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Episode 239: Law & Order: Portland Edition

2020-07-21 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Luke discuss the legalities of federal law enforcement tactics in Portland, the hypocrisy of the Lincoln Project, and more.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: NR’s obituary of John Lewis • Charlie: Kyle Smith’s “The 29 Percenters” • Luke: Frank Lavin “How Trump Blew His Hand in Trade-Deal Negotiations with China

Light items: • Rich: The sound of cicadas • Charlie: Endeavor • Luke: Royals inner squad games

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The ghost both the sands on Portland, this Gambie Lincoln get on the march. We will discuss all this and more on this edition of the address, ambush lowering of joint is always by the right, audible, Charles see, W Cook and by Luke Thompson, the smartest political consult we know Jim Clarity and envy deal return soon, you'll assigned to a national view. Podcast sponsors this week are bowl and branch. The company that makes amazingly soft organic sheets and can, heaved in liberty, the new video serious from the Bradley Foundation. If you listen, foolishness, podcast, unnatural dot com would like to have you, but will be easier for you and better for us. He made his part.
You feed industry, MRS Services out there from Spotify to Itunes, and if you like what you hear here, please consider giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you dont, like what you hear here, please forget, said, Annie thing so look the latest controversy consuming the land is that there are federal agents operating from unmarked vehicles with and where hang a badge. Is that don't have their names on them? Arresting protester is involved and attacks on the federal Court House in Portland You ve had Nancy plus call these strong troopers you ve had the mayor say. This is a direct attack on democracy. In Portland and its federal agents need to leave immediately Cosette, provoking the protesters who, by the way, have been protesting literally nonstop since May twenty Eightth and
Were attacking the federal Court House before Zero forces showed up what he may get it off boy. This is a young. This is just one of those quintessential cases where the stupidity of our political discourse in twenty twenty is, I think, betraying. The conversation the public ought to have. I think, there's any time you have federal officers arresting people. There ought to be a lot of transparency about wider doing it. The reasons there doing it how they're going about it. I mean where these folks that had been identified on camera engaged
in your acts of violence are vandalism. You know that the failure to communicate what's going on on the part of the federal agents has then arouse justifiable suspicion. That justifiable suspicion has then been taken distilled into Romania and propagated into the sort of the discussion, and now we have just total insanity. So I understand why people are uncomfortable with this. I am not particularly comfortable this I'm also optically comfortable with people burning down things and attacking federal installations. So there is a lot here that makes me uncomfortable, but no one is served by having an suppose you prefer to these as storm troopers. I I had been told repeatedly the internet yesterday, which I know is just not a good way going about things, get we shouldn't critic
as the Chinese and the incarceration of weaker, because we're doing the same thing in Portland, which is bad, and I just at a certain point in this country. We're gonna have to all agree that taking leave of collective senses, because partisanship so that we can just screen nonsense at each other is, is allowing questionable or maybe even bad, the eager to go on unchecked or unquestioned, took up having Luke puts it wow. This is not a case in which it is to draw lines The federal government now ass ever has the power to enforce federal law and protect federal property. This was written, explicit,
into the constitution, was demonstrated with in a few years of the constitution's ratification. That is not a principle that is opposed by progress Moreover,. The idea that federal tactics takes in this case really You do represent the gestapo. Is a silly one born of the silly idea that Donald Trump is out of Hitler. He's not the question here. As a result, is not binary. It's to what extent is this an acceptable use of government power? Are these tactics?
justified, and I am sceptical that they are. I dont think that this behaviour, bad as it is rises to the level there. Underlying statutes that created this force. It is not a secret police force The agents in question have their branch name and their number on the uniform but they don't have the names and don't have marks on their cause. Other
times, of course, in which this is appropriate. Once again, this is not a binary issue. It would be impractical, of course, to suggest that in no circumstance is a police officer or a federal agent permitted to go in to cover or to try to obfuscate gate is identity. In some way. You can't take down the mafia without some, form of secrecy. You don't want to walk up to the dawn and say hi. My name is Steve, but I'm again, not sure that this is an analogy. And I do think that it does Americans credit that they are suspicious. Of it that it makes them nervous not so try? Just such I dispute be clear, so you're saying that the what's happening in Portland the attacks on the courthouse attempts to
set small fires and graffiti. What not doesn't rise level. This response so, if you know, there's assess secessionist movements in Poland that that had that was trying to seize this property and hold it for an interaction that would be, but even though the extreme example, something that would rise to your level or not extra, I understand you correctly. Perhaps I wasn't wasn't clear what what what I'm suggesting is that it is legitimate to have a federal response in response to attacks on better, a property, I'm not sure, why the clan DES Stein, nature of these responses is just right now. I accept that the language has been over the top again. This is not the gestapo and I accept that there is no federal mandate for name. Judges
There are circumstances in which it makes absolute sense for Offices of the Lord gives little information about themselves. This is possible what I'm, jesting is, although I'm absolutely fine with the federal government going in here to defend federal property. That is a principle of american law on just now, sure why why it's going about its business in the way that it is it that the suffocation. He doesn't seem obvious to me if you're trying to take down the mafia infiltrating again, I get it right and you'll be killed if you're an unfortunate, then Ryan Format, but I'm not sure why we can't have a labour force on the street from federal agents in defence of federal property in a far more straightforward way. Given that we all know this is happening
the latter include like that you're good it did. They have to wear camouflage liked. It did just it feels like this hasn't been thought through right I mean american citizens deserve to be given an explanation when the federal government exercises course on american soil and that that that explanation has not been forthcoming, I don't feel like we had a full some donation, as far as I know, there's no. What trapped in the courthouse! As far as I know, there are no weapons in the court house that are at risk of falling into people's hands. Certainly I want people to be punished for active of vandalism and worse, but it just feels like this response assumes its himself evidence and I'm totally willing to listen and maker. I biased towards lawn work. Right, like I will be willing to cure outrage,
glass for nation. I frustrated that such an explanation has not been forthcoming. Yes, I am a more favourable to this. Then then, both of you are, I see your point. What they say try brought forward was worth and that's it. Few. They say that officers have been docks if they have their names on their uniforms, not sure where that's true or not. They say if it was actually a obvious that was a federal law enforcement vehicle that would be instantly swarmed and attack What should be bad for the officers and by the way bad for the people of attacking the vehicle. I mean it would would that be something when we lead to an escalation of the conflict then they. They also say that the these videos are a little bit misleading cuz, one of the ones that's been most viral just shows the guy walking along the street Austin two thousand two hundred and twenty two camouflaged and you're running after him, and it makes us it's makes it.
Seem as though they just randomly picking a protest. Her off the street where they say everyone they ve arrested, they have reason to believe was involved in some attack on the federal property and there there are watching this person than waiting, told you know, he's separated from the crowd and then telling him why he's being arrested and whose arresting him but they're not in announcing to the people we're screen on the sidewalk. Who are you? What are you doing not telling them what their? What there doing and there's that there's a kid this guy named Teddy Bona forget his first name is quarter law. The stories who says use it taken off the streets, The EU is involved the peaceful protest and what happened? They took him to the federal court. How They read him his Miranda rights. They said he could wave. He said he didn't want away them and then they they release them, because it was apparently arrested.
In error solely with us with the that's what the dsl is going on. Shore Anne, and there has been a great deal of nonsense spoken around this. I will concede Michelle back in the New York Times writes that trumps occupation of American Citys has begun and she says per just of being snatched from the streets without warrants. Can we call it fascism? Yet when I wait wait, we can't call it fascism, because it's not fascism, maybe unwise on the question of name bad Is there is always a reason for police are given more latitude, it's rather people pluck. Hopefully sentiments out of thin air, as a rule, especially in free country. Such as the United States. We balance as concerns with others, we should, even if we
sometimes don't expect high standards of conduct from our law enforcement officers and as much transparency as possible. I daresay it would make it easier for copses because we're unmarked is a matter of routine or if then, aims, were absent from their uniforms or if they want to blow. Had to wear uniforms in the first instance, but we prefer, they do even We accept that this will sometimes change the behaviour of those around them. I'm sure People speed less when they see cop cause I'm sure they stop doing whatever it was that they were doing, which is good from one perspective, but from another. Actually prevents you from detecting and prosecuting cry So I can see the argument in the same way as I can see most law and order arguments, but the in a defeat,
slower in me doesn't final, especially compelling, and in fact I think that there, is a pr case here to be made that it is in the interests of the side that is paid, two norms and asking that they not be overthrown to be as virtuous and am as far as is possible and in fact opposite has happened. I don't think that there is an excuse for mission, go back to write what she wrote or for some of the journalists that we ve seen to ease words such as gestapo, but I Do you think that it would be smart for the federal government not to give them any justification, for engaging in that sort of hyperbole and unfair can what we ve seen head, looks, looks
even if it's not as bad as all that so clearly, part of? What's going on here? Right is present, just loves the idea of being able to send forces and to always check some element of this disorder and again my my belief is that what were jesting arrests of people who have engaged in specific attacks on federal property, they're, not policing the writing in Portland General matter. But what is your view of just how powerful a theme law and order is for the president in in many respects, he just his pushed on lost all his ships on that site. The table last couple months. It in turn. Of politically speaking here. Where are you know, he tweets out the phrase law and order with the upper sounds like that, like the long running police, procedural and its various spin offs every week or so he's clearly
lean into it. I think it's get it under normal conditions. It would be affected where, where I think a little a lack of some forbearance actually undercuts that vision. Is the EU cannot be seen to be a force of escalation? Work? contributor to disorder areas trumps. A message in discipline here, willingness to be heavy handed at frankly, heavy handed use of who knows it was pepper spray tear gas. Whatever you to walk over to Saint John Church and not do anything other than take flowed on hold a cold, a Bible makes it look like he is. He is aggravating conditions and makes it look like he is himself he forced sort. So while I think it would be a very effective message, he's not doing some of the little things he needs to do
to make that message. Work make the idea of act at I've been thinking the same thing. Just it's just a mismatch. Gonna be one thing of yours is rotten. It running a buttoned up. Administration were highly punctilious and every single way and orderly administration, and he is in favour of a instead. Its endless shout shambles, administration we ever seen and the law and order theme just doesn't fit to Charlie another offshoot of this. Is you have serious people or People are taken seriously John high yeoman we're. According on a Tuesday a former Obama guy I forget which on Twitter, yes, you're saying this is a warm up act for sending federal agents to police the cow king of mail and votes to provide security in a highly visible threatenings cured,
at pulling places. So that's it other variant of going to eleven on this and saying it's it's fascism. But what do you make you with talk lot about this? Some of the pod cast a lot offline. Both of us have a real high tolerance for x, we political rhetoric stream, a political conflict, it's obviously farther the DNA. Country and of the broad scheme of things is, is a very good thing but where do you have a line or aids? arrived at all the way sides are setting it up to not truly except the results about the election of its at all closely the way be disturbed. If that happens. Yes, if we see an interruption to the peaceful transfer of power, not that parliament be transferred well, but if the Traditional resignation that we see
from the losing side is not forthcoming the problem, but I think it is worth pointing out that this is, as we say, in american habit I was in England during the two thousand for election, as top a good number of people there that it had been stolen by Diebold the The two thousand eight election was going to be cancelled. According to Naomi Wharf and Others Barack Obama. Many on the crazy side of the right informed me was destined to steal the twentieth. Of election and maybe declare martial law? and then we had the same thing in twenty six theme with Trump and what happened in twenty. Sixteen was the Democrats having complained about Trump than did
some version of this themselves by refusing to accept the results and spinning up an insane conspiracy theory that annoy the over for two years, seems to have been an inspiration to Stacy Abrams in Georgia, I now is seeing it again now. Trump doesn't help matters because won't, say, Shaw This isn't knew what I think is new is the the Prestige of those Who is spreading it back in two thousand for two thousand eight twenty twelve people who was saying this sort of thing: where either, normal american citizens who had strange views or Tammy Wolf, Now I see, as in all sorts of quarters, really doesn't belong.
And the rhetoric that you just described doesn't bother me per se, but it surprise wait here from China high limit, and this is a dress rehearsal, for what would be it. Dictatorial coup and nothing less. I think I have said this before that when I first start working in journalism. I was of the view that pretty much everyone else in it was sane and responsible. And Twitter has demonstrated to me over the last nine years. Simply is not true that sermon. People in positions of authority and power. Our crazy or a willing to share crazy thought conspiracy theories, are unwilling to check their facts, and this seems to me to be the latest example of. It I can't say, as somebody who has spent a lot of time. Reading about
American Republic since its inception that this particularly ask me all that I see it as soon as it grants departure. They look Thompson exit question to you. It seems that the president is determined to deploy other federal officers and some are fast. And two more citys around the country and sheer political terms. This will help them hurt him. Neither. I I mean I hate it. I hate to weasel on this, but it there's there's an element of it depends I mean I think yes, yes, he appears reluctant to use force and then does so decisively, but with clear goals in mind, it could help him recapture people concerned about growing disorder. If he continues to do it without articular. The public reason without giving justification or an haphazard ways that make it appear that he is a force of disorder
only going to undermine his position, and I think I think the reality is that, given the way he's handle things today it more likely that we're gonna have a chaotic work or slapdash approach to this, and that makes me assume that it will wind up hurting him, more than it helps him or, at the very least, you'll be leaving a lot of proverbial ships on the table. Troy yeah got the problem here that we always have, which is the we talking about Donald Trump. The question is what he should do. Is war com up the podium inside the President of the United States. I took an oath of office to execute the laws. And it is my obligation and my duty to protect federal property. Federal property has been attacked stolen, and I will be sending in federal agents here. Is the division to
but of course chump can't do that and we ve seen that he could do that, and so is Luke suggests. What's probably going to happen, is more chaos and more. Chump can't do that and we see that he can't do that, and so is Luke suggests. What's probably going to happen is more chaos and more diminishment in the polls as a result of it son emphatically, and Neither camp on this question- I just don't think, there's enough federal property and cities around, country them interact with disordered related to make it. Efforts one way or the other. This is not a good sense of, fascism and in Portland or anywhere else that there are not many arrest, the others. It will be on to whatever the next scandal is next week and Trump, on the other hand, will not be able to make a big impression. With with these actions colorists, inherently so, sir, I say not,
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have supported this president, including Mitch Mcconnell, and then I saw something the other day quote from John Weaver, one, the former republican strategists involved, saying, the Lincoln Project will still be activated during Abiden presidency to push back against republican obstruction tactics against President Biden Woody make of it Well, I know what you're seeing is the inevitable mission created comes when an organization gets flooded with a new kind of of donor. You know I think early on the Lincoln Project was essentially scam path, collecting small contributions from small donors online, who obsessively watch MSNBC and were willing
sort of observed watching me comprehends kissing the sing the praises of this group and then fork over twenty dollars. Since then, they have been the recipients of some major contributions, some very large contributions from some traditional major democratic donors of David guess. It has now, given them a hundred thousand dollars. You who knows he's given the more and those people are not interested in simply having them go after the president.
Preserve senators were even having a go at the president and his quote: unquote: enablers and the Republican Senate. They want him to date, they offer they want a. They want. A democratic super packed in republican drag and that's what they're get now what they're also getting ripped off, because the simple fact the matter is, the Lincoln Project makes adds designed to persuade voters liberal donors to give more donations, and if you look at the ads that they made, they are not, shall we say, paragons of political communication aimed sway,
the median voter away from tromp or away from Corey Gardener into democratic camp. They are. They are aimed at swaying a convinced Democrat, who is a hyper media consumer to part with a certain amount of money. So you know, I think, there's been plenty of stuff published, including national view on the dubious financials this group in your post. It looks like today headache had a poverty had an article that included some dubious financially for another one of their founders. If you're still giving these guys money at this stage, you ve no one to blame, but yourself, but yet the mission creep as a by product of the extent to which the owners control super packs and Donors don't want the Lincoln Project stop on election day because they ve convinced themselves. The Lincoln project is effective. It's not, but that's their problem, not mine. To show you what why wouldn't it be? It effective,
as Luke says you get them cracked attacks and drag you get them that more attention than than to stand or democratic super back. Would these guys are on tv all time talking about what their way doing so. If you're Democrat donor, it seems even if these, this money. Goes this kid pockets, ultimately big, but for the box You would just giving to a standard democratic organisation, one it say at the outset that I am not a great judge of what's effective in. What's not because I don't understand the electorate and I largely think it's full of insane people who steadfastly refused to do what I want them today, so I'm quite how people vote respond to tv. Add some I'm not sure My instinct here, though, is that the appeal of the Lincoln prodigious. Quite now
there is a certain sort of progressive who slides quite quickly from Donald Trump is a unique, an existential threat into and he is the natural avatar for a Republic party that crazy and obstreperous and that has always been was not lost on me that this rhetoric, which would a few years go have been alien to most of the people within the Lincoln projects. Ranks has now been picked up by those people. In fact, one of them wrote a book. Saying everything I ever believed was wrong and it was full of all laziest and most marginal criticisms of the right, it was in a sense of facsimile of MAX Boots book.
And so what you have is catnip for a certain sort of well educated dammit who wants to hear from Republicans that the president is bad, but that The entire edifice he represents is bad and the Democrats good, not that view is well represented. Our circles is well represented in the journalist world is well represented on MSNBC, it's well represented at the dinner parties. Donors hold and fund, is actually not that persuasive, I think, to most I don't think they especially care. I don't think they think about politics like that. I don't think there, as ideological as well I think there are obsessed with parties in the way that we are, and I don't think that they are absolute tests in the that so many journalists are an
Luke suggests one might conclude that these It is very good raising money are not so good at shifting votes there. The fact The Lincoln project has moved on to this. New terrain, though, does demonstrate this and to which they have been captured because only somebody whose aim was the destruction of the right as it exists would want to get rid of there's an Collins and Korea. And try to convince Republicans to do whatever it is that Joe Biden has to do with his president. Only someone who had been captured by that mentality would believe that the Republic response to Obama was who try, but that the democratic responds to tromp was virtuous. I'm
still astonished to hear this said with a straight face that much Mcconnell opposed Obama with the now and about the squeeze through what he could do when we have, the same behaviour over the last three or four years from damage culminating before they won back the House of Representatives in the most disgraceful incident of my political lifetime. The treatment of of bright Cavanaugh, I'm never good person to try to judge how these things will will play, because I don't think that I'm similarly representative, the electorate and other thing. I understand it too well, but I do see the patents inherent in the Lincoln projects, behaviour and they seem to me to be almost identical to the sort of, and am in inverted commas, good republicans that you see
invited onto leftwing television shows to tell the audience what it wants to hear salute broadening out from the lake and project the these guys. I mean they're not coming back and having a big insolence. On our public and party. Obviously, regardless of what happens, but what would be and is inherently speculative What beer gas Satan Trump loses decisively five seven points. Will his critics, who stayed within the bounds of the party, said a dense ass? Will they kind of become the the cut the hot things and in the party will they get credit for you not having been void than that on board and important respects Called present it out were or were not in his cousin
The rear, the hot players are. You know we're both quoted a political story about took across and speculation about where they will run a twenty four twenty twenty four. It unites. A hot hot white, hot tv show Dante, Bon. You know GINO disguise on Hannity. A lot has enormous podcast. You know enormously as here huge audience are those guys can still be major major fact.
There is a will there be a reversal fortune boy, take it taking the first question first, no, I don't. I dont think people will get credit for being persistent critics of the president, but nor do I think, they'll get away in outside of a hard core that had already sort of turned against them. There will be blame aplenty regardless, I think a lot of it at least Sub Rosa will fall on the president, because that's what happens I mean look at looked away: people's views, flipped on net Romney on John Mccain and even alternately on George W Bush, who didn't even lose real action. But did you leave the White House with the report?
Party in disarray, so I think that should trump lose whether he loses decisively or narrowly. In November, we will enter a new phase of of inch intra coalition will struggle, and a lot of what went on in the preceding five years will become far less important than the prospect of of coming into the ascendancy in the coming. Two years, Chukka squashed, you read the influence of lichen project and on the political landscape and protective perspective under perspective. Joe Biden presidency zero, nothing, five gargantuan, Under a Biden presidency, I think out there I think at the moment is to possibly three purely because it
is one of the largest examples of Republicans against Trump. That does help shift public perception and, in some ways at least under by administration. They will have zero effect. Look, I will say a one, because I think some of the flood of small dollars that they are ingesting right now could go to a competitive Senate racing help out a Democrat, and so they are in some sense affecting the scene by being a sort of You would think for democratic small dollars in under a biologist wriggle. They will go back to running from the irish I gotta go, I'm going with you say zero victims. The main usefulness is in in this moment as an aunt I dropped foil, and that goes away if Joe Biden is left
So it's pause in here from other sponsor this week. Making sense of current during the journey time can be trying conceived in liberty. The Bradley speakers This is a new video, serious it offers meaningful perspectives through and aging, fifteen minute interviews, its guess focus on the big picture and still with the latest developments, mean too deeply held commitments, to restore, strengthen and protect the principles and institutions of american Exceptionalism visit Bradley foundation, DOT, Org, flash liberty to wash the most recent episode featuring Wall Street Journal, Calmness in Strasser. This is a little tricky. The url that's Bradley l e, why at the end and then abbreviated version of foundation, so just F D, an Bradley F D and dot org flash liberty to watch the video new observes will debut week so go back often
and subscribe to the Youtube Channel to be notified whenever a new one is posted bread, They foundation, DOT. Org, slash liberty check it. The Charlie, let's say one other thing here: political world there is this jaw dropping interview on Fox NEWS: Sunday but the President and Chris Wallace over the weekend. Chris Walls, one of the best in the business is a real pro he's. Tough he's informed, killed, push Both sides extremely fair minded and I'm not sure. There's been a more devastating interview of a sitting. President Sunday shower, maybe anywhere else, and it just as well was prepared and wouldn't get shoved around as just because it was trapped in full flower. You know that
the five ten minutes uncovered. Just all succeed making all these evasions and shows no rhetorical willingness to take up the matter of leadership that set the tone for the the whole thing you ve all man had an expiry and imposed on a corner prompted by this interview that just talked about the incredible self pity emanating from what must be the most powerful man on the product planet it's really alarming. When you compare How many conservative most of them well enough send and genuine talk about Trump, an instrument as a bulwark against. Progressive ISM against much of it I isn't winner, seeing fence of America
and then you watch Donald Trump, and you come to the conclusion. That he doesn't know it or if he knows it, he doesn't especially care he doesn't behave like an instrument that is deeply important to millions of people, or at least whose presence continued presence is deeply important to millions of people. He sounds prepared, stress he won't step up to the plate. He won't ally's office to shape him. He wallows in self pity and he is obsessed by my new shine nonsense. I'm not totally dismissive of the idea that the coming election matters a great deal and that we hear this every time, but there is a great gulf the moment between the two,
parties in the two regnant ideologies than usual and yet you watch a performance such as that and you think. Well, he wasn't a great choice. Was it to play Savior he doesn't seem on the same page as his most fervent supporters. So he dodges questions and he refuses to accept responsibility and he talks about how unfairly he's been traded, which some ways is true He talks in his odd half, broken ill thought through. Capricious sentences it.
It's it's a strange strange time in which there are no good choices. For for anyone yeah, look there. There is a mismatch between the stakes in that fight, the future of the country and the small Mindedness president supplies, unfortunately pre much every day, but I think it's fair, but I think there's when you talk about Trump and relationships. The media were actually knocked his relationship, the media, but his relation public through
media I did. He has at times been a very effective communicator. It's easy to forget this, but the first two weeks of his his corona virus briefings saw his pulling rise, sought mass public compliance with fifteen days too slow to spread, and then thirty days, slope spread it and that the difference was for those first two weeks he was prepared and he was aware that the stakes are high and he was willing to be prepared and be effective. Contrast that, with the press conference earth, sorry of the speech find a resolute despot gave rise, the daily pressures and the Wallis Interview and its clear that he still thinks a lot of the time that he ten just
writs, that he can improvise. And I I I like I like improvisation as much as the next guy- prefer it probably music more than in comedy. But I don't like it in government. Governance is not about improvisation and yes, politics. We all remember these moments of of sort of clarity and and instantaneous communication, like George W Bush down at the at ground, zero at others. There are many of them, but the reality is that those are the exception, not the rule and especially if the quota virus briefings were coming back, the president must pay Hair. He must do the work of drilling and being ready, and this did not give me reason to think that he would and I get I get letting Trump be Trump and that's fine. He has apple outlets and opportunities to do that. For
twitter account to his ability to appear on on some cable news shows where he receives fairly uncritical treatment. But when the chips are down, he needs to be looked at his car before that- and you know this is one of the most frustrating things look is in response to my criticism of the president on this point- castile presumably get emails. I do every week telling me that I'm not doing my part I believe that I have a part to play in this, because I'm not an elected Republican, I'm not a campaign strategist, I'm a right. But even if you were in some twisted way to think that I had some role to play in boosting the president. It would absolutely pale- comparison to the role that he has to play.
I'm not playing and get you look. You don't have to be. President, if you dont want the job you dont have to run for a second time like you didn't have to run for the first time. Just do the basic blocking and tackling no one's. Expecting perfection I'll pass that point, but I do think it reasonable for his supporters to say meet us halfway. Do your interview prep, do your press conference prep, you know, don't don't let them derailed this, and especially, if you're going to hold to this notion that the press is the opposition party there out to get you they're going to treat you unfairly look don't give ammunition, don't help them out. Your look, I think another things that's going on here is kind of understandable, so there was at the brief period prior overlaps with a period where we say he was pretty good in the briefings where it was. You know wartime footing against this virus, and then that He really means-
and on reopening, was necessary and had to happen. You know had to be done, What and had to be done. You not eyes open that that there might be more cases, but they did, but they do really kind of adjusted to the new reality that they're their there are a lot of cases out there at end. Let's, let's hope that you know the death rate, never catches, catches up and there's some indications that it that it might not, but they Why never caught up right the new reality of seventy five thousand a confirmed cases a day.
Out of step with the the public? That's pretty much all along and more freaked out about this than the present sounded? Why? I think that's right, when the president has seen that his political fate is tight directly to the public's view of kroner virus and House Administration is responding to it. He has, within the bounds of his his skills. Is the communicator been willing. To rise to the challenge, but he's easily thrown off course and has a tendency to betray shiny objects, babies in the form of Europe
shows strengthen american cities or his persistent grudges with members of the press and his treatment in the press, and I I can appreciate that he feels like his administration has done a better job than it's getting credit for. I think there's a lot of truth to that. We haven't had widespread equipment shortfalls or things like that, but its incumbent on him to get those facts established and to communicate them to the public and drive that narrative, not wine about the fact that that the refugees are making bad cops right. He's up he's a player on the field.
He's not a guy in the stands and when he realizes he's on the field when he realizes he's the weather now he's gonna win reelection hinges on his performance. He performed better, but it sort of mystifying me that repeatedly he winds up just casting aside this, this realization and discussing his own, the corona virus in the press, treatment of zone candidacy, as if he were a spectator and commentator rather than then it's the chief protagonist of his own Local fortunes- you agree. Example of this is an interesting. We ve had this incredible ramp up on and testing of people complaining legitimately. That sometimes still take day to get back to the extremely high robot is an amazing story and one your trouble say we are the best testing in the world, but you will actually laid out what happened. Why, with the numbers EAST be how they stepped up
and they be plenty of entertaining stories of you know how they worked very various people to get the supply chain to step in and all that instead, after the the yeah? It was, I think, some time after them out Rushmore speech knows as Tulsa rallies, I told the slowdown testing, which is like a lie about his own testing and just throws away the political effect of all this incredible hard work, the truth and energetic work by that the people, He employs so anyway, charlie if tromp loses, which none of us take is forgotten conclusion I must underline that. But if trouble is Juncture, his handling of covert would be responsible for what percentage defeat zero two hundred, maybe thirty. I think it's inextricable from the remaining seventy witches
way. He behaves and talks and communicate to the public. Look I'll go higher than that it hard for any present get reelected with her with a bad economy, but the extent to which trumps failures, communication, made. It look like the outbreak of kroner virus in the. U S is his fault, whereas it's gotten into every other developed country in the world are doing real damage to him with key constituents. These older voters, white women etc, where they just don't feel like he's in charge of this issue. Should they feel like he's, lost control he's not a trusted vessel for maintaining basic order and security, so I would put higher like sixty. I think an torone is if you losers will be the biggest rooted.
Yeah I've have my Nocera, have sixty put it there as well and is not just covered itself? It's that the fact covered had on the economy and its it's the somewhat different. Why you say all already repulse people the way he conducts himself, but it it put that conduct in a different and more significant lie. Where the implicit argument and February could be well. You might not, like you know my insane tweets and the things I say and how they operate, but your life's pretty good country good. So what you have to complain about and just that that argument is no longer apply So let me make a real brief in our past blood before move on and our plus digital subscription service, at NASA view dot com growing by leaps and bounds. Your way around or meter pay wall,
your way around almost all the ads. You now see on the website your ticket to commenting on articles boy posts if that flows, your boat, this subscribers been grown by leaps and bounds. Last couple of months doesn't costume much Maybe five dollars a month if you catch of good first time, deal which are running periodically, so please check it out, tens of thousands of your fellow and our readers and become a deeper part of our community and support Excellent journalism, sir, before wrap this up other pod up, let's hit a few other things, Charlie, even watching Tv show endeavour. I have, I think mentioned endeavour. Before. Really is that good, its masterpiece theatre in America its previous year and in Britain its?
the frequent series to inspect the Moors Jackson, the young man throughout the nineteen sixties? And it is just some of the best most staff. Willingly acted and well written drama. You will find an Luke, you had been reduced, used to watching Royals inner squad games. I have unlike Charlie, whose taste and television is pretty much identical to my mother's. I had been watching the can't sleep royals, my beloved baseball team do interest squat scrimmages, and I tell you I never thought I would be that excited to watch people, half ass, a game of baseball
Look I didn't below the sports. I didn't know your mother was the Yankees fan. I owe you asked about it. Don't you know, like all of those are Yankees fans from Western Kansas. Ever she does love endeavour, so shall be glad to hear that she's so as so as listeners podcast know, I love summer. One of the great things about summer middle late summer is the sound. Key does during the day and the late afternoon sounds rideau want of a lazy, summer afternoon. I should go back and by the way, correct something I said last week I mentioned the Tom, petty song, free phone and said the song in the video just captured nineteen eighties, America and an astute listener, wrote me, and
This was a mistake to refer to it as Tom Hetty Song Cosette, the co written with eel yellow front man, Jeff LAN Unaware have any insiders this Charlie and and apparently also corrode corporatist, most of the songs on Teddy's full moon fever his most successful out, including free phone? I want back down in running a tree. And I think just landed. Betty Charlie, basically kind of Macartney in London. While they they weren't you Ladys were in a sense. They were because they perform together in the travelling well Breeze with George Harrison Farrago,
so with that time, for our editors picks Luke Thomson. What's your back? I'm gonna go with Frank Latins peace on the bundling of the phase to China, trade deal negotiations and I've been pretty critical of the administrations, insistence that they continue to settle with this, and I thought I freaked out some pretty good prig point by point assessment of where the negotiations wit awry trade with your pic. My pick is Kyle Smith, Europe, peace. Could the twenty nine percent is a witch Don't touch me, I have to say the central fact in it astonishment. Apparently, after this endless summer of protests and. Riots and cancellations and ever cooperation in America. Pushing
and pushing and pushing and pushing for change. The number of Americans who think that the Washington Redskins should have changed. Their name was twenty nine percent, twenty nine percent and car points this out, I point out that so many of these fats have such little support when you look at it. And yet they always seem to get their own way which is somewhat ironic, given that so much of their rhetoric revolves around asking themselves ass, demonic,. See itself against the self interested few, so my dear, is our own bed of the great so rights leader Jean Louis, the remembrance mentions that he is the last surviving speaker of the night
sixty three March on Washington and says the clips of him speaking that day in the photos and clips of him marching in protest throughout the segregated south, show. On man, determined, pugnacious eager to fight, but fighting only with the non I let weapons he had chosen. Job Louis rest in peace. So that's it for us Stephen Turning to announce your view, podcasting, you worry broadcast retransmission causes game without express written permission of national view. Magazine is strictly pro hitherto. This podcast is actually not been produced by the incomparable. Sarah shitty, whose away on vacation Are we miss you thank Charlie? Thank you. Luke, thanks to ball on The company that makes amazingly soft organic cotton cheats and thanks to saved in liberty, and they specially to all of you for listening where the editors and we'll see you
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