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Episode 221: What Are the President’s Priorities?

2020-05-26 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss Trump’s tweets aimed at Joe Scarborough, Biden’s awkward exchange on The Breakfast Club, and how reopening is happening whether the experts think it should or not.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Andrew Foxall on ending U.S. dependency on China. • Charlie: KDW on rhetoric. • Jim: Zach Evans on Max Baucus.

Light items: • Rich: Stretching. • Charlie: The BBC comedy “Allo, Allo.” • Jim: X-Men comic books.


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Donald Trump Forensic investigator Joe Biden, arbiter of blackness, plus, the lockdown breakdown, will discuss all this. A more on this week's edition of the editors umbrage. Flaring up joint is always by the right animal. Charles. He W Cook, add the sage, off until thirty woods, Jim Geraghty Microbe rendered already will return soon. Your listening to a national view, podcast or sponsors this week are the new a book by Michel Offline Asia's new geopolitics, essays on reach, shaping the Indo Pacific, plus bow
or about them in due course. If you listen to podcast on NASH, review dot com, including directly on the corner, we're delighted to have you would be easier for you and better for us. If you made us part of your feet at any of the streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes, if you like what you hear here, please consider giving such glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please I said anything so Jim Gary? We got tromp gone on this at I, Joe Scarborough, kick somebody started and twenty. Hunting in this conspiracy theory the Scarborough, allegedly murdered and in turn and as congressional office, this has been something that's been written about and whispered about in the fever swabs for a long time. I think the most prominent person to indulge in this perverse fantasy to this point was Marcos. Molitor
ass of the daily costs website. But now the present United States has trumped him. He has treated about this repeatedly when the a widower. This young young woman, who died tragically wrote a letter to twitter about taking down the tweets trump doubled or trickled down when you make of it. Well see right around as we are taking this rich, I believe we just past one hundred thousand Americans dead from the corona virus, the economy may have a little. We may have had bottom butter. Unemployment is still super high, probably gonna hit. You know minimum fourteen fifteen percent got twenty percent We are approved them. I testing we're doing, but we're still well short of having enough tests for everybody to do it to track the spread of disease way. We would like was not built. All kinds of stuff we wanted the president to do, or they are hoping that the present a problem you are done but
Does everyone he's gonna get to the bottom of the Joe Scarborough case and dumb considering the amount of time the president spends on us? It sounds like he really does think that is one of his top priorities as present United states rich on getting really tired of the, but he fights argument from the Trump fans because, first of all he wines he comes his idea of fighting is to say that everyone is being so mean to him. He could, we're a foreseen that the media would be so opposed to him in office who yahoo noticing that going anti caught. Your daddy's other way of fighting is often to make just the most outlandish and nastiest act, nation. They can there's something about Joe Scarborough and arguably Mika presents key that really sticks in his cry. You may recall the makeup since key gone off about her having plastic surgery, like he keeps insisting he never watches morning Joe, and then he flipped out on them in this and
Oh he's done this now several days in a row, the president we believe the more people tell him. Mr President, you should not do this by the way I thought the editorial from the editors today was terrific. And the borders at you do you think I should do this I'll show you all do this, and lo and behold it doesn't get him where he wants to go. Pose. You could argue, the more people are talking about the nasty things and how much they like that would put the cherry on top of this was the letter from the young woman's husband, That is what her widower, who said and through all how much seeing his his late beloved turned into another in a partisan football and some sort of desire. The president to you know really stick to joke Scarborough by pointing to this how much it hurt him, how much it hurt her family. How much that there are real people in this, and I think the great irony is that if you wanna criticise Joe Scarborough, just corporate not above critic
There was plenty of things we do. I've criticise and are you guys have criticized in, and you know, there's plenty to criticise, bicker Brzezinski Trump doesn't do any of that stuff. He just those for the lowest nastiest attack he can and then he does it, and I guess he thinks this is gonna, somehow really take down Joe scar. RO in some way. I don't think it's working, and I think this is the x vision of a man who is board with the duties of the poor. See who is bored with dealing with the pandemic? Who still has real work to do. Who, who still has real problems to solve and who cannot bring himself to master, the mental energies, to focus upon that. So he's gonna focus on something. That's more interesting to him, which is this crazy conspiracy theory involving Barbara here, so I endorse all of that. Except I'm, not sure, there's any deep theories,
tromp, does us like unite, does want to deal with the crisis or a sick. You deal with the crisis is just it's just what he does and I did a prior to when he was president he'll. Do it when he is no longer present in an Inter Alia, I think, obviously has accounts conspiratorial cast a mind. Anything all sorts of conspiracy theories are expressed, interest in them are sets, people are talking about them, but, but is Jim says. I think this is Just is trying to say the most
Liz shifts hurtful thing that you can possibly imagine about someone, and you know, even if it's not true or even if it goes nowhere jet just having said it exacts a price and that this is why you know that the TED crews dad involved in the jail case ass nation. He didn't really believe that I he decided TAT. They thought it was terrible thing say about tat crews and I think that accounts for four allotted us. I think this is much worse than the third crews example, because TAT crews, the public figure no eight to diminish what he said about tat crews, and it wasn't just the conspiracy theory, which of course he didn't believe it was also what he said about Turkey's his wife. They deserve condemnation but Crews is a politician, but this young
Woman was knots and her family most certainly are not and dog from, should remember that, because he can't remember that He's not in control of himself. There's really no way of looking at this. That does anything other than recommend opprobrium. If Donald Trump is so on moored from reality that he believes this conspiracy theory than here. And belong in the White House. If Donald Trump knows that this is true but is using it ass a cudgel, they doesn't belong in the White House.
If Donald Trump is unaware of the seriousness of these allegations and what they doing to people involved, then he doesn't belong in the White House. What What's the excuse her, you have to go with he's crazy, an out of his mind. All he is wicked. Ah, he's ignorant, but none of them are virtues and, leaving aside for a moment what is, by far and away the most important question, which is the morality of doing what he's doing. What he's doing stupid on his own terms? There was a
solid case against Joe Scarborough in the Turkish Scarborough did Donald Trump early and then run away from it pretended he hadn't. I was on a couple of those morning, Jasmine Donald Trump. In there only too happy to have him. They would have kept him on for all three hours if they could. That is a little bit different, I think than saying he murdered his in turn with whom it is always implied. He was sleeping. She was marriage, of course, at the time. What does Donald Trump think he's to achieve again leave aside the ranking morality of this. What does he think he's going to achieve which you voters to spring into his coalition? Who is convinced by this that he is deserving of re election and, of course the real question is how many voters does it pushed away
this is a miss are aimed directly at the suburbs. The people he's already shedding people Biden seems better placed to pick up than Bernie Sanders would have. What is Trump doing, even in his own strain little world, I think the answer is he doesn't think like that she's, not thinking about anything he's not thinking about whether is right or wrong he's not thinking about whether it Seymour, hurts him. He certainly not looking around him at the building which she lives. And wondering whether it comports for the responsibility that he's been given he's just doing it. He's just behaving like a child. I see that I
That I am angry, I will lash out, I'm upset. I will cry it's it's pathetic, so Jim Gary. What defences had there been of this in particular Had there been people, I've been a little out of touch peep Twitter saying, Will Scarborough such so mean damn. This justifies this story and I has to fight back, as you alluded to it, did has there been any serious attempt to defend this? If you, if you will now say this, is ridiculous or criticise it. The first response of the Twitter brigade of the the Muggah trumpet and on Twitter. Is there something wrong with you for noticing it? Why are you making such a big deal out of this? What's wrong? You know my favorite is: are we allowed to talk about other topics besides the pandemic, as as, if this
like this major pressing national controversy. You know all about this in turn back and Scarborough Office as if any, what are we talking about it, if not for the poor the United States deciding to does anyone. I d be broader point, because young people than reading me noticing that morning, jolt and other things have become kind of Mano focused on the corona virus. Since the pandemic exploded into our lives, because it's a really big deal- and I gotta think that everything else- Kind fades away, an important signal to the president's twitter feed. You see. Ok, I bet at first glance by instinct is its ten percent on a gun bad days and twenty five to thirty percent about the pandemic on good days. The president, just as interested other topics more that's what he'd YO dives into this is what engages his mind the daily. Mr President, hurry and handled our responding to this doesn't engage. Him is much better.
Good shock of his base is one which will be based here, the fire trucks and that the programmes are becoming would become you take away. The president has really been lucky. You know that in the end, people who have now gone all in with tropical, and they have they pushed rather chips to centre the table. They're not back away now. If Trump goes and says it does this, then there must be some sort of legitimate argument there that he must be to be raising this issue, and you know maybe the sums theory other. This does tie it a q and honour God knows what else or something I am afraid to say that a lot of the people who are defending it believe it at least they say they do, because you again is that it is ready to admit otherwise is to admit any one of travellers. Point
correct. Answer. Charlie worry on the question of whether twitter should take these down streets. I don't think we should take them down. I dont think you really solve issues by covering them up with a blanket Just from my own point of view, I want to know if the president is choosing to treat such things, and it's not as if this is his only outlet is the president of the United States. He can say whatever you want, we'll be covered and relayed an end. If he's kicked off, making a start saying it is rallies. And cable news will report. It did that's not the way to address this in my view,
so what to make of the argument and unknown enough that twitters policies, no is correct or not. Sorry more science was gone which are you'd Orson, stop sitting this delicate little party line the town here, and this is one police car now too far just gone back. So I will try what of about twitter is passing over this right and other people say well, if a far just Joe Smith and I'd posted kind of the city of why about someone I'd be taken off twitter, or at least by my tweets, would be deleted So why is the present get away with it gathered? There is an argument that to enforce terms equally, irrespective of the subject
question. I think there are a couple of problems with that. Firstly, to it it does not do that. We know it doesn't. Secondly, because it doesn't do that. Donald Trump is one of the people has made the case over and over again that twitter is biased. In fact, this is something he said last week. It is run by crazies, my extreme left wing is- and I think that arguably, if Twitter were to suspend him would create more overcome, station around this house, could you report on it inevitably we would have to say why he was suspended in saying why he was suspended. You would likely expand this conspiracy. Theory outside of twitter. I think we should remember this. It doesnt matter whether he writes what he's written about it,
covered to me in a private letter or says it to have in the whole world it it's just as appalling, but twitter is beloved by unfrequented. Journalists and ignored by most people, and not ever thing that he sat on Twitter makes it out into the mainstream. So if you want this conspiracy there is to be memorialize forever. You suspend the president from Twitter. I dont think that's the right way of dealing with it, but I understand the counter arguments said you Gary Ex question for you: it down trouble losers in November. His tweets will, had a big role in the loss, a middling raw, small role, no role whatsoever, a middling role? I think it's not hard for you, lots of trump supporters and even folks were on
fence to envision a Trump administration that pursues most the same policies and doesn't have this constant circus. Doesn't have this constant random? What the heck is? He thinking? I can't believe you said that you know oh you're, distilled essence of everything, the repels the soccer moms end and give you could be have much higher people relics. He could be coasting reelection right now, even with the corona virus. If YO he was just a thinking about like theme, a bill Clinton offers YA failure, pain, Bill Clinton in the The key factor, Donald Trump doesn't do apathy and you could argue- and twenty six to the country didn't need that you could argue debate how what value it is, but one trump ass to do some that something like this. He goes through and you could tell its pro forma just reading words off a teleprompter.
Empathy can be overstated, and I think you could argue there is something a little cheesy about the way bill. Clinton was always reaching out and touching people, and you no, my heart blades for you in on a kind of stuff, but. It too have none of it in a president, is Oddly able significant factor of why Donald Trump has always been this deeply controversial and when he is there people who don't like I'm duchess, merely not like him. They can't stand him and their their days. He earns old Charley Cook. They grow middling, well, small role. No wrong, I think you have a middling too big girl is worth pointing out. Of course, the twitter is not the problem here. Twitter is a symptom. Donald Trump is choosing to say. These things, but the fact that it is available has probably heard him because its allowed us to see who he is when I.
Was younger, I assumed as a matter of course, most people in the press was tv House, Miss Magazine, writers, most journalists were sane and responsible and admirable and twitter has ruined that for me, because I see them talk on Twitter all day say things they probably wouldn't say if they had more time to reflect, say things that would never have been published if they had to go through an editor and generally display a total lack of. Connection with reality. Let's not twitters fault Twitter is revealed that is exposed that that a lot of our journalistic class. If I get a lot of our late class, I just not who we thought they were hello, learns tribe. And the same is true of the president and the fact that it is theirs. An absolute disaster for tram, because he This it to throw Whatever he's thinking, I then
given moment. He watches Fox friends. Why that's the new policy platform out? It goes his from some random, with whom he would never have had any contact before the choice. Garber quotas into right- that's the latest. He retreats all sorts of things without checking them. That's trumps, full stop towards his fault. Think gems right. I think if he, if you didn't have at his disposal, we might not know that. So what would we know that his eccentric LISA Sherman that his press conferences in his rallies a bizarre and that the economy a list? recently was was growing, while it's it's not good for us to know what Donald Trump is really like. So I think the trees themselves would play. Small middling role, but his conduct in general and the tweets are subset of those- would play a middling big raw
If he's defeated and shows saying earlier, if he didn't have twitter, you find some other way to say some other stuff. We couldn't say all that, so you get more store on story source to anonymous. Folks in White House saying you saying these things about Joe Scarborough say, but you wouldn't quite know you know it would be, we nailed down and beat deniable, but since he has, and access to Twitter he put it right out there and its it's very often unworthy of presidency obviously- and in this case completely disgusting, so that lets pause here from our first boxer this week? Misa ozland new book ages, new geopolitics measure is a frequent and our control.
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So Jim Geraghty we had last week a patented trademark, Joe Biden, sort of gas where he is doing this. Morning show with Charlemagne the God and came out with at the end of his Charlemagne. Man was prodding his record questionest record with regard to african Americans and Bind said: well, you dont support by new eight black one, the presumption that he can define, whose truly black or not. It is outlandish not, unfortunately, that extraordinary for a lot of progressive throwing in the eight they're, not not great either, although to his credit, he did go back and apply
guys and say you should have said this yeah everybody who every listener to this part cast whose a fan of Trump who was grinding their tea through my answers at the last part of our scotch and real love this part, because Joe Biden, maybe he's not quite as out and out malevolent as Trump can be, but he's every bit as a loose cannon, and Just HBO oftentimes incoherent in his statements, but in this one there is they really special about Joe Biden presumption, presumptuous, his belief that this would, of course, people would take this. Well, then, He from from the main streets was Dover, Delaware, Scranton Pennsylvania was original one. But he has the authority to determine who is really blackened, who isn't the blackness can be should by who your voting for an
everybody would take this end. Like the other people, I was joking, oh good heavens, everybody lighten up. Look the question May the God was basically I'm not really convinced. Yet we come back on our show. When you know in New York and be able to talk to us more and bite and see that there is a certain indignation in the way, bite and responded to that week by week of just the shortly before we came on here. I start I put it at the corner post about how weird the remainder of this general election season is going to be, because we're not your position, hey Joe Biden, has had his last inching. He's worked his last rub up twenty twenty, at least. He's gotta, beholding, anymore, ral, isn't stuff. This is it. This is. This is the burden, campaign for the foreseeable future and bite and not that good at these things. Maybe if you give him a prepared speech, he can get through it. Ok,
I think we ve seen him in Delaware Eyes darting down to to collect the notes. We ve heard the offscreen instructions from his staff and advisers and trying to shut things down All the frustrations with Tromp Joe Biden is not a reassuring figure at this time and place. He very much looks and such like, You want to reply to the home. You know you, wouldn't you barely trust Joe Biden with the remote control to her mind with you know the button. Just seems half out of it and he begins a sentence in and he doesn't finish it any just seems flaky and an unfocused, and you know you know that going to be easy, go straight to late Term Woodrow Wilson, at this rate, awe and having them, The staff run things around him. This is, this is really not encouraging. Kind wonder if you know if the corona virus pandemic had hit a year earlier. Would Biden be the nominated for the democratic global somebody a little younger than tailored Heller,
hardy urban and no less than that because of binds age and just you know all the other factors they can't have him in front of people, which means he can't backs lap, I guess the Good NEWS is against limit sniff anybody's hair, but he killed like the Being Joe Biden was was traditional strength right the touching the handshake algorithm, he can't do any of that. The rest of this campaign is gonna, be him behind a screen and You can watch a rather mundane, hey, I'm not convinced yet exchange with with Charlemagne, the God you're probably gonna happen. Problems, as this campaign goes on. So I have read based on that Second, you could tell him not terribly thrilled at the thought of another Trop terminal, optically bullish on the chances of the boy. Oh boy, Joe Biden, leaves nothing to me I leave no, no excitement, no, you know not enormous amount of upside because it does What chance? Whoever is running made his
probably running the country, pretty darn quickly, so try. I take objects points about Joe Biden. Cord performance during the campaign suffers. The amazing combat sweep swift victory in the two tracks affirmation battle, but otherwise the form is quality has been formal. I will say this gas in particular. This was now like a rambling moment of incoherence that makes you worry on. Oh my gosh housing to get through four years. This is abide gas, just kind of thin skinned tone, deaf that he could have made at any point. During his career and then that united
have to say that his defenders among Democrats, who just point out the he's going to apologize and amid error, is true and makes his gaps kind of a different order. Then trumps, there's not did the maliciousness to bide nervous waste. He can't get to trumps level of malicious us. I think that's true. I also think that is a bit of a double standard here, in that you might be prepared to accept the apology that Biden preferred, but usually the people who who to allow themselves to accept it, and indeed to explain what he really men would was buried him man, I don't think Joe Biden- is a racist. Then I do think the job I and exhibits precisely the sort of learned and habitual behaviour that we are told
all the time needs to be shed from american life. His. Record in the seventies and eighties is to use the preferred word problematic. His work on the crime Bell has been extremely controversial of late the words that he cheese is in the assumptions that he makes would sink him if he went the democratic nominee for president and if, Damaging him went effectively helping trump. I struggled to think of anyone who could tell a black man, you ain't black, because he was
directing that directly at Sharm, aimed at all black voters. It said: is it a title? thing to say it's also just a deeply odd thing to say: I'm afraid, somebody Who is black? Is black doesn't matter of their communist free market? the matter whether a muslim or Christian. It doesn't matter and. They are not entitled to support. Turbine is deeply odd thing to say, and. It is, as I say, exactly the sort of thing, but that woke left exists to point out an, and indeed the work left is good at finding
doc, whistles and problematic assumptions in all sorts of things where they can be seen to anyone else. This was a soul, example of it. So I don't think Joe Biden is a racist. I don't think he's malicious. He can be malicious. It was deeply malicious to tell a black audience that Mitt Romney was gonna, put your backing chain That was an example not only of some pretty suspect assumptions and habits, and the adoption of the word your in that country- but also of actual malice, but in this case I didn't think it was militias but I dont know why he gets a pass when nobody else does. I have to wonder whether the victory that I expect to see
Joe Biden in November, will set back a lot of the less cultural and social aims, because there They have to make enormous compromises in the service of curtailing elect. Politics. We ve already seen one if Biden, we're not the de facto democratic nominee. The law the Tower Reed accusation was handled would have been different, probably unreasonable, probably been appalled by, but it would have been different this time. Just have second up. Likewise, Joe Biden says all sorts of things that in other contexts, wouldn't be accepted. He said You can't work at a seven eleven unless you have a slight indian accent. The way he talked about Bhamo and Obama first came on the scene. The put your backing chain.
Line and now you ain't black, but it will be ignored, passed over or be made subservient to his record and what he office and it will be compared ultimately,. To another Trump term, but in so doing it will expose that everyone, including those who believed their Pierre, is forced to live within our two party system, I think that's going to be both an unwelcome manner welcome site Jim Garrity. We can talk about how bad by this, but if he's leading by five six seven eight points and a lot of the two poles one of these pulling mavens on twitter forget who it was Henry
gender or someone is pointing out that he is ahead of the game are given were Hilary was pulling at this juncture? He's you ve, had some kind of I popping results in some of these states or their traditional red states had those at some point was Hilary as well, which one reason she didn't mind: you're a base of the blue, all states and thought she could expand the map. But if I did so, bad wise you doing so. Well, I think the, but the idea behind the Biden campaign could work very well. It may well still turn up anyway, The reason I was a little more bullish on his chances than some other folks, I believe look Thompson said he was walking corpse of some kind. Was just a sense that if they are returned to normalcy generally, tree outsider Republicans has a pretty good feeling about President Obama. Right now discussed that you know, Trump brings his own
Marcus other third country was not really enthusiastic for a. Sweeping moved to the hard left and socialism. The way Bernie Sanders was promising. All Joe Biden had just go up there and say: hey. You know what folks video back to normal none of those crazy stuff, relax it oh you're, you're drunk. Who came into town and trust the House mom and dad, or here we're gonna fix everything and that that is a very appealing message at a time when were feeling you know what calamity after another, the president's managed to get himself peach genders. You know on ending partisan warfare in just a return to calm, Easy yet centre left in reaching a point worth. Americans didn't conflict the news every day and say what is my government try Did you now? That's gonna screw things us again. This is partly I was by the administration that did Obamacare that sent weapons
to drug cartels pretty fast and fear, like the Obama administration, had plenty of problems on offer this, but in theory a return to normal see campaign could and should work and again it is, surprising that patent is doing well. What is it is: based in Delaware and his media appearances are getting further attention except way does something you don't ridiculous, like it out deciding whose black reduce not I did that's a big party Jim being in the basement, but I also think that he may be heating. Your advice here in that, if you look at where he's gone in the last two weeks, it's been two a more moderate, not less. I know that his campaign website looks further left. Then any democratic president in the last thirty years, and certainly on the question of judges. He will from my perspective,
the disaster, but look about. He said this week that nobody, who makes less than four hundred thousand dollars a year will see attacks increase under Abiden administration. That says two things: one that on economic questions. He's less interested in taxing them was Obama. Obama's figure was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and too all the things are on his campaign website and all of the shore will think about. This will think about that that he's given to his left flank a nonsense, you can't do single pair of you're, not gonna, raise taxes on people less at four hundred thousand dollars. You can't do free college. I look what else happened this week, Elizabeth Warren starts to signal that it now. I have other principle, maybe she said
Let us think, up, I didn't say single pair, so much a single player and if you don't like it Joe while nor do I know I think he's. I think you may be following your vice Jim. Well, the civic, the catch there in the irony is that, for all their differences, Trumpet Biden have alleged similarities, not just pay their age and being old white guy but also the fact that, ultimately better with neither one of our walks that window until you, Joe Biden has this brilliant policy mind you like to get into the nitty gritty of of maybe it is said it he did but but Joe Biden up today, isn't it true that they have instincts do you know, just as our Trump can contradict what he said the day before? If he has a phone call us, but you know as a general idea of what he thinks government ought to do, and what Paul He's ought to be, and I guess in particular who he wanted to confront from Zaire wakes up every day, lookin for a fight
and Biden I think his heart is a you know- the backslapping deal maker. So people say all Jim you're you're, so critical trump, where whitish on board with Biden, because to Was not what on earth to fight of the left flank of the Democratic Party he wasn't gonna put out to join them either. His attitude about your work out. Little from column a little column be, and if you They president, Joe Biden with a speaker Nancy policy in a sentiment, or delete or trucks humor things are gonna look Girl profitable not has left as they would have been with with Bernie Sanders, but policy would move significantly left word. I think you know that the Abbe opponents of Joe Biden D, you know stand up Joe, you know when the guys in a wheelchair, all of this comes from Joe Biden desire. To be the guy who the deal Baker. Ironically, Russia, that we tromp sees himself so, but that but that's a description of how he would operate in government. I mean there
reasons I couldn't person if Joe Biden, irrespective of my views of Trump One, is virtually stances and another is his title, nine views and, and then their studies, but he he is likely to run on exactly the message that I think you out Jim, irrespective of how he actually behaves in often said Jim Gary Ex question to you. If Joe Biden loses in November gaffes like you, ain't black will be the reason yes or no Yes- and I think probably the best way to summarize it is one of his more interesting gas lately was Joe Biden looking to a camera and said I am running to defeat Joe Biden and if Joe Biden is defeated, I think your bite. It will be the reason why we did to feature by so. Are we sure I'll I'll? Listen to that once? But are we sure he wasn't saying? I'm gonna run to be Joe Biden.
Rigid possible that I'm miss hearing that there would be the first time that the Biden has the old, not emphasised a syllable that what should have been there but tat. I think I just got fettes, I think of if, if this does come out with trumped getting real. Elected I will, I will choose to believe, showed that Joe Biden went out did exactly what he said. He was gonna. Do Jai Cook Ex question to you. If I lose is or gas like you, ain't black, the recent yes or no, I think, to some extent, yes, partly because that sort of gas does have the potential to turn off some of the voters. That, by me, But mostly because it weakens the case for Biden that that could be made if he weren't turbines and the best cases the one Jim outlined, the
weakest case is he's not trump and in some ways he is Trump he's not malicious unaware. Trump is in most cases, but he is old he's not a details, guy or awoke, he has some fairly antiquated attitudes and assumptions that come up when he is least expecting it because he's not aware of it. He cannot string a sentence together and we're going to see more of this is the election progresses he's not all there, and I think that does blunt the difference. Between him and jump in some way and makes me one once again. What on earth? Don't jump is doing to eating or he's treating about discover as a result,
say no, I say this kind of gas is survival standards are so different. From this stretch, the Overton Window, way way way over when it comes to the saying wild things. So this thinks I would make. Is it's going to be his incoherence rather than these kind of statements that will do them in if he is done in because it will, it will kill Jim's normality. Case. If, if it seems as though we could have a crisis or he's not going to be up to the the job or other people are functionally going to have to be running, the government so that the two year from our second sponsor this week, Babel of learning and language, does honour to do list. Babble makes it fun in easy. Babbles design,
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The common Eu Promo code editors on your three months subscription that's be a b b, l, dot com, promo code editors, be a b b e l to bees in their folks dot com, promo code, adders babble, languid for light check it out people so Charlie Cook. We have all sorts of evidence now anecdotal evidence and all sorts of indications from various tracking of how much people driving how much there walking that we may be having this big argument about. Whether we should reopen how we should reopen whether reopening is a mistake or not, but one way or the other real things happening. Yes, this is a fact. I'm not sure the discourse has caught up
with this yet, but this is where we are, and I don't think that it's going to change absent a real spike, a real resurgence, a second wave That is undeniably the because it is obvious to everybody all, because it is so obvious to politicians that they have no choice but to impose draconian restrictions once again for now the locked answers we knew them are gone. They were, of course, sold on a temporary basis, flattened the curve, save our hospitals prevent the surge, and we did that and the weather is good now and a lot of the early intelligence we had about corona virus has turned out to be wrong.
And all of that wrong intelligence militate in favour of opening. It is simply not the case that corona viruses transferred and transmitted effectively out side more people will be spending time outside as to whether improves it seems too the highly unlikely and rare for children to pass your own, a virus on two adults, the number of cases that caused by unclean surfaces seems to be much lower than previously thought. It's interesting how many of its early pronouncements thee
Cdc has now revise one of those, of course, being that mosques aren't effective, and now we are told Ah, and that in another self, is a boon to reopening, because people will feel safer and will be safer going out and the people who work in restaurants and shops and ass, it seemed to be the case. Amusement parks will be safer as well. This there's little appetite for continued locked dance on their previous model, but there is also a wealth of formation. Now suggesting that many of the things we did for good reasons in the first instance didn't do quite what we thought that they did. I expect to see a continued reopening.
Dr and tell the weather is good, almost everywhere, at which point the economy should start to pick up fairly quickly. And then the big question is: will there be a second wave, your german sties that there still like people being outside shaming in the media and on CNN, one there's some poor bar and ozarks. I got a lot of attention where, where people generally do look like they're really close to their zero social distancing going on. They still have these incredibly deceptive pictures of beaches from
download, suggesting everyone's right on top of each other? One is really like: a thousand people has spread over a couple acres or something and that their zero indication that outdoor spread is a real thing to be worried about, and then you, you have these idiotic stories pointing to increased cases in some states without making any reference to the fact that almost everywhere you have increased testing. So if you have testing going way up and Texas, you goin to pick up some more cases, you just want to look at positivity rate and the public we rate and taxes. For instance, like last time I checked as of last week was, was down but they're just a huge element of politics and of our media. That doesn't want to accept any good news about this farce. We should say we a good chunk of Amerika
loves to shame each other over making a different decision them referendum. What's joke that if you ever see a facebook fight between say at home, moms and working moms. And the way they still kind of criticism that the reforms that settles causes open. They will really take shots at each other. Guys. You will see Sunni and sheer imams. They are I Ladys calm down. What does get not a hand? This is theirs I hated here. Look you one of the things that you will just decided. That if you are staying home, you are a good person and People who are staying home want to be reassured that they are the good people that they are not just like making the right choice, but they are superior. People. That is why you see furious online castigation about some swimming pool, the ozarks nobody's ever heard of, but much
about the New York City, subway system. The sharing. Stick, I'm gonna be exciting for, but if you mentioned about how that the way these issues get covered perfectly terms of yet more tests becoming positive there are certain times where the media will report something, and those of us who try to know what we're talking about will look at this and Satan actually know you're you're covering this wrong. This is not actually, you know it's not to stick with five, two plus two, as for and the correction gets out there and it gets debated and it gets hashed and then the wrong reporting just keeps on going so your car. ITALY hearing a veto. You know here in Virginia, the number of tests are going up, but also the number of positive cases is going up, we'll no kidding, that's what you do when you get more of them. I recently had it out with somebody who pointed out that you were a recording this from Fairfax, counting Fairfax, he now has twice as many hoss cases hospitalizations and deaths from the car
virus as any other county in the state of Virginia. Yes, because you ve got more than twice many population, as any other county of the state of Virginia viewed on a per capita basis, were being ope somewhere in the top third dump. The very tight it just a dude. You mention this to people and their they're, just not interested in that, because they have got their narrative and their sticking to it. The narrative is stooped red state Beach, goers are killing are killing themselves, never mind the fact that Georgia has turned into mad max, though it was supposed to three weeks ago never mind that you know you can fight, but their people got up on the beaches in New York. You can find p. Up to now, are allowed in color for neither play your people. Colorado's rules for opening are not that dramatically different from that of Florida or Texas or Georgia, but we got a democratic other, so people one hears Jonathan Cape Heart, just tweet it that you know
Andrew Cuomo driving around his black car is like Batman in Gotham City and, although I know Batman, Batman is a friend of mine. You are no Batman. The more specifically this is the guy who kept putting recovering corrode of patients into nursing homes, and the media has almost no interest in that story because it gets in the way of this narrative the, Will you make an argument that a good chunk of the media have now believes their job is to make people in blue states feel good about themselves? and I saw this- give forgive me for web I'm quoting your presidency. You quoted, but it was an interesting thought. That said where people staying in their homes swell in part, because they're scared, by the way, something I dont get into the chest, something I think is perfectly legitimate, to be scared of gonna, grow. Worse things, terrible, even if it doesn't People say it yeah. You got serious health issues lingering for a long time the description of what they are, broken glass in the lungs. I'm gonna get that that's terrible, but, however
this has now turned a fear of going out into a virtue. Now, All of a sudden. If you're scared, you are a good person and no one wants to have that taken away from them. People want to believe that they are better because they are scared. They want to believe that they superior and wiser, and following sites, it'll capital letters, as gave a new some insight into insist by using because want something is old, Kapital letters. It means it must be true. We ve all got emails from readers, insisting that It is extraordinarily appropriately way this discussion is going on and he was very red. Mehta part me for wrangling his name. If I did was most explicit about this. A lot of people were saying like look memorial day Americans go out to the beach. Is America's go out that you know at the kickoff of summer? People are going to stay inside too much long after that the weather gets going to get nice and keep going to go out and do that live their lives. We should have been spending the past ten weeks in some sort of getting preparing ourselves to live with the corona virus,
because I hope the vaccine gets here as early as September is barely some Oxford researcher thinks it's gonna have, ass. He was really optimistic. May, We will get it by the end of the year. Probably organ get early next year, but here we are you're out some way to live with this virus and with an acceptable level of risk because give the Then what the alternative is? Everybody try to stay their homes for months and months and besides the economic consequences of that you're, not people losing their minds it it's kind of fastening how many people see. I believe the most legitimate response to this so say America, You ought to stay in your homes for four or five months. You're, not gonna. Do that, but
but I have to say yet yesterday were out in the streets were outside and the neighbors came by and we talk for forty five minutes and with such a relief you'll like it just in a face to face interaction with people, not in your immediate family. I've saved last week for the first time that a german wolden live and try stay. Area. Wishes have been hard hit, but last week began to feel better, especially try that c c guidance that it doesn't really spread on surfaces of like wine and other taking like fifteen minutes till I retrieve my newspaper in an open of it. If that's it, that's the case, sums wondered what you're, U ear and part of Florida has been particularly hard hit, but how, personally
I gave out what risks are involved, what activities, what what you're going to do? If you had to go say enough fly to San Francisco or just flight fly anywhere on a kind of discretionary, not like mandatory trip. Would you would you take it now? Would you still way now now I wouldn't take flight yet I should start by saying that I have been worried about this disease. Everybody should be as Jim says, it's not just. Question of whether it kills here is the question of what it just to you long term. This is already serious thing. I think we have in some ways overstated it and in some ways understated it. I think I would have
in considerably more panicked if it were killing children in large numbers. There's just something different about harking about your children compared to yourself. There I mean there would have been a run on cabins in Montana. That have been the case file I just. I also think people would have been punching each other. Those who would deem too Acting irresponsibly would have become public enemies. The still towards China would be fever picture if we was spanish flu level debts of children. This would be a different ballgame and I would have worried more. As I have children- and you are about your children more than about yourself, I think for now I'm in moderate mode, I took the
to the zoo, we're all outside they had a limited number of tickets. They were giving away so we went, we ve been to the beach a few times. It is funny you see how this pictures of beaches get made. Right down to the end of the beaten. You look back It doesn't look like everyone on top of each other and then ass. She walked up the beach. You used start see that there are ten feet apart and maybe more so the beaches been fine we ve eaten outside once the tables are ten fifteen feet apart from one another, but we did that I might drive to San Francisco. I think I'm not quite ready to fly, though it's The idea of a Annie'S- transmitted deadly virus, getting into an aircraft for five hours and being recycled over and over again is just too
for me right now, but but a lot of normal life I'd be happy to engaging friend to a month or two ago had to go on a family trip from the this area to North Carolina for family reasons have had to make this trip and just thought about it. So much might have more interaction with people. If I'm driving at stop occasionally to the bathroom and get something to eat or on an airplane, he figured out airplane and actually said he was on this in the airports and on the plane, whose use very rarely within six feet of of anyone could only about six people on the plane the airport so deserted. Receives, though that gems beginning, to end. You have some flights are quite packed because apparently the airlines put a lot of planes out of commission and have them brought them back, even though traffic is is taking back up again and just just
killings, a lot of seats. I guess one airline is not selling middle seats, but the other I forget. The names of them in particular, is so anyway, that the air traffic Vienna come back a little bit too yeah I think everyone can have their own individual measuring stick of what kind of risk is acceptable. Recently, in my neck of the woods they may, the announcement to all summer camps are cancelled and I'm a little peeled about that, because the kids running around outside, strikes me as a pretty darn low on the level of the potential risk there. I don't know if I go to a movie theater anytime, soon, lots of people close quarters, anybody cops and back back freaking out about that people might be weren't mass, but they're, probably misled if the master to eat some popcorn, I'm enjoying take out and delivery in our approach to transport by ever restaurant
that way out. I'd rather not be on a plane, probably drive some places for cars. Gonna come back public transportation to begin a super unpopular in a world going try to figure out what level of risk were willing to. You know whirling to accept. I do think that what's been, What we are seeing before our eyes, this you know people voting with their feet so to speak, is probably the way it ought to be, and others people who will probably make some take some stupid risks. Yeah, aren't you now part of being in a free country. Is that we can't have somebody can looking over everyone shoulder at all times. You need to let people you know, decides level risk that is accepted for themselves, and if people don't want to go out- and I dont want to interact with other they, then you should let them do that people should wear masks. I know the argument is that I know the argument is: oh, doesn't provide nearly as much protection as you think it does, but you know cops verbal progress, even though the notes and protect their head in
though, the surgeons are wearing them for decoration there. This is, you know you do that. You recognise what your exhaling gets kept inside minimize the chance of a floating over to somebody else You know it's a small imposition and it seems like a reasonable one. Health ever bigger through here, and I think most Americans are Jen Lee wanting to do their part wanting to help each other, but they also want the country to function, and you just can't keep the countries sitting on a couch, much Netflix Fer. You know, months and months on it. Try cook Ex questioned you another yes or no question. If there is another major spike in its actions in the fall, we will lock down the way we have this bring yes or no reluctantly in some areas generally now Jim Garrison. Which I think will depend highly on how badly the place got hit the first wave of something else, Happens in New York yeah, I think we'll go straight, the lockdown pretty fast other.
Ices, where they ve been locked down. A number of cases haven't been that bad, I think you'll see more resistance, and I look because everyone is prepare and because people are gonna continue. Social distancing because people are probably gonna, keep wearing man. I think you think the second way will be quite as bad. Yes, I know the second wave is worse than nineteen eighteen one, but do you know? I think waste will be on guard for this for a while, and thus I think, hopefully the second one will be nearly as bad as what we went through in the spring. So I thank you answer is no, I accept caveats with Charlie Jim hearted areas might lockdown more than a place else would, but I still think even or did areas can be hard to go all the way back to basically shelter place so, I'm no, let's paused before I move on second plug and our plus digital script and serve as a national view, dad
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Their cabo a while ago and parties cocktail parties with are right, Yours at our editors, when the era of social distancing truly comes to an end, so please check it out and growing by leaps and bounds. Tens of thousands of your fellow and our readers can't be wrong, so please check out at our plus and just do it sign up. So let's hit a few other things before we oh Charlie, Catch been watching a low alone. I learned through its BBC, comedy from the nineteen eighties when I was a kid cited afternoons always feature Second World WAR movie or accommodate those? Sammy or allow war projector their require? Something very like we gotta be determined
thrown in anyhow, Allah is set during the Second World WAR set in French CAFE the owner is part of the resistance is a bit of a bungling. Sort, I wondered whether would seem aged, but it doesnt at all, I think, it'll, probably beyond that breadbox streaming service, interested and Jim, Garrity, you have been reading the Ex Man comic books. Some people are learning a new language, you're you're going the other way referring further, I want to emphasise couple weeks ago from Amazon. I ordered the great influenza by John M bury obvious. Heavy reading about the nineteen eighteen epidemic let me summarize it for you. They thought this would work and that it didn't send that many people died. Just lather, rinse, repeat the revolt of the elite speedily
four lash and it also ordered a bunch of x. Men collection, comic books, because I needed something lighter and surprise surprise as we deal with this global pandemic people dying people spray to come out of their houses. I was going to stop the Connie crashing. Lord behold, a tricky for the comic books, and my conclusion is a Christopher. Clermont was a genius who wrote the comic book. The x men from nineteen, seventy five and ninety ninety one I caught the tail end when I was collecting and man. You know he would Tito what he was doing was telling like really full, but stories never talk down to his audience. I wish everybody else comics at. From him, but sadly they did not certain, He a lot about stretching- and I emphasise thinking about it wrong doing it. One of my insights here is I reached a middle age. I guess I'm actually in middle age is whether ways aging really starts is in your legs and check sleep. Having stiff legs me this week and I was just like
limping around like an old man, blacklist head of it and is entirely because everything so stiff cause. I don't I never stretch I should say never I I do on occasion and immediately makes me feel better, but it just it's so boring it so painful it takes so much time is it's my least favoured and I'll get allow time to to work out. My my least favoured form of x size. Even now. I know I I should So what's that time, the package Gary for editors, tax, Jim Gary Becker, Zack Evans, has a really good he's about former senator and former? U S ambassador to China MAX Bokkis, he is denouncing the president comparing him to Hitler on chinese state television. The only thing I can think of its comparable to this when is the former german chancellor. Gerhard Schroeder is not premature
lobbyists for the russian oil industry, and I just gonna bar what how certain figure sit there in the right party can go out and basically sign on for the bad guys and get very little criticism for this, and nobody seems to think that this, Say worthy of much criticism noticed republic listeners are probably not heard MAX Balkis his name in a very long time, and this sort of thing I think, as you know, if not treasonous, I think gesture genuinely disloyal to run out. Provide the chinese state television with all the denunciation of America. They could have possibly one track up. What's your back Kevin Williamsons peace rhetoric and cheap language he argues that politicians live in the world of words about words says they are participants in a kind of
purely symbolic economy, in which the exchange of words supplants exchange of goods and services. That doesn't mean we don't need them, of course, but it does mean We should remember that limited experience when they promised to expand the government and make our lives better. So I take is a piece of age by name Andrew Fox. He is with the Henry Jackson Society, a foreign affairs think tank making the case. We are too dependent on China for essential goods of you. That's a little controversial within an hour without debate about it back and forth, and clamp client foxholes view, but I spotted pointed out just just by way of boasting, I guess just how much
what China coverage we ve had on the website of the last two or three months and not least of which Jim Gary's Workin, on the one hand, labs in China's lies about this. But China is a global competitor. That's become come greater into focus during this crisis and we ve had a lot of good writing about. It and check out the Andrew Fox, all peace. So that's it for us. You been listening to a national review. Podcasting every broadcast, retransmission account in this game without the express written permission of now sure view Magazine is strictly pro gibbeted, despite gases were produced by the incomparable surgery, who makes us sound better than we deserve thanks, Charlie. Thank you, Michael thanks to Asia.
New geopolitics, the new book by Michael Arslan, and thanks to battle and thanks. Finally, especially to all of you for listening where the editors and we'll see you. That's.
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