardless of the measure so yeah, it's it's it's a very difficult problem.
However, I do think on the other side of it. No locally here in my chest, county, the the number of infections, is going down Some businesses that closed are just opening up and there they were given, mission to do so. They weren't gonna, get a lover no one seems to be coming to closing down either, but they just said: ok have done this for ten weeks. I did my time that is actually what where my favorite businesses and down said to me, and I am No, I don't I mean I'm running out of patience with it too. I mean, I think there are some If the government wants to help weathered state governments or the federal government, they need to begin specifying more more activities that are low risk,
if they still think there are some extremely high risk activities that need to be shut down. Those needs that number needs to be specified much more because this blue an instrument of walk down, and this shoe cliff between essential and non essential workers is ok for a short emergency. But it's not. Non sustainable forward until we wait for a vaccine which may never come you are truly a lot of friends on the right who were at I locked down from the beginning what one reason that they were in that took a position is just a deep and radical scepticism about the media, which I share, but it is the very of this disease wasn't made up. We still have it. You'd debate or race effect can't wars and the case fatality rate, but you know that the death counts. Ninety thousand
counting, so obviously very serious thing, but as we ve gotten into kind of grey area, were obviously time start reopening, but things are going to return for normal issues. It's really hard to get a sense from just watching the media the fact that we are really free on the other side of the curve of this epidemic. Now these further for the time being you have more tests than ever before I sent, I think my scraping a couple days getting close to four hundred thousand test a day in cases Heaven, then increasing as we ve been doing, those tests they ve been flagged may be taking down a little bit. Positivity rate has going down so instead of emphasising the enormous Risks are reopening you think it an objective. Look at it would be ok in it. We ve made a lot of progress and, of course, we should be thinking about reopening they don't get it
a lot of that from the media. Now a number of biases here, one is toward bad news. Bad news is exciting and south advertising, one his toward anything that hurts conservatives. All the Republican Party and another is toward safety. The media tends to be populated by people who have a low tolerance for, risk, and there is a general unwillingness to re examine prize such ass. It's going to be a bloodbath in Georgia and Florida, I also think there is an over stated believe in talking about minimum The record on this, but
seems to be a conviction out that both among Politicians and members of the media that scale and pace of the reopening of determined by debate ultimately by executive orders and legislative well in one sense that is true, or at least it was true in that the early decision to shut down was effective. It was effective, culturally people obeyed before they had to in many cases, and they feel the instructions from their governments but Now people are not, owing to follow a black or white path
In far too many cases, the instruction. You can now do this, so that has been misinterpreted ass. You must, but nobody knows in Colorado in California, in Florida or New York has been forced to go out to eat at a restaurant, with twenty five percent capacity or we'll go to the beach. What has happened is that some of the restrictions have been lifted and I think that the path forward, although will contain all of the problems and shortcomings that Michael just outlined will be determined by an it extremely and predictable variable, and that is Human contact, I to the zoo,
week. The zoo hair is Then it's not open at full capacity, but it is open. You go online and sign up for tickets too limited, and then they give you a tie to sum up and they limit the number if people their lives only the people who work, there had been told to be encouraging to those who had shown and to do this, to welcome its great it was to see them. It was odd because, when we left the zoo, my wife said: let's go to check filet and I said You want to go to the drive through or go inside and she said well, we can't sign it. It's not opened, but the very act going to the zoo which felt fairly normal had shifted my brain back into its old mode, and I assumed well now
Do everything that I would have been able to do before the lockdown? I think that is You going to determine far more than what the press says or what a governor hero. There said I think that is going to do. Herman? How we move forward? I think whether people encouraging or not. I think whether people enjoy the first tentative steps that they take. I think whether that brain shift quickly or slowly back into normal mode. I think the real actions that they get from their friends when they tell them. I went the zoo or we sat outside this restaurant always spent the day at the beach This really is not a binary question. Not yes or no, its, not open or shot muddling through it and the biggest determinant, we'll be a social one, more than anything else, so
de exit question on this one for you going back to drugs clerk when rate the significance of her high drugs clerk in debate from zero to one zero, absolutely no significance, one, maybe a major significance. Decimal points are permitted and indeed perhaps necessary, I'll go point point nine. There's a smidgen insignificance in that the press, shouldn't, really be giving advice about drugs at off that that's. It tackles zero to one Well, no one should be giving advice about drugs in the way that they have. The president should be more responsible.
The press corps, but once again a symbiotic relationship where they feed off one another. In the final analysis, I think this is going to have any effect at all. What's your number Charlie, dodge you re. Having me zero point: three I gotta get the dosage, my god, I'm a point. Nine. I think in the matters not so much with regard to the Hydroxyl clerk, itself doktor looking to figure that out on their own? But it's it's. Really a subset of the trumps handling of the public communication? around this thing, which is largely been abysmal so that lets pause
and hear from our first sponsor this week, the new book from frequent and our contributor, Michael Ozland. It's called Asia's new geopolitics essays on reshaping the Indo Pacific hummed over half the world's population in the Pacific is fast becoming the world's more dominant region as an the key issues driving this transformation and aggressive and uncooperative post covered nineteen China that increasingly x, the World Bank to its wishes. Renewal the ages other great great game. The rivalry between China and Japan and North Korea can jump on pursuit pursuit of nuclear weapons. Pick up a copy of Michael Iceland, ages, new geopolitics today about Amazon and other online books. This measure is deed of frequent contributor to and are an is smart and traffic. Writer
whenever I running something? I have you do with anything related to Asia? I usually try to get measure on the phone to that his view. He just really is well informed and sound on all this stuff, which is more important than ever so again check it out. The book is called ages new geopolitics by Michael Iceland, so envy de we have bring a debate in the country and within the right about mask where This is something you. I wrote a piece about three or four weeks: ago. What do you make of it yeah saw a means. For my friends, let's see rust, reno at first things or Helen Andrews at dinner Conservative. Have you know express themselves variously either through a kind of intent, tweeting or kind of well considered. Key.
Arms are their opinion. That masks. Are undignified in some way and that the benefits of wearing them are so uncertain. It's not worth doing Helen, what kind of a very of actively compare them to some well defence measures. That, though, presume He could have preserved life in a thermonuclear war for a few, four days really want all that effective A preventative measure in the worst case scenario and Harold Eyes is the household To read, getting arrested rather then submit them serves to the government's attempt to create a kind of create of a fearful atmosphere. Through these drills aid,
think of masks that way I am at least Morgan the spy another friend of mine, Jonathan Villa. Rights that you know what we know. The masks is that They inhibit the spread, not virus as much as the droplets that can carry the virus right so a lot of the masks people are wearing out and about right now in America right do not medical agree date. They dont they're, not the ninety five masks that get rid of ninety five percent of the particles their simple masks and makes it the virus. Good for you right we passed through them, but as much therefore, the virus to ride on the droplets when you sneeze or when you breathe or when you talk to someone
and you know from what we know masks prevent this. This spread to some agree, and if enough people are wearing them, that has a kind of major effect on that France, miss ability of the virus and no. Please, some of the countries that have moved out of down are east asian countries. And city states where Squaring is more. You Equitas in normal, flew seasons and his special ubiquitous now, and so I think my way of thinking about it is that no I'm wearing masks in when I in too you know store a grocery store, close space. I do to make other people feel more comfortable around me during a pandemic and to protect them
since they are doing for me I see some people are wearing them in their own cars or when their jogging, nor things like guy. That's, I think, silly and there's not good evidence for using masks that way if it helps us out of the lockdown all for it no buts, but some people think Rusty renowned particularly sees it as another kind of imposition on a liberal. Elite on the rest of the country, which it regards as inherently toxic anyway, so here he doesn't like the symbol, symbolism of it you just a temporary measure, relish wearing a mask at all, but my wife for both of us were primitive
it refers in such she is very attuned to this outbreak of this crisis, one it was possibly still just in and hour, and I was gone on a trip somewhere in the cheap jammed. A bunch of man skin in my bag and a cut, I thought about it and those up at the airport and was looking in and their briskly, no guys wearing mass. I'm not gonna where a man ask you ve it's it's it's it's ridiculous, but I think is an alternative to lock down. The thing is better than a lock down and to Michael is, as you point out its her to see other people right. You're not really protecting yourselves of yourself. You protecting other people from yourself on the off chance that your pre symptomatic her or eight symptomatic and if it has to be part of Why? Asia, in general, has done so much better than than we have in dealing with with this
crisis. I don't know whether we exactly have solid evidence on that, but common suggests said suggested. The culture mask wearing probably help them what he may have a choice in our political debates. It is customary for those with strong opinions to decry anyone who disagrees with them as being political. As has become partisan because they mean everyone other than them. I'm usually dismissal This, I think we have various political traditions. Ninety all issues in this country and a funnel through our parties and their funneled through our factions and that's the way that it is the case today do get something that monumentally stupid and becomes a partisan issue for no obvious reason and forces the to line up into opposing camps purely based on who it is that is taken or championed either side,
and this is one of those times there seem to be too over the top contain just say one. The people who have made of you out of wearing a mask of changed all their avatars on social media to them wearing a mass who parade others not wearing mosques, and then there are the people. Who refuse to wear masks, decided, masks a part of some conspiracy or in the case of Rusty, Reno that those who are mosques in some way weak These are both extremes. Actions, but only one of them is truly self destructive, and that is the anti mosque contingent. A mosque is a tool, would it there's a reason that surgeons, where mass
there's a reason that those in construction sites where mosque they do help, and even if they don't help, they don't hurt I still a great deal. We don't know about corona viruses. A great deal. We don't know about how its transmitted the still a great deal we don't know about, the discrepancies we ve seen between, say California and New York, the idea, This of all things should have become. This part is an ideological fight. These absolutely baffling to me it's also baffling because, cutting against some of the traditional lines. Here I mean I because of my advocacy in defence of the second amendment. Now a few people who described themselves as papers, no self respecting proper, has a proper kit without a bunch of
mosques in them. That's one of the things they keep stand. They keep them in case there is an outbreak she's this or a civil war or any MP it or what you will and now so many of those people are saying wearing a mosque, those things four pussies. I have to say I don't understand that I think that does demonstrate the power of partisanship to make us silly the idea that rusty reigners forwarding, along with it You others that they make people seem weak or this, ship you of your masculinity. I find equally out again it to one of the serious things that there
T gun brigade tells those who believe and carry rights, is that one carries a gun because one is a weakling one lives in fear. Answer to that is no people carry guns in case on the off. Something bad happens, and I called upon to protect themselves or to protect others? They, say that again is just a tool that's true, of a mosque, I'm afraid. It's true of Moscow. Mosque is just a tool. It's there, in extreme circumstances and we're in extreme circumstances to protect you or to help you protect others, and the fact that this seems to be lost on
so many of the people who, in every other aspects of their lives, grasp that, while is confusing me website It got my comp one thing when it had said San Francisco. Something I learned during this is that simple, Cisco during the great influenza had a mask law that required people in public place. To cover their nose and mouth and what s interesting is. This was past people comply if it, but then there was also political resistance to it, and I know someone read: but organised an anti mask league which first meeting just a few nights before San Francisco, withdrew the open, the ordinance and so that this is part of our house.
Three to write? Is there is there? Is I we with Charlie, I'm I am for masks as a tool. In a temporary extraordinary times, but, as I rode enrich alluded to in a few weeks earlier, I do think There is something in deep the western psyche. I think it can from christian theology, makes us. You meekly resistant to masks and two uniquely associate them with danger terror in wrong. Doing you know that We are less comfortable with masked faces in public, then culture, I don't have that inherent, and I think, Michael, that you are exactly right without what I don't understand. Is the application of that stand to this crisis right, one of the things not to go on about him, but one of the things Rusty Reno said was
The soldiers in world war, two didn't wear masks about. Firstly, it's not really relevant because they were largely been. Ah tat and mosques are not a pretence, they did what helmets or they are they wouldn't have. I think you said they didn't. The other point is that soldiers, and indeed straw. Brave, useful men in peace time. Have then one mosques: if there was a threat, the british population was issued, gas masks and nineteen forty, because when, Churchill assumed the Germans, would deploy gas if they invaded Britain or perhaps as part of the split vote, very, very strong, brave men in the Western from war, mosques and ninety sixteen seventeen and eighteen, because the Germans did deploy poison gas and vice versa, so
the criticisms of mosques based on western traditions IP. I entirely. But we are in the middle of or hopefully starting to come out of a crisis and there's a bit of a difference between saying ass, a habit not how we behave, and we should not want to change that and saying if when you are under threat. You behave in this way. You are, weak or you sheep you ironical b, during all ruining your culture. I dont understand how we ve got that idea. Other outlets- It's gonna be highly annoying and you know it's it's coming if it already hasn't happened yet I just missed it. All the CNN segments whenever there you know more than three people gathered in any space without mass they'll. Be this this long, shaming of ever through hunter tugging in saying how terrible this is, but execution do
b d already anticipated it will mask wearing. In your estimation, become ingrained part of american culture going forward. Yes or no no, no, I I can and some people may start wearing them annually during flew seasons in the future after Crone virus when they travel on planes or subways just a few. But overall no it's. It's not gonna, be like EAST Asia. Here no way, ice, this time as the exception, I say it is why we have a government. I say it s, a period in which do things we would not otherwise do, and I think mosques are a part of that
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free at get quit that slash editors spelled get Q, you ah dad counselor editors, Quip, the good habits company get quip dot com, slash editors, check it out. Folks, you're route to better or health is just click away, though Charlie we have had some more fall out from the revelation. About the investigation and to Michael plan. There's been a focus on its January five twenty seventeen meeting were present, Obama was present, as we mention the second up observed last week. Trumpeters dub this, oh, of a gay, and you had the attorney general coming out saying you know. Actually I don't think we're gonna have a cripple,
investigation, Barack Obama or Joe Biden. Although the prosecutor are looking into this, might consider criminal charges for others what you make of it. Why dont think that the notion that this deserves a gate suffix and the news that they won't be prosecutions, are mutually exclusive funding, as is possible, for there to be a scandal. Never well should go near the courts, and I do There is some scanned.
Here, the certainly more scandal hair than the one we fixated on for three years with Russia. I think one of the problems that any prosecutor would happen should have here is that an Lee enough, this describes much of of trumps presidency turn and some of the other scandals of of late. One of the problems we have is that the the route claim is that their was moral or political wrong doing by the Obama administration. And that it our sense of fair play that it involve one party putting its finger on the scales or abusing its power of it
the peaceful transfer of authority was in some way on the mind, I can't say a particularly strong case for lawbreaking breaking president of the United States- and this was a case that was made forcefully by president charm now in dashwoods than others during the recent impeachment hearings has an awful lot of authority and can, in anyways exercise that authority as he sees fit, for what understand nothing that Obama did exceeded that authority per se nothing that Obama's team did was illegal, in and of itself, but taken together, it looks suspect or pre textual, sir,
I think that we can simultaneously continued. Look into what has happened here and agree with bar in his assessment, its extremely difficult to bring criminal charges and it should be extremely difficult to bring criminal charges when the actions at stake were legal, but that one suspect the motive because you end up ultimately looking into mind reading and we we cannot have that as a legal standards, especially in our politics, not least because we, Don't want to set off a chain reaction in which every outgoing administration starts. We examined the motives of the one that came before anybody
I am if Republican, want to eat no encouragement orders to look more into Obama. That is fine, but I am I at the last we are talking about the General Flynn saga, together. I am for the collation of the aim of using the It has branches police power in politics. Disputes whether these lest or no entrapment, poise- and I think bar is right to kind of tat down on this speculation, which is growing on the right that that you know, Obama should be hauled
called to the dark. I say especially, is helpful, because bar himself is lately, a kind of conspiracy figure among the laughed. So it's nice it's nice to see him up and their expectations so yeah, that's that's about it and I'm glad or will pursue anything. Question to you, there will be charges having relating to the conduct of the Russia investigation. Ultimately, yes, or no, no immediate, now I would say no, as Well, I just feels as though it be enormous stretch to get the criminal conduct not of what anything. Folks did all that was clearly involved: abuses, of power and
also as just a good rule and our criminal justice system, that people need to know that their breaking the law efficient charges with with crimes and these people holiday, I think we're were badly motivating some assistance and certainly exercised dismally poor judgment they don't meet that standard. Unless we see you much more evidence to that effect than we have seen to this point. So it's pause. What we do a quick plug for our plus a stretching service on NASH or view dot com you might have noticed, that the meter pay war on an r is getting more and more extensive. Yesterday. I think there may be seven pieces behind them her pale. Ah, if your regular reader, you know you can then get a couple bites. The apple, maybe three, by to the Apple a month with his pay well,
pieces, but if you come in you're gonna run out of your allotment really quickly. Now no mystery either! No secret that you can try to tat the other way around it by using different devices different browsers that becomes tiresome annoying and you're also tat out on those as well. If you're a regular reader, says one real, simple, weird trick, as they say to getting round the pay, while just sign up for an hour plus it doesn't cost you a lot, pray that the price of a cup com see or two at Starbucks every month you don't have to deal with pay all anymore. He have a much better reading experience. Could you see fewer ads? You can combat the articles blog posts, if you like that really fucked. Your boat can also be part of our private facebook group. That's quite robust, ongoing discussion of public affairs and what we're we're all talking about any also get invited to regular calls with
editors writers and other conservative news makers. We Larry cut both ago, or so we had Mark Halprin and Andrew Roberts talking about the big cover stories in the magazine last couple of calls- and that this era of social, distancing and you'll be invited to events cocktail parties alike, with our efforts You are right, or so please check it out at our plan. You don't have any good excuses. Please just go sign so before we go. Let's hit a few other things every day as if you didn't have as much enough going out already and your very busy household you justify a new dog of the dog. Yes, I have a puppy ably blue Terrier, apparently there's been a giant, on dogs during the vote
lock but to something my family planning on after we moved into a house actually for a long time and it finally came about, and so far It's actually been help with the overwhelm of two parents with two jobs and three kids, because the dog, Is the young puppy and runs around a crazy in the back yard and so do the kids and they just tire each other out, and so little respite more respite in the evenings, and for that I am very grateful and surely, as you mentioned, you want to do that We went to the zoo, not Madame did. They have the usual animals there, but they had a great dinosaur, exhibit some I'm attracts, and it felt very very normal is probably the first thing.
If John in months, that felt normal- and I was enormously grateful for it so the lockdown costly causes you too and dig around for new forms of entertainment? So last weekend we dug out my old boardgame, all star baseball, I'm really dating myself, but the I was a kid- this was a thing as a revolutionary breakthrough baseball game. Where are you would have little dis for each player there, allotments with with numbers for each outcome of their at that from a home, run, to strike strike out and it's, been a wheel and see what comes up the men go from there and it is a lot of fun. It's it's amazing. This is it then eighteen, nineteen eighty is innocent.
Ex of classic players and contemporary players of the contemporary players are loud, Maya, the packets of first time I'd seen their names, as I played all star, baseball, thirty or forty years ago, but It is indeed a Classic board game and deserves more notice than it. Yet so before we move on every day. At that time, the podcast for air carriers picks NBA, which effect Kyle Smith, rode on Andrew Cosmo's, reckless choices and damn it. Its pile Smith wielding El Smith style tools and sentences against an over inflated thing
you're like Cuomo, so it's as usual from Kyle, it's great and necessary, but I got what you back. I've enjoyed Andy Mccarthy's coverage, the Michael Flynn trial and also of what President trumps calling Obama Gate necessarily because I agree with all of Andy's conclusions, but because he lays out absolutely everything- and that allows me to make up my own mind, I think one of the best about andy- is how far he is. So my tech speaking as there is a real, deep, comprehensive luck that terror reads credit they from a damn. Laughlin was incredible attention to detail and very good judgment and concludes that she's actually been pretty consistent over time.
About this allegation and told a lot of people either right around the time. It happened for sure shortly afterwards, a very similar story, but he also thinks their parts of it that the don't add up, especially the version of of Joe Biden, that she, world relate use, cut a monstrous I had in her telling. But if you want to get a grass just what the state of evidence is and what to make of it, you must must must
Reed dance peace, so that's it for us deep and listen to a national view. Part casting rewrite cast retransmission cow, this game without the express written permission of NASH Review magazine is strictly pro Hibbert. It is part gases are produced by the incomparable Sarah should he makes us out better than we deserve that get Charlie. Thank you, Michael Baxter, Asia's new geopolitics, the new book by Michael online, and thanks to quip, and thanks especially to all of you for listening. We are the editors and will see you
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