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Episode 237: Problematic Nomenclature

2020-07-14 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss the fight over Anthony Fauci, the ridiculous double standards when it comes to blue states versus red states, and their reactions to the Washington Redskins’s name change.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Andy McCarthy on Roger Stone • Charlie: David Harsanyi on Joe Biden • Jim: Rich’s column on NYC’s COVID response

Light items: • Rich: one-on-one wiffle ball games • Charlie: Southern Survival • Jim: Socially distanced birthday celebrations

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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I will return soon. You listen to a NASH, Review, podcast or sponsors. This week are equipped and consumers lived in liberty more about them in Of course, you foolishness, podcast on after view dot com directly on a corner. It would be, easier for you and better for us if you actually went and made it part of your feed at any of the streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes, and if you like what you hear here, please give us a glowing. Five star review on Itunes If you don't like what you hear here, please forget, I said anything so Jim Gary, how this bizarre circumstance of the way house waging war on the governess top epidemiologist. You had the press office sending out You reporters a list of all the things that Anthony Faulty has been wrong on.
For the years and during this pandemic I have naturally physically seen this document myself, but it can. It distorts sum of fancy statements during this pandemic and, yes, he's been wrong about. Things over the decades, like everyone has, but this seems a bizarre deflection of faulty doesn't have anything that to do with. What's going on, there has not his his fall to the extent its anyone's fault, but you have this this game of buying shifting going on It's more than bizarre wretch. It is infuriating because ah ethic found, is a human being. He is imperfect. He is going make mistakes. He has said things during the course of this pandemic, but I have now Take agreed with or enjoyed or appreciated. He is a doctor. He focus is on health matters, and he does not. You know
Economists, so you know this. There is reason to point out that you know he may not see the full picture and may not be. Able together with me. He may not be the person who would be able to see the full effects of everything cause he's looking at everything strictly from a perspective of what is best for human health, not necessarily taking in those offsets with That said, he's a very bright. He's a very reliable guy. The truncating that could be quotes. There were apparently in this release distributed by the White House Press office. Is adding par for the course of an administration that seems to think that if they can get half a point, than that, somehow it counts or something that their scored. Some sort of point This is an administration that appears to be in denial of the seriousness of the pandemic cases are going up for a dramatically up until about a week ago you could say yeah, but deaths are going down, and it's right you look from about. You know mid to late.
Rolled down to about the end of June, beginning of July yeah. I was really nice to see a steady decline, with the pattern is a weekly pattern. Knowest goes down dramatically on weekends and, as he has a rich another using like every you know where every century we can, I encounter. Somebody on social media at sea was barely two hundred cases today, but we turned the corner and then all the cases I didn't Count Saturday and Sunday, you put it on Mondays, pile and all of a sudden did jumped back up again, but we after July. Fourth, its below the number of deaths reporting went up to close to a thousand inclined a little bit, it's more of a pretty good start so far this week, You have a job to use gas related to say the dump day says recording here just morning, you're so we'll see, I carry on yesterday at eight deaths which fantastic but sir last last Monday of the same pattern and real love on Monday in the night. Jumped up on Tuesdays will probably see the same thing this week, all their hope. Not
and this argument that more cases do not necessarily equal more deaths. I grew that to a point where this argument that, if this is the current spike in cases were seeing driven by young people going out to bar, is gonna restaurants, having parties etc. Yeah mostly people are younger and healthier, and most of them are gonna pull through fine, but not all and the other point it worth noting as it most of these young at some point. Some of these young people with someone older or gonna come contact with someone, who's older or emu. No compromise, or something like that and those people are gonna, have a hard time beating off the virus and those are the ones who are gonna sharpen the death number. So I don't think he's alive People using behind waving away this current in our increasing cases the trump ministration inflict with a president. Who knows this times has said this virus is going to disappear at it. He wants to go back the traditional rallies. We saw what happened and Tulsa wants to go about. He wants to hold a traditional, the convent sit down a Jacksonville lucky Charlie,
Yes, dear you want, he wants to act as if life is going back to normal and it can't we close the normal that we did in March. We know more about this virus now than we used to, and I think one of important, because we need to figure out a way to live and function with this virus up and running, but that effort to return kids to school. But we can pretenders. If it's not there, and we're seeing that and when you treat Anthea faulty as just another political opponents, as Just another Hillary Clinton, as somebody to be taken down because they have the idea I to say things the president doesn't want to hear. It is a good example of just dd down to the bone marrow dysfunction in this administration. Nicely bout you earlier this week had said was doing some interviews, somebody up in New York and said something like you guys have been. Good hands in New York. He it because a reference whether the reference to build a lousy order, Andrew Cuomo Adapter vouchers I respectfully disagree. I think a lot of mistakes- those you guys have made, particularly in the early part of this
laying the risk and picnic almost decision to send infected patients back into nursing homes, but that beef over a stray comment by you bout. She is not a reason to launch this secret behind the scenes. Public relations campaign, undermine the one guy in America, the just about everybody trusts and listen to for help advice and by the way, who are adequately with these people resources will who get to remain anonymous. If you're a White House correspondence somebody comes to you, hey look here's, a here's, all the dirty- here's all opposition research on Anthony Voucher. If your report Are you it's up? What do you say now? I'm not gonna give you are not of anonymity on this. I think, if you want to go up, you will make a step like this You really should be able to attach your name to it, and I could I love to know the who in the White House thinks this is a good idea. I'd love to know who, in the White House, thinks that the weighted with this ongoing pandemic crisis, the way to get out of. This is to try to see I'm in on background or in the shadows, trash Anthony fancies reputation, because that's the real problem here,
it tries to this came up couple months ago, when there's a firefox, you effort that that we discussed use the Aberdeen Daimio. This is Jim Point out, he's gonna focus just on the public health aspect of things, It is actually admitted this says a lot about like a general in a war, you you you you want generals, not just because they can carry out your orders, but you you want there their advice, you know their experts and military matters, but they can't be the ultimate. Fish maker cause all sorts of other considerations in and you you want other perspective, and no one elected them. No one elected Anthony faulty. So you want him at the table. You don't want to look at it in the big chair around around the table, but you know he's he's playing his His plays role is
the reasons you outline ought to blame him. Less. The implication is that he's. Actually, the president of the United States is an adviser he's. An adviser who's going to focus. Ticking away on a particular topic. You'll have his own biases. Prime Minister of Great Britain, cannot by members of his cabinet there. That's who advise him, but the ultimate decisions rest with him, but is even more true in the United States, where this no collective responsibility within the cabinet fashion. He is somebody who has been brought in to help the ultimate
Decisions in this country lie with the President and with Congress and at the state level. There is a tendency. Unfortunately, is becoming more and more pronounced ass. We approached the election and ass. The pole numbers don't look good trample, though they may change for his most devout Apologists to cast him ass. Having been duped by Gerard Commissioner. By Anthony Fouche e by MID. Economy by anyone really. I think it was on this.
What gas someone said of only design you about this, I say attitude at the moment. We have only chump what President none of this would have happened and so far cheese being cost as the Argo having whispered to the president in service. If the deeps, now it is entirely reasonable for the president to believe that fruit. She is wrong. His motto: maniacal. He is. Overly pessimistic, but the fault of the public policy that has been pursued by the executive branch has to lie with the press.
And the president believes this is we can say by his various arguments, offered up to the Supreme Court and others bilbil. I certainly believe that so I dont think ready. The question here is whether Anthony she is good or bad. I think the question here is: why is he being blamed by the and who is actually in charge What are the full on Clara? Also whether the blame for this blame for the initial shutdowns, or is he blamed for that? The research now our or so we need to guarantee peace, about the possibility that fashion
Was in one hand in the lad, creating Corona Sergio we're gonna get get more their service at a second, let's, let's exit question this one x questions you, Jim Garrulity athletes out, you will still be in his position at an age by the end of the year. Yes or no. Yeah I want to say yes and I want to make the qualifiers if he D flight leaves at the end of the year. It will, because he's announced at retirement not because he's been fired by the President. I see how he's getting up there in years. I suppose it's possible if, by the end looks like we're on a good glide path to a vaccine, everything that he'll say all right. I've done my duty time for me to ride off in the sunset, but I don't think president will fire cuz. I think he recognizes that move the blow up in his face. By the end of the year may not matter.
I think he ll stay. There seems a sieve trumpet stir in the least honourable thing possible, which is to keep him in his position while undermining him in the press. I think ass discussions at some point earlier in the year, and am I said no and am yes now clear, he really likes his job and I believe we have to fight for cars. It has to be some cause, plus the politics of it would be horrible. So the thing you do would be to sideline him and tries must as much as possible to keep a mile off the airway. But I think one where the other he still than to be there at the did a year? This guy who loves his,
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When the city had one day without deaths with first time during the pandemic said see. That's that's all leadership. If only Florida in taxes and in Arizona had such leadership we would be doing with probably are now have to say. The Florida numbers have been alarming. Just the the absolute number of cases had wanted A couple days ago, fifteen thousand new cases, more than you ever had confirmed in New York, have said more cases on any given day than that in New York City, but Florida also in it, when it uncovered this fifteen thousand had an extraordinary number of tests. What may be a hundred forty three thousand tests or something, but what you make of it,
Well, I should say that, as you were talking, I see that the news has broken. The Florida department of half may have misstated some of the positive it erodes. The report have from Fox thirty five showing that, where the or London health report showed ninety eight percent. It was actually nine point four percent bit of difference, so this may or may not account for some of that, but it is so what so what they said. Ninety eight percent was nine point four, and this report says that they ve noticed widespread discrepancies in
The data, so discrepancies were twice suggesting the square and maybe more positive cases being reported than are true, but either way it's got bad. And we know that it's got bad because we ve seen some reflection of it in the hospitals and we ve seen some reflection of it in the death rate there, it is worth saying that death rate compared to where we were in March is still very low. What do you make of it. Well, I suppose, I'm still in a wait and see mood. I came at this differently. Than many in that I didn't think, but it was Possible to get rid of it and I didn't think that we
shut everything down in perpetuity and I didn't think, but it was obvious that the damage that it causes is great at least in most of the country, than the damage caused by the shut I mean I've seen people in the law sweet saying you cannot manage This was an open economy. I think it was Chris Haze. He said is like trying to live in your house while its on fire. I simply don't agree with that analogy. I don't think it's like trying to live in your house wallets on fire. I think it's like trying to decide which sort of house fire you would prefer.
We remember the depression. For a reason. It's called the depression for research and the unemployment levels, at the height of the shutdown, was so great ass to eclipse the depression. That's not sustainable either. So we ve been I'm a little bit obsessed with this, because the press only wants to talk about republican governors and the big the guy Slicing effort, David sign, you heard a piece about is the gas lighting. Efforts in favour of Andrew Crime has been absolutely repugnant. But I still, broadly speaking, don't blame anyone. I think it is clear chrome is decision to push people into nursing homes was disaster and I think it is
that run the sand. Is his decision to do the opposite? Probably save a lot of lives in Florida. As a rule. I have watched, as everyone tried their best to counter this. I think that's true of Cuomo, with Couple of exceptions, I think that's true of run dissenters. I think it's true of Gregg Abbot. I think You have given Newsome in California sure in Colorado, did that their programme that is being thrown around. It is really mostly. Parties are nonsense. Hey. You have, on the one hand, the clay by Joe Biden that if he had been
president he would shut this done area when, in fact, he didn't mention current of ours, ready until after the already got guiding and he didn't stop his rallies early. But all you have. This absolute obsession with President Trump as if the fact that he was president, while this happened in some way means that he caused at all or failed I think it's all noise, I just see people. Businesses, counties, skated communities, retirement homes, governors federal officials. I see them during their best. And I see that everywhere and I think that they have hit upon The only workable path it it's just. It is not
of all to pretend this isn't happening and behave completely, normally open all the bars as just put Disneyworld at full capacity. That's not possible. We know that that's not possible, and we know it's not possible, because the people who are responsible for some of the younger people, especially who quickly crowded into bars in Texas, in Florida and elsewhere. We know that that causes spread. Equally, it is just not possible to keep everyone at home at the it's, not an option. And so I see people of good faith earnestly trying to Fine, this middle road- and I see it broadly working now. What is working it doesn't mean, there's no death, it doesn't mean there are no infections. There's this. Ought I fear out there somewhere, that, if that have used Well, I think we're doing the best we can do. This is working that you're in some
disrespecting the people who have a or who are still dying. But there are so things in life that we accept the you all can do, is except the trade off and that that true off is not one that is born of greed here or blood, or a lack of respect for science. It's one that is born, inevitable mistakes and and This is that mark out a free country such as this when I think of it, I I think we're muddling on as best we can in Red American, blue, american and everywhere between please that, although the number of cases does seem to have gone, even even notwithstanding the testing changed the denominator, I am is that we are not seeing the sort of rights
we were saying in March gents, yet so what unpack there? I thought one of the really depressing revelations of this pandemic has been. I'm not going to say a plurality I dont think its a majority, but I think it's it certainly it'll a chunk. Allow a significant chunk of the people who are interested in politics either. They work in it. They work for elected official, they are elected official. They write about politics, were major national institutions and the folks who are really local about it, on social media. Can only understand what's happening in this pandemic. Through the lens of politics. Things in life are just much more important than politics. My site is good. Your site is bad as I discuss two bit in the minutes of the previous topic. With the cases are going up, deaths a start. Creep up- I dont think
really any dispute that reopening society lead. To greater rates of increase in great rates of awe of people being affected Just you know that we saw this issue at the Amazon warehouses. We saw the supermarkets we saw the Ceta, ah at the legal basis for the ME packing plants any place. You got people who are interacting with each other and working We are increasing the risk of people cut your sprang the virus from one to another. It's also worth The dominant strain in this country is, we believe that the research indicates it is way more conflict contagious than original version that would first cropped up and go home. So what are many lessons as our? Why can't we do? It is well chinese dead or besides a fact, we don't weld people into their apartments because we don't want them to leave their apartment, theirs. Rios, there's some data indicating that what they were dealing with was way less contagious than the one. We're dealing with right now,
but I also think the protests were a factor. Not are you tractor there a lot of people who want a very clean narrative, either approach ass were the reason there's a spread or the protests had nothing to do with this threat. Well, LOS Angeles mayor, Our city said that the protests in demonstrations led to a spoken colonel iris cases. In fact, early on the LAPD had an outbreak amongst votes. Those folks with work number. The protests and such he citing director of public health, Doktor, Barbara Ferriera out there look. You know you get two people were a bunch of the word masts. Yes, was an everybody wearing masks? No with there's an ant. Yes chair. These are some of the spread of or see right now was from those protests now over I'll, probably more people, you know gonna bars, gonna restaurants, gonna public places, if everybody were their mask and remain six feet apart as much as they could. We would be a much better shape. People are and I dont believe this is one of these is probably the most
furious about all this is that you are and what their some people who you know due to health conditions. You know can't, wear, masks, macerated very uncomfortable for them. I'm not gonna give him any grief about that. I dont like seeing the currants, and I apologise to the listeners called Karen items: J, J, Northerner hates it when we use this term. We all know the type of person just get in somebody else's face about it to operate them for either not wearing a massacre. The mask his beloved or something like that course by getting there your. What are we doing exactly what you're not supposed to do during this pandemic? But that's where we are, what we're in a really bad shape and I'm a big with easing. In cases I dont like seeing them a foreign, your shutting bars and restaurants of illegal out these businesses vote? There are just starting to you now crawled back to. Viability. Here, It's probably necessary, and I would point out that you know if you ve, South Carolina Birmingham Alabama? If, if taxes, if these places can require mass indoors
there's, no single, for you no place in the country. They can do this. This is a basic step. It's gonna that could help mitigate the spread. I guess what I find most infuriating about this. Is this mentality like other, people who are overreacting. Yes, other people who are getting their jollies from correcting others. Yes, are their idiotic lawmakers, who are you know Gretchen wit, banning the sale of seeds? Yes, absolutely. But there also, but your people who want to pretend this thing is over. Who want to pretend this thing was never that bad the case and we're not gonna get a handle on this thing, we do this and my suspicion is that what were seeing right now problem? is making the reopening of schools in the fall it was always gonna. Take a little bit of a leap of faith. Schools were able to figure this don't thing out. We ve already seeing begun school just jurisdictions, like LOS Angeles in San Diego, say, not can't do it. It's not gonna work and this pushing enough were pushing it. They were making these more frustrated because we won't. We won't take these basic
Perhaps that could mitigate the spread of the virus It just seems on on the bars that I feel for these he's borrow nurses, as Jim says, small businesses most of them, shut down and then finally get to reopen them. Then you shut down again, but just in the scheme of things with this isn't like shutting down the steel, three and then the United States or something it is. If this is the price to pay, to try to thwart this spread, primarily among young people. And the numbers specially and Florida in terms of of the age covert, that's now testing I have seen us much lower than it. Then it was and should lead. You know my. To get it, but to do better outcomes and in the end, and we we saw earlier in the year and that in the northeast, but if shut again bars is, is the price of that seems worth paying?
I absolutely understand why people are extremely frustrated by this. Firstly, the double stand. The extraordinary protests defined but does not protest, defined, funerals and on protest. The fine but baseball attendance is not answer Second, if you own a bar, I'm sure it is an enormous consolation that you're helping by shutting in it is your business. You lose your livelihood, maybe it's been in your family along time, but neither the rampant report, We see an partisanship that we ve seen, nor the fact that it is tragic change the truth, and that is that governors in states as diverse as California
taxes and Florida realized extremely quickly that bars or a big part of the problem, Florida, it's worth saying that the governess Try to mitigate a little bit of the damage by preventing outcome. All from being sold in bars, rather than closing them, the idea being that people would not congregate in large numbers and drink lower innovations, but that those in Solutions could stay open, serve food show, runs a sport. So what you well, but that's, not a great, comes listen to a bar and our understanding. The vast majority of the income of a bar comes from serving our common sense. What before, but it's true Unfortunately, its just true that this was a problem
and I know having spoken to solve its people. That decision This was levied and acted quickly on this, because. Both some bar owners or not following the rules and many bar patron. We're not falling over men who would have thought that right. It is thought that if people involved deserve our their good behaviour right right, but like this, just a fact, and As you say, I think that aim hair of any kind and action. PS, narrowly tail, it is possible. There is a big difference. It seems between the way people behave at Disneyworld. The reopening of which seems to have gone fine and the way people behaving in bars and it
very little sense to say all the shot, everything down when you go to the source of of the problem and at that, is the sort of Sid duration and adjustment that we need. And it's a real shame that the people who have been reached, possible for that. Have not got any credit for it, because Do we think that denying them that credit is going to increase or decrease the likelihood that they will continue to make difficult decisions? just on the fly. I think it's more likely to make them demur too. General last last point on this segment masks, so Oh, we ve seen this cut it ridiculous war between a drop in the media and critics over
whether he should wear a mask- and I think he he should more often You know it is just a symbol. The people, it's ok, you can. You can do this. But he obviously just doesn't like the way it looks and fears getting marked finally had em. Where there's a brief. Cameo out of four plan, I believe very warm ass in public and then he used. Walter Reed with I thought pretty. I got a pretty rock and looking mask pre tough lookin presidential mask, but I have a little empathy with them for this, you know it's a little bit like your president. I say seem to want to be seen out with it with a heavy coat when it's cold, you want to show you vigorous near you not wearing a code, so I sort of Percent, whereas coming from on this, but in general, the war over Mass is just stir seems highly pointless to me and that just mass? Obviously, if he options- and you wish that these one
the only option, but the options are like broad based shutdowns of economy and wearing ask is wearing a mask, is clearly the better and less intrusive option, and I just one last thing: others the other side. Ledger though I just I hate. I hate that the mass tell tale stuff in TED crews, trending on Twitter yesterday, because someone took up a photo of him on an American airlines flight not wearing a mask casinos drinking a cup of coffee. Which she is permitted, under the rules, so it just at another thing. Were we just can't maintain sense of equilibrium, this country over pretty much anything yet. Look there myself, earlier there are people who get their jollies from this, who look? It's not like we can want. Sports now he know the movie theatre. A lot of the things we used to do to enjoy ourselves in this country have been.
Take it away by this pandemic. Going to sing a certain number of people have decided to get their sense of pleasure their sense of excitement, their sense of moral superiority from finding other people who are not Britain, rules and going I caught you and you know we're gonna, everyone, shame them shame them. Probably most extreme example was that that crowd the just descended on that woman in it, supermarket offers STAT Island one violently someplace like that, but rich. Of course, the present a mask. The man. Is seventy some years old, easy it not about spelt character of all time, he's taking certain medications and its president it states. Of course you should be wearing a mask. He looks because almost everybody who enters the White House gets tested, but you know what pensions AIDS got them up. Corrado virus, secret service agents got the corona virus he wants. Doing rallies, he's lucked out because everybody bidding the costly test stuff. They try to keep people who could be potentially infected away from him,
If you didn't have that he could well courted by now of course he should be wearing a mass. The other thing is: is it if he if he were a mask all the time and if trumpet but I understand how the present has not started. Branding putting the tree logo on masks and having all the supporters wear them, because one everybody would want them to this everybody a lot problems, the folks were not wearing mass. To start wearing mask- and I could just picture which this is the best mask its absolute- finest got all different layers made America its infuriating- that has taken too long to do this. I aesthetics me nothing at a point like this one This is whether you know if I want to protect his life and also God forbid, he ever catches. This would protect the people around you. This is a view that the difficulty of If you read back the year before influenza by looking at one thousand nine hundred and eighteen. We went through all of this stuff all over again and there are a whole bunch of people that were not wearing masks, bank robbers wearing No honourable man would wear a mass and then he died because they caught the influence
by Ursula, refused to wear a basque get. It is silly inferior to the amount of the discomfort they come from, what you don't like we're in a mass nobody likes wearing a mask. Because we have to we do it because it adds the quoting a regular respondents with a reader of national review, who is a director medical research for one of the top ten hospital facilities. In the country he doesn't want me on record. Doesnt gave his name, because it is clear with the press office and he doesn't want to cause headache. Stress for his institution, but he just giving May has taken Ziegler, do We offer a little bit of help, though they are they make a bullet proof enough, but you cops where Bulletproof s, knowing it doesn't protect their head of their limbs? They do it because it gives you a little bit of protection and I like this, you want every little bit a protection you can get within reason and for most circumstances up. Look if you're running, triathlon fight, you dont, have to wear masks. You go to the grocery store, put the mask on Youtube:
you sure the people around you take that little bit of protection. It's just so infuriating that so many We decided to turn this into. You know that could you Tom, at the end of my rope, great circulating, robust everyone carpenter? It's just another another symptom of how with tromp is his leadership. Take a back seat. Is his personal whims ana on so many thanks the question to you, Charlie curb the trend will see and the interim here even outside of states that we ve had a focus on taxes, Florida, California, the trend be toward more restrictions and re closing, rather than more reopening. Now I think he's gonna stay
broadly. The SAM, I think, will be stuck in a holding pattern rather than moving on to the next phase. We will stay where we are slight movement in the direction of re, closing Watson and more restrictions, and things like that. Jim, I say slight movement, but is actually not a very good exit questioning this just as hard to generalise about the entire country yet, and that the north east, which is much different place, Will I see more reopening and we will see other places around the country tilting back, source to re closing. So with that lets pause near from our second sponsor this week. Making sense of current events, during this extraordinary time, can be trying? Can in liberty. The Bradley Speaker Series is a new video serious that offers meaningful perspectives through engaging fit. Ten minute interviews. I guess focus on the big picture and still what the latest
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so Jim Gary. We had very unsurprising news on Monday, the Redskins are dumping, their name for a name yet to be determined. This seemed extremely inevitable, given the environment were living in and give- a key feature of that environment, which is corporations placing awoke pressure on institutions. In line so the washing Redskins are a business. There's no way that they're just gonna have we leave a the revenue on on the table by keeping us although danced Snyder Oatman committed to it, for me. I'm really sad see it go. I think, goes a great tradition. I don't think harmed anyone the Bergen In gold, the logo, the fight song, all this really just work and what brought you know
skins fans of all ages, all races, creeds together. Under the umbrella of this great tradition, a dormant to the Vienna fell, and it's it's too bad. In my view that this yeah third for quite a while that this has been a crusade of certain folks and laughed at the Washington Post, point said we're not going to use the name of the Washington Football team and that lasted for about five minutes. Continued open up the sports exe it would say Redskins when I was getting, but they also vehemently opposed to this. Absolutely, I think, with a difference when this circumstance and all the other previous circumstances of dance nitrates, a couple years ago, never will change the name printed in all caps. You can call me on that etc. Is it the corporate sponsor start getting? There is a report that a group of shareholders at Fedex and various other big corporate sponsors of the team. Who said you know the Dame t name has to change, and that's what
for an oh. By the way in the statement issued by the team, formerly known as the Redskins, you notice, They had said this is an important you no decision for our sponsors, our fans in our community, notice. The order there that neither twice staple split billboard sponsors came first. I think that is I also think is worth noting the rested. A league is tired of this today, Has been a dwelling, here's that if you look talked a native Americans, are their native American to upset by this sure pulling indicated that knew no more. The native Americans were not that bother by it and, in fact, if you look at the actual, can native Americans in this country they ve got a real problem, The indian health service is not what it ought to be housing on reservations. Is not what it ought to be education opportunities in the US trinity to rise and prosper and make it ought to be achieved. Dream. Nowhere near what they need to be in native american media is like. I call me crazy. I think that's probably
They really love to see. Responses are somewhere out there on the reservation There's somebody is living in sub standard housing whose impoverished I'd have are kids, can't go to school to take and taken to simply get alarming at college and succeed in life. But they change the name of the Redskins I'll bet you, that's all. That's real win their about their there I'll feel great about their beloved, you'll Snyder, who gun you'll, probably one of the most hated people in Washington DC in part, because so the perception of him as a meddling owner and in part, because the team has just been very lousy, in fact, the loss of chess last year, how bad you have to be. That you know that this is an opportunity for him to improve his reputation in DC circles. We a whole bunch of plot of applause raise were finally making this. You know taken away this offensive name, but also He gets to make a lot of money on the merchandise, for the new team name and achieve the objective of a change the collars and stuff like that. So
turning to the red wolves or my argument is the red tape, because you know But if you think about it, you know what I've got a strong defence, nothing gets past, Redtape Vienna, my it'll, be at some point. You know either this year assume that there is a force, a regular season, you see, teams in the red and grey or some nude. No change be changed, change, name, change, logo, change colours and every He's gonna go out the good order online. They could get the New Jersey, they're gonna, get the new hats, the new scarves, the new all the Dew dad's. Daniel Snyder will make a meant and everyone will say: wasn't he noble? Wasn't it good of him to do that when, in fact, this is just a waiter cash in generator, We have made everybody's Olga paraphernalia, obsolete checkup. I think my problem, Hair Adam rated this last time we talked about team Names- is that I do
really believe this any limiting principle. I don't believe that. Is anything more at root than Calvin Bull, and I don't Leave that anyone in a position, spun civility has the willingness of the courage to stand up to it. And so, even if I were of the view that Redskins is a friend, which I'm not. I would be wary We saw this week, I'm financing and incorrectly Karen ETA Corona ties. Opinion page editor at the Washington Post decided that the Texas Rangers baseball team need to change their name. We have the Indians.
The ranges and the Redskins currently under fire it's hard not to run through other teams, fine reasons that may sound silly to us now, but that could be used and have had enough. Behind them and have endorsed by the likes of Nike, would Would they too a chain of Chicago White Socks was pretty racist. Royals. What are we in the Ngos, now the Arizona God knows I want to live in a theocracy. The Buffalo bells expand and is manifest destiny, for, of course, to the bangles is cultural appropriation, Cleveland Browns, rude How far have fun it sounds as if I'm being facetious, but I'm not the Viking
They raped and pillaged the patriots who could be a patriot and a country such as this. The saint same problem asked the cardinals. It's not hard to construct a silly argument. Even San Francisco, the forty nine is you go back and look at that movement. I dont think they were endorsed by the southern part. Lower center. We we ve reached a point, which the language that the people who drive this sort of thing language that they speak is so self her aunt, Shaw and so circular. And so in Kuwait that
A case that is supposedly self evident can be made in favour of or against almost anything and I am worried, I will say that. That we're going to end up with the most only them. Anna dine names for four teams I think visit. It was a How can I sit com that I haven't seen about this, where they were tasked with coming up, the name of a mass got and it ended up being the persons and I think it was grey in color, because anything else was was risky, and that is that what we want to be as a culture. I've spoken fairly vehemently about the confederacy, because I think it represents a glaring,
Exception to the rule men, they were traitors seceded and caused a worn defences slavery, that's about as bad as you can get, but you really can't light that stand across the board is a little bit like. Calling everything you dislike and nazi not Nazi, is its own thing. It is the same thing so yeah this this this bothers me and- and I thank him for they were just going to see more and more and more of it until all the fun and all of the edge and all the history has been sucked out of sports sitting. Gary acts, a question to you in the far
Stir the NBA, NHL and Major League baseball have attempted to restart their seasons thing. I say wow we're going to say wow. This is so wonderful. You managed to get the these interrupted and partial seasons completed wonderful diversion organ say. That was a mistake, why? Why did they even tries I think most of the league for the fans gonna route for Washington. I mean, if you ve, been running for the sea with this record for less couple years, you're not gonna, run away. If you attack it abandoned because they change Nick Team nickname the legal feel a certain amount of relief that this particular out a surgeon. I wasn't clear so I am asking our citizens a non anon redskin. Ninety names question I should have shifted been clear about I'm just asking in general. Are the attack? to have these, and it shall be eight and major league baseball seasons going to succeed.
In your view, or are they gonna be experiments that failed? really want to see him succeed by the look and tough? I think I can be very irregular season. You get a bunch of players, we're gonna catch, it needs set out and it'll be a struggle, but I think that you just so much money at stake there, and so I thought I kind of like the mood of the country at stake. That they'll tried a soldier on check. I think now soldier onto I certainly hope they do. I have a unthought threw back My mind fair, that one of the reasons that people signed with each other at the moment is because of the lack of sports, because sports providing let that is otherwise occupied by war and fighting. I think it can be. A minor miracle has said the baseball sees makes through I hope, faith it does but closer for the
nikes in a just just tested positive for Aroldis, Chapman And- and I fear that they'll be entire teams that have did Self Quarantine for awhile messing up the whole schedule and putting the whole season at risk. Hope I'm wrong. I've I've gotten a little used to not having baseball. I'm sure what is actually going to be as into it as ever the lead that has the best shot of making it through is the initial they're all leavings poorer for upstate Edmonton in Vancouver and they're just group. They all their games there up in canada- whether they're not not many case- is an there's not going to be any travel involved after that. So I think the the nature has chanced to make it through unscathed.
With that, when we do a quick and our plus plugged for move odd, if you have signed up for an hour plus, please get with programme signed up for an hour, plus your waited dispense with our metered pay war to dispense with annoying On the website to met on articles blog posts to be part of private facebook group. If you want to be part of this cause with a very conservative figures and news makers did one last week with the phantom Dick Princeton historian Alan Gozo, and there are a lot of extra questions for our subscribers for Alan Supply, check it out doesn't cost much. It's really Easy it and help support are. Are journalists and makes you a deeper part of our. It, tens of thousands of your fellow and our readers have signed up for and our plus. Yes, if you have it already, please go and do it today, if you can't so, let's hit a few
other things before we go Jim Gary you had a socially distance birthday celebration for your brother, yeah. So look I have been very probably blood. Probably this number listeners link being gloomy Gus on the spot, cast in a life does have to go on and you can't, you know, spend your time hiding under your bed from this virus. Last weekend we packed up the car drove up to see first, my inlaws, who are getting up there in years are good health, but you know I don't want to expose them. So we sat in Besides the put patio six feet apart had mass on, if we're gonna go any closer than that and had a fantastic visit, I think they'd we had really seen them since it all started, They were really really happy to see the grandkids. At the end of my way, And maybe even make to us and then we would see my brother lives not too far away and his wife and the mass on the boys jokingly together to measure to make sure we are all visually six feet apart and stop us just
the light to see these people and seen him? Since you know if insertions March and dumb mean you can't get, together doesn't mean you can't you know you have to be in a rapid and bubble rap. Further, the rest, your lives, you gotta you certain precautions and de la from my mood this best weekend love these days. Yet you are what you do this. We can, of course answered most because nothing nobody's gonna vacation charter flights. You get caught, you ended. This circumstance were able to see something real, really wanted to see and to stir it made the weekend of is a much needed trip, And shall you ve been watching a show southern survival? I have on Netflix is a show in which a bunch of guys I won in Georgia, do also the fun stuff. If I were not doing this job, I think I dream job would be just to have a massive field somewhere just blow stuff up and tinker, and
that's what these guys data there. The guy's behind Battle box test survival products, but that means testing them rigorous. It I'm in stamping out overnight, and that means similar, hitting hurricanes and firing guns acts glass. To seal appointed shutters and so on. Haiti Harriet Haste simulated, a hurricane with very, very large fan This is this: is my dream job, so I guess I get to do the the southern survival guys and you can as well on Netflix
So we had a picnic with friends, a cup friends over over the weekend, and my friend Christian, I love embroiled in with a ball game. Just a one on one, with a ball game and with a ball has a good case for for being the best of all American. Games, so you just sort of through consensus, decided. You know whether something was was ahead or not certain basic grow. Rules. You know any ground. Ball was an out I hidden Trees was a double if heated over walls obsolete home, Bron and started. You know just just like a front friendly little friendly little match, but when I went down for- nothing after to massive to run homers areas. And get shut out and perhaps bearing they. So so, then I just sort of, like friendly just down the middle. I started working the inside corner with this curve balls and.
Shutting down, but just not enough to come all the way back. I lost five four, but it was There's a lot of fun and, to my shame I then saw are now four days for planks after playing five annex of with a ball and not even as a field or just just as a hit her in a pitcher. So with that this time, for our editors picks Jim Garrison. What's your pic, lotta good options, but I went with your column. Rich New York is not a coded nineteen model, There are a lot of things that are infuriating about this pandemic. I think thee. Near deification of Andrew Cuomo is fairly ridiculous. I found his conning around with his brother on CNN, near with ease comedy nearly stomach. Turning Cuomo made some very bad decisions during Awesome isn't good decisions, and I know a lot of people love the tone of his briefings and that's nice, but
Actually, you look at the decisions of the policies that were in place, didn't make it, I choices and Richie lay this out and colleague this. Whenever the meat people think look out with loud view, new cases are New York City. Would you tell the low hanging fruit spent plot in other viruses, thirty torn through the city and the state we should be surprised by that so on for standing up and the year, the gas lighting going on Russia, the job thank Gm Charlie. What's your back I just want to reiterate my position. Ass, a neoliberal shell praising position staked out by another. Nearly Rochelle David Hoss Annie, Savages Joe Biden by american Agenda Justices Savage Donald Trump by american agenda and suggests that it will make us poorer. It will reduce not increase american unemployment
employment and the free trade- is good with a couple of exceptions as outlined on previous editors forecasts, for example medical reserves. It gives any Mccarthy peace on the Roger Stone Commutation. Halfway through this podcast, I realized when I can mention Roger Stoke hotheads patient It's another indication of the craziness of the new cycle. This would be at any other present. Done it would have been a dominating event for about a month, but comes down Friday, eight eight o clock and by a Tuesday morning. Even fear and use. Obsessive is just not top of mind anymore, daddy run through all the arguments reminds us of the the terrible and unworthy spare parts we got from Bill Clinton. Make this acts in. Any better and his anti points out some of the most damaging things you can say about.
Pierre is just at peak. He had somewhat like Roger Stone hence it is circle for decades and obviously had a genius first surrounding himself with disreputable, characters. So that's it for us even listening national view, podcasting, you re broadcast retransmission our account this game without express written permission of now, magazine strictly prohibited. This part gases produced by the incomparable, sir shooting, who makes a sound than we deserve. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you jam thanks to equip Anti conceived and liberty, and especially specially to all of you for listening where the editors and we'll see you
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