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Episode 242: Just Asking Questions

2020-07-30 | 🔗

Rich, Charlie, and MBD discuss President Trump’s suggestion that the election be delayed, ask whether the Republican party needs to be blown up, and review Bill Barr’s trip to the House of Representatives.

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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hey another complete, the insane Trump tweet, plus some never Trumpery go. Never republican and Bill bar tries mostly unsuccessfully to speak at it. Rational hearing, will discuss all this and more on this week's edition of the Zander Slurry and join is always by the right. Honourable Charles W Cook and the notorious Michael Brandon Authority, Jim your turn zone, you listen. To a natural view. Podcast our sponsors this week are the aforementioned defender in chief, audio book by John You, Baldwin Branch, the maker of incredibly soft organic cotton sheets. Conceived and Liberty video serious from the Bradley Foundation more about all of them in due course. You felicitous, broadcast on Asher View dot com, including directly on the corner.
Have you better be easier for you and better for us if you made us part of your feet at any the streaming services out, therefore Spotify to Itunes? And if you like what you hear here, please consider giving us a glowing fast, our view on Itunes, if you don't like what you hear here, please free yeah, I said anything so anybody. I guess I should review the question he will the elections be held in November or not. Yeah it'll be held in November God, oh god willing, but yeah Trump tweet reminded me, is a trumpet bid for those who are turning to twitter- and this is your first news of the day on the editors podcast. Tromp was treating that perhaps there
should be a delay in the election. With you run out merely interests. You just asking just asking the question here. The delay with question marks delay the election until people can properly and securely and safely vote when the lady election Teresa delay. The decision to leave you so this Roma answer me of when from asked in twenty fifteen or two twenty four, sixteen, whether he would honour the results of the election, and he said no, which inspire this kind of Or he said, he'd have to wait and see he didn't give a simple yes, damn here that a big meal panic about what would happen when
inevitably never lost and his supporters would start land aging or why don't know what they imagined. But anyone who was able to freak out and he shouldn't have set. It then, you have just said hello, the results, and then he is Confidence in our electoral system didn't have said this. We don't actually have any evidence. I I'm not a huge fan of mail in voting, but it's part of our system going to be an expanding part of our system. I think you know- and I have no reason to suspect that, it's going to be You know a sight of we'll fraud mean went if evidence comes in that it is, then you deal with it, but to preach
This way is stupid and to me it seems like, and I to a lot of other observers in like Trump. Was stirring the pot uselessly in order to distract from some pretty ugly economic news about contraction of the. U S economy in these covered locked towns, which is not good for him. It was a stupid thing for him to say and dumb. But I I think, as with so much of what he says it is now actually it doesnt actually reflect an intention of him to follow through you know, I don't think he is preparing the ground, as as others allege for contesting the result in a serious way or failing to leave the White House, I dont think
Any of that is on the table, I think give you lose. A second shall feel relieved to go back to New York, You know, it's certainly something's stupid to say is also something stupid. Thank and you know that This is the sort of stuff Charlie he's thinking about and yet it, be much better for everyone, the republic and him if it kept the stuff to himself. But it's it's even more disturbing that the actual it the way he thinks he doesn't understand. Yes, I'm sure has no idea how you'd go about delaying out an election what the constitutional and statutory strictures around it
are- and you know, is if someone actually, if Mcconnell can Mccarthy said, are you, sir? You know it's a good idea was delayed election. I think prior yells do exhausting, he is exhausting. Our politics is exhausting even beyond him. Never ever, let's up our entire culture has been hijacked by politics and chump makes that considerably worse rather than better. He cannot go two minutes without drawing attention to himself in some way. I have often said, including on this forecast, that my ideal president
never be heard from unless there was a war. A trump is the opposite of TAT devil. President he's taken a trend that was already in the presidency and he has made it infinitely worse. Everything is about him. He knows that he has the power to make everyone talk about him upon the instant and they use that power incessantly. He could not be less responsible with that power. And on the specifics hair. He really does seem determined to confirm every stereotype until lean into every weakness. It's not quite right to say, as some have that to delay the election would be illegal per se rather from counter without Congress
a letter, the filibuster in that way, but it is absolutely right to say that the mere suggestion- of delaying the election, which was not done during the civil war or the depression or world war two, but that suggestion represents an egregious violation of norms Firstly, at the moment when norms are on the sustained pressure, conservatives should be engaged in building them up? This does the opposite. We are watching in the press in the streets in Congress, sometimes a sustained attack on the founding the Senate, the Electoral College, the bill of rights.
Federalism, the filibuster and the guy of fancies himself as the bulwark against the radicals has started just. Asking questions about Impending election is exhausting, had its counterpart And is also stupid. People of suggests this morning, and you just did to Michael that this was intended to distract from the G numbers, and maybe it was. But my question is why. Those numbers were not too surprise. In fact, they were pretty much in line with predictions, maybe better than predictions at the margin Trump is fairly strong on the economy still compared to Joe Biden. So the Democrats, who simultaneously that Trump
just wants to reopen the economy and he doesn't care enough about corona virus and that the economic destruction that has been the product of the log downs is his fault that doesn't make sense and skilful politician with Navid Through that fairly well, especially one who has that big advantage on the economy over his opponent, so what does Trump do? He pulls at a scheme where he's week he indulges what had looked up until this morning, like a conspiracy theory from Joe Biden, he gives credence to his opponents, who say crazy things. An crazier, for your looks fine, let's pressing could he said, I think he was move Data Theo back years, there's trump tweeting it and to your point, try it's what America still the Erika if election day in our in March sure September or whatever
yeah it it would, but, but this is so long standing this tradition dating back to are not mistaken. Eighteen, forty five, its effect The part of the civil religion of american and ambitious goes to so much of what Trump does, because its, not going to happen Mitch, carnal and others have given at the back of their hands its absolute. Crazy idea. Charlie, saying that there's something bad in saying it in and of itself is just not it's not a concrete harm. You know, it's does represent a policy lost the sort. You know what will be suffering there every week when an if Joe Biden is president, but it's definitely bad for our country and civil society. Yeah. I think Charley was exactly right to compare it to you x on our constitutional system better. It's it's!
an attack on a norm. This is when we have elections. I would also just look spectacularly weak right. I mean if you, if you're in commanding position as an incumbent, you should be looking forward to election day and clearly Trump isn't right it could trumpets clearly, hoping you know. To buy more time to see us, something happened to see, if Joe did our troops on awake and dies. I guess that can happen. You know it was it's bad form. I do, however, think you know I do. Think that the danger is I want to reiterate. I don't think the danger is that trumpet leave office play do work by doing this kind of thing. He makes it's easier for Democrats too,
tantrum, if they experience an adverse. Result in ice I remember, I remember exactly four years go where tromp was asked the question: will you accept the result of the election? I column saying Actually, my worry is that his opponents won't accept the result and that there'll be widespread resistance in the Ministries of state to trumps election I'll be this cloud of. Genesee over him and I, he's setting that up again right. The boy By doing this, I think he's making it easier if somehow miraculously pull it out in the next nine b, plus days. I think he will be challenged as illegitimate. Again. Even more strongly, and this attempt
or this stupid suggestion will further evidence. Oh he's an authoritarian, bully and we need a color. Revolution to tear down his regime yeah but besides just ripped up the norm, that you accept the result even if it really year, uncomfortable and unwelcome. To you. Try: wool with TAT lighted up on his part cast about the stereo earth tromp, however their minds. Yet the opposition has to be our talk a little bit about the opposition to him on the centre right in a minute, but I think fairness dictates just acknowledging that is democratic. President tweeted this we would all be out of our minds and completely freaked out absolutely
I am, I don't think it's funny. There are standards within the american order, the British prime minister has an advantage in the he can decide when the next election will be. The american president does not, and the system is ordered around that fact. David French's pointed out over and over again that the notion of the pop A vote within our electoral college system is a silly one, because elections are not fought. Based on the popular vote. Will you can't do is graft. The results of the Elect
onto a different system and say his how it would have turned out because it wouldn't we'd have different parties, we'd have different appetising buys we'd have different approaches that the fact is that the american system revolves around a set election date every four years and yes, Congress can change it. But please don't tell me that things are more die and now in the United States then they were one thousand nine hundred and thirty six or one thousand eight hundred and sixty four or one thousand nine hundred and forty four or not. I have from the beginning of trumps presidency been bothered by how many people have treated him ass. If he is not the president, he is. I
from the second that he won that surprise victory, that it was important for America to acknowledge that he won the he's president. I felt that our norms depended upon that far too many politicians and writers celebrities have pretended that he isn't all determined that he's not to exercise power in the way that the President's do a little bit of this, with a bomb with the, not my president stuff, which bothered me too, said so, but nothing like the same amount be no one person who doesn't act is a peace. The president is Donald Trump. I'm I'm not a fan of his and I am more assiduous in treating Donald Trump Pacific, the president than he is himself, and I I wonder how many people, especially as we approach the election are going to start looking at the guy.
I'm looking at this sort of behaviour and saying what if he can't be bothered. Why should I. The another instance of this feels already like old news, were accordingly. Thursday, but was a preview. Of his interview with John John Swat of access generally observing Sunday on access is eight HBO show, but about the intelligence that their russian boundaries, your troops for the Taliban in Afghanistan, and they went back for that. A little burden and sworn says: well, we deafening Then there arming that the Taliban into that Serbia and as well, we aren't. We are them much against that. The service which is like you know so, fine, a bar store. Men are maybe even at a higher level of seven are foreign policy. Some seminar with some of the realpolitik view things. This is not something the
president, I state should say that that sir, that makes very little impression on himself execution Jen it a little like a defence lawyer in court, saying you know guys. I really think the prosecution, terrific he's been elected to play a role and he won't play it asked. Export you and be day, that's a couple times on various regarding various other things. Well, several months, Willis Tweet, be remembered, yes or no, it will be. I think it will be. I think you will be as they because Joe Biden seem to anticipate it and it'll be like in the be legal roll call after the whenever trumps. Administration ends for you in a few months or.
For years and a few months from now I will be on the list of yeah Murmured, because if he loses, people will say why we tried to delay the election. That's that's how bad it was and if he wins, people will say we're in rail travel, because this is the guy was prepared to delay the election, as I think it feeds into to an image of him yeah, I think the answer is yes for all the reasons you birthday I just add. Also it'll be a line of attack for Biden going I will say this: guy is so weak, the sky, so out out, there really wants to delay the election. So, let's pause in here, one of sponsors this week ball and branch, what
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any she'd set at Bonn branch dot com with promo code editors, spell B, O L, l and branch dot com, promo code editors for fifty dollars off Bowen Branch, Doc HARM Promo code editors restrictions may apply seaborne branched outcome for details. Please check it out everyone, so anybody we've had a ongoing debate. Color hothouse debate long a segment of the segment of the right that never trappers where we have some never tramper sang. We're never Trumpery were we think Trump should go and Joe Biden should be elected president. Then the more ultra or radical factions George well, has written from this point of view Charlie sites of the bulwark website
motor sharing the the lincolns like an project folks talk about them. That way you go, but there all the mind now it's the Republican Party has to be completely burn, to the ground, the rain, should fall on the just and the unjust alike. What do you make of it? You know it's difficult, I you once felt somewhat. Similarly, you know in George W Bush, his second term, I had kind of opposed Iraq WAR, and then we're moving the second term. The Iraq war was going well and I member George W Bush gave And White House course since dinner routine, where he joked about the missing, weapons of mass destruction.
And I remember thinking at the time the is the new dear of the presidency. Since you know at least Jackson, you know, this is unforgivable! Everyone who support they passed the girl this party, Never get give me what I want. I write member feeling that way. So I simply let now given you are you want good and hard exactly what I wrote a visa that I got. What I wanted to know but anyway, it just seemed like you know that the party was owned by people. All who are fundamentally, I disagreed with too deeply to be a part of it anymore. And I've always and ever since I've kind of my my republican identities pretty loose and I'm not a registered Republican.
Just think of myself as a conservative, but Politics doesn't work that way and political change doesn't work by way of burning it all down our structure the laws that kind of protect or to party system both structure of how our elections work, The various laws they pass together to make a third parties and independent bids more difficult. Mean that what were probably stuck with the Republican Party, that will you know it's very unlikely for either party few implode and go away like the whigs dead and be replaced, by something else, some new formation, so I just Don't think that this is a model for how this will happen in the republican Party. If you, if changes what you want, you know, I think
what you're seeing is. You know the never the people than have traded toward? Never republicans I mean many of them are they are looking for. New sponsors and new allies, there, they are not in a sense there, not looking too. Inflict a feed on the Republican Party and in a push it a judo like fashion The position they wanted to be, they have made their break, and this is something that the people do throughout their lives. They ve made a kind of psychological break and they are there now republicanism is a way of affiliating with the other side. While they habituate themselves some people. You know somebody been much more explicit about. I think, like MAX boot,. He said he's given up on
of his former beliefs and he's accepted lots of former criticisms that were aimed at the right side of the political spectrum. The that a lot of people that have moved this way were republican campaign consultants. I think distress, the remaining republican party? How many of the people we're running presidential campaign, and the republican side really had no love for republican voters or ideas, so I am pleased that I understand where some of that impulse comes from. But it's not it's not very constructive and, of course, if you, of any allegiance to your goal the goals of restoring the function of America's constitutional system of you know. Stricter abortion of restricting the growth of the state of assent.
The ball pro american foreign policy. However, you define that I still think there's a case for at least being a conservative. You mean it for a public commitment. You may Thank you may think that some individual public maybe your own senator doesn't deserve your vote. Maybe the morally compromise in some way. I dont that makes you I do. I don't think that there is a way to become a democratic, liberal right now that way, and there is something also I mean I like truly site loved some of his books, a nation of victims, I think, is still we worthwhile read from the early ninetys that looks like the could feel like it could be read today with profit, but You know there is something weird to my eyes when I read these Jeremiads, saying that the report in party is an arsonist party
is actually oersted all over the country begin committed by the left by Anti trumpery. You know it's places little bit of a difficult, read too too. Those charges and think ok, throwing in The left, I don't know for giving less arson yes, Charlie's. Let's take Susan hounds as an example, I don't think she's supported trumpet twenty sixteen and the general, and I'm not sure she did she's voted with tromp less frequently than any other republican centre calling to the accounting of five thirty eight track sees things she's been completely will, to criticise them on a host of matters. I added said this morning what she said about the delay, the election thing but half sure. I'm sure she said it's a terrible idea and a terrible thing to say.
So so? Why does she had nothing to do with the trump phenomenon? Why does she have to go you know and as she goes, that's it not coming back and maybe Susan causes in the greatest legislate watch later. She She certainly not one of us but on both questions on really important priorities for service and for the well being of their country in the constitution. She's really important vote in one breath. Cavenaugh is a great example that I couldn't not agree more, I'm absolutely appalled by these people. I wish them if you feel that it's imperative to get rid of this president? Fine, I can respect that view. He's unusual and agreed, The point at which it is for the good of the country or for conserving,
isn't that he lose in November. I can respect that. I have hardly how back myself, including on this episode of this podcast, but why take it out on Susan Collins Corey Gardner and set the right up to lose on every policy matter that you care about. The reality here is. The politicians are going to have to show some support for their party. They always well there in a difficult position. Also they are going to line up with their party a lot of the time. One of the most stupid criticisms that we ve seen over the last four years goes a little bit like this, while bent ass criticized this thing. Donald Trump said a net voted for this judge that he likes yeah. He did what what on earth good? Would it do the republic give Ben?
I said, because I disagree with the president on this or that are I don't like his behaviour, I'm going to vote against the judge, I think, would do a good job. I'm gonna vote against school choice, which I think will help poor kids come on, and the fact is is that if we do go after those people- either they will be replaced by somebody who is more sycophantic or they'll, be kicked out of office, replaced by a Democrat and the Party centre of gravity will move closer to jump. Not further away from it and we know that there is nothing particular really interesting or special about the republican Party. In this regard, the Democratic Party is not full of.
Plucky little individuals willing to back the trend- and we know this because we watch the Obama administration in which nobody stood up and said: don't you're wrong, they didn't. So. The argument here seems to be that the Republican Party has to commit suicide, because the president is awful. Now I, That argument really can only come from one of two positions. One is that you don't care. About the consequences, which is true, say max boot. Clearly, the other is the You are so obsessed with the president that you think nothing else. Matters is such a threat that the entire trace of him has to be extirpated from the fate
there seems to be a clear divide. I didn't identified this a while back if you are a fool service. Conservative, if you care about abortion, you care about original ism, you care about religious liberty. If you care about the second amendment care about school choice, This is a much more difficult moment for you and you much more likely if you are in favour of getting rid of the president to say, but it's imperative Republicans held the Senate. If you don't care about those things, if you moderately centre right on economics. Your foreign policy hawk. Then you're happy to blow the whole thing up. Why is it actually doesn't matter a great deal and there is argument that Hillary Clinton would have.
A better president for someone like MAX Boot Tom Nicholls than Donald Trump, she was more interventionist. She wasn't crazy on economic quest issues, Bernie Sanders. Why does it matter? If you have a few? Yes baby, you don't like some of the decisions made, but I don't see it like that and I think people who all involve the movement don't either the way I see it is that we were. We are extremely lucky to be added to the only intact classical liberal settlement left in the world and that we really have to buy one thousand to keep it, because when we lose parts of it we don't get them back. That's it! that was a good reason not to nominate Donald Trump in the first place, but dont tromp was nominated over my objections. My pronounced objections-
and then he was elected to my surprise and I have not defended him at any point. When he's been wrong, I have not felt it's my job to pledge fail tee to him to lie about him to gloss over. I hopelessness of this protocol will agree when I think Donald Trump is wrong. If sets up- and I think it's a general matter he's unfit for office, but the idea Because of that, I should just relinquish any scrap of power at any level of government that I can try to effects with my vote or my word is absolutely preposterous and the consequences of doing so. Often permanent meshes pointed out that you can't really in american politics, crush a party and they come back. Seventy as between Watergate and the Reagan, landslides and nineteen. Eighty,
two years between ninety ninety two democratic sweep and the re the Gingrich revolution. They were too is between Obama's massive landslide victory in the tea party in eight years, between Obama's massive landslide victory and Republicans taking everything in two thousand sixty. But there are important questions as to what happens in the interim, and I don't think that you can. If you care about cancer active policies say I'll. Just just throw em all out they'll be back in time because it is rare but the changes that are made in the meantime I ever reversed or revoked or altered
I think, is a suicidal attitude. I also think is somewhat unfair to those who find themselves in an extremely difficult position, but Susan Collins, Corey, gardener and so on, and I think that we should look at the people who are proposing this askew. As a result, So, every day another thing is say: there's a massive landslides lost Republicans, which is not beyond the imaginings. Certainly from loses more likely or not. The knot and they're gonna lose
the Senate is this really gonna fresh from tourism out at a party, and now I dont think will ever have anyone like tromp. You know no one, no one could put offered. No one would don't even want to try to do what he does and how it conducts himself, but that the ism, depending on fighting for defining it justice, Kyler looking past the character does the president, yet that that'll go away from losers. But if you, if you have a broader ideological definition, definition definition is not going away and You have millions and millions and millions of almost every single public in the country However, we voted for him twice. Every office holder in the country by the definition of these never Republicans will have been
tainted and they're not going anywhere either, even if a bunch centres and some house candidates lose in November, so you you'd still be faced with the idea that the hard in a party work of of having in an argument about what what the parties attitude should be to populism too, to nationalism, to classical liberalism too. To all that, yeah, and I think that's exe We re may think it gets add, but maybe one of I underneath these splits which is that you know what does the republican coalition look like, which states which demographic groups does it include? and I think there is a feeling that you know that
the six Susan Collins is kind of the last specimen of New England. Moderate right she's in the Senate. I remember covering like four ten years ago, twelve years ago, Chris Chaise, was the last Republican in New England and how he felt the cultural agenda of the EU. Conservative house GEO P was making his re election impossible is gonna, be replaced essentially or placing a moderate Republican from Connecticut. With a moderate Democrat from Connecticut and locking that Democrat in use replaced by Jim aims, and I think what you see is ok. Is the Republican Party Gonna be the kind of party that has? Instead, a moderate upwardly mobile white, suburban New England. In which used to have doesn't have a car. More, economically nationalist downwardly
above all, we in the rust belt that maybe allows it to win Wisconsin more frequently in Pennsylvania, that possible and that formulation might be repulsive to certain members of the old coalition. You know it ain't changes the way they feel about their the party therein, whether they really belong. So I think that is part of it, Michael hits on a really really important point here, and it's one that I thought a great deal about over the last four years. Leave trump aside for second, that is, leave his character aside and his behaviour aside. The report Working Party is a coalition. Now I am firmly in the NEO liberal part of it. I'm a classical liberal. I won't tiny government low taxes, low spending robust federalism constitution, region- listen I want to.
Few laws as possible. I want to be left alone, but there is a part of the party that is not like that. That is significantly different than that, for every election at that state and congressional and presidential levels that I can remember, the people like me said to the people who descent people more like Michael. Look. You should come along with us, is in your interest, overalls, better than the other side and those People mostly said yeah, ok and then something happened. Those people became ascendant within the party, partly in a post, hawk sense, because Trump happened to come along and partly because there was a backlash against some of that, I think, is a result of Iraq and the friendly,
from out then and so on and far too many people who think more like me and I'm not remotely ashamed. I think I'm right and I don't agree at all with the other wing of the party grinning, but far too many people who think, like me said: oh, my god, I'm leaving how disgusting or you guys need to be kicked out, and I think it's really unjust to be frustrated, and I think you sing little bit of that too, I think Michael's exactly right. Having set for years come along with Overall, we will do better for you than the other side will be the people were in charge had said, no, we don't have to follow you, many of you. Ideas, Ikey or maybe they are, and maybe I think they are- and maybe I argue vehemently against them, including against Michael on this very podcast. But you know that's how coalitions work and its also how they don't work if people involved don't don't allow some given take em
ass a question to you if Trump loses and follow your guess is that trouble be repudiated by the party immediately incrementally or never depends on how big big fella commanding for them the grass is, I mean diet is part of that wonders. If, like you know, a campaign of De Trump of occasion will try to force Republicans to do this or she's them out. If they haven't, I it will be incurred. And I also think that there is a general and whites at understanding, even among some of trumps biggest fans and supporters that he has not been effective, ideal and then he's not. He wasn't the best man
for the jobs iced. I think it'll be slowly at first, but it will pick up steam A lot of there'll be a lot of talk about Trump ISM without Trump and whether it exists whether it should and how much it should be part of the party. I think that the people who are hoping for a show trial here whether there on the left or whether there are on the right again to be sorely disappointed. I think that if Trump loses, Republicans will very quickly start saying who they just won't referred him. He will be forgotten, they will move on, they will pay It never happened and they will be successful in doing so, because american politics moves extraordinarily quickly and by June the Biden administration will be doing something that is deeply offensive to the average.
Public and voter, and they will be all in on that and the Trump Administration more recede into the background, just as the Obama administration forced the Bush administration to recede into the background within a few months of his inauguration. Yes, in terms that the final status, if he wins it, won't take till Jus near the cabinet, picks your two thousand could be it general or something like that. The first day they'll be a bunch of proportion, executive orders, but I agree smbd, I think, will be incrementally and in part, because basically the entire party has been in on this. Trump thing, accommodating him so happy, oh trials who's, going to conduct them, maybe Mitt Romney and dirt in a dense, ass ANA give any given day, but otherwise you right try that he'll immediately stop talking about
but a fork, accounting, sorted repudiation war or peace. But it will not surprise me and one of the presidential debates and the twenty twenty four raised. You have someone in standing up, and you say Look. This guy was a liar right right, Maria with Bush in twenty. Sixteen, where Trump was the guy, exactly everything he did was to her That's it that's exactly the analogy, The South Carolina debate, I think Trump said we are lied into war right, which is there's no way. I could a Republican if you think that, and they said it and got away with it and people to mind and and some people even liked it so don't be a moment like that, not a right away, but eventually so, let's pause and hear some more about John Use. New book, but melon audio presents the defender and chief audio books and celebrate a cost.
National Scholar, John, you ask any liberal and the toy that Donald Trump as a threat to the? U S, constitution, You argue that discharge has things exactly backwards. He convincingly makes the case Our founding fathers would have seen tromp as returning to their vision of presidential power, even as most controversial, and he is in fact the constitution's greatest Protect your victory, lives Hansen. Calls this provocative audio book. Engaging completely original thirdly researched and argued analysis for one of America's top legal mines. For your defender, cheap by John, you were ever books are soul. John you, as a long time friend magazine longtime friend, of mine, a car. Of ours right regularly for national view, dot, com, everything he does
is worth paying attention to and worth reading or listening to. So please check it out from the villain audio defender. In chief so Charlie, we heard a rational hearing or what purported to be a congressional hearing on Tuesday I was Bill bar. I was somewhat looking forward to this. I actually like exchanges and political debate and back and forth you you were its entertaining and you do occasionally learn things from it. There is basically none of that on Tuesday that their track strategy was to lodge these over the top charges at billboard And then react with anger and indignation He tried to say anything during their theory. There there their time and Republicans in weren't brow beating bar, but didn't cover themselves and glory either they all had to give their little speeches, which are often time
repetitive than they would have been just that Republican been served at least better if they'd yield their time to build, are to answer the charges that had been logged out by the Democrats with to respond. But what do you make of it pained me great, because I am a congressional supremacist- the idea that we have co equal branches- is Wilson AIR nonsense. Redoubt Congress should be the central point of the federal government I would like Congress to
Step up to reassert itself in legislative matters, but also an oversight. I am not a fan of the growth of the executive branch and I've made that case over and over again and then you watch fell bars hearing anything I don't know if this Congress can do that. Has it actor feet to such an extent that the defence of Congress as an institution is many theoretical and-
the other branches have stepped in on. You set its powers by invitation and by necessity the Democrats behaved appallingly. They weren't there to US bar questions. The Republicans didn't help They didn't decide among themselves who would ask what or what they wanted to get out of power, even which democratic talking points they wish to rebut. They each made statements, form of questions and then thanked bar and waited for someone else to talk and watching it. You would have thought why why are they doing? This
but then you'd, have logged onto twitter and realise that these were really filming sessions. The Sultana hearing, since a movie set the purpose of which was for Democrats to put up short clips of themselves so that people would say yes, lay queen and Republicans, the purpose was to include them in their weekly. Now. Here is this person in the second strict in Colorado talking to Bill bar. Why did that person in the second district of Colorado? Ask exactly the same question as the other Republican who came just before him. Nobody in the second district Colorado who gets that email saw the question,
ass a hundred times they just saw their own congressmen doing it and, of course that's not how Congress is supposed to work. The whole point of Congress is supposed to be distributed. Where's the presidency, the executive branch there's one person, so I thought it was very sad. I thought it was a great example of why congresses so supine and takes a back seat and perversely enough, because bar was not held to account why the executive branch skates so ambiguously, discussion of Portland and just right notable notability alternate reality. The Democrats are living on in Portland they. They can't admit that every night there are vital, attacks on federal officers and other federal on federal property. There's this democratic congresswoman
forgive me, I kept their name, but she got a lot of attention. Love for twitter attention, in particular when she said to borrow. Look there there, these protests in Michigan had they had swastikas, they had confederate flags, they had guns and you didn't come after them. Instead, you going after these black and brown peaceful protestors in Portland and just every point That proposition was completely absurd. I mean it is it's weird that were living in this Reed's disconcerting. That is all current realities are allowed to exist. Rightly she got she innocence, got away with saying that and because China He is right. The tea the film set and that film is going to be distributed on twitter and through email blasts to people whose Phil your bubble, secludes admission
that actually in Portland, the majority of the protesters are white, more anarchists, this lesson connection with black lives matter. At this point and dumb attacks on federal buildings. If, though, if the party supposed a party affiliation or polarity, first, and you had people on the right attacking with explosives in lasers, a federal building and people guarding. It may have comparisons to Timothy Mcveigh, and militia movement and it would be you'd have calls and Charlie says this all the time it you'd have just as you had with Craven Bundy too. Down the insurrection right I mean, it's bizarre. The one thing I took from
hearings. Overall, though, was bill bar himself, I mean he's. In it. We were saying before the before we started, recording rich that autonomy those calls him the acting president of the United States and when you watch em, if you wish true and these kind of funny, here, you know he's quick, quick, witted. He's, obviously self possessed and away. A lot of people in Washington are not. And I know it was a little. It was weird way by by his role being just so much in his speaking time being reduced to nothing. Made. It seem like a little bit more of a star in his body, Also the temptation, when you're true that way and did you getting caught interrupted, is for your blood pressure to go up and then you
starting try to talk over them. And raising her voice and getting shouting and then you loose and just bar doesn't do that because dejection precise near you're talking about Lord amused, like any help is his tells are when he, when they're, really getting under a skin, he spends his pen faster, any blinks blinks faster, but but that's it and one of these forget which, which the panel's one of them Democrats, woman was on tv the next morning saying it looks so disrespectful the whole talk if this veto that that, like all they got on you know, and there she'll, certain inch away from saying he made us feel unsafe, but Charlie exit questioned you bill bar rate, the kind of job you think he's doing is attorney general zero Bismarck. Ten spectacular, why think he's doing good job? We think
he's, probably a seven ornate. He doesn't shall my attitude toward the executive branch and a whole host of ways, but that doesn't mean he's doing about job immediate. I'm serious six, I I, I think the justice, I think the attorney general. I think the whole day just Justice Department. Actually should be, or aggressive about, anti and ending the rioting. And they are, I know, they're getting hammered over what little they're doing, but now time to end this I think, play time is, over, I say, eight outside a tan except he can't escape the environment it by and the pressures created by the man he's working for
so with that us pause here from our final sponsor this week saved in liberty these Peter Series from the Bradley Foundation making sense of current- That's during this extraordinary time can be trying conceded already the Bradley Speaker Series is a new video series that offers meaningful perspectives through engaging fifteen minute interviews. Visit Bradley nation dot, Org slash liberty to war The most recent episode featuring British Arthur an historian Andrew robbers. The author numerous award winning books, including its most recent Churchill, walking with Destiny Roberts, is a foremost expert on Winston Churchill on this episode, he addresses Churchill's approached governing during crisis and how we evolved from statist. To staunch advocate of the free market system, Roberts also shares his take on the destruction of historical monuments. That's Brad!
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slightly less so zoom directed way just sitting down with my daughter for an hour on the day in going over the forbidden. The numbers and slowly getting, are used to a little bit of routine of doing this in practising her writing it's just immensely for awarding end in and just like flashes of a few minutes at a time. But it's really greatest getting to see little bit of a different side of my daughter and, I think, to see a different side of me in that kind of teacher for all and down ass. Yet we ve got a nice little week this week. With that check up, you can watch baseball. I have I have been such a roller coaster. Had the opening day
although weirdness that brought with it the like choice but like six gal, I know, but but about an hour to two games and I got into it and then it stopped, and it looks familiar recorded, love this if we might be watching a spiral that would lead to the end, the season and then America, legally speaking, one by the Baltimore or else to one and. Then came back and in fact, the Yankees about to beat up on the both morals, which is one of my favorite things. What, oddly enough, they were not tortured thus night by laboratories, as they usually are. Perhaps they will be this evening, but Sir I've been back and forth back and forth, and. Finally, settled on a happy aspect, so I so little going on. Yet video series is cooking and am also now
accidental naturalist, so once they have noticed recently a place where I am staying. There's this be true that this be looks like big enough to be like Lord, at the some sort of a wasp hornet. If somebody like a month ago, just set up camp over this, this pathway, and just all day long just hovers over this part of that. The path idea but extremely steadfast and loyal, and it's not I got it, it's not, you know, looks like it. You should be afraid of at the distant could really put a sting on you, but if you walk down the path of past, this was born at whatever, It is because it acts agitated, doesn't do anything and then, and then just immediately goes back to guarding this part of it So in any listeners out there have any idea what this this might be in what exchange or what racist behaviour, feel free to email me or to try to get me on twitter.
Really briefly. My pause could have done in an hour plus plus sign afraid our plus people, our digital subscription, service is not expensive, it seems to be a deeper part of our communal, become a model They involve not community your way to support, our journalism, your way to get around our meter pay all your way to comment on articles. If you want and your way to see almost at all on the website. Thousands and thousands of people have signed up overlap. Couple months and if you haven't done already, please consider, going to the website and doing it today, so it's that time in the park cast for our editors text and they your pick. My pick is the NBA prostitutes itself for the pilot, by Cameron here. Bitch come on. Don't worry
young men on the staff- and he takes the recent report from ESPN about the leagues involvement in The western province of China and beyond. The abuse that went on at these facilities He just let's league, have it with both barrels. It is quite Impressive volley, something I don't think we ve seen since the sixteen ninety is perhaps telecom What's your point remains the same and I'm not changing it, because it's good enough to warrant two pieces of praise it, sir, it's terrific peace and I have to say it was all Cameron's idea. He sent it to be finished before he had pitched dropped, discussed it with me in any way that are you interested in this
right, I am. So after that, I feel I should an animus, but I'm not going to I'm stick with my pick: witches peace by Another worrying to Tobias whom Hut he has been one of our news writers for a little while, as now shifting over into the media, a beat and did p. This week there just there's something like this like every single day but late, and you know what it was Monday night, Tuesday, night on border became think there's. This video obviously incomplete, like all twitter, is are of an arrest of someone in a protest, but protesters walking in a street unmarked vehicle comes up. Wrinkles, close cops, hop out some some cops that were marked guard guard them. Is there
making this arrest and they they grabbed the sky and put him in the car and and that's it and immediately. This is a kidnapping Chris Hayes There s a b c jerry now those like that this fundamental right American rights can't stand on and on and on about this kidnapping any just knew that this was incomplete. There's more information and, of course, there was and twice didn't item on this. The guy that was arrested was guilty of multiple acts of van wisdom and these guys up. Unmarked are are just that the warrant came or whatever exactly call the Nypd PD this just where they ve always operated, and it was hostile environment based on one water bottle was thrown at them, while they're making the arrests of eight, they seemed on edge and and and that was it and then why be put out a statement explaining this
and, of course, almost no one who characterized it as a kidnapping went back and corrected. The record And just goes to the paranoia over time and that the people I coolly on Castra currently thought I'd. Donald Trump had sent an unmarked minivan in York City just to a random way, kidnap some anyway. I twisted great though peace on this and he'll be on this beat going for so that's it for us even listening, an ash podcasting re broadcast. Commissioner, How does this game without the express written permission of National View Magazine is strictly prohibited? Thank you, Charlie. Thank you. And be de thank you defender, achieved new audio books from John you thank you to bow branch, the maker of amazingly soft organic, hot and sheets, and thank you to conceive delivery
the new video serious from the Bradley Foundation and thanks especially to all of you for listening where the editors.
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