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Episode 227: The Row Rowling Hath Wraught

2020-06-12 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss this moment of cultural riot we’re in, what we should do about Confederate statues and symbols, and how to view the developing situation in Portland.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Camden’s police force • Charlie: Kyle Smith’s piece “Insanity at the Poetry Foundation” • MBD: Rich’s column “A Presidency Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Light items: • Rich: Being on hold. • Charlie: Happy Meals. • MBD: Wall maps.

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is J, K, rolling too big to be cancelled, we'll Fort Bragg and forbidding in door and how far away from the establishment of a United Republic of Greater Portly India will discuss all this and more on this week's edition of the areas under flaring up joins always by the Right honourable Chelsea Debbie in the Tories bird Michael Brandon Door, Jim Clarity will return soon. You listening to a national. You podcast sponsors this week are freedom fast and bound by oath, the from our friends at the end, For justice, more about them in due course, evolution Podcast NASH, review dot com, including directly on the corner, I'm looking at you. It would be easier.
You and better for us to be made as part of your feet at any the string services out there from Spotify Itunes, like what you hear here, please consider giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you dont like what you hear here, please forget, I said anything Charlie. We have the cultural revolution like wave of turmoil and cancellations across the country across the culture, and even across the pond why'd to talk a little bit about what you make has been going on. J K rolling, they will get in some other instances as well. She said what, Sir, what struck most people as something not even worth saying throughout most of human distance, which is that men can't meant trade and the mob came after her and people she's worked with closely on the movies turned
on her, and it was one of the more absurd instances, and this a week or two of absolute cultural craziness. We all been living through yes there's a moment in George Orwell's humming, the Catalonia in which he says that for the first time in his life, he felt that everything was up for grabs in Spain during the civil war, and its generally, not a good thing when everything is up for grabs. It's not a good thing for a couple of reasons: firstly because when everything is up for grabs, you're, probably drifting so far away from whatever it was that you intended to achieve in the first place as to disrespect and maybe discredit. Prime Mover, which in this case was
The murder of George Floyd and the arguments that it unleashed is also not a good thing, because most of our society is fine. An operating pretty well and relative to almost all of human experience virtuous and happy and wealthy. Who have gone so far now into iconoclasm that we created a general revolution. Environment which anyone whose steps out of line is seen to be fair game. They're alive or dead, the universe you Liverpool is apparently changing its Gladstone Whole because his father own slaves is Britain's greatest liberal. Prime minister reformer emancipator. If the irish Anti imperialist.
And so J K rolling over her comments had nothing whatsoever to do with rice. Although her common were made in Britain or the comments, and I use the word deliberately do not in fact intersect with the murder of Floyd has not only been denounced by most of the elite class. Look at headlines on these stories, if you don't believe me, but by the people whose life she made. They actors in Harry Potter and her other works, We are in the middle of a cultural riot, not a physical one, so much any more, but a cultural riot. I thought was so pathetic about take a rolling incident
that none of her critics do nothing other than restate their objection. There is no argument here. If you look at every piece but has been written on this. The game is pure session. The headline reads that Kay rolling engaged in Anti Trans speech and attend to praise those who have called her out, but this is just editorializing the quest at hand these. Whether rolling speech was anti chance. She thinks it's not. Those calling her out are in fact disagreeing and their statements don't do anything to move the poor. They just repeat the catechism So the argument against J K, rolling.
Is that she is wrong because she said something that they think is wrong and Jackie instead, there are biological differences between men and women. Those are real. They are observable they exist within a External reality, she said that men cannot menstruating, but those who menstruating woman, the trans activists say that's not true, But rather than point to any evidence to the contrary, nor engage with specific arguments that rolling is making they say that hurt disagree. With them erases their truth, which is now now given devices to you too. Now I'm black, I'm a black man, and you said Charlie you're, not you're a white man and I said
By denying that I am a black man, you are raising my blackness. The audience would laugh. I hope I dont know why they are laughing here. In. I know they are really because, having read all of these pieces, I scroll down to look at the comments and amazingly the vast majority of normal people are not scandalised, store, shocked or upset by the idea that men are capable of menstruating, but those whom this moment has purchased And so we are Watching the ritual denunciation of somebody who is or was greatly beloved.
So. I believe that this ransack he's been pretty widespread. We got cops Cancelled we got live, p D cancelled, we have suggestions, at least that chase the police pop on par patrol. Should be at risk or seriously enter I it we got gone with the wind taken off HBO. MAX we're gonna get at it confederate, iconic, Graphic separately in it and a moment here, but what he make of it Charlie's right called a cultural riot. You know it you know I on a classroom is done in a religious spirit. Right I mean it's. It's a kind of sign of Religious fanaticism right there's, this kind of lurking fear that someone's going to chance upon
the wrong thought I mean and and That's why it descends to this kind of hysteria where people are aid that pop patrol is somehow contributing to violence. You know, I think the t enough. Rumbling thing too, is is this to me, the suggests thing is that its global right I mean Its spread not to just two Jackie rolling back Cecil roads I saw this morning there was the face and of a statue of rum, The Bruce in Scotland as he was build a racist king and trying to think of like he was oppressing relic. Was it you know, with her
he left over picts hanging around a few centuries. Leans got Scotland some some comfort speakers in its hard to know so here there's there's a kind of indiscriminate thinking. I think there was an abolitionist statue in Philadelphia. That was my eyes Baldwin devoted his flock philanthropy to educating black children right, now some of this is done in total ignorance. Right I mean that I are often ignorant right away, the foot soldiers were just exploding in splitting the temples and ex exploding statues. Some of it is- is ideal Roger calls. You know spiralling and expansion, where at some point,
If your problem is not white, supremacy but white privilege, well, then the abolitionist have to go to re because in a sense, Spite daring to free black. People you were stepping in and pretending to be a white saviour and you know you ve come at all sorts of offences. By being an abolitionist south theirs, Little bit of that and in I think, part of this hysteria, too, is is in order. I've talked about Charlie off over the I cast his there's a kind of this disorganized, religion, I, this is a disorganized religious spirit that is kind of stocking the land and cataclysm has been a part of the tradition of the west. These spasms
is in you know it's a piece of you know the cannon wars in academia where you're trying to in whose representative You know in this kind of futile quest to wish that history was different than it was end the only way to stand up to it right is, is either. You overwhelmingly protect the statues and the people worth protecting waiting to protect them with IRAN. Force, The other thing is to just let them get bored with it in others. There something you can't stop, and this may be one of them where this is kind of, passion has to extinguish itself in the next couple of weeks. It I said if you read on the ultimate point is addressed to exclude certain modes,
thinking? It Michael says a driver of iconoclasm, it is fear that some have not forbidden. I said that or something else in your view, I think it's partly, that is part of a cultural under confidence. The fear that otherwise, smart people will make bad decisions unless you take away their choices. I also think it Sir Human desire to find a short cut much easier in the middle of a riot to steal the television than it is to save the money up and pay for it. If you see a cultural wave, even if it's not long lasting. And you jump on the back of it. You might be able to achieve, that would otherwise have taken arguments and democratic deliberation and Athens bright, searched amazing shortcut.
Amazing short cuts are getting what you want so export. To you and they d on this one, you think, will see this spasm. This cultural riot as Charlie calls it fizzle out within the next month. Within the next six months or never. I think you know we had. One of these Couple of years ago, I think, two years ago, on some of the confederate statues and I predicted it would spread to the founders. I think sixteen nineteen product it has in its way, I think we're just gonna see this and her hasn't held. So I think we're gonna see this period periodically in a visa
You too weak to two month bursts of this until there's some kind of feeling of political settlement again take up. Well die out, but I think it's going to take until the end of the presidential election to do so, because these issues will be raised along the way as part of that debate. Can a sizzle say roughly we months, maybe you know, maybe between a month in six months, but it'll start up again with the next incident and they they pitched. They push it further each time and regarding the founders. Now it's in a relatively intellectual effort to discredit the founders, but it
will become more concrete and I think there will be serious action at some point against the Jefferson Memorial not just physically, but in an attempt to reach make it something else. I think he's she's the most vulnerable of the of the of the biggest founders. So with that lets, pause and hear from whatever sponsors this week. Freedom fast for investors on known as the world's largest gathering for free minds and the summit, liberty, movement, freedom. First, twenty twenty, we'll take place July. Thirteenth through sixteenth, will be the first large person to person Conference in LAS Vegas. Since a covert nineteen lockdown began freeing a fast producer marks cows and says we are determined to defend our first amendment rights as
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test with sessions on police choice and speeches by MOD Tory of black guns matter and Tk Coleman, common among others, for investors calling to all the passionate defend liberty like you to join together in a demonstration against unjust government incursions constitutional rights and our personal liberties freedom. Fast again, it is on for MID July check it out. So Emily was also on. Is the campaign against confederate symbols and about conflicted on this one a lie: the big statues I don't like, especially, I think were erected as way too all this signal to African Americans, said the rice or can be curtailed.
And that the confederacy was a just cause, I think, are a particularly prob, problematic and I'd like seem really moved to battlefields museums or wherever else, but I want to see it done on a more pressure sit down as a product of violence and the forts that are now being targeted it, it just seems to me to brag and for banning no one. There really thanks thanks anymore, about the confederate antecedents. Those names. The names are now more associated with with force themselves. Then they are with the confederate generals. What do you make of it yeah I mean you know it's hard to describe like a moderate position. Like your your own right, I mean myself I'm for putting statues up anymore Making some of them down when we think more about it, or decide, we like something else. I would
against, like you, are, is a kind, DR toward a year the Civic called right like one of the things that was disgusting about what happened. In the Soviet Union. Was the theatre that imposing one civic cult right that all the though the arm all the monuments had to in some way reflect the glory of the party. And even after the Soviet Union came down brought you know I would have supported taking down almost every manual. Stolen, but not in a way that You know you know limits to how far you should push it? As far as You know some If some town loves their money.
To the Red Army and their there, Fathers died in that in the great patriotic war. You know you think twice about taking it down. The the federal monuments, have this double history is impossible to intertwine. Some of them are put up to signal the end of reconstruction or the kind of rise of their pride in brief terror in the nineteen twenties and nineteen tens. Were put up in this spirit of reconciliation, right that, while this was a war that pit brother against brother No, it's bad for the nation as a whole have a section of the nation that feels utterly
he defeated and without honour. So we have to invent a kind of honourable tradition In our way of talking about the true, great generalship of some of their leaders and those are intertwined and remembered, and an impossible to pull apart from each other right, You, I think, but I think over time, and I think it Ashley as more and more people have migrated to the south from New England, from the MID West. Tat meant to confirm a miles has waned and at the same time black. Power in the south as raw risen and- and so I think its net To take a lot of it down overtime, I think it gets a little silly when you go when big corporations like HBO, make a big stink about taking gone with the wind,
offer their streaming services in Algeria, gone with the wind. I think what is second, what's a little twisted about Culture is this fear that a single monument or a single movie in itself, is going to illicit and generate malice in a human heart. I don't think that's true. I dont think people. I think the only people for whom gone with the wind is a kind of watching gone with. The wind is a kind of wave moralising, their belief in A lost cause version of southern history. Those people really believed in a lost cause version of southern history and
but the wind is just something they attach onto it. Forbidding them to see it. One more time is not likely to change their views. Following someone to see it, one time is unlikely to implant those views in them. So so we are, I would just say like and in some ways I were, I would like a healthier culture. I think, would would just be a bit more relaxed about its memorials but yeah what what we were there. Anything more relaxed about now know is its there. That's the six areas period. It is a period of agitation end. You know. I've found in some ways in other some artists who have tried to cry their own state memorials as a response to the confederate memorials and that's healthy. You know that Sir
the port Artist, who painted, I think, Barack Obama's portrait, where he's sitting in front of the believes that some whose working in both statuary and in paint, and he tries to be in dialogue with his classical tradition and put figures and I think that's totally healthy and that's gonna help you thanks to this, and maybe a healthier one than just the you are, I can a classic load. The ethics is damagon. His said, among others, that we more statues get get your Frederick Douglass statues up. You know what one in motion and by figures of the nineteenth century. With Charlie everything has gone with the wind I mean it's. It's a piece of art. Tat is very compelling it all and can still move you to this day I spoke people could say the same thing about Iraq. Ready least statute enrichment, but what he make Wallace Lifing, though
front for a number of reasons. Somebody who has shown that we should go remove the pyramids, take him out. If you work at out, that's worth it for social justice right, but with slave Lake God. I am given to understand that many of those who are directing that labour will not comfortable with gay marriage, but Do you think it's a little bit different with the confederacy, because it comes down to why. We remember those depicted the confederacy was full of traders. They were rebels against the United States in service of a vicious ideology. Living in their own autonomous zone, the southern states autonomous own predicated-
upon values that are not just antithetical to those of the founding and incompatible with those of the founding, but that would had they prevailed have quite literally physically enslaved people. The cornerstone speech, upon which the confederacy was built. Don't believe me, go read the documents, secession in each state, easy Pediatrician of the american ideal Lincoln was tearing his hair out what he saw correctly as backsliding in eighteen. Fifty. He read his letter to repair in eighteen. Fifty nine. He makes this most clear and praises Jefferson will come back to them in a perverse sent
confederacy the cornerstone speech. The documents of secession are a brother of the sixteen nineteen project which sides with Calhoun against Abraham Lincoln against Frederick Douglass and in so far as that, the project is memorialize on public land and by public figures it is give an imprimatur that I think is inappropriate. The response that we saw from president, to the suggestion that the military bases you mentioned be renamed. It make a great deal of sense. In my view, I am open to the idea that it is a futile gesture. I am open to the idea that Fort Bragg is innocuous, because nobody
think of it ass a vestige of the civil war, but it doesn't really matter that many brave people, have fought barrel that the facilities high class those the institutions are home to the Union army. They run and owned and funded and occupies by the government the union government, the federal government in ass statue sit on public land or flags, are flown by state governments. The same problem obtains. And I have a lot of time for those who say: ok flout you want Your farm in your house, NASCAR its own decisions, but please don't put These memorials, irrespective of where they,
put up whether they were put up in initial wave or subsequently, please don't put them up in my name with my dollars as the results of government action, that implicate me, Chris calmly, you place the Jacksonville JAG is made this point that a march last week in Jacksonville about Alexander Stevens, I said the cornerstones. Made the case that not only are african Americans in area to whites, but that the only way the whites can ever be free or happy is if blacks remain inferior enslaved. I think I say, as a matter of public policy are opposed to private questions such as common
the wind. There are some serious questions here. They should be taken seriously. Now I, like you rich, don't want people defacing anything throwing statues in rivers breaking off heads vandalized, that's not how we do things. That is not an excuse for it but I have some time for the idea that on public Landon, public military bases and so forth, the standards should be different. Where I get off the train in an instant is when people take that idea and apply it
to people whose character floors were not central but either secondary or even incidental a couple of years ago there was a thankfully brief moment. During which some advocates for the removal of the statue of Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Square in London. Why because he and his earlier years had been fine with slavery, was not a fan of Wilberforce. This is preposterous. We do not remember Admiral Nelson, because he was not on the same side as William Wilberforce. On the question of the apple, slavery in the british empire.
We remember Lord Nelson because he saved the country because he was one of the great admirals in british history because he defeated the french and lead to a century of peace that matters Thomas Jefferson was praised by Abraham, Lincoln. In the same documents as he was condemning, Stevens Jefferson, Davis and others Why? Because we primarily remember Thomas Jefferson. Ass, the man who wrote the declaration of independence is the man who tried hypocritically yes to abolish slavery in Virginia Ass, the man who was president when the importation,
Slavery was curtailed and the first possible date could be under the terms of the constitution. I think we have to draw a distinction in how we approach this between those who stood for something concrete and those who were flawed and I dont think we are- and I think we have to do so- wish to between action that is taken by governments which are supposed to represent us all and actions that are taken privately, what should be far more flowering of opinion, difference and far more tolerance for ambiguity,
So Michael, we got to move on from this one, but really wick. How do you think about what would choice has obviously true that threaten us nature of better see, but these are Americans who died on the other side so hot? How do we? How do we put those things together and and do we honor that sacrifice at all and any way besides in reading about in history, books, You do it very carefully. I mean I. I still think. I grew Charlie, it's treason and it was a treasonous causing the cornerstone speech was appalling and many. The leaders of the confederacy are appalling in and the a revisionist history that there was this was
Its rights causes rubbish, bides many the soldiers, he fought were neither slavers nor politically sophisticated. They were fighting for out of fealty toward their state and their their region. And I think I think educated people, sure, admire soldier You try to do their duty with with honour. I think you did, but you have to again be very clear about. It is, I think, one of the things behind Spasm of iconoclasm is hard because Highly educated and cultivated people tend to. Be more tolerant of these,
deviations in these nuances in public ceremony, right like in every country, I know I know in Ireland when people he did. Nelson's pillar, Charlie Brown of Nelson, but James Choice and W B Yeats defended Nelson's pillar in the middle of Dublin. Ah, but eventually was blown up and in nineteen sixties, and similarly, I think an educated audience probably knew more sympathetic to literally blown up yet early blown up in nineteen, sixty six it had been there. I think they start work on it in one thousand five, two to commemorate Nelson's, great victory, Trafalgar and it was controversial from the start. But in any case I think
It has to be done. You know by civic groups led by cultivated men I don't think we should look. I don't want me to realistic plan. We need to move on, but I would just say I don't quite know how to do this either, but I do think that there is a little bit of sliding here between a desire to memorialize the dead, many of whom did believe that they would just protecting their state or their interests or who are conscripted essentially two armies, formerly or otherwise, and memorialize in those who made highly ideological and right thoughtful, albeit evil statements about nature of american life and the nature of human rights EU wide statue of Alexander Steve Rice anywhere. It. Very difficult there, Emmy using this everywhere. This difficulty exists in Germany. Right I mean after world war, two there were attempts to say: ok, let's put off
of the evil on the S ass, but the where marked, were you know we're just honourable german men. You know but an end, and you know you can't when you actually look closely at what the mark did in as they invaded Poland in France, You can't say that now you can begin to construct as some sort of policy where, for example, you would never remove graves from a cemetery, but you might not throw up or maintain a statue, Jefferson Davis in a town follow of african american citizens. Absolute absolute, that's absolutely right, and I guess what you just did These balances have to be struck carefully and I'm sorry that I think you need a culture it and literally men to term to make them
these decisions, but I think that's the only way works. Otherwise, you just at these. Otherwise you get you do have in Germany and in Poland, which is these blunderbuss government rules and I was joking about the lack of cultivated and legally man in our society, but I will say I have more faith in every single official who is currently elected to fill. That than I do in the mob. He now, of course, Emily S, question to you and say: roughly five years time will most confederate statutes be removed. Or will still be a lot of them, although fewer than today You're still be a lot of them, but fewer but fewer than today you, I think I think will look back in thirty years, and this will be a gradual process with a few spasms in between jacket,
They're still be a lot of them, because the United States is not a unitary state. People have wildly differ Opinions on this. It's not gonna be resolved by our conversation on this point gusto by my views. People interact with these statues in different ways and the public policies that flow from that war will variable. I think the last time I asked questions like this was Apt Charlottesville, my interest still the same, I think most of them will be removed so that less, if our second sponsor this week, the bound by a podcast from the Institute for Justice, is a deep dive into the history. The fourteenth amendment that's accessible, an enjoyable to non lawyers, but also chock full of instinct tidbits where's will not have learned and constitutional law class the need for the Fourteenth amendment and the ratification. The fourteenth men are setting stories that people dont know about bound by oath,
dies in the lives of many individuals from deep and our history and from today, but the first that the amendment has touched, for example, the first up so tells the tale of John Rock dentist turned doktor turned lawyer, who was the first african American admitted to the supreme Court bar for people who are unaware of the significance of the fourteenth a minute. It radically change the structure the constitution in an attempt to live up to the ideals of the declaration of independence. The podcast is the production of the institution. Justice and many. The stories tells of I J clients fighting for the right to earn a living property rights and other essential american liberties bound by us recently wrapped up its first season, with nine episodes, its best, listen to from the beginning So if you, when you check it out, should say of when you check it out, please start from the beginning
It's available on any of the stream serves is out there again, it's bound by both from our friends at the institute for or just so. Our next final topic, I wanna do it. Exit question style has were running the gas that, fortunately, a hard deadline here, we have the establishment Ebby Calvin. Artemus Zone in Seattle, six, blacks, liberated from the sea, sea city government. What do you make of it and exit question? Do you think secession will increase? finally become a thing again in american wise and has not yet the confederacy, there are other movements, and our history will become a thing yes or no. Two questions, really all interests,
One first will confer secession become a thing. It is a thing. It's a periodic thing, and you see it's you see spasms of enthusiasm for, depending on who the president is when he was George Bush, was this little vogue further Second Vermont Republic to emerge out of new when and secede from United States- and there is seen out loose talk at the beginning of Obama's term about a re emergence of the loan star republic- and I think that's it- level, it will exist most of the time. As for these six box in Seattle I mean I I That's just like occupy Wall Street or the Paris commune Woodstock in this way having already. If there's some news reports already it's A b
right of disorder and sexual assault when when they were, short history of this Secession is written, It's ridiculous for the Mayor Seattle to pretend that this isn't really happening. It's demoralising to Seattle, police force. I think, to give up a police precinct. I had a friend whose daughter was in their precinct a few weeks ago and gonna- be damaging to the city and its having is actually something legitimately sad and troubling to see the police in Seattle saying with theirs. Six block radius, where these suppers have entered,
Committing extortion against the businesses in those six blocks so It has to be put down. And very soon for Seattle, good and You know this is another sign of what I said before about disorganized religion. Right I mean this is like a kind of Toby and HARM Une Commune sprang up and It seems like the majority of people in it are: are white people want to create and example of socialist, we're communism. There works, and then there's other people who are the black lives matter. Movement of her are increasingly uncomfortable with what's happening there, so yeah that's what to make of it. I don't think you know, I think for them. Part session will be this kind of epic finance
one of our partisanship, chequered sessions, become more of a thing. Yes or no. I don't think so. I dont know. Instead of guessing, I'm gonna make my pitch for federalism. You don't to succeed. You need to limit your exposure. You don't need to worry as much to the president is who's in charge of the federal bureaucracy or even who's running Congress need to limit the federal government to its proper role so that you can live in harmony. With others in the country. I disagree, California, has indeed seen a rise in secessionist sentiment since President Trump was elected.
Silly, that's not the tool, it's not the necessary to try and reduce the power of the federal government. California can do whatever it wants, and those people who taking over city blocks and I must confess to finding it extremely annoying that I was capable of condemn, the Bundy's. Drawing on the work of Abraham? Lincoln and others in expressing the importance of the law, but that it seems to be a concerted attempt on the life To pretend this isn't happening audits in some way different, not Woodstock. It's not a protest zone, These people need to do. This is an absolutely enormous country. What these people need is go live somewhere else and demand that baby, mostly left alone goby the Amish and take over parts of Seattle. All the tools to resolve this
issue already in the hands of those who are dissatisfied You just need to learn to use them and to understand that if they use them, others will be able to use them to as they see fit the Amish, obviously to orderly and hard work, and to be a very useful example. I do think the sessional become more of thing I think of tropical reelected. It would become a a huge thing and potentially driver a major crisis at some point in his second term. So before we go, let's hit a few other things. Envy day you ve been looking at Wall MAPS, there's this company, I think, out of the UK, called the future mapping company and fuel
you go. I bought one of their maps of the british Isles founded by some designer, and She is a shrill I for color, and this week I just bought a european law map to decorate Thea off from which I am now broadcasting in which I've been confirmed. For a few. But it's basically anyway. It's just a guy company and they make one off. Things. In my house. It is my favorite thing to look at and Charlie than meditating on the metaphysical perfection. Mcdonald's happy me absolutely copy a happy man not for me, but my kids, comes then a little box. It looks like a house, Portion size, surprised, toy apple, slices, get apple juice, milk, I took the kids through anticorruption. Happy me, oh by the way, what I was a kid they wouldn't dare
Apples, a happy, I'm your reactionary, where you can ask for those things, so maybe maybe I'm a fan of non times. Happy merely advance new fangled. Happy male anyhow took the kids who the drive for yesterday and when we got home the ship Joy that these happy males confer is something to be so I've been thinking about being on hold. I spent two and a half hours on on hold yesterday with the apple problem. And destroy knows I'm not much of a attack guy and my instinct over there. Some sort of problem brain is just not to deal with it because it will take some long, and it may create other problems to try to help me out of some six or forget what was years ago failed ago, failed, not his fault. I had to go the apple story after we can't help you that area the store actually bought the door
Yes, we can help you that I ended up for solving the problem, but in the process like locking myself out of the email and desperately trying to get back in my email lost track, my password for my email, even after the emo, working surf several years. I didn't know my own email, password cuz. I want to mess with that either, but anyway, I've had this issue had been locked out of my Itunes account. I tried to make an appointment to call apple to deal with it. The appointment as soon as I get was I go away, hence and sure enough? I blew it, I forgot about it and then I wasn't gonna like make another one for a week a week. Again and again that the bullet called yesterday apple people can do they had put me on hold to talk to the Itunes people who couldn T authored it had put me on, hold and talk to the Icloud people who can deal and we're gonna trust me over to the MAC. People is best. Problems
I wonder whether you have clearer fix for this was locked out of my Itunes. I have been able to update my eye cloud storage, so have like three months stuff pictures now that our backed up, but the only way to get back into my Itunes account or get a new items account because my current want some reasons permanently suspended- is to create a new account which erases everything on my phone at the moment, which has been backed out backed up, they don't have an items, account to get Icloud Store, so ass to meet like right, happy mail. He fastened we're going to try to get to download them onto a MAC, and then I get the phone going. But anyway it's a lot of hold music is the most annoying very light eyes are worth so. What's diver editors bags, anybody would you bet the mutual admiration society that sometimes is I'm
your column rich. A presidency is a terrible thing to waste. Which explains how from is blowing blowing it. This was the this first. For this year was his time. Of testing in crisis, and he is wasted it on things like just tweeting garbage end. Focusing like a laser on Joe Scarborough was deep troubled secrets. It's been a bad job by him, but a good job. I rich thanks Maketh, try with your big that one of the great it is about working at national review- is that you get to read people who aren't crazy, say Carl Smith writing about people who are crazy. The people who are currently trying to take over the poetry foundation Not just take it over by removing the People who run it, but by taking it entire and down for themselves. Quite how
as they say were. The ones who earn this in the first place is true, given that it comes from a family that makes medical drugs is unclear, but this story The car taught with typical panache is just so so funny, essentially the poetry Foundation put out a statement saying that it stands in solidarity with the black community and denounced injustice and systemic racism, and all of us which looks fine. I mean quite wide the poetry front and had to do this, I don't know, I never thought it was racist, but it put out the statement. That seems fine and it wasn't get it off and in response the rebels, I suppose, Call them came up with this letter, which contains one of the great lines of all time. I intend to use this in future debates. They said the watery. Vagaries of this statement are ultimately a violence.
Violet fishing waters vagaries. I meant to say this next time. Somebody annoys me, but but it turns out that the only way to remedy this, the violence of this watery vague statement is to give the rebels about two hundred million dollars, which is convenient cargoes through this any finishes with an observation, I'm afraid it's true. I think it would probably be healthier and our culture that weren't true, but especially at this moment, is true, which is that in this context, it easy, if not to say anything in the first place and if you do say something, don't apologize? So my take is peace we On the experience for Canada, New Jersey to fund the police has been a big again. No one knows what it means, besides the completely absurd literal meaning, but some,
but pointed to the experience of Cannon New Jersey, which actually disbanded its police force. But as this peace by Stephen Waters, points out that are basically union busting. Measure and a way to get around the demands of the police, not just various protections, but for a salary demands and benefits demands, so there was a new police force in Camden, so there was still a police force that was funded and a fact that there more cops at the end of this process. Which is one of the points of the process. So if you been wondering about Camden what you've heard her amount about this week and if you haven't read this piece yet it do yourself a favor
and check it out. So that's it for us to email, sent you an ass review, podcast into rebroadcast retransmission this game without the express written permission of Nephew magazine is strictly prohibited. This podcast has been produced by the incomparable Sarah City and makes it sound better than we deserve. Thank you Charley. Thank you, Michael thanks to freedom, fest and to bound by oath and thanks especially to all of you for listening for the editors and we'll see you
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